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Full text of "A pronouncing and defining dictionary of the Swatow dialect, arranged according to syllables and tones"

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ilj ^tintrr. 

nan Road, 








\ 4'«^*v 




 • » 



lOli W P B YC H 






The compilation of this Dictionary, which contains 5442 words, has occupied 
four years, in connection with much other work. Thanks are due from the 
author to many who have incidentally assisted her in the making of this book, 
especially to Dr. S. Wells Williams, whose far greater labors have helped her to 
such knowledge as she has of the Chinese language ; to Dr. Wm. Ashmore, whose 
acquaintance with the Swatow vernacular has made his advice valuable to her ; 
to those who at diflferent times and places have cared for her during severe 
illness ; to those who have furnished the funds for the publication of her work ; 
and to Dr. and Mrs. M. T. Yates, of Shanghai, whose home has been hers during 
the year of putting the book through the press. 

Shanghai, March, 1883. 


} vj. 

V-Jf.. -» i. 

:f<i-i-Q " 

5 O'M 1. 



EvKRT Chinese word has a tone inseparable from its pronunciation. In the Chaa-cliau-fu 
vernacular there are eight distinct tones, which can be acquired only from a living teacher. 
Many Chinese teachers know no names for the tones, and different teachers place them in different 
orders. The following order is perhaps mostnsual. 


cie° phe", upper even. 
cie° siang, upper high, 
cie" khu, upper going, 
cie" jip, upper entering. 


e phe", lower even, 
e Biang, lower high, 
e khu, lower going, 
e jlp, lower entering. 

These names do not express the relative sounds of the tones but appear to be purely arbitrary. 
Words in the entering tones always end in the sound of h, k, p, or t. Syllables ending iu 
a vowel add an aspirate in the entering tone, while those ending in n change the n to t, 
those ending in ng change the ug to k, and those ending in ra change the m to p. The same 
syllable ia seldom found in all the eight tones. The tones may be represented to the eye as follows; 













s > - 






77 '^ 








/^' hnn 




^* pang 


m' "" 

H JL hang 













PJa, « 







w *'"■ Jt 



I p^3S| lam 
QJ^ iam 


1^5 "P 



1 '^Dv bam 






^ili^ Him 

4^^ sirn 



The sounds of Chinese words cannot all be exactly represented by Roman letters, used as in 
English. In this book the Roman letter whose sound in English approximates the Chinese 
sound, is taken as the symbol of that sound, and the exact pronunciation must be learned from a 
Chinese teacher. 

The vowels when followed by consonants ai'e much shortened, especially when followed by 
h, k, p, and t. 

The aspirate does not coalesce with a consonant preceding it, but is always sounded 

The sounds of p, k, and t when not followed by the aspirate are so repressed as to I'esemble 
those of b, g, and d. 

Of the consonants, all occur as initials but only h, k, ra, n, ng, p and t as finals. ° at the 
end of word indicates that the vowels of the word are sounded nasally. 

In all cases the pronunciation of Chinese words should be learned through the ear and from 
a native teacher, and the Romanized words should be relied on only as a help to the memory 
in learning. 

The pronunciation of the same word varies greatly in the different districts of Tie-Ciu, the 
Department whose chief port is Swatow. Each village and hamlet has modes of speech peculiar 
to itself, and many words that are in common use among the people of one locality, are unknown 
to those in another. The pronunciation given in this Dictionary is that of Chau-chau-fu, the 
Departmental City, 

The figui'es under the syllable refer to the page on which the same Chinese character may 
be found in Williams' Syllabic Dictionary, which, has been largely used in the preparation of 
this one, and from which the definitions here given are mainly derived. The upper figure on 
the right hand is the number of the radical under which the character stands in Khang Hi's 
dictionaiy, and the lower figure indicates the number of strokes beside the radical. 

Probably not more than half of the words used by Swatow people are contained in this 
Dictionary, but it is believed that all that are here given are in common use. 


It is thought that the Chinese character given, is the one oftenest used in writing the word 
defined, but it is not always the only character which might be used in the same meaning, and 
in some sentences another character would be preferable where a similar idea ia to be conveyed. 
As the Swatow vernacular is an unwritten tongue, and as the written language is different 
from any tongue spoken in China, the student of the language must not make the mistake of 
supposing that the Chinese characters representing the separate words would make a correctly 
written sentence if set down in the order of the Romanized words . 

Where words of two syllables are given, these syllables are always found in the same com- 
bination, and the characters used in writing this dissyllable are placed beside it. In many cases 
one of the two syllables of a word is found in other combinations, and in such case only the 
character which is not elsewhere repeated is given. 













a as 












US ' 














7ti "° 



j^ •» 







2 '- 













^^ cun 



^ toh 

^ biit 




^ b^h 



H m&k 
■^T ngan 


This last is a sound between ch in chair and ts in fits. 



Not Aspirated. Aspirated. 


yj^ kang 







Not Nasal. 







f^ khak 
J la 

yP. khang 

n khau 

dil kin 




Not Aspirated. Aspirated. 
y\\ chut 

pf] Chang 
^>H chong 





^ cu 


^ chia 





Not Aspirated. Aspirated, 
tun A-^ than 
J^ thah 
)^ tlmg 

^J phaog 
^ phi 

^ pi 








^ ci'a- 

IB chiia" 

Not Nasal, 



Yj^ sa 
;[^ sua 




^11-^ pua 

:^ sa" 



2p. phe" 





ffi "" 

a pi"" 

Not nasal. 





-^ ia" 
^ ie" 

^ ■^^- 

^ cie 


•^(^ choi" 

III pboi' 



Separate words, and all words separately pronounced, retain their primary tone • but the less 
emphatic words in groups of two or more somtstimes change their tones. 

The cie°-phe" persists, as in 

W ^ kia'.sia', the capital. 



7^ 3v^ io-cia°, fairies. 

"j Qm ngio-kfa", kittens. 

^J ^f ua"-uo, to solace. 

JgH ]^ cheng-khih, clean. 

c6-kong, ancestors. 

kd-ca, olden times. 

-^ ^ P<?*P"o> precious. 

^ ff^ kfn-kip, urgent. 

^ ^ tin-tang, the centre. 

W^ hi-cha", to frolic. 

TA 'uk khue-khiie, speedily. 

ff^ 1^ cien-kab, armor. 

wT 8^ tliih-teng, nails. 

ft ^J khak-kh6, to persevere. 

^^ yj chiet-io, important. 

m m khek-khek, crooked. 

^S ^ si-ceng, a clock. 

J9^ 4^ bue-p6, dried plums. 

^ ^ te-kwn, tea-pots. 

^ »^ lo-khak, sea-shells. 

r* e-chnn, next spring. 


pe-b(5, parents, 
cue-kue, offenses, 
ciie-ak, wicked. 

ti-hng, a place, 
ti-pp, aldermen. 
pe"-ceng, disease, 
toa-pit, coarse hand. 

thak-cu, to read. 

tiet-fing, a niece. 

gauh-khi, musical instruments 

lak-thiok, animals. 

S^ 46 sie-liu, to help. 

PH Wi iu-bun, sorrowful. 

^ ^ i-h6k, garments. 
The cle"-slang changes, as in 

IH VC cfm-thau, a pillow. 

^ ^ kuai-clang, a staff. 

J^ W!, cua-Ie, a kite. 

S5 ^ f u-hOk, to entice. 
The cle"-khu chantjea, as in 

Sk. ^ phau-th^i, a fort. 

^p Hg km-ce", secretly. 

"^ 1^ c\u-me", to revile. 

yj ^ khi-lAk, energy. 
The cie"-j!p changes, as in 

^ ^^ siap-si, shortly. 

^P ?^ ah-iing, duck's eggs. 

W '^ poh-mug, to cavil. 

jjL 13! siet-lip, to institute. 
The 5-ph6° changes, as in 

PSI P^ au-leng, the throat. 

39|. ^ khi-i, marvelous. 

"^J Tw 16ng-lai, astute. 

1^ ^ gu-nek, beef. 
The e-siang changes, as in 

yv "TC tai-jin, a grandee. 

"M !S ^-pi, to prepare. 

^ ^ i-ie°, queer. 

j§ ^ p5u-DgIak, cruel. 
The e-khu persists, as in 

WL ^ i'-pua", writing-tray. 

7m ^p" su-bu, business. 

f^ f^ mang-mang, slowly. 

fg| ^ lau-jiet, bustle. 
The e-jip changes, as in 

^ H m^k-bai, eyebrow. 

^r H p6h-tiu, grass-cloth. 

^ ^ ciah-png, eat rice. 
k{lt-kut, smooth. 



The number of 
found in Williams' 

^ I 

3 ^ 

« J 

the radical, the radical, its contracted form, the page on which it may be 
Dictionary, its name, its common designation, and its meaning. 

it. ... c6k; c6khfte''iieh. 

« A < 

^ X 

^ A 

4 >— > 

« }" 



. 1095 

.. 494... 

.. 87 ... 

.. 686... 

.. 1096 

.. 447... 

.. 721... 

.. 876... 

,. 286... 

.. 286... 

.. 299... 

.. 647... 

.. 422... 

.. 696... 

.. 698... 

.. 337... 

.. 315... 

... 536... 

... 663... 

... 674... 

... 133... 

kiin.... cek tit tieh. . . . 

ciS. ... cek tfam. 

phiet. c§k phuah. ... 

it. ... kah it k^i it. 

khiet. c^k tit kioh. 

ju. ... ji ; no ; no hue" ueh. 

than. c€k txam cSk hue"ueh 

jin. . . . n&ng ; khia n^ng. 

jin. ... khek kha nang. . . . 

iip. ... JiP 

pak. ... poih 

kheng. t^ng ji khak. 

mek.... khap-bo bo c^k tiam 

pang. pia° ; no ti'am cui. 

kf. ... kichngk^iki. ... 

kham. sua" ji bo tit ueh. 

tan. ... to; cieh to. ... .. 

lek. ... lak 

pan. ... ciak jl bo tiam. .. 

pf. ... pi thiang k^i pi., 

huang. chie" ji khak. 

One ; a horizontal line. 

A perpendicular stroke. 

A dot. 

A stroke to the left. 


A barb. 


A dot and a dash. 



To enter. 


A limit. 

To cover. 


A bench. 

A receptacle. 

A knife. 


To wrap. 

A ladle. 

A basket. 





. 180... . 

. hf. .. 

. phit jl kbak 

... A coffer. 



. 768... . 

. Bip. .. 

. cap 

... Ten. 



. 717... . 

. pbok. 


... To divine. 


P H 

. 975... . 

. ciet... 

. cak ; toa° gu bl'. . . . 

... A signet. 



. 166... . 

. bkng. 

cSk (ieb cek pbuab. 

... A cliff. 



. 836 

• 6U. .. 

. 816 B^ m6ng. 

... Selfisb. 



. 1114 

. la. .. 

. lu 

. . . Moreover. 




. 331... . 

. kban. 

kap khaa 

... An aperture. 



. 1048 

. ai. .. 

. tOa kap kban. ... 

... An iuclosnre. 



. S20... . 

. tliu... 

. tbd 

... Eartb. 



. 762... . 

. sO. .. 

. Bfi 

... A scbolar. 



. 56 ... . 

. a .. 

. sfe 8ia bun 

... To follow. 



. 826... . 

. Bui. .. 

. be ji e 

... To walk slowly 



.. 804... . 

. sek... 

. cio sek kai Bek. ... 

... Evening. 



. 839... . 

. tai. .. 

. toa 

... Large. 



.. 641... . 

. ni. .. 


... Woman. 



. 1030 

• cu. .. 

. kia" 

... Cbild. 



.. 594... . 

. mien. 


... A roof. 



.. 1021 

. chun. 


... An incb. 



.. 795... . 

.. sio. .. 

. soi. 

... Small. 



J. 1043 

.. nang. 

cbin-cbie" So ji bo ti 

im. Distorted. 



• 757... . 

.. si. .. 

. bo jl bo cek tiara. 

... A corpse. 



• 42 ... . 

.. thiet. 

toa° poi" cbau. ... 

... A sprout. 



.. 733... . 

.. sang. 


... A bill. 


«^ ;ii ({ 

119... . 

.. chwn 

kbek kba cbwn. . . . 

... A stream. 




. 460 ... 

... kong... 

. kaiig; c6 kang k^i kang 

. Work. 



337 ... 

... kf. .. 

. cQ-kf kaikf 




, 397 ... 

... kun. .. 

. kun ; cbfa kun kd.i kun. 

A napkin. 



, 309 ... 

... kang. 

tbien kang kai kang. 

To oppose. 




... io. ... 

. io-mo° ka,i io 




, 1087 

... fam. .., 

fc^k tiam cek ueb") 
(cek phuah j 

A sbelter. 




... fa. .., 

. cbin-cbie" CO CUD. 

To move on. 




... kfong. 

cbin-chle" ji-cap. 

Hands joined. 




... €k. ... 

. tie" gk k&i ek 

A darfc. 



461 ... 

... kiong. 


A bow. 


H M. 

339 ... 

... ci. 

, lui jl thS.u 

A bog's bead. 



734 ... 

... sang..., 

, sa" pbuah 




73 ... 

... chok. 

sang kbia nang 

Sbort steps. 

i^ 'V *h 




806 ... 

... sitn. ... 

pho tbui sim 

The beart. 



489 ... 

... kl.o. ... 


A spear. 



225 ... 

... bu. ... 

bo; nii5^-bo kM bo. 

A door. 


^ ^ 

754 ... 

... sj'a. ... 





54 ... 

.. ci". ... 


A branch. 



718 ... 

... phok. 

bwu bun 

To throb. 




... bun, ... 





874 ... 

... taa. ... 


A peck. 



397 ... 

... tun. ... 

kun ni'e kai kun 

The Chinese pound 



132 ... 

... buaug. 

bug; ti-bug kai bng. ... 

A region. 


it % 

339 ... 

... bu. ... 

bo; ko iria bo 




293 ... 

... jit. ... 


The sun. 


- R 

.. 1130 

.. iet. ... 


... Said. 

- M 

.. 1129 

.. iet. ... 


... The moon. 

'' 7{C 

.. 607... 

.. iB6k. 


... Timber. 

'' X 

.. 391... 

,, klium 


... To lack. 

" ih 

.. 50 ... 

.. cf. ... 

c<5-ci kai cf 

... To stop. 

"' ^ 

.. 844... 
.. 776... 

.. tiii. ... 
.. sft. ... 

bd tai k&i iiii. 


... Vicious. 
... Weapons. 

80 ^ 

.. 1060 

.. bu. ... 

bd ; chin-chie' b<5 ji. 

... Do not. 

'' ib 

.. 674... 

.. pf. ... 

p^jti k&i pf 

... To compare. 

'' ^ 

.. 680... 

.. m&u". 


... Hair. 

'' S^ 

.. 763... 

.. sfl. ... 



«^ % 

.. 348... 

.. kbV ... 

kbi ji tbaa 

... Breatb. 

86 ^ iUi 

• 781... 


.. 265... 

.. siii. ... 

ciii ; sa* ti&va ciii.... 
hue; s\ tfam biie. ... 

... Water. 
... Fire. 

'' ft ^ 

.. 34 ... 

.. iio. ... 


... Claws. 

88 '^ 

.. 147... . 

.. ba. ... 


... Father. 

'' 3t 

.. 192... . 

.. ngau. 


... Blending. 

- ^ 

.. 115... 

.. cbiang 

cbng jl p6i" 

... A couch. 

- >t 

.. 690... 

.. pbien. 


... A flake. 

93 i(^ ^ . 

.. 1066 
.. 638... 
.. 462... 

.. g!a. .. 

.. ngiu... 
.. kbien. 



p6i° kau 

... Tusks. 
... An ox. 
... A dog. 

»= :^ 

.. 231 ... 


.. bien,... bien 

... Somber. 

96 -K -1^ 

.. 1138 

.. ngiok. 


... Precious stone 

" J^ 

.. 466... 

.. kua. .. 

kue ... 

... Melons. 


98 X 


... Tia. ... 


. Tiles. 

90 ^ 


... kara. 


. Agreeable. 

100 /^t .. 

742 ... 

... seng. 


. To produce. 

m j^ 


... long. 


. To use. 

102 i^y 


... thien. 


. Afield. 

103 jE 


... pliit... 

p6 pliit kai pliit... 

. A roll of cloth 

404 ^ 


... cit. ... 

pe" ji khak 

,. Disease. 

105 7^ .. 


... pwfc... 

kui ji tb&u 

.. Back to back. 

106 ^ .. 


... pok... 

peh. .1 

. White. 

107 IJ^ .. 


... phi.... 


. Skin ; bark. 

i°« M 

601 ... 

... meng. 


. Dishes. 

109 ^ 



... mok. 


. Ejes. 

110 yf> ... 


... rnaa" 

kp niHu" kai maa". 

.. A halberd. 

lU ^ ... 

760 ... 

... si. ... 

keng SI kai si 

. A dart. 

"3 ^J> J 


... sek.... 


. Stone. 

if T> 


... si. ... 


. To manifest. 

lu |£j 

295 ... 

... jia ... 

ckin-chie" iSi ji 

. A footprint. 

115 ^ ... 


... lio. ... 


. Grain. 

116 ^ ... 


... liwfc. 


. A den. 

117 if ... 

638 ... 

... lip. ... 


. To establish. 

118 ^ 



95 ... 

... cok.... 


. Bamboo. 

119 ;^ ... 


... mi".... 


, Rice. 

120 ^ ; 

^ •■■ 


... mek. 

pi" si 

. Silk. 

121 -fff ... 


... Lui. ... 


. Earthernware. 

122 I)(*J I 



. . . biiang. 


. A net. 




^ n 

























144 ;|^ 

145 ^ ^ 





... 1072 ... ling.... ie' 

... 1124 ... d. ... li 

... 508 Ua. ... iSu 

... 719 ju. ... ju 

... 512 liii. ... Ivii .-fi kui liji. 

... 720 ju. ... Ill" 

... 1138 ... lut. ... mt 

... 300 j6k. ... BCk 

... 20 chin.... chin 

... 1031 ... tu. ... cQ 

... 60 ci. ... c\ chu k&i cL 

... 414 kia. ... kl.Q 

... 749 elet. ... cih 

... 120 chuu. cliun.cli6 kfti cbda. 

..• 48 cia. ... ciu 

... 317 ku.n. ... ku,n 

... 727... .». sek. ... ngo sek kai sek. . . . 

... 956 cliau. cliau than 

... 221 n. ... Ii6° ji than. 

... 110 liiii. ... tli&iig 

... 230 hieb. huch 

... 207 li^ng. kia". 

... 270 i. ... i 

... 184 ia. ... sai jl xhvLxx. 

.... 385... ... kien. kV 





A plow-Iiaudk'. 

The ear. 

A stile. 


A statesman. 

Self. From. 

To reach to. 

A mortar. 

The tongue. 


A vessel. 



Grass. Herbs. 

A tiger's stripes. 



To walk. 



To see. 

48 ^ 
154 « 

56 rfc: 

i58 ^ 



63 g^ [$ 




,C5 ^ ... 


tC7 jfc •• 




409 ... kok.... kak 

1083 ... ien.... ngun 

453 kok.... sua" kok kai kok. 

874 tau.... tan 

760 61. ... kliicn SI kai SI. 

10 cai. ... liai t3.i kai cJti. ... 

670 pue.... pue 

72 cliek. cliiab 

961 CO. ... caa 

1014 ... cok.... cok 

735 sin. ... sin-tLoi kai sin. 

39 ki. ... chia. chia be kai cilia. 

806 sin. ... ke" sin kai sin. 

20 sin. ... sin si kai sin. 

82 cok CO cun 

1096 ... ip. ... iu poi" gu 111". ... 

1114 ... ill. ... I'u 

689 pten. cliin-chie" cliai jl. 

518 U. ... U 


398 kim.... kim 

27 cliiang. tng 

570 ii-'^n- "'"o 

141 liii. ... CO poi" gu 111". 

846 iai. ... tal ji, bo cu-run. ... 

lO'O dai. ... cui. 


A horn. 
A valley. 
Peas. Pulse. 

Feline beasts. 
Flesli color. 
To run. 
The foot. 
The body. 
A wheeled vehicle. 
A town. 
Distilled ppirifc. 
To discriminate. 
A tenth of a league. 



A door. 

A mound. 

To extend to. 

Slu-rt-tftiled birds. 


"3 rai 









L87 »^ 





193 ^ 






995 .. 

136 .. 

695 .. 

428 .. 


414 .. 








671 .. 

454 .. 

324 ... 

681 .. 

874 .. 

29 .. 

639 ,. 

482 .. 

... ... 1119 


.. f. ... Il5 

.. cheng. die" 

.. hui, ... hui 

.. mien. mln 

.. kek. ... pbue kek k&i kek. 

.. ui. ... ui 

.. km. ... kfu 

.. im. ... im 

.. liieh.... hleh 

.. tong. Luang 

.. hui. ... pue 

.. sek. ... ciah 

.. sfu. sfu 

.. Liang. Liang 

.. rod. ... be. 

.. kut. ... kut 

.. kau. ... kau 

., pLio.... LwtjitLftu. 

.. to. ... th ji khak 

.. tLiang. thiang ... 

., kek ... ka kek k^i kek. ... 

., kiii. ... kui 

... t. ... H 

... Kain. 
... Green. 
. . . Negation. 

... The face. 

... Tanned hides. 

• •• Leather. 

... Leeks. 

... Sound. 

... A page or leaf. 

... Wind. 

... To fly. 

... To eafc. 

... CLief. 

... Fragrant. 

... A horse. 

. . . Bone. 

... Lofty. 

... Long hair. 

... To quarrel. 

... Fragrant herbs. 

... A caldron. 

... A demon. 

M. Fish. 







"'^ m 





212 :^i 



.. ... 632 nfo. ... cio 

556 Id. ... lii 

562 16k. ... tek 

583 mgk.... beh 

571 mo". ... miia" 

252 huang. ng. 

776 su. ... su 

218 hek. ... hek 

... 58 ci. ... cam ci kai ci. 

Tia:iE,a?EEiar sti^oices- 
598 ... ... mien, mien 

904 teng... tia° 

, 43-i kii. ... ko. 

776 chd. ... chu 

677 phi".... phf 

966 clii. ... chi 


65 chi. ... khi 

212 16ng... leng 

481 kui. ... ku 

,,. ... 1117 ... iak. ... iak. 


•I ««t 

... Birds. 

... Nitrous. 

... Deer. 

... Wheat. 

... Hemp. 

... Yellow. 

... Millet. 

... Dark. 

... Embroidery. 

... Frogs. 

... A tripod. 

... A drum. 

... A mouse. 

..-. The nose. 

... Even. Uniform. 

... Teeth. 

... A dragon. 
... A tortoise. 

,„ Wind instrnmenta. 





'pi a- 170 A prefix to names of persons. 

^\J 1068 ~6" a-no"; my child. a-no"-kia"; 

an infant. a-liia°; elder brother, a-pe ; father. 

a 80 Confused vocal sounds. 
1066 ~8 o-a a-a-kie ; the raven croaks. 
no"-kia° khi-thau oh {a"-uo ciu a-a-kie ; child- 
ren beginning to learn to talk utter confused 

JO^l^ a 196 A raven with a white streak 
^^ 1066 ■T on its neck. 
o-a; a crow. hu-a ; a fish-hawk. a-pluen ; 
opium. a sia"; hoarse. sia" li si a sia"; his 
voice is husky, u o-a kie sa" sia"; a crow cawed 
three times, o-a loh ie"; the position of a crow 
descending into a field, (a fine site, geomanti- 
cally considered). 

75 Divei'gent branches ; a crotch, 

^ , 1066 8 a prong, a fork, a tine. 

ciii kau hu-ko pun a; the stream there divides 
into two branches. ci tio ho to e poi" pun 

CO sa" a; this river in its lower portion divides 
into three branches, chiu toa, pun a ; the tree 
grows and puts forth branches. pun co chit 
poih a ; divides into seven or eight forks, cek 
a cai pun co ku-a a; one branch divided into 
several branches, a-che; a crotched stick, used 
as a support. khieh ki a-che l^i the"; get a 

forked stick and prop it up. bo a-che sa" co- 
ni n^ ? Without crotches how can the clothes 
be hung out to dry ? ki-biie khui a ; the twigs 
are sprouting, lo pun co no a; the road divided 
into two forks. sua°-leng kia" kau cf-kp ciu 
pun a ; the spur of the mountain at this point 
divided ofi^. ci ckng hue pun co kiii a ; this 

flower consists of several sprigs. hiah to toi" 
kui a, ne ? On which branch is it perched ? 
ki" cam-tio tl cek a ? Which branch would you 
chop off ? of a tng, ci a to ; one of the tines is 
longer than the other. 

J>t a 5 Or; otherwise. 

iii 1079 2 u a bo ? Is there any or not ? lu 

ceng a m ceng ? Have yon or have you not? 
lu th6i° tieh ho a i7i-ho ? Do you think it desi- 
rable, or not ? lu ai" peh kai a o kaj ? Do you 
want white ont^s gi'.bla<p«i Ones ?."ai"'kau a bile ? 
Are we almost ■t\}eV&? > fH i kai a-hia" a ra si ? 
It is his brotl^or is it not-? ,' . ; ; ',',;; -. 

Ta 6 Wheri'placed between two verba 
629 1 indicates continuance or repe- 
tition of the action. 

noih-a-noih ; limping along. hi°-a-hi°; hob- 

bling on. kuai-a-kuai ; limping at every step. 
chiang-a-chiang; walking as one does when one 
leg is shorter than the other, phe-a-phe; walk- 
ing lamely, in such a way as to throw the body 
forward by jerks. hit-a-hit ; swinging to and 
fro. lii-a-lu; keeps poking it. pue-a-pue ; 

flying round and round. nih-a-nih ; winking 
everj little while, lin-a-lln ; turns over at in- 
tervals, i to cui min hra-a-lim ; it bobs up and 
down on the surface of the water. ciin so-a- 
so ; the boat tosses constantly, chue-a-chue cQ 
chue tieh ; keep on looking for it and you will 
find it. biia-a-bua cu chun tiam-kia"; by suc- 
cessive grindings it is worn away so that thei'e 
is but little left. 

a 64 To pluck; to twist; to wrest; to 
1077 5 bend,as in an attempt to break, 
a cih; to break by bending. a chui; to snap 
in shivers, a tng; to snap off. a co kueh; to 
break in two. a chiu pa; to test the strength 
by seizing each other's wrists. a cang-khak; 
to make tlie frame of a coiffure. a chiu-ki ; 

break off a branch of a tree, a liii hue; pluck a 
flower, a ka"-na; pick olives, a to-tng; bend 
backward, a tit c;e ; bend it straigliter. raai" 
a khah wn ; do not bend it into too short a 
curve. a bue loh si ; have not yet brought it 
into shape. a si-cia" si-cia" ; twist it into a 
correct shape. jim a m wn ; endure pressure 


without bending. ki" d tieli long-cong a; if 
you pluck an)'- you must pluck all. cliiu-cng- 
th&u a jip, b6 a chut; his fingers clutch but 
never relax, (said of a raiser), ci kai jl ta" Ifti 
cong-kii a m tng; he never gets the pronuncia- 
tion of this word right. 

a ICO To argue ; to dispute ; to 
688 14 wrangle for a notion. 
sie a ; to debate. a m hau" hiah ; would not 
stop disputing. bo li, k ki\u fl H; make the 
worse appear the better reason, i k la" be) ; he 
denied its being so. h ia"; out argue. a su ; 
worsted in argument. Ji iii khui kau ; argue 
without coming to a conclusion. 


h 7 Second in order. 
1068 6 a-sia"; the second sage, Men- 
cius. k-ngvvn ; the scholar ranking next to 
the senior wrangler a.rao»)g ,the successful can- 
didates for the degrees of Kftng-Um, ciu-su and 
ku-jin. ,'_ jp-ipS,: iipxfc io'St father, to. me. 

& 76 A final particle, indicative of 
y W 1122 14 relief or admiration, but mostly 
used after a question expressive of doubt, sur- 
prise or irony. 

i ka" si bo, 8, ! He has none then ! tui cf-kp 
khu, si S, ? This is the way to go, is it? si i 
a ! It is he, certainly. i si khu khiu i kfti Jl ! 
He has gone to beseech it of him ! 

nSL Ji ^ A final particle, expressing doubt 
^^ 1066 4 in the preceding statement. 
h(5, S, ; that will do perhaps, khah soi, Jl ; tliafc 
is too small surely. kau S, ; we are there by 

this time surely. ai-Jl ; an interjection expres- 
sing surprise or incredulity. 

rtrL a 30 A final particle, serving to ar- 
y<r 1066 4 rest attention. 
61 ua a ; it is I. lu a, e tng m hd c\e"-se" a ; 
another time don't you do thus. si a ; that is 
so. si a, tieh c\e"-se° cia° tieh a ; yes, that is 
the way it must be. i si a-hia" a ; he is the 
elder, ua lai khu a ; I am going, nang a, 
th&u a ! Look out foi* your head there ! 

y||" a 8 a-si ; ia-si ; if ; should it be ; in 
>/4 1093 4 case that ; supposing that, 
a-si ii, ho b6i ; should there be any, buy them, 
a-si ua lai cu ho ; had I come it would have 
been well, a-si u ho, i ciu m lai ; should it 
rain he will not come, i a-si bo l^i — ; if he 
does not come — . lu a-si m — ; if you are 
determined that you will not — . la m si ; if 

— a» — 

a" 64 To cover ; to hide from view ; 
1088 8 to screen, 
a" mak ; to hoodwink. a° mak cau t\am ; 

" hide and seek." a" mak, phion phi"; to throw 
dust in one's eyes; to thoroughly deceive, a" 
ntlng kai chui, a" cJli tit mi ? How can people's 
mouths be stopped ? a" min ; hide the face, a" 
hi"; cover the ears with the hands, a" phi"; hold 
the kiii a" mak ; preternaturally blind, 
a" i7i cti ; not effectually closed, chit phi" a" m 
cu ; all the doors are not simultaneously shut, 
a" mi-mi, bo nang cai ; concealed from every 
body's cognizance, a" m li ; irrepressible. 

h" 64 To hold in the arms or lap ; to 
1149 18 snuggle, 
a" a-no"; snuggle a baby, k" i td (it ; rock hira 
to sleep. tieh a" i, cia" oi ut ; you must snug- 
gle hira then he will sleep, a" h(5-hd, mai" kia" 
tieh i ; hold hira nicely, and do not startle him. 
a" to sin pi"; hugged close, a" kaa sio-sie ; 
cuddled up warm. 

ytJD*' a" 9 To flit on eggs, to incubate ; to 

|/V 1^)2 4 hover over ; to lie perdue. 
koi-b<5 a" koi-kia° ; the hen covers the chickens, 
a" to i sit e ; covered under her wings. koi- 

bp id a" iing; the hen is sitting. eng a" jieh 
ku cia" 6i chut koi-kia" ? How long must she 
sit in order to hatch out the chickens ? nng 
khah coi, oi a" m ctlu a boi ? If there be too 
many eggs, won't they fail to be uniformly 
warmed by her sitting on them ? khieh kILi 
ah-nng khut i a" ; get a duck's egg and pat it 
under her. 

a" 18 To exhort to peace ; to separate 
463 18 those who are fighting ; to part 

la iTi si i lai &°, tieh khut i phah sf khu ; if he 
had not come and separated us, I should have 
been beaten to death by hira. i hu a" i khui ; 
he came and separated them. bo nang kheng 
khu a" i ; no one would go and interfere in the 
fray. i kie-sl i a" phi", kua khu a" kai nang 
to khut i phah ; he complains that he evinced 
partiality in his interference, taking hold of 
one in such a way as to let the other beat him. 
a" m chai ; paid no heed to the attempt to make 
them stop fighting. 

vfp-f S° 1^ ^ bruise ; a swelling caused 
jt^ ^ 57 ~5~ by a blow or knock which, does 
not break the skin, 
ceng kai ^" khi lai ; phO kHi &"; a swelling arose. 


piiah kkti kfii a" ; fell and bumped it so that it 
swelled up. cuaiig kuu kai S," ; bumped it and 
caused it to swell, ci ktli a" si khut nang plialx 
tieh a sX cuang tieli ? Is this swelling caused 
by a blow or by a bump ? kai a", o-che° kek 
hueh ; a black and blue swelling. 

J^T^ a" 184 The fruit or meat filling in 
p 1^ 202 8 pastry ; the core of cakes or 

tiam ii"; sweet pies. kiam a°; cakes filled with 
hashed meat and vegetables. pau a" kai pi'a"; 
cakes having a stuffing of fruit, etc. iau-sa "ii"; 
a core of mashed beans, so-tau a"; a core made 
of bean flour. cut-bi a"; a core of glutinous 

rice. tu-nek u"; a core of hashed pork. lek- 
tau a"; a core of green peas. kiie a"; pia" a"; 

the stuffing in cakes. hu toi pau a"; there is 
stuffing enclosed in it. bo a" kai pau, kie-cp 

sit-sim pau ; dumplings that hare no stuffing 
are called solid dumplings. a" pau khali pa ; 
there is too much stuffing in the dumpling, a" 
boi pa; there is too little stuffing, phue khah 
p6h, i kiai a" cu kiuh chut lai ; if the paste is 
too thin the filling will burst out. 

— ah — 
4:trl ah 64 To forcibly escort; to guard; to 
JT 1068 y convoy. 

all nle; to convoy the grain belonging to govern- 
ment, ah cai ; guard a cargo, ah hiie-mueh ; to 
convoy goods, ah huam-jin ; act as escort to a 
criminal. ah-koi ; to escort. kam-ali i khii 
CO ; compel him to go and do it. ah i to che- 
kwn ; watch him while detained in the lockup, 
k^n-ah i m cu ; cannot keep him in custody. 

M||[^ ah 196 A duck ; any species of the 
jl^ 1068 5 genus Anser. 
ah-bp ; a duck, ah-heng ; a drake. ah-ki'a"; a 
duckling. ah-fing ; ducks' eggs. chi ah ; to 
rear ducks, jio ah ; tend ducks. lin ah-kia"; 
to hatch ducks' eggs artificially, ciii ah ; wild 
ducks. sie ah ; roast duck. ah khun ; flocks 
of ducks, kiam ah-nng ; salt ducks' eggs, ci" 
ah ; a young duck. lau ah-bp ; an old duck. 

ah-p6 ; driedducks. ah uang ; the mandarin 
duck.hwn ah ; the muscovy duck, chai ah ; the 
common duck, pua" chai hwn ah ; a half-breed, 
ah bi ; a toy duck, peh tun ah ; a sodden duck, 
sle" sien ah ; a whole boiled duck. ah cie"; a 
conserve made of the flesh of ducks' feet, kiam 
ah kun ; salt duck gizzards. ah am ; a certain 
sort of confectionery. 16 ah ; pickled duck, 

kham ah ; minced duck. ah-bun-sun ; a duck 
stew. ah ke°; a pottage made of meats and 

vegetables, ho pau ah; a duck filled with stuf- 
fing, ah toi ; a duck's foot, ah toi kha ; splay- 

footed, ah-cih ; a duck's bill, ngun ah-cih ; a 
silver clasp shaped like a duck's bill. ah-cih 
5m-nfa; a long collar with tabs, ah-cih chie"; 
a bayonet. ah-cih chau ; a weed with leaves 
shaped like a duck's bill. ah sai Ick ; a dark 
mottled green, ah mo" sx"; a ducks' feather fan. 
ah-kia" thia" lui ; a duckling listening to thun- 
der ; one who hears what ho cannot under- 
stand, ju. kiia" ah cok pua"; like driven ducks, 
ah-kia" chut si bo pe-bp ; ducklings aro born 
orphans, ah-lp so" cin-cu; the duck that lays 
pearls. ah-kua" tliuh pua"-thau ; the duck's 
liver is put on the top of the dish, go kia", ah 
po ; waddles like a duck. leh peh ah ; to slay 
a dead duck ; i.e. to kill a man for the sake of 
imputing his murder to another. liah khu 
theng ah-p6; to crucify, the allusion being to 
the manner of stretching ducks upon splints in 
drying them. koi heng ah ka-ciah, rain than 
ciu u ciah ; one with a breast like a hen's and 
a back like a duck's, has food without earning 
it. ah-nng pu kii oi ih chui ; a long covered 
duck's egg will hatch out. cui ah oi cio" ke"; 
the wild ducks station a sentinel. ah chui 

a" CO i", koi chui a" cp pi" ; make it appear by 
argument that a duck's bill is round and a 
hen's bill is flat. ah ku ; a stunted duck ; a 
runt. ah-kia" thiu huang; the duckling has 
the pip. 

— ai — 
|— I ai 80 To pity; to grieve; to sympa- 
<|C%, 619 IT thize ; sorrow ; woeful, 
ko ai cu ; an orphan. ai-khau ; to weep. ai- 
cham ; distressing. ai khiu ; to supplicate, 

ai-lien ; to compassionate, ai cai ! Alas ! u hQ 
ai cai ! Alas, how sad ! pui ai ; sympathy, ai 
khun ; beseech, hi, ne, ai, lak ; the four emo- 
tions, satisfaction, anger, grief, joy. 

ai 30 To sigh, to groan ; an interjec- 
619 7 tion expressing disgust or re- 
gret, i kai to ai mih su ? What is he groaning 
about ? ua thia"-ki" i cong-kii to ai, ai ; I hear 
him grunting all the time, ai, khp-lien i ! Oh, 
how I pity him ! i si ai-kie ka-kl kai su, a si 
ai-kie pat nang kai su ? Is he sighing over 
his own affairs, or over of some other 
person ? 

0^^ ai 72 ai-mue; underhand. 
;^«^ 620 13 cia t-ng si ai-miie kai sii; this is 
acting in an underhand way. 

ai 61 The exhibition of humanity id 
619 9 the actions ; to love ; fond of ; 
tender toward ; sparing of ; beloved, 
ai-sieli, kindness, chin-ai ; friendship, jin-ai ; 


benevoleut. leng ai ; your daughter, mong lu 
kue ai ; many thanks for your great kindness, 
nek-ai; blind love. h(5 ai-sieh; lovable, khd-ai; 
lovely. ai-sieh ka-kl iu su ai-sieh pat niliig; 
love others as well as yourself. ai nang kip 

mueh ; love people rather than thiuga. ai-sieh 
to sim, mai" ai-sieh to min ; love in reality 
rather than in appearance. ai min jitik cu ; 

loved the people as if they were his ciiildren. 
ai-sieh thai kiie ; too indulgent affection. iii- 
Bieh kuang-im ; sparing of time, 

H^ ai 170 A defile ; a pass. 

yWL 2 10 ai-khau ; a gorge. hiam h,x ; 

a dangerous pass. 

JtL fti 80 a mother ; one's mother. 
T—f* 605 1 cfl si i kai ai ; it is his mother, 
chin &i ; an own mother. Jlu fti ; a step-mother. 

2ii-& ; an exclamation denoting 

— ai" — 

To desire, to wish, to long 
for; about to, ready to, on the 

>^t* hi" 76 

VA 1139 T 

point of. 

lu ai" am? Do you want it or not ? i ai", 
ua m; he wants to but I will not. ai° li sii", boi 
tit tieh ; as for wanting it I want it, but I can- 
not have it. si lia sim so ai°; it is what my 
heart desires, in-ai"; raki"; does not want it. i 
cha-m-tp ai° lai ; he is about to come, i ciang 
ai" khu ; he is about to go. li'i ai" tiig-khu c6- 
ke a bue ? Are you going to return to you na- 
tive land yet ? i ai° co ; he is going to make 
it. i ta" i hi" khu ; he said he should go. ua 
ai" lai khieh ; I will come and get it. i h.i" 
mill ktli ? What does he want ? i ai" khi chu ; 
he is going to build a house. i phien-phien 
ai"; he is bent upon it. i nge ai"; he tixedly 
desires it. i cwn ai" cie"-se° cp ; he especially 
wishes it to be made thus. i kii-i ai" lai ; he 
is set upon coming. i kai sim iSi si ai", cliui 
m ka" ta" ; he desires it in his heart, but dare 
not say so. ai" me ? Do you wish to ? 

— ak — 

ak 85 To water, by pouring from 
^V 1066 4 above, 
ak hue ; to water flowers. ak ciii ; to wet by 
pouring on water. ak ho ; khut ho ak tieh ; 
wet by the rain. 

ak 64 To seize, to arrest, to gripe. 

82 7 jio kau hu-kp cia" ak tieh ; 

pursued him to that point and there caught 

him. ak tieh i kai pi"; caught him by the cue. 
hiam-hiam ak m tteh; caaght at and came very 
near missing it. 

ak 61 Evil, vile, wicked, iniquitous. 
^\id\ 1063 8 ak-iising; the wicked, cue-ak; 
wickedness, ctlp ak ; all sorts of crimes. ak 
Pok ; evil ways, tai ak ; great crimes, ak cii ; 
very wicked, hioug-ak ; malicious. ak-tak ; 
venomous. cek ak ; heap up iniquity. ak 
hetig ; vicious looking. ak Q ak pp ; wicked- 
ness brings its own retribution. nftng m cp 
ak, naug iTi ui ; where there is no iniquity, there 
is no fear. ak kue cua ; more malignant than 
a serpent. pe ak, ki'a" hien ; wise sons of 
wicked fathers, ak cit; virulent disease, sim 
eii, mla ak ; a gentle heart under a savage ex> 
terior. ak-n&ng, ak-nftng til ; the wicked ex- 
tripate the wicked. cQe-ak thau thi"; their 
wickedness reaches to the heavens. ak Qe ; 
obscene talk. 

ak 82 To quiet, to calm, to pacify. 
•^ 1069 14 ak kia"; allay fear. hkm i a- 
ne sah no kai ngio nng kio i ak kia"; tell his 
mother to boil two cats' eggs with which to 
quiet his alarm, cia tieh i khu, cia" ak tit c^, 
p&t n&ng ak iTi tio ; he is the one who must go, 
then they will be pacified, no one else can tran- 
quilize them. 

^^L ak 162 To terminate ; to stop. 
" tP^. 629 9 cp-ak; to bring to a standstill, 
ak-cf ; to put a stop to. ak ak, iang sien ; re- 
press iniquity and encourage righteousness. 

-mYI ^^ ^ "^o repress, to restrain, to 
jrr 1093 4 abate ; else, moreover, 
ak-ci ; to stop. ut-ak ; irked. ak-cii ; to re- 
press, ak i m cu ; could not curb it. ak i m 
tio ; could not resti-ain it. ak-ci i ; restrain 

him. ka-ki ak-cx la cu ; could not himself con- 
trol it. soi" ak Su iang, soi" iang au ak ; play 
fast and loose with. ak-hok ; should it be. 
ak-hok cie"-se" ; should it bo thus. ak-hok i 
lai, xia ciu mien khu ; should he come, then 1 
need not go. ak-hok u ci kai, lu ai" jieh coi ? 
Should there be that kind, how many do you 
want ? 

am 40 A religious house; a Buddhist 

621 8 temple, 
am-ing ; a convent or monastery. ara-k\^n ; 
am-i°; monastic estalishments. ni-ko am ; a 
nunnery, hue-sie" am ; a monastery, jip am ; 
to become a monk or a nun. chau am ; our 
wretched hermitage, am lai; in religious reti- 


rement. lifie-sie" bo seng-li thiali am leng-ua° 
kill; when priests have no other lucrative eni- 
plo3nuent, they take their temples to pieces and 
rebuild them, tok chut am ; expelled from the 

am 116 Concave, like the sky. 

420 "3" am-bo ; a hollow hemisphere 
like the sky. am-bo am-bo ne ; convex on the 
upper surface and concave on the under, mai" 
CO khah am-bo ; do not make it too arching. 
CO lai am-am ue ; made very concave. 

M^ AJJL am-lo A garden slug; a snail. 

l^ lK|pr| 466 ' no kai a-iio"-kia" to ka 
am-lo ; two children are trying to make snails 
fight, am-lo khak ; snail shells, am-lo thang ; 
the snails themselves. 

■^ISlI am 149 Versed in ; knowing about. 
PfI 621 9 am-lien ; skilled in any craft 
or art. iIi am si su ; ignorant of the world. 

Msfe H"jrt ^™"C^"^ Obese ; fat ; dirty. 
P7f* Ij/ w 949 am-cam pui ; corpulent, 

am-cam ciah ; to eat hoggishly. 


;ira Water in which rice has been 

.27 boiled, 
cim am ; soak in rice-water. ciah am ; drink 

H^^ am 72 Dark ; obscure ; secret ; clan- 
H^ 622 9 destine; stealthily, 
jit ai" am lio ; it is growing dark. jit am ; at 
dusk. mai° khah am lai ; do not come too late 
in the evening. mong-mong am-ara ; misty 

and dark, thi" o, tl am ; utter darkness. o-o 
^m-am ; midnight darkness. ara-ce"; secretly, 
am-ce" sie°; secretly thought, am pang; secret 
compartment. am huang ; secretly ascertain, 
am hai ; secretly injure, co kai am ho; made a 
secret sign, phah am hoh ; gave a secret signal, 
meng chie° koi tng, am ci" lang huang ; a visi- 
ble spear is easily withstood, a secret arrow is 
hard to guard against. thau bin, raak am ; 

vertigo, am cph am ce"; clandestine, am lun ; 
a concealed spring, am kau ; a covered drain, 
am tang co su ; underhand doings. am pau ci 
kai i-8U to lai ; has this meaning involved in it. 
am chi mang ; the silent mosquito. am hah ; 
secretly agreeing. am ieh ; a private under- 
standing, ara-thau ; hades, am to ; a hidden 
pocket. am-am khu co ; secretly went and 
did it. sim-gi se" am kiii ; the imagination 
creates ghosts. lu 6i iii am a boi ? Are you 

afraid in the dark ? lu co pang hie" am kp 

cp-ni ? Why do you sit where it is so dark ? 

hm ke-thau ; a private price. bo kng, bo am ; 
no two prices. ciah o-am png ; eat the bread 
of sorrow, khut i am ciah jieh coi ci"; had no 
inconsiderable amount of money privately used 
up by him. am kai coi kiie kng kai ; what is 
concealed is more than what is manifest, am- 
ce" sai eng ; what was clandestinely used up. 
sai am chie"; employ an assassin, hun-hun am- 
am badly lighted. am-chang ; hidden, con- 
cealed, kim to o-am koi" ko ; shut up in the 

id^ S,m 181 The neck; a narrow part of 
'J^>\ 406 ~7~ a thing. 

i khu tio 3,m, khut nang kiu tieh, boi si; he 
went and hung himself, but was rescued by 
some one, and did not die. i kai am chun tng- 
tng to thoi"; he was gazing with outstretched 
neck. i kai am keng-keng ; his neck is long 
and crooked. teh kau am khi-khi ; weighed 
down by it so that his neck is awry. cai kio 
i kua am-iii ; remember to put his bib on him. 
i kai am kua cek pak su-cu ; be wears a rosary 
around his neck. i kS,i am lo to ; his neck is 
rather short. kai Sm se" lek ; he has king's- 
evil. liu i kai am ; strangle him. am teng 
cek kai gu ; "Adam's apple." i piiah cih am 
kut ; he fell and broke his neck, i kai Sm lun- 
lun ; liis neck is short and thick, che i kS.i am- 
kia" ; throttled him. i to khap thau, liam am ; 
be is knocking his head on the ground, and 
pinching his neck, (as in begging vehemently), 
ham am ; to pinch the neck violently as a coun- 
ter irritant, tng am cun ; a long-necked bottle, 
i kai am hiam-hi'am khut nang phph tng; he 
came very near getting his neck cut in two. 
cun koi kai am ; wring the reck of a fowl, am 
kun tau ; a crick in the neck. S,m teng se" k&i 
liu ; has goitre. 


Sm 30 To take into the mouth, as for 

939 1^ swallowing, 
lu kai chili Sm sim-raih miieh to? What have 
you got in your mouth ? khah toa kp, am m 
loh ; it is too big a piece, I cannot take it into 
my mouth. cek chui am no kai ; took two at 
one mouthful, mai" am khah toachiii; do not 
take too large mouthfuls. Sm tit jip, thun m 
loh ; can take it into the mouth, but cannot 
swallow it. 

— ang — 
dbi ang 37 A husband. 
^V 142 1 ang bo; ang cia; husband and 
wife. bo ang, bo ki'a"; without husband or 

sons. ang-ci'a kfa"; the young couple. i k4i 
ang ti-kp hue ? From what place does her hus- 
band come ? ang hSu-se", bo hau-se°; the hus- 


band is youthfal and the wife also. ui kheng 
ke lau ang ; unwilling to marry an old man. 
lau ang-da ; an old couple. soi" ang; first 

husband. coi" ang ; former husband (now 
dead). Jiu ang ; second husband. 

ijT^ ang 40 Rest ; peace ; to place at ease. 
■3^ 620 T ph6ng-ang; peace, ang-sek ; 
rest, ang-sek jit ; the Sabbath. ang-sek-hio°; 
gum benjamin. ang-kham ; a shrine, or case 
for ancestral tablets. ang Oi ; to appoint the 
seats (for guests), hfvp sia pheng-ang ; all the 
clans at peace. ang sini loh nglap ; keep your 
mind on yonr occupation, ang ke ; to support 
a family, eng jieh coi ci° ang ke ? How much 
is used for the support of the family ? ang- 
tiin kau hd-hd ; well provided for. ang-jien 

cfi-cai; in quiet and comfort. ang-lOk- 

kong ; a mere man of pleasure. 

ang-chun A quail. 

621 phah ang-chun ; to 

fight quails. liah ang-chun ; to carry around 
a quail that is being trained to fight. ang- 

chun khuang ; a quail pen. ang-chun to ; a 

bag for carrying quails. ang-chun pie ; the 

banner of the champion quail, long ang-chun ; 
to keep quails. chi'u liah ang-chun b<5 ; to 
carry a female quail about, (in order to appear 
to be a sportsman). u nung liah ang-chun 
phua ke, u nfmg liah ang-chun hwt ke ; some 
train quails to the ruin of their families, some 
train them and thereby found families. 

^^g ting 98 An earthen jar, without hand- 
J^U l046 13 les or spout, 
ciu ang ; wine jar. bi ang ; rice jar. raSng- 
thng ang; candy jar. kiara-chai ang; salt vege- 
table jar. hue kim ang ; an urn, holding the 
bones of the dead, ang thau puah ; a pot used 
as a cover for a jar. ciu ang tho ; the clay 

used to stop the mouths of wine-jars, ang th^u 
lu ; a species of puraelo ; a runt. tham ciah, 

puah loh meng-tlmg ang; the greedy fall into 
the sweetmeat jar. cho cek ang ciii ; holds a 
jar of water. co cek ang cho ; make a jar 

of vinegar. ang toi kai cho-koi ; the animal- 
cules in a jar of vinegar. kua° cek ang ciii 
ti°-ti°; bring a full jar of water. 15 cek ang 
koi ; pickle a jar of mashed fish. ii cek ang 
cau tu-nek ; had a jar of corned pork, khu un 
kiii ang ci'u ; go and heat up some jars of whis- 
key. hue-kim-pa,u th6i"-cp meng-thiig ang; 
mistook an urn of dead men's bones for a candy 
pot. tang phua m soi ang, ce soi, sie-lin- 
thkng; old mother Tang did not often wash her 
jars, but when she did, she washed holes in 
them, ang-le j a potsherd. 

^1=^ ang 40 A banquet. 
"^K^ 1090 7 BU ang ; confer a banquet. 
I'm ang ; to feast. eng-iaag ang ; tek-meng 

^ng ; the banquet given by the provincial 
autliorities to those who take the military or 
civil degree of ku-jin. khuang-lim ang; an 

imperial banquet, given to those who take the 
degi'ee of c\u-sfl. 

ing 177 The leg of a boot. 
1078 6 Ilia ang; hia thang; a boot 
leg. khng ki to t6 hia-ang t6i ; kept a knife 
in his boot leg. khuai-hia kai hia-ang si lai 
nfu kai ; the leg of the top-boot buttons up. 
phiia hia-thang ; a torn boot leg; a scholar who 
gets no office. 

The leg of a stocking, 
bueh ang ; biieh thang ; a 

A stoppage of the nose, 
caused by a cold ; nasal, as 

ang 145 
1078 T 
stocking leg. 

X^U^ hng 82 mng-k6-kng; the enciente of 
J^^ 104:6 10 a city gate, mki" khut i kue" 
to inng-k6-ang toi, kft raang ; do not let him 
get shut ill between the inner and outer gates 
to pass the night bitten by mosquitoes. 

1^ kng 229 
{fE2* 1046 10 
a tone. 

ta°-ue kng-ang ; to speak through the nose. i 
chek-ciii Ho ta,°-ue ang-ng ; having a cold in his 
head, he speaks nasally. kai phi" ang-ng 

ang-ng, kang-kho cSi ; the nose stopped up, 
with a distressing cold. 

kng 64 In conformity to ; to lay or 
622 6 press the hand upon ; to fix 
upon ; to cause to stop ; to give as security, 
ang cie°-se°; thus, like this. ang lue"-se''; so, 
like that, ang c6i° lue°-se°; as before, ang ci 
kai hxe° ngia ; as handsome as this. ang cie' 
coi ; so many. ang hie° ci'e ; so few. ang ci 
kai lne° h(5 ; as good as this. ang huap-lut 

phoi" ; administer according to law. ang cie" 
ing, ang cie° toa ; ai° li Ifii, mai° li suah ! I 
have only what is of this length and size ; if 
you want it, take it, if you do not want it, let 
it alone ! to-li ang cie° chim ; doctrine so deep, 
ang lue° tng ; so long as that. 6i tit ang ci cek 
kai c\e° toa cu ai°; if I can get one as large as 
this I want it. bo nang ang lu cie" h(5 ; nobody 
is so good as you. bo nang ang i hie" m ho ; 
nobody is so bad as he. ang tSi-ke hie°-se' 

ta" lai kia"; let us do as they all say. ang hie" 
khi ! How strange ! ang kui ciu ku ; in con- 
formity to established custom, lu ang cie°-se", 
lia ang h\e°-se"; you do thus, and X do so. ang 


meli ; feel the pulse, chfa ang sim-kua"-tliau ; 
lay tlie hand on the heart. ang kiam to chiu, 
grasped the sword in his hand, ang gueh ci°- 
nguii ; to fix the monthly stipend. ang pia° 

put tong ; to halt the troops, ang-tug ; to give 
as security for something borrowed. ang-tng 
mueli-kia"; to give things in pledge. cang 

chan-khoi co ang; take the deed of his field as 
security. ang tia" jtt-khi ; to set a fixed time, 
ang khie" phah ; strike the ke}^ of the tune, 
ang pang ; set the tune. ang-sok iIi ilo ; does 
not successfully repress it. ang-sok kau tio- 
tio ; keeps in subjection. sin ang pch ngun ; 
take in pawn, for its full value, of a hundred 
dollars, i ai" ang nang jieh coi ci"? How much 
does he wish to borrow from us, giving securi- 
ty for it ? CO ang ; give as security. ang 
po lai kia"; set your steps carefully as you go. 
ang-chak ; the provincial judge. co tieh ang- 
chak, rain ciu o ; if you do the work of a pro- 
vincial judge, you will becorac dark visaged. 

>^T* ang 120 Red; rosy ; ruddy; the blood; 
Tfil^ 235 3 lucky, pleasant, because red 
is the color used for marriage sedans, the high- 
est official buttons, and other tokens of rank, 
ang sek; a red color, toa ang; deep red. hue 
S,iig; scarlet, tho ang; peach pink, hiin ang; 
the color of rouge. it pin ang ; bright red. 

sai ang ; persimmon red. sang ang ; deep pink, 
bak ang; dark red. cu-sa ang; light red. 

ang-sai ; persimmons. ang hun ; I'ed clouds, 

chim ang; deep red. chien ang; pale red. 
ciu ciah kau min ham-ham-ang ; flushed with 
■wine. ang si-sua" so mak-ki"; a red line on 

the edge of the eye lids, chiii-lim-phue cn-cu- 
ang; the lips bright red. ngun-cu ang; the 

color of vermilion. iu ang; painted red. 

raak-kho ang ; red around the eyes. ang hue 
^"g ; ^ young lady. chut hue-ang ; to issue a 
notice of a reward. kng ki"; a red flag. ang 
hue boi phang, pharg hue boi ang; brilliant 
flowers are scentless, and fragi'ant flowers are 
not bright colored. ang su, peh su; happy af- 
fair, or grievous affair. hue ang h'u lek ; a 
variety of bright colors. hue ang ngun ; a 
reward, received for public service, in catching 
a thief or murderer. S,ng ng<vn nng-cu to 
poh mia"; many handsome girls have hard fates. 
chi" ang ; fresh and ruddy, ang peh ang peh ; 
pink and white, min ang-jing ; a ruddy coun- 
tenance. ang-rao°-nang ; red haired people, 
Europeans. ang thau cun ; a junk. pang 
Sng ; have dysentery, phui ang ; to spit blood. 
S,ng pg oieh ; a ruby, ang te'ng ; the red button, 
an insignia of high rank. ang sang-hu ; red 
coral. tong Ting-sim ; hit the centre of the 

target, ^ng eng bo ; an official hat having red 
fringe on the crown. Ting cang sph ; red hair- 
strings, ang ne-siia"; an umbrella used by 
officials of high rank. fing tki cu ; a belt 
worn by blood-relations of the empei'or. ang 
cuu ; an official boat, poi" slng-sa" ciie ; inflict 
the punishment of banishment. fi,ng kh6i ; a 
stamped deed. k\" tieh nang rain ciu ang; 
blushed if she saw any one. miu &ng-kong- 
chiah; blushed deeply. 

\it ang 85 
i^ 23G 6 

B. C. 2200. 

A flood, an inundation, 
ang-ciii ; the deluge of Yu, 

— ap — 

iBl ^P ^^ The complement; an unlicensed 
4*J^ 1068 5 pawn-shop; to pay a balance ; 
to add the complement. 

ap sio ; to pay the remainder of a bill, ap un ; 
to match a rhyme. ue hue-ap ; to affix the 

necessary device, mark, or paraph, chiara ap ; 
to authenticate by affixing a mark. sio-bak 
ap cheng-cho ; the balance of the account has 
been paid in full, sie ap ; a pawn-shop, where 
cheap articles are pledged. hiang ap ; a 

licensed pawn-shop. h'lang ap cii-nang kai 

li-sek ci'e, sie ap cii-nang kai li-sek ke ; the 
amount charged by the licensed pawnbroker is 
less than that charged by the unlicensed pawn- 
broker, ap kau ni ; paid up for a year. ap 
kau gueh ; paid in full for one month, ap kau 
peh ; made it up to a hundred. i m kheng ue 
ap ; he was unwilling to affix the mark. cie' 
me°-me" ap ; quickly draw in the oar. 

'^^ ap 108 A small box, having a cover. 
_0IL. 218 6 tliiap-ap ; a card-case. ap- 
kia"; a very small box. gek ap ; an alabaster 
box. cek ap ko-pi'a"; a box of cakes, cho c6k 
ap ti"-ti"; fill the box full. siu thau ap ; a 
dressing-case, bo ap ; a hat-box. 

ap 30 The motion of the gills of a fish. 
939 6 hu ap ciii ; the fish sucks water, 
chili to ap ; he is gasping. ap-ap-sah ; gasp- 
ing, chili hwn-lio 6i ap ; he still gasps. 


au 17 Hollowed out ; concave. 
623 4 au-au ne ; concave. ci kai i" 
bo hie" au ; this inkstone is not worn down 
much. ci kai ua° fo chim-au ; this bowl is 
deeper. ta° kai te-tien co khu io chim-au ; 

modern saucers are made deeper. mak chim- 
au ; hollow-eyed. 


I^Tf au 98 A bowl, or deep cup. 
Pft 625 11 au, ua°, pua", lib; all sorts of 
dishes. 16-au ; a tea cup. kai-au ; a covered 
cup. kluim-au ; a covered bowl. lui-au ; a 
triturating bowl. clift au ; a wooden bowl, 

pua" au ; balf a bowlful. tli\o kiie kau, ciah 
sa" au ; raucli eating to little exercise. 

au 85 To soften by long poaking; to 
G26 11 macerate. khieh kbii »i teng 
au ; take it and soak it in the pool. au kau 

cliau ; it has soaked so long that it smells badly, 
to loh piin-ti kliu au ; pour it inlo the cess- 
pool and let it rot. au kau tbiie-thue ; kept in 
soak till it is friable. 

p/J* au 79 To cudgel ; to maul. 
|0|X 026 11 kbut i kliia ki thui au kau lok- 
lok ; suffered liim to take a club and beat him to 
a jolly. au cih i kai kba kut ; broke his leg 

by mauling him. khia ki tek-ko au i ; took a 
bamboo and cudgeled him. 

Eft ^^ 12. To fight with sticks or fists. 
^UC 626 11 liu-phah ; to maul, au sie"; to 
■wound by beating. au jok ; to disgrace by a 

au 64 To press at the arm of a lever; 
1077 5 to twist; to wrest ; to lift obli- 
quely ; self-willed, cip-jiu ; obstinate. au- 
man ; perverse, au-huo"; warped, twisted, pre- 
judiced, au-cih-khut; crumpled up. au li ; 
pervert doctrine. du tiig thau ; turn it over 
endwise. an hu ; to catch fish with a lifting 

net. au cang ; <o lift a fishing net, au mueh- 
kia°; to carry things at one end of a pole over 
the slioulder. tJii'g thau au ; to press at the 

{<hort arm of a lever. cang chi'u au khi lai 

koi°-thau; lift it up on the shoulder with the 
hands. au m tng ; he does not articulate it 

cleai-ly. sang au sang cuah ciu hoh coi ; two 
different losses on the same article makes a 
considerable deficienc}' in the end. i kai ue 
ta° lai siu-an, si toa cih a in si? He speaks in- 
coherently, he is tongue-tied is he not ? 

au 30 To raise from the stomach. 
62G 11 au-tho ; to pnke. au-ueh ; to 
retch and vomit, au hueh ; bleed at the lungs, 
an sng ; I'aise sour mucus from the stomach, 
au nua°-ciii ; i-aise mucus from the stomach, 
ai" au, au m chut; wanted to throw it up but 
could not. ce thoi" cu au-ueh ; gagged at the 
sight of it. au sim-hueh kai ci°; money gained 
at the expense of health. 

^rpT au 85 To rot or soften from damp- 
M^i 62«j 11 ness. 

au kau chau ; so rotten that it stinks. m cai 
phak cfi au tlo; if you do not dry them in the 
sun, they will spoil from dampness. au kau 
no ha-hu; decayed to powder. 

au 61 Vexed, angry, cross. 
.^ ^ 625 13 ku-ce; nettled. i ce au-c^ 

cu i7i khu ; if he once gets out of patience, 
he won't go. au-se"; grouty. au-se°, cd 

ce raai°; he is irritated, and will have nothing 
to do with it. iiu khi ; out of temper. cSk 
to au-kiri ; thoroughly vexed. iiu-cc kau k&i 
mln jiu-au ; so vexed that she looks cross, au- 
chiiu ; quick-temjKjred ; out of temper ; to fly 
into a pjiHsion. au-ce cu kio i leng llo; being 
in a passion he pushed it away. i au-ce kka 
i7i ciuh ; he is so out of temper that he will not 
eat. au-ce kau kie m in ; he is so out of tem- 
per that he will not answer when he is called, 
i kai nang se'-cheng au-au-chau-chau ; he has 
a very violent temper. 

aa 87 Obscure, mysterious. 
G25 10 chim au ; hard to understand ; 
profound, iu bio ; au mio ; mysterious. 

&a 80 The passages of (he throat. 

174 9 &u-leng; the throat, nge 4a ; 
the windpipe. nng au ; the gullet. au-leng 
gfi ; " Adam's apple." &u-leng lib ; the palate, 
au-leng kng; the tonsils." ka ta" ; thirsty. &a 
thia" ; sore throat. se" an g6 ; have quinsy, 

mi au, ceng to; ulcerated throat and swollen 
belly. tiam au ; quench thirst. khieh kp Mi 
tiam au ; take a bit to quench thirst. thak 

tieh au-leng-kng nge ; tonsils stiffened by read- 
ing, au im ; the intonation. i kai au khnah 
cai ; he has a wide gullet. lu mai° to au oih ; 
do not mince. cheh au ; to choke, to stop up 
the throat. hu-kut khe° tieh au-leng; a fish 
bone stuck in his throat, thoi" tieh to ji'o au ; 
seeing it makes his mouth water, ji'ang phiia 
au-leng ; screaming to split his throat. jfang 
kau au bo sia°; screamed till he was hoarse, 
peh au peh cih ; telling lies. peh lu kai kn ; 
you tell lies, lu raai to peh &u ; don't lie. an 
soi ; throat husky. bo au toi sia"; can not 

speak aloud. bp au toi ; no strength of lung, 
ho an toi; a resonant voice. Iiu au; to throttle, 
kui Iiu au ; an imp throttles him. ku au ; cut 
the throat. hia, ku au lio ! Really, I've cut 

my own throat ! tliam sak tieh au-leng ; hia 
throat is stopped up by phlegm. gii an ; a 
flask, made from the gullet of an ox. an b6i 
thong khi; cannot breathe. khui toa fta ; 


Bpcak in a big base voice, 

sio au ; a piping 

>>^ Six 60 After ; behind ; subsequent ; in 
15- 175 6 the rear. 

soi" aa ; previously and subsequently, coi" S,u; 
beforo and behind. Jin min ; Sn thau ; Su kha; 
in the rear. iTi soi" m S.n ; neither sooner nor 
later. lu soi° khu, au lia hli ; you go first and 
afterward I will come, au jit ; hereafter ; day 
after to-morrow. Su ni ; in after years ; year 
after next. Sa kai gueh ; month after next. 

&u s\ ; after ages. i" Su ; S,a lal ; afterwards. 
5,a ang, S,a bo ; a second husband or wife. 5u 
pe, au ai ; a step-father or step-mother. thi 
cie".pak huang, ti e au bp ; in the heavens there 
are north winds and on earth there are step- 
mothers, au CO ; au loh ; rear buildings. fta 
toi"; a,u keng ; tlie inner temple. ftu tui ; the 
rear company. lien Su ; the rear guard. ho 
Su ; after the shower, ciu au ; after their wine 
bibbing. au cim ; an tau ; au nau; the back of 
the neck. ah au ; the rear body of the escort, 
coih au ; after the festival. coih au sa" jit; 

three days after the holidays. chu au poi"; 

behind the house. ju 16 au pe ; hatred like 

that toward a step-father. tixe i ka-ciah au ; 
followed on behind him. the to hu au; follows 
on behind, au miig ; the back door. S,u liiu ; 
the back rooms up stairs, jien-au ; thereafter. 
soi° thi°, au thi"; ante-natal and post-natal in- 
fluences, soi" thi" lun thoi, au thi" lun eng ; 
the inherited tendencies affect the body, their 
subsequent development is determined by the 
habits. ci Tin-aa chua kai ; the very last one 
that he married, biie au ; the hindmost, kfo- 
bvie-au se" kai ; the one last given birth to. 
kio-biie-au se" ci kai ; at last gave birth to this. 
Bui au cu kau ; arrived immediately after- 
ward, au-sia", au-hien ; modern sages. Su 
hak ; modern scholars. kha-au-te"; the heel 

of the foot, au le"; the heel (of a shoe). Su 
phe ; the cloth heel of a bound footed woman's 
choe. au tau ; au tau hue ; the lower part of a 
woman's coiffure. phah au thang ; a back 

door pilferer. cai kii coi", bo ku au ; regards 
what is in front, but not what is behind, thang 
kau hu S,u-au ; pieiced quite through and 
through. pan tiii i hu au ; head off and in- 

close him. au lio cliie"; the wall enclosing the 
back yard, coi" sua" hue kui", au sua" jii-keng 
kui"; things get woi-se the farther you go. i lia 
ti-liang cp au piah sua" ? Whom doe.s he rely 
upon to ba< k him up ? eng kau kua Su si kai 
ci" to eng khu ; spending money that it will 
take him several lifetimes to earn. se" 061*^, 

Bi Su ; during life and after death. Su to ; 

future generations. Jiu-i ; posterity, to n^ng 
coi", boi to naug Jiu ; he surpasses others, and 
is behind nobody. hu-kai jien-Jlu lai ; that 

one came next. ci-kai thau-soi" lai, ci-k&i 

jien-Su lai, ci'-kai kfo-bxie lai; this one came 
first, this next, and this last. kiio-Su su 

kun-cU; the departed are thought to be gent- 
lest, hwn u cek kai be 5u phau ; there is 
still a weapon in reserve. o-phu kha kau, 
toa kueh to Su ; when some gourd is thrown at 
a dog, the biggest piece comes last. c6i"-c6i° 
S,u-au, m pat thoi" ki" ! I never saw anything 
like it ! ke au; a wife and a wife's relatives. 
Su p6"; the chorus in a theatre. au pe" cah 
khu hp ; the chorus was well inserted : the 
helpmeet performs her part well, i am-ce" bie 
tiii i S.U lo kp khu; he kept himself hidden, 
and follow'ed along behind them. cp kheh, 
mai" loh Su ; when you are an invited guest, 
be not the last to come. khia to fiu ce, mai" 
khah cin-coi" ; remain in the back ground, and 
do not thrust youself forward. ka-chng Su ; 
behind his back, hi" au ; behind his ear. pue 
S,u ; back of it. sua" coi", sua" au, thong-sin ceng 
chiu-bak ; the front and back of the mountain 
were all planted with shrubbery. khia kau-i° 
au kai nang ; the man standing behind a chair, 
ua ham i tieh u au su ; I told him he must 
prepare for the consequences. tang kau chia 
au liang ce cja" lai ; wait till the cool weather 
after autumn and then come. ci kai nang bo 
au ; this person had no descendants, hia" soi", 
ti au ; the elder brother takes precedence of the 
younger. kio biie au ; the very hindmost, 
ciah png au hue hp cu ut ; it is not well to go 
to bed at once after eating. kiia" §,u, ii sim- 
raih kak kek ? And after all, what will be the 
upshot ? thp §,u ; receded from his position, 
au han ; next time. 

— au" — 

an" 80 Clamorous vociferation. 

616 5 au°-au" iiang; noisy bicker- 
ing, i au"-au" jfang si cp-ni ? What are they 
clamoring for ? au"-au°-kie ; the sound of 

many voices as in strife. ta" tieh, i au"-au° 

chang; if you say anything about it he makes 
a great fuss. 

— auh — 

jhi^ jp^ auh-pauh Vexed, angry, irritated. 
I PM L^C ^"^5 to lai auh-pauh ; is at 

heart much displeased about it. to lai anh- 
auh pauh-pauh ; very grouty. 

— ba — 


ba ge ; khf ba-bk ; projecting 




froiifc teoth. tlulu-nilii-coi" no k^i khi iie ba- 
ba; two pmjot-'tiiig incisors. si-kue in ba gg ; 
tho watenuelon dreads protruding teeth. 

J&tH ^^^ ^^^ The bow of a vessel. 

j^ftj 96 5 i kai cun-tbau-ba cuang tlo 

kbu; their bow was stove in. 

ni ^^^ ^^ '^'^ gallop, to prance, to run 

tl 607 6 fast, 
ba ki.i khii, bo khun-kia" cu bft loh lai ; races 
up iind presently races down again. hai i 

kia" kau juan ba ; scared him so that he ran off 
as fast as ever he could without considering 
wIhmc he went. i thia° tieh, iue"-nie'' ba khu 
cliii ko ta°; on hearing it he rushed off home to 
tell it. 

— bah — 

W bah 180 Flesh ; naeat. 
Jfl 300 bp kut b6 bah ; neither bone 
Dor meat ; nothing to it but odor. b6 nek hC> 
bah ; no meat on it. tu bah ; pork. 

— b&i — 

b&i 109 Tho eye brows, and what is 
585 4^ Bhaped like them, 
ni&k-bai ; eyebrows. ni&k bfii sa'-kak sa"- 

kak ; heavy eyebrows. nifik-bfti khah I6ng; 

eyebrows too bushy. bsu mo"; the hair of the 
eyebrow. go bfti ; arched eyebrows. jio 

bai ; to frown. tho-khi iang-biii ; in high 

spirits, guoh bai ; the young moon. n\o bai ; 
to scowl, bfii kill ; oblique eyebrows, bai sui- 
Bui ; long eyebrows. bS.i thiiu, bai biie ; the 

inner and outer end of the eyebrow. liu-hieh 
b9.i ; beautiful arched eyebrows. bai ke ; 

lowering eyebrows. 

b&i 76 The lintel. 
585 9 nmg bai ; lintel of a door, 
chat bai ; a timber iu the eaves. 

pjg^ bai 109 To look, with the eyes close 
588 9 upon the object scrutinized. 
mfi,k bu, bai m k\°; my eyes are dim and I can- 
not see though I put my face close down to it. 
bai khah kii, niak bu ; if you look at it too long 
and closely your sight will become dim. i7i 

ho bai khah thiam ; it is not well to scrutinize 
it too closely. mai" ku-ku td bai ; do not be 
always poring over it. 

"yk^ bak 75 Wood ; timber ; wooden. 
'^1^ 607 chlu-bak ; trees. hue-bak ; 
shrubbery, chau-bak ; plants. bak-llo ; lum- 
ber. bak-chie° : an artist who works in wood. 

bak-kang sai-pe ; a carpenter. <6 bak-kang; 
do carpeiitery. bak-ciiieh ; a cai'penter's foofc 
rule. cek kp b&k kai ; made of a sin^^le piece 
of wood. bfik-hie"; putchuck, used as medi- 
cine. I)ak p6 ; the vegetable kingdom, the 
wliole list of diameters l)aving this radical, 
bak die"; the planet Jupiier. bak hi ; a puppet 
show. fi kill chlu-bak diiu-thi"-si hit liieh, u 
kh{ dilu-bslk tang-thi"-sS hieh cia" lut, u kliil 
chiu-bfik bo mill lut hieh ; some shrubs shed 
their leaves in autumn, some in winter, and 
some do not shed them much at all. 

l^ bflk 40 Close; imperforate; without 
596 8 interstices ; occult, 
soi I'ak ; of dose texture. thi* khu bftk-bak; 
sewetl with fine stitdies. bak-c&k ; without 

intersticeH. v{ kai p6 bak-c&k; this doth is 

imporous. Via kai hiu" ai' bak htitig kfii ; T 

want Hiy wadded jju-ket close-quilted in lines, 
kau-duip khu ciu-bak; having a (lose and in- 
timate relationship with each other. pin kaa 
bfik-bAk ; interweave them closely so as to 
leave no interstii-es. swn i pin khu b&k kai ; 
select one that is dose plaited. hia t!di p&i 

bak-bfik ; lay the tiles so as to leave no crevi- 
ces. CO bak-bak ; make it so that there will chinks. j-fti bak c6 ; spread them close 
together, ki-bak ; the real moving cause. 

bilk 82 Ink; style, letters, writings. 
f'^ GV'i 12 b&k 1°; an ink-stone. bakliA; 
a box for prepared ink. b&k ap; a box hold- 
ing cakes of ink. bak ke ; an ink i-ack. cek 
tio bak ; a bar of ink. cek kp bak ; a cake of 
ink. bak cui ; liquid ink. pit b&k ciui l'; 

writing materials, bak sua"; a line made with 
ink. bak- tau, a carpenter's line and reel, b^k 
liu ; the cuttle fish. bak p6 ; dried cuttle fish, 
bak khah kut; the ink is too thick, bak khah 
chieh ; the ink is too thin, bak sia loh khu un ; 
the ink spreads after writing. bak bua long 
ce ; rub up a little more ink. fl sin bak ; all 

lined and marked out. tSi loh bstk ; put pen 
to paper. ci kai nang lid pit bak; this is a 

good penman. bun bak kai nang; a student, 
ai" sirt, ngi'a jl, tleh eng ho pit bak ; if you 
would write a beautiful hand, you must use 
good pens and ink. kia" bak lip co ieh ; Pe- 
kinese ink is good as a medicine. ni bak-cui 
kai p6 ; cloth colored in ink. bak-ciii ue ; 

drawn in ink. ci kai bak si sim-mih kai co 

kai ? Of what is this ink made ? hp cang o- 
in CO bak; soot may be made into ink. b&k 

lam-Iam ; the ink is glossy. bdk-bun-.sek ; a 
very dark reddish brown, bak pai ; ink dried 
on the stone. 



rtri bau 26 The fourth in the cycle of 
^jJ 581 T twelve, designutod by the 
hare ; a terra ; the early morning, 
bail si; from 5 to 7 o'rlock, A.AI. bau jit, baa 
giieli, ban ni ; the day, the month, and the year, 
designated in the cyele by the hare, baa khi ; 
the periods designated by the hare. kau tieh 
bau-si lio ; it is already tive o'clock in the morn- 
ing, thi" kng in, jit chut Iniu ; dawn is from 
three to five, and sunrise from tive to seven 
o'clock. tang thi" bau put kien chau ; the 

grass cannot be discerned before seven o'clock 
in a winter's morning. baa ni se" kai nang, 

si k\e-c6 sio" tho ; those born in the fourth year 
of the cycle of twelve are called hares. tiara 
bau ; to call the roll. go bau ; fail to be pre- 
sent at roll-call. thoi ban ; 8ul)stitutes. in 
bau ; ansvk-er by a substitute, pi ban ; recreant 
debtors to government. cie" bau ; young 

learners how to conduct public business, in the 
yamun. i u bau mia" a bo ? Has he a name 

among the learners at the yamun ? 

^ bau '72 The Pleiades. 
Z^\^ 582 5 bau die" ; bau jit koi ; tho 
Pleiades, bau che" hlk liap; the Pleiades are 
six stars. 

— be — 
BE be 187 A horse ; cavalry ; warlike ; 
>»>*/ 671 spirited ; the white knight in 

cek ciah be ; cek phit be' ; one horse, khia be; 
to ride a horse. be ko ; a stallion, be b(5 ; a 
mare. toa be; a full grown horse. be kia°; 
a colt, toa pak be ; a Mongolian horse, choi" 
]i be ; a swift courier ; a fast horse. be na° ; a 
saddle. be pi") a horsewhip. be sph ; a 

bridle, or halter. be chia ; a carriage drawn 
by horses. be chiang ; a shed for horses, be 
pang; a stable. be thua chia; horses draw 

carts. be-lOng-thau ; the headstall. 10k be; 
to guide a horse, lek tiig be tnau ; to rein the 
horse about, lek cu be ; to i-ein up and stop a 
horse. puah loh be ; to fall off a horse. be 
hwn-to, ai" loh ho ; when the roll it is 
going to rain, be-lek-to ; a surcingle, be-tah- 
teng; a stirrup. be-ua°-kie ; the pommel of a 
saddle. be-phue ; a saddle-cloth. be-c6;a 
manger. be lio ; be chau ; provender. be 

than ; a pier. be lo ; a verandah. be th&u 
cieh ; a stone landing. be hu ; khang be kai ; 
a groom. liu be; to exercise a horse for its 

health. ho be; a gentle horse. be toi ; a 

horse's hoof ; the water-chestnut, be toi hun ; 
flour made from the water-chestnut. be cang 
mo"; horse's mane. teng be; an attendant 

who rides ahead. pia° be; cavalry. be pia"; 
mounted soldiers. nang-be coi ; there is a 

great crowd. be than lo ; a gong sounded 

before an official who is riding. 16h be teng; 
a portico where riders dismount. cha be ; a 

saw-horse, cien be ; a warhorse. hai be ; tho 
sea-horse. phau be ; to gallop a horse. be 
tau ; a race course. toa" pi" phit be ; a soli- 

tary horseman, si be; an inspector of cavalry, 
be tui ; a procession of horsemen. be keng; a 
fancy dress parade. hfang be chak; mounted 
robbers. khia koi b^ ; to i-ide on one's shoul- 
der, be ka;n kie" ; tl-.e horse's bits. be-i"; a 
high stool, sue kui" kha be-i", thoi" hi ; hired 
a high trestle, to sit on and see the play. be- 
cah-i" ; a folding chair, phah tie" be-cah-i" 1(5 
CO ; spread a folding chair and sat down, cam 
be to ; a long knife, used in war for cutting the 
legs of cavalry horses. be tui ; a company of 
cavalry. feng be; the part of a lamp which 

carries the wick. pha cie" be; to mount a pha loh be ; dismount from a horse, 

pha cie" be sin cu tieh khia; if you mount a 
horse j'ou must ride him. be-keng fo khin 

po-keng ; the bows used by the cavalry are 
lighter than those used by the infantry. bJ- 
ci" pi po-ci" io koi sia tieh ; the arrows used by 
the cavalry are easier to shoot than are those 
used by the infantry. mia" be ; a famous 

horse; a noted person. chiah be; ko be; one 
employed to do work that his employer ought 
to do. CO be ; to do work that another ought 
and is unable to do. kim bo pang be ; to for- 
bid the employment of " ponies " at a literary 
examination. liah tieh kiii kai be; caught 

several " ponies." kia" khui ce, mai° khut be 
thak tieh ; withdraw a little, so as not to bo 
kicked by the horse. khut be tab tieh ; tread 
upon by a horse; injured by an irresponsible 
person. be pue in ju gu pue lin ; it is better 
to be carried by an ox (from which you will 
not fall) than by a horse (which will throw 
you off), be ua" pi to be sin teng; the .saddle 
is carried on the horse's back. gu chia, b^ 

cai ; carried by oxen and horses. phau be .sia 
ci" ; shoot arrows from the back of a horse run- 
ning at full gallop, be niin ; long faced, lam 
jin seng cun, pak jin khia be ; southerners tra- 
vel by boat, and northerners on horse back, cp 
kai be ; to stand with the knees bent and the 
feet far apart. cp ke be ; to squat down, be 
S,u phau ; reserve force. mai" chong i kai be' 
than ; do not cross over in front of his horse, 
khi be ; the horse that leads the procession, 
cieh nang, cieh be ; statue of a man on horse 
back. hiiara be hijara nang khia ; refractory 
horses find reckless riders. ho be ra ciah hiie 



ihaa chaa; gentle horses do not turn their 
heads to eat from stalls behind them. sa'- 

klifi-be; a three legged stool. phah khui sa"- 
kha-be; to unfold a stand having jointed legs, 
i be, sim vvn ; a restless mind. ifig sph be ; a 
rujiaway horse. tham be ; spies. bo gu, siii 
be; if you have not an ox, you must use (he 
horse. 'axg kU'U tliili chiu khui hue, be se" 

kak ; wait tell iron trees blo.ssom, and horses 
have horns. be uang ia ; a god, worshiped 

by soldiers. be'-kiii ; the seven legged spider, 
be-leng-khia ; a large spider that carries its 
young in a nest attached to its belly. p6-be; 
an artificial horse, used in theatres. cua-be ; 
paper horses burned in idol worship. cau be 
teng ; a revolving lantern. cf kai nang ho 

keng be ; this man is expert in shooting with a 
bow from on horseback, be khuai ; constables 
who catch thieves. bo siu bo sSp, kio be-liu- 
sin hie"-se"; as unkempt as a roving sprite, 
cek ngan in chut, si be ITing tui ; when a word is 
once spoken, a team of horses cannot bring it 
back. ua t(5 kuah be cliau, lu t<5 tie" mi-ie°, 
chap M co-p{i Ho, lia kai to boi pa ; I cut grass 
for horses, and you tend sheep; if I stay along 
with you my stomach will never be filled. 


bd 112 Weights for weighing money 
572 10 or goods ; figures, numerals 

huap bfc-chin ; standard balances. si-be-chin ; 

balances that weigh sixteen taels to the catty. 

cok si-bd ; full weights ; the regular weights. 

be-kia"; be-ci; weights for weighing money. 

ji-be; figures; numerals. phah am be; put a 

private mark on it. phah be-kia° ; write down 

the figures. 

beh 199 Wheat. 

583 si'e bell ; common wheat, 
toa bdh ; barley. .sa°-kak beh ; buckwheat. 

beh-sQi ; an ear of wheat. beh-kp ; wheat 

stubble. beh-kp-chan bo ; a hat made of 

wheat straw, beh pho ; bran. beh hu; flour 
made from parched wheat. beh choi ; 
wheaten flour, beh kiie ; wheaten cakes, beh 
luah ; strips of dried paste. kuah beh ; to 

reap wheat. oi beh ; to grind wheat. phah 
beh; sut bg!i ; to thresh wheat, beh ge; wheat 
sprouts, used in medicine. 

.^I^ hi 119 Rice, hulled but not cooked ; 
/^|V 590 small grains. 
pSh bi; clean hulled rice, chp bf; imperfectly 
hulled rice, cut bi ; glutinous rice, ciam bi ; 
water grown rice. he" bi ; dried prawns! 

sie° ciah kai si ciam bl; water grown rice is 
the kind that is commonly eaten. t§-bl ; dry 

tea leaves. oi bi ; to bull rice. ceng bf ; to 
pound rice, nie bf ; to measure rice, tiuh bf; 
to buy rice. piia hi; to winnow rice. bi buo 
oi, kie-cp chek ; rice that has not been passed 
tlirough the hulling mill is called paddy. bf 
cu Ho, bo am ksli kie cp pfig, fl am kai kie c6 
raue"; cooked rice having no porridge with it is 
called l)oiled rice, while that having porridge 
with it is called congee. bi hiin ; rice flour. 

bi ceng hu kie-co choi ; when rice is finely 
pulverized it is called rice-flonr. bl-c-hoi ; rice flour, bi hun kna"; vermicelli made 
from rice flour. cut bi ci ; large cakes made 
from glutinous rice, cut-bi i'; ciam-bi i' ; pel- 
lets of boiled paste, made from rice flour. 

bi 9 The position of a steelyard-bar, 
f^ 877 5 when the body weighed is a 
very little lighter than what is indicated by 
the notch at which the steelyard weight ba- 
lances it. 

teng tieh io bt ; rather light weight. bQi khio 
bi, pe° chin kue ; the beam tilts neither the one 
way nor the other, but stands level, and thus 
weighed I hand it over to yon. Hah pe'-pS' 
le", mki" Hah khio bi ; treat them just alike, 
Bhowing no more respect to the one than to the 

"™ bi 80 The sound made in calling 
5F=r 1051 7 ducks— bi bi bi bi. 
ah-b! ; a toy duck. 

^^fi^ hi 85 To dive ; to swim under water. 
"i/JV 1149 6 bi cui ; to dive into the water, 
bi kue khoi; swim across the river under water, 
bl miieh-kia°; to dive and bring up things, bl 
cui kai nang ; divers. bl tieh cek peh ngun ; 
dived and brought up a hundred dollars. 6i 
sia oi bi ; can swim both above and below the 
surface. cek kai khiii, bl jieh ku ? How long 
can one stay under water with but one inspira- 
tion of breath ? 

■^bi. bl 75 The eighth in the cycle of 
^J\ 1052 1 twelve, symbolized by the goat, 
bl si ; from 1 to 3 o'clock P.M. bi giieh ; the 
6th month. bi ni ; the year of the goat, bl 

ni chut si kie-cp sie" ie°; one bora in the year 
of the goat is called a goat. 


bi 30 To relish ; to take pleasure in ; 
1053 6 a dainty ; taste, flavor, season- 
ing, relish. 

ngo-bi-ke ; a cruet-stand. ngo-bi ri ; the seed 
of the Kitdsura Chinensis, in which the five 
tastes are supposed to reside : it is used in me- 
dicine, kiam, sng, tiam, hiam, kho, ciu si 



ngo bi ; salt, sour, sweet, pungent, and bitter, 
are the five tastes. bo bi bo so ; insipid. h<5 
bl-s6 ; delicious. bp cu bi ; very toothsome, 

sit bi ; lose flavor. cau bi ; its flavor has de- 
parted, ia bi; a gamey flavor ; delicacies of the 
forest. sua" tien bai In ; delicacies from land 
and sea. hah bi, in hah bi ; palatable, or un- 
palatable, bi ho ; it tastes good, khi-bi ; the 
savor. bo niih bi ; rather insipid. chau ip 
bi ; a close smell ; musty. khi bi ; luscious, 

kph bi ; changed its flavor. hi phi" tieh sim- 
mih 1)1 : you smell and see vi'hether it is good, 
chau kai bi, phang kai bi ; a bad smell or a 
good smell, koi" bi ce ; season it a little more, 
lleh u ci ie° loh khu ab bi ; you must add this, 
to niake the taste just right. cie^-se" io u bi ; 
thus it is more relishable. b6 bi ; insipid ; it 
does not affect me particularly. ci kai nang 
bo 1 ang bi ; this fellow is not human. bo cu 
bi ; no taste for the beautie.- of books. slt-cai 
u hia''-tl bi ; has truly a fraternal disposition, 
cbvvn bo ang-cia bi ; wholly destitute of con- 
jugal tastes. sin bi ; the first of the season, 
lau bi ; old fruits. mui bi ; well-flavored, 
chu-bi; pretty, amusing, interesting. 

— bie — 

•IrH* bie 64 To trace, to limn, to sketch. 
J pq 591 T bie ji ; to trace letters through 
paper. bie sfa ; to trace letters, laying thin 

paper over the characters to be copied. bie i 
kai ie°; limn its likeness, bie kau sio ; sketch- 
ed a good likeness. 

ffiQ bie 147 To peek ; to peep ; to espy. 
lil^ 1011 11 i to bie thoi" u khang-khiah 
a bo ; he comes and peeps about to see if there 
is any chink for him to see through. lu mai° 
lai to bie thoi", ua cai ; you need not come and 
spy around, 1 know you are there, i tia°-tieh lai 
bie thoi", nang thau-soi° fl i ; as he is sure to 
come spying around, we will prepare for him 
beforehand, bo bie ; no peeking allowed. 

B^^ bie 109 The eyes half shut ; to squint. 
§ 951 T^ mak bie-bie ; squint-eyed, 
inak tie" kau bie-ble ; she afl^ects languor by 
keeping her eyelids half closed. 

bie 53 A temple ; a fane. 

592 12 thai bie ; the impei'ial ances- 
tral temple. ke bie ; c6 bie ; an ancestral 
temple. sin bie ; an idol temple. bie u ; 
temples of every kind, cek co bie ; one temple, 
bun bie ; a temple where civil oflBcers worship, 
bu bie ; a temple where warriors worship, bie 
cok; a temple curator, a sexton. sin khi bie ; 

newly built temples. sia"-hng bie; the muni- 
cipal temple in a walled city. th6-(I bio ; the 
temple of the local god. ehe"-leng bie; tem- 
ple of the green dragon. jip bie sie hie" ; go 
into the temple to burn incense. khu keng- 
bie ko pai, cab ngun-tia", hie", cek; go to the 
temple to worship, taking spirit-money, in- 
cense, and candles. 

— bih — 

bib 63 Flat, thin, flattened out. 

6ii7 5 i kai thau bih-bih ; it has a 
flat head, khoih bih-bih; to flatten by squeez- 
ing between two boards. te° bih ; squeezed 
flat. teh bih ; crushed flat. khut nang lun 
kau bih-bih ; trampled flat by people. 

A-j^ bih 9_ To crouch down ; to lie per- 
|/\ 162 4 due ; to crouch for the purpose 
of concealment. 

ce bih ke cu tok i m tieh ; as he crouched, the 
knife failed to hit him. me"-me" bih-cau ; 

ran away quickly crouching out of sight, bih 
kau nang chfle m tieh ; hid away so that he 
could not be found, koi bih loh khu ; the hen 
squats in order to get out of sight. i am-ce" 
bih cek chiu ke-hue to hu-kp ; he secretly con- 
cealed a pile of weapons there. 

^^glT bih 118 Bamboos or reeds split into 

h^'Q 593 11 strips ; splints ; slats. 

i to phua tek bih ; he is making splints. cfa 

ai" bih-cho" kai a bih-nng kai ? Would you use 

the outer or the inner portion of the bamboo 

for this ? thang-kho bih ; slats used for 


— bio — 

j>|^ bio 38 Wonderful ; subtle ; myster- 
692 4 ious. 
bio cS,i ; very wonderful, sim bio ; very subtle, 
keng bio ; more difiicult to fathom. kek bio; 
extremely abstruse, au-bio ; mysterious, kha 
bio ; ingenious. bio huap ; an admirable me- 
thod, bio chi'u ; a skilled artist or physician, 
bio koi ; a capital scheme. khi bio ; surpri- 

singly clever. bio sie"; subtle thought. bio 
pin ; a fine thing, bio ieh ; a wonderful remedy, 
sin bio ; supernatural. sin bio bo pi; incom- 
parably perfect. 

— bit — 

bit 142 Honey ; nectar ; sugary. 

596 8 phang-bit ; honey. bit- 

phang; honey-bees, bit-lah ; bees-wax. pp-16- 
bit ; the ja( k-fruit. peh bit ; white honey, 

eph bit ; pure white honey. ISu bit ; old honey. 



tang bit ; honey made in winter. bit kng ; 

honey jar. kuah b!t ; to take up honey, bit- 
phang tu ; bee-hives. bit cira ; pre.served in 
honey, iigau bit ; steeped in honey. tui bit; 
made into a paste with honey, bit thang ka°; 
sugary oranges. bit sek ; straw-color. khph 
bit; prepared lioney. ki chin ju buah bit ; a 
mouth speaking honied words. bit sai ; bee- 
bread, bit phoh ; honey-comb, bit sin ; cells 
in honey comb. 

bit 85 To submerge ; to sink in. 

593 10 16h khu bit thau bit hiah, 
hfam-hfam kek si ; sank in over head and ears 
and came very near being drowned, khta loh 
khu, bit pin ll-ko ? When you stand in it, how 
far up does it reach ? tab loh khu, bit kau 

kha-thau-u ; stepped on it, and sank up to my 
knees. 6i-t6i kui^-kiii", tab 16h khu hwn-lio 
bit khu ; tliough the soles of my shoes were 
very high, 1 still sank to their tops when I step- 
pod on it. 

— bo — 

b6 88 A wife, nng bo; husband and 
866 5 wife, bo kia°; wife and child- 
ren, chua bo ; marry a wife. sieh bo ; be 
kind to a wife, iii h6; afraid of a wife, chau- 
thau kai bo ; his first wife. ki chii kai bo ; 

ciap ki k&i bo ; inferior wife. Su b6 ; second 
wife. soi" kai bo hd, 5u k&i b6 ili-hd ; his 

former wife was a good one, his pre.sent wife is 
not. cang cau-kia° ke khut i co bd ; gave his 
daughter to him to be his wife, chua i kfti a- 
ko CO bo ; married his aunt. i kai b6 si lin 

kai pie kai ; his wife is our cousin. b<5 kai ci- 
nitie kie-co chi-i; a wife's sisters are called 

"lll^ bo 102 The Chinese acre, which is 
iHAi 588 6 733 I square yards, or about 
one sixth of an English acre, 
chan bo; rice fields, cek bo tl ; an acre of 

land. cek khwn si cek peh bd ; the largest 

land mea.sure is one hundred acres. ni'n hak 
u jieh coi bo chan-hng ? How many acres of 
arrable land do you own ? ci'-kd kai chan, ke 
hue, hak u jieh coi bd ? Of] the fields about 
here, how many acres are owned by those 
who own the most ? bd ti, cia ka u jieh coi 

thng ? How much sugar can you get from an 
acre of sugar cane? cia" cap bd ti hun-kuah ; 
about ten acres of sweet potatoes. ci ko chu- 
ti u cap bd khuah ; this building lot contains 
ten acres. ci kai ti cie° khuah, cek ni eng lap 
jieh coi bd chan nie ? On a piece of land as 
large as this how much must be paid annually 

in taxes ? wn-nie si cie bd sJQg-sio ; govern- 
ment taxes are reckoned according to the 
number of acres. un ci'-kp kai ti pi nin kp io 
hd reng-coh, cek bd siu ke cek ue; our land here 
is better than is yours for agriculture, and we 
can get twice as much from it. ci kp chan 

thdi" tieh bd-sia" io dih ; I should think this lot 
the smaller. 


bd 98 bd-toa"; the peony. 

588 8 bd-toa" phue ; the bark of the 

used in medicine. 

Atlf ^^ '^^ "^ mold ; a form or guide to go 

^^ 605 11 by; a pattern. 

in k&i c-ng-thau bo; to set one's signature by 

pressing the inked thumb on a document. cu 

tia" kai tiii"-b6 ; the molds used in casting iron 

pans ; thd bd ; a clay mold. cieh bd ; a stone 


bd 116 The vault of heaven, refer- 
667 12 ring to its arched expanse, 
am-bd; over-arching; rounding upward; a space 
hollowed out. i k4i Io" am-bo am-bd ; it is of a 
vaultlike shape. miii" cp khah am-bd ; do not 
make it so that it rounds upward too raach. 

rljr bo 62 The fifth in the cycle of ten ; 
/>W 1062 1 it relates to earth, 
bo si sdk c&p thien-kang. ci cap kai si thien- 
kaug, sdk iang; hu c^p-jl k^i si ti-ci", sdk im ; 
these ten are the heavenly cycle, and pertain to 
the male principle in nature ; those twelve are 
the earthly cycle and pertain to the female 
principle in nature. cftp thien-kang, Ijii phui 
c&p-jl tl-ci°, eng kku lak-cap kai cQ kau ; the 
cycle of ten reckoned ten times, matches the 
cycle of twelve reckoned five times. 

— bdi — 

bdi 154 To buy. 

573 6 bdi hiie ; bays goods. bdi 
siu ; to buy in. bdi cak ; bought the full 

quantity. bdi poi"; to purvey; a comprador, 
bdi kaucuang; bays wholesale. cham chui 
bdi ; to buy at retail or buy piecemeal. bdi 

pin lio ; bought and made ready. cp bdi boi ; 
be a trader. bdi boi seng-li ; the of 
a merchant. siu bdi kd-tdng ; curiosities 

bought here, bdi lai kui, boi khu phi"; bought 
dear and sold cheap. bdi chiah-kha ; bought 
a concubine. bdi chiah-kha kia"; bought a 

female slave. bdi .«ua°; buy thread ; employ a 
detective. bdi jip boi chat ; buy in and sell 

out. bdi hdk ndng sim ; win people's hearts, 
bdi si i kai sim ; get complete possession of his 
affections. bdi chan-hng chu-ok ; buy land 



and houses, 

i to bdi boi ; he is engaged in 

*&i^ ~~T* boi Cannot; unable ; incapable. 
nkj ^"^ 616 ioiaboi? Can he or can 
he not ? lia boi ; I cannot do it. liai i boi ciah 
boi ut ; caused him to lose both appetite and 
sleep. kliali tang, boi ta°; it is too heavy, I 

cannot carry it. >7i cai i oi a boi; do not know 
whether he is able to do it or not. 

^^ boi 154 To sell. 

^^ 574 8 boi tio ; sold off. boi m khu ; 
cannot sell. ai" boi, bo nang ai"; wants to sell 
it bat nobody wants it. m kam boi ; not will- 
ing to sell it. boi rae°; evening sales. chut 
boi ; for sale. chain-chui bo boi ; will not sell 
at retail, boi kau cuang; sell wholesale, kau 
kia° cVa" u boi ; sold only by the lot. boi sin ; 
sold himself. tau boi taa boi ; trade in con- 
traband articles. boi tu-kia"; sell pigs ; sell 
into foreign servitude, hwn boi nang khau ; 
sell girls into brothels. boi nang-cheng khut 
i ; to curry favor, boi chut ceng-ceng ci"; sell 
for cash. boi sih png ; sell at less than cost, 
khut i boi; betrayed by him. boi kok ; betray 
one's country. si boi si boi ; sold as soon as 
bought. boi lien ; barter one's honor. boi 
pang; let prisoners away. boi bo ke kia" kai 
ci" i to ai°; he will take the price of his wife 
and children- 

— ho — 

. VtI^ bp 80 A mother ; a dara ; that which 
•■^ 605 1 produces ; the source of. 
i kai a-bp ; his mother, i bp bp ; he is mother- 
less, sio i a-bp ; resembles his mother, keng- 
hau pe-bp ; filial conduct toward parents. bp 
chin ; own mother. cu bp ; my master's wife, 
kok bp ; the empress- dowager. ngak bp ; a 

wife's mother. S,u b(5 ; step-mother, tek bp ; 
the chief wife of one's father, ki bp ; the second 
wife of one's father, the first being dead. su 
bp ; an inferior wife of one's father, chut bp ; 
a rejected wife of one's father. jii bp ; ni bp ; 
a foster mother. se" bp ; the own mother of 
one whose father has several wives, iang bp ; 
mother, by adoption. chu l>p ; loving mother, 
cai bp ; midwife. ko a-b(5 ; an old woman 

employed as housekeeper. cu png bp ; an old 
female domestic. 15q b<5 ; an aged mother, 

cu bp hwn ; a link consisting of a large and 
small ring. jT b<5 ; the radicals in Chinese 

characters, cio bp ; the mother bird, koi bp ; 
a hen. to. bp ; a sow, gu bp ; a cow, be b<5 ; 
a mare. thi" ti pe bp ; Father Heaven and 

Mother Earth. mak bo ; useless eyes. b6 

kiie lu cfa ma,k bp le ! There they were under 
your useless eyes ! b(5 ci"; bd ngun ; capital. 
b(5 lai ; capital and interest. b(5 thau ; the ori- 
ginal capital. tang bp, m tang liii ; the same 
capital but not the same income, bo bd, kang- 
kang lai ; has no capital, but only his earnings, 
bd se° lai, lai se° bp ; capital produces interest 
and interest produces capital. lai khi bp, b<5 
khi Ijli ; the interest increases the capital, and 
then the capitnl increases the interest, so" ua 
cek peh ngun bp ; lent me a hundred dollars on 
interest. ngiak bp ; the source of the disease, 
mo" ju-ju kio kiii-bd teii ie"; hair touseled like 
an elf's. sui bp ke pe ; came with his mother 
when she married his father. b(5-bp ne ; a 

girlish boy ; effeminate ; clinging to his mother. 

JtL bo 80 A prohibitive negative adveib. 
Ty* 1060 bp lu jip lai; will not allow 
you to enter. bp i t£g kliu ; will not let him 
return. bo lu cp, ciu si ! You shall not sit 

down, so there ! bo ui tek si ; do not 
this special edict. 

&A^ bo 86 Kw adverb of negation ; with- 
^\\\ 1059 8 out ; destitute of; none; not. 
i u a bp ? Has he any or not ? bo ; there are none, 
bo nang cp ; nobod}" makes any. bp pua° kai ; 
there is not even half of one. i bp a-bp ; he 

is motherless. bo tang se" u ; made out of 

nothing ; unfounded. bp khp n^i ho ; there is 
no help for it. bo i tit tieh kfii ; gotten un- 

expectedly, bo sim ; no interest in it. bp 
huap; bp po; there is no way to remedy it. bp 
eng ; useless. bo cp-ni ; nothing at all. i bp 
co-ni ta°; he did not say anything about it. bd 
heng bo sie"; no form nor likeness. bp su ; no 
business on hand. bo su phi"; no selfish end 
in view, ciang bo cp u; make much ado about 
nothing. bp mih kxen-sek ; not much ex- 

pei'ience, bo sim miJi hp ; not very good, al" 
bo lio ; is almost gone or nearly used up. b6 
ia bo ciah ; there is not a particle of truth in it. 
cia bo ta i ua ; nothing can be done about it. 
i bo ta ua ua ; what I do is nothing to him. 
cia ua bo ta lu ua ; I have no way to prevent 
your doing so. lu bp ta lia ua ; 3'Oa have no 
control over me. pheng-teng kai nang 10 c5i 
ta" cia ue, cie°-e-piie ciu bo mih coi ta" cia ue ; 
this is said most frequently by equals to each 
other, those of unequal rank or age do not very 
often speak thus, bo tia" tieh ; it is uncertain, 
bp cS,a hue ; no chance. bo ke kai ; there are 
no more. huh-ce-kie bo khu ; suddenly dis- 
appeared, hp kai bp lio ; the good ones are 
all used up. bo pua" nang to ; there was not 
a single soul there. i b6 ai" lai ; he does notS 



intend to come, i b6 ue h6 ta°; he had nothing 
to say. i bo sira-mih hua''-hi ; he was not veiy 
well pleased, i bo mill pat ; he doe.s not know 
much about it. loh bo khaiig-khiie ; work 

without accompliKliiiig anything. bo thang 

lio eheng ; has nothing to wear, bo iah ; of no 
benefit. b6 hie" ngia ; not so handsome. G si 
fl, u si b6 ; sometimes (here i.s, and sometimes 
there is not. bo (U-clieh hd tliak ; have uo 

book to rend. b6 chii hd khla-klii; no house 
to dwell in. b6 kfa" \\6 ng ; no sons to depend 
upon, phien i b6 ; de(;eived him into thinking 
tliere was none. i bd co ; he does not. nmko 

any. bo Qa hng ; not very far. hd kie, bo lai ; 
if he is not called lie will not come. a si b6, 
hd khu boi ; if there are none, go and buy some, 
lia bo me" i ; I did not revile him. ua bo 

khieh ; I did not take it. b6 d" b6 ngfin ; 

neither cash nor dollars. bo ang bo ki'a*; 

neither husband nor children. lia la bo; I 

also am destitute of then). lia b6, hi la bd ; 

neither you nor I have any. cek ni bo sie bd 
sit; there has been no tidings from liim for a 
wliole year. bo sin-khi ; spiritless ; lacking 

vigor. bd slm-mih li-iah ; of no special 

benefit. ciam-clam bo khu; gradually dis- 

appeared, ciah kau bd ; ate it all up. lid cek 
ti'ain cha-chd; not the least mistake in it. iS 
sini-niih chiet-io a bd ? Is there anything es- 
pecially important ? bo nang cai ; nobody 
knows. bd much hd eng ; have nothing to 
use. bo ko hd hiah ; nowhere to stop. bd kd 
lid pang; no place to put it in. <-hun bd ; no 
remainder. chiin bd cek sut-kia"; scarcely a 
bit left. bo u pat ksli ; there is no other one. 
bo i bd ko ; notliing to depend upon. khau- 
sueh bd peng; explanation does not serve for 
proof, bd peng-kfi ; without proof. bd bl bd 
so ; insipid ; useless. bo chai-chfing; stolid, 
lia bd u su ; I am not concerned in it. bd than 
bo bvie ; without method; having no systematic 
arrangement. thd bo ; demanded it but got 
nothing. si fi a st bd ? Is it to be or not ? 
bd kd hd ta"; did not know what to say next, 
bd mill u ; not mndi of it. bo toa, bd sdi ; no 
distinction of rank. bd ci'a bd lu'a ; none of 
the necessary appliances. bd sia" bd tia"; no 
certainty about it. bo kui" bd ke ; level. bd 
khin bo tfing ; without partiality. bd tng bd 
i6 ; just exactly the right length. bd kua" 
bd jiiah ; just a pleasant temperature. bo 
cbeng bo su ; no politeness. bd khiong ; in- 
exhaustible, bd chgng bd if ; no correct 


S bd 50 A cap, hat, bonnet or hood. 
H 582 9 ti bd ; wear a hat. pak tio bd ; 

to take off a cap. toa bd ; the hat worn in 

making formal visits. sie bo ; a skull-cap. 

bd kia"; a turban or bonnet. jvng eng bd ; 

a hat with a red tasslo. liangbd ; a light cap. 
tang bo ; winter hat. tg\\ bd ; a fur bonnet, 

huang bd ; a cloth uood. ci° bd ; a felt hat. 

sai-thftu bd; a bonnet, with ears, worn by 
cliildren. chiiu bo ; a straw hat. uang b5, a 
king's crown. thai-«u bd, a coronet. huang. 
ti bd ; an imperial crown. cam-eng bd ; a 
helmet, se bo ; official caps, m kii se bo ; re- 
gardless of emolument. chic bo ; hats worn 
at court. 

bo 112 A mill for grinding grain. 

C02 11 oi bO; turn amill. phah bd ; 

cut the stones for a mill, bo c&i ; the pivot of 
a mill-stone. cui bo ; a mill turned by water, 
cieh bo ; a stone mill. Ld khi ; the cogs on a 
mill-stone: bo-e-tun ; the nether millstone. 

— bii — 

bii 13H Posture-making. 
1062 8 thio-bii ; dancing and tumbling, 
ko-bu ; singing and dancing. bii kiam ; fenc- 
ing, bii-long ; play a doable part, bii-pl ; sur- 
reptitiously, kd bii ; pantomimes, bu it ; per- 
form as mummers, who act in relays of eight, 
at the worship of ancestors. 

bu 64 To pacify ; to soothe ; manage. 
f%vi 145 12 bu-iang ; to rear or nurture, 
t&ng sdi bii-iang kau toa; reared up from child- 
liood. ua"-bii peh-se"; to manage the people, 
bu-i" ; bu-thai ; sun-bti ; the governor of a 

bii 77 Military ; warlike ; martial. 
1061 4 bun bii; civil and military, 
bii kua"; bii ciang; military officers. bii- 

thdng ; cadets. khi bun, c!a bu ; discard the 
civil service and enter the military. oh bii ; 
learn military tactics. oh bu goi ; learn to be 
a soldier. bii hu ; a soldierly man. lien bu ; 
practised in warfare. bii tie"; an arena for 

military trials. eng-hiong bo eng-bii cu ti ; 

a valiant man without a field to make con- 
quests in. bun bu hiie ; intense heat. bii- 
t\Vn hie"-li ; to intimidate the villages. bun 
bii hak ; civil and military authority. ta bu 
sin ; dress in military costume. boi bii ; a 

mock battle, bu cien ; prepared as for a fight. 
ka bii ; instruct in military tactics. bii-bu 

ne ; a martial air. io-bu iang-ui ; martial 

splendor and dignity. bu ia"; a military 




iM^ bii 64 To attack with weapons ; to 
.^p*- 395 13 charge upon, 
i khia ki thui cu bu kliu ; he took a club and 
charged upon them. i khut i bu puah loh 

khu ; they were knocked down bj his onset. 
bu si; to set upon and kill. 

^B ^^^ 1^ "^ parrot that can talk. 
'**^'w**/ 1061 7 eng-bii; a parrot. pgh eiig- 
bu ; a cockatoo. eng-bu 6i ta° Oe, hwn sng si 
cio ; though parrots can talk they are still 
reckoned among birds. 

bu 9 To ridicule and neglect. 
1061 7 bu-loiig ; to make game of. bii- 
bvvn ; to lord it over. 

Mbu 156 To carry the head high; high 
414 2" and mighty, 
thoi" tieh bii-bii ; appears very gallant. sin- 
sip kaa ne bu-bii ; apparelled in such a way as 
to appear very menacing. 

TlT bu 48 Enchantment ; magic. 
— I * 1059 4 lam-bu ; a wizzard. n 

a witch. 

nng-bu ; 


bu 149 To affirm what is false, with 
P_L* 1059 7 malicious intentions ; to in 

culpate falsely; to invent a staleraent; to 
calumniate. bu-lua nang ; to implicate un- 

justly, bu ham ; to involve so as to injure, 

bu si, hok min ; delude the people. bu-ko ai" 
hwn CO, ku-chu rn ho bu-ko nang ; a lying charge 
brings down its punishment on the accuser, 
therefore make no lying charges. ili ho bu 

Hang ui tau, m ho bu liang ui chiang ; do not 
falsely accuse the upright of theft and the pure 
of lewdness. pi nang bu kai ; subjected to a 
false accusation. 

bu 53 A porch or vestibule. 
'jn\ 1062 12 liang bu ; a summer portico, 
tang bu, sai bu ; east and west piazzas. iSi bu, 
gtia bu ; inner and outer galleries. 

^mt ^^ }^9. Overgrown with weeds. 
V»^ 1059 12 chan-hng huang-bii ; neglected 

^^ bii 19 To bend the mind to a subject; 
\J// 1062 8 to strive after; concerns ; busi- 
ness ; an intensive particle ; certainly. 
6^-bu ; business, kong bu ; public affairs, ke 
bu ; domestic concerns. cwn bii thak cu ; 

devoted to study. co m tieh bii pun ; in the 
transaction of business there must be undivided 
attention, long bii; agricultural affairs, gua 

bS ; extraneous sources of profit. bii gfla ; 
attend to outside concerns, bii-pit tieh (^"-se"; 
it is necessarily so. bii-sn tieh n& kp ; must 

certainly stay, bu-pit ; indispensable. su-bii 
coi; has many functions; has much to attend to. 

bu 169 To blurt forth ; to fire upon ; 

234 14 to destroy as a cannon does, 
i kai chu kliut toa phaa bu to kliu; his house 
was blown down by the cannon, bii si kui cap 
Tthng ; killed several tens of persons by the 
blast. bu tim i kai ciin ; sunk their ship by 
firing upon it. c/a phau khah soi ki, bu i 

bo bl ; this cannon is too small, firing it has no 
effect. bii kau i kai la° chap-chap-clmi ; fired 
upon their intrenchment and blew it to pieces. 

To blow out of the mouth in 
the form of vapor ; to spurt 

P§ ba 30 
M 830 12 
out of the mouth, 
bu ciii lio cia" ho sau <0; spurt water out of the 
mouth to settle the dust, and then you may 
sweep the floor, ciah cui-hun bu tam to; those 
who smoke strong tobacco spit all over the 

bu 173 Mist ; vapor in the air. 
1062 10 hun-bu; misty, hwt bu ; be- 
misty. mong-bu mong-bu ; very foggy, 
u-bn, ai" loh ho ; the sky is cloudy, it is 
to rain, in-bu; steam, sua" khut bu cah 
the view of the land is cut off by the 
pin koi" ba-ba, li hng ciu thoi" rn ki" ; 
r is full of mist, so that you cannot see 

the ai 

^^C bu J09 Dim ; bedimmed. 

^^ 688 9 mak bu-bii; my eyes are dim. 
mak thoi" tieh peh-bu peh-bu ; his vision is 

bu 120 New and lustrous like white 

141 4 silk, 
peh-bu, peh-bu ; clean and bright, peh kau Qi 
bu ; of dazzling whiteness. 

— bila — 

bua 112 To grind ; to polish ; to over- 
602 11 bear; to reduce to powder, 
biia cieh ; a grind-stone, bua to cieh ; a whet- 
stone, biia lai-lai ; sharpen by grinding, biia 
pgh-peh ; scour it white, biia pe"-pe"; grind it 
till it is even, biia ciam-ciam ; grind it off to 
a point. biia poh-poh ; grind it down thin, 

biia to ; (o grind a knife, biia cheng ; polish a 
gun. biia kia"; polish a mirror. biia kau ne 
kim-kim; polish to a great brilliancy, eng ieh 



bfia kh,n ne kng-kng, cie-ki" nang; use powder 
and rub it till it is very smooth, so you can see 
your face in it. cieh bua kau kng-kut kng- 

kut ; polish stones so that they shine. bfta 

liun-kuah hiin ; make potato flour, bua khara; 
to scan, in order to criminate the writer of a 
docninont. bua lien; to pass through affliction. 
raai° bua khah thiam; do not grind him down 
too severely, bua-lek khah thfam ; treated him 
with too extreme harshness, bfia-l'li nang; to 
overbear people, bua kau Bi; to treat so harshly 
as to kill, kang ji chut thAu, biia cia° Iftu k&u; 
when working people make themselves conspi- 
cuons they will got reduced to the condition 
of apes. 

/^l baa 18 To drudge; to toil hard; to 
>V 607 10 moil. 

bua me° ; to do niglit work. mai" bfia khah 
thiam ; do not toil (oo closely. bOa khah hek 
cu ai" sie" tieh ; if you moil too severely you 
will suffer for it afterward. 


bua 162 To approach ; to bring near ; 

401 4 close beside ; near to. 

cha Ml bua ; cannot bring them together, mki 

c6 khah bda ; do not sit too close to it. kia' 

bfia lai sin pi"; come up close beside rao. c<in 

sal bua kham-kha ; sail the boat close up to 
the bank. 


— buah — 

buah 64 To smear ; to daub ; to rub 
604 6 on ; to wipe away, 
buah hiin ; lay on a white cosmetic. buah in- 
111 ; to put on rouge. buah ieh ; to rub with a 
medicine, buah ieh-ko ; smear with ointment, 
buah pit ; to .smear the pen in the ink. cang 
iu buah thau-nio"; to put oil on the hair, buah 
iu ; annoint. buah khui ; to wipe away, chi'u 
buah m khui, khia ki to lai kio ; if you cannot 
wipe it off with you hand, get a knife and 
scrape it off. buah tio ; to erase by wiping ; 
to blot out. 

To set aside for a special 
purpose ; to detach ; to dis- 

plan flxed upon. buah kang lai ; come in at 
an interlude in the work. bnah phang \ki ; 

come when there is an interval of leisure. 

"zt buah 75 Fine dust ; powder. 
'^V 604 1 ieh buah ; medicinal pow- 
ders, ngoi bfiah ; bmy into powder. ai° ngoi 
CO soi buah (ieh ngoi iu''-iu"; if you wish to 
make fine powder, you must pulverize it till it 
is very small. ngoi bfiah lio, kap co ieh-i'; 

when you have brayed it into a fine powder, 
then work it up into pills. buah ieh-bilah ; 

apply a medicinal powder. 

■j^tS^ buah 64 
IS* 708 12 
pose according to a plan, 
buah CO kiii ko eng ; apportion for use in se- 
veral places. hun-buah tia"-lieh li'o ; already 
apportioned, cek kp ai" buah jieh coi nang 

khu ? How many persons are to be sent to 
each place ? buah t3 jieh coi pia" lai ? How 

many soldiers are detached for this ? buah ci khu hu ko ; appoint this man to go there, 
buah to cek p6i°; set on one side, hun-buah m 
khui ; could not distribute according to the 

buah 167 
709 6 
ing the cymbals. 


i t<$ phah buah ; he is soand- 

— biiang — 

^ 7^ biiang 88 Disorderly ; unseemly ; 
^^% 1045 8 wild ; reckless, 
khuang-buang cfti ; frantically. biiang co, 

biiang ui; disorderly conduct. biiang (fi cun 
toa; wildly boast of one's self. chka biiang ; 
unseemly, chwn bo biiang suah peh-se°; never 
executes people without reason. ue mai' 

biiang ta"; do not talk at random. 

*r*~^ buang 61 To disregard ; to forget or 
IUa^ 1044 8 neglect, 
buang piin ; forget a benefactor or parent, 
buang un, hfi ngl ; be ungrateful. put I6ng 

buang chSng ; I can never forget this kindness. 
Q k&i kjen buang kai pe"; is very forgetful, or 
absent minded. cek si buang-k\"; it slipped 
my mind at the moment. 

-| ^ ■*• buang 8 Destroyed ; lost ; utterly 

L^ 1044 1 gone, 
sf buang; dead and gone. tin buang; 

destroyed in battle. pai buang; utterly 

defeated, chut buang ; a forgotten fugitive in 
other lands, as a refugee prince. buang mla'; 
a ruined life, buang kok ; an extinct dynasty, 
pai kok buang ke ; subvert the kingdom and 
destroy the house. mit buang ; no tiuce left. 

buang 74 The full of the moon. 
Iu45 7 suak buang ; the first and 
the fifteenth of the month. cap-ugo jit kie-co 
buang; the fifteenth of the month is called the 
day of full moon. toa mia" buang kai n^ug ; 
one whose name is widely known. ho 

mia° buang; of good repute. jit gueh sie 

tui kie-co biiang ; the sun and moon being 
opposite each other, they are said to be in 



— bue — 

bue 44 The end ; the tail ; the hindmost. 
1051 X ni biie ; the end of the year, 
gueh biie; the hist of the month, khi-than kau 
suah-bue ; from beginning to end. u cek ki 
btie; it ha.s a tail, cun biie; the stern of a boat, 
cgk biie hu; one fish. cek biie choi"; a silk 

worm. biie oi kin ; biie oi khio ; its tail turns 
up. khut biie ; draws in his tail. ie biie ; to 
wag the tail, bue oi ciam ; has a pointed tail, 
chan thau, ch^n biie ; the two ends of a rice- 
field, u thau biie ; systematically arranged, 
bo thau bo bue ; without methed. co su mai" 
bq biie ; finish up the things you do. siu bue 
siang kii ; reciprocal regard between leader and 
follower. m cai thaa biie ; does not know the 
ins and outs of the matter. m ho ui siu, ui 
biie ; do not be apprehensive about that mat- 
ter, khu kau hu biie-biie ; go to the extreme 
end. kio-biie kai kia° ; the youngest child, 
kio-biie-au ; the very hiudmost. biie S.u ; in 
the rear, leng hui° biie; a pendant cload. sio 
biie ; the balance of an account. ci" biie ; an 
unpaid remainder, khang-kliue biie ; remnant 
of work. sng lio kai biie ; the consequence of 
a frolic, pit biie ; the point of a pencil. sam 
biie ; the small end of a log. chlu hue; the top 
of a tree, cah thau, cah biie ; intercept at both 
ends. cah than, cah biie ; lift at both ends, 
hang thau hang biie ; the head and the foot of 
a lane, cek phau biie; a tail bushy at the end. 
CO kiii ki biie ; having several pendant ends, 
biie lu-lu ; a blunt end. cam biie ; the point 
of a needle. thuh biie cam ; a blunt needle. 
cam thau siia" biie ; remnants of thread left in 
the needle, kau hu biie ju toa ; it is bigger at 
the other end. pit biie khui soi ; the point of 
the brush is bristly, pi" biie soh ; the coarse 
silk braided into the queue. chlu-bue ngan ; 
hi.s fingers are cold. kha biie ; the lower ex- 
ti'eniities. pang to rain-clmg kha biie ; put it 
there at the foot of the bed. ci kia° si mdng 
nang pang tio kai chiu biie ; this is a relict of a 
certain person, kiu kue huangbiie lui ; fiercer 
than a final clap of thunder. hi° bue thia^-ki"; 
just caught the sound of it. 
ki"; caught a glimpse of it. 
ta°; repeat it after him. 

h<5 ; it will be better when it is nearly used up. 
kho thau mai" khd biie ; take the hardship at the 
beginning, and not have it to endure at the end. 
kii thau kii biie ; consider it on all sides. cih 
biie se" chu ; has festers on the end of his tongue, 
hii-jin hiie kai au-tau biie ; the lower part of a 
woman's coiffure, at the back of her head, 
huang-thai bue ; the end of a tyfoou. 

mak biie thdi' 
tue i kai chui biie 
eng kau hii biio jii 

iB^ biie 203 Mildew. 

J^iv 585 11 chie" bue ; mildewed, iii cai 

phak tiu chie" bue; if you do not sun it, it will 


biie 38 A go-between ; a raatch- 

585 9 maker, 
bue-nang; the go-between. thph lu co bue; 
entrust the making of the match to yoa. siii 
bue-n^ng ; remunerate tiie go-between. bue 
phua ; an old woman who makes matches, 
bue-nang chiii, chua nang ui ; who.soever follows 
the direction of a matchmaker goes into 

|/U| hue 31 To decoy ; to inveigle. 

\1 — I 1111 4 cio-bue ; a decoy-bird ; a stool 

pigeon. CO bue ; act as a decoy, chak bo bue, 

piia° lo hue; if the thief had no one to lead 

him, he would turn back when half way to his 


biie 75 Plums. 

584 7 cek liap bue ; a plum. ie"- 
bue ; the arbutus, or Chinese strawberry, bue 
hue; plum blossoms. die" tek bue; green 
plums, lo kiam bue; pickled plums. bue-p6 
tlam k&i a kiam kai ? Ai-e dried plums 
sweet or salt ? ie°-bue thien-phau : ie°-bue 
cling; a disease of licentious people. 

bue 86 Fossil coal ; soot ; embers. 

585 9 bue- thoa"; fossil coal, liu biie 
thoa"; to dig coal, bue-thoa" sua"; a coal mine, 
nin kfi,i 16 si eng biie-thoa" a si eng hiie-thoa"? 
Do you use hard coal or charcoal in your stove ? 
jieh am cu huang bAe ? How late do you rake 
up the fire? tun biie-thba"; to store coal. 

'^X^ biie 64 The game of mori-a. 

J ** 452 6 ciah ci'u li'o, phah bue ; drink 
wine, and then play at morra. i hu cek me" 
k§,i ciu-bue thang-thang phah su, khut-nang 
kvVn ciu, kvVn kau lok-lok; throughout that 
whole night he was beaten in the game of 
raorra, and was forced to drink wine as a for- 
feit, until he was drenched in it. 



130 The meat on the breast. 
7 bue-nek ; the brisket; 


-^tl bue 75 Not yet; adverb of negation. 
^V 1052 1 bue ceng ; has not yet. bue 
tia"; it is not yet fixed. bue pit ; it is yet un- 
certain, bue ii ; has none as yet. bue cai ; 
does not yet know. bue oi ; cannot yet do it. 
biie ho ; not yet ready, biie jien ; is not as yet 



necessarily thus. ki" kau a bue ? Are we 

almost there ? 12,i a bue ? Has he come yet ? 
c!ah pa a bue ? Has he finished his meal yet ? 
hi" khu a bue ? Are you going now ? hi" khu 
bue khu ; he is just going. bue jip liu ; cleika 
about courts who are not yet promoted. 

— bfteh — 

i^S ^^^^^ — Stockings. 
15^ 1037 15 cek eiah bfieh ; a stocking. 
cek sang bueh ; a pair of stockings, mi bdeh; 
woolen stockings, biieh ang ; bueh thang; the 
leg of a stocking. bueh cie°; the foot of a 

stocking. bueh te", b{ieh thftu, bueh t6i ; the 
heel, toe, aiid sole of a stocking, cheng biieh ; 
to put on, or to wear stockings. bueh toa; 

garters. peh bueh ; white stockings. chi" 
bueh ; blue stockings. toa" tSng bueh; stock- 
ings made of a single layer of cloth, sang tSng 
bueh ; koih bueh ; stockings of double thick- 
ness, ho-kh! bueh ; knitted stockings. 

— bun — 

bun 142 Gnats. 

1041 4 o bnn ; black gnats. se' 

bun; breeds gnats, bun kftu cfti; the gnats are 
very thick. bun mang; buzzing insects. b6 
bun bo mdng ; no gnats nor mosquitoes, khut 
bun kSL kau kki lau kili Iftu; bitten by gnats till 
he was all blotches. thoi" bo bun h\o° 

toa; considered him as insignificant as a gnat, 
bun ta"; cowardly, cfl bun s6ug lui ; if you get 
enough gnats together their noise will be as 
loud as thunder. bun hng-hng-kie ; gnats 

buzz. cek tu bun; a swarm of gnats. bun 
kia"; sand flies. 

bun 120 Involved; embroiled; con- 
IS 1043 4 fused. 
H kau u tio put bun ; to manage so that there 
be no entanglement; to straighten out in dis- 
tinct lines. boi blin-luan ; is not confused or 
disordered. mih su tio-tit tio-tit, cng kai boi 
blin-luan ; everything is set straight, and there 
is no complication. 

jAj bim 116 To burrow ; to work one's 
'^T^ 1 19 ~4~ way through a narrow open- 
ing ; to wriggle into a hole, 
i ce kia" cu biin jip khang toi ; as soon as he is 
frightened he scratches his way into his hole, 
cie^-se" lu-ki'a" bun tit kiie me ? Can the pigs 
wriggle through ? khang khah khuah, khut 
cio bun cau khu; the interstices were too wide, 
and the bird got through and escaped. i bun 
lai bun khu, bun boi tit chut ; he tried his best, 

bat coald not work his way though so as to get 
out. koi-lara kai khang hie" soi, koi cO-ni Si 
biin chut lai ? Since the interstices in the coop 
are so small, how could the fowls push their 
way tl^rough ? biin loli thO toi; wriggle down 
into the mud, (as eels or crabs do). koi 

cong-kii to biin; the hens keep trying all the 
time to get oat. 

"Af"^ ^'^" ^ Literary ; civil ; elegant. 
>^ lu41 U bftn bak ; literary. bftn 

ngfa ; intellectual or refined . bun huap ; gram- 
mar, b&n pit ; the pen of a ready writer, 
bvin chai ; scientific. bdn cie"; an essay. k6 
biin ; ancient literature. A bun ; modem 
literature. fu bfin ; an elegant stylo. bun- 
sek ; a specious appearance. ngwn bun ; the 
original text. bun-cie" kd ; bun-cie" ch(5 ; the 
original draft. p€h biin ; plain text. sneh 
bftn ; to explain the text. cO bun ; make a 
draft. tftu biin; deliver a dispatch. kong 
bAn ; public documents. bftn cu ; documents, 
kia biin-cu ; 1 biin ; send dispatches. toa b{in 
cu ; bear a dispatch. i7i t&k c6k biin ci" ; it is 
not worth a cash, biin bii ; civil and military. 
biin ble ; a Confucian temple, khau biin khau 
bu ; the examination of scholars and cadets, 
biin tie"; the arena for literary contests. biin 
khtiu, bti khau ; the examinations, civil and 
military. iSng biin, leng bii ; an able scholar 
and soldier, biin bii chwnchai ; familiar with 
both books and weapons. biin kua"; civil 
ofiicers. oh c6 bun ; learn to be scholarly, khng 
si biin ; exhortations to morality. bun ua ; 
civil bureau. thien biin ; astronomy : the 
hosts of heavenly bodies. thien bun seng ; 
astronomers. kwn thien-biin ; observe the 
stars. biin-li ; the literary style of writing 
b6n-thdng; a student. i si biin siu-cai a 
bu siu-cai ? Is he a literary or a military 
graduate ? 


bun-kui A red gem ; a red 

584 rose, 

bun-kiii lo ; rose water. biin-kui iu ; attar of 
roses. nin kai biin-kui lo kai ngun kui ki ? 

How many bottles of rosewater do you give for 
a dollar ? 

bun 120 Lines or marks. 

1041 ~4" bun ngun ; sycee, pure silver. 

ban 128 To hear; to learn by report. 

1041 ~8" thwn bun ; a tradition ; to 
repeat a report, hong bun ; a rumor. thia'- 
bun ; to hear. hiiang biin ; ascertain by 

hearing. mla" bUn si-hai j famed thi'oughout 




the empire. ua to liii-sla" cii bfin-ki" cfa su ; 
I lieard this at the Departmental City. sin- 
buu-cua ; a newspaper. ua bfln mia" ku Ifo ; 
I have long been acquainted with your name. 

P^ bun 61 Sad ; unhappy ; melancholy. 
|*Cj 577 8 iu-bun ; grieved. cho-bun ; 
sorrowful. bun-bun ne ; very unhappy. koi 
btin ; sua" biin ; to dissipate grief. lu mai° 

iu-bun ; do not be distressed. 

— but — 

but 30 Taste or flavor ; it corres- 
1053 5 ponds to the termination ish 
when applied to tastes. 

hiam-but; peppery. tiam-but ; sweetish, 

sng-but ; sourish. kho-bnt ; bitterish. ciah 
tied hiam-but hiam-but; it has a pungent 
flavor. hi'a hu c6-ni oi kho-but ? si thai pliiia 
ta° a iTi si ? Why is the fish bitter ? The gall- 
bladder was broken in cutting up the fish was 
it not ? kau cih hue se-su kho-but ; it leaves 
a slightly unpleasant taste in the mouth, ciah 
kau chili hue toa sng-but ; an acid taste is left 
in the mouth after eating it. 

/[•y^i but 93 lio-but ; condiments; sauces ; 
Ii^aJ 1065 4 spicery ; seasoning, 
ki" loh sim-mih lio-but ? What will you season 
it with ? ci ko bo hu-se" lio-but ; there is no 
condiment here fit to go with fish. 

but 64 To beat out the dust. 

154 "5^ khieh ki cliue khu but, c\a" oi 
cheug-khih ; get a stick and beat it, then it 
will be clean. 

— bvvn — 

bvvn 61 To neglect or slight. 

576 11 khin-bvvn ; to treat haughti- 
ly, bu-bvvn ; treat with contempt. mai" bwn 
tieh i, do not slight him ; cie"-se° sng si siet- 
bvvn tieh i ; that would be considered contempt- 
uous treatment of him. 

iftJm ^^^ ^^ -^ curtain, 

'H^ 676 li tie" bvvn ; a curtain. 

bvvn ; sedan curtains. 


bwn 140 Tangled vines. 

_ 1040 11 bwn-che° ; a turnip, green 

colored and with tubers above ground, used in 
medicine. bwn-chau Ifing tu ; tangle grass is 
not easily extirpated. 

/gH bvvn 184 
R^ 575 11 

steamed bread. 

Steamed bread, or wheaten 
cakes, bwu-thau ; a loaf of 

"Tj bvvn 24 A mystic emblem of high 
TXm 1040 T antiquity, explained to be the 
symbol of Buddha's heart; it is the hammer of 
Thor and is common in Norse mythology. 
ai° kuah co bwu-ji pi"; will have it carved with 
a border in Vetruvian scroll, bvvn-ji pi"; braid 
with the Vitruvian scroll woven in it. bwn-jl 
laiig-kang ; a balustrade with a convoluted 

bwn 140 All ; every ; ten thousand ; 
\^^ 1040 9 a strong superlative, 
bvvn nang; everybody, bwn much; everything, 
bwn kok ; all nations. bwn hok ; every 

blessing, bvvn ak im ui siu ; of all wickedness 
lewdness is chief, bwn kim ke-siia"; an estate 
of immense value. cek bvvn ; ten thousand, 

cek choi" bwn ; ten millions. peh bvvn ; a 

million. cap bvvn ; a hundred thousand, 

cek png, bwn lai ; ten thousand per cent gain, 
chaiig-bng, bwn kliwn ; countless acres of farm 
land, bwn bo cek sit; nothing lost or missed, 
bwn tang cu cek; one among a thousand, bvvn 
ko to boi hai ; it will never wear out; time will 
not afl^ect it. bwn bo chu li ; there is no such 
principle. bwn-bwn 111 hp ; most certainly 

not; a thousand times no. bwn-bvvn put 

leng ; it cannot be done. lu choi" bvvn tieh 

l&i ; you must come without fail. choi" kun 

bwn be ; myriads, bwn s) ; all ages, bvvn to ; 
all generations. choi" chang bvvn ti ; an 

immeasurable extent of land. kau ci-kp choi" 
sua" bwn ciii, sit-cai si kang-kho; to come here 
over innumerable mountains and seas is indeed 
difficult, hue cau bvvn much cu c6i°; before all 
things were created. 

— ca — 

. /-^ ca-bo 38 A female, of the human 
/s^ 641 "0" race. 

si ta-po a ca-bo ? Is it a boy or a girl ? ca-bo 
kia"; a daughter, ca-bo ke co ta-po ; a woman 
disguised as a man. 

ca 85 Dregs ; lees ; what is left after 

3 9 infusion, 
ieh ca ; the dregs of medicine, te ca ; tea leaves 
that have been steeped. te tio ca ; strain out 
the dregs. khu ca ; take out the lees. hun- 
ca ; the refuse left in the pipe after opium has 
been smoked, ca-cai ; sediment. 

WA^ ca 72 Yesterday ; time gone; recently. 
M p 1005 5 ca-jit ; yesterday. i ca-jit 

cia" lai ; he came yesterday, ua ca-me"-hng nx 
cai kio i ta"; I did not think to tell him last 
evening. ca-me" cng kai boi ut; 1 could not 



sleep at all last niglifc. i si ca-rang-khi lai a si 
ca-e-kiia lai ? Did be come yesterday morning 
or yesterday afternoon ? si ca-jlt-tau lai ; he 
came yesterday noon, 

ca 30 To sigh. 
973 10 ca-thang ; to sigh or moan. 

ipg^ ca 75 A sour red fruit, a species of 

T^ 3 '9 hawthorn. 

8ua''.ca; sien^ca; a sour fruit, the size of a 


riTl ca 72 Anciently ; formerly ; a long 
H 802 4 time ago. 
ko-ca ; ill olden times, hoh ca ; a considerable 
length of time since. ca si ; ca ni ; in former 
timea. kim ca »7i tAng ; it is not now as it- 

nsed to be. ca tiang-si; a long time ago. ca- 
ca cu u ; in very ancient times there were, kd- 
ca kui nang ; people of olden times. 

Jm^ ca. 72 Early ; betimes ; soon. 
^ I * 953 2 khah ca; too early. thi°-kng-cd; 
at daylight. kiia" ca ; take time by the fore- 
lock, ca png ; breakfast. ca ni ; some years 
ago. tang-ca; a little while ago. tftng cd fl ; he 
had some just before, ca sin ; early dawn, cd 
ce ; earlier, ca cai fi cie°-8e", lia clu ai" ; had I 
known before that there were such, I should 
hare wanted some. iS-pI ca ce ; be ready in 

good time, ua tang ca-ca thi-huung i ; I gave 
him warning in good time, ca khu, ca lai ; the 
sooner you go the sooner you will get back, 
ca chut, am jip ; go out for a long day's work, 
cek ca ciu cau-khi ; get up betimes. cd tang, 
miig tang ; the early and the late crop. ca 

chang; miig chang; the first and the second rice 
crop of the year, ca chang siu chek kai si-hau, 
kie-cp ca tang ; the time of harvesting the first 
crop of the year is called the early harvest. 
p6 toa ca a si p6 ca kia° ? Did you plant the 
early or the later sort ? ca mng kai si-ke m 
t§,ng; prices are different at the two harvests, 
lia tang-ca cai ; I knew it before. lia ca niiig 
cu kau ; I am there early and late. ca ho ca 
ce", ua° ho lau me" ; if it rains early in the 
morning the sky will soon clear, but if it rains 
late in the afternoon, it will rain all night, si 
lu slang 6i ca ; you are the one who can do it 
soonest, ciah ca te ; take tea early in the morn- 
ing, boi ca ; cannot be punctual. 

"^rrl ca 149 To deceive ; to feign ; to de- 
ft p* 4 6 lude; underhand, 
kang-ca; delusive, ca-ngui ; hypocritical, ca 

lek ; extort by a false claim, ca-phien ; fraud- 

nlent, ca pe°; a feigned illness. 

Act ca 4 Fitful ; for a moment. 

r^ 4 4 ca liang ca juah ; now it is cold 
then it is warm ; the weather is fitful. ca sie 
ca chin ; hot and cold alternately. ca khin ci 
tSng; better a little while and then worse 
again, ca h6 ca cd°; changeable weather, raiu 
and sunshine alternating. 

"^m CO. 117 To shudder; the flesh creeping 
^^y^ 831 7 from awe or terror; horrified. 
kia° kau cek sin ca-cS-kio ; so frightened that 
my whole flesh crept. thoi" tieh koi-b<5-phue 
cft-ca-kie If-li phu ; on seeing it my flesh crept 
and goose-pimples came up all over me. 

— cft» — 

eft" 64 To grapple from a deep place; 

507 12 to dredge for; to drag for. 
eft" hA ; to dredge for fish. eft" o ; to dredge 
for oysters, eft sap; to dredge for the broken 
shells of which lime is made. 

— call — 

^nro cah 60 To take along with one, as if 
IP 846 8 in the girdle, 
i u cah lai a b6 p Did she bring it with her ? 
s3ug-p1en cah l&i khut da ; bring it along and 
give it to me at your convenience. i cah ii 

jieh coi l&i P How much did she bring with 
her p ngo i m tieh, cah khu cah tng lai ; did 
not meet him, and so took it there and then 
brought it back again. am-ce° cah ki to to 
sa" toi ; secretly carried along a knife inside 
his tunic. 

"L^* cah 64 To bare the arm. 
1.& 821 9 cah chf u-ng ; to roll up the 
sleeves, chiu-ng cah phu ce; roll your sleeves 
somewhat higher. 

^FinL cah 75 Anything placed to impede 
\}\)\ 42 5 progress; to bar, as by a gate 
or stile. 

cah-ning; a floodgate or turnstile. kuo" cah- 
rang ; close the flood-gate. khui cah-mng ; 

open the turnstile. th6i°-sfu cah-mng ; to 

watch the gate. cfe" cah-mng kai nang ; the 
gate-keeper, ciii-cah ; a lock in a canal. koi 
cah, hang c&h ; barriers across streets or lanes, 
ci tio koi calx ku-a ko; tliis street is barred in 
several places, hang-thau culi, hang-bue cfih ; 
both ends of the lane are barricaded. u kai 

mngf cah to ko ; there was a door in the way. 
mng-cah ; a railing in a doorwa3'. cah co no 
kueh ; divided by a partition, ai" cah co si'am 
a cah CO chie" ? Will you partition it off by 
folding doors or by a wall ? kio c^h ; a railing 



across a bridge, kaa chui-kliaa to k(ii c^h lai 
call ; made a palisade at the entrance, as a 
division or a defence. 

»|J[t call 140 To shut off the view ; to in- 
UlIX 677 "^ tercept the rays of light, 
gueli pan hun cah khu ; the view of the moon 
is cut off by the clouds. bo mueh lid cah jit, 
juah cai; there is nothing to keep off the sun, 
and it is very hot. i kai hie"-li pun tek cah 

nii"-mi''; the bamboos hide the village from 
view. ci kai mak-kia" kiia loh khu to-cak 

rank; after putting on these spectacles, 1 see 
less plainly than before. hu lai thong-thong, 
bo cia bo cah ; there is an unbroken view of 
the interior, with nothing to screen the objects 
nor to intercept the view. 

."i/f^ call 86 To cook in grease. 
^ p 8 ~5 cah la ; to boil in fat. cah 

iu ; fry in oil. cah kau i chiah ; fry brown, 

cak kau i so-so ; fry it crisp. cah sek : fry it 
till it is well done. cah ho h'o, leng-ua° cia" 
lai cha; after it is cooked in grease, fry it 
again on a dry pan. kau ko khu cah ; fry it 
whole. on<T kai cang la khu cah ; cook the 

whole of it in lard, m ho cah khah thiam ; do 
not fry it too much. tok chiii lai cah ; cut it 
up fine and fi'y it. 

^P^ cah 167 Gyves for the feet. 
$/t 82 7 ci kai si io huam, tieh loh 
kha-cah ; this is a great offender and he must 
be put in fetters. h6 kai si mia" chak, tieh 
loh kha-cak ; that is a famous robber, and he 
must be fettered. hu kai u puah naiig lai 

ta" mai° loh cak ; that one sent some one to 
intercede for him asking that he need not be 
put in fetters. 


cai 111 To know ; to be aware ; con- 

53 3 scious. 
lia cai ; I know it. lia in cai ; I was not aware 
of it. lu cai a m cai ? Do you know or not ? 
ill cai i kai ] ; do not know what are his ideas 
about it. rli cai i kai sii; know nothing about 
his affairs. in cai i-su ; m cai sim-mih i-su ; 

do not know what it means. kang i ta" cai ; 
tell him about it. put-kue cai kai tai-khai ; 
know only aproximately. cai m cau ; do not 
know very definitely. ta" si, i to ni cai ; 

though you tell hira ten thousand times, he 
never knows, chuah nang iTi cai ; take people 
unawares. cai ki kai pheng-iu ; a bosom 

friend. cu-cai ; self-conscious. i ka-ki cu 
cai ; he is himself aware of it. lia cai cai ; I 

am well aware of it. cai ciah tia"; knows 

nothing but how to eat. cai ciah, m cai thang ; 
does not know enough to earn his living. m 
cai thoi"; did not notice it. lu cai khu ak 

cui ; you must think to water them. sui cai 
I'o si cio"-se"; unexpectedly found it so. Id cai 
nang kai slni-mueh ! What do you know about 
it ! chp-liak cai ; know a little about it. lu 
CO cai ? How do you know ? cai ineng-peh ; 
perceive clearly. m cai sie"; did not think 

about it. put cai put kak; unexpectedly. Sli- 
ce, iTi cai than ; excuse me, I did not see yon. 
sii ciie, six cue, lia si m cai thau ; I beg your 
pardon, I did it inadvertently. cai kau thang 
toi ; knows the bottom facts. bue phok soi 
cai ; knew before divination. ili cai i u a 

bo ; do not know whether he has any or not. 
ill cai nang ; to become unconscious, thia" cai ; 
bun cai ; know by hearing. lu khu ta" i cai ; 
you go and let hira know. cai kue pit koi ; 

you must reform when you know your faults, 
lia soi" cai ; I knew it beforehand. cai tit 

soi" cai ? How can one know it beforehand ? 
nang tieh cai cok ; one must be content. cai 
min, rn cai sim ; we know people's faces, not 
their hearts. mai" khut nang cai ; do not let 
anyone know. lu lia cai tia"; only you and I 
know. cng kai bo nang cai ; no one knows 

anything about it. ii nang cai ; some people 
know. put cai put kak cu cek ni ; a year 

passes before we are scarcely aware of it. 

>i> cai 86 Calamity that comes from 
y^ 940 3" above. 

cai-hai ; afflictive, cai-hvia ; misery. cui cai, 
hue cai; flood and fire. cai-lang ; adversity, 
thi" cai ; a visitation, such as a pestilence, 
cai-eh ; difficulties, cai-iang ; tribulation. 

J2\^ c^'i 1^ To set out young plants ; to 
/IvQ 940 6 plant ; slips or cuttings, 
cai-ceng ; to plant out. cai hue ; to plant 

flowers. cai loh khu ciu uah ; if you plant it 
will live. cai gueh-khi ; to set out rose 

slips. gueh-khi cai ; rose slips. hue cai ; 

flower cuttings. cai chiu ; to plant trees, 

seng-cai ; banyan saplings, prepared for plant- 
ing, cai-phue ; patronage. mo" lu kai i cai- 
phue ; hope you will patronize him. 

v^A? cai 85 Sediment ; settlings. 
"f-lF* 1031 10 ca-cai ; a coating of sediment 
on the inside of a vessel. puah bo soi, ceng- 
ceng ca-cai ; the earthen pot, not having been 
washed at all, is coated with sediment on its 
inner surface, te-kwn eug kii cu cie" ca-cai ; a 
long-used tea-pot becomes coated on the inside 
with the lees of the tea. 



A year. 

lai bue u cSk nl, la bfle fi 

^^ cai 159 
JglQ Oil 6 

pii;\" cai; it is not- yet a year, nor evon half a 
year since yon came. ke u cek nt piia" cai lia 
cu ai° tng l^i kliu; in another year or le«s, I 
shall be going back again. 

to ruK 


cai 40 To govern ; 

941 ~7 slaughtef. 
cai-sia)ig ; a prime-minister, cii-cai ; the ruler 
over all. cf cek kok si i cp cii-cai ; it is ho 

who is the ruler of this nation. tSi thoiig-cai; 
the President of the Board of Civil Office, cf 
kai nang co sii siin lUi fi cii-cai ; this person 
has a mind of his own. suaU gii cai be; to 

slaughter cattle and horses. 

K5 cai 46 To bring forth, (said of ani- 

f^i 941 9 mals). 

hliig-cai ; a worthless fellow. kb Iftng cA\ ; 

a hired rulRan. liing-csii phue; a rogue in 

embryo; a piece of furniture that is finished 
except the painting. 

|:|:|~ cki 18 Again ; repeatedly. 
' 14' 942 4 cai thoi" ; look again. chfa" 
cai ta" ; please say it again. i7i li(5 cai ciah ; 

do not eat it any more, niua-khi cai lai ; come 
again to-morrow. cho" chun put c^i lai ; 

youthful days never return. lia in cai lai ; I 
will never come again. cai kiie kc kiii jit ; 

again after some days. lij cai siu° ; think 

again. via b6 cai ta"; I shall not tell you 

again, lu lu cki in to ; and again you were ab- 
sent, cai sa" cai si ; again and again. cai-sa" 
hun-hu ; repeatedly commanded. lia cai-sa° 

teng-leng cok-hu, lu cp-ni iTi it-tit ? I have re- 
iterated the orders, why do you not remember 
them ? tieh pi cfa cai toa kai ; it must be 

twice as large as this. la si cai tug cu khah 
tng ; if any longer it would be too long. tieh 
cai liLi chim ce ; it must be dug a little deeper. 
ai° mo" liiig tieh cai peh kui° ; if you wish to 
nee farther you must mount up higher. cai 

thoi" kau sek-sek ; look at it i-epeatedly till you 
become familiar with its appearance, cai thSk 
ke kiie ; read it over Again. cai se" ; restored 
to life. cai se" kai tek ; restored virtue, cai 
se" kai un ; restored favor. cai cia ; further- 
more, lu cai kd tia" ; price it again, and more 
accurately. cai ke ; a remarried widow. cki 
chua ; a remarried widower. 

cai 159 To carry ; to contain ; to 

941 6 lade ; to sustain. 
ci ciah cun cai u jieh coi ta° ? JJow many piculs 
does this boat carry ? gu cliia be cai ; oxen 

draw, and horses carry. cki kau mua"-miia" ; 
cai kau ti"-ti"; stowed full, cai cek cai ; carry 
one load. cai kau bit-bit; laden to the vvater 
line, cai in loh ; cannot stow in. cai iTi phu ; 
cannot sustain so much, chi tit khi ; can carry 
it. m h(S cai ke lio ; it will carry no more, ci 
ciah cun si cai slm-mih much lai ? What cargo 
does this boat bring? cu tang u cai; it is 
recorded in books. cai to slm-mih «u kp ? 

What book is it in ? tieh u kp h<5 cai lak ; 

there must be some coigne of vantage. bp kp 
hd cai l&k ; there is nothing to sustain one's 
self upon. 

cai 180 The navel. 

96t> 14 to c^i ; the navel. cai-t6a ; 
the umbilical cord. ka tn^ cai-toa; cut the 
umbilical cord, tng c&i; cast off the umbilical 
cord. c&i-b<5 ; a midwife. tia' cai ; the 

protuberance in the center of an iron pau. bd 
c&i ; the pivot of a millstone. 

c&i 99 Very ; extremely ; much. 

738 4 h<5 cii ; very good, hfii^ cSi ; 
very far. lia sieh i cfti ; I love her much. i 
ai" c&i ; he wants it extremely. hua°-hi c&i ; 
greatly pleased. 

"/\1 <Si 82 At present. 
^M^ 941 8 hln-cai ; now. hIn-cSi si hSn- 
se"; is at present young. tu-kua° b6i hIn-cSi ; 
pig's liver is bonght for present use; we take 
things for what they are when we get them, 
cu-cfti ; as well as usual. bp hie" cii-c5i ; not 
feeling very well. lu cfi-cSi me Y Are yoa 

well ? ang-jien cD-cSi ; well and comfortable, 
lu ho cp lu cu-c5i ; make yourself comfortable. 
Ill ka" tng, lu cp lu cu-cSi ; you are too kind, 
pray remain as you are. 

/^ cai 61 How ? What ? 
iUi> 948 5 cai-se"-le"? What is it like? 
se" lai dii-seMe" ? What sort of thing is it ? 
CO lai clli-se°-Ie° ? How does it look ? cSi tit 
ka" ? How dare I ? cSi tit tieh ? How is it to 
be obtained ? lu cp c5i tit cla" ? How can you 
accomplish it ? c5i tit >vn ? How can it be 

finished ? tieh cSi-se" c\a° hSh ? How can it 
be made so as to suit ? 

cai 9 A cargo ; a boat-load. 

941 13 kui cap cai ; several tens of 
boa; -loads. cai kau miia" cai ; carry a full 

cargo. pua° kue cai ; to tranship the cargo, 

pph cai ; to land a cargo, by means of smaller 
boats. khi cSi ; unlade the vessel. siu cai ; 
take in cargo. cek cai siu kau h'o ; the cargo 
is all taken in. Iph cai ; lade the ship. c6k 



cai cek cai ; boat-load by boat-load. pua" 

cai ; half a cargo. loli jieh coi cai c\a° kau ? 
How many boat-loads will be required for it? 

-f^ cai ^ An exclamation, implying a 
BAi 94'J G liigb degree of emotion, 
ai cjli ! Alas ! u liu ai cai ! Alas, how sad ! 

khuai ciii ! How pleasing ! tai cai khong-cu ! 
How great is Confucius ! 

— cak — 

■"Sl^ cak 118 A joint, a section ; a period 
^l* 974 9 or regular interval; a set 
way of doing a thing; temperance, continence; 
to keep within limits ; to economize ; to main- 
tain dignity ; an emergency, 
ci ki tek lu thoi" kiii cak? How many joints 
do you think there are in (his bamboo ? boi 
kiii cak ho-ho kai cia lai ciah ; buy a few joints 
of the best sugar-cane to eat. ci cuang su lu 
cck cak cek cak la" tia thia"; give me an 
account of the whole affair seriatim. cak 

mtik ; the point where meshes join, or sections 
unite. cie" cak, e cak; the upper and lower 
sections. cek cak cu ; one verse, cak liak ; a 
summary. pun co kui cak ; divided into 

several paragraphs. chiu-c6i° sa" cak, toa coi" 
no cak ; the fingers have three joints and the 
thumb two. kha cak, chi'u cak ; the joints in 
the toes and fingers. kut cak sng-thia"; my 
bones ache, puah kau chi'u-cak chut thng ; 

fell and dislocated his finger juint. chvVn kiie 
cak ; runs across the joints, cak I'm ciah ; live 
temperately. khua°-khua" cak cie ; gi-adually 
diminish. cak khiam ; bo frugal. cak eng; 
use sparingly. lu mai" se" ki cak ; do not 

branch off into other subjects. cak hu ; a 

dignified woman. sin cak ; maintain dignity. 
sit cak ; to lose dignity. cak hau ; dignified 

obedience, khia cak-hau teng; raise an honor- 
ary portal, cak-liet ; self-restiained. boi 
kwn cak ; to get degrees by bribery. soi cak, 
toa cak ; a small matter, or an important mat- 
ter, tai cak ; a great emergency, ci k&i nang 
u kill cak ; this man is self-restraiiud. u cak- 
ngi ; is temperate. bo cak bo cob ; not kept 
within limits. cih tui cak; to disjoint. cih 
cak thai hien ; go outside tiie rules of etiquette 
in tlie entertainment of a scholar. cak cak 
kau ; come on at regular intervals, cak-lo; a 
whitlow, a felon on a joint. 


cak 128 To make a din ; to stun with 
469 6 noise ; distracting, 
ham i mai" cak nang ; tell him not to disturb 
people by making a noise. hi°-khang khut i 
cak kau ong-ong-kie ; my ears rang with the 

din that he made, i kai ue coi c5i, ciu jit khut 
i cak si khu; he is a great talker, and keeps up 
his clack all day long. kliut i cak lio boi ut ; 
was disturbed by his noise so that I could not 
sleep. lu mai" cak tieh lia ; do not distract 

me by your noise. 

Anrl cak 9 To act, do, or make ; to be- 
I r" 1005 5 come, to appear ; to stimulate, 
to arouse ; operations, woik. 
i kai pe" hwt cak ; his ailment has returned, 
khi leng-ua" cin-cak ; his anger is again roused, 
lu kai kia cak khieh lai kliut lia pai tliak ce ; 
bring your elegant composition and allow me 
to respectfully read it. i hu-ko to si id chang 
kang, cak tai ; he is there hai boring evil doers 
and encouraging wickedness, kiia" i hue hwt- 
cak lai ii, lo koi ; to hasten and set it right 
before there is a relapse will be easiest. cak- 
tong ; to act as assistants to the host. kia°-jit 
kai Slab si ti-tiang cak-tong? Who supports the 
host at to-day's feast ? ai" chia" i cak-tong, 
tieh koih tie" cak-tong kai toa"- phien ; if you 
are going to invite him to assist the host you 
must enclose a card to this effect. 

cak 120 To bind up ; to make secure. 
>|S 7 5 cak kha ; to tie the feet. ti° 

kha, cak chi'u, cp oi kia" ne ? With you ham- 
pering all my movements, how can I do any. 
thing ? cak kin-kui ; bound up clo-sely. eng 
toa khu cak ; take a band and bind it securely, 
cak kiii ki hue ; tie up a nosegay. cak-cang- 
Boh ; a hair-string. 

cak 40 Solid ; full ; compact ; the op- 
_ , 769 11 posite of hollow, 
si khang-kliak kai a si cak-thau kai? Is it 
hollow or is it solid ? ci cdk khi .«<i cak-nng 

kai ; this sort is dense, cak-thau-nngkai tek ; 
a species of bamboo that is not hollow. cak 
nek kai ; full of meat. 


cam 167 A needle; a pin; a lancet; 
15 2 to puncture, 
chng cam ; thread a needle. bua cam ; polish 
a needle. cp cam ; make needles. toa cam, 
ji cam, sa" cam, cam ki'a"; large, medium sized, 
tine, and very fine needles. toa kong cam ; a 
darning needle. hue cam ; an embroidery 

needle, cam khang, cam biie ; the eye and the 
point of a needle. cam phi"; the end of a 

needle opposite the point. cam kha kliah hi ; 
the stitches are too long. tieh bak cam ce; 

you must sew it more finely. ci kai hij-jin hd 
cam-ci; this woman is a good sewer. hang- 



8ii-cara ; a thermometer. buatig-hS-cam ; a 

barometer, si-ceng cara ; the hands of a clock, 
pang-cam; thng-si cam ; the pin used to fasten 
the coiffure. ju cp cara-ci°; as if sitting on 

needles. eng cam l&i thie tio i k^i hueh ; get 
a lancet and bleed him. cam huap; tlie rules 
for acupuncture. cek cam ki hueh ; one 

puncture brought the blood. cam ku ; to 

probe. cam-tui ; point to point. cam-tui 

mong nftng tk"; it refers to what a certain 
person said. tliih poi" bua cia" szu-hue cam ; 
an iron ferule nmy be ground down into an 
eml)ioidery needle. 

^^^ cam 118 To stick in the hair, or hat. 
f=% 945 12 cam hue; to put flowers in 
the hair. cam eng; to put a tassel into a cap. 
hue (!am, hue liii; sprays and flowers, used as 
head ornaments. 

Uf t^ 

69 To sever ; to sunder; to chop 

7 off ; to cut. 
cam clia; to cut wood. cam kliui; to sunder, 
ciim tio ; chop it off. cam thau ; to behead, 

cam clilu liali clo; to cut down the tree in 
order to catch the bird. cam cp no kueh ; cut 
it in two. eng po-thuu cia" h(5 cam ; take an 
axe and then you can chop it off. cam chau 
tfi kun ; to cut down the weeds and extirpate 
their roots; to wholly exterrainiite ; to cut off 
all one's posterity. cam teng coih thih ; 

to cut otf a nail. cam sfu si ccng ; to decapi- 
tate as a warning to others ; to make an ox- 
ample of. kie cam cue ; a capital crime, kam 
ciim kua°; a sheriff, cam, ka, kun, liu, thil, si 
ngo ie" heng huap; beheading, hanging, send- 
ing into the army, temporary banishment, and 
perpetual banishment, are the five methods of 

cam 149 To slander or vilify. 
P Q D-47 16 cam-cng ; to defame, i hau" 
caiu-t-ng nang ; he is addicted to slandering 
people. cam-cng kue lai, cam-cng kue khu ; 
backbiting each the other. 

M,T <^<^'n 1^1 A fine chisel; a graving tool; 
^^^ 94(3 11 to chisel out ; to engrave, 
c&ni ki'a"; a graving tool. cSm hue ; to grave 
flowers. cSm klm hue-chau ngia cSi ; the 

carving was beautifully done. c5m lai hue-ji 
m hin ; the letters are are not plainly cut. tieh 
cSm chim ce ; they must be cut deeper, khah 
toi°, c5m ui loh ; the stuff is too hard, it cannot 
be chiseled out. ngun cSm ; chasing on silver. 
cSm hue kai nang; the graver. mai" cSm 

khih khu; do not break it in chiseling it. cieh 
cS,m ; a stone-cutter's chisel. cia khang tieh 

cam khuah c5, cia" tha tit loh ; this hole must 
be cut larger, so the plug will go in. c&m chui 
ce ; cut it more delicately. 

^y* ^'^™ — ^ stage of a journey. 
^^|_| 13 6 Sah c^m ; the distance be- 
tween post hooses. cdk cftm lo ; one stage of 
a journey. to cf-kp kau hu-kp ii kui cftm lo ? 
How many ^tages from here there? lo-cfim 
ai" cpnl phe°-phah ? What route have you 
decided upon? than cftm kau tl-kp ? What 
is the first stopping place ? ji cJim kiiu hu- 

k6 ; that will Le tlie second stopping place oii 
the route. 

— cang — 

rt^l cang 41 To take ; to make use of ; a 
7|*j 967 ^ sign of the accusative, 
cang cia a cang hfa ; make use of this or that, 
cang sim-mueh khut i ctah ? What will you 
give him to eat ? cang hd ue kio i ta°; speak 
comfortably to him. cang b6 cp Q ; ni»de out 
of nothing; unfounded. tieh cang seng-sim, 
m thu-thu cang uo ta"; there must be sincerity 
as well as professions. cang ta-po ke cp cui- 
nie ; had a man disguised as a woman. ai' 

cang ti-tiang khu ? Whom will you send ? 

cang 76 The coir palm. 
)>J\ 1022 8 caug-sui ; a coir cloak, 
cang sob ; coir rope. cang chieh ; a coir mat. 
cang sau; a coir broom. cang sie"; a coir 


 ^^ cang 190 A lady's coiffure. 
j>yC 1022 8 ta cang; do up the hair, 
lau mo°, phah cang ; let the hair grow, in order 
to arrange it in the style of a married woman. 
ju-\ call to cang sim; an ornament was inserted 
in the centre of the coiffure. kia°-jit kai cang 
siu khu ngfa c5.i ; your liair is very prettily 
arranged to-day. cang-kta° 16 ; the hair ar- 

ranged in a coil. 

j^2^ cang 122 A square lifting net, sus- 
Q 951 T2 pended on a frame, and let 
down by a long rope. 

au cang ; khang cang; to fish with liftingnets. 
khia ki cang lai au hu ; set a lifting net to 
catch tish. an-cang mang-tie"; a mosquito 

bar having a folding frame inside. 

cang 140 Sedate ; serious ; a high 
112 7 road, 
cang keng ; serious and respectful, twn cang ; 
strictly correct in conduct. cang ngiam ; 

strictly proper, cang tong ; respectful, khang 
cang toa lo ; a level highway. 



^^ cang 187 A mane. 
I/J\ 102-2 ~S~ be cang mo" ; a horse's 
mane, tu cang mo"; hog's bristles. 

-^^^ rang 190 A peruke ; a wig ; false 
§^ 1022 "F hair. 

ke cang ; a false peruke. lu kai cang u ciap 
Cling a bq ? Do you wear false hair ? 

J^ cang 64 To hold on tightly with the 
jM 1026 19 hands. 

no ciah chi'u cang i kai pi"; held on to his 
queue with btjtli hands. cang kfn-kin m 

kheng pjmg ; he held on tightly, and would 
not let go. cang i m cu ; could not hold on 

to it. 

To collect and tie up, as in 
a sheaf : to unite under one 

cang 120 
A|VU<> 1023 11 
rule or in a whole. 

cang CO cek e ; bind them in one bundle. pa- 
cang ; an ensign, the second giade below a 
captain, and the lowest of army officei'S. thih 
pa-cang ; a low but permanent office, in which 
there is neither hope of promotion nor fear of 

|J_L». cang 33 Robust ; hardy ; lusty ; to 
7|-Lk 114 4 inspirit; to incite, 
cang teng ; able-bodied men. cang ni ; in 

strong health. cang-kien ; strong and hardy, 
cang sti ; one accomplished in manly sports, 
cang-seng ; lusty. sio-cang ; 3'oung and 

hearty. min cang ; the militia. eng-hiong 
chut sio-cang ; violence comes of youthful 
vigor. long cang; volunteer troops. pui- 

cang ; stout. cang i kai ta" ; incite his 

courage. ciah kau pui-cang toa-kia"; become 
very stout and hardy. 

.^^^ cang 119 Dumplings, boiled in a 
T^J\ 1023 8 wrapping of leaves. 
cang kiu ; thiee cornered dumplings. cang 

kai ; many cornered dumplings. cang pau 

sim-mih kai ? What is in the dumplings ? 
cang pak khah pha"; these dumplings are not 
well filled. ci kai cang si kiam kai a si tiam 
kai ? Have these dumplings a sweet or a salt 
filling ? cang si eng tek-hieli kah kiam-chau 
khu pak ; dumplings are tied up in bamboo 
leaves, with a bulrush, pak cang kai tek-hieh 
eng ke kiie jii ho, boi chau tek-hieh bi ; the 
bamboo leaves u.sed in wrapping dumplings are 
better after having been u.sed several times, 
for then they will not impart a taste to the 

-^^^ cang 75 A ; godowna. 
^j^5 12 8 cang -pang; a store-room, 
cang CO ; storage, tun-pang cting teng ; stored 
in the godown. kwii-cang ; warehouses, 

kang i khu cang ko khi ; go and take it out of 
the godown for him. 

cang 117 To stand up; to stand still. 
13 5 cang kha iTi cu ; caimot 
stand it. ceng kau i cang kha la cu; punished 
them till they gave way altogether. i ci'-hOe 
eng kai cang klia iTi cu to-ko; he is now wholly 
unable to maintain his position. liang p6i° 

kai bun bii kua" to cang-pang, u cia" peh nang 
to tang khim-che lai ; the civil and military 
otHcers stood on either side in the order of 
their rank, about a hundred iu all, awaiting 
the arrival of the ambassador. tS,u-thai co 

jiin, i eng kliu cang-pang a min? Oti the In- 
tendant of Circuit's coming to enter upon his 
office, does he go to attend upon him, standing 
where his rank prescribes? ci-ko eng kai cang 
m cu kha; there is no foothold at all here; this 
position cannot be maintained. 

^■^^ cang 149 To praise, as in worship. 
pl^ 945 19 cang-miii ; extol. cheug- 
cang ; to laud. 

cang 154 To assist. 
945 12 cang-co ; to aid. cang 

seng ci kia" su ; help to bring this about. 

cang 29 A classifier of trees and 
fX 1025 16 plants, 
cek cang hue, cek cfing chai, cek cang chiu ; a 
flower, a vegetable, and a tree, cek cang kiie- 
ci; a fruit tree. peh cie" chiu-cang teng; 

climbed a tree, ci cang hue ngia cai, iu phang; 
this shrub is beautiful and it is fragrant too. 
ua thoi" ci kai cang-sin khun : tieh eng pui ; 
I see that this plant is weak : fertilizing mat- 
ter must be put around it. ci cang chiu sin 
io toa, hu cang li chiu ki io coi ; this tree has 
the larger trunk, and that one the greater 
number of branches. kia°-se" si se° to chiu 
cang teng ; parasites grow upon trees. 

j^^ cang 44 Steps ; shelves ; gradations. 
/ pg 952 12 cek cang, no cang; one or 
two gradations. cie" kau toi" sa" cang ; went 
up to the third landing. thau cek cang; the 
first in an ascending series. hu biie cang ; 

the farthest off in the series, tieh u cang chu; 
there must be gradations. tah-po-cang ; a 

stairway. sa" cang lau ; a building of three 
diminishing storeys. peh kau toi" ngo cang ; 



climbed to tlie fifth storey. tft ai kgh co kui 
caiiffP How many slielves will you have put 
into the cupboard ? pang to t6i" sa" cftng;^ put 
it on the third shelf, thui-kch jieh coi cung i^ 
How many steps are there in the stairs ? hu 
km thah to ci e khu hu teng fl n6 peb gua 
keli luli-po-crmg; that pagoda has over two 
hundred steps iu its stairway. 

cang 85 To drench by pouring from 

540 8 above, 
pun iio caug kau cek sin ; drenched by the 
rain. cang-ek ; take sliower baths, tieh cai 
th(5i°, m hd tang tieh nang ; must look out that 
you do not souse people with it when pouring 
it down. 

— cap — 

^^-1-* cap 86 J nice; gravy. 
■{I 67 2 cui cap; the juice, chaicap; 
the watery part of vegetables. kiam-chai 

cap; the brine in which vegetables have been 
pirkled. piu-lt) cap mai' phui cek sa°; do not 
get betel juice all over your jacket. chio kiit 
ce, mai° cliio kau cap-cap ; mix it stiff, do not 
make a tliin batter of it. bo thng bo cap, ciah 
c&i tit Idh ? Witli no moisture about it, how can 
I eat it ? ( i Hap ka" bo mih cap ; this oraiige is 
not very juicy. cap 16ng-16ng ; thick juice, 

cap cheug-cheng; tliin juice. fo u cap ; more 
juicy. cah-cap cah-cap nC ; of the right con* 
Bistence. h6-cnp siap chut l&i ; the gravy of 
the fish has oozed out. 

iit^ cSng 180 The parenchymatous viscera. 
949 18 ngS-tftng luk-hii ; all the in^- organs of a body. hui, sim, pi, kua°, 
sien, cia si kie-co ngo cftng ; tai-chiung, sfo- 
chiang, iii, ta", phang-kuang, 8im-pau-16k, ci'a 
si k\e-co lak hii ; the lungs, heart, spleen, liver 
and kidneys are called the five viscera ; the 
large and small intestines, the stomach, the 
gall, the bladder, and the heart-case are called 
the membraneous viscera. cftng hii siang 

phue ; the two sorts of viscera are the comple- 
ujent each of the other. 

cJlng 44 A terrace. 
052 12 sna°-.sia cek cJlng ci k cJlng ; 
the slope of the hill is ter)-aced. n<>6 cftng Ifiu; 
a building with five diminishing storejs. cek 
eJing cek cJliig nang-mueh coi c&i ; there are a 
great many people in this crowd, standing so 
that their heads appear in ascending and re- 
ceding tiers. 

cung 154 To present ; to bestow np- 
»"3 951 1l2 on ; to make a parting gift, 
kau ( ang ; to present to. hong cang ; respect- 
fully offer as a gift, li cang ang jin ; promoted 
according to rule. cling chiii, bo cang ci° ; 

give promises instead of the cash. ua cang i 
cek peh ngun cO 16 hui ; I gave him a hundred 
dollars for his travelling expenses, heng tit Q 
niong nang to cang chui, su cia" s6ng ; could 
a certain person be had as negotiator, the busi- 
ness would be done, cang-sang ieh-i"; gave a 
parting gift of medicinal pills. cang ke cng ; 
make wedding presents. cang lu boi ; let you 
have it at no profit to myself. bo mueh h6 

cang lu ; I have nothing to give you as a 
souvenir. hp tit lu cang ua cek pi cu lak ; I 
wish you would give me a helping hand for a 



120 To intrench ; to encamp ; to 
■^^^ 4 h settle. 
ia° cap to tl-ko ? Where is the camp set ? ci 
cfk tui cap t5 cf, hii c6k tui cap t6 hu ; this 
company is intrenched here, and that one 
there. chiu" cap-ctt ; invite one to stay or to 
put up for the night. i cap t5 sua'-thfiu ; he 
is established at Swatow. 

A^ cap 75 Documents ; writings. 
^\^ 7 T ciia-cap ; paper used for docu- 
ments. Ble'-sie" u cu-cap lai liang ; com- 
munications were constantly exchanged. I6h 
kfti cap ; send a document. 

-iij&i cfip 172 Mixed ; unassorted ; con- 
?ptt 939 10 fused. 

c&p hue ; mixed goods, cap mueh ; all sorts of 
things, capsu; many kinds of business, cftp 
sek ; many colored. phah cap ; do all sorts of 
woik. to tng phah cap; engaged in doing 

odd jobs. cap kieh ; a man of all work. 

Iwn-cap ; iu confusion. sim cap ; the mind 

disti-acted. cfip cSi ; many different things to 
be attended to. mai" lap-cAp ta" ; do not 

garble it in the telling. lap- lap-cap-cap ; all 
mixed confusedly. 6i° cap n^ug ; loafers, 

cilp-ceng kia°; a bastard. chap-chap cap-cap ; 
heterogeneous, lu mai" lai ci-kd chap-cap ; do 
not come here and idle about at times when 
others are engaged. cap bu ; sundry engage- 
ments, cap-kap ; a mixture of many kinds, 
cap-pe cap-b<5 kia°; a lot of scamps from various 

I -^ cap 24 Ten, a complete number. 

I 768 "O toi" cap ; the tenth. cap-it ; 
eleven. cap ciah cling ; ten tables. cftp 

gua ; over ten. cia° c up kai ; about ten of 

them. cap kim ; all sorts of condiments. 



C&p cok ; full ; complete. cap hnn lid ; 

perfectly good. cap sia" sieh ; as kind as 

possible, cap cliwn ; entire, rap hun tit cek ; 
got one tenth of it. cS,p kiii kai ? How many 
ovei- ten are there ? kiii cslp kiii ; several tens 
of them, kvii cap iii ; several decades. c&p 
gua nang ; more than ten persons. put kue 

sii cap hang sii ; only a few^ short seasons. 
cfi.p ji ke ; an upi-ight cross. cap ji lo-thau ; 

two roads, crossing at right angles. cap, pat 
bo cek ; does not know a tithe of it. cap u 

kaa ngia; nine out of ten of them are pretty, 
pell chia in ju ngo-cap hin; fifty per cent paid 
down is better than a hundred per cent on 
credit. cap-poih se°; the eighteen provinces, 
elmn kau cap pe ki ; have ten bunches of them 
remaining. cap u kau khu; have disposed 

of nine tenths of them. it cap kai ; a single 
ten. it ji cap ; one or two tens. it ngo, it 
cap; five or ten at a time. cap-hun hua°-hf ; 
wholly pleased. 

, r^ cap 25 A guard house at a pass. 

1^ 940 3 cftp pang; the quarters for 
the guards. cie° cap-pang; stand on guard at 
the guard house. cap tun ; a guard station. 

>^5 cau 162 To encounter; to meet; to 
l l^-^ 952 11 undergo ; I'ecurring ; an oc- 
casion ; a time. 

cau eh ; to meet with obstacles. cau lang ; to 
encounter difiiculties. cau huang; met with 
bad weather. cau ho ; met with rain. cau 
chak-kiap ; encountered robbers. lia khu cek 
cau, khu no cau ; I have been once and again, 
lia ta° cek cau, ta° no cau, lu co-ni m khu cp ? 
I have told you once and ngain, why do you 
not go and do it ? ua ta" kue no sa" cau li'o, 
16 hwn ill thia"; I have told you repeatedly, but 
yet you do not heed it. cau cau ngo lu 

m tieh ; it repeatedly happened that 1 did 
not find you in. ke cek cau ; once more, 

cau-thak ; to knock about and wear out 

cau 119 The grains left after distill- 
952 11 ing spirits; to corn, or pickle, 
cia cau; sdh ciu kai cau; distillei''s grains, 
cwn CO lai eiah kai cau ; malt made especially 
for food, cau tu-nek ; corned pork. cau hu ; 
cured fish. cau sie ciu ; a clear mild spirit 

made from rice. ua khng u cek pau ho- 

hd kai cau ; I have a pot of the best malt put 
away. cau kau lok-lok; left in the sediment 
of liquor till thoroughly corned. tui ci'u- 

thau-cau lai tah ; put on a malt poultice. 

can 64 To pay a balance ; to make up 
34 4 the full sura ; to supply what 
is deficient. 

chun jieh coi ci" kai i cau tit ? How much cash 
remains for the making up of the full sum ? 
sin kai, cau co ci°; pay the remainder in cash, 
sng h'o, cau cheng-clio hai" i ; reckon it up, and 
then pay him the balance in full. 

~\'-- cau 156 To run ; to travel ; to get 
Atr 9^1 away. 

cau me°-me°; run quickly. cau khu ; run 

away, cau lai cau khu ; run to and fro. cau 
chut, cau jip ; run out and run in. cau ia*^ i ; 
outrun him. cau su i; was outrun by hira. 

cau m khu; cannot run. cau kau khang- 

khang ; cau lio-lio khu ; khut i cau peh-peh 
khu ; it has all run out. ciii cu to kp, boi 

cau ; the water collects there, and cannot run 
off. cau ciii, tieh cau tit cheng ; the water- 

shed must be such that the water will all be 
carried off. ci ciah cau khu khue, hu ciah cau 
lai me"; that one went quickest, and this one 
came soonest. kia° ho, m ho cau ; walk deco- 
rously along and do not run. cau khu hek ; 
tired from running. cau kau puah tieh ; ran 
till he fell down, cau bi; lose flavor, cau khi; 
lost its strength . khut i cau thut khu ; allowed 
him to slip off. pai cau ; beat a retreat, 

phun-cau ; a fugitive. can kiie se°; went off 
to another province. cau kue hwn ; wont 

away to foreign parts. lu cau cie" toa khu ! 

Where will you run to ! lia thoi" lu cau tui 
ti-ko khu! I think I see you running away 
somewhere ! ai° cau, cau m li ; wanted to 

escape but could not. cau choi° H be ; send a 
swift courier. cau bun-cu; send a dispatch 

in haste. cau chi° koi ; hasten to dis- 
pose of what will not keep. cau khu jio i ; 
run and overtake him. chwn boi cau lau ; 
it does not leak any. cau-lau sie-sit ; the 
news leaked out. cau-sai ; a smuggler. cau 
hiang; to smuggle. cau boi tit khi; can- 
not run by. si'e cau ; ran with short steps, 
lau-cau wn khu ; all leaked out. tau cau liah ; 
to play tag. pui kai nang bo mih 6i cau ; 
stout people cannot run well. thio can khu; 
jumped away. tiin cau khu ; jeiked and 
broke away. cio pue cau khu; the bird flew 
off. siu cau ; swam off. cua so cau ; the 
snake wriggled off. pe" cau ; crept off. peh 
khi ciu cau ; got up and ran off. cau tng 
lai ; ran back. thp cau ; ran backwards, cau 
khui, pi i ; dodge aside and avoid it. to cau ; 
flee away. than cau ; ran slyly away. can 
khu iiam ; ran and hid. cau kau bp hun b6 
fa ; gone and left no trace behind. me"-ine' 



pho i cau khui ; quickly caught him up in his 
arms and ran aside, khek lai cau sin ; carved 
off, so as to destroy its significance, (as in 
cutting letters). cau keh, tteh cai niueh h<5; 
the lines made have run over the limits, Ihey 
must be readjusted. ta" khi, pong-pong ran ; 
just now got up and clattered oif. cau khu, 
pi!i-p6ng-kie ; ran off boisterously. cau kau 
hm-liiTi chwn ; ran till all out of breath. bun 
cau ; got away through some interstice. pun" 
chju" t-au ; got away by going over the wall, 
bl ca'i ; swam away under water, cun tht?' cau ; 
poled the boat quickly away. niueh cai i &.\\ • 
caiiied the things off in a boat. thok i (in ; 
maneuver so as to get him to go away. jlo i 
can ; c6ng i cau ; drive hi»n away. kia° i cAn ; 
frighten him away. than i can ; warn him 

away. ham i can ; call out to him to run. 

j{ar\g i cau ; drive him away by screajnini; out 
at him. sai i cau; make him run. thua i can; 
make him run by catching hold of him. jlo 
i in cau ; he will not be driven off. phah si m 
can; will not be beaten off. tMg cau; got away 
by breaking the rope. ^ Un cau; clambered 

down and fled. kwn cau ; broke away and 

sped off. phiu cau ; slipped his fetters and 
escaped. kng cau ; carried off between two 

bearers, and thus escaped. tug cau ; speedily 
passed from hand to hand on its way. bih 

can; went off, keeping in ambush meanwhile, 
khali can ; rolled away. khi" can ; clambered 
off, holding on to something overhead. la 

cau ; take it on his back and depart in haste, 
liu cau; get away by slipping through one's 
hands. phun cau ; got away by dodging 

through a crowd. niia cau ; went off hastily 
sitting down and shoving himself aloncr with 
his hands. phah i m cau, io si si kai ; fired 

at it and it did not run, so it was surely a 
dead one. sie ce° cau; striving for precedence 
in getting away. cau lio, to-tng thia", boi 

cau ; ran until his stomach ached so he could 
run no longer. cau kue si-iiang kai nang ; 

a great traveller. cau kue jieh coi se" ? How 
many provinces has he travelled in ? can 

kang 6 kai nang; a tricky fellow. cSu hiSam ; 
an escaped criminal. cau kam ; an escaped 

prisoner. cau m tit ; could not escape. can 
chak; escape from robbers. oi phau 6i cau; 
very active. can cek se"; gad through the 

whole province, cun can, cun khu jlo ; a boat 
is required in chasing a boat ; you must spend 
money in the recovery of money. lii cau khu 
81 ! You ran hard enough to kill yourself! 
(said ironically to a slow person). cau sek ; 
to fade. kia° cun, can be sa° hun rala"; 

sailors and couriers live but three tenths as 

long as other people. cdu be khu a" cin-cn ; 

discovering pearl.i when riding swiftly ; speed 
does not permit careful scrutiny. kliut i can 
tio cek choi" ngiin ; lost a thousand dollars 
through his running away, tau kfa", can kiV; 
sons and daughters, (so called because the one 
goes away from home, and the other stays), 
can-kiii kia"; a young female slave. b<Si ciiu- 
kiii; buy a female domestic, cau koi ; an agent 
in a shipping office. cau it; slip out of place, 
cau slap; ooze out. jwn cau ; run at random, 
slang can; run very hard. pia" cau; ran fast, 
li-li tau; run right on without stopping, clie" 
cdu ; rushes off. 


cau lis A bamboo skimmer. 
34 4 cau-loi ; a splint ladle, khieh 
cau-ldi khu hd piig; take the bamboo skimmer 
and dip out the rice. cang cau-lOi lai ko ; 

take the skimmer and skim it out. 

ip-X^ cau 86 A kitchen range ; a place 
AX» 954 8 for cooking, cku-e ; the kit- 
chen. cku-Hua'-thau; the top of the range, 
hiie-c&a; a kitchen furnace, cph cau ; build a 
range. pun cp kiii cau ; divided into several 
households. ci kAi mfig-iau Ifti kiii hiie-cku P 
How many families are there iu this building? 

ciu 37 To report to the throne ; to 
_ _ 962 6 make known to the govern- 
ment; to celebrate. 

can huang-ti; cau h&ang-siang; to make known 
to the emperor, cau huang-thai-ho ; to report 
to the empress dowager. can png ; cau cie"; 
a memorial to the throne, cau png pang; the 
office where memorials are prepared. cie° can ; 
to send up a report. min cau ; to state per- 

sonally to the emperor, mit cau ; a sealed 

memorial. ciin cau ; to assent to a memorial, 
pd cau ; a recommendation to mercy. can 

chia" ; a petition. cau sio; a report of expen- 
ditures, cau cih ; paper used in writing me- 
morials, cau gauh ; to strike up the band ; to 
play on musical instruments. 

^^ cau 20 Equal, even, alike ; uniformly; 

V 1142 2" to allot equally, 
pun cng, pun m cau ; the spoil was not equally 
divided. ce pun lai m can, cii ai" sie ce"; if it 
is not divided equally they will wrangle over 
it. i kong-tfiu cai, pun kau cau-cslu ; he is 

very just, and apportions it equally. chiu 

cau-cau ; mix it thoroughly. hi kau c&u-cfia ; 
stir it up till it is evenly mixed. lok kau 

cau-c&u ; shake it up and down till is it of 
uniform consistency. no ie° cham cau ; mix 



the two ingredients fully. chap kliu m ckxi ', 
thev do not mingle thoroughly. lau-cau si 

cie"- se" ; it is the same all (he way through, 
huii hli m cau ; the whitewash is not laid on 
evenly. ko iTi cau, u kai u, u kai ho ; the 

paste is not put on smoothly, in some places 
there is paste and. in some there is none. 

^Hl cSu 162 To form ; to create ; a party 
jH^i 954 ~7" in a cause; to put on record, 
oho ig bo se°-chnt u, k\e-co cau: choiig u pi"- 
c6 bo kie-to hue ; to form something out of 
nothing is called creating: to resolve something 
into nothing is called dissolution. cSii hue ; 
the changes of nature, production and dissolu- 
tion. < au-hue, oau-hue ! How lucky ! ho 
cSn-hue; good lu k. thcng-cau-hue ; as it 

chance. ua theng-cSu-hue lai 5 I chanced to 

come. lu raai" theng-caa-hue c6 ; do not do 

this hMp-hazfird. cla si bo cau-hiie kai, m si i 
own kai ; this is an unlucky accident, it is not 
what he designed. ue mai" theng-cau-hue 

ta"; do not talk at random. cau-hiie boi puah 
tieh ; happily you did not fall. cau-hue cSi ; 
very fortunate. sim si cS.u-hue ; exceedingly 
lucky, bo cau-hue ciu bo; if there is no favor- 
able chance it will not be done. m cai co hie" 
bo cau-hue, tui-tui i iTi to ; do not know why I 
should have been so luckless as to be there just 
when he was absent, m cai co-ni hie" cau-hiie 
chua lai kau ho ; do not know how it was that 
the fates were so propitious in the bringing 
home of the wife. keh ni iu cau-hiie se" kai 
tau-kia"; the next year she had, moreover, the 
good luck to bear a son. ci'a si theng-cSu- 

hiie ; this is fortuitous. ci kia" su theng lu 

kai cau-hue; let this matter be attended to 
whenever you have a favorable chance. i 

theug-cau-hue ai° lai; he will come when chance 
favors. i theng-cau-hue co ; he makes some 

now and then whenever he happens to have 
the opportunity. liang c^u kai kua"-si 

tl-tiang ii cheng-li ? Of the two parties in the 
lawsuit, which is in the right ? cSu cheh ; put 
on the recoi'ds. co su raai" cjlu chu; in 

transacting business do not be flurried. cau 
ngan, cau gu ; an entire fabrication. kha 

cau hue-cam siu-sek ; skillfully made head 
ornaments. si i cau khi-thau ; he was 

the inventor. ci ciah thi''-si>''-chia si 

ii-tiang cau-khf kai ? Who invented this 
sewing machine ? i chang-cSu thi°-ti 

bvvn mueh ; he created all thiugs. tai cSu 

kai .su si co-ui ? What is the gist of the 
matter ? khun cau ; a girl's horoscope, 

khien cau ; a boy's horoscope. cSu ( iig ; make 
arrangements for a funeral. kiii cau ; your 

birth. lu kai kui cSu si sim-mih si jit, sim- 
mih ni gueh ? Wheu were you born ? cia si 
phong tieh u c5.u-huo ; this is a run of luck, 
phong tieh ii cSu-hue lia ciu lai; when cir- 
cumstances are propitious I will come. png 
tiam eu cS,u kai ; made in our own shop ; home 
manufactures. lu kai Qe si png liam cu cSu ; 
this is story which you yourself make up. 
theng-cau-hije cng ; to use as we may happen 
to want it. theng-cJiu-hite boi; sells it when- 
ever he happens to have a chance. thengf 
cau-hiie khu; goes now and then according to 
circumstances. theng-cS,u-hue ai"; whenever 
it happens that it is wanted. 

cSu 122 A protecting cover; to cover. 

34 8 cS,u miu kai p6 ; a vail for 
the face. kle (;au ; a cover to keep the dust 

from a sedan. teng c3,u; a lamp shade. eng 
mueh cS,u mi", cia" boi chue tieh liuang, ia boi 
nah-sap ; take something and cover it up, then 
the wind will not blow upon it, and it will 
not become soiled. 

cSu 100 A black, or very dark gray 

954 2 color ; lictors. 
cau-hwn; copperas. ni cau-hwn ; color with 
copperas, cau-kak ; legumes of the Gledltschia 
Sinetisis, used in making coarse soap. cSu- 

pang ; cau ti ; lictors ; criers in a cortege, 
cSu-cong ; the chief lictor. cau-thau ; head 

lictors. put hun cSu peh ; does not discrimi- 
nate between black and white ; unreasonable. 

yj^^ ce 210 To abstain ; a fast ; lenten 
J^^ 10 ~3" fare ; a study or closet, 
cu-ce ; a student's room. co cu-ce, ha sie te ; 
sit in the study and blow hot tea; elegant 
leisure. tiang-si khui cu-ce ? When will the 
school begin ? ciah ce ; to live solely on 

vegetables, as do many devout Buddhists, ce- 
kai ; to live as a vegetarian, tiang-si piet ce? 
When does the fast end ? ciah tng ce ; fast 
perpetually, ciah hue ce ; fast at certain tixed 
periods. kia"-jit tiii ce-khi ; to-day is a fast- 
day, ciah ce p6 cek ak ; fast as an offset to 
wickedness. cia pia" si ce kai a .si chp kai ? 

Is this sort of cake lenten fare or not ? ci ie° 
chai u nang ta" si ce kai, u nang ta" si chp 
kai ; some say this vegetable is ^ lenten fare, 
and some say it is not. ce tng ; a temple 

whose inmates fast. ce ma ; women who 

abstain from animal food. cp mang-ce, a si 

CO kong-tek ? Is it to be a private or a public 
funeral ? 




c4 38 An elder Bister. 
973 6^ ce-mue ; sisters. ke ce ; ray 

sister. leng c4 ; your sister. toa ce, jl c6 ; 
the eldest and the next to the eldest sister, ce 
hu ; an elder sister's husband. sin b6i kfti a- 
ce kfa"; a newly bou<^ht concubine. sdk sin 

kS,i a-ce ; a concubine taken out of a brothel, 
chiah-kha ce ; a natural footed concubine or 

ce 9 A debt. 

10 11 kluani c6; owe a debt. hfti" 
ce ; pay a debt. ce-cu ; creditor. ce-kia"; 

debtor. ci°-c^ ; the money due. ju tlid iSu 
ce ; as difTicult as the collecting of an old debt, 
khiam nfing kui cb ; to owe some one. c6i" 

86° coi" 81 kliiani lu kai ce ! In a former life I 
died indebted to you I suppose ! tlid ce ; 

demand what is due. p^'ig ch ; lend money ; 
shave notes. th(5 ce kui ; a troublesome 

imp. th(5 ch kia°; a bad child of mine, 

sent to rae as a punishment for sin. ci°-ce 

sbi ku ; the debt is of little consequence. ce 
hoi" wn ; the debt is paid in full. lap n&ng 

cek sin c^; owes a debt that it will take all his 
life to pay. ci°-ce lap pin mak ; in debt up to 
his eyes. ci"-ce bo thang hd h&i"; not where- 
with to pay the debt. ce i7i kio i th<5 ; would 
not demand the amount due from him. ci tlo 
ci^-ce cHu-hue i Hen tieh lia, i7i kio ua thd ; 
peradventure he may have pity upon me, and 
not demand the amount of this debt. c6 hai" 
bile cheng, hok si phoi to sio teng, hok si 
pliah siu-toa" kliut nAng ; when the debt is 
paid in part only, perhaps the amount paid 
will be entered on the account, or perhaps a 
receipt will be given for it. 

^ c6 1 Once; nt once; as soon as; 

1095 at the time ; before verbs it 
often makes the participial form, 
ce thoi" ciu pat ; knew it at one glance. ce 

thak flu pat ; knew it after once reading it. 
ce oh ciu 6i ; having learned yon will be able, 
jl ce si'a (iu sek ; by writing the letters you be- 
come familiar with them. ohui ce ta° kii eiu 
kut ; by saying them over constantly you get 
so tliat you can pronounce them easily, ce lai 
ciu u loa-bo-mueh nang; when they once come 
there will be a host of people, ce klm ciu hie" 
kii ; when he does go he stays a long time, 
ce cp ciu seng ; as soon as he began he accom- 
plished it. ce pe° eiu boi ciah ; on becoming 
ill he could not eat. ce sie° tieh ciu khi ; 

whenever he thinks of it he becomes angry. 
ce ta" ciu hau" ; as soon as it was spoken of he 
consented. ce khiu ciu kheng ; as soon as it 

was asked for he assented. liQ c6 loh cln loli 
ni hau" hiah ; when it once begins to rain, it 
rains as if it would never stop. mai" ce co 

ciu cp ni hiah ; do not go on forever when you 
have once begun. lia ce thoi" r7i ki", lu 

ciu can; whenever am not looking, you run off. 
lia ce hb t6, lu cp-nl do m thak ? Why is it 
that you stop studying, whenever I am ab- 
sent? ua ce chut koi, lu k&i mng tieh cie' htf. 
h<5 ; when I am gone out, you must watch the 
door carefully, mai" ce ciah ciu ciah kau cie' 
c5i ; when you do eat, do not eat so much, 
lia c6 ta" ciu si cie-se"; when I have once said a 
thing I adhere to it. iia ce ham, lu ciu tieh 

Ifii ; when 1 call yon, you must come. i cS 

chie lu ciu soil cp ke kai ; when he laughed 
you mistakenly thought it was untrue. c6 

kau-chap ciu cai ; while associating with him 
you will Gnd out. c6 thia" da \n ; answered 
as soon as I lieard. 

jl^ c5 7 An adverb of comparison, ana- 
, ~~^ 796 5 logons to the termination er ; 
partly ; rather. c6 h<5 c6 ; make a better one. 
khiie c6 ; speedier. 86i c€ ; smaller, t&ng c6 ; 
heavier. tkm eg ; wetter. chit ta eg ; wipe 
it dryer, thiu kng-kut eg ; plane it smoother. 
s6i chcng-khih eg ; wash it cleaner, sau p^h 
eg ; sweep it cleaner, cfl-soi ce ; be more care- 
ful, iia" c6 ; later, ca eg ; earlier. 

l^ '■ cS A contraction of cek e ; once ; 

1 183 a little while ; for a while, 

khut lia th6i" eg ; let me take a look at it, 
theng ce ; wait a bit. tang ua eg ; wait for me 
an instant. hi° eg ; give it a shake. khut i 

phak eg ; let it sun a little. 

eg 40 A stockade; a palisade ; a hold; 
..?Hr 10 11 a corral. 

ia" <g ; barracks. sua" eg ; a hill fortress, 

chak eg; a bandit's hold, kiap eg ; to plunder 
a post. ce cu ; the owner of a stockade, 

hie" eg ; a forti6ed village. eg cab ; the gates 
of a fortress, ce mng ; the entrance to a hold, 
ce chie"; the wall of a stronghold, ce l2.i ; 

within a guarded retreat. 

ce" 6 To wrangle ; to strive : to emu- 

29 6 late, 
ce" soi"; strive for precedence. ce" kong ; 

emulate merit. hau" ce"; quarrelsome. ce"- 
to ; to qnarrel. ce" ui-chu ; contest a position, 
ce" chi toh chang ; wrangle about the wife, and 
seize upon the land. 8p ce" u hSn ; the diffe- 
rence is a slight one. sie ce"; to contend, sie 



ce" boi, sie ce" boi; rivals in trade, sie re" ke- 
hiio ; a squabble about tools. sie ce° kfa°; a 

contention in regard to their children, sie ce" 
sie ji'ang ; disputing in loud tones, sie ce° lio, 
sie phah ; a dispute leading to blows. nin s(5 
ce" kai to si bo-siang-kang kai su ; what you 
are contending about is a very unimportant 
matter. cia to mien .sie ce° ksli ; this is some- 
thing that there need be no debate about, ai" 
sie ce" mih su ? What occasion is there for 
wrangling about it ? 

^4fl ce" 7 A well ; a deep pit. 
y I 993 2 ce" cui ; well-water. chl-ce° 

kai nang ; a huckster ; a loafer. khui ce"; 

Hn ce"; dig a well. ko ce"; an old well, 

kham ce'*; to cover a well, thun tie ce"; fill up 
a well, put ce"; clean out a well, ce" ki"; the 
brink of a well. ce" pi"; beside a well. ce" 
kha; by ihe well, ce" teng; a roof over a well, 
ce" chie"; the walls of a well, co ce", kwn thi"; 
sitting in a well looking at the heavens ; an in- 
experienced person. leng ho" ce"; the aqua- 
rium at the entrance of a temple, under the 
images of the dragon and the tiger. ^^g^^ 

ce"; money vaults. thim ce"; an open court 

within a house. ce" kho ; well rounds. ce" 
cua"; a well spring. ce" toi ; the bottom of a 
well. ce" min ; the top of a well. tio-p ce"; 
a well with a sweep. koi" ce"; the hollow 

above the collar bone, ce" siu ; the 22nd cons- 
tellation, six .stars in Gemini. lau ce"; a trap 
door in the floor of an upper storey. ui ce"; 
the socket in which a mast is set. lim kuah, 
kut ce"; wait until thirsty, before digging a 
well. sua ce"; a pit in the sand, to hold the 
water of an ebbing tide. ce" ham; the side 

of the well has caved in. cieh ce"; a crevasse 
in rocks. hu ce"; deep places where fish hide 
in pools. 


ce" 170 A pitfall. 

994 4 hara-ce" ; a trap for wild 
beasts. liu kai ham-ce" l&i tie" i ; dug a pit 

and entrapped him. 

n^ ce" 72 The clear blue sky; the 
H H 996 8 weather clearing up after a 

thi" ce" k(5 ua ; long continued drought. ho 
ce"; the rain has ceased, ce" ta ; dr}^ weather, 
thi" ce"; clear weather. ce" kii h'o ; it cleared 
up long ago. thi" ai" ce" h'o ; it is clearing 

already. ho loh ili hau" ce"; it rains as if it 

would never stop. tieh ii pak huang cia" oi 

ce"; if the north wind came up, it would then 
clear. ci cap jit, thi" boi ce"; there has been 

no sunshine these ten davs. oi ce" ua clu ki' 
khu ; should it clear, I shall go. cek choi" 

ngAu png ci" cp cek ni ciu ce" khu ; got rid of 
a thousand dollars of capital in one year. n§ 
ce"-ce", huh-jien ciu toa huang ho ; a sudden 
tempest in bright weather. 

•^^ ce" 174 Still, quiet, noiseless. 
Ry 994 8" ce"-ce°; very etill. tlam-ce"; 
motionless and noiseless. ua°-ce"; quietly, 

ara-ce"; secretly. thiam-ce"; undisturbed, 

thim-ce"; sunk in oblivion. ce"-s6i ; attentive, 
sim tieh ce"-s6i thoi" khu, cia" u tit ; you must 
pay close attention and then you will retain 
something of what you study. me" ce", ke" 

chira ; in the stillness of the midnight. ce" 

sie"; quietly think. ce"-ce" khu cp; noiselessly 
went and did it. m ce"; unquiet. khah ce"; 
too lonely. ce" chio-chio ; perfectly noiseless, 
tiam huang, ce" nng ; still air. ce°-ce", b6 

nang cai ; quietly so as to let no one know. i 
kai ngan-sin io ce"; the expression of his eye 
indicates a quiet mind. 

— ceh — 

>^^ ceh 120 To splice threads. 
7|»^ 986 11 phang ceh ; to spin and splice 
threads. ceh coi ; to join the fibers used in 

weaving cloth. ceh u yeh coi coi ? How 

much thread have you prepared ? 

ceh 154 To reprove ; to reprimand ; 

957 4 to be responsible for; a duty; 
a charge ; a fault. cu ceh ; self reproach, 

ceh-hwt ; to punish. ceh-pi ; to reprimand, 

ceh-mng; to interrogate reprovingly. kue- 

ceh ; faults. khin ceh ; a duty of easy per- 

formance, tang ceh ; a heavy responsibility, 
ceh seng ; to carry through. ci'a si lia kai ceh 
seng ; this duty devolves upon me. ceh-jim 

tang cai ; a very weighty responsibility. toa 
ceh-jim ; important duties. poh-poh ceh ce; 
to reprove slightly. ceh si-cap poi"; 

a punishment of forty blows with a heavy bam- 
boo, ceh-rae"; to reproach in violent terms, 
ci kai ceh-jim m-hp tho ; this responsibility 
cannot not be evaded. tng ci kS,i ceh-jim; 

bear this responsibility. 

ceh 128 Official duty ; title ; office. 
70 12 ceh-jim ; an office and its 
duties, ceh hun ; the duties of an office, kua" 
ceh ; official title. ceh wn ; a functionary of 

any grade under a red button. sip ceh ; a 

hereditary office. keh ceh ; deprive of office, 
ui su keh ceh ; throw up an office through fear 
of it difficulties. toa ceh hue ke ; retire from. 



office, retaining the official titles. sin ceh ; to 
receive office, ceh su; the business connected 
with an office. t/en-su put leng si tit ceh ; 

an inferior justice cannot take leave of his 
official duties. hong slm-inih kua" cell ? 

What official title has been conferred upon 
him ? 

I ll ceh 9 Oblique or inclined, (used in 
//V 959 2 reference to the eight tones), 
phe" ceh ; the even and the inclined tones, ceh 
sia"; the other than the two even tones. ceh 
un ; rhymes in the inclined tones. c{ k&i jl si 
phe" a si ceh ? Has this letter an even or an 
inclined tone ? 

— cek — 

'KS ^®^ -^ A candle. 
A^l 97 13 lah cek ; wax candles. cui 
cek ; a cat-tail rush. ce cek ; candles having 
no animal fat in them, chp cek ; a suet tandle. 
boi c6k tiii loa cek ; buy a couple of large can- 
dles, tfam cek ; Ham cek ; light a candle. 
soi° suah cek ; previously prepare the candles 
for lighting, by lighting and inverting thera 
for a moment. ie cek ; make candles. pun 
kue cek; blow out the candle. teng-nang 
khu cie° cek; go and put a candle in the 
lantern. so cek-sim ; twist candle wicks. 
dim cek kut ; insert a peg in the lower end of 
the candle. cek tieh boi k3.u lah kfii, huang 
cia" chue bo hie" 6i lui ; in buying candles, get 
those made chiefly of wax, and then they will 
not be so apt to run down when the wind blows 
on them. cek kue kliui ; the candle has gone 
out. chiu mui" ji'i tieh cek-iu ; do not get 
your hands daubed with candle grease. cek 
sai ; the snuff from a candle, ho khu a ki cek 
lai tiam ; go and get a candle and light it. 
ci ki cek h'am lio bo hie° kng ; this candle 
does not give a good light, chai-hue kai cek ; 
a candle of varied colors. tang pang hue- 
cek ; the candles in a bridal chamber. chong 
thi" lah cek ; an enormous candle used in an 
illumination in the open air. cek tui; a candle- 
stand, cek kong ; a small candle-stick, 
t^ng cek, siah cek, peh-thih cek ; a brass, 
pewter, or tin cylinder, Jiolding oil and a wick 
for burning it. cek-taikha; siah eek-kha; a 
candle-stick holder. cek-tih ; a low candle- 

-til cek 29 A father's younger brother. 
*C^ 779 6 a-cek; cek-pe; father's young- 
er brother, cek kong ; lS,u cek ; c6 cek ; grand 
father's younger brother. cek peh hia^-ti ; 

male cousins, whose fathers were brothers. 

chin cek-pe; pau cek; father's own jounger 
brother, the two having the same mother, cek 
tiet ; uncle and nephew. hlu cek kong ; great 
grandfather's younger brother. a-cek kia"; 

an uncle's infant <;hild. thang a-cek ; gi-and- 
father's younger brother's son. cuang a-cek ; 
great grandfather's younger brother's grand- 
son. c6k cek; a distant cousin on the father's 
side. Koi cek; what a wife calls her husband's 
younger brother. 

J^^ cek 115 To store up, to accumulate, 
'T^ 986 11 to increase, to multiply. 
CJ'k huk ; happiness derived from works of 
SHpererogulion, (a phr-ase used by Buddhists), 
cek ak ; an accutnulation of sins. cek-thiok ; 
to araasR. tun-cek ; to heap up. tun-cek oi"- 
ngfin ; to amass wealth. cek tek ; to increase 
in goodness. cek ni; added years. jit cek 
gueh liii ; days and months multiply. cek ni, 
liii gueh ; a prolongation of life. Iiii-cek c6 

c6k e; collect in a single sum. p6i° cek ua°; 
to adjudicate the accumulated cases. cu-cek 
CO cek tu ; congregate in one swarm. cek 

hueh ; the blood has settled there. cek khi ; 
to nurse wrath. kii ni kai cek tak ; the 

poisonous accumulations of many years. cek 
kii kai mueh ; long hoarded things. cek ku 
kai pe°; a disease of many years standing, sio 
huang khu cek; aperient and cathartic, 
phua" cek hueh ; relieve congestion. 

cek 86 To estimate ; to sound ; to 

900 9' fathom. 
cek-^ng ; to conjecture ; to calculate ; to make 
an estimate. co-''^ cek-.'-ng to in chut ; 

however much I cogitate upon it, I cannot 
make it out. ce cek-sng cu chut; as soon 

as you reckon it over you will see what it 
amounts to. 


cek 18 A rule; a standard; where- 
956 7 fore; in that case, 
huap-cek ; a rule or pattern to go by. it cek 
co-ni, ji cek co-ui ? What is the first step in 
the process, and what the second ? it cek 

loll ho, jl cek cie° sie, chTing ciu koi hwt; 
firstly there must be rain, and secondly there 
must be warmth, then tlie rice will readily 
sorout up. cie°" iu (U cek khp, lu'e-se" ciu 
twn-twn ill- ho ; that method may answer, but 
the other will assuredly not do. jien-cek, lu 
cp-ni ta° ? If so, then what say 3'ou ? siii cek 
si cie''-se''; this is then the case. cek li; rules 
and regulations. siang cek chang, tong cek 
chang, hia cek ch&ng ; the upper, middle, aud 
lower field. 



cek 115 Pnnioled niillet. 
r3C ^87 ~To su cek ; the two kinds of 
millet. ci sla i;ek toa"; the altar at which 

offerings are made to the gods of the land and 
of grain. 

,_ cek 1 

Dang ; a person 
ki pit ; a pen. 
mueli ; a thing 
cek ko bak ; a cake of ink 
a bird. cek ciah gu; an ox 

One ; a, an, the ; entire. 

cek te'iig bo ; a cap. cek k3,i 
cek kia° .su ; an affair. cek 

cek ki teng; a lamp. cek ie" 
cek khiiii p6; a roll of cloth, 
cek ciah ci'o ; 
cek ciah cun ; 
a bout. cek ciah chiu ; one hand. cek kha 
Bie"; a box. cek liii hue; a flower. cek c9,ng 
chiu ; a tree. cek tio sph ; a rope, cek khiiu 
phun ; a grave. cek co thah ; a pagoda, cek 
koi" pang; a room. cek lua .sa"; a jacket, 

cek liap tau ; a bean, cek tali hfin ; a cumulus 
cloud. cek tio huu ; a fldk of cloud. cek 
bo chang ; a field. c^k khu hng ; a garden, 

cek kiu .sua"; a ball of thread. cek pi" sua"; 
a skein of thread. cek chph bf ; a small 

quantity of rice. cek pe iam ; a handful of 

Bait. cek pliong sua; a double-handful of 

sand. cek tun thoa"; a heap of coal. cek 
thah cu-cheh ; a pile of books. c6k png cu ; 

a book. cek khuh ciii ; a puddle of water, 

cek in cieh; a tier of stone.s. cek kah lia"; a 
set of ten rice bowls, cek cun ciii ; a bottle of 
wator. cek phe hue ; an apronfull of flowers, 
cek pau thng ; a package of sugar. cek tit 

ueh ; a perpendicular stroke. cek pe cha; 

a bundle of fire- wood. cek phx° mng ; a door, 
cek to nang ; one generation. cek pak cang ; 
a dumpling, cek tui koi; a pair of fowls, cek 
sang 6i ; a pair of shoes. cek tui pia"-i()ng; a 
company of soldiers. cek khuii is"; a flock of 
sheep. cek khun nang ; a throng of people, 

cek ueh ; a dash. cek phuah ; a stroke to the 
left. cek tiam ; a dot. cek cue ; a line, 

cek hieh cheh ; a leaf of a book. cek phien 

cu ; a page of a book. cek ciie hun ; a crease. 
cek cue pliang ; a crack. cek hang cu ; a 

column in a book. cek cue ji ; a column of 

letters. cek ui nang-kheh ; a guest. cek 
tie" ciia ; a sheet of paper, cek tu ngun; a pile 
of dollars. cek tu mi"-hne ; a small quantity 
of flour. cek huang ngun ; a senled packet 

of dollars. cek phit p6 ; a whole piece of 

cloth. c^k tang pia"; a cylinder full of cakes, 
cek ie kun; a petticoat, cek pa pui ; a pimple, 
cek to phu-tho ; a cluster of grapes. cek bde 
Lu ; a fish, cek tioh he"; a prawn, cek phau 
te ; a drawing of tea. chong cek phau te ; 

infuse some tea. c^k thiap ieh ; a dose of 

medicine, cek phit be ; a horse, cek tio ci°; 

a string of cash. cSk sia" ci"; a portion of 

money. cek hQn ke-ngiap; a portion of an 

estate, cek hong sua"; a hill. cSk ke" ceng ; 
a harpsichord. cek pak ji-ue ; a drawitig, 

cek phien cha; a splinter, cek ndi huti-kuah; 
a hill of potatoes. cek hwn phue ; a coverlet. 
cSk te" chai ; a bunch of vegetables. c6k ph5 
tek; a clump of bamboos. c6k cun ang-kfa"; a 
doll, cek lap ciii ; a dipperfuU of water, cek 
phiak clioi; a batch of dough. hai lia cp lio 
cek phueh choi ; put me to useless trouble; 
made me waste m}' labor. c6k ciu kie ; c^k 

tun kie ; c6k lio kie ; a bridge. cek kii, cek 

kii; sentence by sentence. lu cai via cek kii 

si cek ku ; you know I mean what I say 
and that there is no recanting nor shuffling, 
cek bwn ; ten thousand. hu cSk kai ; that 

one hd cek jit ; that day. hiah ke c^k jit; 
stay a day longer. hu cek p6i° ; on that side. 
ci cek nang ; this individual. cek sin thia"; 

my whole body aches. se" cdk sin piii ; the 

whole person covered with prickly heat. cSk 
rain khut mang ka kau cek tiam cek tiam 9,ng- 
9,ng ; his face has been bitten by mosquitoes 
till it is all little red dots, i cek p6i° chxu boi 
khieh phu ; he cannot raise his hand. c§k ut ; 
at a right angle ; a sharp turn. cek khek cek 
khek ; winding. cek pai, cek pS,i ; spread in 
rows, cek cak kia""; a short section, c^k khip 
cek khip khua"-khua" seng; round by round, 
gradually ascended. cSk keh cek keh khi 

khu; mounted step by step. cek kauh cek 

kauh khieh-khi ; take it up roll by roll. cie* 
thui cek po cek po ; went up the stairway step 
by step. kia" lo c^k huah cek huah ; strode 
along tlie road. cek lu cgk lu ; hummocks 

at short distances apart. cek cang c6k cang ; 
shelf by shelf. cek leng, cek leng ; furrow 

by furrow. cek ceng cek ceng; cup after 

cup. cek raak cek mak ; mesh by mesh, 

cek ge cek ge ; having spikes. cek phau cek 
phau ; tufted. cdk kak cek kak ; having 

corners, or angles, cgk coih cek coih; in slices, 
cek cng, cek cng ; brick by brick. cek h&p, 

cek hap; clash after clash (of cymbals). cek 
cih cek cih ; in even folds. c6k phiak, cek 

phiak; batch by batch. cek ie" cek ie"; twig 
by twig. cek cSm cek cSm; stage by stage. 

cek cak cek cak ; verse by verse. cek cie" cek 
cie"; chapter after chapter. cek iam cak iam ; 
in gradations, one above another, (as garments 
of unequal length, as mountains, or as slats in 
a shutter). cek seh cek .seh; piece by piece, 
(as pork that is laid out for sale). c§k sueli 
si sie°-ce°; that is one explanation of it. lu 
cai sie" cdk sie"; you think it over again, 
ceng cek sie" cia, cek sie" hi'a ; plant a bed of 



this and a bed of that. \ki cek bSng tia"; 

carae only once, phah i c6k e; struck him once, 
cheno; cek teiig p6 ; wore only one thickncHs of 
clothing. cek e cek e; stroke by stroke, 

khu cek cua tia"; went only once. thia" cek 

kiie ; heard it once. i''-keng thoi" cek kue Ho; 
have already seen it once. khu cek hie; go 
once. khu cek tng tIa"; go only once. cek 
si sio" Ml chut; cannot just now think of it. 
cek si cek kbek to m oi"; have not a moment's 
leisure. khu kau cek iii ; was there a year, 
cek k4i giieh khii si ha.rig ; goes four times a 
month, lu to lu cek pi° li, lia co lia cek pi" li; 
you attend to your affairs, and 1 will attend to 
mine. khia to cek pi"; stand on one side, 

cek chiu sin se° ceiig-ceng ko-siii ; the trunk 
of the tree is all covered with mould fliea. 
pang CO cek tit ; put them down so as to make 
a straight row. cek tit cau ; ran straight on. 
cek tit tng lai ; carae straight back. ke c6k 
khun-kia"; a little while longer. cek mak 

nib ; in just a second. Q c6k khun ; quite a 
long wbile. c6k siap-si ; a little while. c6k 
tng sin ciu Ifti ; will be here in the time it 
takes to turn around. hui c6k bui ; turn 

around once. cek thio clu khi khu; went up 
at one jump. niap c6k kai koi"; lay a plait. 

c6k kai cub, cek kai cub ; dimpled. c6k bu to 
che ; a set of knives and forks. cek koi" c6k 
keb khuab cS,i ; taking all the rooms together, 
it is very spacious, cek cbu cek cbii m sie t&ng; 
it is different in different places. cek kai 

kbang, cek kai khang ; interstices at regular 
intervals. cek kuii ; one catty. cek nie ; one 
ounce. cSk kbwn; of one kind, cek lui nAng; 
one class of people. cek sut-kia" ho-cie ; a 

little pepper. lob cek chob ki'a" si-iu; put 

in a little soy. till cdk nih-kia" cho lob-kbu; 
drop in a very little vinegar. cek sut-kia". 

nib ; cek sut-kia"-ni ; just the least bit. cek 
thiii tu-nek ; a leg of pork. cek tbiii koi ; a 

quarter of a fowl. cek ia°, cek ia°; en- 

campments at short distances from each other, 
extending over a considerable space. cek 

tui cek tui ; in companies, stationed a little 
distance apai't. u cek k&i ciu 6i cp tit ; if I 

bad one only, I could get along. u ke cek 

kai ciu ho ; if there were one more it would be 
enough. cek jit ta" ue bo biab ; talked the 

wbole day without stopping. cek me" bo ut ; 
did not sleep any all night, ciii pbun cek koi"; 
the water spattered all around. cek ni bo 

Boi ; did not wash it during an entire year, 
c^k m^° to phueb ue ; talked through tbe entire 
night. cek si nang; all his lifetime. min 
teng cek tab o-o ; a black spot on bis face, 
cek kai cbau-cang ; a rick of straw. kbun 

cSk kbiin chau ; make a hay stack. cu-cbang 
cii-cbang chin-cbie" ci cek ko cui-phueb ; 
porous like this sponge. cek cbiet kfii su to 
si ua li ; tbe whole affair was managed by me. 
cek-ki-llu; from that time on; during tbe 
whole time; from then till now continuously ; 
at one stretch. cek-ki-liu si eng i ; has em- 

ployed hini froin tbe beginning. c6k-ki-liu to 
ci-ko kbia-kiii; have lived here all the time. 

ySS c6k 85 Humid ; enriched ; redolent. 
i'Hp 958 13 tek cek ; rich in virtues, un 
cek; rich in mercy. kong cek; rich in merit, 
jun cek; rich in moisture, ho cek; moistened 
with showers. cek kip S,u sj ; benefit after 

ages. c£k kip tl e ; to enrich tbe whole earth. 

— ceng — 

Mceng 167 A small cup. 
106 9 cfu ceng ; a wine cup. 
td ceng ; a tea cup. id cetig p&a" ; a saucer. 


ceng lov 

A bell with flaring month. 

106 12 phah ceng; ring a bell. 

ceng bfang a bOe ? Has the bell rung yet ? 

si-ceng; a clock, ceng-ke ; a belfry, si-ceng- 
ke ; a cluck shelf, cd-ceng; a clock that stands 
on a broad base. c6k ti'am ceng ; one o'clock, 
sa" tfara piia' ceng; half past three o'clock, 
lu tboi" si-ceng k^i ti'am ; look at the clock and 
see what time it is. kbk ceng; ring a bell by 
beating upon it. kbio ceng lui ko ; ring bells 
and sound drums. cuang bak ceng ; ring a 

wooden bell ; to intrust business to a fool, 
ceng biang i7i tiii si ; tbe bell rang out of time, 
siu-sip ceng pie kai nang; one who repairs 
clocks and watches, ceng bQe bfang i soi" l&i ; 
be came before tbe bell rang. 

ceng 134 To pound with a pounder, 

115 6 held vertically, 
ceng bi ; to pound rice. ceng cbie°; to 

pound up a wall, ceng tho ; to pound up clay, 
ceng choi ; to pound rice flour. ceng th&ng- 
in-bue ; to make putty. ceng ieh-i"; make 

pills, ceng ci co kiie ; make dough for cakes, 
lu lai ceng, ua lai thai ; you pound and I will 
sift. i7i-b(5 ceng tieb i kai chiu ; do not pound 
her band. ceng kau cbui-cbiii ; pound it up 
into small fragments. ceng kau bu-bu ; pul- 
verize it finely. 

•jSe ceng 64 To batter ; to knock about ; 
j'tf' 784 IT to run against, 
ceng mng ceng bo ; batter down doors. ceng 
lia", tng tib ; smash tbe dishes, ceng puab lob 
khu ; knocked down by being run against. 



ceng ka-lauhcek kai klii; had a tooth knocked 
out. ceng kau lufik lia" ceng ; knocked hira 
BO as to cause his eye to swell up. tho ceng ; 
knock things to pieces, as in anger, ceng kau 
i boi kia" ; mauled him so he could not walk. 
th6i° keng sie leng, thoi" teng sie ceng ; 
pushing to see a tine view, or mauling each 
other at a puppet show. 

ceng 64 
30 8 

To strike with a horizontal 
^ ^ sti'oke. 

liah h'o tiii i kai sim-kua° li-li ceng; seized 
him, and struck him repeatedly in the chest, 
ceng tieh i kai hiap-e ; struck him in the side, 
ceng tieh ka-ciah, ceng bo hi ; it is of no use to 
hit him on his back. 

ceng 102 ceng-se"; cattle ; domestic 
98 6 animals, 
chi u jieh coi ceng-se" ? How many domestic 
animals do you keep ? ceng-se° k&i much sek 
cai ; dumb creatures are very knowing. au 

ceng-se" ! You nasty brute ! 

^.^^ ceng 119 The germinating principle; 
'|f5 99^ ~8^ t,he essence; before another 
adjective it sometimes makes that adjective 

ceng-khi ; the quintessence ; animal vigor, 
u ceng-sin ; vigorous ; sprightly. ceng-leng; 
spirited. ceng-sin cok cai ; full of vitality, 

bo ceng-sin ; no vitality. ceng-sin khun- 

toa"; a low state of the nervous system ; weak 
vitality. se" lai ceng-sin cai ; naturally very 
vigorous. sang m&k hob ceng-sin ; eyes 

bright and indicative of health. sin-khi bo 

h§ng, ceng-hueh u heng ; vitality is invisible, 
but the vascular system may be seen. ceng- 
kha ; skilled. ceng pia°; picked men. ceng 
Boi ; very small. ceng cho ; very ugly. ceng 
bio; very subtle. ceng-chiie ; the raari'ow. 

ceng-khi cliong cok ; abundant animal vigor. 
p6-iah ceng-kh\ ; recuperate the animal vigor, 
ceng-khi poh ; weak vitality, sim si se" ceng- 
hueh ; excellent for strengthening the system. 
p6 ceng, meng mak; strengthening the nervous 
system improves the sight. 

ceng 60 To reduce to submission, or 
74> 5 to chastise refractory states, 
chut ceng; go out to war against rebels, ceng 
tu ; to exterminate the rebels. ceng hwt; to 
subdue and punish. lam ceng, pak thau ; the 
south subjugated and the north brought under 
authority. ceng-pi f^u-ia ; a clerk of the taxes 
in a district magistrate's yamun. chut ceng 
pia"; veteran troops ; tried warriors. chut 

ceng kle" siu sia°; more is to be gained by 
going forth to conquer than by staying at 
home to defend. 

ceng 73 To duplicate, said of genera- 

962 8 tions only. 
ceng-c6 ; great grandfather. ceng-sun ; great 
grandson. ceng-c6-nia ; great grandparents, 
ceng-sun-hu; great grandson's wife. ci 

khau phun si cng i ceng-c6 ; this grave is 
the one in which his great grandfather is 

[■*-| ceng 154 Clean, chaste, pure. 
M^ 7S ~2~ ceng kiet; undefiled. ceng- 
cia"; upright. ceng-liet ; chaste, even unto 

death. siu ceng ; a betrothed girl whose 

affianced died before the nuptials, and who 
refuses to marry, ceng nng ; a virgin. ceng 
cak ; a widow who will not marry again, 
tong-ceng ; honest ; trustworthy. ^"g- 

ceng ci ; seeds of the wax tree, used in 

-lij^ ceng 32 To add ; to increase. 
"^i-t 951 12 ceng ke; augment, ceng ke 
jieh coi ? How much is to be added ? ai° ceng- 
thi°; will increase the amount. ceng ke-ci"; 
raise the price. ceng ke n^ng ; increase of 

population, ceng co ; increase the rent, ceng 
kiam ; increase and diminish. kia-ceng ; to 

add to. 

ceng 9^ A Buddhist priest. 
725 12 ceng tjiu ; priests and their 
teachings, liu-ceng; a wandering bonze, la- 
ma ceng; a lama or Mongol priest. iSu ceng; 
an old priest. ci kai am ii cek peh ceng ; 

this monastery has a hundred monks. ceng 
kang si; an official who governs his fellow 

ceng 9 A scout ; one sent to re- 
77 9 connoitre. 
ceiig-tham ; a scout. tng ceng-tham ; act as 
scout. phai ceng-tham khu che ; despatch 

a scout to reconnoitre, ci kai ceng-tham mia°- 
ke tham su; this scout is expert in discovering 

B^ ceng 109 The eyes ; the eye ball ; the 
H 993 "8~ iris, 
tie leng m tfam ceng ; to draw a dragon and 
leave out the eyes; to leave work without 
finishing it up. thoi" kau mak m cwn 

ceng ; gazing with motionless eye balls ; star- 
ing fixedly. 



yf^ ceng 86 To decant by steaming; the 
'jnit^ 74> 6 winter sacrifice, 
kau ceng kaa sai ; nine stearaingg and nine 
airings, ceng ngiap; entailed property whose 
proceeds are applied to ancestral sacrifices. 

X Jl^ ceng 61 Restless; afraid. 
I in. 74 5 ceng-chong; agitated. kfti 
ceng-cliong kCii pB"; is very nervous. ceng- 
chong kai nang to b6 ta"; nervous people are 
generally cowardly. 

lia ceng 118 Felicitous. 
y>\ 73 9 ceng-siang; auspicious; lucky. 
cli6iig ceng 86i keng ; take an auspicious time 
for cleaning the temples. 

j^jf}i ceng 118 A sort of virginal or harp- 
•• -j-i * 29 ~8^ siehord, having twelve brass 
strings, and played with a plectrum, 
cua" ceng ; play on the harpsichord. c6k ke° 
ceng ; a harpsichord. 

ceng 130 To swell ; to tumefy ; a 

107 9 swelling. 

ceng-tie ; to swell up. c^ng thia"; swollen 

and painful. phu-ceng ; puffed up. ng-puh 
ceng ; dropsical swelling. ceng kai pan ; a 

hard small swelling. ciii ceng; a watery 

swelling. che" ceng; a black and blue 

swelling. ng ceng phong ; a hard, permanent 
swelling. Ang ceng ; a red swelling. ceng 
hap ; an inflamed swelling. ne ceng-ceng ; 

badly swollen. tho ceng; sio ceng; to reduce 
swelling. hai i khau kau raak ceng ; made 

him cry so that his eyes are swollen. mak 

ceng kau peli m khui ; his eyes are swollen so 
that he cannot open them. ceng kau toa-bd- 
ki ; swollen to an immense size. ii{o-chu 

bue cin ceng iTi kia° si naug ; people are not 
frightened to death by a rat's tail, even when 
it is swollen to the uttermost. 

j WH^ ceng 86 Embers ; brands ; hot coals. 
/^^nL 989 14 hiie-ceng ; coals that may be 
used for starting a fire. hwn-lio chun u hiie- 
ceng me ? Are there any live coals left ? 

"l^m ^^"S ^^^ -^ ^^^^ 5 ^ germ ; a sort. 
^32. 107 9 ceng-ci; seeds. ia ceng- 
ci; to sow seed. loh ceng-ci; to put in the 

seed, ho ceng ; good seed. ni-bp ceng; bad 
seed, thwn ceng; propagate this variety, ho 
ceng-cak ; of good stock. sim-mih ceng-cak ? 
Of what species is it ? lau pang kp cp ceng; 
save it for seed. tau ceng; vaccine virus, 

png ti ceng ; indigenous. gQa kp ceng ; an 

exotic. ai" ll cek ceng? Which variety do 

you warit ? c&pceng; illegitimate, cap ceng 
kia"; !i bastai'd. cf-kp bp cfa ceng ; this sort 
does not grow hereabouts. maiig ceng ; seeds 
that grow plowly ; perennial. khiie ceng ; 


y0C teng 66 To put in order; to repair. 
TF*^ 75 12 chi-chi ceng-ceng; put in 
tine order, siu-sip kau chi-ceng cfti; arranged 
very perfectly. ili chi m ceng ; all out of 


ceng 104 Disease; tho causes and the 
76 5 symptoms of disease. 
pe''-ceng ; diseases. ceng-hftu ; a malady, 

mug ceng; to ascertain the symptoms; to 
diagnose a case. th6i° ceng; consider 

the causes of the ailment. jIn ceng ai" tia", 

roai" jIn t£t° ceng; in telling the symptoms, 
precision is e.ssential, else you may confess to 
a disease you have not got. toa ceng ; a 

serious case. gQa oeng, Ifii ceng ; external 

and internal diseases. keng nglam-kue k&i 

ceng; a well understood malady, of k&i ceng, 
lia keng nglam-kue coi chu ; I have treated 
many cases of this kind before, ci k&i pe°-ceng 
iak-Uak cek kai gueh ciu h<5 chwn-jii, lu mhi' 
kia"; you need not be apprehensive, this ail- 
ment is one of which you may be well in about 
a month. sfin ceng, ngdk ceng ; a disease 

which follows or varies from the usual course 
of the disease; one which does or does not yield 
to treatment. kip ceng ; acute diseases. kii 
ceng ; chronic diseases. kin ceng ; a violent 
attack. hiam ceng ; a dangerous attack, 

ngui ceng; of a virulent type. ceng tSng 

cEi ; the ailment is very severe. ci Ie° ceng 

io khin ; this .sort of ailment is not very severe, 
cia ceng kin-kip cSi ; this malady is of a very 
acute nature. si ceng ; season complaints, 

si-leng ceng ; cholem. un-mut ceng ; a plague 
oi" pestilence. i si lau-sai ceng, lu mai° khut 
i ue tieh ; he has incipient cholera, do not you 
catch it from him. kani tJeh i kai ue khj, 

tiu oi khut i kai ceng ue tieh ; if you absorb 
the exhalations from him, you will catch tlif^ 
disease from him. tham-hiie ceng; con- 

sumption, iig-sua ceng ; jaundice, ko-ceng ; 
dropsy of the bowels. lu tlioi" ei kai ceng 

tx khu seng a hue ? Do you consider that 
this disease has reached its climax ? ceng 

seng ciu ph ui ; a disease that has reached 
its climax is difiicult to cure. cia ceng bp 

ui ; there is no cure for this disease. cia 

ceng ho ui a m bp ui ? Is this disease cui-able 
or incurable ? thai-kp ceng 6i ue tieh nang 



a boi ? Is leprosy contagious? nfn mai" kin", ci 
kai pc" ceng boi \ie iiang ; you need not fear, 
this disease is not infectious. iTi b(5 kliu 

kbut i kai kbi chong tieh : ci ie" ceng si li-bai; 
you should not breath in the exhahitions from 
his person and bedding : this disease is of a 
malignant type. khi ceng ; kuai ceng ; 

rare and strange diseases. pien ceng ; to 

explain the nature of a disease, pien ceng; to 
change the nature of a disease. sa"-crip-lak 

ceng ; the thirty-six varieties of disease. tieh 
ceng ; diseased. si ceng ; a deadly disease, 

nge ceng ; past all help by medicine. mng 

ceng hwt leh ; attend upon and prescribe for. 
hng iTi tui ceng ; this prescription is not ap- 
plicable to that disease. ni6h m kah ceng ; 
the pulse is not such as accords with the 
symptoms of that disease. 

.ti^L ceng 109 All ; a concourse. . 
^y^ 108 6 ceng nang ; every one. 
ceng ui ; all of you gentlemen. kong ceng ; 

the public in general. tai ceng; the whole 

concourse. ceng mak fo si ; ceng inak cio- 

cio ; every eye saw it. tai ceng ke ; all of you. 
ceng nang, ceng su ; mankind and the affairs 
of mankind. sim si hah ceng; very agreeable 
to all concerned. ci kai nang m hah ceng ; 

this person is unpopular. kiia" put tek ceng ; 
one is no match for many. ceng hie°-li; all 

the villages. ceng hia"-ti ; all the brethren, 

chut ceng; above the common. nang chai 

chut ceng ; more talented than ordinary people, 
piin-nia chut ceng; excels others in ability, 
koi ceng ; the many in the streets. po ceng ; 
those ordinarily in the market places. ceng 

phb ho ; all the shops. hang ceng ; those in 

the warehouses. ceng kheh-siang ; all the 

merchants. ceng cun ciah ; all the boats, 

ceng hang-khau ; all the warehouses. 

ceng 149 To testify; to substantiate ; 
76 12 to prove. 
ceng-ki°; to witness. co kang ceng kai n&ng ; 
witnesses, cp ceng-ki"; be a witness. u nang 
ho CO ki^-ceng; theie are those who will testify 
to it. ceng-ku ; proof. u ceng ii ku ; there is 
proof of it. cieh ceng; visible proof ; circum- 
stantial evidence. co ceng ; use as evidence, 
ceng sit ci kia" su ; adequate proof of this. 

■^"^T ceng 115 To plant; to cultivate; to 
TM 107 T beget. 

ceng hue, ceng chai, ceng chiu ; to plant 
flowers, vegetables, and trees. ceng cui- 

chau ; plant bulrushes. ceng kue-ci ; plant 

fruit trees. ci ko chang phe''-phah ai" ceng 

CO tia h(5, a si ai" ceng co cia \\6, a si ai" ceng 
CO hun-kiiah hd ? Have you decided that it is 
best to plant this ground to flax, to sugar- 
cane, or to potatoes ? ci ko ti, hd ceng u kiii 
taa ceng ? How many pecks of seeds should 
be put into this lot ? c6i" n&ng ceng chlu, 

Su nang cia im ; the pioneers plant tree.s and 
their successors enjoy the shade. ceng cph ; 
to till the soil, ceng ie"-ta.u ; to vaccinate. 

'ttD^ ceng 66 Politics; government; the 
J*XV 76 4 departments or measures of 
a government; laws. 

ceng su ; politics. ceng leng ; governmental 
orders. ceng ka; official admonitions. jiu 
ceng, ngiak ceng ; mild or harsh government, 
sien c6ng; a righteous government, chit ceng; 
the sun, moon, and five planets. pt^ng ceng; 
cipceng; to hold authority, ngi-ceng; a coun- 
selor of state. cham ngi ceng-su ; a council 
of state, lun ceng; discuss politics, pii-ceng- 
si ; pu-ceng-sai ; the commissioner of revenue, 
hong ceng tS,i hu ; a government officer. 

^T* ceng 149 To arrange satisfactorily ; 


905 2 to settle terms; to adjust; to 
equalize; to fix on; to criticise ; to compare ; to 
collate ; to edit. 

ceng khi, ceng tia"-tieh lio; a set time has been 
agreed upon. ceng mdng ; to arrange an 

armistice ; to make peace. ci pang cu i"-keng 
chia" toa mia"-sek kai nang ceng-cia" kiie ; 
have already invited a celebrated personage to 
revise these books. 

< (^^ ceng 30 Denotes time past ; usually ; 
^ 27 11 ever. 

bue c§ng ; has not yet had. ua ih cSng ; I 

never did. ceng a iTi ceng ? Hcas it ever yet 

been ? ho ceng m si? How is it that t/j ere has 
never been any ? i m c6ng c\e°-so"; he h as never 
been thus. biie ceng ii ; has never yet had. 

ci kai c6ng, ci k^i m c6ng ; this one has, but 
the other one has not. ceng klm a bue ? Has 
he ever been yet ? c§ng ciah a bue ? Have 

you ever eaten any before ? ceng lai me ? 

Has he come ? ceng co ho a bue ? Is it finished 
yet ? i hue ceng u ; he has not yet had any. 
i m ceng u kia" ; she has had no children, i 
bue ceng u kia"; she has not yet had any child- 
ren, ceng sie" kiie a m cong ? Have you tested 
it ? i in ceng khieh lai ; he has not brought 

it. i r7i ceng khu ; he has not gone, i m ceng 
co; he has not made any. via m ceng thia"; 

1 have not heard. kha ceng cp chin a bue ? 

Has he yet engaged a wife ? ceng ta" kiie ; 

I have said so already. 



-^•^ ceng 108 All; entirely. 
jSl 989 9 cek sua" ceng si cleh ; the 
mountain was wholly of rock. of k&i tl-hng 

ceng fi sua"; this country is all raountainong. 
hue-ling lai ceng si hue-b^k kiie-cf ; the garden 
was filled with flowering slirubs and fruit 
trees, cf cua" nslng ceng si ho k&i ; these peo- 
ple are all good. ci chph ue ceng si cf cuang 
t-u kai ; this talk is all about this affair. clu 
jit ceng si su ; something is going on all day 
long. lia tliia" tieh ceng si lu kfti Qe ; I 

understood that all that was said was said by 
you. thong-sin cgng si m6°; his whole body is 
covered with hair. cf k&i tl ceng si sua ; 

this soil consists wholly of sand. cf k&i sua" 
ceng si sSng-pch, b6 mih chau ; these hills are 
all covered with firs, and there is hardly any 

^^S ceng 85 Clear ; to make clean ; to 
1^^ 994 8" purify. 

ceng-ceng ; limpid. khiet-c6ng; pure. ceng 
chfa ; to wash the hands of something, kang 
ceng ; to cleanse. klm kau kang-kang c6ng- 
ceng ; that which defiled is taken completely 
away. kang c6ng si cfa k&i ; this is the clean 
and empty one. 86i ceng ; wash so that none 
of the former uncleanness remains, sau c6ng; 
sweep out clean. 

"jV3E ceng 175 To tranquilize ; to keep 
jt-3 994 5 in order. 
ua"-ceng; well ordered. ua"-ceng tl-hng ; 

restore peace to the country. t&ng tin-th&i 

l&i p5i" cek ua" Su, tl-hng clu fo ua"-ceng ; 
after the general-in-chief came and put the 
country in order, it was more settled and 
peaceful. pheng-ceng kfii li-hng; a tranquil 

— ci — 

>(« ci-cu 167 Petty ; trifling. 
-Q lo30 8 ci-cu nioh-sioh; petty 
stinginess ; very small in his dealings. 

>^^ cf 162 This ; here ; the nearest. 
jXJSt 39 7 cf kai ; this one. cf ciah cun; 
this boat. cf cang chlu ; this tree. cf png 
cu-cheh ; this book, cf kia" mueh ; this thing, 
cf kha thang ; this bucket. <-'i-kp 5 here, 

pang to cf-kp ; put it here, pang to cf lai ; put 
it in here. cf pi"; on this side, khieh chut 

cf gua; bring it out here. ci toi ; inside here, 
cf cuang su ; this affair. cf cek si ; just now. 
cf cun ; this instant. cf kai si-hau ; at this 

time. cf kai, hti kai, lii raki" khu kvvn i ; 

whatever he does, have nothing to do with 
him. CO cf k&i, cp hii k&i ; doing sundry 

pieces of work. lu tiam-tlam th&k cu, raki' 

phueh cf k&i, plmeh hu kai, niak ia mai" th6i" 
cf, thoi" hu, sini ia niiii" sie" cf sie" hu : cie" se" 
thak cia" koi pat ; study persistently, and do 
not be talking of this and of (hat, nor be look- 
ing hither and thither, nor be thinking of all 
sorts of things : if you study thus, you will 
readily learu. 

1^ cf 89 Seeds ; offspring. 
J 1030 kiie-cf; fruit, ceng-cf; seeds, 
th^n ceng-cf; to propagate seeds. t§ cf ; tea 
seeds, seng-peh cf ; seeds of the fir tree. 

PH cf 80 Only ; merely. 
^^67 2 cf ci cek kla"; have only this 
one. cf kwn ; on the spur of the moment, 

lu cf kwn til"; you said it inconsiderately, 
jitn lu c6-ni ta", lia cf si m thia" lu ; whatever 
you say, I shall pay no regard to it. cf ki" fi 
c6k k&i nftng ; saw but one pei-son. cf hd 

cio^-se" cp ; this alone is the right thing to do. 
ua cf si kio lu cie°-se° ta", peng b6 hie°-se'' ta"; 
I have said but this to you, and have not said 

|Lk cf 77 To stop; to cease; to detain. 
_|r^ 56 ci cfi ; cause to stop, cf iTi ctt ; 
cannot stop it. cf i mai" lai ; stop him from 
coming. cf hueh ; staunch blood. cf cle"; 
alleviate the itching, cf kuah ; ci &u ; quench 
thirst. ci sia ; stop purging. cf kua"; anti- 
sudorific, tong cf ; cease motion. ho cf Ifo ; 
the rain has cea.sed. cf hiah ; to stop short. 
cf au ; cause retching to cease. m cf sa" kai ; 
not short of three. ku cf; deportment. b6 
tla" cf ; no fixed purpose. Q kai tia" cf ; has a 
definite object. 


cf 88 An elder sister ; (the same as 
1031 ^ ce, which see). 
i kiii kai cf-mue ? How many sisters has he? 
cf no kai si chin cf-mue, hu no kai si thang cf- 
raue ; these two are sisters, those tv^o are 
cousins of the same surname. 

-l-tL cf 82 A foundation ; to found. 
<dL 66 T ki-ci ; a basis. co-cf mdng 

kai ti-hng ; founded that place. m cai i kai 
cii cf ; do not know his dwelling place. kfi 

ki-cf ; old foundations ; ruins. cxe ku ki-cf 

khf ; build on the old foundations. 

j^^ cf 64 To point out, as in illustration. 
4^ 57 ^ cf-tfam ; to point out. cf-sl ; 
to show by reference. cf-hui ; to signalize, 

lio ju cf cfe" ; as plain as your hand. cf tang, 
kheksai;to point one way and go another. 



CI kk; to teach by illustration. ci tang (ieli 

sai ; tlie appearance of one gesturing at a di.s- 
tance. li tin" hwt-sl ; swear by heaven. ci 
pak ui lain; betroth children before their birth. 

1^ ci 72 Will ; purpose; intention. 
1^ 57 ~2 hong ci; receive orders, chia" 
ci ; ask for orders. sW ci ; the sacred will, 

the imperial decrees. to ci ; orders received, 
sia" ci pai ; tablets on which imperial ordeis 
are written. ci-x ; purpose, cu ci ; the mean- 
ing of a book. cie" ci ; the scope of the 
chapter, cak ci ; the sense of the verse. 

-^I2i ci 149 To repair to. 
ft^ 284 ~6~ i ka-kl chin ci bio teng kia" 
hie"; he repaired in person to the temple to 
offer sacrifice. i kai pin-ci ho; his proficiency 
is commendable. 

Jft^ ci 120 A nankeen or purple color. 
>|^ 1031 ~5^ ci-sek ; brown. ang-ci ; 

purple. ci-kim sia"; the Forbidden City. 

IPI ci BO A short foot in length. 

57 6 ci chieh cu tl ; but a step. ci 
chieh cu kang ; work close at hand. siang li 
put kue ci chieh ; but a very little space be- 
tween them. 

T^rt ci 75 Vertical supports or bars. 

^^C 506 '8 lang-kang ci; the vertical rails 
in a balustrade. theng ci; vertical bars in a 


ci 204 To adorn with braid ; to 
HI 68 1)' embroider. 
cam ci ; embroideiy. cek chiu ho cam ci; 

fine needlework done by one hand. mia"-ke 
cam ci ; skilled in embroidery. chwn kbau 

cam-ci to jit ; depends solely on fine needle- 
work for her living. 

c\ 133 Even till; upon; to reach 
GO to ; to extend ; tlie sol.stices ; 
the greatest degree. 

cfi ko ci kim ; from ancient times till now. si- 
c\ ; all around. si-ci hur-meng ; clear all 

around. ci chu ; on this account. bo so put 
ci ; no place where he does not go ; omni- 
pre.'jent. ci kau ci-kp ; extends to this point, 
ci kau tl-kp ? Where does it reach to ? put 
ci kau cie"-se°; it does not extend to such as 
that. ci kek ; the utmost limit. ci chiet-io ; 
of the utmost importance, ci seng-sit ; wholly 
sincere. ci ho ; the very best. ci m ho ; the 
very worst, ci toa; the largest, ci kui"; the 

highest, ci khuah ; most spacious. tang c\ ; 
the winter solstice. he ci ; the summer 

solstice, tang-ci iSu ftng ciu ; the red wine of 

ci 154 To offer presents cereraoni- 
^ ^ 61 11 ously. 
ci-ki"; to visit, with a present, ci loi ; a polite 
presentation. ci-keng; present as a token of 
respect. ci ngi ; offer the customary fee on 

entering school. 

jStS^ fi 113 To bring an oblation ; an 
Jif^ 965 6 offering ; sacrificial, 
ci su ; to offer sacrifices. ci-bun ; a written 

prayer, burned after it is offered. ci-tek ; an 
elegy hung up befoi'e the tablet during the first 
seven weeks of mourning. pai ci ; to arrange 
offerings. pai lo ci ; lay out offerings along 

the way. ci-si ; an overseer of sacrifices. ci 
sin ; make offerings to the gods. ci c6 ; make 
offerings to the manes of ancestors, ci pin ; 

things offered. chun chiu ji ci ; the spring 

and autumn oblations. ci thi" ti ; worship 

heaven and earth, ci sia cek ; worship the 

gods of land and grain, khi ci ; offerings to a 
deceased parent. tio ci ; offerings made to a 
deceased friend. 

■^ll ^^ ^? "^^ limit; to govern; a rule, 
rpy 69 Q a practice ; mourning usages, 
ci-cak ; limitations. u cak-ci ; under regula- 
tions, huap-ci; rules. ci-to ; to restrict, ci 
cu ; an Imperial order, ci-thfi-i ; the governor- 
general ; Your Excellency. ak-ci i ; restiain 
him. ak-ci i ni cii ; cannot curb it. siu ci ; 
cun ci seng hok; in mourning. ngiam ci, chu 
ci ; mourning for a father or for a mother, 
hiap-ci ; to intimidate. 

*}i^K ci 86 To succor; to bring about; to 
iJ^ 964 M further ; to complete, 
si ci; bestow alms, kiu-ci ; to succor, cin-ci ; 
to rescue, m ci su; inadequate for the purpose. 
cia°ci f-u ; adequate for the purpose. ci kip ; 
help in an cmeigency. ci kia" f-u ci a i7i ci ? Is 
the business compassed ? oi tit ci ciu ho ; if it 
can be brought about it will be well. 

•"I ^ ci 61 Determination ; will ; what the 
^^^ 61 3 mind desires, 
ci-khi ngan-ngan ; a fixed purpose. ci-liam ; 
a resolve. ci hiang ; inclination ; object, 

i kai sim-ci nge cS,i ; his heart is fixed on it. 
sim-ci nng t&i ; his refolves are weak. tit ci ; 
attain one's object. tit ci co kua"; attained 
the desired official position. hue tit ci ; un- 

attained desires. put tit ci ; unattainable 



desires, lang-lang tit ci ; evidently succeeded 
in his purpose. ci-khi boi lui; don't be dis- 
couraged, bd ci k&i naiig ; an irresolute 
person. Up ci ; fix the resolve. u ci keng 
sSng ; determination overcomes. Q t&i ci ; 
has high purposes. toa ci-khi kai nftng ; one 
with liigh re.solves. lu kang-kli(5 tieh ju- 
k^Mg klang-khi c\ ; if in ditliculty, you must bo 
the more determined. 

\\J v\ 145 To compound, as medicines. 
59 8 huapci; rules for compound- 
ing. Ji(5 c\-huap; a good recipe. tleh ci ktiu 
hiie ; must compound it nine times over. c\ 

ieh tieh ci tieh hd ; in compounding medicines 
care must be taken to do it accurately. c\- 

cSu ; the manufacture of medicines. pft ci ; 

decoct by boiling. liii-kong pu-c) ; concocted 
by the god of medicine. 

j| ci 18 A ; a prescription. 

ilj 961 14 c6k c\ ieh ; a course of medi- 
cine. 1)5 c\ ieh ; the medicine faken in two 
doses. cf h6k loh toa ci ; this presciiption is 
for a large dose of medicine, thio-ci; to arbit- 
rate between. 

IV^V c\ 170 A limit ; a line of juncture. 
|/I> 965 11 chu ci ; this occasion. <ek 
mo" b6 ci ; a boundless view. bd hSng, b6 i;i ; 


"^ ci 
|l4i^ 61 

pi" 11 ko mo 
the tombstone 

149 A record. 
7 mo°-ci ; an epitaph, phun- 
ci-meng ; there was an eulogy on 


ci 185 To lick with the tongue. 

761 4 ci thoi" sim-raih bi-.«6 ; lick 
it and see how it tastes. Iftii gu ci tok ; the 

old cow licks tho calf; the old love cliildren. 
ngio-b(5 ci ngio-kia°; the cat licks the kitten. 

p ci 49 The sixth of the twelve 
Lm/ 838 branches, 
ci si ; from 9 to 11 o'clock A. M. i si it-ci ni 
se° kai ; he was born in the year which is 
second in the cycle of ten, and flixth in the 
cycle of twelve. 

— ci" — 

ci" 82 Felt; rough and nappy fabrics. 

43 5 ci" bo ; a felt hat. ci" tio ; a 
rug. ci° t(5i; felt soles. ci''-thang; drugget, 
tho ci"; shoddy ; felt made from cotton. iu 

ci°; oiled felt, mo" ci"; plush, sai ci"; foreign 
carpeting. ju cq cam ci"; like sitting on 

needles. pho ci" kak chai ; carpeted and 

curtained, ie" ci"; foreign blanketing. 

ci" 130 The limbs. 
55 4 si ci"; the four limbs. ci"- 
tlioi ; the body. 

y^ ci" 65 A branch or tribe ; to advance 
>^^ 64 money. 

ll-ci"; the twelve branches. ci" cng ; to pay 

out. ci° kang-nguii ; to give out tho wages. 

ci"-phai ; a tribe or clan. ci' ci" lai eng ; 

advances tlie money to be S|)ent. hue" ci" ; 

a collateral branch of the same family. ci" 

cieh ; to advance tho outlay, ci" sio ; disburse- 
ments. Iftm ci"; wastefiilly expend. ci" 11, 
irrelevant; evasive. ci" cu; a child of. ci"- 
thi ; to make a protege of. tAng sbi ci"-thi 

kau toa; brought him up from infancy. pI i 
t<5 ci"-th! ; it is she who pays his expenses, bd 
nang ci"-thi ; no one looks after him. 

l"^£ ci" J54 To take in both hands and 
^^l 964 8 offer respectfully ; to send, as 
ft dispatch; to give, as a present. ci"-sang bun- 
cu khu tSu-thai ko tAu ; handed in a dispatch 
to be delivered to the Intendant of Circuit. 

'^^^ ci" 42 Wedge-like; tapering. 
..^V 977 8 kha-ci"; the toe. i Bug kba- 
ci" khu nek i ; he gave it a shove with his toe. 
khut i kdi kha-ci" thak khu kkn cQ si khu ; on 
being kicked by him, it died. 

Hrt "' — Unctuous. 

/Ir 55 6 ci°-ko ; unctnoas matter. 

peh-se" hiie kai ci"-ko; the fat of the people, 

(their money). minkpminci"; the fat of 

the land. cieh ci" ; unctuous earths, used in 


ci" 115 Immature ; young. 

60 8 ci" cu ; a young child. iu°- 
ci"; young and small. hwn-h'o I'o ci"; is still 

rather immature. ci"-kp, ci"-k<5 ; juvenile. 

ap-ap-ci°; fresh and fair. thoi" tieh hvvn-lio 
ap-ap-cf°; I see that you still look blooming:, 
mueh khah cf"; things that are unripe. ci"- 

lun ; plump. ci"-ci" ne ; very youthful. ci" 
hieh ; young and tender leaves. cf-cii kai 

sim ; 3'outhful in heart. 

/t^Y fi" 118 An arrow ; an archer. 
^IJ 978 9 sia ci"; to shoot arrows, 
keng ci"; bows and arrows. keng-ci" kvvn si 
to ka keng-ci" kai ti-hng; a shooting gallery 
is a place where arcliery is taught. lu si 

ciah pai-tp, a si ciah keng-ci" ? Do you get 
your living as a swordsman or as a bowman ? 
hiie ci"; a rocket. tie" nau"-ci" sia ho"; sent 
an arrow from his crossbow and hit the tiger. 



ci" feia tieh a sia in tieb ? Did tlie arrow bit 
tbe mark or did it not ? cbi'u ci"; an 

arrow sbot fi'oni tbe band, witbout a bow. 
pang ne c\"; sboot at a venture. bfaiig ci"; a 
wliizzing arrow. be ci"; mounted bowmen, 

po ci"; unmounted bowmen. lio ci°; a good 

sbot. siang li put kue cek ci" (U (I ; not more 
tban a bowsbot apart. kuang-im su ci"; time 
flies like an arrow. am ci"; a secret arrow, 

ci" tab tie" keng bi"; tbe arrow is biid upon tbe 
bowstring ready to be sliot. tit kiie ci", nge 
kiie tbib; straigbter than an arrow, and liarder 
tban iron. cbab bi" ci°; pierce tbe ear witb 

an arrow as a punisbment. leng ci"; a landom 
sbot. ci" kua°, ci" nek, ci" mo"; tlie sbaft, 

tbe point, and tlie featber of an arrow. i kai 
ci"-nek cu tak ieb kai, sla tieb bneb lau cl'u si ; 
if a poisoned arrow draws blood deatb follows. 

Tm^ ci" 64 To crowd ; to jostle; to press 
4/^ 964 14 closely upon, 
ioiig ci"; pusb and crowd. oi-oi ci"-ci°; to 

jostle and pusb. ci" m tin-tang; cannot make 
it budge. sie ci" sie koili ; to crowd eacb 

olber. ci" to i sin-pi"; pressed close to bis 

person. mai" ci" kbab bua; do not crowd up 
too close. tbeng ci"; crowd carelessly. cbe" 
ci" jip kliii ; crowded forcibly in. ci" boi tit 

jip ; cannot crowd in. ci" boi tit chut lai ; 

cannot press my way out. i kiiut nang ci" 

si khu lua ; be was killed by pressure in the 
crowd. jwn ci", ci" m kbui; however mucb 

you crowd you cannot crowd through. ci" 

kau cek sin kua"; crowded till tbe perspiration 
started out all over bim. sa" kliut nang ci" 

lib khu; his jacket was torn in the crowd. 

ci" 130 Healtby granulations on a 

641 5 sore, 
bu cbng-kbau pi" tbo ko nek-ci" cbut lai ; new 
flesh bas formed at tbe edge of tbe sore. 

^^^ "p^ ci° 140 cl"-chang ; an edible 
_J=^ — J— ^ 710 7 tuber, the water chest- 
nut, called also the "horse's hoof." 

ci" 167 Tbe tenth part of a tael ; 
982 8 copper money ; cash, tbe only 
coin which the Chinese now make. 
ci"-ngun ; money, tang ci"; copper coins, i u 
ci"; he is a monied man. ci'e" ci" no"; a miser, 
tau ci"; to exchange coins, cap bai ci"; chu ci"; 
tbe current rate of exchange, ten per cent of 
poor cash, toa ci"; good cash. ci" ki'a"; worn 
cash, au ci"; bad cash. ang ci"; copper cash, 
ciia ci"; paper cash. ci" ciia ; paper spirit 

money. ci" nie ; revenue in cash. tbiap ci" 

ciii; make allowance for surplus weight in tbo 
coin. ii ci" sai tit kiii oi bo ; who has money 
may employ devils to turn bis mill, tak 

jieb coi ci" ? What is its value in money ? ci" 
kbp thong sin ; money will move the gods, 
kiii ci" tang? How many mace does it weigh? 
cek ci" jieb coi ci" ? How many cash are there 
in one mace ? <i"-ce s6i-kii ; tbe debt is but a 
trifling one. khiam ci"; to owe money. bai" 
ci"; to pay money. thp ci"; to dun for money, 
siu ci"; to collect money. lai ci"; interest on 

money loaned. bp ci"; capital. thang ci"; 
earns money. thang toa ci" kai nang ; one 

well worth his wages. in sieb si'e ci"; not 

sparing of money. i kai ci"-cheng juu cJli ; it 
is very difficult to get any money from bim. 
ciah nang kai ci" coi cSi; made away with a 
great amount of money belonging to other 
people, se" ci" pjing sio; to shave notes, ciah 
kong ci" ; use up the public funds. khieli co 
kong ci" ; put it into the common purse, chun 
u jieb coi ci" ? How much money is there 
remaining? toi ci"; contributes money. cu 

ci"; coins money, .sai cu m-hp ci"; makes coun- 
terfeit money, ko ci"; ancient coins, kim ci"; 
modern coins. Ipb ci"; put down a sum of 

money. pbai ci"; pay money according to 

assessment. puab ci"; to ci"; to gamble. ia" 
ci"; win money. su ci"; to lose money. png 
ci"; one's own money, ci" pliie ; ci" cha ; paper 
money or bank notes. ci" cng ; a bank. ci" 
pho ; a broker's oSice. ci" chin kbui hue ; his 
geese lay golden eggs. khug u sai-khia ci"; 

he bas private funds. ci"-kng-8ob ; a cash- 

string. ci"-kng-spli min ; looks greedily 

toward money. tbam-ci"; covetous. ngien- 
ci"; parsimonious. bau" ci"; avaricious. ai" 
ci"; eager for gain. lii ci"; a bribe. loi ci"; 
fees. sai eng ci"; secret spendinga. ua" cp 
ci"; exchange it for cash. 

— cia — 

*lft* cia 162 To screen ; to shade ; to cover. 
Jly *^ 38 11 cia jit, cia buang, cia bo; to 
screen from tbe sun, tbe wind, and the rain, 
ho-cia ; an umbrella. cia thau p6 ; a scarf 

used for covering the head. cia min p6 ; a 

veil for the face. cia min ; to shade the face, 
cia raak ; shade tbe eyes. cia sin ; screen tbe 
person. cia rai°-mi"; screen closely. cia-p6- 
pbang ; an awning. gua min cia cek teng 

cua ; put a layer of paper on the outer sur- 
face, as a shield. cia iu-p6 kai m ui bo ; what 
ia covered witb oiled cloth will not be injured 
by the rain. kbieh kai kue-loib lai cia ; take 
a splint bat and screen it. khia ki si" khu 

cia jit ; hold up a fan as a son shade. 



cfa 88 A wife. 

966 5 ang-cia ; husband and wife. 

lau ang-oia ; an old couple. {"-keng cp jteh ! 

coi 111 ang-cia ; have been married for many 
years. j 

>^^ ci'a 162 A contraction of cf-kui, this 
3Lf^ 39 7 one, these. It adds erapha- 
RiH, and is sometimes used as an exclamation, 
intensifying (he meaning of what follows, 
ci'a ku, lia b6i ; I cannot do this sort of thing, 
cfa si li(5 kai ; these are good ones. c<a 

khak s6i ; this is much too small. c<a lia 

i7i (Sng ; I liave never done this. cfa ua 

ciu h.i°; tliese are just what 1 want. cia li si lu 
citi" fti"; this is just as you de.sired. da, k&i, 

hi'a k&i ; such as this and such as that. mai° 
ta° cia hia ; say nothing about it either way. 
Bie" ci'a, 8le" hi'a ; thinking of this and of that, 
cfa si lia, pftt nflng cIu cp iTi tit; it will do 
with me, but it would not be allowable to 
do so with other people. ci'a kI lu, pfit nftng 
lia cIu m hau°; it will do for you to do so, 
but if it were any other person who did so I 
should be dispicMsed. cfa si li'i; very well, 

since it is you. cfa f^X lia ; since it is me, very 
well. cfa cfa cfa cfa ci'a ! How very much out 
of the way this behaviour was ! 

cfa 126 This indicates that what pre- 
38 4 cedes it is the subject of a 
proposition ; it is also used to arrest attention, 
gan cfa ; the wise. nga cfa ; the stupid. tl 
pe" cia ; the sick. jin-ai cfa ; the benevolent, 
se" ci'a; the living. si cfa; the dead. kiie 

khu cfa; the departed. hue lAi cfa; that 

wliich has not yet arrived. th6i'' cfa ; the 

observers, thia" cfa ; the hearers. i7i pat cia, 
mai° i°-ui cp pat ; those who do not know, 
should not pretend that they know, ta-po cfa, 
cu-nie cfa, long-cong hua°-hf ; the men and the 
women were all pleased. toa cia, soi cia, l&i 

thia"; grown people and children came to hear. 
tng kek cfa mi", ph8,ng kwn ci'a tla"; the dullest 
are those that play the game, the < ertain 
what would win are the lookers on. hok-cfa; 
perchance. khi cfa ; I who commence this 


cia 140 Sugar cane. 
^Al\ 39 11 kam cia ; sweet cane. tek 
cia ; the bamboo cane. lah cia ; dark reddish 
sugar cane. suh cia ; eat sugar cane. khoi 
cia ; gnaw .sugar cane, ka cia ; to squeeze out 
the juice of oane between stone rollers, cia ka; 
stone mills for pressing cane. cia cap ; the 

juice of the cane, cia phph ; cane from which 

the juice has been expressed. cia poi"; the 

rind of the canes. cia liieh ; cane leaves, cia 
thau; the stubble of cut cane. cia hue ; the 

tops of the cane stalks. cia-cak ; the joints 

of the cane. cia mak; the points of union 

between the joints of cane. cia hfig ; cane 

brake, cia Ho ; sugar mills, cia thau ku; edi- 
ble grubs found at the roots of cane, cia khak; 
cane husks. cia ceng ; slips of cane prepared 
for planting. kliia cek pe cia; carrying a 

bundle of sugar cane, cf pe tk Q jieh coi ki ? 
How many canes in this bundle ? cia moh ; 
the tilm under the rind of canes. 

jMT cia 86 To compound medicines by 
^^'V 69 4 fiiraraering them, 
c'la-chau ; prepared liquorice. cia-chau si 

kam-clijiu eng bit khu cia kfti ; prepared 
liquorice is made by simmering liquorice sticks 
in honey. G k&i ki* clia, Q kai ai" cia; some 

are to he prepared by dry heat, and some by 
simmering, cia kang ; simmer down dry. 

cia 140 To make a means of; to lean 
>^ 973 14 on for aid. 
fl thang hp khut n&ng cia cia° hd ; if there is 
anything for us to depend upon it is well, da 
sin pf-Iu ; rely on the protection of the gods, 
cia twn se" su ; to make trouble about nothing, 
iiuiig ngun cia-cia ; jabbering and talking, cia 
cf kai wn-kii thp-si i ; take advantage of this 
state of affairs and get rid of him. b6 hd cia 
chfu ; nothing to lean upon. cia su bii-hai ; 

take occasion to injure. cia si khi-hu nang ; 
make power a means of oppression. cia hwn 
nang si ; avail one's self of the influence of 
foreigners. cia gd-mng si ; rely on official 


cia 118 A register ; the place for 
'^ 985 14 registration, one's original 
family seat or village. 

cu cia ; a register. cia kwn ; a census. hfio 
cia ; return to one's native village. png cia ; 
ngwn cia ; the original family seat. jip da; 
enter upon the records. niin cia; returns of 
the population. c6 cia si to ti-kp ? Where is 
his ancestral home ? to cia fang pe°; in his 

own village recruiting his health. to cia 

kai kua"; a retired mandarin. m5u° da; a 

pretended residence. 


— Cia — 
^ cia° 72 Crystal or quartz. 
h3 993 8 cui-cia°; crystal. chia ciii- 
cia°; to polish crystal on a lathe. peh cia'; 

qaartz crystal. o cia°; smoky quartz. tfc 
cia"; cairngorm stone. lam cia"; beryl. mp' 



cia"; moss-agales. ni6''-ciH° plii"-hun liu ; a 

siiulT-botlle of ngate. o cia" inak-kia"; colored 
spectacles. ciii-cia" in ; a ci'ystal seal. 

Tr^ cia" 77 The beginning of the year. 
 irt 75 1 cia" gueh ; tTie first month 
of the year, me" ni cia" giieh ; the first month 
of next year. sin cia"; the first of the new- 

year, pai cia"; make New Year's calls. cia" 
gueh thau ; the first part of the first month. 

B-H- cia" 130 I ean ; having no fat. 
1^ 993 '8 cia" nek ; lean meat. nek 
ciH"-cia"; the meat is very lean. ai" cia" a ai" 
peh ? Do you want fat or lean ? piia" cia" 

peh : a streak of fat and a streak of lean, cia" 
k&i ka" ciah, peli kai i7i ka" < iah ; can eat the 
lean, but not the fat. u nang hau" ciah cia", 
u nang hau" ciah peh ; some people like lean, 
and some like fat. 

^:i* cia" 119 An apparition ; a wraith ; a 
'Tl*] 992 ~8~ form taken by spirits, 
io-cia"; elves. cia" kuai ; a queer being. ku 
nl ciu seng cia"; after many years becomes an 
elf. ho-lai cia"; a sort of vampire that prolongs 
its own life by drawing away the life of people, 
ho-lai cia" 6i mi" nang ; the vampire fairy 
bewitches people. khut ho-lai cia" mi" khu ; 
led away by a vampire fairy. ku-cia"; a 

tortoise that has been made a wraith through 
age. io-cia" kiii-kviai ; all sorts of elves and 

ghosts. sia kai kie-cp io-cia", cia" kai kie-co 
sin-sien; the bad are called elves, and the good 
are called fairies. 

^>^ ci'a" 85 Fresh, not salt. 
l^lC 853 8 khah cia", iieh loh kiam ce ; 
it is too fresh, it must be made salter. cia" 

cui ; fresh water. ciah tieh peh-cia", bo bi ; 

it tastes as if it had not been salted at all, and 
is insipid. khah cfa" koi ui, khah kiam oh 

ui ; if too fresh it is easily remedied, if too salt 
it is hard to amend. pua" kiam cia"; neither 
too salt nor too fresh ; salted just enough. 

^^^^ cia" 66 To repair; to put in order. 
^^. 75 12 cia"-li ; to put in order, siu 
cia"; to amend. ham nang lai cia"-li ho; call 

some one to put it in repair. coi-cia"; to ad- 
just. c6i-c6i cia°-cia"; cia"-cia" c6i-c6i ; all in 
due order. cia" tun; to set to rights. m c6i 
ui cia"; all out of order. 


Correct ; straight ; exact; up- 
right ; legal ; the first, the 

TT^ cia" 
Jh 75 


si-cia"; squarely ; not awry. kong cia"; 

rectitude. cia" tau ; orthodox doctrines. 

cia" lo ; the correct way. kua" cia°, min b6 

6U ; the magistrates are upright and the people 
have no broils. cia°-keng n3,ng ; a moral 

man. in cia"-keng ; disregardful of law. co 
cia"-cia"; sit erect, cia" tong ; exactly in the 
centre. cia" a iTi cia" ne ? Is it correctly 

placed or not ? liah cia"-cia"; hold it straight, 
cia" hah si ; just in good time. lia cia" lai ; I 
just came. xia cia" m me" lu ; I did not scold 
you. i cie"-se" cia" hd ; it is just right 

so. lu cio"-se" CO cia" tieh ; in so doing you 

did just right, cia" tiig ; the main hall, cia" 
thia"; the middle room. cia" -in kua"; the 

officer who has the seal, and really holds the 
post. cia" loh; the main building. liah 

khu cia" huap; seize him and execute the law 
upon him. cia" ciiang; principal and 

secondary, cia" jJn kun-cu ; honest people are 
modest. cia" ka ; correct teachings. lia cia" 
ai" cai rang i to khu me ; I just wished to in- 
quire again whether he had gone. ji <ieh 
sia cia"-cia"; you must write the characters 
correctly. cia"-cia" si cie"-se"; it is exactly so. 
leng cia" tl-kp hue? Where is your wife from? 
soi" cia"; worthies of the olden time. kia" 
cia" mng, bp kia" phien mng ; uses the front, 
not the side door. cia" chi ; the chief wife, 
lip CO cia"-keng; made her Queen. 

fcl^ cia" 62 Perfect ; complete ; entire ; to 
/i)\i 77 "2 accomplish ; to finish ; to be- 
come. CO su tieh cp kau cia"; when you 
undertake a job you must complete it. cia" 
ciu ; brought to pass. chin i"-keng cp cia" 
lio ; the nuptials have already taken place, 
hin-hin cia°-cia"; perfectly successful, hin-cia" 
kai f-u to m cp ; he never succeeds in anything, 
cia" mia"; to make a name for one's self, 
cia" nang hue kai ue ; that verifies what people 
said about it. ue ta" lai m cia" ku-<au ; there 
is no sense in what was said ; the language 
spoken was in unfinished sentences, tau i kai 
hie'"-li kai cia" nang; inform the people of 
standing in his village, m cia" le" ; imperfect; 
not stylish. cia" sim-mih ie" ? How perfect is 
it ? se" lai cia" ie" cai; it is very well formed, ra 
cia" khi; incapable. Iang-t5u phien lu m cia"? 
Do I wish to cheat you ? cp cia" jit cp bue ho ; 
worked at it the whole day and have not yet; 
finished it. cia" cuang kio i boi ; buy the 
whole lot from him. cia" phit ; the whole 
piece. cia" chi" ; about a thousand. cia" cap 
kai ngun ; about ten dollars, cia" ke cia" tku ; 
to have a home and family. hwn-lio bue cia" 
ke ; has not yet become the head of a family, 
cia" mo" cia" ie" ; formed according to the 
pattern ; well formed and perfect. 



cla" 62 chin-cia"; relatives, not of the 
987 Y same surnarae. chin-cia", 

kio chin-n^ng, tl-tlang chin ? Which are most 
nearly related to us, our kith or our kin ? 

cia" 61 Human feelings. nAng-cIa"; 

996 8 humanity ; kindliness ; a dis- 
position to oblige or help others. i k&i iiaiig- 
cla" hd cai ; he is very obliging. thph i khu 

khi i kai nang-cla"; commit to her the exciting 
of his compassion. sla n&ng-cla"; express 

gratitude for kindness. 

— ciah — 

ciah 172 A classifier applied to ani- 
69 ~2~ mals, boats, furniture, and 
to things in pairs or sets when one is indivi- 

ciah koi, ciah gu, ciah n/o-chii ; a hen, an ox, 
and a mouse, ciah cun ; a boat, ciah f", ciah 
chng ; a chair and a table. ciah 6i ; a shoe, 

tok ciah bueh ; a single stocking. tok ciah 

m&k; ono-eyed. toa" ciah chiu; single handed, 
cek ciah chiu-cng-thau ; one finger. c6k ciah 
kha ; one leg. sang ciah chi'u kio i cih ; 

received it from him in both hands, knah t!o 
ciah hi"; cut off an ear. cek ciah ku ; a 

tortoise, cek ciah pit-p6; a bat. cAn ciah coi 
c&i ; a great number of boats. no ciah kha 

kia° kau sng cSi ; my feet ache badly from 
walking so far. cek ciah cui-thaiig ; a water 
bucket. chua b6 kui ciah tla''-lia°; have bat 
very few left. 

ciah 130 The spine. 

986 6 ka-ciah; the back, ie-ciah- 
kut ; the back bone. ie-ciah-kut co kii sng ; 
my back aches from sitting so long. ka-ciah 
S,n ; behind the back. kia" to i ka-ciah Su ; 
walked behind him. klua to i ka-ciah 5u; 

stood behind him. hui-tng ka-ciah Su khu 

thoi"; turned back and looked. pi to ka-ciah 
fiu ; carried it tied upon his back. ho lia ka- 
ciah ; good to lean back upon. piah ka-ciah 
S,u; skulk behind one. sie lia ka-ciah ; leaning 
on each other, back to back. 

>/fl^ ciah 162 A foot-mark ; a trace ; ves- 
'X^ 985 "^6^ tiges ; effects, 
kha-ciah ; footprints. chwn bo hun-ciah ; 

there is no trace of it. bo I'a" bo ciah ; no 

evidences of it. ii I'a" ciah ; there is circum- 
stantial evidence of it. heng-ciali khp-gi ; a 
suspicious appearance. peng bo cong ciah ; I 
can find out nothing about him. mai" raueh 
se° hun-ciah ; do not get it .scratched or stain- 
ed, lu kai sa° cp oi kai ciah kai ciah ? Why is 

your jacket spotted like that ? ho" kha-ciah ; 
the tracks of a tiger, sin kai su ciah; evidences 
of supernatural power ; miracles. chut 

khi kph ie° kai ku ciah ; marvellously strange 
effects. tab i kai kha-ciah; tread in his foot- 
prints, tue i kai kha-ciah; follow in his steps. 
b6 cong bd ciah ; no clue to it. b6 ciah li<5 

chQe; nothing whereby to trace it. chun u 

cek io° k6 ciah; an old landmark remains, 
mua-khf-ca \h\ thit-thd hu kui kai ko-ciah ; 
come to-morrow to play by those old ruins, 
chun kai kQ ciah ; a vestige remains. khiit 

h5 laa-tih lio se" ciah ; worn by the dropping 
of the rain. naug kia" u klia-citdi, cio pue Q 
loh njp"; a person passing by leaves tracks, a 
bird flying over drops a feather. i kai min 

cp-ni cek kai ciah cek kai ciah : si ai" tluii-kp 
a ill si ? Why is his face blotched : he is going 
to have leprosy is he not ? tn si, be ciah ; 

a concatenation, thoi" tieh kai ciah kai ciah ; 
appears to be scarred. 

ciah 172 - A swallow. 

997 8r ra6a°-ciali-cfo ; a swallow, 
liah mfta°-ciah su 6ng khim h<S° Iftk ; in catch- 
ing a swallow you have to use the same skill 
as in catching a wild beast. 

■jt]^ ciah-ko A partridge or grouse. 
fWj 39 kai sna" tliftu cCk ciah ciah- 

ko; each mountain has its champion partridge, 
ciah-ko bd nek, knt la so ; though a partridge 
have little meat, its bones are crisp. 

ciah 184 To eat ; to consume ; to live 
766 upon ; to drink ; to devour ; 
to imbibe ; to absorb. 

ciah piig, ciah pia", ciah kiie-cf; eats rice, 
cakes, and fruit. ciah ciii, ciah tfi, ciah cm ; 
drinks water, tea, and whiskey. ciah ce, 

ciah clip ; to live on vegetables, or to eat 
animal food. ciah hun ; to smoke tobacco, 

ciah a-phien ; to smoke opium. ciah pa ; to 

eat a full meal, ciah pa a hue ? Have you 

eaten enough yet ? ciah kau pa-pa ; eat till the 
appetite craves no more. ciah bue pa ; has 

not yet eaten a full meal. i to ciah ; he is 

eating. ciah ho lio ; has finished his meal, 

ciah pua° pak ; had eaten half a bellyfuU. 
ciah pua° kueh ciu ng6 tieh i lai ; when they 
were half through the meal, he happened to 
come. mai° ciah khah pa ; do not eat too 

much. i I'o soi, fsi ciah ni, boi ciah png ; he is 
rather small, and eats milk since he cannot 
eat rice, i hvvn ciah ni ; he is not yet weaned, 
cek ceng cek ceng ciah hph coi ; cup by cup he 
drank a great quantity. m kau i ciah ; there 



is not as much as he wants to eat. i iTi kau 

ciah ; she has not enough to eat. chla" i eiah 
toh ; invite him to supper. etah phi''-hun ; 

take snuff. ciah che° hun ; smoke green 

tobacco, ciah ciii-hun; suiokes strong tobacco, 
raih hvin to ciah ; smokes any sort of tobacco. 
i .si ciah hun-kuah ; he lives on sweet potatoes; 
he is very poor, tliang ciali thang ; (6a thang 
ciah soi tliaiig ; animals live on animals, the 
larger eating the smaller. lu si ciali cii-nang 
a hi ciah ka-kl ? Does your employer board you 
or do you board yourself? kliut nTuig ciah 

toa-bo-mueh ci" khu ; he had a large amount 
of money made away with by somebody. koi 
oiah hue; it easily ignites, ciah nang ciu nek, 
kang njiug co hok; be a comfort to those whose 
meat and wine sustain you. bo kong m ka 

ciah 16k ; dare not partake of the imperial 
rations unworthily. lia kwt rTi ciah ngan ; I 
shall certainly not eat my own words. toa 

ciah, soi ciah ; large and small eaters. chui 

siap boi ciah ; has no appetite for food. chui 
kut ciah ke ; has a good appetite. ui khui, 

6i ciah ; has a relish for food. ciah tit loh, 

eio tit khu ; if you can eat it you can digest it. 
ciah m loh ; cannot eat it. ciah Ho mai" ke" 

tieh ; do not let it stick in your throat when 
swallowing it. ciah li'o ku tieh ; choked in 

eating it. hau" ciah ; fond of it. ka-kl ciah 
ka-ki ; he feeds himself. keh-ciah ; indigest- 
tion. ho ciah a iTi ho ciah ; whether good to 
eat or not. ii ho ciah ; has food, bo ho ciah ; 
has nothing to eat. piig ciah ci"; an allowance 
for food. peh ciah ; eats it out of hand, 

than ciah ; pilfers food. ciah kau pui-pui ; 

has become very stout. cp-ni ciah kiiu i la" 

sang? How is it that he has become so thin ? 
ciah li oi ciah, toa li boi toa; he eats without 
growing. si ciah sie" a m si ? He has maras- 
mus has he not ? cek sim ai° tue kia" ciah, cek 
sira ai° kha tali chut; her mind was divided 
between remaining with her children, and 
marrying again, u thang ho ciah ; is provided 
with food. bo thang ho ciah ; has nothing to 
eat. ciah lio ; bread-stuffs ; victuals, ciah tu; 
a food-safe. ciah png chng ; a dining table, 

ciah siah ; to feast. ciah kiie-ci f^u tieh 

ki ; when you eat the fruit remember the 
branches. ci ciah cun ciu ciah chim cui ; 

this boat draws much water. cek jit 

ciah sa° tng ; eats three meals a day. ciah 

l5 ciii ; gets the dew upon it. ciah i kai 

khi ; takes in its exhalations. so ciah si sua"- 
tien hai-bi ; eats of the fat of the land. ui 

ciah leh ; loathes medicine. i r7i ciah ; he 

does not eat it. i m ciah ; he will not eat it. 
ko nang lai pa-16i ciah ; hire some to do the 

cooking. i pa-16i kSii much io hd ciah ; what 
she prepares is delicious. ciah tiara sira ; to 

stay the stomach ; to take a bite. ciah pfa" 

tieh nua'' ka-lio ; you can't eat biscuit without 
saliva to moisten it. boi choh mueh-ciah ; 

buy something to eat. b6 ko ho boi ciah ; 

there is no place in which one can buy victuals, 
siu-sip ciah ; prepare the meal. 13,u c^ali swt; 
one who sponges his food. ciah ciii iTi ta ; 

got into hot water. 

— ciak — 

ciak 164 To fill a cup ; to deliberate 
V 81 V upon, 
poll ciak; a slight repast, hi ciak; a marriage 
feast. no nang tui ciak; drank each other's 
healths, cim-ciak ju kia"; we will do what 

we decide upon after consultation. no nang 
cim-cira ciak-ciak ; the two were perpetually 
in consultation. cim-ciak kau hp-hp; 

arranged satisfactorily by mutual consultation, 
ua kio lu cim-ciak kia" su; I have something 
that I wish to consult with you about. ceng 
nang cp-ni ciak-ngi ? To what decision did 
they all come after consultation ? ciak-ngi cp 
cie''-se°; they decided to do thus. ciak-liang 
kau thp-thp tang-tang ; all is satisfactorily 
settled. chwn bo cim-ciak ; there was no 

consultation about it. lu mai" ka-ki td ciak ; 
do not act independently. ciak cp kai gueh 
cek tng ; adopted the decision that it should 
be done once a mouth, 

ciak 87 A title of nobility; a cup 
i>J 997 14 for libations, 
ciak-piie ; a wine goblet. ciak 16k ; rank and 
salary, kong-ciak ; duke. ho-ciak ; marquis, 
pek-ciak ; earl, cii-ciak; viscount, lum-ciak ; 
baron. ciak-hain ; titled people. hong ciak ; 
confer a title of nobility. 

■^4^ ciara 42 Tapering ; pointed ; sharp. 
^X^ 977 3 teng ciam cSi ; very sharp, 
ciam-lai ; acute. kha ciam cliin ui"; tapering 
feet and delicate hands, cng-thau ciam-ciam ; 
tapering fingers, siah kau ciam-ciam ; whittle 
it down to a point. b5i ciam ; blunt. so kau 
ciam-ciam ; roll between the thumb and finger 
to a sharp point. pit-ciam ; the point of a 

pen. so ciam te" lu"; roll and squeeze down, 
as women do their bound feet. mia"-ke so 

ciara te° iu"; expert in shaping bound feet; one 
who possesses great tact. ciam ta"; a carry- 
ing pole. chili ciam-ciam ; a needle shaped 



fin^ ciam 119 Water-grown rice. 
^ii 322 7 ciam hi; common rice, 
toa ciam ; large rice. ng ciam ; yellow rice, 

eng cut hi a eng ciam bi ? Do yon use tlie 
glutinous rice or that which i.s not glutinous? 
chara khah coi ciam bi ; mixed in too much of 
the water-grown rice. 

J^ ciam 25 To divine ; sortilege. 

I— I 43 8 ciam khhe ; divination, 
ciam kfti khue thoi" lip a i7i hd ; discern the 
omens and see whether they are favorable or 
nnfavorable. c{ kfii khue ciam khji in 16ng; 

this was a false prediction. ciam thien-bdn ; 
auger from observation of the stars. 

ciam 109 To look up. 
-14 18 st nang k(5 «iam-ng(ang k&i 
n&ng; he is one whom people look up to. ciam 
mo"; to anticipate longingly. 


Obliged, benefited ; to par- 
ticipate in ; to be a recipient ; 

v}Jb ciam 
iP 43 

to enjoy. 

ciam i kai knang ; had the benefit of his light; 
got it Ihiough his favor, tfeh fl h<5 khut nftng 
ciam kuang cia" hd ; it is well if you have any 
way whereby you tan help others. 


ciam 69 cfam-c6ih ; smoothly and 
12 7 evenly cut or wrought out; 
regular and straight ; clean-cut. cp khut cfam- 
c6ih cJii ; made very evenly. chii khf kau 

cfam-ciam c6ih-c6ih ; the house is built with 
fittaight lines and correct angles. i kai 6i c6 
lai l»ih-hah, iTi cfam-coih; his shoes are clumsily 
made, and are not nicely shaped. 

A ft ciam 9 To encroach ; to usurp. 
I pl 45 6 pa-ciara ; to invade and take 
possession of. ciam pting-i ; take advantage of 
to one's own profit. ciam ti ; encroach on 

another's land. ciam khuah ; to encroach be- 
yond the boundary. 

ciam 64 To search for with the hand. 
863 8 c!am kau khang toi-toi ; feel 
for it at the very bottom of the hole. to Idng 
toi ciam chut lai ; felt for and found it in the 
bottom of the bag. ciam tieh hu-toi cai-se"- 
ie° ? How does the inside of it feel ? chiu khah 
toa, ciam m jip ; my hand is too large, I can- 
not thrust it in. 

ciam 72 Temporary ; briefly ; for the 
946 11 time being. cTam si ; for a 
little while, ciam si cia" ku si ; the temporary 
has become the permanent. ciam eng sii si ; 

make use of temporarily, lia ciam na ci-kp ; I 
shall stay here but a little while. ciam cu ; a 
brief stay. ciam khla-khi ; a short residence, 
ciam chi'a' jira i ; please be patient with it a 
little while, png-png si ai" ciam kai; original- 
ly desired to take a temporary one. ci hfte 
bd, chia" ciam ce ; there is none at this moment, 
please defer an instant. ciam thang; earn in 
the interim. ta° chia" «iam eng. e-jit cia' 
I&i boi h(5 kai ; kindly make use of tliis for the 
time being, and afterward a better one can be 
purchased. h<5 clam rii ho chiang ; it will do 
temporarily, but not permanently, ciam ciah ; 
stay the stomach meanwhile. 

ciam 85 Gradually ; by degrees. 
979 11 (iam-ciam Ifti ; came on gra- 
dually, ciam jip kia-keng; it becomes more 
picturesque as you proceed, sun su, ciam cin; 
advancing in regular order ciam 16a ; gra- 

dually increase in size. ciatu soi ; gradually 
diminish. ciara-ciam bo khu; gradually dis- 
appeared, ciam-ciam ti°; gradually tilled to 
the brim. ciam-ciam khp ; gradually ebbs, 

ciam ciam i"; waxes slowly to the full. ciam- 
cian) khi ; gradually ascends. ciam-ciam 

kui"; gradually mounts up. 

— ciang — 

ciang 41 A sign of the future ; about 
9Q7 8 to ; a leader ; regarding ; 

ciang ciu ; presently, ciang lai ; in the future, 
ciang kau ; close upon. ciang ai° ciah ; about 
to eat. i ciang ai" khu ; he is about to go. 

ko-ciang ; it will do. jit ciang am kai si-h&u ; 
when it was nearly dusk. ciang si ; about to 
die. ciang ju cu h6 ? What can be done ? 

ciang jip ning ; about to go in at the door, 
ciang-kun ; a commandant. tSi-ciang-knn ; 

commander-in-chief. pa-ciang ; in regard 

to. pa-ciang ci kia" su, kio i la°; tell him 

concerning this affair. i pa-ciang lu, cp-nl 

kwn-thai ? As for you, how did he treat you ? 
thoi" i pa-ciang ci k&i su co-ni cp ; see what he 
will do in regard to this matter. 

3.^ ciang 57 To display; to publish 
^JK- 22 ~8 abroad ; to boast of ; to 
make much of. 

khai-ciang; to display, (as new goods), khua- 
ciang ; boa.stf ul. kuai-ciang cai ; very cross- 
grained, ci kai a-no^-kia" khah kuai-ciang ; 
this child is very cross. ciang-iang; to bruit 
abroad, u cii-ciang, bp cii-ciang; there is or is 
not a way to bring it about. sin khai-ciang ; 
newly displayed. meng mak ciang ta"; it was 
done openly. 




■^^^ ciang 117 Statutes ; rules. 
-^P* 22 6 ciang thia"; by-laws, thu- 

ciang ; an instrumeut to stamp orders with, 
kliek kai tliu-eiang ; engrave a stamp. cie 

ku ciang ; according to the old regulations, 
liiang ciang ; the present regulations. 

^^ ciang 64 To rule ; to direct ; to 
^j * 23 8 oversee. 
i to ciang-kwn ; he holds jurisdiction. si ti- 
tiaiig td Clang su ? Who has the direction of 
the affair ? si i to ciang ka ; he is the one who 
issues the directions. ciaug-kiii°; the book 

keeper. chu put ciang pia", ngi put ciang 

chai ; compassion will not control soldiers, and 
justice will not administrate wealth. 

ciang 168 Senior; to grow ; to pros- 
_ , 27 "O per. 
ciang-cii ; the eldest son. se" ciang to ci-ko ; 
was born and reared here. i i"-keng ciang- 

Beng lio ; he is already grown up. ke-ciang ; 
the head of the family. cun-ciang ; a vener- 
able person. ciang-lau ; an elder; a veteran, 
ciang pang ciang ; the eldest in the family of 
the eldest brother. cia hong-khi m hp ciang ; 
this practice must not be suffered to continue, 
e-jit ciang-cin tieh pat i, in-ui btie ciang-cm 
kai si-hau tit i ii nang-cheng ; when we have 
grown prosperous we must recognize him, be- 
cause before we became prosperous we received 
favors from him. ciang tha nang kai ci-khi; 
praised the other's good qualities. 

ciang 41 A leader ; to take charge of 
l»J 967 8" a force, 
pia" ciang ; a military leader. t&i ciang; the 
chief leader. mia° ciang ; a famous leader. 

Hang ciang; hp ciang; a considerate leader, 
sio Clang ; a youthful leader. lau ciang ; a 

veteran leader. cifi" ciang ; chief of the staff. 
hii ciang; lieutenant commander, cham ciang ; 
a brigadier general, phien ciang; a lieutenant, 
ciang kua"; army officers. hd-hang ciang ; 

renowned leaders, cien ciang ; wari-ior.s. pai 
ciang ; a defeated leader. me" ciang ; an im- 
petuous leader. iong ciang ; a brave leader, 
pin ciang ; an angelic leader, siang ciang ; the 
superior officer. suah ciang ; a veteran gen- 
eral, chut ciang, jip siang ; a general in war, 
a prime minister in peace. ciang mng cu cu ; 
of the breed of warriors. ciang leng ; general 
orders, ciang pia"; to lead the troops. ciang 
put ku sue ; insubordination ; the generals not 
obedient to the commander-in-chief. h6 cp 

ciang m hp cp sue ; he will do for a general but 
not for a generalissimo. ciang th^i ; a signal 

station. choi° pia" koi tit, cek ciang Iftng 

khiu ; it is easier to get a thousand soldiers 
than to find one general. oi to choi" kun 

bwn be tang chu tSi-ciang cu thfiu, ju thkm 
Idug chii miieh ; he can take the head of a 
general out of the midst of an army, as you 
would take a thing out of a bag. 

tt:^ ciang 109 A cataract forming. 

H-TP' 25 11 l&i- ciang ; paralysis of the 
optic nerve. che°-me° lS.i-ciang ; stone blind, 
kim mak Ijli-ciang ; bright eyed and stone 

y^^ ciang 87 To commend ; to enhearten. 
3>'>^ 968 il ciang sie"; to hold out re- 
wai'ds. chia" ciang ; request that a testimonial 
may be offered, khua-ciang ; to laud, ciang- 
sie" kun-su ; reward an officer in the army. 

ciang 50 hiin-ciang ; unreasonable ; 

24 8 incoherent, hun-ciang kai 
nang ; unreasonable people. hu chph ue ta° 
chut iai, ciig kai hun-ciang k&i ue ; all that 
was said was utterly incoherent. hun-ciang 
kai tong-si, mai" chai i ; he is an unreasonable 
creature, pay no heed to him. 

■^1^^ ciang 104 Noxious exhalations. 
y.^p. 24 11 in-ciang kai ti-hng ; an un- 
healthy country. sua" lam ciang-khi; a ma- 
larious atmosphere. 

ciang 170 To separate so as to screen 

25 TT or protect. p<5-ciang;a 
defense or protection. 

~y^'^ ciang 1 To measure ; to survey. 
^Jr^ 25 2 ciang tl ; to survey land, 
ciang thoi" jieh tng ; measure it and see how 
long it is. ciang sua"; measure wild land, 

ciang chang ; to survey arable land. jieh 

coi keng ciang ? How many chains is it in 
length ? kok ciang ; the Emperor's father- 


/TAJ t-i^ng 9 To fight ; weapons ; to rely on 
|yV 25 3 ta ciang ; to fight. phah 

ciang ; to join in battle. pai ciang ; defeated 
in battle. seng-ciang ; victorious. phah 

pai-ciang ; worsted in the fight. ta seng 

ciang ; victorious in the fight. ciang hi k&i 

lak ; rely on your strength. lia-ciang lu ; 

relies on you. ci kai nang hd khau-ciang ; 

this person may be relied upon. chwn ciang 
sin-ngi ; rely solely on his honor, ciang i kfti 
si ; depend on his influence. kia°-jit cia° ai° 
khui ciang ; to-day the battle will begin. 




ciang 75 A cudgel ; to cudgel. 
26 y kiiai-ciaiig; a staff or crutch, 
ciang cek peli ; give a hundred blows. sien 

ciang ; an abbot's staff or crosier, 

— ciap — 

ciap 64 To receive; to succeed to; 

975 8 to connect ; to splice ; con- 

sie ciap ; to join by splicing. ciap tit khf, 

ciap i7i kill; can or cannot connect tliera. 
seng ciap ; take orders for work. ciap clii'a si 
ti-ti;ing ? Who is his successor ? ciap-n4p ; 
to welcome. ciap-c6 cek k6 ; join into one 

piece. sa° ki ciap co cek ki ; join the three 

pieces lengthwise into one. ciiip klah-thd ; 

splice the wooden heel of a woman's shoe, 
ciap chfv 6i-t6i ; mend a wooden sole. ciap 

chlu ; to graft trees. ciap kut; to set a 

bone. ka" ciap kit kai ; oranges that are 

grafted upon limes. ciap chiii ; to take up 

the tale. e kiii kii ue i ciap loh kliu ta"; 

he continued with the few following sentences. 
ciapsa°-ng; piece down the sleeves. iiHug 

coi cJli, sie ciap sie ciap ; there are many 
people present, so that they are as many as 
have standing room. cui kuang ciap thi°; 

the water seems to join the sky. cinp cang; 
wear a false queue. pi° bue Fph ai° ciap kui" 
a ui" ciap ke ? Will you have the silk that 
forms the end of the queue braided in high up 
or low down ? khieh ke tio soh khu ciap tng 
ce ; take another rope and splice it on. thih 
si eng sim-mih huap-cak c-ia" 6i ciap tit tue ? 
In what way can iron be welded together? 
cun thau ciap tieh cun hue ; the bow of one 
boat was tied to the stern of the other. b6 

thang ciap sok ; there is no successor. ciap 

ke cek chieh ; lengthen it a foot more by 
splicing. tl-hng sie ciap ; their lands are 


c£ap 64 To win a victory, which 
976 8 demands quickness, 
khue ciap ; spry. lien ciap ; to attain degrees 
at successive examinations. tit ciap ; prompt, 
ciap po ; an announcement of victory. ciap- 
ciap ta°; ciap-ciap li-li ta°; loquacious. co su 
ciap-kwt ; acts with promptness and decision. 

— cie — 

cie 140 The plantain ; bananas. 
yrV\ 970 12 keng-cie ; ge-cie ; bananas, 
bali-cie; sour plantains. cek siu keng-cie ; a 
bunch of plantains. 

jtist cie 75 Pepper. 

I/IA 970 8 ho-cie ; black pepper. chwn 
cie ; small grained pepper. lah cie ; red pep- 
pers, khu boi kiii kfii ci° huo-cie lai loh ; buy 
a few cash worth of Cliili poppers and put 
them in. ho-cie buah ; pulverized pepper. 

ng6i h6-cie; to pound pepper in a mortar, 
suah ho-cie; season with pepper. h6-cie raai" 
suah khah kfta ; do not sprinkle on too much 


cie 64 To advertise; to induce; to 

31 6 entangle, 
cie ua"; to proclaim an amnesty. chut jl cie 

chong ; issue a call for workmen, cie n&ng l&i 
chong-tng ci kla° ku ; advertise for people to 
come and serve in this capacity, chut cie- 

thiap; issue an advertisement. cie t6i° ni& 

ke"; call for tenants to till the land. cie-p&i ; 
a sign-board, bo khut nftng tali cfa cie-thiap; 
does not allow people to stick bills here. cie 
nfing jip chu ; induce people to enter. cie 

chin ; engage a son-in-law, cie kia" ; bring 
a Kon-in-law into one's own family. cie ang ; 
take a husband. cie pia", bdi b^ ; to raise 

troops. cie-fn i l&i ; induce him to come as a 
convert or attache, kira jl cie-pfti ; a sign- 

board with gilt letters. cie boi cie boi ; to 

advertise in business. 

>Aj^ cfe 42 Few ; inadequate ; not much. 
^-^ 74:6 1 in h(5 cie ; it will not do to 
have less. 1(5 cie ; a very limited supply, ra 
cai ke a cfe; do not know whether there are 
more or boi cie ; there are no less. m 
cie ; put cie ; not a little. cie° ce ; diminish it 
a little, cie ci°; diminish the price, khah cie; 
too little. sng cie ce ; lessen the sum total 

somewhat, boi khah ke, boi khah cie; neither 
too many nor too few. kheng cie kau ti-ko ? 
flow much is he willing to abate ? ho kai sim 
cie ; the good are very few. cie th(5i''-ki'; 

seldom seen. cie thia"-ki°; seldom heard. 

ta° cie, kie" kiie ta" ke ; it is bet(er to say 
less than to say more. u coi cie ; has moivi 

or less of it. put kiie coi cie tia°; not exceed- 
ing a small amount at the most, ne cio- 
cie ; very few indeed. i io cie ; he has less. 
ua cie lu cek hiie ; I am a year younger than 
you, ci kp cie chut ci kai mueh ; there is 
but little of this to be found here. cui 
khah cie ; there is too little water. ciah cie ; 
eat but little. niu kai nang-miieh io cie ; 
there ai-e fewer of you, iTi hau" khut i cie ; 
would not let him have it for less, siang cie ; 
the least. 



cie 164 A requiam ; a sacrifice. 
iiiW 971 T2 phah cie ; to celebrate the 
All-souls festival, kien cie; in.stitute a sacrifi- 
cial festival. phah pheiig-aiig cie ; celebrate 
a festival thanking the gods for deliverance, 
phah hue cie; celebrate tlie autumnal festival 
of the god of fire. tali kai cie pe"; set up a 

platform for sacrificial offerings. 

l^fj oie 149 A decree ; an announcement 
Ppl 35 5 from the throne. cih cie ; 
receive the Imperial announcement. thak 

cie ; read the decree. phang cie ; issue a 


i-j^ cie 86 To shine upon ; to enlighten ; 
^\W 35 9 to accord with. khieh kia" 

lai cie; bring a mirror to see it in. cie sin 

kia"; a pier-glass. khieh iiiie 14i cie ; take a 

light to see by. cek koi° cie kau kng-kng ; 

it shines all around. cie" poi" cie kau 

hie" poi"; shone from this side to the other 
side. lia ai" cie ci kai ie°; I v^'ill follow this 
pattern. cie ie" co ; make it like the pattern, 
cie lu ta", si co-ni? According to your account 
of it, what is the state of affairs ? niai" a, nan 
cie sng ; do not dispute about it, we will 
follow the reckoning. cie-ku. ; as of old. 

cie sin kai huap-to kia"; done in accordance 
with the new regulations. jit cie tieh ; the 

sun shines on it. cie-ki" hu-ko kai nang ; 

shines upon the people there. jib cie jip pang 
lai ; the sun shines into the room. bo raiii" 

put cie; it shines everywhere; all ai'e en- 
lightened, cie kau cie" poi" tang-tang-kng ; 
shines upon this side so as to make it all very 
light. gueh cie jip lai kng-kng, sph co thi"- 
kug ; the moon shone in so brightlj^ that I 
supposed it was daylight. lip ieh chiin cie ; 
when you make a contract preserve the evi- 
dences, hue cie kau kng-kng, the artificial 
light shines upon it so that it is very bright, 
lu lia sim cie; you and I understand each 
other. cie-hue ; to inform officially. hwn 
cie ; vis-a-vis. cie to tng ; to reflect. to cie 
kiie lai; i*eflected back. cip-cie ; a license, 
or permit. 

• a 

— Cie — 

' S'^ cie" 117 A chapter, a statement. 
-HF* 22 6 cek cie"; a chapter, toi" sa", 
cie"; the third chapter. poih cie" it cak; the 
eighth chapter and first verse. co bun-cie"; 
writes essays. ho biin-cie"; a well written 

article. pie cie"; a memorial. cau cie"; send 
a memorial. 

4;^ cie" 75 Camphor. 
'I-^ 23 11 cie" chia; the camphor tree, 
cie" cha co kai; what is made of camphor 
wood. cie"-l(5 ; camphor gum. cie"-l(5 \\6 na 
ciii teng hwt hue ; camphor gum may be 
igfuited when on the surface of water. 

cie" 85 A thick fluid ; starch ; to 

968 11 starch, 
chong cie"; make starch. sa"-kh6 kue cie"; 

starch the clothes. hue ke cie" soi ; gone 

home to put her clothes in order. latn cie"; 

blued starch. mai" cie" khah kJiu ; do not 

put in too much starch, mai" cie" khah khia ; 
do not starch it too stiff. ai" cie" kau kliia- 

khia; I want it starched very stiff. cie" eng 
poll ce ; use ratlier thin starch. cie" cui ; 

gravy, kwn cie"; produces pus. 

Vl^^ cie" 75 An oar. 

,^'V 968 11 cun cie"; the oars. poih 

cie" cun ; an eight oared boat. ko cie"; to 

row. chi" cie", clii" m cai, tieh kp ; cannot 

touch bottom with the oar and must row. si 
pe" cie"; four oared. thau cie"; the bowman's 
oar. biie cie"; the steersman's oar. ap biio 
cie"; draw in the stern oar. toa*^ pe" cie"; 

single oared. cie" tiam ; the upright posts, to 
which the oars are attached in a Chinese boat, 
cie" khau ; the rope ring which holds the oar 
in place. cie"-khau lut khui ce, cie" cia" lap 
tit loh ; shove up the rope ring and then you 
can slip the oar on, sai huang, kiam ko cie"; 
to sail and row at the same time. 

i 1^ cie" 40 To watch, to guard ; to have 

>J 755 3 in keeping. 
lia ai" chut miig, lu ho cie" chu ; I am going 
out, and you may watch the house. i cie" 

kin-kin, bo kia" khui ; he keeps a close watch 
over it, and does not leave it at all. cie"- 

ke"; a night watchman. m6"-kua (p cie" 

pho ; guards the shop at night. 6ng i to 

cie" cah-mixg; employ him to guard the 

^^^ cie" 64 The palm of the hand. 
• ~X^ *' 23 8 chiu-cie"; pa-cie"; the palm, 
phah pa-cie"; to clap the hands. phah i c§k 
e pa-cie"; give him a slap. him cie"; a bear's 
paw. koi ju hwn cie"; as easy as turning 

the hand. sien-n^ng pa-cie"; the flat leaved 
cactus. go cie"; ah cie"; web-footed. cia 

tieh cang kha pa-cie" lai phah ; he ought to be 
kicked for it. chiu cie" hun ; the lines in 

the hand. 



^•^^ cie" 162 Thus ; this way ; so. 
;jf^ 39 7 cie"-se^ hie"-8e°; like this or 
like that. lu raai" cie"-so" ta"; do not speak 

thus, ctali kau c\e" pui ; grew so stout. sin- 
sip kau cie" ngfa ; arranged so prettily, cheng 
kau cie" ])hai-chiaiig ; dressed so elegantly, lii 
CO cie" niang ITii ? Why do you come so late Y 
i kia" cie" me", lia jlo i m lieh; he walks so 
fast that I cannot overtake him. lii cie" nbi 

c6-ni 5i cie" in h<5 ? si tl-tiang kk lii cie".se° ? 
Since you are so small, how is it that you are 
BO bad ? Who was it that taught you to be so ? 
tieh ang cie" toa kfi,i lia cia" ai°; if there were 
one as large as this, I should want it. cie" 

p6i", hie" p6i"; this side and the other side. 
Iti (!ie"-se", lia hie"-se"; you do one thing, and I 
will do the other. l<i c6 cie" 6\ ? How is it 

that you are so competent ? lii co cio" h(5 ? 

How is it thnt you are so well ? lii cp 6i cie"- 
86° ? Uow is it that you are in this condition ? 
si cie"-so"; that is the way it is; that is all that 
remains to be said, si cie'-se" clu ai" ; I want 
just such and no other. hug cie"-se" da h(5 ; 
if that is the case, it is all right. lia si cie°- 
fie"; this is my fixed position in regard to the 
matter. lii c6 m sin m sip, cio" nah-sap f^ie" ? 
"Why are you so disorderly and uncleanly ? 
ju ta", ju cie-se"; the more that is said, the 
worse it grows. ju cie"-se" cp ; do thus. lia 
ham hi cie"-se° c6, Id tin-t6 hie"-8e' c6 ; I told 
you to do it in this way and you did just the 
reverse. hug hue-cun cio" me"; as fast as a 

steamboat moves, ang ci koi" chii cie" t5a ; as 
large as this house. m si cie"-se"; it is not so. 
cie" b6 sin-khi, tieb ciah p6 ; when so lacking 
in vigor, you must take a tonic. cie"-se" k&i 
nfi,ng, ili-hd kau-chap ; do not associate with 
such people. i si cp (•ie"-se" a rli si ; he 

did so, did he not. i cie"-se" c6 : he did it 

in this way. 
he said. 

lah-cie cie' 

i cie"-so° ta"; that is what 

164 Relishes ; salt condiments. 

11 tail cie"; bue cie"; bi cie"; 

salt relishes made from beans, 
plums, rice, or red peppers. hiam cie"; pun- 
gent salt condiments. cie''-hu ; catsup. sa" 
cham cie"; mixed relishes, cie" sie chai ; small 
vegetables seasoned in soy. 

cie" 104 To itcb. 

1073 16 pe cie"; to scratch on ac- 
count of itching. 6i cie" a boi ? Does it itch ? 
lu kai nek td cie" ho ! You itch for want of a 
whipping ! cie" kau khang kut ; it itches 

down to the bone. cie" ai" klm pe, pe h'o iu 
thia"; scratch it because it itches, and after 

scratching it, it becomes sore. cie" kau m 

lip nJii, tieh b6i sim-mueh lai sph ; it itches 
intolerably, I must buy something to rub on 
it. Boi cie"; a wash for itching. <io" kp 

t7i p6, khu pfi thia" k(5; not scratching where it 
itches but where it is sore. ( ie" cfii ; itches 


L« cie" 1 To ascend ; to rise ; to mount. 
-i-. 741 2 cie' kia"; go to Peking. cio" 
l&u-teng; go up stairs. cie" sua"; ascend the 
mountain ; to di.sembark. cle"-cle" Iph-ldh ; 

ascending and descending, boi tit cio"; cannot 
get np. thoi' m cie" mftk ; it will not pass 

muster. cie" chl b6i chai ; gone a marketing, 
cie" cun ; to embark. pha-cle" be-sin clu tieh 
khia; if you mount a horse you must ride 
him. peh-cle" chlu ; climb a tree. cie" chu- 
t^ng ; get up on the roof. cie" ke, 16h ke ; 

increase or diminish the price. do" ci" ka"- 
na, Iph ci" kie"; olives grow more valuable 
by keeping, and ginger grows less so. su c6 
cie" clifu cu cp kau hd-lid ; as soon as the busi- 
ness is put into his hands it is accomplished, 
rii cie" cek kili giieh ; not so much as a month, 
cie" c6i khii th6i"; club together and go and 
see. kfo do"; to sura up. de" ciii cQn ; 

goes against the current. chii Ifti do" ciii ; 

the water rises into the house. cie" png cio"; 
send up a report. cek e de", cSk e Iph ; for 

each ascent there is a descent. 

L* cie" 1 Upper ; high ; foregoing ; in ; 
— L* 741 2 upon. de" e; upper and 

lower. cie" plie" sia"; the upper even tone, 

cie" khu sia"; the upper departing tone. do' 
jit; the other day. cie" kiii jit; a few days ago. 
cie" kfii loi-pai ; last Sunday, thi" cie" sin- 

sien hii, ti e pu-kiii ke; in heaven there are the 
mansions of the angels, and on earth there are 
the dwellings of noble families. cie" chin si 
ti-tiang? Who was his predecessor? cie" chi'u 
poi", e chiu poi"; the higher and lower levels, 
de" th&u ; up yonder. sin-cle"; the person. 

siii-cio° chwn-jii h'o; he has recovered his 
health. to ua sin-cie"; it is upon my person, 
ci-kp i"-cie" si sim-mih tl-hng ? What country 
is this on before us ? ki'o to hu cie"; to conclude 
from the foregoing. lia to cie" ni lS,i ; I came 
years ago. koi cie" u slm-mih hd boi ? What 
is to be bought in the streets ? u cie" u e; there 
cannot be an upper without an under, cp cie" 
ui ; sit in the upper seat. cie"-kua ; the fore- 
noon, cie" tng lau e tng ; keep the earlier 
meal for a later one. cie" tng h<5, e tng 
m h(5 ; it was good the former time but not 
the latter. 



— ciet — 

yiJll cieh 9 To borrow ; to lend. 
I f^ 973 8 cieh lai, cieh khu ; borrowing 
and lending. cieh i kai ci°; borrowed his 

raonej. cieh i kai tieh cai h&i" i ; if you 

borrow from hira you must repay him. cieh lo 
keng kue; to get in through another's influence, 
cieh to thsii nang ; make use of another's 
weapons. cieli mug ; to inquire civilly. i 
m hau° cieh lia ; he would not lend it to me. 
cieh i kju toa"; the borrower's note. cieh si 

cieh SI ; adapt yourself to circumstances, cieh 
l&k cieh lak; hold back from too violent a 
manifestation of strength. 

cieh 154 The substance, mattei", or 
68 8 grosser nature, as distin- 
guished from the aura, or subtle parts ; to sub- 
stantiate by evidence; to confront; essential, 
cieh-ti lip ; good natural parts. cieh-ti m-hp 
cS,i ; the native soil is exceedingly poor. ho 
6e°-cieh ; of naturally fine temper. pin cieh ; 
natural capabilities, thoi-cieh ; the substance, 
cieh chang ; the original and real soil. cu 

cieh sira si ho ; the book is excellent. cieh 

sin ; something to go by ; an earnest. tiii 

cieh ; confront the parties, as for proof. se° 
cieh ; natural and essential elements. i kai 

cieh lii-tan cSi ; he is naturally very dull. 
i kai cieh chong-mcng ; he is naturally bright, 
siang cieh, tong cieh, hia cieh ; superior, 
mediocre, and inferior grades. 

ciela 86 To absorb radiated heat. 
t/> 235 6 khieh khu jit teng cieh ce ; 
put it in the sun and warm it a little. cieh 

sie ; warm, by radiated heat. me^-me"^ jit 

cieh khun-ki'a" ciu ta ; if this broiling sun 
heats it for an instant it will be dry. mai" 

khu cieh jit ; do not put it in the sun. cieh 

hiie-thang ; warmed by a brazier covered with 
splints. cieh hue ; warmed at a fire. khu 
hue-16 pi" cieh sie ; go to the fireside and 
warm yourself. khi kai hue-16 lai cieh sie; 

build a fire in the grate to get warm by. 
cieh kau cek sin sie-sie ; all warmed through. 

'jt ^ cieh 112 Stone ; rocks ; a measure 
^\-\ 766 of rice. 

cieh-thau ; a rock, cieh po ; a stone, to cieh 
teng CO ; sitting on a rock. cieh kau-fing; a 
pebble. cieh mng-tau ; stone door casings, 

cieh sai ; stone lions. cieh ko ; stone drums, 
cieh nang, cieh be; statuary. cieh cek; stone 
candles. cieh ciang-kun ; statues of warriors. 
cSeh thio ; stone pillars. cieh kie-nie ; stone 
bridges. cieh phang ; a crevasse in a rock. 

cieh khang; a cave in a rock, kih cieh; to lay 
up stones, cieh pi; a grave stone, cieh kha- 
thang ; a stone basin. lim-koi-cieh ; stepping 
stones. cieh t&h-po-cang ; a stone stairway, 

cieh koi-lo ; paved streets. min phue kJlu kiie 
cieh koi-lo ; very thick skinned. phah cieh 

kai ; a stone-cutter. bua to cieh ; bath brick, 
phu-cieh ; pumice stone. eng cieh ; englo 

stone. che° kim cieh ; malachite. cieh-ko ; 
gypsum. gek cielx ku un ; good and bad 

were alike consumed. 1^'ig sai ngwn cieh 

ti'am than ; can make the rocks nod their 
heads. cek cieh si cap tau ; a chaldron is ten 
pecks. lah cieh ; yellow quartz. bi cieh ; 

rice in bulk. toi° kiie cieh-ci ; harder than a 
cobble stone. cang cieh-ko kak i ; throw 

stones at him. cieh-phoi ; cieh phien ; flakes 
of stone. cieh phue; friable stone, lau khe" 
cieh ; solid rock. hiin cieh ; soft stone used 

for seals. i" cieh ; ink stones. 6i se° cieh ; 
stony. php cieh ; carry a stone in the arms, 

khah cieh ; to roll a stone on a flat surface, 
lin cieh ; roll a stone over. ci ko cieh ppi" 

kiie lai ; turn this stone upside down. ci ko 
cieh sai i khia ; set this stone on end. cieh 

chin phu ce ; lift the stone a little. cieh bua 
kau kng-kiig ; polish the stone smooth. cieh 
chiu kau kut-kut; rub the stone smooth, put 
tio cieh chiii ; take away these chips of stone, 
cek cieh cek peh kun, hok peh-poih kun ; a 
stone is a weiofht of from 100 to 180 catties. 

ail cien 86 To boil in fat ; to stew. 
>>»'% 977 9 eng in cien a eng la cien? 
Do you fry it in oil or in lard ? cien ieh ; 

to stew medicines. lia" pua" cien poih hun ; 
stew it down one fifth of its bulk. pua° cien 
cti; boiled in fat and water. ai" cien ai" 

cha sui to lu ; suit your own taste in having it 
fried in much or in little fat. 

cien 72 To expose to the sun ; to sun. 
733 6 ciang-si kai jit min cien 
khun-kia" cu ta ; with the sun as it now is, it 
need sun but a very little while in order to be 
dry. kue-si° mai" pai-pang-kp cien jit, cien 
jit lio khah so, iu ai" wn ; do not spread the 
palm leaf fans in the sun, for if they lie in the 
sun they will get too dry and will curl up. 

cien 118 Kote paper. 

978 8 cien ciia ; flowered note pa- 
per, hue cien ; billet paper. lah cien ; 
glazed note paper, kong cien; sjn cien ; letter 



ci'en 18 To cut and trim with shears. 

978 ^ 6i chai 6i cien ; can cut and 
tit garments. clen ksiu chui-chui ; snip it up 
fine with shears. ei'en cO no kueh ; cut it in 
two. cfen ni'u ; a cutpurse ; a pickpocket. 

cien 154 Presents given to friends 
989 U going on a journey, or as 

tokeijs of remembrance. cfen ngi ; cien kla°; 

cien piet ; cien loi; parting presents. 

cien 149 To ascertain the state of. 
17 ~6~ cien mfeh ; to feel the pulse 

»^^ cien 
'^ 900 

78 To exterminate. 
"5" pSu cien tbien mdeh ; reck- 
lessly destroy heaven's gifts. 

cien 157 To trample on. 
^ 979 "8 cfi siang cien tab ; trampled 
upon each other, as in a battle or in flight. 

104 Pustules. 
5 tau cien ; small pox pustules. 

BB^ cien 62 War ; battle ; to fight. 
^^Ki 45 12 kio i tui cien ; made war 
against them. cien-tie° teng, u klii si po-cien, 
a khi si be-cien, ti khi cien ia°, u klii cien su, u 
khi cien kau si, tl khi tit tieb cien koiig; on tlie 
battle field, there are some who fight on foot, 
some who iight on horseback, some who are 
Tictorious, some who are defeated, some who 
fight to the death, and some who get the 
honors of war. cien-ko liii kau jiet-jiet ; the 
war drums sound loudly. cien ciin ; a gun- 

boat ; a man-of-war. cien be ; a war horse, 

cien Clang ; military commanders. tSi cien ; a 
great battle. cien tin ; drawn up in battle 

array. ka° cien; valorous, phwt cien; indom- 
itable. ci ia° teng si ci kui nang siang mia°-ke 
phah cien ; in this corps this is the one who is 
most skilled in warfare. kii cien ; used to 

war. kua mien-cien pai ; carry a flag of truce, 
hia cien cu ; declare war ; send a challenge, 
cheng cien-kah ; wear armor, cien kau ki° su 
Sa"; fought till the issue was decided, ciii cien; 
a naval engagement. hueh cien ; a bloody 

fight. m cai ti-tiang cien ia°; do not know 

which party was victorious. no n&ng cien 

kau hek cai ; fought till both were exhausted, 
kau-cien ; join in battle. tang meng-khi-ca 
kau-cien kau e-kiia ; fought from early morn- 
ing until afternoon. kau-cien m hiah ; 
fighting pugnaciously. co cien ; aid in the 
fight. ce°-cien ; to quarrel. cien si ; died in 
battle, phi to cbang-ie° teng cien ; ranged on 

the plain t(h' battle. t5 sua" teng ngo tieh 

ciu cien ; met and fought on the hills, lu mai" 
kia" lai kio i cien ; do not fear to fight with 
them. ju-biin mdng kok kio mong kok kau- 
cien ; have heard that certain countries were 
at war with each other. hong-sia" to bu-ko 
cien kang giieh ; a rumor that they have been 
fighting there for a whole month. sim cien- 
cien ; afi'righted, in battle. sim kia" ta" cien ; 
terrified, as in going into a melee. 

|pij|& cien 181 To quake ; to shake ; to 
M^ 45 J 8 tremble, 
kha cien chiu cien ; shivers all over. 16 co-nt 
cie° hftu-se° sia jl chiu oi cien ? How is it that 
when you are so youthful 3'our hand shakes 
when you write? sim kia" u6k cien; so terri- 
fied that the flesh creeps. 


IS : even 

Art ciet 26 Forthwith; 
PI' 984 7 the same as. 
ciet jit ; that same day. ciet si ; instantly ; 

ciet si ; that is it. m si hii-k&i ciet si ci-kai ; 
if that is not it, this is. sin kun ciet ui ; a 

new monarch is on the throne. ciet-khek ; 

forthwith. ciet-sok cIu khu co ; went at once 
and did it. ciet si hu k&i mia"; that is the 

name. ciet jii m6ng su; supposing that hap- 
pens, kue ui t<5 ciet ; New Year soon comes. 

— cih — 

cih 64 To receive; to welcome; to 
?*% 975 8 take in the hand, 
ngeng-cih ; to meet and welcome. cih tieh 

sin ; received a letter. lia m ceng cih tieh lu 
kai jl ; I have not received your letter. cih 

in ; receive the seal. cih jim ; take office, 

chut lai cih i ; Lssue forth to receive him. i 

bo chut lai cih lia ; he did not come out to wel- 
come me. cih sin kua°; welcome a new offi- 
cial, cih sia" ci ; receive the imperial orders, 
to mong jit cih tieh huang-siang kai ci ; on 
tiiat day received the orders of the prime min- 
ister, cih sin ; welcome the gods. kiii I6h 
khu cih i ; kneel to receive him. cih i kfti 

tang ta"; took upon him his heavy burden, 
me"- me" kio i cih ; took it from him in haste. 

cih 64 To fold, to double together; a 
^ ,i| 41 11 fold ; a paper properly folded, 
cih cua ; to fold paper. cih sa° kho ; to fold 

up clothes, cih hd lio, than tit ; after folding, 
straighten it again. ciia tam cih-bua lio than 
m khui ; the paper being wet I could not open 
it out again after folding it up. cih lio tab 

CO cek e; after folding them, put them together 
in a pile, cih u kai kak ; turn down a corner ; 



to make dog's ears, cili i tit ; fold it st raight. 
cih si-cia"; fold it sqnarely. cih hun ; to crease 
by folding. cih cek cQe hun ; make a crease, 
pell cih ; paper used for official documents. 

-jjC» cih 64 To compensate ; to make 
J/ 1 40 4 amends for. 
kau cih ; pay ninety per cent. cih co kiii 

sia ? What percentage will he pay in com- 
pensation ? cih CO ci"; to compensate in 
money. cih ciah ; to compensate for food 
which was due. cok ke, bo khau, bo cih ; 
exactly at cost price. 

:^^ cih 135 The tongue. 

I t 749 cih than ; the tongue. cih 
biie ; the tip of the tongue, cih kun ; the root 
of the tongue. cih kun tau kiu ; tongue-tied, 
toa cih ; to stammer or stutter. chui cih m 

ho ; apt to speak evil. chui cih kh6-cia°; 

have a bad taste in my mouth. kua° hui 

khau cih ; to discuss politics and talk scandal, 
oh chui oh cih ; to mimic. chui cih mai° 

khah kin ; do not be too eager to eat. kuah 
cih ; to slit the tongue. cih chun chut lai 

khut lia thoi"; put out your tongue that I may 
see it. ' lu kai chui peh khuah, lia thoi" lu kai 
cih cai-se"-Ie"; open your mouth wide so that I 
can see the condition of your tongue. lang 

cih; to loll out the tongue. lu raai" chap chui 
chap cih; do not you put in your gab. cih ke°; 
tongue ploughing; i.e. teaching. o-Ip kau tiak 
cih ; praising everything whether good or bad. 
a-no^-kia" kai cih nng, oh ue lo koi oh, ce 
io u ni-lme cih-kun lo nge, fle cu oh oh ; 
children's tongues are flexible and they easily 
learn to speak, but when they become older 
their tongues become stiffer, and languages are 
learned with greater difficulty. hiie-cih ; 

flames. via thoi" hiie-cih chut lai ; I saw the 
flames coming out. thd sua-cih ; forms a 

sand-spit, se" cih tai ; his tongue is coated. 


cih 64 To sunder; to snap in two. 

40 4 a cih ; to snap in two by 
bending between the hands. keh cih ; to pry 
in two. au cih ; to wrench in two. thui 

cih ; to sag down so as to break. kong cih ; 

to break by striking with a stick. phah 

cih kha-kut ; broke his leg by the blow. cih 
CO no sa° ko ; broke into two or three pieces, 
cih CO no kueh ; broke in two pieces, tah cih; 
broken by being trodden upon. jun cai, a 

boi cih ; it is very tough, T cannot break it 
off, by bending it. ta" cih ; broken by having 
something fall upon it. ci kA,i much au, pang 
khah toa lak ciu cih; this is decayed, so that 

if you set it down too forcibly it will break, 
sek cih ; break by throwing. koi cih ; easily 
broken. m h<5 ut cih; do not break it in the 
attempt to shape it. chiu ki pun huang chue 
cih ; the limb of the tree was broken off by the 
wind. pe" cih ; broke it by catching hold on 
it. puah cih chiu-kut; fell and broke his arm. 
thiam cih chiig-kha ; broke the leg of the table 
by kicking against it. bai cih i"-kha ; broke 
the leg of the chair by tipping backward in it. 
ci° cih be-f"; broke the high bench by crowding 
upon it. CO cih pho-pang ; broke the bed by 
sitting on it. ci ki e" thoi" tieh ai° cih tii' 

cih ; this beam looks as if it were about to 
break. nang-mueh khah coi pang-kie kia" 

cih ; there were too many people on the foot- 
bridge and it broke. kia°-ui i cih, khieh 
much lai ah ; if you fear it may break, get 
something and bind on it to strengthen it. 
CO khah kii ie-ciah-kut sng kau cih ; sitting 
too long makes my back ache as if it would 
break. uai cih kiah-kha; twisted his foot so 
as to break off the heels of his wooden clog, 
ko cih cie"; broke an oar in rowing with it, 
cuang cih toa ; broke the rudder by colliding 
with something. 

— cim — 

JBm, cim 68 To deliberate upon. 
^5t I 16 9 cim-ciak; to deliberate upon; 
to hold a consultation. lia ai" kio lu cim- 

ciak kia" su; I wish to consult with you about 
a matter. u kii tie ai" kio lu cim-ciak ; I 

wish to speak a word with you about some- 
thing, tang i lai cim-ciak ; wait till he comes 
to talk the matter over. tang ua cim-ciak ho 
lio cia" lai hue-hok lu; wait till I have thought 
the matter over and then I will answer you. 
siang soi cim-ciak ; deliberate carefully upon, 
bo cim bo ciak cu khu co ; went and did it 
without consultation with any body. 

^H cim 147 To kiss. 

-^lyW 991 9 cim -chui; kiss on the 
mouth. sie cim-chui ; kiss each other. cim 
i cek kai chui ; give him a kiss. cim i k&i 

kih-kau ; kiss her on the cheek. 

• ^Y^ cim 118 Admonition ; warning max- 
/tiKi lt> 9 ims ; appeals to reform ; to 
exhort. pheng-iu-ke tieh siang cim-kui ; 

friends must admonish each other. ci'a si 

khng 61 kai liang cim ; these are good maxims 
exhorting people to reformation. 


cim 75 A pillow ; to lean upon ; 
16 4 adjacent. cim-thau ; a pil- 
tek cim-thau, hui cim-thau, phue cim- 



th3,u, cha cira-thau, tin cfm-thAn ; bamboo, 
eartlien, leatliern, wooden and rattan pillows, 
sin hue ci'm-thau ; an embroidered pillow. ci 
kai cira-tliS,a si jip mi° kai, ci k^i cim-thftu si 
tie" Ick-tau khak ; this pillow is stuffed with 
cotton, and the other one with pea-pods, wn- 
ie" ci'm ; a double pillow, used by newly married 
couples, and called after the mandarin duck, 
which is a pattern of conjugal fidelity. hi°- 
cfm 5 a pillow with an ear hole. Su cim kut ; 
the occiput. ci'm pi" ue ; private talk. ko 
cim-thdu cng ; sued on account of what was 
learned by eavesdropping. cim thS,u sie"; a 

box pillow, fit t6 cim-thau ; lying on a pillow, 
ua" ci'm bp iu ; sleep without anxiety. t&ng 

cfm ; bedfellows. sit ei'in ; disturbed rest, 

caiig chiu khut i ci'm ; pillowed on his arm. 
bo cfm-thau, cang chiu cim ; pillowless, and 
lying with his head on his arm. cim tieh ; the 
end of one resting on the other, like a head on 
a pillow, sie cim; conterminous, cim in tieh; 
cannot make thera lie end to end. cang ci 

kai sua" co iu cim ; take this hill as a back- 

cim 85 To merge in ; to imbue; to 

989 7 soak, 
cim ciu ; to soak in spirits. cira thng k&i ; 

preserved in sugar. cim si; khut ciii cim. si; 
drowned. cim bit; merged in honey. bit 
c\m ; sweetmeats made by merging fruit; in 
lioney. cim kau thang-thang ; soak till it is 
thoroughly saturated, cim iTi thang ; it is not 
soaked through. cim ling; soak in order to 

soften. cim kan lok-lok ; soak it till it is wet 
through. cira i liang ; merge it in water to 

cool it. cim i phd ; soak it till it swells out. 
cim soi kau cheng-khih ; soak and wash it 
clean. chi'a" pang hu tdi cim ; put it in there 
to soak. cim kau chut g6 ; soak it till it 

sprouts. pun ciii cim te° khu ; dissolved by 

the water in which it was submerged. cim 

thang-iu kai in ui ciii ; what has been saturated 
with wood oil is not injured by water. cim 
cia" c ap jit ciii cia" tho ; after standing about 
ten days the waters subsided. ch&ng-hiig 

pun ciii cira tlo khu ; the crops have been 
destroyed by being inui^dated. toa cui cim to 
nfing kai chii ; the high water is inundating 
people's houses. cim jun ; to toughen by 


— cin — 
, » » ^ 

^Sc, cin 140 Torches ; faggots. 
y^/X ^06 13 cha cin ; firewood. khng 

eSk pe cin t6 ko ; have a bundle of faggots 
laid away, ci khi cin si hd liam hue ; this sort 

of faggot may be used as a torch, khia ki cin 
khu cliie" lo ; take a torch to light the road, 
cin-kia"; a small torch. 

cin 85 Narrows ; a ford ; saliva. 

988 6 kwn cin to khau; guardhouses 
at fords, se" cin ci kuah ; pi-oduces saliva and 
alleviates thirst. cin-ek; saliva. 

Js^ cin 109 True; real; sincere; actual. 
y^ 15 6 cin cu ; real pearls. cin-cu 
buah ; sago flour. cin cia" ho ; really good, 

cin sim ; true hearted. iIi cai cin ke ; do not 
know whether it is true or false. cin-sit ; 

genuine. ta" cin-sit kai uo ; speak the truth, 
cin-sit k&i to-li ; true doctrines. cin jin ; a 

phantom of a man, is one who possesses 
divinity and can therefore become invisible, 
jin cin c&i ; in earnest. mih su to tieh jin 

cin ; be in earnest in all things. cin-cin m 

kham ; utterly unworthy. lu cin m hio lio ; 

you do not understand it at all. cng cin, 

chak hin ; the booty discovers the thief. Iti 

cin »7i h<5 cai ; you are really very bad. ua 

thdi" tieh cin ngia ; 1 consider it really 
beautiful. i cin sieh ua ; he loves rae 

sincerely, cin leb ui ke pe", cin pe" bo ieU 

ui ; real medicine cures unreal diseases, but a 
real disease is incurable. hue cin, kc s!t ; 

unadulterated goods, at their actual cost. ta" 
cin kai a ta" ke kai ? Does he speak truly or 
fal.sely ? thin cin ; to make correct. cin 

kim put pha" hue, lien kii ia sio-sih ; true gold 
does not fear the fire, but if it is kept long in 
the crucible it will lose a little. lia cin 

sim cin i kio lu ta"; I tell you the unfeigned 
truth. ciu pii-si m pha" ke hiie-sie"; true 

charity does not dread a false priest. 6i plen 
cin ngui ; can distinguish between sincerity 
and hypocrisy, cin chai, sit lio ; real talent is 
real wealth. cin thp put tui ; a tme womb 

does not miscarry. jii thoi" jii cin ; the 

more you examine it the more genuine it ap- 
pears, khau-chii cin chai; look for real 
talent. mang kau ne cin-cin ; the dream 
seemed very real. hun-piet cin ke ; discrim- 
inate between true and false. ke kau ne 
cin-cin ; so perfectly imitated as to appear 

cin 64 To stimulate ; to excite. 

18 ~T cin-cak ; to encourage. M a- 
si kheng cin-cak cu u eng ; if you were willing 
to incite them it would be of use. tai cin ke 
sia"; his great energy has made his family 
famous. 6i cin si-hai ; he is one who can 

arouse the whole country. 



cin 154 To bestow alms. 

18 7~ cfn-ci; to relieve distress, 
citi-ci ki-hng ; bestow charity on the famine 
stricken. toi ci" ci'n-ci ; contribnte money to 
be bestowed on the needy, cin-ci phin-khiong 
kai nang ; give alms to the poor. 

^|=» cfu 173 To shake and qniver. 
j ^j^ 18 7 ti ci'n ; an earthquake. cln 
ui lui ; rattles like thunder. phau sia° cin 

thi"; rattling cannon shake the heavens. 

cin 140 To recommend ; to introdnce; 
/rt»s/ 97^ ^^ ^° ^^^ forth; to offer oblations, 
cin CO ; to worship ancestors, si'a huang cin-cu 
khut i ; gave him a letter of introduction. cii\ 
gaa natig; bring forward worthy men. thph 
nang cm cek kia° su ; entrust one with the pre- 
sentation of some matter. lu u thp-thang kai 
nang, cxii cek kai khut ua eng ; recommend a 
laborer from among yours, for my service, ka- 
ki cu cin; to recommend one's self. c\n kai ni- 
senf khu ui i kai pe"; recommend a physician 
who can cure his disease. in-c\n ; to set forth ; 
to recommend; to present, si nang ku-cin kai; 
is one who was nominated. 

fiW-I^ cin 62 "War ; to fight with numbers. 
^pXt 45 12 i si ciah cxn-hiang, a ciah be- 
hiang, a ciah siu-hiang ? Does he live upon pay 
as a foot soldier who goes out to fight, or as a 
mounted trooper, or as a member of a garrison? 

cin 162 To advance ; to make pro- 
__ 990 ~8~ gress ; to bring forward; ihe 
divisions of a house having separate entrances. 
kia° cin kiii po ; advance a few steps. cin jip 
hu lai ; went in there. cin thp li'ang lang ; to 
advance or retreat is equally difficult. kau 

ci-ko lai put ciu put tho ; from this point we 
could neither advance nor reti'eat. cin kua 

c6i° lai ; come forward. kia" cin c6i° ce ; pro- 
gress somewhat. i co mih su ka° cin coi"; in 
whatever he does he exerts himself. in-cin ; 

to bring to notice. chp-thau-e cin p6 ; the 

first step in advance, kau au ciang-cin cu po- 
tap i ; when he afterward attained promotion 
he recompensed him. i to bus ci'ang-cin kai 
si-hau si siu kue i kS,i un-hui ; before he had 
been promoted, he had received great kind- 
ness from him. iu ci kia" su cin sin ; it 
was in this way that he advanced himself, 
cin kbng ; to bring tribute, rniii" ni to tieh lfi.i 
cin kong ; must bring annual tribute. I4i cin 
kbng u jieh coi loi-mueh ? How much tribute 
has been brought ? lai cin kong kai u jieh coi 
kok ? How many are there of the tributary 
states ? i lun-kim rri kheng lai cin-kong lio; 
they are no longer willing to remain tributary. 

^Jfh cin 162 
1P^ 990 8 

ua cia" tah cin mng ciu th6i"-ki"; I saw it as 
soon as I entered the door. khu mdng ko cin 
hie"; go to a certain place to worship with 
great parade. cin-sfl ; Doctor of Civil Law. 

ci koi" chii kui cin ? How many divisions deep 
is this house ? cin kia°; go to the capital, 
kia" cin kia° thp; advancing and retreating. 

Xi^ cin 120 A sort of light red or carna* 
0*^ 990 10 tion silk, 
cin-sin ; the government red-book in which is 
recorded the names of the gentry and officials, 
bun bii cin-sin; an official list of all the officers, 
both civil and military. boi pang cin-sin l^i 
thdi"; buy the red-book and examine it. 

3e cin 108 To exhaust; to finish entirely; 
Jlllk 989 9 to use all; the utmost degree; 
nothing left ; the extreme. 

cin lia kai sim ; with all ray heart. ke-ch§,i 

phua cin ; spent all his patrimony. cin nang 
lak, theug thi" kong ; do to the utmost of 
your strength, and leave the rest to the mercy 
of heaven. cin ceh ; fulfill your whole duty, 
cu-cin ; to put an end to one's .self; to commit 
suicide. i kai cU-ein si si cin cak si kS,i ; his 
suicide was a martyrdom. cu put cin ng3,a, 
ngan put cin l; written words do not exhaust 
the language, and language does not express 
all ideas. cek ngsln lang cin ; it cannot all be 
told in a word. ta" m cin ; it is inexpressible, 
bp khiong cin ; inexhaustible. lu cin cheng 

cai ; you are extremely kind. kau ci kp si 

cin than kai ui-chu ; this is the extreme limit. 
thS,i kau cin ; slew them all. cin sim cin i; 

to the utmost of one's ability. cin si ciii ; 

nothing but water anywhere. c§k mang pha 
cin ; took them all at one haul. khu kau cin 
biie kp ; went to the extreme end. lia cin ua 
kai lak lai cp ; I will do to the utmost of my 
power. u si m-h(5 cin sai, G lak m hp cin 

eng ; one should not use all his influence, nor 
expend all his strength. cin tong pp kok ; 

serve the state with the utmost faithfulness, 
eng cin, ciah cin ; use up all one has. tng cin 
cieh cin ; to mortgage all one possesses, thoi" 
cin jieh coi DS,ng, thia" cin jieh coi ue ? How 
many people do you thoroughly understand, 
and how many subjects do you perfectly com- 
prehend ? ngo cin, cap lio ; has nothing at all 
left. u hok mai" cin hiang ; bliss should not 
be enjoyed to the uttermost. 

— cio — 
-t^^ cio 64 To let people know ; to own 
^M 31 y to; to wait on. 
i m kheng cio-jin ; he is unwilling to own 
to it. c6k p6i° li ce phah ciu cio, cSk poi" 



li phab si r7i kheiig cio ; one party owned 
it on being beaten, tbe other party would 
not own it though beaten to death. cio-io 

cuang-pliien ; to beguile. min njng cu oio ; 

confessed it unque.stioned. cio chai ia; the 

god of weath. cio-ke m cu ; unequal to resist, 
cio-hu ; to wait upon. khut phab seng cio ; 
criminate one's self falsely because of being 

H'^^ cio 130 Imaginary organs or passages 
f}^^ 970 12 which are supposed to encircle 
the cavities of tbe thorax and abdomen, and 
connect tbe viscera. Chinese physiologists 
have used them as a convenient force to ex- 
plain the obscure operations of digestion and 
secretion, and say they have no form. 
cle° cio, tong cio, e cio, kie-co sani cio; the 
upper, middle, and lower portions of the body 
between tbe heart and the groin, are thus called. 

*j^Q cio 74 Suddenly ; early ; morning. 
•^'3 32 8 cek cio ; in a trice. cek cio 
ce pii-kui ; grew suddenly rich. m§ng-cio ; 

to-morrow morning; by and by. a-no 

sam cio B6i-Sk ; infants are bathed on the 
third day. 

tpTj cio 72 Luminous ; to show forth. 
|f|j 31 5 ceng mak cio-cio; every eye 
beheld it. thi" li cio ciang ; heaven's laws 

are evident. cio kun than ; cio kun ui ; a 

fillet worn by Chinese women. 

4j^ cio 76 To cut fuel. 
^m 971 12 cio-hu; a woodman. si pak 
Qe, ue cp hA, cio, ke°, mok; paint four scrolls 
representing a fisherman, a woodcutter, a plow- 
man, and a shepherd. 

A^ cio 86 Browned; singed; scorched. 
^>»> 970 8 cha cio; fried brown, cha 
kau cio-cio ; fried very brown. sim cio ; 

greatly distressed. chiii cio-chau ; the mouth 
parched. an-leng cio-chau ; the throat hot 

and dry. lii mai" cio-chau ; do not be vexed, 
aim la,i cio-chau ; anxious and v?orried. 

I^Jl cio 196 Birds. 
fii^ 632 cio bo, cio kak, cio kia"; 
the mother bird, the male bird, and tbe bird- 
lings, hun-cio ; a dove, kheb-cio ; a magpie. 
inua"-ciah cio ; a sparrow. ku-ku cio ; the 

wood pigeon. teng-hie" cio; the clove bird, 
plm-iong lio ; a canary. ngio-thau cio ; an 

owl. hu-teng cio; cormorants. lio-eng-p6 
cio ; hawks. lio-kp cio ; a minor, a small 

black bird that can be taught to talk, piin-ce 

cio; blackbirds. i"-cio ; martins. pue cio ; 
birds. khim cio ; the feathered tribes. cio 
tau ; a bird's nest. cio-laiig ; a bird cage, 

cl'i cio; to keep birds. i chi ciah phu-iong 

cio; she keeps a canary. phab cio ; to shoot 
birds; to fight birds. pliah pue cio ; to slioot 
a bird on tlie wing. (oh cio khue ; fortunes 

told by trained birds. cio-biie; a stool- 

pigeon, loh vio kuang ka cio ; to train bird.s 
in a bird pen. cio hiah to hu-kp; birds 

perch there. cio (6 phiih sit; the bird is 

flapping his wings. cio (p ph6h ; the bird is 
soaring. cio ka" ki chlu ki ; the bird has a 

twig in its bill. cio t<5 Ipli slm-rn6eh ? What 
is the bird pecking at? cio 1(5 pii kia"; the 

bird is covering its young. thi cio ; to catch 
birds with bird lime. cio gu ; in(roherent 

chatter. cio td ci i k&i mp°; the bird is oiling 
its feathers. 


^\\\ 35 


To regard ; to care for. 

cio-kii ; to regard; to patronize; 
to look after. cio-kii m kkn ; did not take 

sufficient care of her. cio-kwn ; to oversee. 

CIO cU ; go according to the written direct irjns. 
m CIO cu; go contrary to the book. chwn iIi 
cio cu ; wholly unprecedented. 

"^TtT c\o 149 To announce. 
PPl 35 6 CIO kau thi' e; proclaim 
throughout the earth. h6ng cio; received the 
antiouncement. hang-lim i" thSi cio; an 

officer in the National Academy. 

ztdU^ H-| cio-li Lictors ; criers in a cortege; 
^>5> -~j^ 524 underlings ; official attend- 
ants; runners, who accompany the retinue of 
an official. sang poi" kai cio-li ia; the 

attendant images standing on either side of 
an idol. 

do 61 Ardent ; earnest ; vehement. 

661 5 ci hiie to lS,i cio-cio-kie, boi 
khu li pat pu; am now full of this affair, and 
cannot go and attend to any thing else. sim 
clo-cio-kie, boi tit ci kia" su me''-me° li kau 
seng ; have my mind engrossed in it, and am 
eager to bring this matter to a speedy consum- 

— cioh — 

cioh 172 Small birds. 
997 3 cioh me"; unable to see after 
nightfall, a condition which is supposed to 
cause tbe birds to go to roost at dark. koi- 
cioh-rae°; night blindness. ciob-me", kau jit- 
ce am cu cn^ kai thoi" m ki"; those who are 
nisjfht blind are unable to see at all after dark. 


— ciok — 
^^ ciok 193 To sell. 

fz^ 1140 12 boi kua", ciok ciak ; fo sell 
office and trade in titles. ca tiang-si kai boi 
kua" ciok ciak si kurig-cbln bue ain-ce° cp kai 
BU : ta° boi kna" ciok ciak co-iii cliio-tb6ng 
in§iig-peh kia° cliut lai ? The sale of offices and 
titles was formerly carried on secretly by cor- 
rupt noblemen: how is it that it is now done 
openly by the government ? 

— cip — 

nfe-lf cip 32 To hold fast ; to maintain ; 
TP^V 67 T to retain. 

cip i ai" kla" ; persisted in so doing, cip kin ; 
hold fast to. lu raai" cip lu kai i ; do not 

obstinately maintain your own opinion, buam 
su m lip cip it; in all things one should be 
open to conviction. kii-cip ; pertinacious, 

cip-au ; obstinate. cip huap ; abide by the 

rule. kak cip cek goi ; let each keep to his 

own trade. lu cip ci kai cheng-li, i li cip hu 
kai cheng-li ; you hold to this view of the 
case, and he to that. kak cip cek i ; each 

retained his own opinion. kak nang cip kak 
nang kai \ ; each held to his own notion. cip 
BU; manager or trustee. pai cip su ; appoint 
managers. lia ka lu cip pit kai huap cak ; I 
teach you how to hold the pen. pe cip; a 

father's equal in age. 

cip 64 A paper properly folded, as 
41 11 an official document, 
cip-cu; a document; an authoritative permit; a 
license, or order, issued by government, khieh 
cip-cu lai ki"; brought a document for the 
government, and had an audience. nin kS,i 

toa" khui lio, cp-ni in hu. ua kai cip-cu ? Why 
is it that your draft does not correspond with 
my letter of credit ? gua khau kau-kwn to si 
eng cip-cu ; in foreign trade bills of exchange 
are always used. 

cip 172 To collect ; to flock together. 

985 4 cip coi ; to gather in one 
place, cu-cip ; to congregate, ceng nang coi- 
cip ; all are assembled. 

— cit — 
^ cit 130 A ridge. 

986 6 elm cit ; the elevated ridge 
of a roof, liam hue teh cit ; an ornamental 
ridge in stucco. sua" cit teng; a ridge of 
hills, tang cit ; the roof-tree. 

V5ui cit 190 To weave ; to manufacture. 
H^bKi 70 12 cit p6 ; to make cloth. cit 
hue cbau ; to weave flowered fabrics. cit 


mSng; make netting, cit raSng sa"; to make a 
netted jacket. cit cjIu kek ; the officer who 

attends to the procuring of silk and porcelain 
for the palace. 

cit 195 A bream or perch. 
984 9 cit hu ; perch, toa cit bd; 
a fat bream. khie cit liu kai lio-biit tieh loh 
kau-kau ; must put in plenty of the dressing 
that is to go with the percii. ang sie cit-hu ; 
a roasted bream, u nang khIeh cit-hu khu p^ 
ka''-iia cap, bue cap; some people cook perch in 
olive juice or plum juice. cit-hu 6i khui ui ; 
perch aids digestion. 

cit 104 Sicknes.s ; disorders. 

983 5 cit pe"; disease, thia" cit ; 
painful ailments. jiam cit ; to infect. cit 
sok ; kip cit ; in great haste. 

cit 38 Envy. 

984 10 cit-kb ; jealousy. ci kai 
nang cil-ko cSi; this person is of a very jealous 

^^ ytfp^ cit-li Gorse ; furze. 
»*i^ yy^ 984 peh cit-li ; gorse, used in 
medicine. thih cit-li ; iron caltrops used in 

war. cit-li ci; gorse seed. 

— ciu — 
^C| ciu 162 Around ; throughout. 
^^LmL 48 8 ciu-ui ; around. si ciu-ui ; 
all around, ciu-ui jieh khuah ? How spacious 
are the surroundings ? ciu ni ; all the year 

round, i ciu si nang cie°-se"; he has been like 
that all his life, ciu sin ; all over the body. 

ciu 30 To make a circuit; to envi- 

47 5 ron ; enough, 
ciu-bak; closely environed. ciu-swn ; to 

make a circuit, as winds do. chwn bo ciu- 

swn ; wholly lacking in cordiality. ciu chio ; 
a dynasty, which lasted from B.C. 1022 to 255. 
ciu cliwii ; to carry a thing through. ciu cai 
si su ; universal knowledge of affairs. kwn- 

thai naiig-kheh m ciu-tau ; fail to treat a guest 
properly. mih su cp kau ciu-tau cSi ; does 

all things in a very complete style. cin-ciu 

tau-tau ; very complete throughout. 

B^ ciu 109 The ball of the eye. 
W 993 8 m^k-ciu ; the eyeball, mak- 
ciu thia"; has sore eyes. mak-ciu-jin ; the 

pupil of the eye. ai" chue, mak-ciu m tieh 

thoi"! Do you expect to find it without looking ! 
lu kai mak-ciu bp thoi" lo, cp mai" puah tieh ; 
if you do not look where you are going, you 
caimot do otherwise than fall down. 



b6 mak b6 cia ; eyeless. 16 kai noak-ciu rf 

che°-rne"; your eyes are good for nothing, cie" 
t6a kai, ruak-ciu ciu hiio ! At your age, yoar 
siglit is poor, is it ! i mak-ciu leng cfti ; 

he is very sharp-sighted. nmk-ciu siap ; 

sleepy, mak-ciu kok-kok kira ; the eyes glar- 
ing, raak-eiu kini-kim ; with eyes wide open, 
mak-ciu bie-bie ; sqaint eyed. 

ciu 47 A politic-al district, ranking 
48 8 next to a prefecture ; a region, 
tie ciu hu ; the Department of the Tides, the 
name of the region in which Swatow is situat- 
ed, ti-ciu ; a district magistrate of the higher 
grade. ciu-th6ng ; deputy magistrate. tok 
kiok ciu ; governing a single district. 

ciu 116 Thickset; denne; crowded. 
^PJ 5l 8 n^ng in ciu-bAk ; the popula- 
tion is dense. chu-thua ciu-bak ; the houses 
are crowded close together. 

ftnT* jVt* ciu-kang A river transport boat, 
3_L TTj 189 with a high prow, 

lin ko cek ciah ciu-kang-kfa°, cia" cftp kfii 
nguu ; we hired a small transport boat for ten 
dollars. ciu-kang-kia° phi" li p6 I'o dih ; the 
cheapness of a transport boat makes up for 
its narrowness. 

ciu 9 To look at ; to regard. 

972 9 m ciu m chiii ; gave the cut 
direct. chwn b6 ciu-chai ; took no notice 
whatever of it. bo nang ciu b6 n&ng chai ; 

no one gave the least attention to it. put ciu 
put chai ; paid no heed to it. 

ciu 85 An islet, small enough to be 
48 6 seen at one glance, 
pliu-cii kai ciu-hng ; a floating islet, sua ciu ; 
a sandy islet. 

ciu 154 To bestow. 
'RJ 48 8 ciu-ci ; to relieve the poor by 
benefactions, ciu kip; relieve pressing distress. 

ciu 164 Wine ; spirits ; liquors. 

999 8 boi efu ; to cfu ; to sell 
liquors. ko ci'u ; buy a little wine, ciu pia°; 
brewer's yeast. sai cfu ; pour the wine into 
the wine cups. un ciu ; heat wine as for 

drinking. thi"-si chin, cm tieh un sie ce : m 
pi juah thi"-si cp chin ci'u to hd ciah; the 
weather being cold the wine must be heated 
more : it is not as it is in hot weather, when 
one may take his wine cold. cia ciu sJ ka-kl 
s&\\ kai : this liquor is of our own distilling. 
lu kai ciu liang io kau, ua" kai ciu-ceng io t5a 

kai; you can take much wine without becom- 
ing intoxicated: change your cup for *a larger 
one. bo inih chai, ciu tieh ciah ke no pue; 

since there are not many side dishes, you must 
take a couple of cups more of wine. lia boi 

ciah ciu, ciah lio ai" hwt ciu radh ; I cannot 
take wine, if I do 1 have the eruption on tho 
skin that is produced by wine. ho ciu hd 

chai kwn-th&ii; entertained him with choice 
viands. to u jieh c6i ciah ciu siah ? For how 
many guests were plates laid ? sie ciu ; sara- 
shew ; arrack, ang ciu ; red wines. peh cia ; 
white wines. tang-cj Ifin ang ciu ; the red 

wine of winter. kau-lien ciu; strong drink ; 
wine made from sorghum. kek ciu ; makes 

wine, cut-biciu; liquor made from glutinous 
rice. ciah ciu ciii ; tipsy. kua° ciu hong ; 
maudlin drunk. phah ciu biie ; the jollity at 
the end of the feast. khut nftng chia" ciah 

sin-nie ciu ; invited to a wedding feast. ciu 
ciah kau sam-tong-hne; drank till boozy, ciu 
ni; malt. phii-th6cia; wine made from grapes. 
ciu thu; a drunkard. ci kiii kai nang-kheh 

long-cong ciu kha ; these guests are all old 
wine drinkers. un ciu; heat wine by placing 
chaff around the wine jars in order to make the 
wine ferment, ciu sck cu thu ; a wine-bibber. 

•^rv^ ciu 9_ To scold ; to blackguard. 
\f^ 963 18 cin-me"; to abuse or rail at. 
ciu kku i 1)6 ko hd ; reviled her so that she 
knew not what to do. me" ang cia kiu"; 

berate one's husband and children. 

wO ciu 30 To curse ; to imprecate ; in- 

fy^ 49 5 cantations. 

ciu-cua ; to swear. i ciu kau i b6 ko hd ; he 

swore at her till she had no peace. liam ciu ; 

recite incantations. than ue hu, than llam 

ciu ; drawing written spells, while reciting 


"rtV- ciu 48 To go towards; to come near in 
^iJfU 999 9 point of time; then; forthwith, 
ciang kbi ciu koi ; to meet one scheme with 
another. ciu lai, ciu kliu; went almost as 

soon as he came. cia thoi" m ki" khut ; just 

now missed it. ffi hd ciang ciu ; this will not 
do at all. ciu ti chii nie; comes to that place 
to obtain supplies. lia ciu si cie''-se° ta"; that 
was what I said at the time. u cie"-se° ciu 

sng si lio ; if that is the case, there is nothing 
more to be done. cie°-se" ciu hd ; that is all 
right. ciu-si cu ai°; want it immediately, 

seng-cin ; to bring about. cie°-se° cu oi tit 

seng-ciu; thus it may be brought to pass, si i 
lai ciu ua, m si lia khu ciu i ; it is for him to 
come to me, not for me to go to him. 



— cng — 

cng 112 Bricks ; thick tiles. 

117 11 fiiUg cng ; red bricks. clie" 
dig ; gray bricks. sie cng kai te ; a brick- 

kiln, ci koi" elm tbo e ai" pho cng a iTi ? Are 
you going to lay a brick floor in this house ? 
^i" pho siiu-raih cng? What sort of brick are 
you going to use in paving ? lu kai chie" ai" 
kih cng a ai" ceng hue ? Are you going to make 
your wall of bricks or of chunam ? 

cng 154 Booty ; spoils ; plunder ; 

949 6 stolen goods, 
khi cng ; recover the booty. liah chak ciu 

cng; when you catch the thief you are near the 
stolen goods. u jieh coi cng-kia"? How 

much booty is there ? khui cek tie" cng-toa"; 
gave a receipt for the booty. co ti, pun cng ; 
stay by the stuff and get a share of the spoils, 
kua" m tham cng ; the officials do not covet the 
spoils. go boi chak cng ; buy stolen goods 


tV" cng 53 A store; a depot; a farmstead. 
/ZLl 112 3 ])6 cng; a cloth warehouse, 
hie" cng ; a farmstead. cng teng ; men who 

work on a farm. cng kheh ; hired men in 

a de'pot. ci" cng ; a mercantile house ; a 

depot from which money is issued. ke cng; 


145 A package ; to pack. 
7 cng cek kheng cek kheng 

pack them basket by basket. boi ngwn cng 

kai ; buy them in the original packages. cng 
kau hp-hp cia" ta° Iph cun ; when they are all 
properly packed, carry them to the boat. ji 

ke to si ci cek cng hiie, tp-ui boi i ci'e ci", boi 
lia ke ci"? The goods we both have are from 
the same bale, so why do you sell them to him 
for less than you sell them to me ? 

cng 119 The attire ; the toilet. 

113 6 cng liam;ke cng; a bride's 
trousseau, siu cng ; make the toilet, siu cng 
lau ; a boudoir up stairs. cng sek ; glossed 

over, cng chu ; dressing place, toa" siu cng ; 
dowdy looking. 

4^ cng 64 The fingers. 
l^R ^ 67 6 cng-thau-kong; the thumb, 
chau cng- than ; the fingers, biie cng kia" ; the 
httle finger. tok tlo chiu-cng-thau ; chop off 
the fingers, in cng-th^u bo ; to seal by an im- 
print of the thumb. cng kah ; finger nails, 
cng-kah hue ; the balsam flower. 


cng 167 The toes. 
56 4 kha-cng-thau ; the toes, 
thak tieh kha-cng-thau; stubbed his toe. kha- 
cng-kah ; the toe nails. kha-cng-thau kong ; 
the big toe. kha-cng-kia"; the smaller toes. 

^^^^ cng 32 To bury with decorum; to 
-"■"a 949 10 inter a corpse, 
mai-cng; to bury. sang cng; to carry to the 
grave. kSu cng ; to inter with all the para- 

phernalia complete. ci' kp ti si cng kua"- 

bak a rf cng hue-kim ? Do the people here inter 
in coffins or in urns ? ai" cng chim a ai" cug 
chien ? Do you wish the grave to be deep or 
shallow ? chien khu pat kp ciig ; remove for 
interment in another grave. sin cng kai 

phun ; a newly made grave. ci khau phQn si 
hap cng kai ; this grave is one in which two 
people are buried. mang si cng bp ui ; if you 
are long iu dying there will be no place in 
which to bury you. 

cng 167 An awl ; a borer ; to punch ; 
, , , 1026 19 to bore, 
cng-kia"; an awl ; a gimlet. phah ki ho kai 

cng-kia"; make a good awl. ki cng-ki'a" 

cieh lia kap cu-cheh ; lend me an awl to in 
binding books. cug kai khang, toa-toa kai ; 
punched a very large hole in it. eng keng- 

hun cia" ciig tit Iph ; take an auger having a 
string to turn it by, and then you can bore 
It. cng h'o sie-lin-thang khu ; bored it clear 

through, cng 6i-t6i ; make holes with an awl 
in the soles of shoes. 

11 The whole ; entire. 
4 ^ cng kai hp ; they are all 
lia cng kai rli cai ; I am wholly 

J±L 1013 
good ones. 

ignorant concerning tlem. M cng kai rn pa"t 
ci kia su; you know nothing about this mat- 
ter. cng kai cp cek-e khieh lai ; bring the 

whole of them at once, cng kai khut lu ; give 
you the whole of them, lia thoi" tieh cno- kai 
bo eng ; I consider it wholly useless, cnt^ko • 
the whole lump. cng ki"; the whole bi^nch! 
cng tio ; the whole strip. cng hu ; the entire 
set. cng png ; the entire volume, ciicr pang • 
the entire company, m c6i cng ; inco°mplete.' 
pe bp coi cng ; both parents are living. cno- 
ke nang; an unbroken family. ° 


cng 30 To feed as insects do. 

112 ^12 h6-sin iq cng ; the fly is feed- 
ing. ^ ciah-tu tieh siu cheng-khih, cia" bo bun 
iai cng; the food safe must be cleaned, tlien it 
wiU not attract the small flies. hia \6 cncr lio 
thang 5 the ants are eating a worm. " gu^ngk 



tleh khieh-khi mai° kliut hia lai cng ; the beef 
must be put away so that the ants will not 
get at it. 

cng 70 To eddy, to whirl ; cnrling. 

821 7 c'lii ka-cflg ; a whirlpool, laa 
kau liu-ko cu ka-ciig ; the current there eddies, 
ka kau k^i cng chim-chim ; wheels round and 
round forming a deep whirlpool. hfa ctii 

16ng-cdng ka-cng ka-cug ; the water there 
swirls round and round, i kai mo" ka-ciig ka- 
cng; her hair hangs in ringlets, thau-khak kai 
m6° kai cug ksii cng; his hair lays in curls all 
over his head. hu kai cng fo chiia, ci kili ciig 
io cia"; that carl is askew, this one is in place. 


cng 94 A complaint; an accnsation. 

114 4 ko-ciig; to indict; to accuse, 
sia cng ; write out an accusation. cng-sii ; an 
indictment. cng-su ; a lawyer. tlioi" i 

kai cng-sA ; see what is the cause of complaint, 
cia" cng, hu ciig; the original copy and the 
draft of an indictment. ko gu-ciig ; carry a 

case to the Throne through the Censorate. 


CO 115 Rent; lease; rental. 
1007 6 ehii CO, chang co, ph6 co; 
the rent of a house, field, or shop. siu co; 

collect rents, siu kang co ; collect rent due in 
money. siu chang co ; collect rent due in 

produce. co ci°, co nguu ; money received as 
rent. ti co ; ground rent. lap jiuh coi co ? 
How much rent do you pay ? co koi° chu 

lai tiu ; rent a house to live in. tieh Iftp tl 

CO ; ground rent must be paid at stated times, 
khiam co ; owes rent. hfti" co; pay the rent, 
thd CO ; dun for rent. co siia"; lease one's 

property, ceng co ; raise the rent, kiam co ; 
diminish the rent. co kuah-pun pSt ii&ng 

siu ; transfer the rent to another person for 
collection. tieh u n&ng tam co; there must 

be some one to guarantee the rent. soi" kue 
plio CO ; prepay the rent of the shop. ci koi° 
h&ug cek ni co jieh coi ci°? For how much per 
year is this warehouse rented ? hue co ; give 
a lease as security for a debt. 

CO 113 An ancestor. 
1007 5 pai CO; worship ancestors, ke 
CO ; one's ancestors. leng co ; your ancestors. 
CO pe ; grandfather. ceng co ; great grand- 

father, ceng CO b(5 ; great grandmother, kau 
CO ; gi'eat grandfather's father. thai kau co ; 
great grandfather's grandfather. sf co ; the 

founder of a familj'. soi° c6 ; my late grand- 
father, thai SI CO ; first emperor of a dynasty, 
kong CO toa nang; Your Excellency, my grand- 

father. c6 ble ; ancestral temple. co sd ; 

ancestral hall. cd nglap ; family estate. c6 
ti; family inheritance in land. c6 thwn kai; an 
heirloom. tang cd thwn loh lai kai; inherited 
from ancestors. seug cd kai nang ; seng nAng 
k&i cd ; become the head of a house or tribe. 

c5 187 Abrupt ; suddenly. 

9(32 14 c6-jien i7» k\" khu ; suddenly 
missing, c6-jien cu loh ho ; suddenly began 
to min. put-leng c6-jien cQ 6i kai; it is not 
a thing that can bo done suddenly. m-h<5 c6 ; 
do not be abrupt about it. 

— cbi — 

iwT coi 120 Fibers of various plants, used 
'r><J> 944 11 in making cloth ; threads 
used in weaving ; linen yarn, 
ceh coi ; to splice fibers. coi kheng ; a basket 
u.sed for holding yarn. ceh pp-lo-mua" coi ; 

splice the fibers of the leaf of the pineapple to 
make thread for weaving. ceh tin coi ; to 

splice fibers of China grass. cJm coi ; soak 

the fibers used in weaving. ciap coi ; join 

threads, in coi ; wind linen thread. c6i mai" 
mueh ju ; do not tangle the thread. c6i ceh 
CO sua°; join the fibers so as to make thread for 
sewing, ju se jii coi toh tit tit, jA nhng toh m 
tit ; you can pick out and straighten tangled 
yarn, but you cannot disentangle the snarls 
into which people get. 

c6i 210 Uniform ; even ; all together; 

966 at once, 
cek coi lai khu ; go in a body. bdi hue c6i ; 
have not yet bought all that are required, 
sio-bak me"-me" siu c6i ; get the accounts to- 
gether speedily. siu-sip kau c6i-c6i cia°-cia''; 
very systematically done. theng cdi, cia" 

lai; wait till you have the full complement and 
then come. ceng nang c6i-sia° tap-in ; all 

answered in concert. ceng nang c6i sim ; all 
were of one mind. P*ng khu m c6i ; did 

not set them down evenly. thiap c6i-c6i; 

place them evenly in piles, nin c6i-c6i lai thia"; 
come all together and listen. cek coi chut 

lak ; put forth your strength simultaneously, 
le"- le" bdi kku coi ; sort by sort, buy the full 
complement. c6k c6i co cS lai ; bring the 

complete assortment at once. 

j^^ coi 86 Much ; many ; more. 

:^^ 909 3 coi cS,i ; very many, coi-coi ; 
a great many. jieh coi ? How many ? cie" 

coi ; so many. ii coi cie ; have more or less, 

lu mai" coi su ; do not be troublesome, i khah 
coi ue; she talks too much, mien hie" coi ; that 



is more than is needed. ci cek ie" tSng coi ; 
this sort is much the heavier. ci kA,i ngia tit 
coi ; this is much the prettier. toa hph coi ; 
mui'h the hirger. lip coi ; much better, hia, 
fo ho CO' ; how much better that is. pf hfa 

tng coi ; much longer than tl^at one. pi ca 

jit juah coi ; much hotter than it was yester- 
day, cuah coi to kp ; lacks a great deal, 
mien ta° hie'" coi ; it is unnecessary to say so 
much. nin jieh coi kai chui ? How many 
have you to provide food for ? cie° coi cong 
kau ; this much is quite enough, nang-be coi; 
nang-mueh coi ; there are a great nutnber of 
people there. nang coi, Qe coi ; where there 
are many people there is much talking. kim 
ni se° 10 coi ; this year the produce has been 
considerable. ci kai ti-hng chnt siang coi ; 
this I'egion produces the greatest amount, hu 
kai coi kue ci kai ; there is more of that 
than of this. siang teng coi ; the greatest 
quantity. b6 coi nang, kng i m pliu ; without 
a great number of men it cannot be carried, 
cuah m coi ; no great deficiency. ciah ra 
coi; does not eat much. coi-coi to oi tit 
h'o ; even a great quantity may be used up. 
8e° kang coi ; brought forth great numbers. 
l&i coi ni lio ; came many years ago. kau ta° 
hph coi jit ; it is now many days since, lu cie" 
coi kai gueh t(5 co mih sii ? What have you 
been doing these many months ? ne coi-coi ; 
a very great number. coi kau sio m lio ; 
innumerable. coi kau sng m pat to khu ; so 
many as to be countless. ci'-kp ju-keng coi ; 
here they are still more numerous. ciu ce 
ciah khah coi, ue cu coi-coi ai° ta" ta"; when 
too much liquor is taken one says much that 
were better left unsaid. bp sim-mih coi ; no 
great amount. mai° Iph khah coi ciii ; do not 
put in too much water, lu mai" kha chi'u coi ; 
do not be meddlesome. mai" khah coi hvvn- 
Ip ; do not be too sad. cie"-se" io khua"-uah 
tit coi ; thus it is much more comfortable. jii 
coi jii hp ; the more the better. coi sia ; 
many thanks. lu jieh coi hiie ? How old are 
you ? coi-coi to hi"; want all there are, be it 
never so many. 


-f tl c6i" 64 The fingers. 
IXm 57 6 chiu coi"; the fingers. kha 
coi"; the toes. koi coi"; ciah coi"; the fore 

finger. ciang coi"; ho-lai coi"; tang coi"; 

tin-tang coi"; the middle finger. bp mia" 

coi"; the ring finger, soi coi"; the little finger, 
coi" kah ; finger nails. chiu coi" cak ; 

finger joints. sa" coi" kS,u ; three fingers in 


^{jT c6i" 18 To clip ; to pinch and break, 
j;?V 978 9 as between chopsticks, 
cdi" cp kueh ; clip it in two. coi" c6 ka- 

a trig; clip it into several regular pieces. t3 
tin-tang ciu coi" Iph khu; clipped it in two in 
the middle. 

.-, coi" 18 Before; in advance; the 

|IJ 981 7 front, 
coi" S,u ; before and behind. coi" jit; day be- 
fore yesterday ; some time ago. toa coi" jit ; 
the day before day before yesterday. c6i" kai 
gueh ; month before last. c6i" ni ; year before 
last ; in former years. toa coi" ni ; the year 

before year before last. chii coi"; in front of 
the house. coi" mng ; the front door, ning 
c6i°; before the door. coi" Iph, 5u 16h ; the 

front and rear buildings. coi" ang ; her for- 
mer husband. R6i" coi" kai bo ; his first wife. 
coi" kha, aa kha ; the one ahead, and the one 
in the rear, ho coi"; before the shower. c6i° 
n^ng kia"; a stepson. ngan coi"; just ahead, 

ngan coi" u sim-mih su ? What immediate 
business have you ? mak coi" ii sim-mih h<5 
chu me ? What pleasant occupations have you 
in the immediate future ? soi" coi"; aforetime, 
coi" lai ; formerly. cie" coi"; press onward, 

hiang coi"; face your destination. gueh pua" 
coi" au hp kau ; may arrive about the middle 
of the month, c6i"-cin ; to advance. kia" m 
cin-coi"; makes no progress. thau min coi"; 

ahead, i kia" thau-rain-coi"; he walks ahead, 

— coih — 

W.-H coih 85 To sop up. 
J^% 1032 11 khieh kp p6 khu coih ta; 
take a piece of cloth and sop it up dry, eng 
mi" khu coih kau ta-ta; take some raw cotton 
and sop it all up dry. 

cioh 118 A festival ; a period of time. 
974 9 coih khi; coih hau; stated 
times. si coih; times; the terms, poih coih; 
the solstices, the equinoxes, and the beginnings 
of the four seasons. cp coih ; kue coih ; to 

keep holiday. coih koih ; the two or three 

days succeeding a festival. ngvvn sio coih; 

the 15th of the first month, called the feast of 
lanterns. cheng-meng coili ; clear bright 

weather; the time of worship at the graves of 
ancestors, in the second or third month. ngo 
gueh coih; the fifth day of the fifth month, the 
the festival of dragon boats. chit gueh piia" 
coih ; the middle of the seventh month, when 
offerings are made to the childless spirits, 
tongchiu coih; the middle of the eighth month, 
when the moon is worshipped. tang coih ; 



the winter solstice, in the eleventh month, nl 
coih ; the annual festivals, toa coih; the great 
festivals. sang coih ; make holiday presents, 
coih loi ; the presents appropriate to the time ; 
the compliments of the seasons. 

c6ih 62 To cut off; to intercept; to 
976 10 slice with a downward stroke 
of tlie knife ; slices. 

coih (p kueh ; cut in two. mai" c6ih tng; do 
not cut it off. c6 no sa" coih ; make two or 

three cuts of it. cie° c6ih e c6ih ; the upper 
portion and the under portion. c6ih lo chie°- 
kinp ; to waylay and plunder. coih cQ ; 

intercept. pin ci-ko coih ; cut it off from this 
point. coih co ku-a tug; cut it into several 

regular pieces. c6ih phion ; cut it in flakes, 

coih si ; cut it in shreds. coih cek cak cek 

cak ; out it in sections. ci ki to b6i lai, bo 

mih hd coih ; this knife is not sharp, and is not 
very good to cut with. coih nek, coih hA ; to 
slice meat or fish. h6".thau c6ih ; to guillotine. 
c6ih tio than ; to decapitate. c6ih ieli ; cut up 
drugs. cam coih ; chop up. c§k to c6ih ; 
one style of slicing. ai" coih sie tui ; slice 

them so that the slice will be unbroken, mai" 
coih li ; do not break the slices in the cutting. 
cfam-c6ih; smoothly cut. ciam-ciam c6ih-c6ih; 
concise and accurate. ue ta" lai ciam-c6ih 

c8,i ; the language is terse and clear. ka 

kau ciam-coih ciam-c6ih; clean cut, with 

— cok — 

cok 80 To commit to another's 
96 21 charge by request or in- 
junction ; to enjoin upon. 

cok-thoh i khu cp ; commission him to go and 
do it. siu n^ng kai cok-thoh ; had a com- 

mission from some one. si i boi cok chut 

l&i kai ; one who was suborned by him. ua 

cp-ni ieng-leng cok-hu M, lu to bp thia"; no 
matter how often I reiterate the instructions 
to you, you do not heed them. cai-sa° cok- 

tliph ; charged him repeatedly. 

t^ cok 157 The foot ; sufficient ; fully. 
AImt 1014 chfu cok ; hands and feet. 
hia°-ti si chiu cok ; brothers are to each other 
as hand and foot. cok e ; Your Honor ; you, 
sir. sit cok ; a false step. ka-ki cu cok ; he 
is sufficient unto himself. cok eng ; enough 
for the purpose. cok-cok chiie lu u piia" jit ; 
I have been seeking you for fully half a day. 
cok-cok u cek peh nl'e tSng ; it is fully a 
hundred taels in weight. lu tieh cai cok ; 

you noust be content. lu cie'-se" tieh cai 

cok ; you must be satisfied with that. Id 

cie''-8e'' si in cai cok ; you are not content witii 
that. ci kill natig put cok tSu ; such people 
are not worth talking about. cok sio ; the 

full account. hai° cok sio ; paid the bill in 

full. siu kau cok-cok ; collected the entire 

amount. mua".cok ; quite full. cliong 

cok ; to fill full. ngun-cui cok ; the surplus 

weight of the coin is paid for in full. cok 

ngiin ; coin in which there is no deficiency nor 
deba.semont. cap-cok ; complete in all res- 

pects. Dgun cfip-cok ; the money is quite 

sufficient. ttip-ji cok hp ; Buperezcellent. 

cf kue tang siu cap-cok; this last crop was a 
full one. i kai chai-cheng put cok lai 

tng toa ceh-jim ; his ability is not sufficient 
for a post of great responsibility. ui sue put 
cok, ui Clang fl u ; not so much as is required 
for a commander-in-chief, but more than is 
required for a general. cf kla" ku put cok 

kiiai ; there is nothing very wonderful about 
this. cok ccng ; unalloyed. cia siah si 

cok-ceng k&i ; this pewter is without alloy. 
Q cok, Q <i ; there is enough and more than 
enough. jl-si cok ; many times more than is 

cok 113 To supplicate the gods ; to 

95 5 felicitate, 
cok hok ; invoke blessings, cok-bun; forms of 
prayer. cok sin kai ue ; the language of 

prayer, tau cok ; to say prayers, cok siu ; to 
congratulate another upon his birthday. ble 
cok ; an acolyte, or waiter in a temple. chfa" 
tl-tiang thak cok ; request some one to read 
prayers. kheng cok bwn siu ; bless with 

endless life. 

X/p cok 9 To act ; to become. 
I f* 1005 6 cok-kuai; cok-cong; to as- 
sume an air of indifference ; to put on a 
pompous manner ; to have an unusual air of 
superiority, i ciah khah pa cu cok-cong; if he 
has too much to eat he will become pompous, 
i cie"-si cok-kuai cSi ; she assumes great 
dignity lately. 

c6k 70 A family which traces its 
1015 T^ descent from one ancestor, 
cok pho ; a clan register. cok tie"; the chief 
of a tribe. cok lau ; the elders of a tribe, 

cong-cok ; a clan. tang cok ; of the same 

tribe. hok im cek cok ; a benefactor of th e 

whole tribe. hah c6k ; a united clan. hSm 
cok ; the whole clan. cok iSi ; belonging to 

the clan. 



c6k 30 The sound made in calling 
,. , 825 6 a dog. 
i 10 (ok-cok SI kho i bua-klm a si h^ni i khui- 
khu ? In sounding tliat call to the dog, is he 
setting him on, or calling him off? lu m tieh 
c6k-c6k-kie kho i lai ciah ? Why do you not 
call the dog to come and get his food ? 

— cong — 

>y;A^ cong 120 All of ; the utmost extreme; 
7\<^ 106 5 the end. 
cong jit ; all day long. cong me"; the whole 
night. cong-kii ; forever. cong-kii to ; is 

eternal. cong-kii cie"-se"; it is always thus. 

sf cong si cie°-se"; from beginning to end it is 
the same. co su tieh n si ii cong ; in doing 

things there must be a beginning and an end. 
cong sin kai tai su ; the greatest event in life, 
(marriage). lim cong kai si-hau ; when near 
his end. ni cong sue mo"; the end of the year. 
Bien cong, bo sien cong; a happy or an unhappy 
end. cong su oi hp ; it will be well in the 

end. lau-sit cong-kii cai ; the honest endures, 
cong ni iTi pat th6i"-ki" i chie; have not seen 
him laugh for a whole year. i cong jit sng ; 
he plays all day. 

, —^Z. cong 40 A clan ; a tribe whose 
A|> 1021 5 members all have the same 
surname and are descended from the same an- 
cestor, tang cong ; clansmen. cong chin ; 
kinsmen, cong cii; a lineal descendant, cong- 
cok toa thai-kp kali mi°-nua"; when the clan 
becomes large there are always some in it who 
are leprous, tai cong-su ; the ancestral hall of 
the clan. mong si kai cong-su ; the ancestral 
temple of a certain family. 

cong 157 A vestige ; a trace ; a clue. 

1023 11 cong-ciah ; vestiges, chak- 
tlioi" i kai lai cong khu ciah ; inquii-e into his 
doings, bo cong bp ciah ; chwn bp cong-ciah ; 
left no trace behind. 

cong 120 Perpendicular ; downward; 

1022 11 a meridian line. cong 

hue"; up and down and across. cong hue" 

thi" e ; up and down everywhere under heaven; 
wholly unrestricted. hah-cong ; to fall into 
line, to unite in concerted action. cu ho hue 
hah-cong kio i cien ; all the princes joined in 
fighting against him. kak kok ce hah-cong 
cu rli pha" i ; if all the states range themselves 
under one banner and act in concert against 
him there is nothing to fear. 

cong 120 To comprehend in one; 
IVllS 1023 IT altogether, 
cong-tok ; the governor-general. c6ng-lf ; 

general supervision. cong nau"; including 

everything. c6ng pia°; a majoi'-general in 

command of a division. c6ng-kwn ; general 
overseer. a-c6ng-kwn; head constable, long- 
cdng ; the whole of them. c6ng ai'" lu hau" 

tia"; all that is lacking is your consent, to tng 
cong-thau ; acts as supervisor. cong koi fi 

jieli coi ? All being reckoned in, how many are 
there ? cong sng ; all counted. c^k c6ng G 

jieh coi ? What is the sura total ? cek cdng to 
si ; all are of the same sort. choi° cong ; the 
lieutenant in a regiment, pa-cdng ; an ensign, 
lu cong ai"; you altogether desire it. cie"-se° 
cong m kia" ; in that way it does not move on 
at all. cie"-se'' cong 6i tit seng; thus it may 
wholly succeed. lu c6ng hd ; you are all 

goodness, cong bua ; to sum up. cong cu, lu 
ai" a m ai" ? All things being considered, do 
you want it or not ? cdng-li kak kok su-bu ge- 
mng ; the general council for the administra- 
tion of foreign affairs. cdng mau"; gather 
up in one. cdng su ; the chief clerk in a 

cong 120 To wrongfully permit ; to 
1022 11 let go; admitting that; 
allowing that ; although. 

cbng-iong i ; indulge him. lu si cong-iong i ; 
you connive at his doings. m hp ku-i cong- 
long i cie"-se"; should not purposely connive at 
his doing thus. cong-jien si cie-se" lia ia m 

ui ; allowing it to be so, I am still unafraid, 
cong-sai lu pue cie" thi", ua ia liali lu tit tieh ; 
even though you fly into the heavens, I can 
still catch you. cong-sai i cp khut- ciah lia 

ia ngvvn ke i ; even if he were a beggar I 
should still be willing to marry him. cong 

kia" kia" hiong ; permit a child to do evil. ce 
cong ciu khi khu ; as soon as it was let fly it 
went up. cang sin ce cong ciu cie" lau teng ; 
gave one spring and mounted to the upper 

to cong 2 To suit; to fit; to hit. 

' I ' 105 3 ci kia" mueh cu cong ua kai 
i; this thing just meets my wishes. cia si i 

siang cong 'i kai ; this accords perfectly with 
his ideas. 



60 A follower ; an attendant. 
8 8ui-c6ng ; attendants. put 

hun siu cong; makes no distinction between 
chief and follower. cong sin ; an attendant 

on the gods, cong-ok ; outhouses. 



C(5 — 

'-^-* CO 48 The left side ; depraved. 
/^ 1002 ~2 cd iu ; left and right. c<5 
p6i"; on the left. c<5 chiii ; the left hand. c<5 
kha ; the left foot. c6 inak ; the left eye. c(5 
BU ill sie"; thinking of this way and that way. 
c6 tail hok ceug ; erroneous doctrines mislead- 
ing many. 

KH c<? 1'^° '^o impede, retard, or delay. 
nOk 88 5 c(5-ci; pat a stop to. c(5-keh ; 
to hamper, cd-tkng; to block the way. nua°- 
cd i ; stand in iiis way. nfia°-t(S i niai" ; pre- 
vent his doing it. cd Iftng; everything work- 
ing against one. lu mki° lA,i c<5 lia ; do not you 
come and hinder me. chia" cd ce ; please 

delay a little. cd i ra cu ; cannot stop him. 

c6-ni cd i to i7i khe'iig hiah ; whatever you do 
he will not stop. 1)6 cd bo keh ; without hin- 
drances, boi cd boi thi, tit-ttt cQ khu kku hu 
ko; if there be no impediments we shall go 
straight there. pun huang-ho cd-keh cia 6i 
cie° mang ; we are so late on account of being 
hindered by the bad weather. kang-lftng 

hfam cd; came near being prevented by the 
difiBculties in the way. 

y^^ cd 75 The Chinese date. 
"^y^ 953 ¥ cd chiu ; the date tree. ftng 
cd ; red dates, o cd ; black dates, bit cd ; the 
sweet date, toa cd ; the large date. sua' cd ; 
wild dates. kie° cd ; dates preserved with 

ginger. cd-ni-kp ; date paste, cd kua°; dried 
dates, sin tiah kai cd ; freshly gatliered dates. 

Jt-j^ cd 9 To assist ; to second. 
|gC 1002 5 cd-cap-kua°; officers in a dis- 
trict magistrate's yaraun, under the grade of 
second deputy. i si kien chut khu cp cd-c&p ; 
he has purchased a position elsewhere in a 
district yamun. 


CO 9 To make ; to do ; to act ; to be- 
, 1003 9 come; to effect; to be. 
cp sa" kho ; make clothing, si tek cp kai ; it is 
made of bamboo. ai° cp kirn a ai" cp ng^n ? 
Do you wish it to be made of gold or of silver ? 
hd cang siali cp ; you may make it of pewter. 
CO hd a bue ? Is it finished yet ? bue ceng 

cp ; have not yet made it. cp hd lio ; it is 

completed. tiang-si ai° cp ? When are you 

going to do it ? lu td cp mih su ? What are 

you doing ? cp kua° co hii ; to hold office. 

CO kua" mai° to pui, cp pui siu nang khui ; if 
you are an official do not be a petty one, for if 
you are you will be subject to everybody's 

blame. cp tit ; 5i cp tit ; 6i nia cp tit ; it will 
do. m cp tit ; it will not do. khd T cp tit ; it 
will answer. toa m cp tit; it will not do at 

all. cp tit l&i ; it can be done. cp m Ifii ; it 
cannot be done. mla°-ke cp nang ; has the art 
of being popular. cJe°-se° le hd cp n^ng ; cie°- 
se" le i7i-hd cO nftng ! I won't stand such treat- 
ment from him ! lu kfti mia° kie-cp sim 
much ? What is your name ? cp n&ng-chOng ; 
be obliging. lu khak-kho cp, cp kau hd-ld ; 
you persevere in doing it, and do it very nicely. 
c6 m uia"; unaccomplished. cp tit cia ; 
bring to completion. cp chin-cia°; effect a 
betrothal. c6 a bOe ? Is the betrothal accom- 
plished ? Id ai" cp ? What are j'ou going 
to do about it ? i mih su boi cp ; he can 
do nothing. nang lai cp chin hd me ? Let 
us be relatives, shall we ? lu khut lia cp kia* 
fo khah soi ; you are too young even to bo my 
child, cang cfa ciia cp cu-cheh phue; take this 
paper for the cover of the book. i cang cu- 
cheh CO cfm-thau ; he uses a book for a pillow, 
lu hi" cang tl cek Ie° p6 c6 sa° ? Which kind of 
cloth will you take to make into a jacket? 
pki i c6 sin-se"; pay respect to him as to a 
teacher. cp cin-se' pe-bd kwn-thai i ; treat 
them as if they were your real parents, i ham 
lia c6 b6 kftj, ua in i c6 be : i hkm lia cp gu kai, 
lia in i cp gu ; if he calls on me to act as horse, 
I act as a horse to him : if he calls on mo to 
servo as ox, I serve him as an ox. lu c6 Id 
khu ; go you along. 

/^ cb 61 Why? How? What? 
iUi^ 948 5 si cp-ni ? What is the 
matter ? m cai cp-ni ; do not know why. i 
cp-ni iTi lai ? Why does he not come ? lu cp- 
ni m kai ua ta° ? Why did you not tell me ? 
i kai pe" si (p-ni? What are his symptoms? 
si co-ni cia" tieh ? What should be done in the 
case ? lu ai" cp-ni cp ? What are you going 
to do about" it ? i Q cp-ni ta" a b5 ? Did he 
say anything about it ? cp-ni ? Why ? ua cp 
kd"? How dare I presume to do so ? lu cp 

ka" cie"-se° ? How can you thus presume ? ^ m 
ka° c6-ni ie°; dare not do any thing. Id co 

oi ? How can you ? cp boi ? Why not ? co 
ra ? Why should you not ? cp m khu ? Why 
should you not go. hia cp hd ? How can 

that be advisable ? 

ik^ CO 75 A ti-ough ; a manger. 
Th 95''> 11 be CO ; a horse's manger, tu 
CO ; a pig's trough. ngio cp ; a cat's basin, 

kiu CO; a dish in which a dog's food is placed, 
koi c6 ; a dish for fowls' food. lau-bd cp ; an 
eaves trough. 



CO 137 A scow ; a flatboat. 
955 11 tho-co ; a mud ncow. kha- 
co ; a large flatboat. co ciali toa kha-co ; 

bnilt a large scow. cf ciah kha-c6 tak jieh 

coi ci"? How much is this scow worth ? 

^ilt CO 162 To make ; to build ; to 
^ XF*. 954 7 fabricate ; to compose, 
sin kie CO lo ; repair bridges and make roads. 
CO cek tio kie ; build a bridge. co cck ciu 

kie; build a bridge having piers underneath. 
ci ciah cun co jieli coi ngun ? What was the 
cost of building this ship ? co kai thah ; 

build a pagoda. co kai be-thau ; build a 

pier. CO hue-cun ; build steamboats. co 

bun-cu ; compose a dispatch. co sin-bun ; 

edit a newspaper. cq cu ; compose books. 

co pho, CO cheh ; make records or lists. co 

CO cek tio kua; compose a ballad. co kua, co 
khek ; make songs. co cp cek chut hi ; to 

compose a play. co cek tio fie, co kau li ki u 
hieh ; fabricated a complete yarn. co ngan, 

CO gu ; a fabrication. 

CO 122 To olfend; to give occasion 
p 1016 8 for blame, 
m ho tit CO nang ; do not give offense. tit cp 
chit phi"; affronts almost everybody. 

mJ^ CO 32 To sit down ; sitting. 
"I*, 1002 4 chia" CO ; please be seated, 
lu cp ; lu chia" cp ; do not rise ; pray keep your 
seat. cp kii lio ; I have made a long stay. 

CO ce ; do not hasten ; stay a little longei*. ta" 
i" lai cp ; bring a chair and sit down, co kau- 
1°; sit in a chair. co khang-chng ; sit on a 

divan. cp chia ; go in a carriage. co kie ; 
go in a sedan chair. cp cun ; go by boat, co 
si-cia"; sit erect. bo ko hp cp ; have no place 
to sit down, cp tang hiang sai ; sit on the east 
facing the west, cp to tin-tang; sit in the mid- 
dle, cp to cek poi"; sit on one side, sim-mih 
cp hiang ? Which way does it face ? tui-min 
cp ; sit opposite. cp cham-chuah ; sit nearly 

opposite. tang cp, phueh ue ; sit chatting 

together. cp loh tp-chiu p6i° u cek cang 

chiu ; on the left there was a tree. cp kam ; 
in prison. cp cue ; undergoing punishment, 

hwn cp ; bring the crime on one's self, as a 
false accuser does. lu lai cp pang lia sin-pi°; 
come and sit beside me. phwn thiii cp ; sit 

with the feet crossed, as Buddhist idols do. 
kh£a be cp ; sit astride, cp to kha-thau-u; sits 
on her knee. khio khi kha cp ; sit with one 

foot on the other knee. lu cp-ni cp lio e-hai 
the" pang kha-thau-u ko ? Why do you sit 
with your knee propping your chin ? lu co lio 

kha raki" chng khi l&i ; when you sit down do 
not draw your feet up on your seat. cp k6 

be ; stand as when playing leap frog. c8 kfti 
be ; cp kui" be ; stand with the legs far apart, 
cp siah ; sit at table. cp ciah sua" pang ; do 
nothing but eat till the mountain has fallen, 
cp ul ; fills a station. cp toa ui ; sit in the 

chief seat. bo cp ui ; not entitled to a seat, 

bo ui-chu cp ; having no .seat. cp trig ; sit ia 
court. CO chio ; hold court. lu ai" cp pang 
ti-kp ? Where are you going to sit ? ua lai cp 
pang ci-kp ; I will sit here. m hp cp pang 

hu-kp ; do not sit there. u. 6i" lai cp phueh ; 
when you have leisure come and chat with me. 
6i" tiang-si lai cp ; at leisure times come and 
sit here. am-ce" lai cp ; secretly came for 

conversation with him. M cie" kii to in pat lai 
CO ; it is long since you have been here, bp lu 
]ki ci-kp cp ; will not permit you to come here 
and sit. cp to tho-e ; sat on the ground, cp 
cek tui cek tui ; sat in groups, cp c§k liet cek 
liet ; sat in rows. cp cek tit cek tit ; sat in 

straight lines. co kui" kha be-i" thoi" hi ; sat 
on a high bench looking at the play. cp toi°; 
sit on the throne. cp sien ; sit in Buddhistic 
meditation, cp i kai Qi ; superseded him. 


cp 19 To succor ; to aid ; to add 

90 5 strength to. 
pang-cp ; to aid. hu-cp; to assist. cp seng i 
kai su ; aid in the accomplishment of his pur- 
pose, cp lu cek pi cu lak ; lend you a helping 
hand. toa" sin, bo nang pang-cp ; alone with 
no one to help hira. cp i kai ta"; strengthen 
his courage, li thang cu-cp i, keng hp ; if you 
have the wherewitli to aid him it is well. lu 
m hp cp-c6ng kia"-ti cie°-se°; you should not 
thus indulge the children. 

A-j-^ cp 9 A coadjutor : a vice-. 
\UL. 1002 5 iiang-cp cu chai ; the talents 
of prime ministers, cp-cap-kua"; officers under 
the grade of second deputy in a district magis- 
trates yamun. lai cp la to chiet-io; a helpmeet 
is also of great importance. 

H-j^ Co 94 cp-ng^n; the highest graduate 
7|/V 114 4 of the National Academy, the 
senior wrangler of the empire. 

\f\h ^9 ^ -^ classifier of mountains, 
/~H. 1003 7 cities and large buildings; a 
seat. cek co sia°-ti ; a city. cek co thah ; a 
pagoda. cek co chu ; a house. cek co keng- 
bie ; a temple, cek cp sua"; a mountain, coi" 
to, au CO ; front and rear buildings. ti-co ; a 
throne. seng cp ; ascend the throne. 



coh — 

A^ ^pli 9 To do ; Jictions. 
I I* 1005 5 coll kaiig; to work. coh 

chaiig; to till the soil, hia (oli c&i ; very mean 
and stingy. hwt-cph ; to relapse. pe" hwt- 
cpli ; the ailment has returned. 

^^ cph 118 To build dykes or intrench- 
^^SC 96 9 ments; to ram down the earth, 
cph toi ; to make a dyke, cph huang-ui chie"; 
to build a protecting wall. cph chaiig hOa"; 
make embanktnents between fields. cph be- 
thhn ; build a pier. 

c6h 120 To cut short; to interrupt 
1011 6 the connection ; most, 
cph tin sA ; cut off all the heirs. khiong teng 
cph ho ; disinherit all the descendants. h{a 

kfa" si coh Ufa"; this is a disinherited son. c6h 
lo ; sunder the connection of the road. c6h 

kan ; break off the connection. c6h chii hong 
se"; all resources seemed cut off, but a way oat 
of the difficulty appeared. cph tui k&i Qe ; a 
pun on words. cph ciah ; stop the rations, 

ci'a hd cph tio ; it may be severed from this 
point, ngfa c6h ; superior to all. cph c^ng ; 
extinct, as a race or species. e6h si hd ; the 
best the earth affords. 

— cu — 

cu 96 A pearl ; beads. 

85 6 cek llap cu ; a pearl. cin cu ; 
real pearls. cek pak cu ; a string of beads or 
pearl.'*. chio cu ; a necklace worn by officials, 
kua cek pak cu ; wore a string of beads, muk 
cu ; the lens of the eye. ii ngan bo cu ; you 
have eyes without lenses; you eyes are of little 
Tise to you. hie" cu ; beads of scented wood, 
or seeds. liu mak hun cu ; confusing fishes' 
eyes with pearls; without discrimination, cin- 
cu hd eng op leh ; pearls are used as medicine, 
tang cu ; a brilliant gem. ciu-cu siia"; pearl 

.ri^ cu 75 Red : the color of vermilion. 
.^V 85 2 cu-cu ang; bright pink, chiii- 
iSin-phQe cu-cu ang; her lips are bright red. 
ciah kau kai min cu-cu ang; drank till his face 
was much flushed. kun cu chek, kuu 

b^k hek ; when a thing is almost as red as 
vermilion it is almost as black as ink. 

cu 112 Vermilion ; imperial, because 

86 6 the emperor Ubes red ink for 
his autograph. 

ngun-cu ; vermilion. cu pit ; a red pencil ; 

the imperial autograph, cu-sa ; cinnabar, cu 

ju; an autograph order, cu hng ; the essays of 
successful graduates, 60 called because they 
are copied in red ink. ai" chak ngun-cu ang 
a si chak s5i ang ? Will you have the lacquer a 
bright light red, or a bright dark red ? ngun- 
cu buah ; powdered vermilion. ngfin-cu tio ; 
a cake of veimilion. ngun-cu pit ; a pen used 
in writing with red ink. ngun-cu i"; an ink 
stone used with red ink. cu-sa" ftng; scarlet. 

cu 104 A cancer or deep seated ulcer. 
1009 5 ira cu ; a deep seated abscess, 
cu pi iong k^ng U-hfii ; a cancer is more malig- 
nant than an ulcer. 

cu 104 Small pox. 

875 7 chut cu ; have small pox. 
cu-khuc; small pox. cwn ui cu-khue ; makes 
a specialty of treating small pox. 

cu 149 All ; every. 

86 cu su \kn Id k&i k^ ; all this 
gives you much trouble. cu ju chu iQi ; all 

are of this sort. cu-hAam to ai" mo" lu ku i ; 
all are hoping to be instructed by you. nfn 

cu Oi CO ; be seated, all of you gentlemen. 

cu 149 To take advice concerning a 

961 8 lucky time, 
cu kit, heng kang ; choose a lucky time for 
beginning the work. kun cu m6ng jit khui 
oh ; carefully select a certain day for opening 
the school. 

4;Wjf cu 64 To pommel ; to beat with the 
iflX 961 8 fists. 

cu kau i mak lia" ceng ; bit him in the eye, 
causing it to swell up. cu kau i cek sin o- 

clie" tah-tang ; pounded him till his whole 
body was black and blue. 

" 1 ^ cu 3 Lord ; master ; owner ; chief ; 
I ... 87 4 a ruler ; to decide; to dominate, 
ke-cii ; the master of the house. cu-nie ; the 
miistress of the house, cii-jin ; the host. chii 
cii, pho cvi, hang cii, chang cii ; the owner of the 
house, shop, warehouse, or field. cun cii ; the 
owner of the boat, cek kok cu cii; the ruler of a 
kingdom, kui" cii ; the head man of a district, 
nng cu ; a female chieftain. bo nang cp cii ; 

no one holds control. lia cp lu kai cii ; 1 am 
your master, cii b<5 ; the master's wife. kun 
cti; the Sovereign. cii kong ; cii siang ; our 

Emperor. kong cii ; the Emperor's sisters or 
daughters. ngiap cii ; his landlord, cii-i ; to 
to choose or decide. khut lu kai lia cii-i ; 

let you decide for me. m cai cp-ni cii-i ; do 
not know what to decide upon. Id cti-i l&i 



tieh ; you have decided rightly. ka-kl put 

Ifiiig cii-i ; cannot herself decide. cii su ; 

manages the affair ; a director in a Board, 
sin-cii ; a deified lord. lia m ka" own cii ; I 

dare not assume the direction. chai cii ; chai 
cu lau ; tong cii ; a rich man. cii-ciang ; to 

manage or oversee. i sim lS,i bo cii-ciang ; 

he has no force of will. thien-cu ka ; tlie 

Roman Catholic religion, cii-cai; to reign, u 
cii-cai, bo cii-cai ; has or has not controlling 
power. ci ie" ieh cii-ti sim-mih pe° ? What 

ailment is this medicine good for ? cii-khau ; 
literary examiners. i cu tit i ; he does as he 
likes. 61 i t(5 cu pua"; it is he who manages 

the business, hu-cu 5 the husband. kQn-cu ; 
the sisters and daughters of princes. iu° cii ; 
the young ruler. 

cu 142 To eat as insects do ; destruc- 

89 ~5 tive insects. 

oil thang ; weevils, moths, grubs, bookworms, 
and the like, khut thang cu kau khang-khak; 
hollowed out by grubs. sim-mih thang td cu 
cha, cu kau huaih''-huaih"-k\e ; some insect is 
gnawing the wood, and you can hear the sound 
of the gnawing, cu kau kai khang kai khang; 
worm eaten. cvi-mo^-sien ; ringworm on the 

Bcalp. laa-ge-cii ; yamun extortioners. choh 
sa''-kh6 oil tio khu ; these garments are moth 

cu 149 To define ; to add an emend a- 

90 6 tion or gloss. 

cii nieng-peh ; define clearly, mih su si cu tia° 
kai ; all is exactly defined, hue cu se", soi" cvi 
61 ; before he tells what will happen in life, he 
fixes the day of death, (as a fortune teller pre- 
dicting immediate death). cu sek ; to define 
the meaning. ci png cu-cheh u cu-koi a bo ? 
Has this book explanatory notes ? cu kha ; 

foot notes. cu so ; a full explanation, (as of 

the classics). ji-cii si co-ni koi-sueh ? How is 
this emendation to be explained ? cia cu si 

ti-tiang cii kai ? By whom were the comments 
on this book written ? 

cu 167 To cast ; to fuse and run into 

90 T4 moulds. 
cu ci"; to cast copper coins. ci kai si cu kai a 
si phah kai ? Is this cast or wrought ? cu cp 
thih-poi''; cast it into iron plates. cu tang, cii 
siah ; cast brass or pewter ware, in cii kai ; of 
cast lead. 

Y_tl ^^ §^ ^^ direct water in channels ; to 
1 1^ 89 6 fix the attention upon, 
lu kai mak cii-cii to thoi" sim-mueh? What are 
you looking at so fixedly ? cu-sim ; attentive. 

cii-sim t(5 cp 01 kia" su; doing this thing with 
fixed attention. cd su tieh cii-sim ; you 

should give your whole mind to what you are 
doing. cu chph ciii loh ci-kp ; lead some 

water in this direction. cu tek-sut; lead 

water into holes to drive out the crickets, cu 
tho-ciang-kun ; lead water in to expel the black 
and white beetles. cu to-kau ; direct water 

into the retreat of the beetles to drive them 
out. cii i ; to fix the thoughts upon. cu cfu ; 
turn wine into the mouth. au ta cS,i, li-kwn 
cu t6 ; is very thirsty and keeps taking tea. 

cu 86 That which guides the flame ; 
89 5 a stick of incense, 
sie cek cii hie"; burn a stick of incense. 

A_tl ^^ ^ ^^ cease ; to halt ; to stop. 
|JQ 89 5 me"-me" ci'-cii ci kia" su ; im- 
mediately put a stop to this business. hiah- 
cii ; to cease. sak-cu ; to plug up. theng-ctl 
kha ; cease walking. siu-cii lo-khau ; guard 

the passes. cu chiu ; stay your hand. jim 
khi til cii ; I cannot help being angry. lun m 
cu ; I can't endure it. lau i m cii ; cannot 

detain him. cp-pu ku-cii ; tang cii ; living 

together. hue ju phah jii tph, phah m cii ; 

the more I try to put out the fire the fiercer 
it blazes, I can't extinguish it. ak-cii ; to 

repress, restrain or put a stop to. hueh lau m 
cii ; cannot staunch the blood. 

J^^ cii 128 To assemble ; to collect ; to 
:^fC 1010 8 dwell together, 
cii-cip ; cu-hiie ; cii-coi ; cii-bua ; to assemble, 
cu cp cek e ; to collect in one spot, ci-kp 6i cii 
cui ; the water collects here. cie"-s! 6i cG 

chai ; is accumulating wealth lately. cii-pd 

Ing ; a shrine of the god of wealth. p6 chut 
rrj jii so cii ; what is exported is not so good as 
what remains. cii-cip to hiie-tng ; congre- 

gate at the meeting house. cek-cu k4i pe°; a that has culminated. hija" n&ng cG 

td hu-kp si cp-ni ? Why is it that so many 
persons have come together there ? cu bun 
seng lui ; if you can get a sufficiently large 
swarm of gnats together they will make a 
noise like thunder. 


cii 130 Meat that has been offered in 
1007 5 sacrifice, 
pun cii-nek ; distribute meat that has been 
offered to idols. 

cii 187 To be stationed at. 
>^jjjLL4 89 6 cii-cap ; encamped. cti- 

hiiang ciang-kun ; the general commanding a 



[j^ cu 43 Then; presently; forthwith; 
-^lyL 999 "9" thereupon ; then ; if ; as if. 
ce ta" ou thia°; he heeds as soon as you speak, 
lia coi" jit ta" cu bi ci ksii; this was what I spoke 
of the other day. ci kai cu si i kai ang ; this 
is her husband, i s(5 ta" kai lu eu tieh thia" i, 
i sd CO kai lu cu tieh tiie i ciu°-8e° co; you raust 
heed what lie says, and must do as he does, 
ua ta" h(5 kai cQ si h(5, ta" i7i-hp kai cO iTi-h(5 ; 
what I say are good, aro good, and those that 
I say are bad, are bad. i ho-Iip nang cp-ni cQ 
ii pe" ? How is it Ihat he who was in such 
perfect health is sick ? i cQ cai ; he knows, 
mfig i cQ pat ; he knows when you ask him. 
Id la b6 16i-Kio, i cu m khciig kiu lu ta"; if 
you are discourteous he will not tell you. 
cie"-se" cu hd ; that is right. u Ii6 lia cu m 

khu ; if it rains I shall not go. i lai lia cu iTi 
khu ; if he comes I shall not go. i cO lu cu 

mien cp ; if he does it then you need not. i 

khieh lai ua cu mien khu chue ; if he brings 
it, then I need not go and look for it. u p6" 
cQ boi tit khu ; if one is sick one cannot go. 

— cua — 

cua 120 Paper. 

66 4 chau cua ; coarse brown pa- 
per, peh tek ciia ; strong white paper, made 
from bamboo. kbng chwn ciia ; letter paper, 
o kim ciia ; glossy black paper. aug ciia ; red 
paper. ngo sek cua ; paper in a variety of 

colors. cu ciia; writing paper. kau-liu cua ; 
thin white paper, cheh phue ciia ; paper used 
for the cover.s of books. cien ciia; drawing 

paper. kia" pang cua ; thick white paper in 
large sheets, hue ciia ; flowered paper. ngiin 
cua; thick spangled paper, kim ngun cua; gilt 
paper, or spirit money. kS,u hwu ciia ; foreign 
paper, ciia ci", ciia ngun; paper money, burned 
in idol worship. cua pai ; cards. phah ciia 
pai ; to play cards. pie hue ciia ; to paper the 
walls of rooms, pie ciia; wall paper, cangciia 
ia.i pie; paper it. cSk tie" ciia; a sheet of paper, 
pe" tlieng ciia; a transparency with the shadows 
of paper puppets cast on a screen. mai" thiih 
phua i kai pd°-theng-cua ; do not punch a hole 
in the screen on which the shadows of his 
puppets are thrown ; do not spoil the pleasant 
aspect of his affaiis by revealing what is behind 
the scenes. li ciia ; to tear up paper. . ciia 
bue ; ciia in ; paper used as tinder, thoih ciia ; 
loose fly leaves. tab ciia ; mend with a paper 
patch, cek tp ciia ; a packet of paper, cek to 
jieh coi tie" ? How many sheets are there in a 
packet of paper ? ciia nang, ciia be, cua hoh; 
men, horses, and storks made of paper. ko 

kki ciia nftng ; make a paper giant. iu ciia ; 

oiled paper. ni ciia ; dyed paper. ciia nlo"- 
ho"; a pajwr tiger; something made to scare 
people, khiu kue c>ia-ci°-lang ; lighter than a 
thistle down. ciah kau kio ciia-kang hie"- 

se"; has become as thin as a skeleton. sin- 

bQn-ciia ; a newspaper. 

||ji|^ ciia 142 Serpents ; snakes. 
<pH|^ 747 6 cek tlo ciia ; a snake, ptiali 
si tio ciia ; killed a snake. tak ciia; a poison- 
ous serpent. cua fi kfti pi tak, fi kAi b6i ; 
some serpents are poisonous and some are not. 
ciii cua; a water snake. kau-bd-ciia; a large 
striped lizard. khini-ciia ; a boa-constrictor, 
fi kiii Ie° cua kie-cp peh-am-nua, pua-ki-kah, 
h5-siia"-pe°. che°-tek-pie, tp-ni-kun, p6h-po-cI, 
cTig kai si tuk kai ; there are several kinds of 
snakes, the white necked snake, the cobra, the 
ringed snake, the black and yellow snake, the 
small brown snake, and the viper, all of which 
are poisonous. sang thfiu ciia ; a two headed 
snake. khi ciia ; rare species of serpents, 
ciia phiie ; the skin of a snake. cua sin t^og, 
c&a c ai ; the back and the belly of a snake, 
ciia pak khak ; the snake sheds its skin. ciia 
thp ; the shed skin of a snake. ciia to chau 
kp pie khu ; the snake darted off through the 
grass. cua so cle" sua" teng ; the serpent 
wriggled up to the top of the hill. cua si 
chl" thio khi lai ; the snake has crawled up by 
way of the post, tio cua phwn t6 chiu ki kp ; 
a snake coiled around the bmnch of a tree, 
cua, lu phah i kai tliTiu, i kai biie cu ai" kauli 
lu kai kha ; if you strike a snake's head, his 
tail will coil around your leg. cek llo ciia 
khiin i"-!"; a snake coiled up in a circle. lii 
ai" phah i, i kai cCia-thau cu teng khi lai; when 
you are going to strike him, be darts up his 
head. i kai ciia-cam lang a lang ; he ia 
darting out his tongue. ciia nih i ; the 
snake nabbed him. ci khi cua bp mih k5 
nang; this species of snake is not apt to bite. 
i kai ciia biie kauh to chiu ki kp, i kai thau 
chun khu ciah cio ; he holds on to the limb 
with his tail, and darts his head forth to catch 
birds, pit jii leng cua ; serpentine lines made 
with the pen ; beautiful writing. chiang 
ciia tin ; serpentine evolutions in military 

*ig^ cua 149 To take an oath ; to swear ; 
|={ 765 7 a vow or binding promise, 
ciu-cua ; to take oath before a god. lu ka" 

kang i ciu-ciia me ? Dare you call down the 
wrath of a god upon you if he be right and 
you wrong ? ciu-cua m cp ci kia" sii ; invoke 



the anger of a god upon you, swearing that 
you will not do this. tng tlii" ciu-cua ; tuake 
oath under the open heavens. lia ka" kio lu 
ciu-ci\a ; I dare make oath to it. 

-*A* cua 76 A time ; a trial. 
y\. 1034 2 i klm u kui cua ? How many 
times did he go ? cek ciia tia"; only once. lai 
hue sa" si cua ; came aud went three or four 
times. co kiie ku-ii cfia ; have done it several 

— cua" — 

cua" 64 To clutch ; to grasp ; to hold 

3 "9^ fast. 

cua'' kin i kai sim-kua°-thS,u ; held him fast, 
clutching his chest. chi'a cua" i kai pi"; 

grasped his queue. bo cua" iia; there is 

nothing to hold on by. ci-ko bo cua", li chue 
hu-ko lai cua"; if you cannot get a hold in one 
place, seek another. cie"-se" bo cua" bo 

na, kang-kho cai ; it is very hard since there is 
nothing to get hold on. hu-ko u thang ho 

cua" ciah ; a living may be gotten there. pat 
cua" kiie in-pe me ? Has he taken over the 
official authority yet ? cua" co cek pe ; take 
up in one handfull. cua" chiara ; take a rod 

from atnong the divining rods. cua" tieh ; 

grabbed it. cua" m tieh ; could not clutch it. 
cua" tieh cek ki ho chiara ; drew a lucky 
number. lu cua" tieh ti-ko kai chiam ? To 

what place does the lot which you drew assign 
you ? c§k nang cua" tieh kng-tang, cek nang 
cua" tieh hok-kien ; one drew the lot which 
assigned him to Canton and the other the lot 
for Foochovi'. 

ciia" 108 A shallow cup. 
12 8 teng ciia"; the oil cup of a 
lamp. mak-ciu toa kiie siah ciia"; eyes bigger 
than saucers. tang teng-cua", po-li ciia"; 

brass or glass oil-cups. 

jj^l^ cixa" 7 These ; several in a body ; a 

*l 796 5 sign of the plural, 
ci ciia" nang ; all these persons. ci ciia" kai 

su si sie-kho kai su; all these are very trifling 
affairs. ci cua" kai mueh li pun lu, hu hua" 
kai mueh li ai" pun i ; these things aie given to 
you and those are to be given to him. 

1^ cua" 85 A fountain ; a spring. 
^XC 1013 T ce" cua"; a well spring, cui 
cua"; a spring of water. ciia"-cui" ho ; spring 
water is best. cang cui-cua" kek co hue- 

bak ; make a fountain take the form of a 

H^( ciia" 154 Low ; base ; ignoble. 
J^Kl 979 8 hia-ciia"; of mean birth, 
ka-ki (U CO ctla"; debase one's self. cua''-kut- 
thau ; a low fellow. khin-ciia"; to depreciate, 
phin ciia"; poor and mean. 

— cuah — 

cuah 85 To throw water away from 
710 12 one ; to splash, 
i khut i cuah kau cek sin cui; he was drenched 
by the water which she threw. ciii rap cuah 
tieh nang ; in throwing the water, do not dash 
it upon any one. khut i cuah tieh t§ ; was 

splashed by the tea she tlirew out. 

Ar> cuah 76 Deficient in ; to be short of; 
^V 391 wanting. 
6i cuah a boi ? Is tliere too little ? hai" i cfiah 
no peh ngun ; paid hira up to within two 
hundred dollars, hwn cuah cek toa kueh; still 
lacks considerably more than half. u nang 

cuah ke, u nang cuah cie ; some lack more and 
some less. die tieh hii toi cuah no hieh ; 

found by examination that two leaves were 
missing. teng tieh cuah sa" peh kun ; found 
by weighing that it was three piculs short, 
fliu cuah sa" sia"; have harvested all but about 
three tenths of the crop. leng-iia" sng, sng 
tieh bqi cuah ; reckoned it up again, and found 
there was no deficiency. oi cuah, tieh" ta" ke 
kui ta"; if it is insufficient, we must bring a 
few loads more. 

cuah 162 To yield the palm to; below 
!25 S29 10 the mark, 
ci kai ciiah hu kai ; this is not so perfect as 
that. ci'a ciia cuah hi'a cua coi ; this paper is 
not nearly so good as that. i kai a-ce se" lai 
io cuah ; her elder sister is not so hand.some. 
i kai a i" pi i se" lai cuah bo ua ; her aunt 
lacks but little of being as beautiful as she. 
lia thoi" li cuah iTi ki ; I do not think she lacks 
much of being his equal. 


cuak 85 Muddy ; turbid ; thick. 
83 13 sia"-im cuak ; has a hoarse 
voice. min sek cuak, rn cheng ; his com- 

plexion is not clear. ciii thoi" tieh cuak, m 

cheng-khih ; the water does not appear to be 
clean. khi-bi cuak ; a stuffy smell. khi-bl 
long-cuak ; a heavy mixed smell. hun 

cheng cuak; distinguish between the clean and 
the dirty. 



— cuang 

cuang 119 The style of dress ; the 
113 6 toilet ; to make the toilet ; 
to feign ; to put on airs. 

cuang chai ; adorned, cuang sek ; decked out. 
cuang khiang ; pedantic. cuang le"; affected, 
pretentious, siu-cuang ta-paug; making one's 
toilet, so cuang; plainly dressed, latn cuang; 
richly dressed. ISng cuang; over dressed. 

tS," cuang; well dressed. ke cuang; dressed 
in di.sguise. nng pang \km cuang ; a woman 
dressed in men's clothes. cuang m-h<5 c6 Ie°; 
a style of dre.^s not to be imitated. tOa" cuang 
pang; carelessly dressed. cuang chut lai \\6 
thdi"; very prettily dressed. cuang le" cuang 
Bie°; to affect a style. 

jjj Ll cuang 145 Travelling equipage; to 
■^^ 113 7 pack up ; to send on. 
kla"-cuang ; luggage. siu-sip kia"-cuang ; get 
the baggage ready. cuang sok khi Ifti h<5 

thoi"; bind up the travelling equipments nicely, 
eng cun cuang-cai ; forward them by boat, 
cuang xh tit ; cannot pack them all in. cuang 
c6k sie" c^k sie°; pack them box by box, 

cuang 75 A classifier of affairs, of 
113 11 goods, and of logs, 
cck cuang su; an affair. cek toa cuang hue- 
mueli ; a large assortment of goods. ci cuang 
6U thoh lu klm co ; entrust the doing of this 
business to you. bp pS,t cuang; no other 

sort. toa° ci cuang tia°; this variety alone, 

teng cuang; to drive piles. cuang thau ; the 
head of affaii's. 

cuang 64 To bump ; to strike 
114 12 against; to collide, 
sie cuang ; to collide. cuang thau cuang 

hiah ; bumped their heads together. cflang 

puah loh khu ; tumbled down through being 
hit. no ciah cun sie cuang ; the two boats 

came in collision. cuang pliua ; collided and 
broke. ciiang-cih ; bump against and smash, 
cuang to ; knock against and upset. cuang 

hueh lau ; thumped so as to draw blood. peh 
ciiang; to intrude. khut lia cuang ki°; was 

accidentally seen by me. cio-io cuang phien ; 
to swindle. 


cuang 60 Secondary in rank. 

1024 8 cuang hia°-ti ; male second- 
cousins, chin, thang, cuang, peh kiii cap nang; 
taking brothers, cousins, and second-cousins, 
there are over a hundred of them altogether. 
cia° it pin, cuang sa" pin ; the first of the first 
grade and the second of the third grade. 

Jftr cQang 94 Appearance; form ; style. 
/|/V 114 4 hSng-cuang; the general 
appearance, thdi" i kai ihfing-cQang ; see liow 
he appears, cuang-mau" hui sie"; has a distin- 
guislied appearance, cuang ju hQ-jiu nng-cu ; 
appears like a woman. 

— cue — 

cue 73 Exceedingly; extremely; the 
1017 8 superlative degree, 
cue hd ; extremely good. ciie llang-slen ; 

wholly righteous, cue kang-ak ; very wicked, 
cue ngfa; exceedingly beautiful, ciie kha ; very 
quick-witted, cue ll-hfti; exceedingly harmful, 
ciie lo-ki'n ktii ; the most important one. ciie 
bd teng-eng ktii ; the most useless of all. ciio 
Boi" lai ; the very first to come. ci kla" su ciie 
kang-klio; this is extremely difficult, ciie lin- 
tkng; the safest, lia thoi" cp ciie oh; I consider 
it the most difficult of all. is nang th6i" cp ciie 
koi ; sotne people consider it the easiest. of 
k&i nftng cue ui-hd; this man is the worst of all. 

cue 164 To reiterate. 

101 11 mai" ta" khah cue; do not 
repeat it too many times, ta" khah cie, nftng 
ihia" tSeh cQ iam ; if you repeat it too often 
people will be sick of hearing it. 

cQe 122 Sin ; crime ; guilt ; to offend. 

1016 8 hfiam cue ; to violate the law. 
mng ciie ; examine a criminal. tia" cue ; to 

condemn, siu cQe ; get his demerits, si ciie ; 
a capital crime. ii ciie ; guilty. bo cue ; in- 
nocent, ciie jin ; a criminal. ciie-kiie ; tres- 
passes, ctie-ak ; wickedness. cai cue ; con- 
scious of his fault. sia ciie ; pardon a fault, 
sia-mien i kai ciie ; forgive his offense. kia 
ciie; a repeated offense, tit ciie tieh lu ; I have 
wronged you. cfle-ak kwn-iong ; the measure 
of his iniquity is full. ciie f=p eng tit ; a well 
deserved fate. su ciie ; I beg your pardon, 
jin cue ; confess the fault. l&ng ciie ; equally 
guilty, ciie soi ; it is a venial offense. In k&i 
ciie si tJlng ; your crime i.s great, ciie toa ; the 
offense is heinous, ciie khin ; a slight offense. 
ngi ciie ; to judge an offense. kie ra§ng 
sim-mih ciie ; declare what crime it is. phoi" 
ciie ; to sentence for crime. ta°-tng i kai ciie ; 
bear the conseqences of another's crime. kia" 
thoi a pe siu-cue ; a son receiving punishment 
in his father's stead. khiu thoi ang siu ciie ; 
seek to be punished in a husband's stead, 
chut jip nang kai ciie ; participate in another's 
guilt, chut thut tio i kai ciie ; permit him to 
escape due punishment. sia-mien i kai ciie- 
ak kiie-sit ; overlook his sins and errors. 



yt—^ cue 144 A column ; a line ; a row. 

I J 207 cek jit tliak kiii cue (U; read 
several columns of letters in a day. cek bieh 
CO poih cue; make eight toluiuns to the leaf, 
cek ctie sia sa"-cap kai ji ; write thirty letters 
to the column. 

— cub — 

^xMt ^"^^ 11^ cm-cull ; a dimple. i ce 
iVtJ 1056 9 chie kih-kau no kai ci'u- 
cuh ; when she laughs there are two dimples in 
her cheeks, n^ng ta" u ciu-cuh kai cu oi ciah 
ciu, ku-chu kie-cp ci'u-cuh ; people say that 
those who have dimples are apt to be wine-bib- 
bers, therefore dimples are called wine grots. 

1^ c^^ 1^ Full; enough; no deficiency ; 
^Aj^r 1014 nothing wanting, 
ne cuh-cuh, kdi ci° bo kiam ; fully sufficient, 
not lacking a cash. cek ui ne cuh-cuh ; fully 
a year. 



to suck dry. 

at the breast. 

suck blood. 

30 To sip, to suck. 
4 cuh te ; sips tea. culi ta ; 
a-no" cuh ni ; the infant sucks 
mang cuh hueh ; mosquitoes 
cuh c&p ; suck the juice. cuh 
cheng-khih khu ; suck it all out clean. cuh 

kaa pa-pa; sucked his fill. 

cui 167 A point ; an apex; a sharp 
^PC 100 8 pointed tool, 
bo lip cui cu tl ; not even a spot where you 
could put down the point of a pin. in cui 

chng ko ; pierced his thigh with the point. 

|41-| cui 17 To jut out ; projecting. 
I— I 892 4 phi" cui-cui, muk tho-tho; 
his nose is large, and his eyes protuberant, 
hu-ko io cui, hu-ko I'o thap; there it juts out 
and there it juts in. phi" cui li p6 mak thap; 
the projection of the nose makes up for the 
holJowness of the eyes ; the beauty of one part 
compensates for the ugliness of another. tin- 
tang cui klii lai ; the center juts out. 

cui 187 A black horse. 

100 8 o-cui be ; a coal black steed. 

^|L» ciii 85 Water, the first of the five 
^V 781 elements ; liquid, 
ka thiig-cui ciah ; stir up some sweetened water 
to drink, khieh chph thng khu thau liang cui 
ciah ; put some sugar into cold water and drink 
it. cia° cui ; fresh water. kiam ciii ; salt 

water. ce" cui ; well water. khoi cui ; river 
water. khe° cui ; water from a pool, ho ciii ; 

rain water, hai ciii ; sea water. ho-sua" ciii ; 
water running from an umbrella. lira-ci° ciii ; 
water from the eaves. tie ciii ; tidal waters, 

lau ciii ; the tides. lau-ciii kh(5 a tl"; is the 

tide falling or rising ? 13,u-cui ta ; the tide is 
at its lowest ebb. ciii-sfu ; a waterman. cui- 
kieh ; passage money. cui ]:p-hun ; ripples, 

ciii toa ; the water is rising, cui-chia ; a water 
wheel. sang ciii-ldi ; send a present of eata- 
bles, chph cui pun ua ciah ; give me a drink 
of water. siin cui ; go with the current, 

ngek cui ; go against the current. ta" ciii ; 

carry water. cek tih ciii ; a drop of water, 

cek ti'am ciii ; a very little water, ciii-hue-po ; 
a man of all work. sit cui ; lost at sea. t^u 

ciii ; thio ciii ; to jump overboard. puah 16h 

ciii ; fell into the water. 6i khut ciii kek sf a 
boi ? Was he drowned ? ni h^li ciii tho ; the 
climate is unsuitcd to him. cap jit ciii lo ; ten 
days journey by water. lei>g nang loh ciii ; 

pushed some one into the water. mang i loh 
ciii ; pulled him into the water. kiin cui ; 

boiling water. chin cui ; liang ciii ; cold 

water. sie cui ; hot water. ciii hiie bp 

cheng ; fire and water show each other no 
favor. ie° hue, cui se°; specious and unstable, 
thau cui ; the best brand. ji ciii ; inferior 

sorts. ciii che"; the planet Mercury. ciii 
ngun ; quicksilver. ngun ciii ; an allowance 

for surplus weight in silver coins. cui c6k 

kai mueh ; aquatic tribes. ciii loh cieh chut; 
when the water falls the stones appear; murder 
will out. phiin cek sin ciii; spattered all over 
with water. i oi siu ciii ; he can swim. bi 
ctii ; dive into the water. phu to cui min ; 

floats on the surface of the water. tim loh 

cui toi ; sinks to the bottom of the water, ciii 
lo khui-thong ; the passage is clear, phi" ciii ; 
mucous from the nose. niia" ciii ; saliva, 

lang ciii ; pus. hueh ciii ; the serum of the 

blood. lo cui ; dew. mak ieh cui ; eye- water, 
ieh cui ; liquid medicines. cui-ciii ; watery, 

keng ciii ; thien kiii ciii ; the menstrual flow, 
fc^ien cxii khui ; incontinence of urine. ciii 

chim a chien ? Is the water deep or shallow ? 
tui cheng a 16 ? Is the water clear or turbid ? 
cf-kp ii jieh coi siam ciii ? How many fathoms 
of water here ? cui sek ngi'a c5i ; the complex- 
ion derived from drinking the water of the 
place, is very fine. sek cui ngi'a ; the color is 
beautiful. i ciah m tieh cui tho ; the climate 
of the place does not agree with him. cui- 

kng ; a water jar. cui-kong ; a long handled 
dipper, ciii-thang ; water buckets, eng cui ; 
sprinkle it with water. ak cui ; pour water 

on it. ho-cui ak kau t&m-tam ; wet by rain, 
cui-eng ; waves, thdi" huang-cdi ; to consider 



the geomantic influence. cui RU-ia"; the coast 
ofiicers. ai" kia° lek lo a kia" cui lo ? Are you 
going by land or by water ? la-lun-sie cui ; 

tepid water. cui-Iau ; a filter. 

j!jjt cui 118 Of an evil spirit. 
I?X> ^28 5 kui-cui ; cross, perverse, 
kiii-kui ciii-ciii ; demented. i kai co t>u kiii- 
cvii cfli ; he acts very wildly. Kim-mueh id 

cak cui ? What has set him to acting as if he 
were possessed ? 

cui 80 To talk much. !a-ciii; glib- 
lOlO 12 tongued ; specious ; insinuat- 
ing and deceptive speech. i td tu-ciii kai ; he 
is wheedling hira. i kui ta''-uo lu-iu cui-ciii, 
botieh-sit; his talk is all palaver, with no 
honest purpose in it. 

ciii 164 Drunk ; fuddled ; stupefied. 
1016 8 ciah ciu cui ; become in- 
toxicated, ciah kau tna-ma-cui ; drink till 
maudlin drunk. iTj-hd ciah kuu ciii ; do not 
drink to excess. jii ciii jvi chi ; the more 
tipsy the more stupid, m cai cui ; not affected 
by liquor. ciu m cui nang, n&ng < Q cui ; 
when not made a fool of by liquor, he is a fool 
of himself. b6 cfu, sa" hun cui ; without 
having drunken he is half drunk ; without 
being tipsy he acts like a simpleton. te" cui ; 
feigns drunkenness, sui ciii sni tia°; although 
drunk he knows what he is about. ciii-ngjin 
raong-long ; dazed as if by liquor. ciii-ong ; 
boozy. ut kau ciii-cui ; sleep very soundly, 
i to ciii ci'u ; he is drinking to intoxication, 
sa" tng cui ciu; drinks to intoxication every 
meal. lii mai" ciii ; don't be silly. ciii kau 
lok-lok ; as drunk as possible. ciii kau mi"- 
mi"; dead drunk. 

cie ciii ; go to 
a father-in-law. 

live with 

XyCC ^*ii ? A substitute ; a vice ; an aid ; 
11 * 1017 8 secondary; supplementary, 
hu-cui ; a deputy sub-prefect. i td co hii-cui ; 
he is acting as deputy sub- prefect. hii-cui 

ki" hu-cja°-tng eng kia" sim-mih loi ? What 
are the formalities to be observed by the deputy 
sub-prefect when visiting the prefect ? 

ciii 94 A dog rushing from a cover ; 

1015 8 abrupt ; precipitate, 
cui-jien cu ngo tieh ; came upon him very pre- 
cipitately, chang-cui cu kang, pien m meng- 
peh ; in the hurry and flurry of the moment 
did not discriminate clearly. 

— cun — 

enn 121 A bottle or flask. 

1019 12 hui cun, po-li cun ; earthen 
or gla.s8 bottles. c6k kai cun ; a bottle. ciii 
cun ; a water bottle, iu cun ; an oil can. kiii 
ki via cun ; several wine bottles. cun-thak ; 
the stopper of a bottle. cun-thak p6ih chut 
lai ; take out the stopper. cun sak mi''-mi"; 

cork the bottle tightly. cun chui khieh cua 
sak mi"; take some paper and stop the mouth 
of the bottle tightly, cun kiia ; the cover of a 
flask. c5k cun cfu ; a bottle of liquor. cun 
hi"; the handle of a flask. ii h\ng-l(5 tuo 

t5 cun t6i ; there is a little adhering to the 
bottom of the bottle. (ng Urn cun ; a long 

necked flask. cun tng cheng-khih ; rinse the 
bottle clean. khui cun ; open a bottle. cho 
to jip cun t<Si ; pour the vinegar into the bottle. 

cun 41 To venerate. 

1019 9 cun-keng; show respect to- 
ward. cun-tOng i ; evince esteem for. cun- 
kiii kfti n&ng ; an honored personage. bo cun 
i CO toa ; does not pay respect to hira as to a 
superior. cuu-hok ; be subservient through 

esteem. cia si cun-cheng i kai Qe ; this lan- 
guage is used in expressing reverence for hira. 
Q cun pui toa soi ksii loi-sio ; there are certain 
forms of etiquette appropriate between the 
high and the low, the old and the young, 
i lii cun i ; he does not pay respect to him. 
leng cun ; your father. cun ke ; respected sir. 
cek cun hut ; a Buddhist idol. i keng \&i sai 
ii kui cun l^u-ia; in their teraple they have 
several gods. c)-cun ; the Emperor. cun 
cfang ; elderly honored persons. cun i cp 

toa; treat him as your elder. hti-cun ; the 


cun 162 To conform to ; to follow 

1019 12 orders, 
cun huap-lut; obey the laws, cun meng; obey 
oi'ders. cun kia"; carry out the instructions, 
lim cun ; lim-h'm cun ; conform exactly. cun- 
chong i kai ue ; carried out his directions, i m 
cun ; he does not comply. cp mih su to si cun 
loi-huap ; in whatever he does he acts in con- 
formity with the regulations. cek p6i° cun 
t\Vn, cek poi" m cun t\Vn ; partly followed the 
instructions and pai-tly disobeyed them. ku 
cun ; carry out all orders. 


Clin 15 To grant, permit, or allow. 

* Pi 103 ^ Clin a m ciin ? Did he grant 

your request or not ? ciin Id khiu ; grant your 

petition, ciin i cie°-se° kia"; permit him to do 

thus. lia Q-soi° ciin-pi ho lio ; I am already 



prepared to grant it. cku ciin ; the memorial 
is granted. pin ciin kue kai ; a petition that 
was granted. 

^^^^ Clin 85 A gauge; to adjust; exact; 
Hh* 104 10 true. 

fi Clin u s£n tta°-tia" tieli-tleh ; made exact with 
water level and plumb line. co mill su u ciin- 
sin ; there are right methods for doing ev^ery- 
thing, ua ci kai si-ceng siang ciin ; this clock 
of mine is very accurate. ci kai si-pie ciin a 
ill Clin ? Does this watch keep correct time ? 
lia ci kai si-pie jii keng ciin ; my watch is more 
nearly correct. ciin-cxin hd; exactly adjusted. 
CO su u tia" Clin ; do things by exact measure- 
ments. cie"-se° ciin tieh ; that is exactly right, 
liah kau ciin-clin ; hold it true. ci" sia khu u 
Clin ; the arrow was shot in a right line, i kai 
ciin-thau ho cai ; its gauge is very perfect, 
cuii hin-khek si eng cO ti-chin ; now-a-days a 
plumb line is used instead of a water-level. 

cim 9 One of a thousand ; remark 
1020 7 able, ciin-siu ; one of superior 
natural abilities ; one preeminent among the 
many. i si iu ciin-siu kien kai a si u tf- 

cu kai ? Was he appointed to office on account 
of his superior talents, or on account of his 
having taken a degree ? 

Steep ; lofty. 

kau sua" cun nia ; precipitous 

cun 46 

813 T 
mountain passes 

yjfD ciin 85 
t:5C 813 7 

An abyss, 
cun ho ; to 

a river. 

_ deepen 

ciin hq kek ; a deep bend in a stream. 

cun 117 To stop from work, having 
_ _ 1001 T' finished the task, 
tiang-si cun kang ? When will the work be 
finished ? ciiu kang S,u cu chia" sai-pe ; after 
the work is finished, the master woikmen will 
be invited to a supper. hwn-lio bOe cun 

kang ; have not yet finished the work. kang- 
thia" toa cai, cq ku-a ni cia° cun kang ; it is a 
big job that it will take several years to finish. 

ciin 187 A stately, well shaped horse. 
^^ ^ 1019 7 cvin-be ; noble steeds, of 
-wlTicli Mah-wang of Cheu had eight. i kai 
si° kut kuah co poih ctin-be ; the ribs of his 
fan had the eight steeds carved thereon. 

J^/V cun 137 A boat or ship. 
/gpl 120 ~5 cek ciah cun ; a boat. cun 
ciah ; vessels. toa ciah cun ; large boats, 

cun kia°; small boats. ang thau cun ; junks, 
pgk pang cun ; a fleet. to cun ; a ferry boat. 

hiie-ciin; huo-lun-cAn; steamboats. cien ciin; 
a man-of-war. pia° c&n ; a gunboat. pqh 
cai cun ; a huckster's boat. kua" ciin; a man- 
darin's boat. sun hq ciin ; a boat which pat- 
rols the river. ah cun; guard boats. poih 
cie° cun ; eiglit oared boats. sam pang ciin ; 
small row boats. plia hu ciin ; a tisliing boat, 
ngo to Clin ; a (;argo boat. kap-pang ciin ; a 

sailing ship. lak plifing cxiii ; a full rigged 

ship. ciin cvi ; the owner of tlie vessel, or its 
captain. ciin teng kai hiie-tie"; the chief 

officer of a vessel, ciin teng kai tSi-kong ; the 
steersman. ciin-thau-k^n ; harbourmaster. 

Iqh ciin ; to embark. cie" ciin ; to disembark, 
sai cun ; to sail a boat. kia" ciin ; run a boat, 
or be a sailor, the" ciin, kq cun ; to pole or to 
row a boat. 16 ciin ; to scull a boat, liah ciin 
biie ; to steer, toa ciin ; to tow a boat. thoi" 
huang sai ciin]; to run a sail boat, khui ciin ; 
start the boat, pak ciin; tie up a boat. cim 
phang, ciin toa, ciin iii ; the sail, rudder and 
masts of a boat. cun than, cun biie, cun toi, 
ciin pq-ki", ciin pq-min ; the bow, the stern, 
the hull, the bulwarks, and the deck of a boat, 
ciin cling; the hatclies. ciin cie"; an oar. 

cun ai" kq cie" a ai" sai ph^ng ? Do you wish 
to row or to sail? kia"-cun caa-be sa° hun 
mia"; sailors and couriers do not live out half 
their days. kia°-cdn, khia-pho put li pua° p6; 
sailors and shopkeepers cannot leave their 
work by so much as half a step. cwn ko ciah 
cun ; chartered a boat. lai tali ciin ; came on 
board. tah m tieh ciin ; missed the boat, 

chak cun ; a pirate vessel. liah cun ; seize a 
boat, huang ciin ; impress a boat. cie" nang 
cun ai° nang ciin cau ; wish a speedy trip to 
the boat that carries you. to ciin tah nang 

kue khoi ; only a bearer of other people's mes- 
sages, kia" cun bq thai pe ; no waiting even 
for a father, ciin to thio; the boat is pitching. 

^^> cun 120 To wring; to wrench by 
^V 369 '6~ twisting, 
lia cun m tfig, lu lai cun ; I cannot wrench it 
off, you come and try. cia sqh au lio, ce cun 
cu tug; this rope is rotten, and if you give it 
a twist it will break. sa" soi lio, ciin ta-ta ; 

wash the jacket, then wring it dry. p6 ciin m 
ta, chit lio cu lok-lok ; if you do not wring the 
cloth dry, the thing will still be dripping 
with water after you have wiped it. cun i 

kai am ; wring its neck. cun si ; to strangle 
by wrenching the neck. 

cun 170 A gust, blast, burst, or time; 
19 7 a shower ; a short space ; 
transitory ; a little while. 



cgk cun hnang, cSk cun ho ; a gnst of wind, 
and a shower of rain. cSk cun kng, c6k cun 
am ; light and darkness allernating at short 
intervals, cek ciin khui, cek cun bua; recedes 
and approaches alternately. hfa in cek cun 

c6k cun li'-li phu khi lai ; the smoke keeps 
rising puff after puff, cek cun thia° c6k cun ; 
the pain comes on in spasms of increasing 
violence. cun sie, cun chin ; first hot and 

then cold. ciin kua", ciin juah ; chills and 

fever rapidly alternating. ni-ciin ; the time 
when milk is secreted in the breast. i ci-hue 
ni-cun lai, me°-me° php a-n6° khu cSah ni ; the j 
milk is now come in her breast, carry the baby i 
quickly and let it nurse. c6k cun jlo kue lai, 
cek cun jlo kiie khu ; they drove each to and 
fro, as the fortunes of war shitted. 

— cut — 

cut 96 To cause to follow; for the 

786 6 most part, 
cut-cin ; accurately. i co su cnt-cin ; he does 
things accurately. si i cut c6ng nftng Ifti 

h&ng ; he is the one who brought the rest to 
take possession. c6-su mai° chau cut; in doing 
things do not be inexact, lia th6i° tieh i i6-m 
nS chdu-chau cut-cut ; I see that he does things 
very inexactly. 

y^ cut 24 Those who execute a chiefs 
^l" 2013 'Q orders ; underlings. 
pia°-cut ; soldiers. s-Q cut ; officers and men. 
bo mia" sio cut; an unknown private soldier, 
k&i cut kia°; a fellow of no account. sin soi" 
BU cut; press forward beyond all others in battle. 

\J$jU cut 85 Smooth. 

I P3 650 10 cut-cut-kng ; glossy ; glairy ; 
of glassy smoothness, khut i ciah kau cut-cut- 
kng ; has all been eaten up clean by him. i kai 
thS,u-khak cut-cut-kng; his pate is bald and 
shiny. bua kau cut-cut-kng; polish it till it 
shines. hue-tia° sau kau cut-cut-kng; sweep 
the chunam floor so clean that it shines. 

cut 115 Glutinous rice. 

779 5 cutbi; glutinous rice, bun 
cut-bi piig ; cook glutinous rice for food, ceng 
cut-bi choi ; make glutinous rice flour. pu 

cut-bi mue°; make congee of glutinous rice. 

— cu — 
cu 140 Now ; here ; still. 
kiA 1029 6 cu ci'a ; the following, this 
time, a phrase used at the beginning of a 
notice. hin-cu-c5i ; just at present. hin-cu- 
cS.i ci le" mueh tt jieh kui ? How dear is this 
article just now ? cu, i° cang hue boi wn ; have 
now sold off all the goods. 


Unwearied; incessant effort; 
self denying attachment to and 


(U 39 
1029 4 
sacrifice for. 

i ciu-jit cu-ou to si \i thiing ci" (Ia°-tla°; he do» 
votes himself all day long exclusively to money- 
making, kun-cu k&i nang ciu-jit cu-cu to si 
ui sien, sio-jiii kai nang ciu-jit cu-cu to si vii li ; 
the cultured strive toilsomely all day after 
goodness, the uncultured strive toilsomely all 
day for gain. 

;^((< cu 120 Black ; very black. 
'I^PI lOiJO 8 i kai sek o-cu o-cu ne ; its 
color is jet black. tieh swn lo p6h kai, raai" 
toa o-cu k&i ; you must select a pure white one, 
not one that is defaced with black spots, eng 
kii cQ o-cu o-cu; by long use it will become 
very black. 

cu 154 Riches ; monej. 
1027 ~6~ ke-cu ; patrimony. ke-ou 

phua clii ; spent all his patrimony. cu png ; 

capital ill trade, ciu cu ; drink fee. kang cu- 
ci"; a fee for service rendered. 

cu 78 A book or volume ; documents ; 

774 6 writings ; characters, 
th&k cu; reads aloud, thoi" cu ; reads silently, 
sneh cu ; to expound a book. khau cu ; ques- 
tion pupils. Ham cu; repeat passages from 
memory. cu-cheh ; books. cek png cu ; a 
book. cu-ce ; a school. cu-p&ng ; a library, 
cu kim ; money for buying school books. cu- 
kwn ; an office. cu-hng; a bookstore. cu 
seng ; a .scholar. cu-sin ; a letter. bun-cu ; 
dispatches. cu hiang ke ; a literary family, 
cu-thong; a boy who dusts a library. kia°-cu ; 
the classics. gua cu ; books other than the 
classics. khai cu; plain text. cap cu ; all 
sorts of books. 

9- ^ cu 4 When placed between two 
/^^ 53 8 nouns it is a sign of the 
genitive ; which, what, that. 
81 lia sim cu so sie"; it is what I thought. u 
tek cu nang ; a man of virtue. si lu cu hd 

chii ; it is what is best for you. u cu ; what 

we have. ci kai tu ii cu ; this business which 
we have on hand. 

jp» cu 140 A certain plant, regarded as 
/2^ 53 ~4~ felicitous from its durability, 
cu-mua"; the sesamun. cu-mua" iu ; sesamuu 
oil. cu-lang ; a plant often drawn in the 

mouths of deers, and represented' in gilded 
models in temples, cu-lang hue ; a flower like 
an orchid. 



cu 80 To state in writing. 

1028 ^ cu-bun ; dispatches. cu- 
hue; to inform by writing. cu-eheng u sim- 
mih su; he reported what business tliere was. 
i 1(5 li cai-pin ; he is arranging the dispatches. 
cu khi su-ia ; the secretary who takes care of 
the dispatches. 

cu 38 Natural gifts. 
.^ ^ 1028 6 thien-cu \\6 cSi ; cu-cieh h(5 
cai ; fine natural gifts. cu-sek ; beauty, thoi" 
tieh i u kui hun cu-sek ; consider him rather 
fine looking. cu-nie ; a lady. cu-nie km"; 

a young lady. si ta-po a si cu-nSe ? Is it a 

boy or a girl ? 

86 To cook; to prepare food. 
>■»!% 00 9 cu piig; to cook rice. cA chki ; 
cu ciah ; prepai'e a meal ; get supper. 

J221 c^ 89 A child ; a son ; a worthy. 
^ 1030 "O^ nng-cn; a young girl, thong- 
cu ; a youth. (^vV*^ 5 ^ ^^^- ciang-cu ; the 
eldest son. tek cu ; a son of the chief wife. 

six cu ; sons of concubines. lam-cu ; a boy. 

iu° cu ; an infant son. cong cii ; the one who 
possesses the rights of primogeniture. kong 
cu ; the son of an official. chiah cu ; a young 
infant. cu sun; children and grandchildren, 
hau cu ; a filial son. pwn cu ; a son-in-law. 

khong-cu ; Confucius. m^ng-cu ; Mencius. 

cu c]a pell ke ; all classes of authors. 

cu 85 To enrich ; to increase. 

1029 10 cu-jun ; moisten. cu-p6 ; to 
strengthen. cu-p6 kai leh ; a tonic. cu-jfo 
tl-hng ; disturb the peace of the neighborhood, 
cu su ; make trouble. cu Ivvn ; adds to the 

cu 85 To soak up, by capillary at- 
1032 11 traction, 
ciii khut p6 cu ta kliu; the water has all been 
soaked up by the cloth. ciii cu kau lok- 

lok ; completely saturated. cu kau thang 

kue khu ; soaked quite through. khieh ko 

po khu cu i ta ; take a cloth and go and soak it 
all up clean. 

cu 140 Potatoes. 

776 14 ho-lang cu; Irish potatoes, 
hwn cu ; foreign potatoes. so-bak cu ; pink 

potatoes. cu hiin; potato flour. pu cu- 

thng ; make some potato soup. cu i°; potato 

1^ cO 132 One's self ; from ; com- 

\r\ 1031 "0~ mencing at. 
cti-ki ; one's self. cfi-cin ; suicide, i ka-ki cu 
cai ; he knows it himself. cu ko ci kim ; 

from olden times till now. cu-ca ; formerly, 
cu-lai hue n ; there has never yet been any. 
tu soi"; heretofore. cu-lU jicn-jien ; certainly ; 
of course. cu-jien kai ; natural ones. cQ u 
kai ; spontaneously produced. cu co cu ui ; 

self made. ( u si ; self confident. ka-ki cQ 
si ; presumptuous, and self opinionated. tO- 
jien ju-jien ; self existent, put cu iu ; I cannot 
do as I would. cu-chong lu lai kau ta"; from 
the time you came until now. cu l^i cu khu ; 
comes and goes as he pleases. cu cheng ; 

gives himself titles. png tiara cu cSu ; our 

own manufacture. cu cS,i ; well and comfor- 
table, cu-cu cSi-cSi ; in excellent health. bo 
hie" cu-cai ; not very well. cu au ; after that. 
cu ph CO kau koi ; from difficult to easy, cu si 
ci cong ; from commencement to termination. 

cwn 9 Bent upon ; set in one's way. 
689 9 ham i cie" i cwn ai" hie"; if 
you tell him to do this, he is sure to want to do 
that. i ai", ua cwn m ; he wanted me to, but 
1 was determined that I would not. co-ni 

kph-lo, i cwn-cwn m ; however much he is ex- 
postulated with, he is determined not to do it. 
cwn-cwn m hu i ; fully determined not to grant 
it. cwn ai" cie"-se"; it must be so. 

cwn 169 To turn over to. 

117 11 cwn toi"; to transfer a mort- 
gage, cwn tng; to pawn to a third person, 
cwn pin ; petition by proxy, cwn chiu ; return 
to one's hand again. cwn sie"; to think over 
and think differently. cwn tp-tng ; to 
revert to. 

cwn 154 To earn small sums ; to sell 
yjit^ 13 IT with difficulty, 
chii-cwn; to earn a small amount with difficulty; 
to gain by under-selling; to sell at a small 
profit. ci kai po-thau io ho chii-cwn ; this 

mart offers a more favorable chance for mak- 
ing small sales, i cia si to cwn ci" kai ; this is 
what he earns his living by, selling it at a 
small profit. i ci cie°-si u ko cwn a bo ? Has 
he had any way of making anything lately ? 
cek ni to chii-cwn u kiii peh ngun ; he makes 
several hundred dollars a year by his petty sales, 
i cek jit put kue chii-cwn kau peh gua ci"; he 
does not make more than a hundred cash or so 
a day. i c6k jit chii-cwn u jieh coi ci" ? How 
much does he manage to rake and scrape to- 




getlier in a day ? i cek jit cwn lai cwn kliA to 
cwn Q sa" si peh ci"; by diligently hawking his 
wares heie and there, he manages to earn three 
or four hundred cash a day. ci ie° seng-li oh 
chu-cwn ; it is difficult to find openings where 
this business may be made profitable. 

-tBB cwn 64 To edit; to revise and publish. 
4^^ 118 12 ka-ki t6-cwn ; composed by 
himself. tho to-cwn ; revised thoroughly, 

sia-cwn ; to indite. 

— cwt — 
cwt 64 Stupid. 

83 6 hd kai cQ r1 lia "kki iSi cwt ; 
that is my wife. cJe°-8o" cia° hd chang-cwt ; 
then it is best to keep mum. xia kfti se°-cieh 
slm si ngo-cwt; I am naturally very stupid. 

— cha — 

To diverge ; a discrepancy ; a 

cha-r7i-(p ; cha-i7i-coi ; not 

cha khu hil;j; ; a great 

b6i cha b6i chak ; there is no 

c6k-8i cha-chak ; a momentary 

cha 48 
6 Y 
cha-chp ; to err. 
much difference, 
mistake in it. 

blunder, cham-cha; not uniform, chara-cha, 
m coi; unassorted, cham-cham cha-cha, chwn 
m kui-it ; very dissimilar, and not of one lot. 

Xcha 29 To place with the large and 
5 1 small ends alternating, 
cha chin ; to fold the arms. sie cha t6 kp ; 

laid together heads and points. cha m bua ; 
cannot pack them in snugly, with heads and 
points alternating. sie cha ciu pang tit 

Iph; you can put them in, if you lay them with 
the large and the small ends alternating. 

^M> cha 86 To roast in a pan ; to fry. 
A^ 37 4 kang cha; to parch in a dry 
pan. che" cha; to fry the raw material, cha 
bi'-kam-tg ; to parch rice for making coffee, 
cien cha ; to fry in fat. cha sek ; to fry till 

done, mai" cha khah thlam ; do not fry it too 

^f\> cha 167 A voucher; a document; a 
jfe/ 37 4 receipt. 

ci''-cha ; paper money. eng cha ; use paper 

money. sai cha ; send a draft. ngun lai ua° 
cha ; exchange the money for a draft. 

jHbf cha 75 Wood; fuel; fire-wood. 
^yf^ 11 5 cam ch& ; to cut fire- wood, 
cha pe' ; fire-wood in bundles. eng cha lai 
cp mueh-hia°; use wood as fuel. nin si 

bia" cha, a hia" thoa" ? Do you use wood or 

coal as fuel at your house ? cha, kai ngftn 

kiii ta° ? How many piculs of wood for a 
dollar ? cha kai nguii chit-cftp pe ; seventy 
bundles of wood for a dollar. cha-thuu ; a 

knotty stick. phua cha; to split kindlings, 

phua cha p6 ; a sniall axe. cha-hue eiig ke 

cfti ; used a great deal of fire-wood. cha sai ; 
lumber; wood used in carpentry. ta cha m- 
hd kQn hue; dry wood should not be laid close 
to a fire ; do not put yourself in the way of 
temptation. nua° cha m hd tio ; it is not 

well to lean on a rotten stick. khieh chtl ; 

waifs; drift-wood. kheh-cfo ka° cha ; a 

stick in the bill of a magpie. ku cha; to 

saw wood. cha kho ; a wooden hoop. 6i 
tit ch& khui, b5i tit kii ka-ld,nh ; the wedge 
that rives, is itself nipped fast. cai cha k&i 

chft cun; a boat used for carrying wood. ch& 
6i ; wooden shoes. chft kiah ; wooden clogs, 
chil kie ; a wooden bridge, chk pe"; a wooden 
handle. cek ki cha ; a fagot. cha pdi"; a 
slab. c6k kp chft; a piece of wood, cha cliui; 
chips of wood. hie" ch&; sandal wood, b&k 
cha ; ebony. &ng chfi; redwood. cie"ch&; 
camphor wood. cie" cha bo mih 6i cii ; cam- 
phor wood is not often affected by dry rot. 
kheh k&i ch& in ; grave a wooden seal. toi' 

cha; hard wood, chft khah pha"; this wood is 
too porous. khd-noi ch& io jun ; the wood of 
the Persian lilac is tougher. ch& th&u ; a 

stump. ch& pliue thiu ; a shaving. 


cha 75 Witless ; doltish ; stupid. 

619 8~ hua°-hi i cie" toa, cha-cha ne, 
eng kai b6 eng ; am pleased to have him so 
well grown, but he is stupid and of no use at 
all. i kai cha kai, tit hd ng i ; he is a dolt and 
no dependence can be placed on him. 


cha 75 kua"-cha ; a coffin. kua*-cb& 
942 3 pang ; lumber for coffins. 

— cha" — 
cha" 126 To loiter ; to play ; to jest. 

731 3 tIt-tIt khu, mki" cha"; go 
straight there and do not loiter. ta" cha" 

kiii°-si"; accustomed to jesting. no ciah kau 
(d cha"; the two dogs were gamboling about, 
cha" kau ie"; cha" kau teng ; exhausted in the 
sport. lia in kang lu cha"; I am not jesting 

•with you. 

— chah — 

J^^ chah 64 To insert ; to stick in ; to 
^p$ 9 9 set in a socket, 
chah pie ; to stick in a label. chah chi'u ; in- 
sert the hand, chah hue-bak ; to stick flowers 
into a crevice by their stems. chah hie"; to 



set the lower end of incense sticks into the 
ashes of the incense pot ; to worship the gods, 
chah chau ui pie ; to stick in a .spear of grass 
as a label, chah ki; to set up a flag, chah hi" 
ci"; put an arrow tlirongh the ear, as a punish- 
ment. 6i chah jip khu, boi poih chut lai ; can 
stick it in, but cannot pull it out. chah m 

jip ; cannot insert it. chah sit pne khu ; put 
on some wings and fly off. chah co ho ; insert 
something as a mark. chah ki thau-chah ; 

inpert an ornamental hair pin. chah ki hue ; 
wear a spray of flowers in the hair. 

t^i chah 64 To support and lead. 
yOt 13 17 chah i khi lai ; put the hand 
under his arm and lift him up. lu tieh chah i; 
you must support him by the arm. chah boi 
tit khi; cannot pull him up. chah to i koh- 
thang-e, kia"-ui puah loh khu; upheld him by 
putting the hand under his arm, fearing that 
he would fall, i kai chiu mc"-me" cu lai chah; 
his hand was quickly extended to support her. 

chah 172 Confused ; mixed ; hetero- 
/|>pc 939 10 geneous. 
ju chah-chah ; chah-chah ju ; all in a tangle; 
mingled with no regard to order; in the 
utmost confusion. cek koi" ju-ju chah-chah, 
eng kai in tit ; the whole place is turned upside 
down, and nothing is in order there. 

— chai — 

X^^ chai 94 Conjecture ; doubt ; to guess- 
Q H 942 8 chai-gi ; doubt. chai mi°; 
to guess riddles. lu chai ce ; you guess at 

it. lu chai-thoi" si sim-mueh ? What do you 
conjecture it to be ? chai m tieh ; cannot 

conjecture. chai tit tieh ; can guess it. ki" 
chai ki" tieh ; seeing is divining. lang chai ; 
difficult to divine. teng chai ; to apprehend. 

-py; chai 64 To pluck ; to gather; to sip. 
j^jV 994 8 chai boi ; buy the choicest, 
chai te; to pick tea. chai te kua; ballads 

chanted by the tea pickers. chai sng ; to 

gather mulberry leaves. chai hue ; to gather 
flowers, chai che"; to gather herbs, ng-phang 
chai hue ; the wasp flits from flower to flower, 
chai hue teng kai bit ; sip honey from the 
flowers. chu-chai ; to gather from different 

places. thi°-si loh ho bo thang ho khu chu- 

chai ; when the weather is bad one cannot go 
about to earn money. cek ni chu-chai sa° sx 
peh ngun cu kau eng ; if one could earn three 
or four hundred dollars a year, that would just 
meet expenses. ci ko bo ho chii-chai li khu 

pat ko chu-chai ; if this is not a place for earn- 
ing money, go elsewhere and earn it. 

/tlV chai 59 Variegated ; ornate ; lucky. 
/XX 943 8 kuang-chai ; brilliant, bun- 
chdi ; ornate. ngo chai ; the five colors, 

blue, yellow, carnation, white, and black. h(5- 
chai ; fortunate ; a good chance. thau-chai 
hp ; a lucky hit. phong tieh h(5 thdu-chai ; 

met with a capital chance. b6 chai c^i ; most 
unfortunate. u chai kjii ; opportune. thoi" 
kau toah chai; beheld it with such delight 
that they applauded the actors, ciah kau toah 
chai ; so pleased with the feast as to clap and 
applaud the cook. kak chai ; an amulet, 

chai bS.i ; a gay festoon, chai ki ; a variegated 
flag. chai koi ; to adorn a street with gay 

devices, chai sin clifang ; a platform prepared 
for the gods to sit upon. chai sin pe°; an 

elevated and gJiyly decked seat for the gods to 
repose upon at a play. lu tieh khut lia cp 

chai ; you must make a suitable apology to me. 
chai kau ngi'a cai ; gayly decked out. kim 

hue chai ang ; tinsel and glitter. ang chai ; 

showy. cheng-chjii cSi ; very beautiful. co 
chai ce ; make it rather gay. 

chai 104 Convulsions ; fits. 
198 1'2 tu-bp chai ; fits. tieh ie"- 
chai ; has convulsions. 

R/f^ chai 109 To notice; to pay attention 
fl4v 944 T to. 

mai" chai i ; pay no attention to him. i m 

chai lia; he gave me no heed. ua toa sia" 

ham, i chwn m chai ; I called loudly to him, 
but he paid no attention to me. m ciu ra chai; 
took no notice of it. lu cp-ni ham m chai ? 

"Why do you not mind when you are told ? 

D'JX chai 30 An exclamation of disgust 
-^ 828 8 or displeasure, 
chai ! kia" khui khu ; ugh ! get out of the way 
with you. 

" J A. chai 165 A betrothal present. 
-'^TV 943 nap chai ; to receive be- 
trothal gifts. 

,/^f\ chai 140 Vegetables; edible herbs; 
;:^fC 944 8 viands. 

ke" chai ; garden vegetables. che° chai ; 

greens in general. toa chai ; a large white 

turnip ; the chief dishes. sie chai ; condi- 

ments, relishes, the smaller side dishes. hai- 
chai ; food obtained from the sea. hai-chai 

pho ; a stall where shell fish is sold, chai pho; 
a green-grocer's stall. phang chai; sweet 

scented herbs, parsley, or sweet basil. ce 

chai ; lenten herbs. ai° boi sim-mih chai 

sek ? What sort of vegetable i do you wish to 



buy ? h6 chai ; delicacies, khu boi cbai ; go 
itiarketing. cp chai get the meal ready, sang 
cliai ; a present of food. inla°-ke pa-16i chki ; 
skillful in making relishe.s, desert-s, or side 
dishes. chai, ta" lai hue; put the viand.s on 
to cook now. kiam chai; sour-krout; pickled 
greens. pSb chai than, ang chki than, iig- 

chai thau ; turnips, beets and carrots. khfin- 
chai ; celery. ku-chai ; cives. khah-n^ chai ; 
cabbnges. chai-hng ; a vegetable garden. ta° 
cui khu eng chai ; carry water and water the 
vegetables. kSu-hah-chai ; a coarse kind of 


chai 145 To cot or fashion garments ; 

943 6 to trim down ; to plan, 
chai-hong; a tailor. chai kiara ce ; reduce it 
somewhat. tSi-cong-chai ; the curator of es- 
8ay.s at an examination. toa chS,i, soi chai ; a 
full or a scant pattern, chai tio ; to reduce by 
cutting off. chai cie li'o thiet tlo; to diminish 
the size by trimming off. chai-cink ; to calca- 
lato and plan. hd cai kio nang chai-ciak c6; 
go over the calculations again with the per- 
sons concerned. c6 chai-cink tia'-tioh cii kia°; 
after making a fixed plan we will then execute 
it. M hd cii-chai ; decide for yourself. ci 
kia° su si tl-tiang (d cu-chai ? Who is the one 
that is to decide in this matter ? tdng i chai- 
ciak ho ; wait till he has come to a decision 
about it. 

Q-tI* chai 154 Wealth ; property ; profits. 
^'j ^^3 3 hwt chai; become I ich. tit 
tieh chai ; obtain wealth. u chai-khi ; sub- 

stantial ; portly ; an appearance of being well 
fed and prosperous. chai-cii ; chai-cu lau ; a 
rich man. toa chai-cn ; a very wealthy man. 
chai-tong ; a capitalist. thien chai ; a wind- 

fall, chai sin ia ; the god of wealth. phua 
chai; to lavish wealth, cfichai; to accumulate 
property, hwt toa chai; become very wealthy, 
toa hwt chai ; makes money rapidly, thau-ke- 
chai ; a thief of a cook. nang ui chai sf ; men 
lose their lives in pursuit of wealth. chai 

khd thong sfn ; money can move the gods, 
put ngi cu chai ; unjust gains. mong chai 

kix suah ; contemplate murder on account of a 
bribe. tit chi ke chai ; get a wife and money 
to boot. phien chai ; ill-gotten gains. cia° 
chai; honest gains. r7i tham chai; not covetous 
of gain. i gua kai chai ; unexpected gains, 

se" chai ; make a profit, se" chai u tan ; there 
is a correct way of becoming rich, mong chai 
hai mia"; lose life in the pursuit of gain, tug- 
cau ke chai; to abstract and pass over to othera 
what belongs to the family served. 

 jU J * chai 76 Materials of which things 
yj 942 8 are made; nature or qualities, 
chai-lio ; materials, hd sin chai ; well formed ; 
personable. in cliai ju tok ; cut the coat 

according to the cloth. lu thdi" i kai chai- 

cieh hd a i7i hd ? What do you think of hi.s 
qualities ? 

- J ^ chai 64 Talents; mental capacity; 
■^^ 942 endowments, 
chai cu ; a nmn of parts, chai nng ; a talented 
woman. siu-chai ; a graduate; a Bachelor 

of Arts. hlen clmi ; a man of genius. cek 
pfo nftng chai ; a fine looking man. li cbfti 

kkng; possessing groat executive ability. hd 
chai-chfing; fine tact. bfin-chai ; literary 

ability. sam ch&i ; the three powers, heaven 
earth and man, who are supposed to rule all 
things. put chai ; incompetent. khut tieh 
lu kai chai ; make use of your intellectual gifts 
for ray humble purposes. bA chai bo ch6ng ; 
incompetent. se" l&i n&ng-chai chut ceng ; 

excelling others in good looks, hd nang-cbai ; 
has a distinguished appearance. pa-hi bd 

cin, siu-chai b6 ke ; tliore are no real jugglers, 
and no fictitious graduates. tfii chut n&ng 

chai kai si-hHu ; a time when genius thrives. 

ch&i J20 An adverb of time; at 

946 17 hand ; then, 
lia huang-chai kku ; I have just arrived. Heh 
cie°-se°, chai si to-li; it must be thus, and then 
it will be in accordance with correct principles, 
thoi" kii huang-chai m§ng-p6h ; after long con- 
sideration you will then understand it. cie°- 
se° chai hd ; now then, it will do. huang-chfti 
khu lio ; has just now gone. kau mdng si 

huang-chai 6i tit hd ; at that time it may be 
about done. 

chai 158 A ravenous beast. 
11 8 chai-iang ; a wolf . hd-kd 
kai chai-lang ho" pa coi cSi ; there are many 
wolves, tigers and panthers there. 

— chak — 

chak 85 The varnish or lacquer- tree; 

987 IT viscid or resinous juices 
used in varnishing; to varnish, 
lu si ai° iu a si ai° chak ? Will you have it 
painted or have it varnished ? 

^»^ chak 40 To inquire into judicially; 
^5^ 9 11 to observe closely, 
chak-thdi"; to scrutinize. chak twt ; to in- 

quii'e into and decide a case. che-chak ; exa- 
mine into. soi chak ; examine minutely. 



khra-eliak ; to criticise. Bin-meng kam-chak ; 
tlie gods exercise a censorship. lu tieh cliak 
meng-peh ; you must get at the truth of the 
matter, ang-chak-si ; a provincial judge. 

^ill chnk 167 In disorder 5 to make a 
5^fl 1004 '8 mistake, 
chvvii hoi cha-ohak ; there is 110 mistake in it. 
mai" chak-cap ; do not get it confused, lu cha 
via chak ; you are astray and so am I. 

^^^ chak 167 A chisel ; a punch ; to chisel 
■^a^ 1006 19 or punch out; to dig out. 
chak-kia"; a chisel, chak kai khang ; to punch 
out a hole. chwn-chak ; to here out. chak 
eie-lin-thang ; to dig through to the other side, 
khak-khak chak-chak u ceng-kd ; there is in- 
disputable proof of it. ci kia" su sim si khak- 
chak ; this matter is thoroughly sifted. chak 
boi tit loh ; cannot dig into it. mai" chak 

khah chim ; do not chisel it too deeply. chfi,k 
chim ce ; chisel it deeper, chak khuah ce; dig 
it out a little wider with the punch. cam 

chak; to carve out with chisel and punch. 

chak 64 To dig the nails into; to 

358 8 claw. 
1 khut i kai chiu-cng-kah chak tieh ; she was 
clawed by his finger nails, i kai chiu-ciig-kah 
chak kau i hueh lau ; she dug her nails into 
him till the blood ran. 

chak 154 A thief; a robber; insur- 
957 6 gents. 
CO chak ; to turn thief. liah chak ; to seize a 
thief, sang chak ; to conduct a thief to court, 
phah chak ; to punish thieves. jio chak ; to 

pursue thieves. ui cluik ; surround the 

thieves. hiiang chak ; bewaie of thieves, ui 
chak ; afraid of thieves. cau chak ; encounter 
robbers. can chak ; to escape from thieves, 

ngo tieh chak ; to fall among thieves. phiia 

chak ; to disperse a band of robbers. jiimg 

chak; toah chak; to call out "Thief, Thief." 
pe° chak ; to head off an escaping thief, khiin 
ch&k ; bind a thief. chau chak ; extirpate 

thieves. chak"-thau ; chak-sfu ; a rebel chief- 
tain, chak-kia"; a rebel follower. ci° chak- 
kia"; a young rebel, sua" chak ; banditti. hai 
chak ; pirates, kiap chak ; freebooters, chiap 
chak; a petty thief. hwn ch&k ; insurgents, 

pwn kut chak; rebels, hiang-be chak; mount- 
ed highwaymen. chak pia"; the lebel force, 
chu chak ; a sly. thief. chak tun-ke; one who 
harbors thieves. chak-tau ; a den of thieves, 
chak se"; ungrateful. chak heng; rebellious, 
chak mak ; a sly expression of the eyes, chak 

sim-tng ; a reprobate. thong chak ; fn chak ; 
an accomplice of thieves. pun chak thau 

khu ; stolen by a thief. kai chak lai thau 

i kai much, thau m kue chfu ; a thief came to 
steal his things but did not get them. f° 

chak kong chak ; take a thief to catch a thief, 
chak cng ; booty. liah chak ciu cng; when 

the robbers are caught their prey is not far off. 
cng cin, chak bin; when the booty is dis- 
covered the thief is found. boi tieh chak 
cng ; buy stolen goods, go boi chak cng; buy 
stolen goods unwittingly. toa pang kai chak 
lien kua"-pia'' i to 111 .iii, lien kua"-hu kai 
much i ka" kiap; a great band of robbers is 
not afraid of the regular troops, and dare take 
even the magistrate's goods. tl-p(5 kio sit cii 
khu jin thoi" si chak cng a r7i si ; the person 
held responsible for the good oider of the 
place, took the owner of the lost articles to 
see whether those were the stolen goods, 
kang chak ; a harmful ruler, chak-si sue ; the 
strength of the insurgents is broken. chak 
cien kua"-pia" rij kue ; the rebels cannot with- 
stand the loyal troops. chak pi"-co hd nang ; 
a reformed thief. khut chak thau khieh ; it 
was stolen. chak ce ; a robber's hold. chak 
ia"; the rebel camp, au chak ; a wretch. pia° 
kau, chak ia kau ; when the loyal meet, the 
disloyal are among them. chak cun ; a pirate 
ship. ci tio 16 se" chak-be ; there are high- 
wajmen along this route. bak-chak ; the 
scouring rush. pheng chak ; to quiet the 
insurgents. liah tieh kai chak, khtin lio, tio 
to chin teng; caught a thief and after binding 
him liung him to a tree. chak-se° boi koi ; 
the ungrateful do not repent. k6i-pi"lio b6 
CO chak ; after refoimation he is no longer a 
thief. chak phua ; a female thief, chak sim- 
su ; thievish intentions. kok chak; an em- 
bezzler of the public funds. min chak; a de- 
fraudcr of the people. chak chau ; a retreat 
of brigands, chak tau-seng; the rebels return 
to allegiance, chak cie ua°; the rebels sue for 
peace, chak kai ki-ho ; the rebel banner. lS.u 
chak k^ cioh-me"; the old thief affects night 
blindness. co chak boi si, toi^it seng-lf ; 
successful rebellion is the most profitable 

Ph chak 64 To spear, to thrust, to 
84 13 punch, 
chak tieh chin ; ran it into my hand. chak 

phiia theng ; broke the window by punching it. 
khieh ki much to hai teng chak si chak sim- 
mih hu ? What sort of fish are they spearing 
there in the sea? chak plma kai khang; 

punched out a hole. chak kau hueh lp,a ; 




thrust it in so that it made the blood run. 
mki° ch^k tieh mak ; do not thrust it in your 
eye. lu cie"-se'' tieh kua au-leng chak phua 
kbu; if you do like that you will drive it into 
your own throat. cang chio° cbftk i ; took a 
spear and drove it into hirn, 

ch&k 18 To braise or abrade by com- 
9.50 10 ing in violent contact with 

ang-le chak tieh ; bruised by a potsherd, min 
khut chlu-ki chak kiiu hueh lau ; had his face 
barked by a branch so that it bled. khut ki 
tek-kia" chak tieh kha-liam ; barked his shin 
on a small bamboo. hfaiu-hiam chak sie-lin- 
thkng khu; came very near cutting it clear 
through by running against something. 

— cham — 

i^© cham 64 To mix ; to mingle. 
}^ 13 17 ^i" cham jieh coi loh khi P 
How much do you wish to mix in with the 
other ? m h<5 cham tieh pat miieh ; do not 

put anything else in with it. n).\i" cham lai 

chain khu; do not intermingle them. cham 
ke t{am-kia° loh khu; mix in a little more of it. 
cham cuu-cdu; mingle them thoroughly. 

^^^ cham 118 To write one's name ; to 
^j% 981 13 sign ; to subscribe, 
chani-il; a circular, subscription paper or 
round-robin. cham mia"; to subsci'ibe one's 

X^ cham 28 To join for consultation ; to 
«^^ 946 9 be admitted to an audience; 
confused; to report against, 
cham-cha, m coi ; unassorted. cham-cham 

cha-cha; incongruous. lu ua lai cham-sSang; 
let us talk it over together, cham pai ; visit; a 
superior. cham tio i kai kua°; degraded him 
in office. cau cham ; to memorialize upon. 

chara-ki°; chio-cham ; go to a levee. cham- 
ciang ; cham-hu ; a colonel or post-captain, 
ohia" cham ; to request dismissal from office ; 
to resign. pang cham ; to permit a visit. 

|K^^ cham 61 Distressing ; misei^able ; ex- 
f^^ 947 11 cessive suffering, 
chi-cham ; afflictive. cham c2,i ; very greatly 
distressed, cham kek ; in the utmost distress, 
sim si cham ; in extreme misery, thia" i khau 
khu sim cham ; heard him weeping bitterly. 
m cai cham ; unacquainted with sorrow. boi 
cham ; not lacerated in feeling. cham cheng ; 
inhuman. thoi" tieh cham ; considered it 

distressing. khau cham ; to cry out because 
of suffering. 

ij=* cham 173 The last drops of a shower. 
nn 545 6 chara-chiii; odds and ends ; 
miscellaneous bits; leavings; fractions; re- 
mainders; residue. cham-cham chiii-chui 
kai, hd chieh-io ; what is left over is of no con- 
sequence. 6i" tiaiig-si co cham-chiii khang> 
khiie ; do odd jobs when you have nothing else 
to do. chara-chiii khieh ka-nng; fractions 
may be gatliered up into a whole. i vS cham- 
chiii boi a bo ? Does he sell any at retail. 

chkm 149 A sybiline hint; an omen. 
948 17 chkra gu ; a prophecy, 
hong keng pai cham ; get prayers said for a 
long life. t6 cham ; a diagram or picture 

indicating future events. 

cham 61 To repent ; to regret. 
14 17 cham-hiie; to repent. pki 
chkm ; make offerings in token of repentance, 
a.s do Buddhists. 

■^jg ch&m 149 Treacherous ; fawning. 
fly^ 13 17 cliAm chin ; a disloyal no- 
ble, cf kai nang si tong a cham ? Is this 
person loyal or disloyal ? chain kai si mia"-ke 
khi-ph\en, ku ka-kl, hai h<5 nang : tong kai al 
kio i siang hwn ; the treacherous are skilled in 
deceit, and through love of self injure the in- 
nocent : the honest are the opposites of such, 
kang cham ; treacherous. cham-chin kiii ; a 
traitor. cham-chin chui ; treacherous lips, 
cham-chin chie; treacherous smiles. 

cham 61 A feeling of shame. 
947 11 cham-khiii ; mortified, ka- 
ki cham-khiii ; conscious of one's own defects, 
sim lai cham-khQi ; cherishing a sense of 
shame. ci cuang su cham-khui cSi ; am very 
much mortified about this. boi cham-khui ; 

not at all abashed. mien eng cham-khui ; 

there is no occasion for your being ashamed. 

lil^S* cham 46 A cliff ; a high peak. 
jlj^igi 14 17 cham-ngam ; a cliff, cham- 
cham ngam-ngam ; craggy, ci kai sua" cliam- 
ngam cSi ; this mountain is very precipitous, 
i kai min se" l5i cham-cham ngam-ngam ; his 
features are very sharp, min cham-cham ; has 
a rugged face. 

chSm 162 To go off at the side; 
274 5 diagonally. 
kia° ch5m-sia io kun, li io oh kia"; to go across 
lots is nearer, and it is also more difficult 
walking. tiii ci-ko ch5m-sia cham-sia kue 

khu ; cut across here diagonally. chSm-kah ; 
diagonally opposite. 



ch5rn-clmah. Nearly but not quite 
796 opposite. 

CO chatu-chuah to ko ; sat facing but not in 
front of him. i kai rang kio i chS,in-chuali ; 

the two entrances are nearly opposite each 
other. chara-chiiah sie hiang ; facing each 

other, but not quite in line. hu tio hang kio 
hu tio koi cliSra-clmah ; the lane and the street 
are nearly but not quite conterminous. 

jl^; cham 80 To peck, as a bird does. 
H^[ 970 10 cham kau hueh lau ; pecked 
him so that the blood ran. cham kau phiu 

phue ; pecked off the skin. cham tieh i kai 

mak ; pecked him in the eye. khut i chin- 

chiim no e cm ciah khu ; it was eaten up by 
him at two pecks. 

— chang — 

"^^S chang 140 Onions. 

4\i£% 1024 9 chang-thau ; onions, chang 
peh ; the bulb of an onion, chang hieh ; onion 
tops. phang chang ; strong onions. chang 
kun ; the rootlets of the onion, chang hieh hp 
pun pi; an onion top makes a good flute, pak 
chang; northei'n onions. chang-cu ; minced 

onion. chang-thau peh cek hah cek hah ; 

pick off the scales from an onion. 

^^^ chang 184 A meal. 
,@^ 946 7 cek jit sam chang ; three 
meals a day. ™^g' chang ; supper. tai 

chang ; dinner. sia" chang ; the Lord's 

Supper. si ke° cS,u pfig, ngo ke° pa chang, 

thi"-kng khi kia"; prepare ihe meal soon after 
midnight, eat before dawn, and start at day- 
light, jit bo pa chang cek tng, me" bo 
un stii sa" ke"; not one full meal during the 
day, nor six hours restful sleep during the 

chang 140 Hoary. 
950 10 15u chang thau ; hoary 
headed. thau-mo'' chang-peh ; hoary hair, 

chiu chang-peh ; hoaiy beard. tap-sia" chang 
thi"; thank the hoary heavens. po-tap slang 
chang ; recompense the veterans. 

■^> chang 9 Flurried. 
^^ 949 8 chang-huang ; flustered, 
chang-chang huang-huang ; in trepidation, lu 
mai" chang-huang ; don't be in a flurry. lu 

cie" chang-huang si ai" khu ti-ko ? Where are 
you going in such hot haste ? chang chut kai 
Bi-hau, ta° m cheng-chp ; time is too pressing 
and so I cannot tell you the whole story. 

chang 44 To moan. 
119 9 i t(5 chang; he is moaning, 
lia thia".ki" chang kau hai"-hai''-kie si cp-ni ? I 
hear a pitiful moaning, what is it ? i ca me" 
boi ut, chang cek me"; he could not sleep last 
night, and moaned all night. 

chang 85 Vast, like the sea. 
950 10 chang hai ; the ocean. 

^gt chang 149 To speak harshly. 
P^^ 969 10 lia lai khu chang i ; I am 
going to speak severely to him. i si lai chang 
ua; he came and spoke harshly to me. khut 
tia chang kau i cng kai bp ue in ; I spoke to 
him so sharply that he had not a word to an- 
swer, chang kau i bp Hen cSi ; spoke to him 
in such a way as to leave him completely 
abashed. lu khu kau, mai° chang i khah 

thiam ; when you get there, do not overbear 
him too completely. khut lia chang no ku ; 

was briefly reprimanded by me. 

A spokeshave for shav- 
ing iron ; to shave with 

chang 167 
14 11 

a spokeshave. 
ci ki tp hue ceng chang; this knife has not yet 
been made smooth by being shaven. i (p cp 

chang thi-tp kai kang-hu ; his work is that of 
smoothing razors with a spokeshave. kng- 

cui m ngS kai cu m hp cp chang ; steel that is 
not very hard will not do for making a shave 
to shave iron with. 

M chang 18 To make ; to found ; to 
116 10 begin. 
chang-cSu ; to create. chang-sf ; to invent, 

chang ke-ngiap; found an estate, chang lip; to 
institute. chang c6 ; the founder of a family, 
chang cek kp seng-li; to start a business in a 
place. ci cek kp tl-hng, si ua khu chkng kai ; 
it was I who first settled in this spot. chang 
kai sia"; found a city. chang to ; to establish 
a capital. chang tit khi; succeeded in an 

attempt to establish, chang m khi ; could not 
institute it. chang hie"; commenced a settle- 
ment or village. khui-chang ; to begin, as a 
settlement, chang kau ta", cia" io heng-seng ; 
much time has elapsed since it was started and 
now it is just beginning to flourish. 

^^S^ chang 9 Perverse ; ugly ; mulish. 
\x^ 948 17 chang-thau ; a scamp, 
chang-thau cai ; rascally. chang cSi ; hate- 

ful, ci kai nang chang cSi ; this is an ugly 



IXj cli&ng 102 A field ; watered ground. 
PCJ 898^ coll clmng; till the soil, 
cph chang-ling k§,i imng ; a farmer. nie 

cli&ng; land that i.s subject to taxation. cieh 
cbaiig; the field itself. ehang co ; the rent 

of a field, ciang chftng ; to measure a field."; real estate. kong ch&iig ; fields 
owned in coninion. cu eh&ng ; fields whoso 

rent is given to descondants that take a 
literary degree. cok bo clmtig wn jieh coi 

nie ? What is the amount of the taxes on one 
acre of rice-field ? chfi,iig ko ; agriculturalists, 
cliang thilu, chung biie ; tlie two ends of a rice- 
field, chfiiig kau; the ditch which drains a 
field. chfing ciii ; the water which irrigates 
a field. M hak jieh coi 1)6 chang ? How much 
watered land do you own ? ch&ng cii ; the 
owner of the field. chtliig cu-nie ; tiie woman 
who owns the field. chang cii tia ; the old 

man who owns the field. poi° ch&ng ; to 

prepare a field for planting, loi ch&ng; plough 
a field. sai chang; guide an ox in ploughing 
afield. engch&ng; feitilizo a field. phuah 
chAng ; pnt liquid fertilizers on a field. tiih 
cUi kwn ch&ng ; to ii'rigate a field by treading 
a chain pump. ci kliut ciii kiia" jieh coi bo 

cliftng ? How many fields does this pit supply 
with water? pe chang; harrow a field, 

loh charg; go a-field. p6 chung ; plant 

rice, chang-hng bvvn kwn; an immense estate, 
chftng lio ; a hut in a field, slang chang, tong 
chang, h!a chang ; the most elevated, the mid- 
dle, and the lowest terrace. kui° ch&ng, ke 
cL&ng; high lying and low lying fields, chang 
kai ; the boundary of a field, chang khbi ; the 
deed of a field, chang pi" chang, chii pi° chii ; 
neighbors in field and in dwelling. chang 
kill ; chang ke-hiie ; farming implements, cph 
chang bo sai-pe, ci ai" pui-pun nge ; you need 
not be a master workman in order to till a 
field, you merely require diligence in putting 
in manure. bo pui-piin ho loh chang; there 
is no manure for the land, ci ko cliJing si loh 
tau-kho hd a si loh tu-kut hd ? Which is the 
best fertilizer for this field, bean-cake or 
bone-dust ? chfing ii Sah, tieh me°-me° chi" 
hun kut; there are grubs in the soil, and 
tobacco stalks must be put in at once. kut 
ch&ng-th6-phueh ; dig up a field, pua" chang; 
carry off the sand that the tide has deposited 
on a field. liu chang tho ; take the soil from 
a field. sun chang ; to go and look after a 
field. cp-pu lai khu thoi" chang ; go together 
to look after the rice-plot. ch4ng tong; a 
real estate agent. chang ke ; the price of a 
field. kio nS,ug toi" kp chang ; mortgaged a 
field to some one. tng kp chang ; give a 

away ; to con- 

field in pledge. chfa cliang ; sok tng chang ; 
to redeem a field that has been mortgaged, 
pa-ciam nang kai chung; to usurp a field. i 
ai" a" lia k&i chang clu si; he wishes to get 
unlawful possession of my field, that is it. kfl 
chAngco; made away with the share of pro- 
duce due for the use of the field. ch&ng 
chek, ciah png kai nang; a city man who owns 
a farm. chuiig-kia"; chfing-tfii'; tenants on 
land. ngi chang ; fields whose rent is used 
for benevolent objects. cph ch&ng-hn>r Ime 
pki ngo-kak-cii ; farmers worship the god of 
grain. chang-hai pi"-cp sng-ch&ng ; tlie sea 
transformed into land. t5i' nftog kfii chdng 
Ifti cph ; take a field to work on shares. tla 
kai chung ai" cie t6i° nfa ke°; I wish to let out 
my fields to be worked on shares. chtlng 
kham ; terraced fields. chftng kS'; the edge of 
a field. 

chftng 140 To hide 
950 14 ceal. 
lin-chang ; to conceal. chftng t6 tl-k6, mfi ? 

Where is he concealed ? khut i chang-nfik 

khu ; it was hidden away by him. ch&ng 

kang cak tdi ; harbours evil thoughts. cf k&i 
tS-ll chim-chftng cSi ; this doctrine is verj 
abstruse. pau-chftng cSi-coi i-su t6 Igi ; there 
is deep meaning in it. pau-chang to t<S Ifti, 

b6 ta" chut Ifti ; ponders it in his niind, and 
says nothing about it. ke chang k&i mfieh- 

kia"; family treasures ; heirlooms laid up. la 
long hue im, bwn chang hue tSu ; beauty awa- 
kens lust, and careless usage of valuables 
tempts thieves. t6 ISi chang tp chSng kiam ; 
treacherous. chSng kau mi°-mi", chue in tieh; 
clo.sely concealed so that it could not be found, 
chfing to hu tdi; hidden away inside. p-chAng 
i7i-h(5 rtkng ; harbours evil doers. u nang kd 
p-chang i kai, kio i tfmg cfle ; those who har- 
hour him, are equally guilty with him. ci kfti 
nang thau-khieh Ho, md°-me" chang-pung hu 
kai nang kai sin teng ; this one steals it and 
immediately conceals it on the person of the 

Jf^ chSng 78 To injure ; to mangle ; to 
7^ 947 8 spoil. liang-min ; injure the innocent, 
chang- jim ; cruel. chang-chak ; to oppress. 

mai° khu chang-chak i; do not go and wrong 
him. sin kai chang pia°; the remnant of the 
slain troops, chi'u cok siang chang ; fraternal 
strifes, i cfl siang chang tah ; they themselves 
destroy each other by trampling each other 
down. hue chang lio ; the flower has faded, 

pit eng khu chang lio ; the pen is worn out. 



I^Ws* cIiS,ng 62 To do violence ; to assault; 
7|/^ 969 4 to kill as when a soldier 
kills an officer, or a fojeign foe kills the ruler ; 
to maltreat; to raisuse. 

chriiig kua"; murder a magistrate. ui i khu 

poi" cha,ng kua" kTvi ua"; depute him to go 
and give judgment in a case of assault on a 
magisti-ate. clulng-pau ; ruthless. kua" cie"- 
se" SI chung-hrii tieh peh-se"; in so doing the 
officials maltreat the people. i ka-ki hia" ti 
siang chang; the brothers themselves maltreat 
each other. 

— chap — 

-f^£j chap 64 To interrupt ; confusion. 
4^vi 13 17 chap clmi chap cih ; to put 
in one's gab. chap-cap; in confusion, tl-hng 
chap-cap ; the place is in great disorder, raai" 
khu chap- cap tieh i ; do not go and disarrange 
it, chap hai ci" ; bad cash. chap-chap cap- 
cap, cng kai m sun ; all in disorder, with 
nothing properly ananged. chap-hun ; to 

interrupt. lu mai" chap-hun khu ; do not go 
and disturb it. ci'-ko bo nang chap-hun; there 
is no one to interrupt us here. 

— chau — 

HfciJ> chau 64 To transcribe ; to write out. 
g ^ 36 4 chau-sia; to copy out. chau 
peh ; make a fair copy. chau ua"-kwn ; to 

write the records of a case. chau phoi-gu ; 

copy an official decision. chau chut l&i lia 

thoi"; copy it for me to see. ci'a ji si chi'u chau 
kai, a si "in kai? Is this written or printed ? 
oh bie, oh sek li'o, cia" oh chau ; when you 
have learned to trace the letters well through 
thin paper, you may then learn to write from 
a copy. loll hie" chau hue ; go to the hamlets 
begging, as a mendicant priest does, chau ke; 
search and seal up a house, as when it is confis- 
cated. kia''-chau; the Peking Grazette. chau- 
16k CO cek png ; transcribe into one volume. 

^- chau 64 To drill ; to take in hand. 
955 13 chau lien ; chau in ; to di-ill 
troops. toa chau ; a grand review of troops, 
thdi" chau ; to review the troops. tio chau ; 
summon to a review, cong-tok chut sun-th6i° 
chau ; the governor reviewed the army, chau 
sim cai ; careworn. m ka" chau lu kai huai ; 
dare not put you to so much trouble. mai" 

khu chau-ji'o i ; do not trouble him about it. 

t~f chau 140 Grass ; herbs ; weeds. 
" I 956 6 chau-bak ; vegetable pro- 

ductions, chau hue ; flowering plants, chau- 
mo"; ferns, chau-po ; a meadow. bue-chau } 

herbs. che''-chau ; herbage, kuah sua" chau; 
cut wild grass, ta° be chau ; carry fodder for 
horses. ciah chau ; feeds on giass. tiu-kd- 

chau ; rice straw. beh-kd-chau ; wheat straw, 
pho-kha se" chau ; the grass grows on his shop 
steps, chau-ptiueh; turf, sin hue-chau; fresh 
vegetation. chau sek ; grass green. lu mki" 
thoi" i chau-chau; do not consider his being in 
dishabille. boi chau-chai ; sells greens, pun 
huang a-phah tieh, boi se" chau ; it is so ex- 
posed to the wind that the will not grow 
there. chau-thau lio co kai niak ji : ci kS,i 

ji si to chau po, a si to mak po ? This charac- 
ter has the one for grass above and the one 
for eye below: which of the two is its radical ? 
se" clifiu ; grassy. ciii-chau ; rushes. kiam 
chau ; salt marsh grass. i kai chau-thau ciu 
hp, i kai ji-nang m-lio; his chief wife is an 
amiable person, but his inferior wife is not. 
chau-chieh ; straw matting. mia°-ke ue chau- 
thaug ; is skillful in the delineation of insects, 
chan-me"; a grasshopper. chau chii ; a 

thatched house. chau lio ; a straw wigwam, 
chau khun ; a clump of grasses. chau-thau 

kit-hvvt; the chief wife, gu to hwn chau; 

the tattle are chewing the cud. pak kai chau 
nang ; make a scarecrow. 



chau-kau An insect, the com- 
504 raon mantis, 

chau-kau phi"; the point carved in the shape 
of a mantis. 

chau 140 Aquatic grasses; elegant, 
953 16 graceful, polished ; fine 
hai chau ; sea-weed, ciii chau ; aquatic weeds, 
such as duck-weed, pond-weed, and their like, 
i kai su-chau iam-li ; his expressions are apt 
and elegant. 

chau 132 A bad odor; stench ; stink- 
52 4 ing. chau c5i ; very ill 
smelling. chui chau ; a foul breath. chau 
niia"; disreputable. m cai phang chau ; does 
not know the difference between a sweet and 
an offensive odor, i ka-ki i7i cai gua-khau k4i 
mia"-sek chau ; he is not aware how bad a 
reputation he has abroad. chau mueh-k!a"; 

ill smelling stuff. chau kue sf-n4ng; stinks 
worse than a dead carcase. chau koh-thang-S 
hien ; an offensive odor from the armpits, 
phi" tieh kai chau bl ; smelled a bad smell, 
chau-che"; noisome. chau-khi; fumes, chau 
kau ; a worthless dog. chau tong-si ; a scamp, 
chun c6k choh au-ku chau-chau kai mueh ; had 
some rotten ones left. chau k^u ue koi"; 



imells so as to scent the whole 
chi° boi kaa ien, tang ien boi 
it from the time it is prime 
tainted and from the time it 
till it is rotten. raai° thia" i 
not listen to his obscene talk, 
chau 6U; there is always some 
hand. boi phang boi chau 

hd un ce hie"-cha lai phek tlo 
some incense to drive away the 


place. tftng 

kau chau ; sells 

till it becomes 

becomes tainted 

kai chau ue ; do 

to u cek choh 

nasty affair on 

; it has no odor. 

chau-khi ; burn 

unpleasant odor. 

chau 64 Principles; rules of conduct. 

955 13 cak-chau ; fixed rules of con- 
duct, seng-peh kai cak-chau; }\s firm as a pine 
tree. pia -sng kai cak-chau ; chaste as ice. 

^ chkvL 86 Dry, parched. 

727 13 kang-chau ; dried up. chui 
kang-chau; the mouth parched, au-leng kang- 
chau; the throat dry and husky, chui ko-cliau; 
the mouth dry. chau-jiet kAi much m-li(5 ciah; 
do not eat things which make the mouth dry. 
chui-lim-phue cio-chau ; parched lips. 

^ chau 157 Hasty; harsh. 

954 13 kip-chau ; testy. ch^u- 

pjlu ; prone to auger. cliau-chau pJiu-pSu. 

hot tempered. phu-chau ; hasty ; touchy, 

phu-cheng chku-klu ; irrasible. c6k-ku c6k- 
tSng phu-phu chiiu-chau, chwii m thim-cu"; at 
the least thing he flies into a rage and there is 
no pacifying him. sim lai cio-chau; in a rage, 
ku-chku ; quick-tempered ; out of temper. 

chau 60 To shift ; to move things. 

789 "8" m cia", tieh chau i cia"; it is 
not set squarely, and must be moved about till 
it is. leng-ua° chau-pang hu khau ; shift it 

back and set it outside the door again. f° 

chau khu ce ; move the chair a little farther 
off. chng chS,u-bua ; move the table nearer. 

ch^u 85 A canal ; a channel. 

955 11 chau uu; a thoroughfare for 
boats. chau ho ; the Grand Canal. chau 
cun ; a transport boat. chau-un cong-tok 

si cong kwn chau-ho tang ksii chau-ciin un-cai 
nie-bi kAi su, ia siet u chau-t2,u hun If; the 
Imperial Commissioner of grain controls the 
transport of grain through the Grand Canal, 
and appoints deputies who assist him in his 

chau 72 A revisory judge, or judge 
_ 955 7 of appeals. 

cla si thi'en-chAu u meng kai ; this is what the 
gods have commanded. 

ch&u 47 A haunt ; a resort ; a reh'eat. 
37 8 cf kai si i kai chau-hwt ; this 
is his lurking place, chau-iiwt kien-ku cai; his 
den was very secure. chak-chau ; a robber's 
resort. slang-ko ch&u-ku ; an ancient haunt. 

||/K chau 30 A hubbub. 
"x ^7 4 chau-iiau ; clamor. chaa- 
jiang; altercation. tai chau-nau c6k tie"; a 

great uproar. i ke lai i7i hiia, e-e chaa-chau 
nau-nau; they are not a harmonious family, 
they have a row every now and then. kfo- 

tha kau i chau-chau nau-nau ; incited them on 
till they came to have a regular brawl, i hia"- 
tl-kia" thia" naiig ka-so, clu chau-chau nau- 
nau ; the brothers listened to who would 
set them at variance, and so hatl a row. cie"- 
se" ciu ti-kau chau-nau, m hiah; thus it was 
that tliero was a continual rumpus, khn'^-koi 
i mai" chau-nftu ; advised him to make no 

— che — 

/^ che 29 A fork ; to fork up. 
^^^ 6 1 khla che; to hold a fork, 
ngun che ; a silver fork, thih che ; iron forks. 
sa ge che ; a three tined fork. no ge che ; a 

two pronged fork. c5k ki che ; a fork. c6k 
hu to che ; a set of knives and forks. nia°-h6 
che ; a pitch fork. ho" m cie" che bo ta i ua ; 
if the tiger does not roar at the pitch-fork, 
nothing can be done with him. cham che l6 
than ; cross roads. me" che ; mischievous 

sprites which roam at night. pue che ; the 

play of throwing up tridents and catching them, 
che khi lai ; take up with a fork. che m khi ; 
could not take it up with the fork. che tSa 

kp ce ; fork up a bigger piece. che tieh se"- 

kut ; stuck the prong into a bone. 

che 48 To send as an envoy; an 
6 7 envoy, 
che-hiah; an official underling, tng che; to act 
as an envoy. che su; the business on which 
one is sent, koi-che; a policeman, ngwn che; 
the first constable sent. phau kia" che ; a 

commission to the capital. che seng ; official 
messengers. khim-che ; an ambassador, 

khim-che tai chic ; a legate. pang toa khim- 
che ; to send an envoy. cwn che i khu ; send 
him especially for this. pi che ; a messenger 
under discipline. 

che 64 To haul. 

40 4 che lai che khu ; haul to and 
fro. la-la che'-che ; pull and haul. mua°-t4- 
ko theng la-che ; rake and scrape everywhere, 
la-che m lai ; could not rake and scrape enough 




together to answer the purpose. ti-ko fp la- 
che tit Q ? Where can enough be raked and 
scraped together for it ? che chiii ; haul so as 
to break in pieces. che iIi kliui ; cannot haul 
it ofif. che cu ; haul fast, thoa-thoa che-che ; 
drag along. 

che 27 A privy. 

1035 9 cie° che; to go to stool, che- 
ti ; clie-kng; a well for holding nightsoil. 

•\/^ che 64 To take up between two 
^/V 5 '6 chop-sticks, 
che cek toa tu ; took up a big lump. bo no e 
che ciu wn khu ; it was all gone before we had 
taken two mouthfuls. ciah mueh tieh u kui- 
ku, mai" che khah toa cliiii ; in eating, one 
must behave properly and not take too big 
mouthfuls. m-h(5 li-li che ; do not eat too 

fast. chS cek pfig-ua"-thau ; take up a tid-bit 
for the top of the bowl. 

^f^ che 75 To examine ; to scrutinize. 

i^, 6 5 ch§ sio ; to audit accounts, 
che siu ; examined and found it had been 
received. che-me"-kua°; night guards. che 
koi ; patrol the streets. ch6 ho ; patrol the 

river. ch§-chak ; to scrutinize. sun che ; to 
inquire into, lu ho khu che ; you go and look 
it over carefully. lu cai khu che tia" ce ; 

you go again and look it over with a view to 
making it more correct. lia che kue Ho ; I 

have already looked it over carefully. ch§ m 
chut; cannot discover it. che tieh, io si cie"- 
se"; have looked it over, and it remains the 
same. che tieh iTi tui ; looked it over and 

came to a different result. che ke kah ; take 
a census. oi ke-mng-ho khu che ; take the 

domiciles in order, and inquire at each. che 
to bo ; examined and found none. ch6 liah 

kang-soi ; search for spies. 

-jBrt che 64 To press down as in throttl- 
4/U 629 4 ing. 

cang chia che i kai am ; throttled him. i k§,i 
lak toa cai : ciah ho" kbut i kai chi'u che to 
tho-e ; his strength is enormous: the tiger was 
pinned down to the ground by his thumb and 
fore-finger. i kai nang hiam-hiam khut i 

kai cliiu che si khu; he was very near being 
throttled and killed by him. 

— che" — 
/rf che" 100 Raw ; unripe ; crude ; un- 
- I * 742 polished ; unaccustomed, 
che^-kuai"; fresh fruits. che" nek ; raw meat, 
che" hu ; uncooked fish. che" min ; the plain 
surface. nang-min che°-sp ; an unfamiliar 

face. pua" che" s§k ; half cooked ; half ripe. 
tang che" ciah kau sek ; eat from it all the time 
while it is being cooked. che" ieh ; drugs not 
yet prepared for use. i I'o che" chia ; lie is a 
raw hand at it. ci ie" su i io che"; he is not 

very familiar with this business. khi-thau-e 
lai, che" ia"-ia"; has just come, and everytliing 
is new and strange to him. che" ciah ; eats it 
raw. che" mak, thdi"-m-chut ; the eyes being 
unaccustomed to it, do not discern it. i me"- 
kua niua"-ti-kp kliu chai che"; he goes about 
everywhere in the night picking fresh vegeta- 
bles and fruits. ke ki cho"-lak kun 16h khji 
cQ cien ia"; if a fresh body of troops join them 
they will conquer in the fight. che"-hun ; 

bashful. che"-ehe" hun-hiin ; very diffident, 
khu kau che" than m pat min ; did not know 
each other when they met. 

che"-rae" Blind. 

185 che"-me" kia"; a blind 
fellow. cek ciah mak che"-me"; blind in one 
eye. i kai mak che"-rae" khu ; she has become 
blind. che"-me" lai-ciang; blind, with no 

appearance of disease in the eye. kie che°- 

me" sin-se" lai pliok klme ; call a blind for- 
tune-teller to cast a horoscope. khang che°- 
me"; lead a blind man. cek kai tok ciah mak 
kai khang cek khun che"-me" kai; a one-eyed 
one, leading a flock of blind ones. che"-rne" 
koi tph tieh si nio-chu ; a blind fowl pecked 
into a dead rat; he got it by good luck, not 
by ability. 

Mchc" 72 A star. 
808 6 cek liap che"; a star. ngo 
che"; the five planets. kim che"; Venus, hue 
che"; Mars. ciii che"; Mercury. bak che"; 
Jupiter. tho che"; Saturn. che" hi-hi ; the 
stars are far apart thi" teng kai che"; the 

stars of heaven. thien-bun-seng raiii-me" 

lun-ltu thoi" che"; tho royal astronomers take 
turns in watching the stars every night, cau- 
hue u kiu die"; there was timely deliverance, 
ho-khoi toi kai che" ia hph c5i ; there are also 
many stars in the milky way. che°-siu ; the 
starry hosts. ci liap che" ciu ni to ko, 

bo kia"; this star stays all the year round 
and does not move. che" u khi kia" me", u 

khi kia" mang ; some of the stars move faster 
than others. che"-to ; an astronomical atlas. 
che"-sin kue to ; a star moving from its place, 
jit gueh che" kie-cp sa" sin, ia kie-co sara 
kuang ; the sun moon and stars are called the 
heavenly bodies and are also called the three 
great lights. che" tixi loh lai ; a star fell, 

clio" me" khu pp; went by starlight to inform 



him. cham siang no che"; two stars in 
tion. che" cu-hue ; stars iti conjunction. b6 
hie" am, u che", khd-i" h<5 ki.i" 16; it is not 
very dark, the stars are out, and we can go by 
tlieir light. che" kun ; the star that rules the 
year. khue-che"-iriii ; an observatory, sau- 
soi-che"; a comet with a flaring train, chiang- 
che"; a comet with a long st might tail. loh 

ngo che"; consult the stars. ciie" iap-iap-sih ; 
stais twinkle, che" toa liap soi Hap ; stars are 
of different magnitudes. ti-liang s)o tit thi° 
cle" kai che"? Who can count the number of 
the stars? 

'■^4^ che" 174 The color of the earth sea 
j-*J 995 ^ and sky ; the dark greeu of 
plants ; wan ; pule. 

ngwii che"; deep green. koi-nii^ die"; very 

pale green. che" phue ah-iifi;^ ; gi-een slielled 
duck's eggs. hoi che"; bright green. che" 
nek o-lau; black beans witli gl-een conties. 
che"-chuu sio ni ; in one's teens. t&h che"; 

juvenile. thien che" sek ; azure. sam kaiig 
che"; bottle green. min-sek cho"-n^ ; sallow 

visnged. so" lui k&i min che"-peh che"-p6li ; 
lie is natumlly of a sallow complexion. mlu 
teng kai che"-kuu liln-hiu ; the veins in his 
face are very plainly seen. cii:ing kau o-che"; 
bumped it so that it is black and blue. t&ng- 
che"; verdigris. che"-kim-cieh ; lapis-lazuli. 
timg che" sa"; a dark green tunic. clio"-hwn ; 
copperas. che"-min lio-ge; deinonlike ugliness. 
che"-kuai ; green fruits, hieli che"; the foliage 
is verdant, che" rain ; easily offended. lu 

k9,i clie" niin cJli ; you are very easily offended, 
ta" kau rain che" min lek ; kept on talking till 
he was green with wrath, che" thi" peh jit; in 
broad daylight. sie che"; pek che"; to bronze 
the surface of metals by heat. 

che" 130 Frouzv ; rank. 
809 '9" che" bi ; f rouzy. phi" lieh 
cliiui-che" cSi ; it smelled very rancid. 

che" 94 Wildy ; madl}* ; frantically ; 

,_ 479 4 enthusiastically. 

i co-ni che" jiang ? Why is he screaraing so 
wildly ? hua"-hi kau che" thio, che" raong ; so 
delighted that he danced madly about. che" 
kje, che" soi ; shouted wildly and rushed for- 
ward pell-mell. che" ba ; galloped madly on. 

che" 164 To awake, to arouse. 

809 9 che" kill lai ; to wake up. 
raai" kia" che" i; do not waken him by startling 
him. raai" long i che"; do not waken him by 
giving him a jog. ho kie i che" khi lai ; tell 
him to wake up. jwu khai-tSu, i kai sim m 

ch6"; whatever reasons you bring before him, 
he is not aroused by them. (it kau cui, ham 
thiing kiia" i hwn-lio boi che"; he is souud 
asleep, and though you call for half a day he 
will not wake up. ra^ng kau hu-kp, ciu kia" 
che" khi lili ; having drearued thus far, I woke 
up in affright. kau keh jit kai ciii cia" che"; 
after sleeping off his intoxication he will 
awaken, cfa si che" s'l k^i ue ; this is startling 
langnage. wi hu hue hvvn-lio che" t6 ko ; I 

was then still awake. fit m k^u, kau ua°-ua* 
cia" che"; I did not sleep enough, and woke 
up very late. thia" lia cJtf"-so" ta° i kai situ 

cia" ce -ng6; when he heard me say this be 
became aroused. ut hue che"; has not yot 

wakened. i che" a bQe ? Is he awake yet ? 

ham i i7i hku" che"; he will not wake up when 
he is called. oak che" i; woke him up by 

making a noise. i 16ng cfti, ti-ko nioh-c6- 

sih, khin-khin, i cIu che"; he is a very light 
sleeper, and the least little movement wakens 
him. leng i che"; waken him by shaking him. 
tia" tieh cIu die"; if you touch him he wakes, 
ut kkti i7i cai che"; overslept. i meng-mfing 

che" li>), te" co fit ; he is wide awake and is 
pretending to be asleep. thi" bQe kng elu 

che; woke before daylight. ca c6 fit, ci:i° cai 
che"; go to bed early then you will wake early, 

^^ che" 167 A timbrel. 

jl^Ci 6L6 12 phah che"; to sound a 

timbrel, che°-che"-kie ; the clang of a timbrel. 

— cheli — 


cheh 118 A scheme ; a plan. 
960 6 cheh mng; subject of in- 
quiry, koi-cheh ; an expedient, lu u slra- 
mih liang clieh ? What plan do you propose ? 
fi kai uang lai hien cheh ; some one unfolded a 
plan. b6 cheh ; without plan. sok chiu 

bo cheh ; folded his hands and did nothing, 
siet koi-cheh ; start a scheme. 


cheh 13 Books; a schedule; a reg- 
42 T ister, a list, an inventory; 
to appoint ; a patent or commission, 
cu-cheh ; books, cek png cheh ; a book. cSu 
ciieh; make a list, thoi" cheh; to read silently, 
nang teng cheh ; a list of persons. in cheh ; 
print books, kd cheh ; ancient registers, kua 
cheh ; book of ballads. khek cheh ; a song 

book, ieh cheh; medical books, kap cu-cheh; 
to bind books. cheh phue ; the cover of a 

book. cheh hieh ; the leaves of a book, 

cu-cheh pho ; a book-store. sia cheh kha ; 

vrrite on the ends of the leaves of a closed 
book. cheh- hong co uang ; appointed to a 


kingship. ho-khau clieli ; a list of the popu- 
lation, thion cheh; enrol on the li.sts. kin-ni 
huang-ti cheh-lip huang-ho ; this year the 
emperor has made an empress by patent. 

— chek — 

chek 119 Paddy; rice in the husk. 
823 6 chek-chng; a granary, 
chug chek ; to garner rice. cek liap chek ; a 
grain of unhusked rice. phak chek ; spread 
rice in the sun to dry. chek-tia"; an area 

made for drying rice, chek-pe ; a paddy scoop, 
chek-thau ; paddy. ehek-tiam ; a paddy 

basket, pha" chek ; blasted rice, chek-sni ; a 
head of paddy. chek-sui hoih ; the heads of 
paddy are blighted. chek, no tang si cek 

seng, cap seng kie-co cek tan, cap tau kie- 

00 cek cieh ; two pints of paddy are a quart, 
ten quarts are a peck, and ten pecks make a 
chaldron. cek cieh ciu si cek ta", cek ta° boi 
kai giia ngun; a chaldron is a picul, and a picul 
sells for over a dollar. kue lai kai chek ke 
khiong-ui kui ; late in the season the price of 
paddy may be still higher. cek ta" chek oi u 
jieh coi bi ? How much hulled rice have you 
got from the picul of paddy ? cek seng bi cu 
jteh coi piig ? How much boiled rice will a quart 
of uncooked rice make ? chang chek ciah pflg; 
eat of the product of one's own 6elds. chek- 
sni pa, siu u sia"; the ears of paddy are full and 
•we shall harvest many fold. put chek lai cim 
ceng ; put some paddy asoak to use as seed, 
lu cek ni siu ii jieh coi chek ? How much paddy 
do you harvest in a year? loh hie" lai siu co 
chek ; gone to the country to get his share of 
the product of the rice fields. ci lua chek oi 
u jieh coi cho-khng chut lai ? How much 
paddy husk came from this basket of unhusk- 
ed rice ? lia tun tt kiii choi" ta" chek to ko; 

1 have several thousand piculs of paddy on 
hand. thie kiii ia" chek lai boi miieh ; barter 
oi¥ paddy for other goods. tiali chek ; buys 
paddy. loh ho chek boi ta, tieh klii hiie lai 
pue ; it rains so the paddy cannot dry, and a 
fire must be built for drying it. chang teng 
kai chek cim kau chut ge ; the paddy in the 
fields has sprouted. ci chph chek kai chek- 
khak poh, oi lo ii bi; the husk of this paddy is 
thin, and there will be the more of the rice 
after hulling. 

chek 85 To estimate ; to fathom. 
960 9 lang chek-tak ; difiicult to 
estimate. pien-hue lang chek ; it is difficult 

to calculate the amount of the change. chek 
m pat to khu; do not know how to make an 
estimate of it. m-hd chek-tak ; inestimable. 

ngo tieh put chek k&i su cQ hd eng ; when 
something unexpected occurs, it may be used, 
chek ji sin-se°; one who tells fortunes from 
letters. chim kau rn-hd chek ; unfathomable, 
chui-chek to-lf ; inscrutable doctrines, chek- 
thdi" ii jieh coi ; make a calculation of the 
amount. chek tit chut ; calculable. chek m 
chut ; incalculable. chek-thdi" ciii jieh chim ; 
calculate the depth of the water. ki° to put 
chek pho ; among things inscrutable. 

116 Insufficient. 
5 kin-chek ; oih-chek ; cramp- 

$fe chek 
'^ 959 

ed, straitened, contracted. kin-chek kfn- 

chek ne; barely enough. bo sim-mih khuah, 
oih-chek oih-chek ; there is not much space, it 
is very cramped. 

tt^ chek 130 The knees. 
fl^ 804 11 khut chek ; bend the knee, 
chek e; those under one's authority. kha 

chiu chek e; children and dependents, phang- 
ie hph-chek ; a waist like a wasp's and knees 
like a stork's. hoh chek huang ; enlargement 
of the knee joint. 

4'Hlf ^^^*^^ ^ "^0 sympathize. 
I^'J 960 9 chek-un kai sim ; humane 
feelings. nang-nang to ii chek-un kai sim ; 

every one has natural sympathies. 

t^ chek 69 To expel. 
/ P 72 1 l\i a m cun, lia ciu cang lu 
chek-keh ; if you do not obey, I will take away 
your office, chek-tok ; to drive out. 

>frt|l chek 9 Lateral; onesided. 
I^'J 957 9 chekmak; envious glances, 
chek sin ; lop sided. chek-p ; leans over to 
one side. 

— cheng — 

cheng-chiu A swing. 

981 cheng-chiu pe"; the 

frame from which a swing is suspended, thdi" 
nang phah cheng-chiu ; see people swinging, 
peh m cie" cheng-chiu pe"; could not climb 
into the swing, hwn-cheng-chiu ; a whirligig, 
toa" cheng-chiu ; a swing for one person. 

cheng 115 To designate ; to give an 
76 9 appellation ; to name, 

cheng-hu ; to designate by a name. thong 

cheng-co sin-se° ; are generally called Teachers. 
cu cheng-cp oi ; called himself competent, ka- 
ki thp-khiam cbeng-cp ngo ; with a pretense of 



humility called himself the stupid one. k^ | 

cheng-co siang-kheh ; falsely gave him the 
title of merchant. cheng-hn nftng, hok si 

6ng kui ji, eiig cun jl, eng leng ji ; to com- 
pliment people by the use of the t«rm Noble, 
or Honored, or Suspected, before their 

v(^^ cheng 85 Pure; clear; to cleanse; cool. 
if^ 995 8 cheng -kliih; cheng- kiet; 
clean, soi cheng-khih; wash it clean, cheng- 
cheng khih-khih ; perfectly clean. ua ch\u 

kaa cheng-khih cfti ; I have scrubbed it very 
clean. cheng-cheng ceng-ceng ; perfectly 

cleansed. cheng-cheng ne ; very pure. c5 
cheng ; let it set till it is clear. tlicng cheng ; 
let it stand till it becomes clear by settling, 
cheng ciii ; pure water. cheng te ; pure tea. 
cheng thng ; clear soup. lu k&i chfu nah-sap, 
khu soi cheng-khih; your hands are dirty, go 
and wash them clean. cheng-cheng p6h-pSh ; 
spotless. m cheng-p6h ; not unblemished, 

sin ke cheng- pSli; an unsullied name. M mai" 
td s6i cheng ; do not try to excuse yourself for 
it. lio-H cheng-chd ; the w hole matter i.s well 
arranged. cheng-cheng cli(5-cli<5 ; completely 
settled. Qe ta° \k\ m cheng-chd ; the subject 
is not definitely stated. sio-b'ie hai' bOe 

cheng; the balance is not paid in full. hfii" 
cheng lio ; paid in full. i 8e° Ifii cheng-siu 

cJli ; he is very well formed. iTii cheng kok ; 
China. cheng chio ; the present dynasty, 

cheng sim ; pure hearted. cheng-liang; cool. 
thi°-si cheng-liang ; the weather is agreeably 
cool. ciah cheng-liang ; to take cooling food. 
]i4 thoi" tieh cheng kua°-hue hd, a cheng siin- 
hue ho, a si cheng hui-hiie ho ? Do you think 
it is the liver, the heart, or the lungs, which 
requires medication ? cie lia th6i° li 

tieh cheng sien-hue c\a° h<5 ; according to my 
judgment, it is the kidneys which require to 
be acted upon. cheng-sin ; the cool of the 

morning. cheng sio-bak ; settle an account, 

k&i gueh cheng cek <ng sio; settle the account 
monthly. cheng sug meng-peh ; reckoned in 
full. cheng 6i"; quite at leisure, cheng-khih 
.sie"; clean looking. cheng huang meng gueh ; 
balmy breezes and moonlight nights. cui 

cheng, ki° cieh ; transparent depths of water, 
i kai ke cheng, lii tieh cai thoi" kii i ; his family 
is in reduced circumstances, and you should 
be considerate toward him. co cheng kua°; 
an upright judge. cheng liam ; clean hand- 
ed, bwn tng khoi cui soi m cheng ; a thou- 
sand fathoms of river water would not wash 
it clean. 

cheng 140 To perfume ; to scent; to 
;^^ 212 14 impart an odor. 
Siig phang-chau cheng i phang ; lay fragrant 
herbs among them, to impart a sweet odor, 
cfa t§ si cheng hue kui, cheng kaii cng kai 
hue bl ; this tea has had flower petals mixed 
with it to scent it, till it tastes strongly of the 
flowers. i7j-hd khut i cheng tieh ; do not let 
this take an odor from that. khut i kfii khi- 
bl cheng tieh cQ ki" se" p6"; if you take in its 
exhalations, yon will become ill. cie°-l(5 pang 
sie" toi cheng Ifo b5i se" ( ii-th&ng ; put cam- 
phor into the box, and when it has imparted 
its scent, moths will not breed there. i k&i 

sa°-kh6 cheng kau phang cSi ; her clothes are 
scented so as to be very fi-agrant. 

yft ch^ng 86 To warm by steaming ; to 
ik»> 74 6 heat what has before been 
cooked. khioh khu cheng i sie ; take it and 
warm it up by steaming it. kui i pang tfa* 
t6i kp cheng. cia b5i clnn ; put it back into 
the pan and let it steam there then it won't 
get cold. 

ch^ng 167 Fire-arras ; gnns. 
Ill 6 hkm phah thih k4i Ifti 
phah kui ki cheng ; tell the blacksmith to make 
some guns. toa cheng; a cannon. cheng 
kha ; gun carriage. cek bue cheng ; one can- 
non, kui hi'ang cheng ; a revolver, l&k hfang 
cheng; a revolver with six barrels. ci ki 

cheng ho phah kui hfang ? How many balls 
does this revolver carry ? sa°-mng-ch6ng ; a 
petard. pang 8a°-mng-cheng ; fire a petard. 

ang-ke° cheng ; evening gun-tire. ji cheng ; 

the nine o'clock gun. thi''.kng cheng h/ang 

lio ; the sunrise gun has been fired. lia thia"- 
ki° cheng kong-ce-kie; I heard the sound of 
a gun. ci-hue ti-kp kai cheng kuang-ce- 

kie ; this moment a gun sounded somewhere. 
ch^ng-kia°; a pistol, cheng-ci ; shot. cheng- 
ieh ; powder. cheng kai hue-hi° mng ; the 

touch-hole, cheng khang ; the bore of a gun. 
cang cheng phah si i ; took a gun and shot 
him dead. 

cheng 115 Suitable ; in consonance 
76 9 with, 

cheng ceh a m cheng ceh ; suited or unsuited 
to the position. i ia si lai li ci kia° su cu 

cheng ceh, ia si khu li hu kia" eu cu m cheng 
ceh ; if he undertakes to manage this case it is 
consonant with his duty, but if he enters into 
that one he dishonors his office. ci kia° su 

cheng I cSi ; this is very satisfactory, m cheng 
i ; unsatisfactory. 



cheng 61 The feelings | the circura- 
996 8 stances or facts of a case. 
hua''-hf, se''-khi, pui-ai, kia"-ku, ai-sieli, lo-hun, 
eim f<6 ai", kie-co chit chdng; joy, anger, grief, 
fear, love, hatred and desire, are called the 
seven passions. ch6iig niin ; feeling expi-essed 
in the face. thoi" i kAi cheng min ; observe 

the expression of his face. cheng hun ; a 

fellow feeling. eng cheng; treat kindly, 

nang-cheng; kindness. co nang-cheng khut 
i ; do him a favor. i kai co su in kun uaiig. 

cheiig ; he does not do thing.s in a kindly way. 
sai-cliSng; private desires. tholi cheng; 

claim a favor. m cai n&ng-cheng; shows no 
gratitude for favors. u nang-cheng to i ko ; 

he is under obligation to me for favors. i m 
pat nang-cheng; he is not susceptible to the 
influence of kindness. ki-llam i kai nang- 

cheng; recollect his kindness, i u nang-cheng 
to nang ko, nang tieh u nang-cheng khut i ; lie 
has done us favors, and we must return them, 
jwn ta", ta" bo nang-cheng; what is thought- 
lessly said is unkindly said. ta" nang-cheng; 
plead for favor, si-cheng ; the circumstances, 
phueh si-chSiig kai su ; talking about mat- 
ters of fact. nang-kheh cheng ; hospitably 
inclined. sin-cheng ; remarkable aptness. ii 
cheng; to cheng; grateful. bo cliSng; poh 
cheng; ungrateful. cheng iu ; the causes, 
cheng cak; the facts, cheng-heng; the aspect 
of the case. ii cheng-li ; that is reasonable. 
i cin cheng cSi ; he shows the utmost grati- 
tude, sit cheng; the real circumstances or 
incidents. i chwn bo cliai-cheng; he is very 
unfeeling, toa chai-clicng kai nang; a person 
of deep feeling, lia cheng-ngwn co; I am will- 
ing to do it. i kam-sim cheng-ngvvn ; he is 
wholly cordial in his assent to it. lu m cheng- 
Dgvvn li m ai"; if you are unwilling I do not 
wish it. i kai hia°-ti-cheng ho cai ; their 
fi-aternal regard is very admirable. chwn bo 
pheng-iu cheng ; has no friendly feeling. co 
cheng ce; be kindlier, cheng, li, huap, sa" kia", 
chiet-io tieh hio; the facts, the principles, and 
the law, must all three be clearly understood. 

•x%B chgng 75 The bastard banyan, also 

Tm 1147 10 called seng. 

a pit chgng-chlu kun ; argue with sufficient 

foice to split a banyan root. cheng-chiu 

kha-e la liang ; under a banyan enjoying the 


■4*XX cheng 75 A species of lemon. 
T-H» 31 12 ch^ng kp ; marmalade, 
boi no kai ci" cheng lai loh ; buy two cash 
worth of lemon and put it in for seasoning. 

chgng 18 An overplus ; a residue ; a 
772 9 surplus, 
ua fl li chut cheng to-kp ; I have provided 
more than will be needed. teng-tieh io fi 

chut cheng; theie is by weight more than the 
requii-ed amount u chim-cheng tp-kp ; there 
is a gi-eater depth given to it, than will be 
necessarily occupied. ti-hng io khua"-cheng ; 
the space is wider than we need occupy. 

pH cheng 1G9 A wooden bar, used to 
I J 786 1 fasten doors ; to bar with 
a wooden bar. 

mng chSng; bars for fastening doors. tit 

cheng; a vertical I)ar. hue" cheng; a 

bar. cheng theng; bar the window. cheng 
siam ; bar the folding doors. 

yf'^ cheng 60 Subordinate. 
|/t 1024 8 cheng chu; outhouses, hia 
chu 81 toa° p6i° cheng elm, a si sang poi" 
cheng chu ? Has that house a row of small 
buildings on one side only, or on both sides ? 
si cue cheng chu ; four rows of side buildings. 

jAj cheng 116 To wear ; to put on cloth- 

5§r 119 "4' i"g- 

cheng sa"-kho ; wear clothes. cheng bueh, 

cheng 6i ; wear stockings and shoes. cheng 
phau ; wear a cloak. cheng p kua ; wear a 
long tunic and a short one. cheng khu s6-s6 ; 
dressed plainly. clieng khu phai-chiang ; 

dressed elegantly. u sin cheng; have enough 
to wear. lai cheng io hp thoi"; dress more 

becomingly. cheng khb-kueh ; wear short 

trowsers. cheng be-kua ; wore a riding 

jacket. cheng kho-thiii ; wore leggins. ua"- 
cheng gut sa"-kli6 ; put on one's night clothes, 
sin teng kai sa^-kho kiam li'o, thng tio khu 
soi ; the clothes you are wearing are soiled, 
take them off and wash them, khieh s6i-cia° 
kai lai cheng ; get clean ones and put them 
on. ua bp cheng sa°; I am undressed. tting 
lia cheng sa" Ho cia" chut lai ; wait till I am 
dressed and I will then come out. hd khu- 
cheng sa°; go and put on your jacket. 

chi 88 A wife 
_ 966 5 hu chi ; husband and wife, 

chi ke ; a wife's relations. chi ku ; a wife's 

elder brother. chi chiap ; wife and concu- 

bines, chi ji bo kia"; wives and children. 

^P5 chi 195 The gills of a fish. 
hlAl^ 722 9 hu chi ap ciii ; the fish draws 
water through its gills. i ai" sie kS,, kai chi- 
ko cu phang-phang; when they are going to 



fight, they dilate their gills. tah lleh i k&i 

chi-ko i cu cau m khu ; if you hook him in the 
gill he cannot get away. hu chi tieh li'u tio ; 
yon mnet take out the gills. 

chi-gi Repulsive, horrid, loath- 
29 some, hideous. 
i kai min chi-gi cSi ; ho has a very repulsive 
face, se" kau k4i min khi-khi kuai-kuai, chi- 
gi cSi ; his face is very queer, being hairy, 
fierce, and unpleasant to look at. 

chi 61 Suffering. 

966 8 chi-cham ; distressing, 
chi-chi chdra-chara ; in great distress, 
tleh i chi-cham ; pity his distress. 


chi 76 To sojourn ; to perch. 

788 8 b6 ko h(5 chi sin; with no 
place of abode, ciam-chia" chi sin ; lodge tem- 
porarily, to ci-kp chi-suah ; .sojourn hero, o- 
a lai chi-hiah to hu chlu teng; the crows perch 
in those trees. 

chi 104 Foolish ; inapt. 

62 8 chi-nga; d under-headed, 
chi-tai ; inapt. chi-ngai ; chi-chi ng&i-ngai ; 
foolish, chi-chi ne ; imbecile, chi sim ; weak 
minded, sim chi-chi ; of dull wit. chi-kuuk 
chi-kuak; silly. chi-chi, chvva boi se° khi ; 
■weakly good natured, so that he never gets 
angry. chi-kp ; simple. chi-kp s!e"; simple 
thoughts. Iti mai" \6 chi-kp; do not try to 
appear simple, li chi-kp; a shrewd simpleton, 
chi-ko-kui lu ; stole a march on you. lu iTi si 
chi iu i7i si k6k, cp-nl c\e°-se'' cp ; why should 
one who is neither a simpleton nor an idiot do 
that ? boi chi boi lung, boi cp a ko a ong ; in 
order to be a good old aunt or uncle one needs 
be both stupid and deaf. 


chi 9 Extravagant ; superfluous. 

65 6 chia-clii; rich and profuse, 
eiig-to chia-chi; use lavishly. hong-sok 

chia-clii; wasteful habits, hu-kp kai chu-theh 
chia-chi cSi ; the houses there are very lux- 
urious, chia-chi kui''-si'"; accustomed to 
luxury, i kai hok-sek khah kue chia-chi; his 
clothing is too expensive ; he dresses extrava- 

dij '1>^ chf-clifo Winsome ; attractive ; 
t\4 I^S- 972 vivacious; genial and 


cf kai io chi-chi'o, hu k9,i li lo toa-pang; the 
one is the more pleasing, the other the more 
admirable. leng-lai chi-chio ; witty and 


■rft\ chi 61 Shame. 

^\U 65 6 liam-chf; decency; modesty. 
hd liara-chi; indecent. u liam-chi; decent, 

tieh cai liam-chi; must be decent. kii liam- 

chf ; regard decency. rii kii liam-chi ; regard- 
less of decency. pun nang chi-chie; made a 
laughing stock. ci kai nang bo chi c-ai ; this 
person is shameless. i si bp chi kai nang ; he 
is a shameless fellow, bp chi cu thii ; a brazen 
faced rascal. 

chi 142 The sting of insecta. 
11 13 phang chi; the sting of a 
bee. hiet u chi; scorpions have stings, khut 
phang tang tieh chi ; stung by a bee. b6 chi 
phang; a stingless bee; a magistrate who is 
too annable to harm anybody. 


chi 149 To try, to test. 

765 '6~ chi th6i"; try it and gee. 
chi thdi" 5i khah kiam a bQi ; try it and see 
whether it is too salt. chi thoi" h(5 a r7i-hd ; 

try it and see whether it is good. chi ciali ; 
test it by tasting it. chi tieh cSi-se"? How do 
you find it ? chi tieh ho, lia cu ai°; if I find 
it good I shall want some. Iti tn ceng chi, 

cfti tit cai ho a m-hp ? Since you have not 
tried it, how do you know whether it is good 
or not ? lia thilu-soi" chi tieh hd lio, cia" khieh 
l&i khut lu ciah ; I first tried it and found it 
good, and so brought some for you to partake 
of. chi-ngiam kiie k&i; that which has already 
been tested keng kue chi-lien ; has endured 
trial. ai" chi-lien i ; wishes to put him to the 
test. ieh chi ; experimental treatment in 

medicine. chi cek 6 ; try it once. chi ce ! 
We'll see ! lu chi sie° ce ; you try to think it 
up. chi kim cieh ; a stone used in testing gold. 
i° chi, hie" chi, htte chi, toi° chi; the examina- 
tions for the degrees of siu-chai, ku-jin, cin-sfl, 
and h&ng-lim. hii-chi, kui°-chi ; the examina- 
tions in the departmental and in the district 
cities. hok chi ; a re-examination of the can- 
didates, hu chi; to repair to the examination, 
^ng chi ; to attend the examinations. 

ll chi 140 Thorns ; prickles. 

}} 1035 8 se° chi ; thorny. 16 se" 

chi ; the path is thorny. ci khi chiu se" chi ; 
this sort of tree has thorns on it. chi-kau- 

tek ; the thorny bamboo. chi-na-phe ; chi- 

lim-phe ; brambles. chiah tieh chi ; got 

thorns in it. chi chiah tieh chiu ; the thorns 
pricked his hands, ki chi chiah jip nek toi ; a 
thorn stuck into his flesh, sua" teng peh hwt 
u se" chi kai raueh ; there are prickly plants 
growing spontaneously on the mountains. 



clu 124 Prepared fish fins. 

66 4 hA chi ; a kind of food made 
from the fins of fish. chi kia ; hd-pau-chi ; 

fish fins made into pellets and cakes. 

chi 60 A pennon or streamer. 

66 12 ki-chi ; flags. chah toa-bd- 
mueh ki-chi ; erect a great number of flags. 
ki-chi chi°-meug ; flags new and bright. 

chi 56 To murder a superior. 

765 9 chi pe kai nang ; a parricide, 
chi kun kai nang ; a regicide. chi i kai cii ; 
murdered his master. 


raak-chi-mo"; the eyelashes. 

Hairy spines. 

ho-fu chi; porcupine quills. 

Dilatory ; slow. 

chi-gi ; irresolute. chi-gi, 

put kwt; undecided and unsettled in mind. 
lia thia" tieh chi-ohi gi-gi ; on hearifig this I 
was in great doubt what to do. m-hp chi-ien ; 
do not procrastinate, chi-mang ktii jit ; delay a 
few days. kau ta" lo kliah chi lio ; it is now 
too late. ta" kheng hue-thau pi" ho hwn boi 
chi ; if you are now willing to reform, it is not 
yet too late. kong-mia" chi ca m tang ; fame 
comes at diverse times to different persons. 

chi 210 To arrange methodically. 

966 chi-pi ; to prepare carefully, 
mill mueh chi-pi; everything is ready. put 

leng chi ke, ien leng ti kok ? If you cannot 
keep your family in order, how can you rule a 
kingdom ? chi-chwn ; well regulated, m clii- 
chwn ; not in complete order, siu-sip kau chi- 
chi ceng-ceng ; arranged in perfect order, bvvn 
mueh chi-pi, ci kliiam tang huang ; all that is 
required is ready, excepting only a favorable 
wind. Idng-coiig chi-chi pi-pi lio ; all is 

methodically prepared. 


chi 187 To spread abroad. 

64 ~^ kak chii chi mia"; its name 
is known everywhere. chi-mia" kSi ko-ieh ; 

a renowned salve. 

'J-| chi 50 A market ; to trade. 
I I J 762 2 koi-chi ; the market. sia" 
chi; the city market, po chi; a mart. pS chi ; 
to close a market. hu-chi ; a country fair, 

cie" chi; go to market, hang chi; the exchange 
or bourse. m cai sim-mih hang-chi ; do not 

know the current rate. chi ke ; the market 

price. chi-ce°; a market man. tang chl-thaa 
khu kau chi-biie jich hug ? How far is it from 
one end of the market to the other ? tku-chi ; 
to barter. chi-tau m sSng ; did not accom- 

plish the exchange. t^u-chi tka tit s6ng ; 

effected the exchange. chi tSng ; elevated 

stalls. chi-k6 ai" tai-ciang ; the market price 
is rising. h^ng-chi tSi-tiet ; the current price 
is falling, un ai" lai khu hu chi ; we are going 
to repair to the market, chi teng boi sifu-mih 
ke ? What does it sell for in the market ? 
tai-kit li-chi ; a good speculation. li-chi cSi ! 
How profitable ! (said derisively), to chi khui 
pho; open a shop in a business street, cie" chi 
boi chai ; go to market to buy food, lii kai ue 
ta" lai m kah koi-chi ; what you say is not in 
accordance with the recognized rules of trade 
here, ke m txii chi ; the price is not such as is 
paid here. pho m tui chi ; the shop is not on 
a business street. cia hue kah r7i kue h^ng- 
chi ; these goods are not suited to this market. 
cie"-si kai chi-cheng cSi-se" ? What is the 
present condition of the market ? koi-fncr 

mua"-ciah chi ; a small market street. ua ci 
ki chin kah koi-chi ; these scales of mine are 
in accordance with the standard of the market, 
sin-lau hai-chi ; a mirage of cities in the sea. 
khia toa chi mln kai nSng ; one familiar with 
the market. 

/g^ chi 184 To feed ; to nourish. 
pHJ B38 5 chi kau i toa ; to rear. ko 
nang lai chi ni ; hire a wet nurse. chi tu ; 

rears pigs. chi ah ; rears ducks. chi kau ; 
keeps a dog. chi ciah eng-ko ; keeps a parrot, 
mai" chi khah pa ; do not overfeed him. tieh 
cai chi i ; you must remember to feed it. chi 
kau oi ie bue ; even a dog will wag his tail 
when he sees the one that feeds him. tang s6i 
chi kau toa ; reared up from infancy. chi lio 
khut it thau-cau ; after it was domesticated, it 
ran away. bo thang hd chi i ; have nothing 
to feed it on. cang sira-niueh chi i ? What 

do you feed it upon ? chi ku ciu s6k ; keep it 
a long time and it will become tame. ci k§,i 
mueh chi bo iah ; it is of no use to keep this 
creature. chi boi toa; it will never grow, 

chi boi uah ; it will not live. chi lii uah ; it 

did not live. chi m sek ; it cannot be domes- 
ticated, i 10 soi tieh ii nang chi i ; it is very 
young,' and some one must take care off and 
feed it. r7i-hd chi kai ; what cannot be domes- 
ticated, chi pe, chi bd ; to support one's 
parents. chi bo chi kia" ; support one's wife 
and children. chi cio ke-hue lio : chi tu chi 
gu ke-hue phii ; keeping birds spends your 
substance : keeping cattle increases it. 



— chi" — 

chi" 196 Fresh; just killed; clean; 
fiiVJT 800 6 new. 
chi" hu ; fresh fish, hii chi" kka 6ah ; the fish 
is as fresh as if alive. ci ko nek chi°-chi° nfi; 
this flesh is from an animal that has just 
been killed. hai chi"; shell-fish just out of 

the sea. ci kai hii kau kau-sia" chi"; this fish 
is nearly fresh. mng-khf kai liA, ai° ien 

li boi, ai" chi" li b6 ; this morning's fish is not 
spoiled, and neither is it quite fresh. cek sin 
h6k-8ek chi" c3,i ; his garments are very new. 
hue chi°-chi ; newly opened flowers. ki-chi 

chi''-m6ng c3,i ; the flags are quite new. chi"- 
iam ; spick and span. chi" kau iara-Iam ; 

glossy from newness. chi" khau ; deliciously 
fresh. chi"-tiam ; fresh and sweet. chi"-n! 
cai ; very youthful. 8a*-kh6 chi"-khia chi°- 

khia ; his clothes are span new. 

-gg chi" 140 Blue. . 
Ilft^ 502 14 chi" p6; plain blue cotton 
cloth. si ^i" lam chi", a si ^i" ni chi"? Do 

you want to have it colored blue by a single 
immersion in blue dye, or by repeated dippings 
and airings ? chi" tia ; blue grass-cloth. 

chi" 68 To measure by the outstret- 
912 8 ched arras ; one reach of the 

chi" tieh sa" chi" tng; measured it by the ex- 
tended arms, and found it was three times as 
far as from the tip of one middle finger to the 
other. cang chiu chi" th6i" u kui chi" khuah; 
measure it with outstretched arms and see how 
many such spans wide it is. u chi" gua tng 

cu kau ; a little more than the length covered 
by my extended arras will be sufficient. 

— chia — 

chia 37 Profuse ; wasteful. 
747 9 chia-chi ; lavish. chia mo"; 
wild hopes, kio-chia im-it; proud and prodigal. 

chia 159 A wheeled vehicle ; wheels ; 
39 a machine having wheels, 
be-chia; a wagon. gu-chia ; an ox cart, lin- 
chia; a wheel-barrow, chia-lin; the wheel of a 
cart. c5 chia; to go in a carriage, thuachia; 
to draw a cart. ko cek tie" chia ; hired a car- 
riage, hiie-lun-chia ; a steam car. ci ciah 
hue-lun-cun, si am chia a si iang chia ? Is this 
steamboat a propeller or one with side wheels ? 
thi"-sa° chia ; a sewing machine, tah chia ; to 
turn a pump with the feet. 16i pe ciii-chia ; 

farming implements, chia p6°; a carriage top. 

cbia 81°; the spokes of a wheel. phang se k&i 
chia ; a spinning wheel. pae chia ; a flying 


chia 154 To buy or sell on credit. 
|> 74-7 7 chia sio; enter in account, 
chia khut i ; sell to him on credit. lu kio ua 
thoi chia ; have it charged in your account for 
me. Ill si ai" chia a ai" bin ? Do you wish to 
trade on credit or for cash ? bin kah chia, cek 
jit sio Q c§k peh ngiiu hue ; for cash and on 
credit, he daily disposes of a hundred dollars 
worth of goods. clam chia kiii jit ; let me 

have it on credit for a few days. cia chia sio 
si kng giieh sia a si atig coih sin ? Are these 
bills collected monthly, or at other fixed 
periods ? peh chia m jA ngS-c&p bin ; a hun- 
dred per cent acredited is not so good as fifty 
per cent paid down. b6 chia put s^ng tiam, 
l&m chia tiam put s6ng ; without giving credit 
shops could not be opened, but if credit were 
carelessly given shops would soon have to be 
closed, chia l&i, hai" khu; you take something 
in when you buy on credit, but you pay some- 
thing oat when you settle the bill. cSk k&i 
lit chia; no credit given, chia k&i c5i kiie hia 
kai ; those who buy on credit are more than 
those wIk) pay cash. phien chia ; buy on 
credit without meaning to pay. chia sin 
h&i ku ; to iucure a new debt in order to settle 
an old one. 

chia-khu Veined stone, used for 
444 the opaque white but- 

tons of otUcers of the sixth rank, 
i si tJ chia-khu teng, a si ti ciii-cia" teng ? 
Does he wear a white stone button, or one of 
crystal ? lii k&i si" p6" ^i" tau chia-khii h<5 a 
tau ge ho ? Which do you prefer having the 
handle of your fan made from, white stone 
or ivory ? 

^'3^ chia" 149 To invite ; to request 
pR 996 8 courteously, 
chia" n^ng-kheh ; to invite company. khut 

nang chia"; he has been invited. chia" i Ifti 

ciah; invite him to partake of the meal, chia" 
i ciah pin chai-pfig; ask him to take pot-luck 
with us. chia"co ; please be seated. chia" 
sin-se"; to engage a teacher. chia" ci; ask for 
orders from the Throne. chia" te ; invite to 
take tea. chia" bun; to offer one's pipe, chia" 
cin ; to offer wine. chia" a, chia" a ; good-by. 
chia", chia"; good-day. lu kio lia chia" i lai 
ta° ue; you ask him foi me to come and hare a 
chat, chia" si-jit ; an invitation to fix the day. 
chia" mng; inquire politely. 



Ct chfa" 1 Moreover; furthermore; in- 
H^ 974 4 dieatea a copulative sentence, 
ko-chia" tiu six-si ; put up with this domicile 
for a short time. lia to-kp, l\i siang chfa" 

cie°-se'', lia ra tq-kb le m cai Id co-ni ie°; if you 
do like this when I. ara here, I do not know 
what you would not do if I were absent, 
chi'a" ciam piet ; so we are to separate for a- 
while. ua chia" mng Id ; I moreover ask you. 
chia" hue; not just yet; please delay an instant. 
lu clu'a" co; sit still and do not disturb yourself. 
lu chia" tang lia ; you remain here and wait 
for me. ta° chia" mai" sie" i ; now don't think 
about it any more. kuang-chia" lue° ngia i 

CO m-ai" ? Since it is so pretty why does he not 
want it? lu chia" hue khu ; then you can go 
back, chi'a" lai ciah; come now and eat. chia" 
cieh ua, ua" ce khieh lai hai° lu ; lend it to me 
and I will bring it back to you after awhile, 
lu chia" khut lia, e-jit ua-kai le khut lu; let me 
have it, and at another time I will let you have 
mine. i kai lau kui", ju chi'a" khuah ; his 

chamber is lofty, and it is spacious as well. 
ko-chia°; it will do, it will answer temporarily, 
ko-chia"; done without any painstaking. 

Aj^ chia" 9 To serve an occasion ; to 
if^ 983 8 borrow for a purpose. 
chfa" nang khu cp bun-cie"; to engage another 
to write an essay for one to use at an examina- 
tion, kim bo nang chia" thoi ; forbid the em- 
ployment of substitutes in writing for the ex- 
aminations, chia" nang khu thoi; get a substi- 
tute to enter in one's place at an examination. 


chia" 62 To finish. 
77 2 CO kau chia"; to bring to 
completion. ciah kau chia"; finish the meal, 

ai" li tieh li kau chia"; if you do it at all yon 
must finish it. cp m chia"; unfinished, ci k§,i 
khang-khue chia" kau i ho; finish up this work. 

— chiah — 

a3^ chiah 9 To borrow for a purpose ; to 
I ™ 983 8 employ for a special object. 
i kai biin-cie" si ka-ki cp kai a si chiah nang cp 
kai ? Did he compose his essay himself or did 
he employ some one to do it for him ? no 

pang long-cong chiah kieh lai sie tau ; the two 
parties each engaged workmen and rivaled each 
the other in the display made. 

chiah 155 Flesh color ; reddish. 
y* 72 chiah sek ; Chinese flesh 
color. chiah p6 ; nankeen. chiah kim ; red 
gold. kim chiah, ngun peh ; gold is red and 
silver white, chiah ti ; the god of fire, chiah 

cu ; a young infant. chiali tSu ; the equator, 
pak chiah kha; barefoot. chiah sin ; nude, 

chiah sin 16 thoi ; stark naked. pak-chiah 

ka-lit; stripped to the waist. chiah-kwt 

chiah-kwt; red in the face. chiah mak tih ; 
sallow eyed. chiah kha che" chiu; barefooted 
and brown handed. nilu se" lai chiah-khng 

chiah-kling; has a brunette complexion. mia;hiah; blushed deeply. o pui chiah 
toi"; tough and strong from exposure. chiah 
sim iii kok ; a guileless monarch, chiah khaa 
jit ; days marked in the calendar by red 
mouthed animals. kia"-jit chiah khau ; this is 
a day apt to be unlucky. chiah ti choi"-H; 

unoccupied wastes. cieh-chiah ; umber. ci 
k§,i p6 se" chiah khoih ; this cloth has unblea- 
ched threads in it. chiah hoi ; pickled crabs. 

I^tl chiah 18 To prick; to stab ; to tattoo. 
/7»'J 1035 6 khut chi chiah tieh ; wound- 
ed by a thorn. kha chiah tieh chi ; got a 
thorn in his foot, tieh kia" cu-s6i, mai" chiah 
tieh ang-le ; must walk carefully and not get 
cut by the potsherds. i kai chiu teng chiah 
11 ji ; he has letters tattooed on his arm. 

— chiak — 
chiak 120 Many ; liberal. 

84 8 chiak-hp ; a nickname or 

pet name. i kai chiak-ho kie-cp sim-mueh ? 
What nickname has he ? chiak-chiak u u ; 
there is some to spare. 

^ chiak 172 A sparrow. 

997 3 i"-chiak ; a house sparrow, 
ng-chiak ; a goldfinch. chiak teng; the bird 
crest, a peculiar shaped button worn by those 
who have taken a degree. 

— chiam — 

chiam 118 Bamboo slips upon which 
981 17 names or characters are 
written, used for drawing lots, or in consult- 
ing oracular tables. 

chiam tang pit ke ; a box for slips, and a pen 
rack, thiu ki chiam; draw out a lot. g6-chiam 
khi-thak; an ivory tooth-pick, cie poih chiam ; 
according to the lot drawn. than chiam ; the 
lot which indicates who is to take the lead, 
cua" chiam ; assign by lot. siah kiii ki tek 

chiam; whittle out some bamboo slips to use in 
drawing lots. khiu chiam mug phok ; divine 
by drawing slips on which characters are writ- 
ten, cai khieh chiam; drew again, siu chiam; 
take the tallies, chiam si; the oracular answer 
corresponding with the number on the slip 
drawn. hue chiam ; an urgent warrant, 

kai n&ng cip cek ki chiam ; each took a slip. 



chiam 118 To sign ones name. 
981 13^ chiaru miii"; to subscribe 
one 8 name, chiano-ji ; a circular, chiatn ap ; 
to affix a mark. chiara ap pang; a marking 

office, chiani ap toll ; the table where seals or 
signatures are affixed. 

>^^ chiara 9^ To canvass for names of 
j^^ 981 n people who will join in 
a general movement, or sign a petition to 
government ; the general opinion, chiam t5a- 
bo-ra<ieh uUng khi p(5 i ; a great number of 
persons agreed together to go and bail him out. 
i tie" kong-tia" chiam Q jleh coi nftng ? How 
many persons signed the appeal ? cle°jit 

chiam i png to kfti nang khu p<5 li, \>6 m chut : 
ta° chiam tJii ceng k&i nang kliu pd, cdng 6i tit 
chut ; some time ago they got the people of bis 
own neighborhood to join in an appeal for his 
release, but did not thus succeed in setting 
him at liberty : now they have got the general 
public to unite in asking for his liberation and 
he is set free. 

chiam _9^ To arrogate to one's self. 
980 16 chiam ui ; to aspire to the 
throne, chiara hun ; to overstep one's powers, 
chiam cheng co Gang ; arrogates to himself the 
title of king, chiam ho ; arrogates to himself 
a title. cia khah kiie chiara ! This is too 


^t chiara 85 In seclusion. 

982 12 chiam leng m-h<5 eng ; a 
concealed dragon is of no use ; (and so is a 
talented man who is kept in retireraent). pi 
mng chiam siu ; to reform in retirement, tong 
sek, pue chiam kai mueh long-cong si i cSu 
kai ; all things, whether moving or quiescent 
whether flying or lying perdue, were made 
by hira. 

yfi>^ chiara 75 In serried ranks, groups or 
7MC 734 8 clusters, 
ke-hiie chiam-chiam; the weapons were ranged 
regularly. sua^-hong chiam-chiam ; the hills 
rise in numerous peaks. chie° to pai kau 

chiam-chiam ; spears and swords ranged in 
serried ranks. sang p6i° pai-liet kau chiam- 
chiara ; ranged in ranks on either side. hue 
khui kau cek ki cek ki chiam-chiam, ngi'a cSi ; 
the plant blossoms in separate clustei's of 
flowers, beautifully disposed. ki cek ki cek 

ki pai kau chiam chiam ; the flags were arrang- 
ed at equal distances apart in regular rows. 

— chiang — 

-it^ chiang 38 A prostitute. 
3(H 26 8 chiang-ki ; a strumpet, 
chiang ke ; a bagnio. p chiang, siet t6 ; 

harbour prostitutes and institute games of 
chance. chiang, iu, cftu, cut, to si hia-cua" 

kai nftng ; courtesans, actors, yamen runnel's, 
and jailors are low people. chiang kfa° M ! 

You little coquette ! 

chiang 140 chiang-phA ; calamus. kau 
26 8 cak chiang-phu ; nine joints 

of sweet flag. 

■^0 chiang 94 Boisterous; insubordinate. 
V^3 26 8 chiang-khuang; mad. chiang- 
chiang khuang-kliiiang; acting like one pos- 
sessed, i sira si chiang-khuang ; he is very 
unruly, chiang-khiet ; obstreperous; ferocious. 

Bi chiang 72 Having many descendants. 
1=1 26 4 ftu-i chiang-seng cfti ; his 

posterity is numerous. 

Ij3v|^ chiang 27 A shed; a shelter. 
/{^ 28 12 stn chiang; a pavilion for 
the gods, ph&ng chiang ; a shed where sails 
are kept under shelter. cun chiang ; a boat 
house, ngiara hue chiang; an examining shed, 
iam chiang ; a salt shed. 

A}^ chiang 9 To lead ; to take the lead. 
1^ 28 8 hu hua° nftng si i td chiang 
chut; all those people are lead on by him. 
ci kia° su si i chiang-si k&i ; it was he who 
instigated this. hu chLang hu sui ; the hus- 
band leads, and the wife follows. 

n0 chiang 80 To take the lead in singing. 
H^ 28 8 chiang h6 ; the call and 
response in chanting. lii chiang via ho ; you 
lead and I will follow. chiang 16i ; to give 

orders at a cerenwny. thang chiang ; to 

thrum and sing. chiang hi ; to sing plays, 

chiang tiiu ; to call out to clear the road. k6 
chiang ; to sing solos. 

•y^&L chiang 140 The red rose. 
|hJ 969 13 chiang-mui-hue ; the 

cinnamon rose. chiang-miii lo ; rose wat«r 

made from red roses. 

chiang 130 The intestines. 

27 9 tai chiang, sio chiang; 

the large and the small intestines, tit chiang; 
the rectum. sio-chiang-khi ; colic. chiang 
huang hla hueh ; blind piles. 



clilang 168 A long time; to excel. 
27 cliiniig-ku ; always ; a 

long time. clvang se" yint Itiii ; physical im- 
moitality. si i f-(5 cliiang ; it is what he excels 
in. cek b6 id chiang ; he excels in nothing. 

chiang 167 A crowbar; to dig with 
971 9 a crowbar, 

phue-chiang ; a wooden crowbar having an 
iron sheath. thih chiang; an iron crowbar, 

chiang kau kai khang chira-chira ; dig out a 
deep hole, chiang kai khang ho khia ki thio ; 
dig a hole to set a post in. 

^tj* chiang 60 Common; ordinary; always. 
I |J 740 8 lia thoi" tieh pheng-chiang; 
it appears to me to be an ordinary thing, 
pheng-pheng chiang-chiang, bo sim-mih kpli 
Ie°; it is quite ordinary, and does not differ 
from the common ones. chiang-chiang sio- 

liam Id; I am always speaking about you. 
liang-ciiiang i to iTi pat cie^-se"; he never did 
so before. lu tieh chiang lai ce ; you must 

come of tener. chiang u kai su ; it is a com- 
mon occurrence. chiiing u kai mueh ; it is an 
ordinary thing. 

mJ^ chiang 157 Having only one good 
JtMj 342 8 leg; crippled; halt, 

chiang kha-te"; to hop on one foot, having 
only one sound leg. kia" to rii kia°, co-ni to 

chiang ? Why do you not walk properly in- 
stead of hopping along on one foot ? kuai-kha 
chiang-toi kai nang ; a ciipple. i no kai to 

chiang-chin-che"; the two are playing the 
game of hopping on one foot over seven stones 
placed at equal distances apart. 

— chiap — 

chiap 38 A concubine. 
977 5 cek chi cek chiap ; a wife 
and a concubine, boi chiap ; buy a concubine, 
sie chiap; my concubine. ai chiap ; your con- 
cubine. Ihong chiap khi chi ; divorce the 
wife for love of the concubine. 


j^J& chiap 116 To pilfer, to steal. 
?rP3 ^77 l7 thau-chiap ; to steal, 
chiap ; stolen, chiap-chak ; a petty thief. 

— chie — 

chie 172 Masculine ; martial ; virile ; 

214 4 brave, 
chie gu-ko ; a bull. no kS.i kak chie-chie ; 

two great horns. chie koi-ang ; a fine cock, 

ci ciah koi chie cS,i ; this is a rampant fowl, i 
chie-chie ne, ai" kio i sie phah ; he is very 
perk and wants to fight with them. 

^(ft chie 118 To laugh. 
^^/V 795 4 ho chie; khd chie; langh- 
nble. hi-chie; to laugh at. chi-chie; to deride, 
kien-chie ; ridiculous. pun nang chie ; was 

laughed at. thoi" tieh chie si ; considered ifc 
unspeakably ludicrous. chie-iie cSi ; absurd, 
chie hi-hi; to titter, kha-kha chie; to giggle, 
chie-but chie-but; smiling, mui" chie; to smile, 
ne cliie ; a forced laugh, toa chie toa ta"; loud 
laughing and talking. am-ce" chie; secretly 
langhed. chie rain ho"; a deceitful smile, phi" 
chie, chui chie; to laugh all over one's face, 
hku" chie cSi ; fond of fun. chie chui ; smiling 
lips. hiong khun phah r7i tit chie min ; the 

most ruthless hand will not smite a smiling 
face, thau chie than khau ; half laughing and 
half crying. lu mai" to chie khuah k&i 
chui ; do not make yourself ridiculous. m 

chie ne; restrained his disposition to laugh, 
liin chie ; refrain from laughing. hah-hah 

chie ; a horse-laugh. khS-khS chie ; to laugh 
boisterously, hili-hih chie ; to snicker. 

mH cliie 30 To sing. 

"^ 28 8 chie khek ; chie kua ; to sing 
bjillads. M chie chut khek ua thia"; you sing 
a balhnd to me. ci chut khek chie lai h6 cSi ; 
this ballad was well sung. chie khu i7i tui 

pang ; it was not sung according to the tune, 
chie chut lai, sia"-im ho, au-tdi ia hd ; the 
singing was good, and the voices were good. 

— chie" — 

chie" 167 A spear ; a musket. 

968 10^ chie", to, kiam, kek ; spears, 
knives, swords, and battle axes. chie" huap ; 
a soldiers' manual. hue be chie"; give a back 
thrust when unhorsed. loh be, kira chie"; to 
pretend to be unhorsed in order to give a 
thrust. chiang-chie"; a long spear, nfo°- 
chie"; a fowling piece. ie"-chie"; a pistol, 
chie" chin; a substitute who enters the exami- 
nation for the B. A. degree, or who writes 
themes for another. mia" chie"; a renowned 
scholar who acts as substitute. co chie"; 
to act as substitute. ko chie"; hire a sub- 

chie" 64 To take by force. 

969 10 chie"-kiap kai ua"-kia"; a 
case of plundering, tng rain chie" peh i ; took 
it away right before his face. si ua chie" 
thau-soi"; I take the liberty of going ahead, 
i si chie"-loh pat nang kai ; he has seized upon 
what belongs to some other person. li min 
chie"; took it while his head was turned. pSh 
jit chie"-kiap ; robbed him of it in broad day- 



light., pua" lo c6ih clnV"; o6ili lo chie° pak ; 
waylay and plunder. chie" iTi kuo ulii'u ; did 
not succeed in taking it by force. 

Vh^ ol)ie° 90 A wall. 
TlBl 9r)j 13 kill ohie"; to lay np a wall, 
ceng chie"; to pound up a wall. cliie" pang; 
pounding boards. ceng ehie" kai tliui ; 

pounders for pounding up walls, ftu-lio chie"; 
the back wall. toa pui chie"; the side walls, 
cie piah (iliie"; the front wall. Iiuang-ui chie"; 
an enclosing wall. sin" chie"; a city wall. 

chie"-tun ; a low wall. tho chie**; a mud wall, 
hue chie ; a chunatn wall. cng chie"; a brick 
wall. chte"-thau; the wall. peh cle" chlo"- 
thau ; climbed up on tho wall. keh cek pang 
chie"; separated by a wall. (;hie" tA; a 

cupboard in a wall. pang to chie" kha ; set it 
near the wall. ci tio tin toa kuo chie"; this 

creeper has run over the wall. chie" lcng-ua° 
liun kau peh-peh; whitewash the wall till it 
is very white. khieh ki liue-.'<i lai liam chie"; 
get a trowel and piaster the wall. chie" kill 
l&i i7i cia", thoi" tieh sia-loi sia-loi ; the wall ia 
not laid up perpendicularly, i(, appears to lean, 
chie" loi-loi ne, hia" tiii koi-l6 chut lai; the wall 
leans, and leans outward toward the street, 
ci pang chie" ai" t(5 ; this wall is about to 
fall. tall-pang chie" ko ; stick it on the wall, 
teng t5 chie" ko ; nail it to tho wall. ham k&i 
liue-kang l&i p6 chie" khang; call a mason 
to mend the holes in the wall. ti-klia liu 

chim ce, chie" cia" nS.i ; dig the fouj\dation 
deeper and then the wall will stand longer, 
chie" pit cue phslng ; the wall has cracked, 
chie" thut loh lai ; the wall has tumbled down, 
chie" hwn ; the wall is crumbling, chio" pha"; 
the wall is not solid. hue sua sie ciah, chie" 
cia" kit toi"; when the lime and sand have 
formed a chemical union the wall will become 
hard, chie" kak ; an angle in a wall. 

clue" 152 An elephant. 
792 5 chie" ge ; ivory. chie" 

phue; elephant's skin, chie" phi"; the pi'oboscis 
of an elephant, chie" no"; the elephant keeper, 
chi chie"; to keep elephants, chie" kl ; a game 
played with thirty-two pips on a chess-board. 

Ay^ chie" 9^ To resemble; like; similar; so- 
I^V 793 12 ci kai chie" pe le", hu kai 
chie" bp ie"; this one resembles his father, and 
that one resembles his mother. chie" ie" 

chie" sie"; elegant and stylish ; well v. rranged ; 
comely ; good looking. chin-chie"; like ; 

similar ; resembling, chin-chie" i to se" tiang- 
si hie°-se"; as it was when be was born. ue 

lAi kio a p6" tiang-sl cu ohin-chle", kio pheng- 
si tiang-si cu m chin-chie"; it looks as he doea 
when he is sick, but does not resemble him 
as he ordinarily look.s. i chin-chie" i a-kong ; 
he is like his gi-and father. hia"-ti-kia" se" lai 
chin-chie" chin-chie"; the two boys look very 
much alike. chie" pe ceng; like his father's 

Lk chie" 1 To write in. 

I -^ 741 2 chie" ph5 ; enter it in the 
books. chie" sio ; enter in account. i"-keiig 
chle"-ldh 8io-ph5; it is already entered in the 
account book. 

(|^ chio" 86 To illuminate from a light 
Ji»> 35 9 held in the hand; to shed 
light upon ; to dazzle. 

chie" lo ; light tho path, chie" 15 si hiie-pe h(5 
a h<5 ? Which is best for lighting 
the road, a torch or a lamp ? liam ki ciia- 

ang-teng l&i chie" thoi"; light a paper tap^r to 
see it by. khla ki teng khu chie" thoi"; take a 
lamp and go and see. chle"-teng clile°-t«ng 

thoi" tleh hph ngia; by lamplight it looks very 
pretty. to chio", mai" puah Idh khu ; the 

light dazzles one, do not fall. liam teng 

khu chio' cia* chue tit tieh ; light a lamp and 
look for it then you will find it. khla ki hue- 
pe khu chie" th6i" ii ka-lauh td lo teng a bp ; 
ta,ke a torch and see whether it has been 
dropped on the road. hue sbi, chie" m hng ; 
the light is dim and does not shine far. hue 
khah soi, chie" m ki"; the light is so dim 
I cannot see by it. jit-cam chle°-tieh, mSk- 

ciu m ka" peh khui ; the rays from the sun 
dazzle my eyes so I dare not open them. raak 
chie" tieh hue, th6i-ki° ceng-ceng cam ; my 
eyes are dazzled by the light so that I see 
nothing but rays. 

Hj^ chie* 109 To sight; to take aim. 
]\J^ 692 4 chie" thoi" tiii me ; take a 
look along the edges and see if they are exact, 
chie" tieh m tit; discovered by taking sight 
across it that it was not straight. chie" tui i 
kai ang-sim ; aimed at the bull's eye. chie" 

tiii pa t\n-tang sia khu ; aimed at the center of 
the target and fired. 

chie" 22 An artizan ; skilled work- 

968 T men. 

bak-chie"; a wood-carver. llam-cui-chle" ; a 
bricklayer. hue-chie"; a gardener. ngun- 
chie"; a silversmith. tng sim-mih chie" ? 

"What work is he skilled in ? ji-chie°; a scribe, 
jl sia lai Iph chie"; the wi'iting is done as if by 
a practised hand. 



• — chieh — 

lUl chieh 44 The Chinese foot. 
/^ 71 1 bak chieh; a carpenter's 
foot rale. p6 chieh ; a foot in cloth measure, 
cok chieh ; the measure used in shoes. khek 
chieh ; a carpenter's square. cUtii chieh ; a 

tailor's measure. chieh cliun u toa soi ; feet 
and inches are of different lengths. cap hun 
ui cek chun, cap chun ui cek chieh, cap chieh 
fli cek tng; ten tenths make an inch, tea 
in(;hes make a foot, ten feet make an ell. cek 
tn^ kui", kau chieh bp eng ; for reaching ten 
feet a nine foot pole is useless. m kau chieh 
chun ; not of full stature. ai" sitn-mih chieh 
to ? What are its dimensions to be ? nie thi" 
chieh ; a sextant. sa"-chieh hai-th6ng ; a 

young lad. 

chieh 177 thih-chieh ; an iron bludgeon. 
687 9 i td bu thih-chieh khut nang 
thoi"; he is wielding an iron bludgeon for peo- 
ple's amusement, u nfing khia toa° thih-chieh, 
u nang khia sang thih-chieh ; some had single 
bludgeons, and others had one in each hand. 

chieh 172 The peacock. 
997 3 khong-chieh ; peacocks, 

khoiig-chieh khui phin ; the peacock spreads 
its tail, khong-chioli leng ; peacock's feathers, 
khong-chieh ngan ; the eje in a peacock's 

T^h chieh 50 A mat ; matting. 

/I|I 804 7 chau chieh ; straw matting, 
tin chieh ; rattan matting, tek chieh ; bamboo 
matting. liang chieh ; bed mats for hot 

weather. nng chieh ; flexible matting, u.sed 

for wrapping bundles. chieh pau ; chieh to ; 
straw bags. chu chau-chieh ; spread down a 
straw mat. cq chieh ; sit on a mat. sai chieh; 
an instructor. (In olden times a teacher sat on 
a mat on the west side of his school-room). 

— chien — 

^"f*! chien 24 A thonsand ; many. 

I 980 1 m cai li, soh co thang bw-n- 

chien ; did not know, but supposed he would 
gain millions by it. 

chien 162 To remove from one place 
980 12 to another, 
chien-i"; go elsewhere to live. chien sua"; to 
remove a grave. koi kue, chien sien ; to 

reform. chien-Ien si- jit ; to postpone the day. 
ah-chien ; to evict, pien chien ; much changed 
on account of removals. 

eh fen 85 
982 8 
know the depth, 
tions were easy 

Shallow ; superficial. 

m cai chim clifen ; does not 
hak-mng chfen ; the qaes» 
chfon kuii; superficial, 
chfen sek ; a pale color. sim chi'on ; the 

simplest. clu chien-cliien ne, sueh khut n^ng 
thia"; explain it in just tlie easiest way. hai 
nang put chien ; it was no slight injury. cdi 
chien kau hd e kue khu ; the water is so 
shallow that you can wade across. cui khah 
chien, cun in-ho kia"; the water is too shallovr, 
and the boats cannot run. to-tiig chien ; 

shallow minded, chfen mo"; short far. 

chien 18 To advance ; to progress. 
98L 7 i kien u chien-theng a bo ? 
Did his contributions to the support of the 
government bring him promotion to office or 
not ? i thang kau n ci° khu kien chien-thgng; 
he has gained so much that he has money 
wherewith to purchase an official position. 

— chiet — 

Xfjt chiet 18 Important ; urgent ; the 
yj 976 2 entire lot. 
chiet-\o; important, bo chiet-io; unimportant, 
bo mih chiet-io ; of no great importance. 
chiet-io ; there is occasion for speed. slang 

chiet-io ; the most important. bo mih kwn- 

chiet ; not much interested in it. chiet-sit ; 

wholly sincere. khap-chiet ; irrevocable. i 
ta" kau chiet-cheng cai ; he spoke in the most 
cordial manner. Id chiet-chiet tieh lai ; you 
must not fail to come. sueh lai khap-khap 

chiet-chiet; it is irrevocably set forth. cek 
chiet kai su li tit lio ; the whole matter is com- 
pletely arranged. ci-chiet mai" go ; it is of 

the utmost importance that it should not 
miscarry. chiet co ; act with urgency. ta" 
kau chiet cSi ; spoke with great earnestness. 
th(5i" tieh bo chiet bo io ; considered it of no 
importance at all. bo kai-chiet ; not urgent. 

— chih — 

chih 86 To scald off the hair or 
jS 926 10 feathers, 
khieh loh kiin cui khu chih, chih lio, mo" mang 
cheng-khih ; take it and scald it in boiling 
water, and then pluck out all the feathers. 

chih 86 To catch fire ; to singe. 
285 12 hue chih tieh ; it ignited, 
than mai" cang thau-mo" khu chih hue ; do 
not put your head so near that your hair will 
take fire. i kai chin khut hue chih tio cek 

poi" khu ; his whiskers caught fire and burned 
off the whole of one side. 



\J~iX ^^'^^ §^ To plunge a thing ii 
■i-^ 1018 "8" for tlie purpose of c< 

into water 
cooling it. 
chiii luie-tlioa"; oxtiiiguisli cinders by plung- 
ing them in water. khieh khi lai cQ chih loli 
cui; as soon as you lift it off {dunge it into the 
water. chih loh khu cu ci-ce-kie ; when you 
plunge it in it hisscH. chih kau chph ciii sie-sie; 
the water was heated by its being plunged in. 

chih 86 To brand ; to burn in. 

553 6 cang thih pu ling-fing Ifti 
chih ; take an iron, heat it reel hot, and brand 
it therewith. chih rod" kai in ; a branding 

iron for branding animals. chih kku chiah- 
pauh chiah-pauh ; scorched it brown. 

— chim — 

chira 85 Deep ; profound ; intimate ; 
736 8 intense ; very, 
cui bo hie" chim ; the water is not very deep, 
ciii hoh chim ; the water is quite deep. t5-li 
chim ; this doctrine is deep. i ji-b&k chim ; 

he is a person of profound scholarship. chim 
sek ; deej)ly tinted, chim un ; great kindness, 
i no n&ng lo chim kau; the two are on excellent 
terms with eacli other. chim-tira ; profound, 
i kai k6i-m6ng chim- (im ; his plot was a deep 
laid one. ke" chim lio ; it i.s past midnight, 
chim k\u ; deep research. chim-chira chi'u ip- 
cS; a very low bow. chim-au chira-au ; con- 
cave, chim hfig; far distant. chim nang b6 
chien gii ; deep thinkers do not make shallow 
speeches. h'u kau chim-chim ; dig it deep, 

kut chim c6 ; dig deeper, chim-au ; abstruse, 
hd li kau chim, i7i-hp li kau chien ; be intimate 
with the good, and hold little intercourse 
with the bad. chiu kak khu chim c2^i ; his 

enmity is very deep, chim hiSii i ; dislike him 
greatly, thiig chim; probe deeply, chng u cek 
chun chim ; pierced to the depth of an inch, 
chim kku chah m cSi ; so deep I cannot touch 

chfm 40 To sleep. 

991 11 cliim ciah m ua"; no comfort 
either in eating or in sleeping. buang chang 
hiii chim ; loss of food and sleep. cia" chi'm, 
l&i chim ; the sleeping appartments for males 
and for females. 

chim 149 Sybiline ; an omen. 

948 17 chim cu ; a sybiline book, 
khieh tieh ch\m-cu ; choose an omen from a 
sybiline book. chim-cu ti ; a plot of ground 

indicated by an omen found in a sybiline 
book. ju khieh tieh chim-cu khng kin-kin ; 

keep it carefully as one would keep a hint from 
the book of fate. 

^^ chim 41 To search for ; to explore ; 
■"^5^ 807 9 common, 
chim-chue; to search for. chtm-chue m tieh ; 
could not tind it. kun thS.u chim kuii biie ; to 
investigate thoroughly. chim p(5 ; search for 
treasure. chim-sie" kai nang; an ordinary 

person, chim-sie" kai much; a common article, 
chim-slo" kai su ; a frequent occurrence, chim 
tl ; to explore the country. kau ku-a ni cia" 
chim tieh ; found it after many years search, 
chim-chut u kph io" kai i chut lai; found out 
another meaning for it. 

chira 9 To invade ; to usurp. 

991 7 chira-thun s\o.bak ; took ille- 
gal possession of the account books. chlm- 
hQam keng-kai ; invaded their boundaries, 
chim-ciam ; to usurp. chim hwt ; to invade 

and chastise. 

chXm 64 To take hold of for the 
^.^^ 1075 10 purpose of moving; to lay 
hold of and sway ; to joggle ; to shake, 
chim m tin-tftng; cannot stir it from its posi- 
tion, khut i khua".khua° clilm cQ chim khi 
lai ; let him steadily lift at it and it will move. 
n5 n&iig khu kio i sie-hii chim; two persons 
went to help him move it. chin-chle* saa*- 
me" chim cieh-teng, chim tieh b6 bl bp ah ; 
like a dragon fly laying hold of a stone half 
imbedded in the earth for the of lifting 
it, the stone is not swayed at all thereby. 
mai° chim tieh chng; do not jog the table. 


— chin — 

chin-chio" Like, similar, resem- 
837 bling;asif. 

se" lai chin-chie"; they are much alike. cp 

lai rri chin-chie"; they are very unlike, i chin- 
chle" i ai ; he resembles his mother, thoi" tieh 
chin-chie" chin-chie"; they appear very similar, 
chin-chie" iTi-h<5, khi-sit hp ; it looks badly, but 
is really excellent. chin-chie" nga kai ; like 
a dunce. chin-chie" m hau"; appeared un- 


chin 147 One's own ; akin ; kith. 

991 9 bd chin ; own mother. lia 
chin hi" thia°-ki°; I heard it with my own 
ears. chin mak th6i''-ki°; saw it with his 

own eyes. chin min kang i ta°; tell him with 
your own mouth. cia ji si i chin pit sia k&i; 
this was written by his own hand. chin sin 
khu cp ; went and did it himself. ai° cp chin ; 
are going to marry. seng chin ; to consum- 
mate marriage. kia" chin-ngeng kai loi- 
610 ; perform the marriage rites. si mak b6 



chin ; among entire strangers. cLin kQn ; 

near akin. sang chin Ip tng ; both parents 

are still alive. i kio un u chin ; he is a rela- 
tive of ours. ni'n kio i chin phai me? Are 
you of the same blood as he ? lai chin, gua 
chek ; relatives by blood and by marriage, 
chin-ai ; close affection. chin-jiet ; very in- 
timate. chin-k\vn ; relatives of another sur- 
name, lak chin ; the domestic relationships, 
hng chin m ju kun lin ; a near neighbour is 
better than a remote relative. chin cie" kia 
chin ; form a still closer relationship. chin- 
cSa hue ; one's kin. chin ke ; one's own 
family. chin kun ; our own sovereign, chin 
pia"; chin teng; our own troops, tl oh i co ctik 
mng chin ; entrust to him the business of 
procuring a w ife for you. chin nang ; a 
cousin, sa" hun chin kie" pat jin ; one slightly 
akin is better than one who is not at all 

^^ i^T chin-chai Not exact ; in general; 
-"^^ •■ I * 956 not following any strict 
rule or pattern ; not preci.'^e ; slightly. i si 
chin-chai co ; he slights w hat he does. chin- 
chai sia to ho ; to write it off almost any way 
will do. chin-(hai thia"; listen in a hap- 

hazard way. ho chin-chai i ; let him off easily; 
do not be exacting with him. 

chin 145 To give effect; to illustrate ; 
22 16^ to show off. 
ci ku ue si khieh lai co pue-chin kAi tie ; this 
sentence is put in merely for effect. cang kai 
nang lai co pue-chin ; bring a person along 
merely for effect. cang ci kia" su chin chut 

h6 kia" sii ; make use of ibis to illustrate that, 
cang ci ku ue lai pue-chin hu ku ue ; use this 
sentence to add to the clearness of the other, 
cang hia lai pue-chin cia cti jii-keng hien-hin 
chut lai ; bring that to the illustration of this, 
and then this will more plainly appear, englai 
co pang-chin ; use as a support or as-sistance. 


chin 11.5 Steelyards. 
80 ~5^ cek ki chin; the steelyaid. 
cha-chin kau ; the hook on wooden steelyards, 
li-chin ; money balances. chin-kua"; the bar 
of a steelyard. chin nSu-s-ph ; the coids by 

which the basin is suspended on a steelyard, 
toa kua" chin ; large steelyards. chin-kia"; 

small steelyards, tang pua" chin; scales having 
a brass basin. chu-chin thui ; the counter- 
poise on a steeljaid bar. si-be cl)in ; standard 
scales. hii chin ; steelyards weighing sixteen 
ounces to the catty. cam chin ; eighteen 

ounces to the catty, hang chin; twelve ounces 

to the catty. kak chii k&i chin-sek b6 miU 

siang tang; the divisions of the steelyard bar 
differ in different places. au toa chin ; weigh 
more than full weight. eng si'am chin; use 

light weights to sell by. lu kai chin tieh teng 
hd ; adjust your scales correctly. cie"- jit kai 
teng khu li chin-thau, kfa"-jit kAi bo chin- 
thau ; the other day the weight was a full one, 
but to-day there is no surplus. lu teng khji 
a si bo, ua cf ki chin khut lu a cih ; if you 
weigh it and find it short weight you may 
break my steelyards. lu si boi sini-mih chin 
sek ? By what weight do you sell it ? 


chin 64 To weigh a thing in the 

894 8 hand, 
toa" ciah chi'u chin m khi; cannot lift it in one 
hand so as to guess the weight, chin m phu; 
cannot heft it. chin tieh u jieh tSng ? How 
heavy do you find it to be when you heft it? 

V/^ chin 15 Cold. 

i~H 506 5 thi" chin cS,i ; the weather 
is very cold. chin kau kha-biie chfu-bue 

thia"; so cold thajt it rnalres one's' toies and 
fingers ache, chin' h'u^bg] cryld wind.' " oi chin 
a boi ? Are you cold ? , cj'.hue 'jichin; I am 
chilly now. ' pjQg 'chitij'cfjai ch>;f.^ iallthe 
victuals are cold.' " "lu kai sin-hun ngA,n, m 
h(5 ciah chin ciii ; the temperature of your body 
is low, and you should not drink cold water, 
chin kue pia°-sng ; colder than ice. than chin 
ciii ciah ; take it in a little cold water. la 

chin ; let it cool by standing. chin ciii pun 

chin ciah ; blows cold water to make it cool 
before drinking it ; excessively cautious, ciah 
chin ]ing ; eat cold victuals. thi"-si kua"-ngan 
sph-chin ; the weather is terribly cold. ciah 
ciu lun chin ; take whiskey to fortify one's self 
against the cold. ci kiii jit boi chin ; these 

last few days it has not been so cold. chin 

kau bo si bo he ; so cold as to enforce idleness, 
huang thau l^i chin cSi ; the wind blows cold, 
chin kau to kliiu ; so cold that he shivers, 
chin kau hu-lu-tie; so cold that his teeth 
chatter. chin si; intolerably cold. chin jip 
kut ; chilled to the bone. to hu toi kp chin 

chut lai ; the coldness arises from internal 
causes. chin to ci gOa phue ; coldness of the 
surfaces. chin kau koi-tp-phue phu; so cold 
that goose pimples appear. pia" i kliiie chin ; 
cool it by pouring it to and fro. tiam-kia" 

tiara-kia" cia" koi chin ; put it in little by 
little and then it will ccol quickly. phuah i 
chin ; cool it by fanning it. khah chin tieh 

khu hip sie ; if it is too cold go and warm 
it up. 



\-^ chin 181 A statesman ; a vassal ; a 
I i^ 20 ~0~ courtier who can speak to 
his sovereign. 

kun chin ; prince and ministers. tong-chin ; 
loyal courtiers, cham-chin; disloyal courtiers, 
kang-chin ; a treacherous courtier. khun 

chin; the court. t5i chin; a great noble, mui" 
chin; a petty nobleman, pwn chin; a rebelious 
noble. liang chin ; an honorable nobleman, 

hien chin; a learned nobleman. bun chin, bii 
chin ; civil and military officers of very high 
rank. iong chin ; mediocre statesmen, chai 
chin ; talented statesmen, bwn-kok chin-hdk ; 
all nations submitted. 

chin 170 Old ; stale ; dried up. 
19 8 chln-phiie; dried orange 
peel. chln-phuo kp ; a medicinal paste made 
from orange peel. cfa si chln-kii kfli chug bf; 
this is old rice out of a granary. 

— cbio — 

■ffflj chio 64 To mix by stirring with 
3pf .9^ 11. the hand- 
chio cau-cau ; mix'them ev^ly. mki" chio 

khah coi cui ; do not mix iu too much water, 
cie^^-ijeif* [cl^io. ^hu., if hah kAt; that is mixed too 
Bti'ft." "  chio c hie h c'eytiiix it thinner. chio 
m bAa; they will not mix by stirring. cliio 
chph khng png khut koi clah ; stir up some 
food for the fowls. chio cp cek e ; mix them 

i^ chfo 61 Retired ; quiet. 
IR 972 7 ce° chfo-chi'o; without bus- 
tle, i c6k p6i" chio-chio klm cp, bp nang cai ; 
he went and performed his part unobtrusively, 
so that no one knew of it. cek koi° thoi" tieh 
cp oi ce° chi'o-chi'o ? Why is it that everything 
appears so quiet ? 

Jl5 chio 116 Partially; tolerably. 
1ti 746 7 chi'o hd; tolerably good, 
chfo 6i ; tolerably able, chio iS m hah ; it does 
not exactly match. chio-chfo cp tit ; it will 

barely do. chio-chio ; it will perhaps do. 

i^ chfo 149 Ridicule. 

P 14 952 7 ki-chio ; to ridicule. pue- 

5u ki-chfo i ; jeered at him behind his back. 

chio 57 Relying on force, regardless 
366 8 of right ; strong, 
chio hie" khi-hii phuh hie"; the powerful vill- 
age imposes upon the weak one. i td tien 
chio; they are making a display of their 

IpU chio 74 A dynasty; the court; facing. 
npsi 32 8 chio lai ; holding office under 
government. nin cf-kp Q ti-tiang t5 chio Ifti 
cp kua° ? Who have you from this place that 
holds office under government ? chio-ki"; to 
see the Emperor. cle° chio; to go to court. 

c5 chio ; to give audience. png chio ; oar 

dynasty. tSi cheng chio ; the Great Pure 

dynasty, chio ho ; the banner of the dynasty, 
chio pAng; an audience chamber. chio h6k ; 
court dress. chio khau ; the examination for 
conferring the Hanlin degree. cla"-tiin chio- 
kang ; reform and strengthen the government, 
cgk chio thien-c6 c6k chio chin ; each monarch 
has his own set of ministers. sa" chio ngwn- 
lau ; a high grandee of three reigns. tang 

chio it-pfn ; those of the first rank at court, 
cd l&m chio pak ; sit on the south side facing 
northward. n6 nangcS sie chio; the two sit 
facing each other. chio tui i kfti min ta' ue ; 
faced him and spoke to him. 


|5V» chio 80 Sick at the stomach. 
y^'ir 1149 10 lia hu t6i li'-li chio khi lai, si 
ki" tho k&i le"; I feel all the time as if I wore 
about to vomit. ci kai clah li'o t(5 lai H-kwn 
chio; since eating this my stomach is quite 

— chioh — 

chioli 109 To look around as in 
584 6 thought, 
rang tieh, chioh-chioh-nih, ta° bd cSk ku chut ; 
being inquired of, he kept rolling his eyes and 
winking, and could not think of a word to say. 
kliu i kp ce ha" tieh, chioh-chioh-nih, cng k&i 
boi ta°; went to his house and berated him for 
it, and he had nothing to say, but just looked 
thoughtfully here and there. 

— chip — 
chip 159 chip-io ; to bring together 
985 9 the most important ; to 
arrange the best parts > an abridged form of an 
extensive work. lia u cek paug chip-io; I 

have an abridged edition. 


chip 120 To pursue ; to search after. 

988 9 chip uak; pursue and seize, 
chip sai ; pursue smugglers, chip-sai cun ; re- 
venue-cutters, chip-sai kwn ; a custom house, 
chip tit tieh, a chip m tieh ? Did you get them 
or did you not ? che-chip; on the search, sun 
chip; get on the trail, rait-mit ne chip; secretly 
follow and wateh. chip chak ; in pursuit of a 
thief. chi'a" thek-chip ; ask for a search war- 
rant, jip thek-chip tia"; enter a complaint ask- 
ing an investigation. chip-liah ; the seizure. 



— chit — 

l__^ chit 1 Sfiven. 
"T^ 987 1 chit-cap ; seventy. c&p-chit; 
seventeen. toi" chit jit ; on the .seventh day. 
chit tien poih tau ; at sixes and sevens. chit 
kha-to ; a Chinese puzzle of seven pieces. co 
chit ; to attend to the funeral rites of each 
seventh day till the forty-niath day, after 
which the burial takes place. 

• 4J^ chit 64 To wipe with a dry cloth. 
ii^\i 768 6 chit ta; wipe dry. 
chit ruak-cap ; wipe away tears. chit tio eng- 
teng ; wipe off the dust. chit phi"; wipe the 
nose. than ciah m cai chit chui ; purloin 

edibles and forget to wipe the mouth after 
eating them. chit tio nah-sap ; wipe off the 
dirt. khteh rain-p6 lai chit ; get a towel and 
wipe it. 

T' * -yt chit-chok The motion of walking- 
^ 73 chih-chok-kie; the clatter 

of feet, chit-chit chok-chok kie tiii ci'-ko kiie; 
went clattering past here. mai° kia" kau 

chit-chok-kie ; do not walk noisily. chit-chit 
chok-chok ; to scamper. 


— chiu — 

chiu 115 The autumn. 

1000 4 chuu, he, chiu, tang; spring, 
summer, autumn, and winter. lip chiu ; the 
first day of autumn. chiu thi''-si ; in the 

autumn. chiu khui ; the autumnal season, 

chiu liang; autumnal coolness. chiu uu ; the 
latter part of autumn, chiu si'm; the autumnal 
assizes. chiu kua"; the officers of the Board 
of Punishment. cek jit, sam chiu ; the day 

seemed as long as three years. chiu-siu ; the 
late harvest. chiu sng ; autumnal frosts. 

chiu 190 Beard ; whiskers ; tassels ; 
^j^ 818 T2" fringes, 
peh chiu ; gray beard. chiu chang-peh ; his 

beard is hoary, o chiu ; black bearded. ang 
chiu ; red bearded. lau chiu ; let the beard 

grow, thi chiu ; to shave off the beard, khoi 
chiu ; to trim the beard. so chiu ; to stroke 

the beard, jue chiu ; to twirl the beard. lut 
chiu ; to fondle the beard. cie" tun kai chiu 
kie-co cie°-liam ; the beard on the upper lip is 
called a moustache. ho-chin ; whiskers. e 
po chiu ; the beard under the chin, no phuah 
chiu ; moustaches. ngo p6 chiu ; moustaches, 
side whiskers and goatee. ceng chiu ; start a 
beard. ni chiu ; jiam chiu ; dye the beard, 

chiu hi-hi ; his beard is very thin, chiu khah 

c&k; his beard is too thick. chia kiie 11am a 
m kuo liara ? Do the moustaches join in the 
middle of the upper lip or not? chiu laa khi 
l&i ngia cSi, cheng-siu cheng-siu ; his beard is 
very handsome and of just the right thickness, 
chiu lau kill lai k'lah se° suah ; his beard gives 
him too fierce a look. ngio u chiu; cats have 
whiskers. cai chiu ; to put on a false beard, 
hue-sim kiii chiu | the stamens of a flower, 
b^h-sui chiu ; the awn of wheat. he" chiu ; 

the feelers of a prawn, chuah tieh i kAi chiu ; 
jerked his beard, kiii tio ka-cuah chiu ; has a 
few spears of beard, like a cockroach. bp 

chiu ; the tassel on a hat. cSk phau chiu ; a 

tassel. si phau chiu kie ; a sedan with tassels 
at its four corners. nie-sua° ai c6 cek in chiu, 
a no in chiu ? Do you wish the parasol to have 
one row or two rows of fringe on it ? hu biie 
tue cek phau chiu ; tliere is a tassel on the 
end of it. sang kha sang chiu coi kai tek-sut; 
a cricket with legs and antennae of the same 
length. chiu 18, tieh cii sie k3, ; they joined 

their antennae and fought. 

^Tt chiu 18 The beginning of the month. 
"T/J 91 5 chiu it; the first day of the 
month. chiu sun ; the first ten days of the 

month. S.U kfii gueli chiu ; during the first 
third of month after next. 

M^ chiu 154 To redeem ; to take out 
Mp^ 781 15 of pawn ; to ransom, 
chi'u raueh-kia"; to take a thing out of pawn, 
chiu nang ; ransom a person. chiu-tng cek 

chph chang-hng; lift a mortgage from fields, 
ci koi" chu lia ai° kio i chiu, i ra hau°; I wished 
to take up the mortgage on this house but he 
would not consent to it. chiu khi lai, eng 

jieh coi lai cl°? What will be the interest to be 
paid in taking up the mortgage ? khah mang 
khu chiu ciu tng khu; if you defer the redemp- 
tion of the property too long, it will become 
the property of the occupant. 

B-li chiu 209 To sneeze, as one does with 
5r/L 417 ~2 a cold in the head, 
lia thia'-ki" oi phah ak-chiu, khi si thong li'o ; 
I hear him sneezing, and so he can now breath 
through his nose. i chi'u-chiu-kie, cek lien 

cii phah ku-a kai ka-thi; he kept sneezing, and 
sneezed several times in succession. 

Sffl chiu 164 Abominable. 
1% 52 10 mS,u°-chiu ; ugly, chiu-lo; 
ill-looking, chiu su; disgraceful conduct. 



^P^ chin 64 Tlie hand ; the arm. 
' J 754 cek ciah clii'u ; one hand, 

sang chiu klileh ; take it in both hands. iu 

chiu ; cia" chi'u ; tlie right hand. c<5 clii'u ; to 
chfu ; the left hand. chiu e ; dependents, 

chfu e hvvn u kiii kai a ti ; he ha.i several 
brothers younger than he. chiu cie" hwn u a 
hia" me ? Have you any brothers older tlian 
yourself ? thoi° tieh b6 nang t6, ciu loh chiu ; 
seeing that there was no one else present they 
attacked him. khui chiu ; to begin work, 

chiu peh iri khui; lie cannot open his hand, 
khi chiu ; to raise the hand. tl-tlang soi" khi 
chiu ? Who first lifted his hand ? kd chiu ; 
vote by show of hands. kii chiu bo iiue <&i 

clang hu ; when it is once set! led there is to be 
no retraction. chiu cie"; chiu tdi ; the palm 

of the hand. chiu-t-ng-thau ; chiu cdi°; chiu 
biie ; the fingers. poi" ktiu chiu ; to put one's 
hands behind one. chiu-cng-thau chun chut 
lai io u tng id ; all the fingers are not of the 
same length ; all people cannot be equals, 
biia chiu phue kai ( i"; money that is hardly 
earned. chiu-toi hiiii ; the lines in the palm, 
chiu cok ; hand and foot; bi-olhers. chiu-cng- 
kah ; finger nails. chiu-c6i"-cak ; finger joints, 
chiu-thiig; the elbow. chiu-wt ; the wrist, 

chiu-mfik ; the wrist bone. A cSh chiu-kut ; to 
brenk the arm. a chiu-kut k&i ci"; money 

gotten by very hard work. chiu-pi ; the arm. 
chiu-pi-pa ; the fore-arm. chiu khun ; the fist, 
chiu ngan; his hands are cold, liah i lai phah 
chiu-toi; seize him and ferule him. phah 

chiu khiin ; to box. iu chiu han" 6i"; the idler 
loves to loaf. sok chiu ; chah chiu ; to fold 

the arms. khang i kai chiu ; take hold of his 
hand and lead him. sie khang chiu ; to clasp 
hands. chiu goi ; handicraft. peh chiu sia ; 
wrote it off hand. co-chiu cp lai h<5 cJii ; the 
workmanship is very fine. sim si kek chiu ; 
it is very difficult to do. sa" ciah chiu ; a 

shop lifter. sun chiu khieh lai ; bring it as 

you come along. cek chiu kiie cek chiu; to 

pass from hand to hand. kau ci-ko lfi,i u ngo 
lak chiu ; it has passed through several hands 
before. e-chiu seug cie"-chiu ; the subor- 

diuate becomes the superior. kue chiu ; to 

transfer. thau m kue chiu ; did not succeed 
in stealing it. lia m chap chiu ; I had noth- 
ing to do with it. mai" lai chap kha chap 
chiu; do not meddle in it in any way. kok chiu; 
a great doctor. lau chiu ; an old hand, che" 
chiu; a raw hand, sek chiu; an expert, ie chiu; 
to make the gesture which indicates negation, 
iah chiu ; to beckon. chun chiu ; to stretch 
forth the hand. khue chiu; a withered arm. 
ci ciah chiu boi tin-tSng ; I cannot move this 

arm. soi" khi chfu ui khiang, mang khi chia 
can iang; who first begins overcomes, who last 
begins comes to grief. cang chiu t<5 pi ; is 

gesturing. cp chiu hi ; dress the hands and them in performing as puppets. i kam 

tk° si cap chiu poih kieh ; he would make you 
believe he is a monster. mia" chiu ; a famous 
workman. hiit-chiu ; the five fingered citron, 
called Buddha's hand, phong chiu; to join the 
palms of the hands. i k&i chiu id phah pa- 

cie"; he is clapping his hands. kde klia kiie 
chiu ; it is in the way. tin kha tin chiu ; 

make room for work. thdi" tieh si cek chia 

pit; I should think it all the same hand writing, 
sit chfu ka-lauh khu ; let it fall from his hand, 
chin-lap ; chiu-thau ; gloves. chiu-kun ; a 

handkerchief. chiu-p6 ; a napkin. chin- 
hwn ; a bracelet. chiu-cak ; a finger ring. i 
kili chiu kua kai pang^i; he wears a thumb 
ring. chiu kua t&ng-cdi"; wearing a brass 

thimble, chiu teng ; .i hand lamp. chiu-ng ; 
sleeves. chiu-fig khau ; the cuff of a sleeve, 
lilu chiu-cng-kali ; let the nails grow long. i 
kai chiu-ceng si cie°-se"; that is the sort of 
work he does. kah nfing kah nfing kai chia 
si; each person's handiwork is peculiar to him- 
self, m khe'ng pkng chiu ; would not let go. 
bo kp h<$ lira chfu ; nothing to use as a rest for 
the hands. 6ng tieh khah dn chiu ; too 

difficult to handle. ti" kha, cak chiu ; an 

entanglement; encumbrances. tim chiu kfti 
16i-.';io ; the custom of shaking hands. sang 
chiu ip-cft ; to shake hands in Chinese fashion. 

chiu 64 To scour ; to scrub. 
|^,|> 040 14 eng sua chiu cxa" cheng- 
khih ; scour it with sand and then it will be 
clean. chiu khi; to brush the teeth. chiu 
kut-kut ; scour it smooth. chiu kiig-kng ; 

scour it bright. chiu kau peh-peh ; scour it 

white. chiu kau poh-sph-peh ; scrub it till it 
is of snowy whiteness. chiu khu tng tfam 

nah-sap ; scrub it till there is not the least 
speck of dirt left on it. chiu s6i ; scrub with 
water, chiu hiang-piii-cSu; .scrub it with soap- 
berries, much se" iu, chiu te-kho cia" chiu tit 
khu; it is oily, scrub it with tea-seed-cake and 
you can scrub it clean, cai chiu ke kue; scour 
it over again. chiu m khu ; cannot scrub it 

off. chiu tit khu ; can scrub it off. chiu 

phua khu ; scrubbed it into pieces. chiu kau 
chiu sng; scrubbed till my hands were tired. 

'JT^^ chiu 30 To sell; to dispose of. 

pl| 256 8 hwt chiu ; to be disposed of. 
u lai mong mueh chut chiu ; a certain thing ia 
now in market, chin-boi ; sell off. 



Ixt cilia 81 To imprison ; a prisoner. 
\^ 811 T chlu-hQara ; a felon. cblu- 
kim ; to imprison. 

chlu 164 To repay ; f o requite ; re- 
61 6 conipeiise. 
chlu un ; to return a favor, chiu sia ; to return 
thanks, especially by a return present. clitu- 
tap tfii un ; acknowledge a great favor. cliiu 
sin CO hi ; acknowledge the favor of the gods 
by giving a theatrical performance. eng-chiu 
toa ; make large compensation. cliiu-lau ; a 
reward of merit. 

yMt chiu 9 Enmity ; to revenge. 
■|/« 62 2 chiu-jin; an opponent, chiu- 
t^k ; an enemy. kak chiu ; mutual enmity. 
cla" chiu ; take vengeance. hiap Lun s6ng 

chiu ; to settle a blood feud. | o-chiu ; to re- 
taliate. Un cang chiu pp; return evil for good. 
hiap chiu ; take I'evenge. ti chiu ti hun ; leads 
to enmity and hatred. wn-chiu ; a grudge. 

chin-Lun; to detest. si-chiu ; hereditary 


j^^ chiu 75 A tree. 
XS-J 777 12 c§k carg chiu ; one tree, 
chiu sin ; the trunk of a tree. chiu ki, chiu 

hieh, chiu kun, chiu-phue; the branches, leaves, 
roots, and bark of a tree, chiu biie, chiu kha; 
the top and the foot of a tree, chiu thau ; the 
Btump of a tiee. toa chiu, chiu kia"; old trees 
and saplings. chiu-lim ; a grove. ko chiu ; 
dwarfed trees. chiu ni ; ihe resin or gum 

of trees. ciap chiu ; to graft trees. chiu- 
bak; shrubbery, u c&ng toa cheng-chiu hp cia 
im ; there is a large banyan to shade them, 
chiu toa pun a ; the tree grows and puts forth 

— chng — 

chng 104 A sore ; an ulcer. 
116 10 chng-kliau ; the visible 
part of a sore. se" chng ; has sores. thau- 
mo" tieh chiang Foi, cia" hoi ."^e" chng; the hair 
must be regularly washed Ihen you will not 
have an ulcerated scalp. chng kit phi; the 

Boro is forming a scab. chng-khau kai phi 

bue hp peh lio ; the scab must not yet be 
picked off the sore. chng-khau un khu 

khuah ; the sore has gradually spread. lang 
tleh chut cheng-chp, cia" hp eng ieh khu siu 
chng - khau ; the pus must all exude, then 
medicine may be used to dress the sore, khah 
me" siu chng-khau ; healed the sore too soon, 
chng-khau chut lang, chut biie cheng-chd; the 
pus has not yet ceased to form in the sore, 
chng-khau cong-ku boi siu-bua; the sore 

never heals up. siu-bua li'o ciu kit phi ; when 
it heals, a scab will form. chng-khau chle" 

bue-nek ; proud flesh has appeared in the sore, 
chng-khau pheng-hok li'o ; the sore is already 
well. chng-khau chwn-ju li'o ; the ulcer is 

healed. chng ieh ; salve for ulcerated scalp, 
peh t&k chng; malignant white ulcers. teng 
chng; small projecting ulcers. ciang-14i ci 

kai chng-khau ka" tieh phiia kia"; this ulcer 
will leave a scar. 

>^y- chng 9 A granary. 
^^ 949 8 chng-pS,ng; a storehouse, 
chek-chng; a granary. khui chng cin-ci; 

open the public granary to save the people 
from starvation. kau mong jit ciu huang 

chng ; on that day the granaries will be closed 
and sealed. tiah chek jip chng; buy in 

paddy at the granary. ngi chng; a granary 
from which food is dispensed to the poor. 
chng kam-tok; an overseer of public granaries, 
chng ngau ; bins in a granary. chng bi; 

garnered rice. cie" chng ; guard the granary, 
jip chng; take into the gianary. did chng 

kho ; examine the stores in a granary. 

chng 137 The compartments of a 
960 10 boat, 
cun chng ; the hold of a ship, than chng, biie 
chng, tang chng; ihe three hatches. khui 

chng ; begin to unlade the cargo. huang 

chng; seal up the hatches. loh chng toi ; put 
down into the hold. cho loh kau cek chng; 
fill the hold with it. 

tLJ* chng 75 A hamlet; afarm.stead; 
TJ 1020 3 hie" chng; a small village, 
clmg hu ; a countryman. chng cng ; a hamlet. 
sa° ke chng; a farmstead. 

^ti chng 116 To perforate, to bore, to 
:^P 119^ 4 string, 
chng gu phi"; pierce the nose of an ox to pre- 
pare it for the leading string. chng hi ; to 
pierce the ears. chng ci"; to string cash, 
chng cek choi" cek choi"; string them so as to 
have a thousand on each string. chng tio 
foh kiie khu ; run a string through it. chng 
m jip ; cannot perforate it. chng m kvie ; 
the string will not go through. chng cek 
pak cu ; string a string of beads. chng 
cam ; to thread a needle. u si tio hixa," ciu 
chng m kue ; sometimes the thread will not go 
through because it is too large. to gd-n ng 
lai chng-chng chah-chah ; gees in and out in a 
familiar way at the yamun. i mia°-ke cSi, tl 
kia" tu to chng-chah tit jip; he is very expert 
in getting any Bort of case put through. 



tfill chng 18 To prick ; to thrust into ; 

^1^'J 1035 6 to stab, 
kia" cling ; to assassinate. chng kheh ; an 

assassin, chng-siu ; to embroider, ki-chng i ; 
to taunt him. clinjf-su; a sub-prefect. chng 
fif i ; stabbed and killed him. chng kku haeli 
l&u ; stabbed so as to draw blood. toi" cJli, 

chng rii jip ; it is very solid, I cannot drive the 
kniie in. cam chng tieh chi'a ; thrust a needle 
into his hand. i7i cai than, kliut cam chng 

t!eh ; inadvertently got pricke«l by the needle, 
chng cili kliU ; broke it by the thrust. chng 
kau chap-chap-chui ; broken into fragments by 
the thrust. chie" li-li chng; continuous 

thrusts from spears. 

chng 75 A table ; a stand. 
82 6 i" chn^ ; a round table, si- 
eien-chiig ; a square table, for only four sitters, 
poih sien clina^; a large square table, for eight 
sitters. chiii^-kui"; a table with drawers, i"- 
chng slen-cf ie"; an oval table. ki-clin.j ; a long 
narrow table. ke chn;; ; a low tnble. vhh^ 

.n An 

p6i ; an oblong table. chng ki'a ; a small 

table. cl>ng i" mueh-kia"; furniture. tOa 
chak chng; a large lacquered table. ua"-chng; 
a judge's bench. 

Iju chng 63 A bedsteod. 
/'^l^ 115 4 miii-chng; a bedstead. cSk 
tie" toa rain-chng; a large double bedstead. 
tOa chng chieh ; a mat for a double bedstead, 
miu-cliiig pang; the bed boards. niin-cling 

phin; the head and foot boards, min-chn*'- kfii 
ti-tu teng ; the frame of a tester. niln-chn'' 

hue"; the braces between the posts of a bed- 
stead, min-ehng thek si hd peh-cie" rain-chn"'; 
the rungs of a bedstead assist one in climbing 
into the bed. chak min-chng ; a lacquered 
bedstead. tin toi rain-chng; a bedstead with 
a rattan bottom. khang chng; a divan. ji 
chng; a medium sized bedstead. sa" ho rain 
chng ; a small bedstead. chng pho ; bed and 
beddiTig. cie" chng; go to bed. jit tang ciah, 
mS° tang chng; raessmates and bed-fellows. 
ua° chng; set up a bridal couch, pang to rain- 
chng kha; put it by the bedstead, ut to min- 
chiig ki"; slept on the edge of the bedstead. 

chng 157 To sit on the heels; to 

1021 12 squat, 
chng kau kha sng; squatted till his legs ached, 
to hu chie" pi" to chng ; squatting by the wall, 
koi to chng ; the hen is squatting. phah kau 
i boi chng boi khia; beat him so he can neither 
squat nor stand. chng-phiu puah loh khu ; 

tipped over backwards in squatting down. 


— cho — 

oho n9 Coarse ; rough. 

1008 5 cho iu"; and fine, 
cho liap ; coar-se grains. p6 cho; the cloth 

is coarse. lu si boi cho p6 a si boi iu° p6 ? 

Do you sell coarse or fine cloth ? cho ciah ; cho 
khau ; coarse food, mo" cho tio ; its hair is 

coarse. clio-.s6k nang ; a vulgar person, cho- 
mdng; rude ; unpolished. cho phue ; a coarse 
complexion. cho kang-hu ; rudely con- 

structed, cp lai khah cho ; it is too roughly 
made, cho-cho ue ; coarse language, cho cai 
td-li ; partly understood doctrines. cho sira ; cho sirn, ta' toa; rash and bold, 

tam kui lam o, hi kui hi cho; when salt 
is dear it is black, and when rice is dear it is 

B^ clio 180 The flesh next the skin. 
f]^% 903 9 cho-li; the fiber or brawn, 
ci kai pe° t6 chb-U, io chien ; this disease is iu 
the muscle, and is not deep-seated, i kfti chi- 
li cH kliui cu k5i kdm tteh huangsia; when 
the pores are open one is more easily affected 
by harmful winds. 

chh 164 Vinegar; pickle. 
Ir 1008 8 cho; vinegar made 
from glutinous rice. kie° cho; spiced pickle, 
sng cho; sour pickle. ieh cho; medicated 

vinegar," cho; the pickle of mashed fish, 
cho tih ; a pickle dish, suah cho ; season with 
vinegar. tham cho; add ingredients to make 
more vinegar, cho the ; the mother in vinegar, 
cho koi ; animalcules in vinegar. co cho ra 

sng; 3-our vinegar has no sourness. ciu ch6 

kia", rain khiia" mla"; one who can make good 
vinegar, need not cast horoscopes to ascertain 
his luck. 

cho 15 A concurrence of circura- 
963 9 stances ; to gather, 
cho kha ; cho khi'o ; a fortunate coincidence, 
cho kau sio ; just enough for the occasion, 
cho-cip CO cek e ; casually collected together, 
cho ngo da lai ; just as I was coming. cho ili 
kau ; happened to be insufficient. cho sio ; 

happened to be enough. khieh lai sie cho ; 

bring it and put it in with the others. cho 

tieh lia iTi 6i°; it happened that I was not just 
then at leisure. ci pha" cho, m pha" to ; tear 
only a concurrence of circumstances other than 
what is expected. cho coi ; accidentally 





t^ ch6 61 Moarnfui ; grieved. 
% 963 y cli6 bai pnt ti'en ; lowering 
eyebrows. ia-cbo ; sorrowful. cli6-bun ; 

melancbolj. sio ch6; assuage grief, cho-iong 
mua" miu ; a rueful face. 

— choi — 

eboi Rice flour. 

590 ceng cboi *, to make rice flour 

— clioi" — 
j-^ cboi° 24 A thousand. 

"I 980 1 csip peh kie-co cgk choi"; 

ten hundreds are called one thousand. choi" 
Bua" bvvn cui ; over innumerable mountains 
and seas ; very far off. klieng cok clioi" cbiu ; 
congratulate the empress on her birthday, 
choi" li be; a swift courier. choi" kim boi 

chii, bwn kim boi lin; thousands of dollars may 
buy a house, but millions of dollars will not 
secure good neighbours. choi^-bvyn m ho 

khu ; beyond all doubt, it is inexpedient to go. 

choi" 118 A small broom ; to scrub 

801 6 with a broom. 
tek-c;h6i°; a bamboo broom. siu-choi"; a stiff 
broom, choi" cheng-khih ; scrub it clean with 
a broom. koi-mo" choi"; a feather brush, 

cang choi"; a coir broom. hi" ch6i"; an ear 

bruslj. choi" piig-loi ; scour the skimmer, 

choi" thun ; the annual house-cleaning. 

choi" 64 To scratch for food. 
32 4 kio koi pe"-ie", lu choi" cu 
bo ciah ; is like the fowls, that must either 
scratch or go without food. koi (p choi" tho- 
e; the hen is scratching the ground for food. 

>fy^ choi" 61 To inspirit; to incite; to 
/\^\ 1023 11 urge on; to stir up; to arouse, 
si i choi" i khu cp ; it was he who put him up 
to do it. ua png-png m lai, si khut i choi" 

kau thiam cia" lai ; 1 should not have come of 
myself, but I was pestered so constantly by him 
that I came. lu ho choi" i na kp ; you should 
urge him to stay there. 

^^^ choi" 142 Silk-worms. 
JKK 947 18 choi" ke" si ; silk- worms 
spin silk. choi" si ; the silk spnn by silk- 

worms. ch6i"-k6i"; cocoons. choi" tau ; the 
chrysalis. choi" iah ; the moth. ch6i"nng; 
the eggs. ci khi choi" lo toa tio ; this sort of 
silk-worm is large. choi" ciah sng-siii hieh ; 
silk-worms feed on mulben-y leaves. chi 

choi"; to keep silk-worms, ju choi" ciah hieh ; 
like the consumption of mulberry leaves by 
silk-worms. p choi" bai ; beetling eyebrows. 


— choih 

choih 85 To weep silently, to sob, to 
6 catch the breath as in 

\h^ 396 


i choih mih su ? What is she crying about? 
khau kau choih ; wept so violently as to sob. 
khau hiah hvvn-lio id choih; after he had 
stopped crying he still continued to sob. 

— chok — 

chok 148 To excite ; to stir up ; to 
99 18 offend, 
chok tieh i kai no ; excited his wrath. chok 
tieh i se" khi; made him angry. chok m^k 

kia" sim ; arouse tiie attention in such a way 
as to excite fear. chok-khi i kai sie"-thaa ; 

arouse his attention, chok-keng se"-ch6ng ; to 
irritate. chok huam ; to sin willfully, chok 
tieh ciu khi ; if you touch upon that he be- 
comes angry. 

chok 62 A stamp ; a die ; a seal. 
^/^ 84 14 khap chok ; affix a stamp, 
kip cek kai chok pun i ; gave him something 
to use as a stamp. to kua" kp nia k4i chok ; 
received a stamp at the magistrate's office, 
tia" a-si bp khap chok, kua" in kheng siu ; the 
magistrate will not receive a paper which has 
no stamp upon it 


uah chok ; caught alive. 

64 To gripe; to seize. 

7 chok liah ; to gripe firmly. 


chok 9 To constrain ; to urge. 

1015 7 kek chok ; to press urgently, 
pek chok ; to hurry. kek-kek chok-chok ; 

much straightened. kek-kek chok-chok to cp 
bp hp much ; a fine piece of work cannot be 
done in haste. si-hau khah pek-chok ; the 

time is too short. mai" khah tp-chok ciu hp ; 
if not too hurried, it may be done. 

}^& chok 157 To contract the brows. 
J<^ 1014 11 sang bai co-ni chok-chok ? 
Why do you frown so ? hwn-lp kau sang b§,i 
chok cp cek e ; so sad that his eyebrows were 
di-avvn together, bai-thau ce chok, sim ISi ciu 
phah tia" cu-i; with one contraction of the 
eyebrows, his mind is fully made up. 

— chong — 

■rfjH chong 128 Intelligent; clear headed. 
•n>li»> 1024 11 chong-meiig, ti-hui ; clear 
headed and sagacious. hi" chong, niak rn 

meng ; has good hearing but dim eyesight. 



wUr cliong 10 To fulfill ; to act in the 
y\mA 109 "3 place of; to become, 
chong-mlia"; chorig-cok ; to fill up. chong 

korig ; becorae public property. cliong-tng 

clie-hiah ; act as constable. phoi" i khu kliaa 
gua chong-kun ; bani.slied beyond the frontier 
to become a camp-follower. ke cboiig kua"- 
tfe"; as.sume tbe style of an official. seng 

chong ; discharge the duties of an office. i si 
chong ti n&ng kai khueh ? "Whcse place is he 

Vn| chong 15 To rise up ; to rush upon ; 
• I 109 4 to pour hot water upon and 


chong thi"; to rise up to the heavens. wn-kh\ 
chong thi"; his wrath waxed so as to fill the 
sky. DO hwt chong kwn ; in his anger his 

hair rose on end so as to lift his cap. chong 
thi" tit pue ; can fly into the clouds. i ka" 

toaphitbe tit-tit chong-jip chfik !a" ISi ; he 
daied to rush alone straight into the enemy's 
camp. chong pliua khu ; rushed against and 
broke it. kfa"-jit kai jit-ci' sie chong; to-day 
will be untoward. si-jit sit chong; tlie time 
is adverse. chong tieh i kai pfig mla"; un- 

favorable to his own fate. chong cQang ; to 
disagree with, la" ue chong tieh i ; said what 
offended him. chong ceng te lai ciah ; infuse 
a cup of tea to drink. chong choh ngS-hiin ; 
ninke some arrow-root porridge. chong ieh- 
buah ; steep medicinal powder. chong chph 
nek-kiii ; steep some cinnamon. chong s&i- 

pia ; pour hot water on dried persimn)ons. i 
kai bi ciu chong khi lai ; its flavor escapes in 
tlie steam ri.sing from it. hiie-kuang chong 

thi"; the fire illuminates the sky. in chong 

khi lai ; the steam rises. chong l&i rn sek ; it 
is not steeped enough, chong ci'u, chong ciii ; 
steeped in wine or water. 

^5y chong 61 Hurried ; agitated. 
^Li> 1024 5 lu chong-chong ai" khif. il 
ko ? What are you going in such haste ? cek 
f-i chong-chong put kip kio lu ta°; the time is 
too hurried for me to tell you about it now. 
Id mai° chong-chong marg-mfing, khua°-khua" 
li ; do not be in haste about it, arrange it at 
your convenience. 

nyn chong 61 Sorrowful ; mourning. 
IT^ 109 4 i ci hue kai sim chong- 
chong; at this time her heart is very sad. 

J^l chong 120 chong-ti"; to bother, to 

JyJ 414 2 perplex, to entangle. 

i cong-ku. \6 chong-ti" i ; she is always bother- 

ing him. chong-ti" kau nang kang-kho cSi j 
involved to such an extent as to be greatly 
distressed. chong-chong li'-ti'; much ham- 
pered . 

/-L.> chdng 46 To reverence ; to approach 
pT> 110 8 with respect, i cun-ch6iig 
i CO 16a; he treats him within the respect due 
a superior. 

chong 60 To follow ; to comply with ; 
1024 8 from ; whence ; since, 
thia' ch6ng; heedfully regard. sQn chong; 

obediently follow, sin cliong; trustfully follow, 
cun ch6ng; respectfully follow. tue chdng; 

follow on behind. chong nieng ; follow his 

instruclionH. chOng leng ; follow orders, i si 
ch6ng 11 cek ka ? Of what sect is he ? chong 
sim i-6 tii"; follow his own wishes. b6 chong 
jlpchiu; there is no way to carry it out. lu ki' 
chdng ua a iti ? Are you going to comply with 
my wishes or not ? jlm chdng lu ; do as you 
like. khut chdng; coniply by constraint, 

ngwn chdng; willing compliance. sam chdng 
si-tek to ke chong pe, chut ke chdng hu, hu 
sf chdng cd : hti-jin s\ tek, iong-raSu, kang-hu, 
ta"-Qe, pin-heng; the three feminine duties 
are to obey one's father before marriage, to 
obey one's husband after marriage, and to obey 
one's son in widowhood : the four feminine 
virtues, are neatness in, diligence in work, 
carefulness in speech, and propriety in conduct. 
cQ chdng ua lai kau la"; from the time when I 
came until now. chdng kirn i" Su ; from this 
time forth, chdng iTi pat cW-se"; it has never 
been so before. chdng f-oi kau Ida; from in- 
fancy to age. Ill chdng ti-kp Ifti ? Where do 
you come from ? ai° chdng tl-ko khu ? Where 
are you going ? chdng-clidng iong-iong; tin- 
embarrassed. chdr.g-iong ce ; give a little 

more freedom, chdng lu kai j ; follow your 

idea. i"-keng chdng liang lio ; has already 

reformed. chdng tSng ng: cQe ; judge the 

offense severely. thi" m chdng nang ngwn ; 

heaven does not comply with human wishes, 
chdng ll-kai sl-han cie"-se" ? Since what time 
has it been thus ? chdng tl-ko thdi' 

chut? At what point did you discover this? 
chdng ll-kai sin-se° thak-cu? With what tea- 
cher did you study ? lu kim-ni t<5 chdng tl- 
tiang ? Whose school do you attend this year ? 
chdng-chli ciu siang-hp ; since that time they 
have been on good terms with each other, 
chdng th&u kau biie ta° ua thia"; relate it to 
me from the beginning to the end. chdng 

gua phah jip ; go in from the outer surface, 
chdng lai hwt chut ; springs up from the 



interior portions. ch6ng liu toi khi lai ; 

comes up from the bottom of it. cliong ( u-ce 
l&i ; came from school, chong soi u toa ; great 
results from small beginnings. chong-coi" si 
co-ni ? How was it formerly ? chong-ko bue u 
kki ; there never before was any such thing, 
chong-ko iTi pat th6i"-ki"; never saw it before, 
chong kui° thoi" ke ; look down from a great 
height. tiie chong i kai ie"; follow his ex- 

ample, chi mng lu kai sin chong ti-ko lai ; 

ask you to consider whether you are doing 
your duty to those who bore you. chong-lai 
bo kai ; there has been none such hitherto, 
chong-lai ; heretofore. chdng-coi"; aforetime, 
chong ko ; from olden times. chong kira i" 

fiu Id tieh oh ho ; henceforth you must learn to 
do well. ch6ng lu ciu si ; that is what I will 
do, I will comply with your wishes, bp chong 
cu kui ; the mother is ennobled through her 
son. chong sien ju liu ; follows righteousness 
as water its channel, chong piie-Su khu thoi"; 
looking backward. 

cho 140 Strong smelling vegetables ; 

268 9 all meats included among 
those forbidden to those who fast. 
lu ciah ce a ciah chp ? Are you a vegetarian or 
do you eat all sorts of food ? phi" tieh chau 
cho ; smelled a strong savour. cia pia" si ce 

kai a chp kai ? Have these cakes any animal 
fat in them ? i ciah ce, mai° raak tieh chp ; he 
is a vegetarian, so do not put iu what he can- 
not partake of. 

^tI chp 18 At the first ; in the beginning- 
'iVv 91 T ua t§.ng hti chp-chp ciu kio 
lu ta"; I told you so in the very beginning, lu 
tng clip cp-ni fa" ? What did you say in the 
beginning? chp hwt; at the opening. chp 
lai ; the new comer, chp oh ; the new scholar, 
chp se°; the first born. cho khui po-thau ; a 

newly opened port. a chp kp; this raw hand, 
chp ni ; in the first years. chp-thau-e ; at the 
commencement. kia° leng cu chp ; at the first 
promulgation of the order. 

1^ chp 140 Rough, hasty, careless ; the 
- ' l' ^ 956 ~6~ running hand ; a rough copy 
or original draft. 

Bia chp ji ; write the running hand. l<?-ch(5 ; 
rough, careless, slight, tieh kang-hu cp, mai° 
lp-ch6 ; must do it neatly, and not slight it. 
i kai khang-khue l<5-ch(5 cai ; his work is done 
without pains. ch(5 kp ; the rough di-aft. 

jeng cua khi chp ; the original draft of an 
essay or document, cin ch(5 put bii ; the copy 
and the original do not agree. phah chd ; 

make a rough draft, 

i/Ty* chd 76 Distress ; completed. 
yAi^ £4 "9^ kh6-ch(5; anguish. slam 

tit cf k&i kh6-chp ; cannot endure this agony, 
cheng-chd ; done. cheng-cheng ch(5-chp ; all 
finished up. H cheng chd ; completely ar- 

ranged, tang 8oi° tk" cheng-ch<5 ; it was all 
talked over and settled beforehand. 

^pu* chp 167 To mistake ; to err ; wrong. 
^H 1004 "8" bp ch6; it is all right, there 
is no mistake. bp cha-chp; without an error, 
bp cha bp chp ; without a single mistake, 
thoi" chp n8,ng ; made a mistake in the person, 
thia" chp lie ; made a mistake in hearing. cp 
chp su ; erred in doing. kia° chp l6 ; took the 
wrong I'oad. khieh chp much; took the wrong 
thing, ta" chp; a slip of the tongue, cong-kii 
cp chp; always doing the wrong thing, ch6 
chi'u ; a slip of the hand. chp chiu phah si i ; 
killed him by accident, chp chiu ka-lauh khu ; 
let it fall by a slip of the hand. chp-go ; to 

mismanage. cliwn m jin clip ; wholly refuses 
to confess his error, cai jin chp cu ho ; if you 
confess the fault it will be all right. lu cho 
li'o ; you are already astray. sie" chp ; err in 
reasoning. chp-ta"; in error. 

X30J chp 9 Rough, hispid, not smooth. 
|/C 95 13 mong tieh cho-cho chp-cli6 ; 
it feels very rough. thoi" tieh chp-chp, ra 

kng-kut ; it appears very rough and .has no 
gloss on it. 

^^AU chp 167 To file ; to rasp ; a file. 
Woil 1004 7 khia ki chp lai chp ; take 
a file and file it. chp i kng ; file it smooth, 

chp kau pe"-pe°; file it down even. eng chp- 
kia" chp tng ; file it in two with a thin file. 
h6"-cih chp ; an oval file. 

chp 130 Tender; friable. 
1004 7 nek chp-chp; the meat is 
very tender, au chp; friable from decay, chp 
kio jun tiii-mln; friable is the opposite of tough. 

^^il chp 119 Paddy which is hulled but 
^aS- 956 11 not pounded ; rude; rough, 
chp hi; unpounded rice, khah chp ; too rough 
and rude. cho-chp ; coaise and crude. cho 
hue; coarse goods. 

[a chp 64 To humble; to take down one's 
1004 7 pride ; to break the spirit ; 
to cow. 

chp i kai i kS.i jue-khi ; brought down his 
bravado. eg ch6 tieh jiie-khi cu bo ta"; as 

soon as his courage is once outbraved, he will 
no longer dare bully people. 



P^ cho 154 To contain, to bold ; to 
jeCjr 91 5 receive. 
h<5 cho cfu ; it is good to keep spirits in. ci- 
kai boi cho cie hi(i-kai ; this does not hold less 
than that. cf kai toa lia" cho no seng bi ; this 
large bowl holds two quarts of rice. khieh 
kai raueh h(5 cho ; get something to put it in. 
khleh ke nQ kai pua° cho che''-kuai"; get two 
more trays to put the fruit on. cho iTi tit ; it 
will not hold them all. cho kau cSk puah tl"- 
tl°; holds a pot full, cho tc ; it contains tea. 

— chph — 

choh 64 A quantity ; to gather up ; 

1006 12 to take out. 
cek choh th6 ; a little earth. IxSi chph lam ; 

buy some salt. chun cek choh-kia"; have a 

small quantity left. khieh chph-kia"-ni )&i ; 

bring a little of it. ci cgk chph khieh khii 

chain-pang hu cek chpli k6 ; take this and min- 
gle it with that. khieh cek chph ciii lai pun 
lia ciah ; bring me some water to diink. chong 
chph te lai ; make some tea. ciah chph-ki'a" 

png lio ; has eaten a little rice. chph hi'a io 

chiet-io k&i lai tk°; make a summary of what 
is most important and tell it. niing-mueh cm, 
cliph kiii naiig lai llara ; there are a great many 
of them, select a few of them to come and 
recite. theng choh kui niing ; took a few of 

them at random. th^ng chph cek cak lai 

rang ; take a verse at random and ask questions 
about it. choh cek png lai thoi" i pat a t7i pat; 
select a volume and see whether he is familiar 
■with it. sui i choh, to pat ; whatever he 

takes up to question them upon, they prove 
familiar with it. 


chph 9 Contracted. 

1015 7 i kai bai cp-ni chph-chph n6 ? 
Why does he scowl so ? k&i bai chph cp c6k 
pe ; his brows are drawn up into one mass. 

chph 30 To cough becatise of some- 
429 9 thing in the throat. 
i ciah li'o chph §,u ; when swallowing it, it 
strangled him. khua°-khua" ne, m<5 chph-§.u ; 
take it leisurely, and do not strangle yourself 
with it. 

— cbu — 

cbu 156 To follow the fashion of 

1010 10 the time. 

chu si ; follow the prevailing style. chu si ; 

cleave to the strong. mia''-ke phun chu; an 
expert sycophant, to ge-mng teng phuu-cbu ; 
a banger on at the yamun. 

chu 18 To prune; to lop off. 

821 10 chu tlo chiu ki; prune off the 
branches. hin ki-ie" tieh chu tio ; those small 
branches must be lopped off. chu kku cek ki 
kng-kng; pruned so as to leave a bare branch. 

chd 88 To take in marriage. 

1011 8 chii chi ; take a wife, chu 
chiap ; chii phien-p&ng ; take a concubine. kl 
chii ; a second marriage. k^ chii ; marry and 
give in marriage. 

chii 141 To judge ; <o adjudge. 

«h^ 94 5 chu cam ; sentence to ex- 
ecution, chii hun ; judge of one's fitness for a 
post. kau pd ngi-chu ; hand him over to the 
Board for sentence. cliii si kfti su kang-kho ; 
it is difficult to decide what is right in the 
affairs of this world. chia" kong-chin th!o 

chii ; ask arbitrators to decide. thia" nftug 

khng.uhii; act in accordance with the advice 


chii 29 To apply to one's own use ; 

1010 6 to select for use ; to appro- 
priate ; to lay hold on. 

khp-chii ; suitable, ci k&i n&ng kh<5.chli ; this 
person is very suitable. tSi fi klid-chii ; toa- 
t5a hd-chii; very appropriate, bo c6k kia" h6- 
chii; wholly unfit. th6i" tieh tai-tXi chii i; 

consider him a very suitable person for the 
place. chti-t6ng; promoted. chii l&k ; to 
pursue pleasure. chii clue i ; got the laugh 

on him. slang chii, tong chii, chu chii ; the 

highest on the list of graduates, these near 
them, and those lower down. i kai uo hd 

chii-sin ; his report is trustworthy. chwn m 
hd chii-sin ; it is not to bo relied upon, cu chii 
khi hiia; he brought this misery upon him- 
self, ci'a si i ka-ki cQ chii, m si nang hai i 
kai ; he brought this upon himself, and no one 
else is responsible for the injury. chii cek ki 
chiu ki ; laid hold on a branch. chii m cie°; 
could not get up by holding on to it. ci kai 
chu CO seng, ci kai cliii cp toa", ci kSi hd 
chii cp thiu ; that one will do for a male per- 
former, that one can act the part of a female, 
and this one may be the clown. i>eng-toa° 
chii ngun cek choi" ni'e ; this draft is for a 
thousand taels. lii chu ci kai hp, ua li chii hii 
kai hp ; you take that one for your use and I 
will take this one for mine. chii i cek sang 
mak hp ; consider his eyes the best. am chii ; 
make use of secretly, chu ciii, chii te ; choose 
water or tea for use. chii khu kui° chu khu 
ke ; placed high or low on the list. chii to 
kd-tdng ; ranked as a curiosity. 



4^ cbu 64 To pluck, to pick, to gather. 
^>fC 944 8 cliph kue-cf khut lulng chu 
kau lio-h'o; the fruit haa all been plucked by 
Bome one. i khu chii chau-ieh ; she has gone 
to gather medicinal herbs. khu chii ki tho-ki 
Hu-ki lai ; go and pick a sprig of peach and 
one of willow, and bring thera here. 

» 1^ chu 3 chu-nang; a resident of the 
^ I ... 87 4 place ; a native ; the host, 
chii-nang si ti-tiang ? Who is the resident ma- 
nager ? lia si chu-nang lu si nang-khek ; I 
am a native, and you are an alien. hah tit 
chu-nang i pien-si ho kang-hu ; if it suits the 
notion of a resident of the place, it is certainly 
well made. to ke u nang-kheh, chut gua cia" 
u chu-nang ; if you have guests when at home, 
you will have hosts when you go abroad. hu 
kp u chii-nang-thau a bo ? Is there any one 
there who exercises hospitality to new comers ? 
chi'a" i lai co chu-nang ; invite him to act as 
host and assist in entertaining the guests. 

t X^^ chu 141 A place; a spot ; a condition. 
JjXJ^ 94 5 si chii ; on all sides. kak 

chu; everywhere. chu-chu to si cie^-se"; it is 
just so in all places. to pafc chu ; elsewhere, 
no chu to sie ce"; there is rivalry between the 
two places. ci chu bp hue, pat chu chai ; if 

there are no flowers in this spot, pick some 
elsewhere. pat chu cai-se" ? How is it else- 

where ? bo sim-raih ho chu ; there is nothing 
very good about it. tp-li sueh kau ho chu ; 

the doctrine was so explained as to benefit the 
hearers. ta° i kai to chu ; spoke of his short- 
comings, cu u ho chu ; it has good points, 
kun-ki chu ; the General Council of State, ia- 
bii chii ; the Military Council. 

chii 44 A house ; a dwelling. 
1064 ^ cek CO chu ; cek koi° chu; 
one house. chu ti ; the building spot. chu 
tie"; a building lot. chu-teng ; the roof of the 
house. chu cii ; the owner of the house, toa 
chu ; a large house. chii kia"; a hut. chii 
ki" khi jieh khuah ? How large a house are 
yon going to build ? td khi sin chu ; is 

building a new house. siu-sip ku chu ; to 

repair an old house. lau chu ; an old house. 
lS,u chii-pi"; an old neighbour. f A,ng chii tiu ; 
live in the same house. i td cie° chu ; he is 

guarding the house. lii chu to ti kp ? Where 
is your home ? b6 chii bp .so ; without house 
or home. t6i° chu ; to mortgage a house, 

chu si tug kai ; the house is taken on a 
mortgage. chii-t6i°; a tenant. siie chii ; to 

hire a house. cliii co; house rent. n^ng sJ 
chu the"; people are the props of a house. 1^ 
ti-tiang-si ai° khii chu ? When are you going 
home ? 

-Jdtfc chii 64 To put ; to set in order. 
J^ 1008 8 chu-ti raueh-kia"; to get 
things in order. chii chiu put kip ; put his 

hand to it too late. 

chii 156 Agreeable ; attractive. 

1011 8 chu-bi ; amusing ; queer ; 
pretty, chii-bi si; amusing beyond expression, 
chu-chu bi-bi ; exceedingly interesting. ne, 

chu-bi chii-bi; very winsome. sit cSi ii chii- 
bi ; really agreeable. bp sim-mih chii-bi ; not 
particularly pleasing. i si t<5 ta" chii-bi kai ; 
he is telling what amuses. bp chii bd bi ; 

altogether uninteresting. a-no"-kia'' chii-chu 
bi-bi ; the child is very winsome. 

rf^^ chu 60 Leisurely ; with dignified 
'j>y> 819 y slowness, 
chu-chu ne, mki" khah me"; be moderate and 
composed, do not be in a hurry. chu-chu n§ 
kia"; move sedately along. 

— chiia — 

>^ chiia 77 Awry ; askew ; deflected. 
jE. 1037 5 cam boi chua ; the needle is 
not bent. co lai chiia ; it is made crooked. i 
kai chili chua-chiia; his mouth is drawn to one 
side. chiia chiii ; a wry mouth. tie" chiia 
chili ; to make faces. 6i-t6i-hu lun kau chiii 
chua ; the sole endures till its mouth is drawn 
out of shape; his appearance of suffering is his 
natural aspect. i kai bp ti khu chua; his cap 
is put on askew. i kai thau-khak se" l^i 

chiia ; his head is deformed. phi" chiia ; his 

nose is crooked. cp chiia ; sit in a slovenly 

attitude, mai" pang chiia ; do not set it down 
askew. kia" chiia lo ; went by the wrong 

road, cun sai chiia kiie hie" p6i°; sail the boat 
at an angle in crossing to the other side. ci" 
sia kliu chiia ; the arrow was shot to one .side, 
mai" khia chiia ; do not loll nor lean against 
anything when you stand. ku khu ch ia ; 

sawed obliquely. jit-thau chiia tiam-kia" lio ; 
the sun is already a little past the meridian. 

^ I chiia 57 To lead on ; to bring 
vl 1102 T forward; to induce; to 
confirm in ; to perpetuate. 

chua ciii kai nang ; pilots. chiia ciii cun ; a 

pilot boat. i cie"-se° chiia nang 16 ; by thus 

doing he brings dislike upon himself, cek k§.i 
li chiia nang sieh, c^k kai li chUa nang ui ; the 



one gets people's love, and the other gets 
people's fear. ii nang td chQa cu koi pat ; if 
there be some one to lead the way, it will be 
easy to follow. 

chua 50 To lead ; to conduct, to 
846 "8 guide, 
in chua ; to guide. lu pat l6, h($ iu-cliQa i ; 

guide him, since you know the road. khut i 
in-chua khu eo m-hd kai su ; was lead into evil 
by him, 

chua 88 To bring home in marriage. 

1011 8 chQa bo; to bring home a 
wife, chfla sim-pfl; take a wife for one's son. 
chQa ji-n^ng; take a concubine. chQa chiah- 
kha ; take to wife a woman whose feet have 
their natural shape. chua sin-nie ; to bring 

home the bride, chua sun sim-pfl; take a wife 
for one's grandson. i7i ke rli chua ; neither 

marry nor give in marriage. chQa a bQe ? 
Has he yet taken a wife ? tiang-si ai° kio i 
chQa? When are you going to take a wife for 
him p i si chQa nang cdk chut ksli ; he has 
taken a wife who has been married before, 
chua c6i a hue ? Have you taken wives for all 
your sons yet ? 

— chiia" — 

PH chua" 169 To bar ; to bolt. 

I J 786 1 chiia" ning ; bar the door, 
mng tieh chiia" h<5 ; you must bar the door 

— chuah — 

chuah 182 To drive on or sweep up 
470 6 as a whirlwind does; to 
blow fitfully and strong. khut huang chuah 
khii; blown off by the wind, mai" khut huang 
chuah cau khu ; do not let it get whisked away 
by the wind, ci kai si khut huang lih khu kfii ; 
this has been torn by the wind's flapping it. 

chuah 76 To deceive intentionally ; 
^\ 342 8 to cheat ; to impose upon ; 
to befool. chuah i m cai ; imposed upon his 
ignorance. chuah r7i cai cQ cau khu ; took 

advantage of her not being on the lookout 
and made his escape, cek-hue sui-si chuah tit 
kue, e jit cQ chuah m kue ; though you have 
fooled him once, you won't be able to do it 
again. b6 sie chuah ; no deception practi.sed 
by either party. chuah nang m cai thoi"; 

took his opportunty when no one was looking. 
i cie°-se° si ka-kl chuah ka-ki; he is thus 
cheating himself. 

^fray chua: 
Wl 109 

chuah 64 To pluck ; to pull. 
^JC 913 8 chuali tlo i kai tin ; pull 
oil' the tendrils. mai" chuah tlo i kai hue- 

hah ; do not pluck out its petals. chuah tlo i 
kai mo"; pulled oat the fur. 

chuah 162 To go off at the side ; to 
274 5 deflect, 
chuah tiii hu cek p6i" ko khu; turned and 
went off on that side, chuah tui Ki'e 16 kp khu 
io kQn ; turn off and go by the side path and 
it is nearer. 

— chuang — 

lang 144 chuang-cQang ; to butt 
109 9 against; to come in colli- 

sion with ; to run foul of ; to go counter to. 
i 111 cai chuang-cQang tieh i mih su ; she does 
not know in what way she has ofi'ended him. 
i (6 Fu to si chuang-chuang cfiang-cuang i, 
chwn hd keng i Iftu-toa; he is all the time act- 
ing contrary to his views, and pays no regard 
to him as his senior. 6i chuang-cuang li mki' 
kill, tang i hli siu-put-sl; if he has offended 
you do not be vexed, but wait until he comes 
and apologizes to you. 

^£l chuang 169 To push ahead rudely, with - 
|»wj 21 IlO out regard to etiquette, 
chuang tSu ; to rush across in front of others, 
chuang tieh i kai be-th&u ; bolted across in 
front of his horse. tit-tit chuang jip khu ; 

bolted straight in. tit-tit chuang kiie khu ; 

bolted right across. theng chuang ; rushed 

abend with no regard to politeness. chuang 
chut su lai, bo ukng chai lu ; if you introduce 
the business unceremoniously no one will pay 
heed to you. i hie" hau" chuang su, u jit tieh 
chuang chut hua lai ; he is so fond of rudely 
intruding into matters, that he will some day 
find himself in trouble. 

— chne — 

rt>jr* chne 80 To blow. 
fxV 101 4 chue sio cau gauh ; play on 
wind instruments. mai" khut huang chne 

cau ; do not let it get blown away by the wind, 
pun huang chue phiia; torn by the wind, khut 
huang chue lih ; rent by the wind, toa huang 
chue cih chiu ki ; a high wind breaks limbs 
from the trees. ra-hp pun huang chue tieh ; 
do not expose yourself to the wind. huang 
chue lai liang-liang; the wind blows cool, 
huang chue ciii min, ciii ciu cSk-cue-hun c6k- 
cue-hun ; the wind blowing over the water 
makes it ripple iu long lines, 



chne 86 To cook food by steaming it. 

102 T chne piig, cline liu, chue 
nek, chue kiie ; to steam rice, fish, tiesh or 
cakes. khieh phng IC'iig-sng tdi hu chue; put 
it in the steamer and steam it. hip rai"-mi° 
c\a" chue oi sek ; cover it ia tightly and then it 
will steam thoroughly. 

fflv^ chtie 188 The marrow. 
flJcL 827 l3 kut cliiie ; the marrow of a 
bone. ie-kut chue ; spinal marrow.^ gu 

kut chtie ; beef marrow. tu-kut chue ; pigs^' 

marrow. thau-khak chue ; the brain. liu 
thau chue ; fish brains. tu-thau chiie ; pigs' 

brains. cuh i kai chiie ; suck out the mar- 

row, ci ie" ieh oi p6 ceng-chiie ; this medicine 
Btrengthens tlie bones. hun jip kut chiie ; 

hatred has penetrated his very bones. 

chue 118 A switch, stick, or club. 

101 8 io koi in ui chiie; a hungry 

fowl does not mind the switch. Id raai" to 

kie kua°-chue ; do not yell as if you were 
receiving an official beating. 

chue 147 To seek ; to search. 
596 4 chue tieh ; has found it. 
chue m tieh ; cannot find it. chue lo ; trying 
to find some way. chue ki-hue ; seeking a 

good chance, chue phang ; on the watch for a 
good opportunity. ang chue-r7i-ki" bo, bo 

chue-r7i-ki" ang, pe chue-iTi-ki" kia°, kia" chue- 
ui-ki° pe ; husbands were searching for their 
wives, and wives for their husband, fathers for 
their children, and children for their fathers, 
a-si i7i-ki°-khu. hd khu chue; if it is missing go 
and search for it. phah tang-lo chue a-no°- 
kia"; beat a gong and cry a lost child. lid m 
ho chue tie ; do not seek for excuse. 


chueh 30 To drink or sip with a noise. 
8.3 8 chueh thng; to eat soup 
noisily. phin-khiong nang ciah mue" chueh 

am ; the poor eat congee and sip the broth, 
chueh til loh ; cannot sup it. chueh tieh tiam 
c5i ; sipped and found it very sweet. 

— chui — 

fffi. chui ^ To urge ; to importune ; 
^ 1017 11 to dun. 
chui i me" ce ; chue i kin ce ; hurry him up. 
chui i CO me" ce ; urge him to hasten the work, 
chui thp sio-b§.k ; importunately demanded the 
amount of the bill. chui nang-kheh ; impor- 
tune a guest to stay, chui chok ; to expedite. 
Id mal" chui-pek khah ki'ti ; do not drive him 
too hard, chui kau via mih su bo co; presses 

me so that I can do nothing. chui nie ; dun 
for taxes. chui che ; hasten the messenger, 

khut i chui Ho kha tong chia sih ; was hurried 
by him 80 that I could not work. 

T^gl chui 64 To pull at steadily and 
4^B 1017 11 forcibly ; to strain, 
eng lak ce chui cu tng; exert your strength in 
pulling upon it, and it will break. ci tio sua" 
khut i chui tng khu; this cord was broken by 
his pulling upon it. sph sin-sin co-ni oi chui 
tng khu ? How could a perfectly new rope 
break under a strain like that ? thih-llen pun 
huang-eng chui tfig cp ku-a ko ; the iron chain 
has been broken into several pieces by the 
strain of the storm. 

chui 64 To infer ; to secede from ; to 

926 8 give place to. 
chui chut i kai i-su ; to infer his meaning, 
chui-iii ; to excuse one's self. chui-si ; to 

decline, as an appointment, i chui-chui lii-iii 
rii kheng lai ; he makes all sorts of excuses to 
get rid of coming. chui-cun i siang oi ; give 
place to him as the most able, chui-cun i toa; 
give place to him as your superior, chui-khui ; 
to evade, chui sng ; to calculate. 


chui 82 Fine; delicate; minute. 

1018 8 i kai hue khui chut lai chiii- 
chiii ; its flowers are very delicate. sin teng 
phu cek liap cek liap chui-chiii si sim much ? 
Little blotches have come up all over him, what 
is the matter with him ? i kai mo° ne chui- 
chiii ; its fur is downy, hfeh s6i-s6i chui-chiii; 
the leaves are very small and delicate. cek 

tiam cek tiam chiii-chiii ; dotted with very 
small dots. cek tio cek tio chui-chui ; lined 

with very fine lines. cek kai cek kai chui 

chui ; in minute particles. ah-kia" kai mo° 

chui-chiii ; a duckling's feathers are very fine. 

J*i chvii 64 To measure ; to estimate. 

112 9 chiii-tak i kai i-pu ; get at 
his meaning, chiii-chek rri pat to khu ; do not 
know how to estimate it. lia ce chiii-chek ciu 
cai ; when I have made a calculation I shall 
know, chui-bda kai kang-hu ; painstaking labor. 

chili 124 Turquoise blue. 
1018 8 hui-chui gek ; blue 
che°-chui che"-chui ; bright green. 


chui 30 The mouth, nozzle, snout or 

1016 12 beak, 
cio chili ; a bird's bill. tu chiii-tun ; a pig's 
snout. ciu pang chui ; the spout of a wine 

pitcher, nio'-ho" chui ; a tiger's mouth, hun 



ting chui ; the mouth-pieco of a pipe. g§ cliui, 
g^k chui, kak chiii, kat chiii ; ivory, j ide, horn 
and bone mouth-pieces. cira-chui ; to kiss, 
cang chili khii cira i ; kissed him. chiii siap ; 
no appetite; a bad taste in the mouth. chiii 
kfit; a good appetite; the mouth healthfully 
clean. chiii kang-ta ; the mouth parched, 

chili kho ; a bitter taste in the mouth. chiia 
chiii ; the mouth drawn to one side. khih 

chili ; hair-lip. lA mai" 6h chiii 6h cih ; do 

not mimic him. i ciap-chiii khi lS,i ta"; he 

took up the story and went on. si i id pang 
chiii ; he is taking his part in the dispute, 
boi chui hue; speaking eloquent nonsense, 
i kfli chui oi cS,i ; he is an able speaker. the i 
kai chili biie ta°; repeat it after him. lu k&i 
chui cih mai" khah kin ; do not be in too great 
haste to begin to eat. lii nmi" coi chiii ; do not 
chatter so much, i chwn tri in chui, tl; im 
thia"; he listened, and did not answer at all. 
chiii chau ; an offensive breath. i kai chiii 

Biang toii p6h-cia°; he is a great liar. i kai 

chiii hau° ta° iie cSi ; she is very loquacious. 
i cek ki chui k ku-anftng; he can out argue 
half a dozen people. ta° lio chiii siig; talked 
till his tongue ached. 6h cSk chiii hd kna" 

ue ; speak a little in a foreign tongue. cek 
chui thvvn cek cih ; every one says the same 
thing. chili khah khio ; his lips are curved 
outward too much. chiii-tun kluth tio ; 

his upper lip is too short. chiii so"-irii khah 
khuah ; has too large a mouth. chau chili 

pin ; boastful. lu kni chiii 6i hue-nio a 

boi ? Do you tell the exact truth, or not ? 
i kai chili ta" iie bo kii sit; he does not speak 
one word of truth. mai" theng chap chiii ; 

do not rashly interrupt. chie chiii ; smiling, 
ki" tieh nang phi" chie, cliiii chie ; he laughs 
all over his face as soon as he sees any one. 
i kai chili ce ta" olu ta" iTi hiiu" hiah ; when he 
once begins to talk he talks as if he were 
never going to stop. i sd ta" kai iie cng kai 
m SI chili cih; there is no truth in anything he 
says. lu si ai" khu nio°-h6" chiii teng kliut 

nek; you are going to a tiger's mouth to beg for 
meat. phah chui poi"; to beat on the mouth, 
a mode of punishment lu cia ue a si ki" kua" 
ta" chili poi" ciu tieh phah kau ceng ; if you 
should say this to a magistrate, your mouth 
would be beaten till it was swollen. si i khu 
kap p6-to-chiii ; it is he who is to close the 
mouth of the bag; he is to iinish the business, 
chui-khau mueh-ciah; victuals. chiii-khau 

lie ; common speech. hang chiii-khau ; the 

end of a lane. sang khoi chiii ; the place 

where two rivers deboucii. cek chiii ciu thuu 
oh khu; swallowed it all at one mouthful. 

cek toa ohiii ; a big mouthful. kS c^k chiii ; 
bite off a mouthful. i ciu si cO kira-kng ua la 
ai" ka i sa" chiii n^k ; if ho were a warder of 
the temple gate even, I would bite out three 
moutlifiils of his flesh. chiii thoi" ki", mak 

thoi" ki"; I see him plainly. tiara chili nie ; a 
seductive woman. chiii tiam cSi ; honeyed 

speech. chiah chui chiah cih; it puckers 

up one's mouth. chiii tu-tu ; with her mouth 
puckered up. chui-lim-phue ; the lips. 

TjTnf chili 112 Fragments; small remnants. 
'try' 827 8 kha chiii ; to knock in pieces. 
p6 chiii; rags, ua" chiii; broken dishes, phah 
chili ; to sliiver by a blow. chiii kiie iam ; 

finer than salt. "gl^'i ohiii ; broken money. 

chili ngun; small lumps of silver. ciia chiii ; 
fragments of paper. lang-chiii miiuh-kia"; 

odds and ends. clikm-chiii kai ; mixed mis- 

cellaneous articles. chkm-chiii; odd 
jobs. cham-chiii boi ; sells at retail. cheng 
ciii chui'iDueh boi kui choi" ci" ? How much 
did you pay for this lot of miscellaneous 
articles? cham-chiii ci" khieh ka-n r/ ; all 

the odds and ends of money collected to- 
gether, chiii-kiiu ; a trinket. phiia chiii ; 
break in pieces. chiii-kia"; dribblets. ieh 
chili ; remnants of medicines. chiii-chiii kki ; 
what is is very small fragments. coih chiii- 
clmi ; slice it up fine. thi kku chui-chiii ; li 

kau chili-chili; tear it in tAtters. chiii thiah ; 
parceled out. bvvii to chui kuah ; cut in ten 

thousand pieces. tiiu-kho chiii; broken bean- 
cake, bf chui ; broken rice. bi chiii kueh ; 
cracked rice. cieh chiii ; chips of stone, sa"- 
kho ch6ng kau chap-chap-chiii ; has worn her 
clothes into tatters. 

— chun — 

chun 75 A long-lived tree, hence a 
104 9 symbol of a father, 
chun suang peog mong; both parents are in 
good health. hiang chun ; the Ge.lrela 

odorata. chan-u phue; the bark of the AUantus 

^^ chun 130 Imperfectly developed eggn. 
1^1 105 11 hu-chun ; lish roe. hu ce 

svvii chun au cu sang; fish are thin after 
depositing the roe. 

chun 72 The spring of the year. 
104 5 sin chun ; the new year, 
ngeng chun ; welcome the spring. chun hun ; 
the vernal equinox. lip chun ; jip chun ; the 
beginning of spring. chun thi°-si ; in the 

spring. che" chun sio ni ; in the spring time 



of life. chun gu ; a clay ox borne out by 

officials in the ceremony of meeting the spring, 
chun chiu jieh coi ? How many years old are 

?roa ? pell jit mok 6i" kiie, die" chun put cai 
ai ; waste not the daylight, for youth does not 
return, chan sira ; lewd thoughts. 

#chun 9 To stretch forth; to straight- 
736 5 en ; to dilate, 
chi'a chun chut lai ; stretch forth your arm. lu cih chun chut lai ua thoi"; put out your 
tongue and let me look at it. chun kaa <ng- 
tng chut lai; stretched out at full length. 
hu koi" chii no poi° chun-chiu; that house has 
two wings. kha chun tit; straighten your 

legs. am chun in^-in^ to thoi''; gazing with 
neck outstretched. chun ie ; straighten the 

back. 6i chun oi kin ; is elastic ; will stretch 
and shrink. chun-lun huah-hi ; stretch and 

yawn. bo hie" 6i chun ; it does not stretch 

much, chun khi lai ; stretch up. 


chiia 136 Incompatible. 
120 chuii-cho; erroneous, 
boi chiin-cho ; there is no error in it. 



chiin 61 To surmise. 
1021 3 su-chuti ; to ponder, lu ho 
khu su-chun; you go and cogitate upon it. 





ngo chun ; 

blundering ; 

-^ chiin 41 The Chinese inch. 

-4 1021 cap chian ui cek chieh ; ten 
inches make a foot. chiin chieh ; dimensions. 
Ba° chun khuah cek chieh ihg; three inches 
wide and ten long. tng ke u no chiiii keng 

ho ; it would be better if it were two inches 
longer. ^ chng no sa" chiin chim jip khu ; 

punched it in two or three inches deep, chua- 
tu ; a small folded paper slate. 

chiin-lQn Chilled ; tremors. 
i>^ ^^^^ 163 kua° kaa phah-chun- 

luu ; so cold that she shivered. 

"3^ chun 39 To retain; to preserve; 
"TJr 1020 3 remaining, 
chun u jieh coi? How much is there left? 
ciah chun kai ; what is left after eating. eng 
chun kai ; what remains. chun kai lau-pang 
miia-khi; keep what is left until to-morrow, 
chun lang-su ; have a little left. bo chun ; 

there is no residue, chun bo; there is nothing 
left. ^ eng bo chun ; it is all used up. chun 
b6 ci"; has no money lef(i, tliang m chAn ; 

saved nothing from his earnings. p(5-chiia 

mueh-ngiap; saved his property. i kai chun 
sim ho ; his feelings are correct, m cai i chun 
buang ; do not know whether they are alive or 
dead. chun kai lien-ioin khut i ; preserved 

his reputation for him. chun ke chun kfam 
in sie-taiig; the amount left varies. chun kA,i 
mia" to si-(ie°; preserved a name in the world, 
chun (io se" mla"; preserved his life. chun 

cheng khut i ; continued the kindness shown 
to him. 

— chut — 

114 chut 17 To go forth ; to issue. 

I-Ll 98 3 chut chut jip jip; keeps run- 
ning out and in. cek hue chut, cek hue jip ; a 
going out involves a coming in. chut ning; 
to go out of doors. chut kliau ; go outside, 

chut khu tl-ko ? Where has he gone ? chut 
boi ; for sale. chut siio ; to let. chut t<5i"; to 
mortgage, poih chut lai; pulled it out. p6ih 
rh chut; cannot pull it out. raang m chut; 

cannot pull it up with both hands, pho i chut 
lai ; brought her out in his arms. thiu chut 

thiu jip; pull out and thrust in, as a damper, 
chut sin ; become possessed by a god or demon, 
lau-ia chut sin ; the god takes possession of a 
mortal. i chut rang a biie ? Is she married 

yet? chut sek ; become conspicuous. si i 
siang chut sek ; he is most prominent. chut 
ceng; go out against insurgents. chut ceng ; 
to surpass others. pun-nia chut ceng; more 

able than others. bo lu chut khu ; you will 

not be allowed to go out. ta" m chut chili ; un- 
able to speak it plainly, chut thau thi"; got out 
of difficulty. chut sin chut png ; to provide 

both service and capital. cek nang chut png, 
cek nang chut kang ; one supplies the capital 
and the other the labor. chut kha chut chi'u ; 
furnish the labor, chut si; born; enter on life, 
lu chut si to ti-kp ? Where were you born ? 
chut kia°; to travel. chut gua; go abroad, 

chut kie, chut cun ; go out in a sedan chair 
or in a boat. chut ke ; married off. chut 
ke ; away from home. si i chut thau ; he 

takes the lead in it. liah i lai chut kin ; 

take him to vent spite upon. chut jit; cause 
the sun to rise, jit chut ; the sun rises, chut 
kheng ; a rainbow. chut tho min ; the 
dry land appeared, chut ke a bue ? Is she yet 
married ? si f-keng ke chut kai cau-kia"; it is 
a daughter who is already married. sie" m 

chut; cannot think what it was. sie kang 

chut ci"; unite in furnishing the requisite 
amount of money. cp chut kai mueh-kia"; 

the things made. ko-ca tng-si chut u cek 

kS,i n^ng — ; in ancient times there was a man 



who — . ch6 chut 14i; searched it out. ra cai i 
kS-i chut rnut ; do not know its origin nor end. 
chut sia°; speak loud. chut. I'o toa sia"; speak 
louder, m ka" chut sia"; dare not speak 

aloud. chut khang la si sf, jlp khang la si sf ; 
whether he goes into or coraes out of the hole 
he will be killed, chut lak ; put forth strength, 
lak chut toa toa; exert yourself vigorously. 
t6a chut mia"; far famed. kia° chut; carry 

into practice. si i chut cii-i ; it is for liira to 
decide. co il-tiang chut cia°? Who will take 
np the case as plaintiff? chut ko-sl; issue a 
proclamation. chut che, chut sai ; send mes- 
sengers. nSu chut su; create a disturbance, 
chut sfl ; enter public life. 16 chut ue kha; 

let the cat out of the bag. chut kui ; brings 
honor to his family. ai° chut jieh hfij^ ? How 
far do wish to extend it ? chut cu ; chut tftu ; 
have small-poz. chut kh! ; surpasses belief. 
da. cm chut khi lio; it is incredible. chnn 

th&u chut lai fam ; stretched out his head and 

yCt chut 211 A classifier of verses and 

MJ 459 6 plays. 
cek chut khek ; a ballad. c@k chut hi ; a play. 
c§k jit CO cek chut tia"; they act only one play 
a day. hi chut ; plays. ci chut s! i kai sia 
hi; this is their chief play. cle° chut c6 tieh 
serig-toa", e chut co tieh Ifiu seng ; the first 
acts are performed by inexperienced performers, 
the later ones by their best actors. 

— chu — 

chu 135 To unroll ; to open out ; to 
774 6 expand ; to di.sburden the 
mind ; at ease ; easy ; comfortable ; exhilarated, 
chun-chu ; in good spirits ; cheerful ; comfor- 
table ; quite at ease, ua thoi" i kai nang to m 
chun-chu, si u pe° a m si ? I see that he is not 
in good spirits, it is because he is not well is 
it not ? i a-hia" kai ke hQa" khu fo chun- 

chu, i a-ti kai ke hua° khu io kek-chok; 
the elder brother's family is kept comfortably, 
the younger brother's family is pinched and 
straightened. ci'a thi°-si cie" chin, i ISu nang 
hwn-lio chun-chun chu-chu, boi iii chin; though 
the weather is so severe, the old man is not at 
all discomforted by it, and does not dread the 
cold. p6 chu-khui lAi thoi"; open out the cloth 
that it may be seen. ji-ue chu-khui khut i 

phak ; open out the scrolls and let them snn. 

chu 142 Larvee; very small mag- 
1010 5 gets ; festers which are 

supposed to be caused by maggots. 

cui chu; the larvro of mosauitoes iu water. 


khla chu-ph6' khu ko chu lai chl kira-lf ; take 
the clotli strainer and dip up some mosquito 
larvae to feed the gold-fish. ciii khng ku se* 
chu; if water is kept long it produces mosquito 
larvae. kha cira kaa se" chu; his feet have 

been in the water so long that they have 
festered. cih se" chu ; has festers on his 

tengue. buah chu ; to anoint festers with 

sal ve . 

chd 208 A rat, mouse, or squirrel. 

776 cSk ciah nfo-chu ; a rat. 
cieli-chti ; field-mice, chang-chu ; moles, tio- 
chii ; sables. pue-chu ; flying squirrels. nfo- 
chii kfa"; a young rat. cip-chu; a mouse, 

ng^n-chu; the ermine, hui-chia phAe be'-kiia; 
a riding coat of squirrel skin. nfo-chu heng ; 
rat like; skulking. chu chiap, kau thau ; 

sly thieving. ni'o-chti hue cin ceng m kia" sf 
nftng; a mouse's tail, even when swelled to 
the utmost, is nothing to be much fright- 
ened at. 

|IL chu 77 The thing in hand. 
MXd 1034 2 chu nang. chu jit, chu sfl} 
the person, time, or matter under consideration, 
pf ch^ ; that and this. chu tcng n&ng; this 

class of persons. m hd kka ci chu ; do not let 
it come to this. chu-c&i ; at present. chti 
khek; at this moment. i" chu iii ho; take 

this as a label. 

"^A* chu 76 Next; secondary; a time; a 
"yV 1034 2 period. 

chu toi"; a sequence. chu sfl ; in a regular 

order. u chu iS sfl ; there is a regular series, 
ii cang-chu; has gradations. thau chu ; the 

first time. biie chu ; the last time. pang t5 
ti kai ui-chu ? Where did you place it ? kla" 
kku ci kai ui-chu kha sng ; having walked thua 
far my feet began to ache. cek chu tia°-tia'; 
only once. ke cek chu ; once more. ti cek 
chu ? Which time was it ? jieh coi chu ? 

How many times ? coi-coi chu ; a great many 
times. lu c6i° chu cp-ni ta° ? What did yon 

say the first time ? bo cek chu m-hd ; it was 
right every time. i io ke chu, i io kiam chi ; 
he has been more times, and she less, chu-chu 
lau-jiet cfti ; there was much going on every 
time, ci cgk chu cia" khwn lu, e chu ciu co m 
tit; this time you may be allowed to do so, 
but another time it will not be permitted, tang 
e chu ; wait till next time. cle° chii ; the other 
time. mki° cSu-chu ; do not be flurried. ci 
cek kia° lo chu; this sort is inferior, chuci', 
chu ngun ^ not first rate money. 



^f> cliu 61 Mercy; oompassionafe; loving. 
illi> 103i3 10 cliu b(5 ; a loving mother, 
cliu bp to pai ji ; indulgent mothers spoil their 
childien. ehu sira ; a compassionate heart, 

cliu iii ; loving kindness, chu-pui; pity, jin- 
cliu ; compassion. un-chu ; mercy. pe chu, 
cu hau ; a gentle father has filial sons. 

;^LJL chu 104 A defect ; a blemish. 
yi'-U 1033 ~6~ 610 chu; a petty defect, 
chiie mo" khia chu ; seek for defects under the 
fur; petty caviling at men's faults, cia sng-si 
sio chu; I reckon this a small defect. ai" 

chue kau cng kui bo chu ka,i si cie ; there are 
few to be found that are wholly without defect, 

chu 172 Weak ; inferior. 

1033 5 chuhiong; the weaker and 
the stronger. chu hiong kiam ; a pair of 

swords. lu lia lai kl" kai chu hiong ; let us 

see which of us is the stronger. i kai ue ta" 
kau u chu u hiong ; his language varies much 
in force, bo chu bo hiong ; does not modulate 
the force. 

chu 112 Crockery. 
!K 1033 lo chu khi; 
chu cieh ; a natural magnet. 

— chuli — 

crockery w'are. 

chuli 9 To stoop; to bend. 
146 8 i chuh loh khu iam ; she bent 
down and peeped in. thau chuh-chuh h'-kwn 
kia"; walked right on with head bent down, i 
chut jip to si thau chuh-chuh, bo thoi" nang ; 
he goes out and in with his head hung down, 
and looks at nobody. 

— chwn — 

-r^^ chwn 64 To tickle ; to titillate. 
4^^ 527 12 i to ut, i soil tio cua-ang- 
teng khu chwn i k^i phi"-khang, ua° ce, lu 
khieh koi-mq" khu chwn i kai lii"-khang ; when 
ehe is sleeping, he rolls up a lamp-lighter and 
goes and tickles her nostril, and a little later 
he gets a feather and goes and tickles her ear. 
chwn i che° khi lai ; woke him up by tickling 
him lightly. 

chwn 116 To pervert ; to turn aside. 
,^^ 119 4 khah chwn-ch&k; too much 

perverted from the original truth. si id 

chwn-chak kai ; it is being perverted. chwn- 
8ua°-kah ; the ant-eater. peh po chwn iang ; 
a hundred paces off. nang kai pang ISi m 

hd theng chwn jip khu ; do not without evident 
reason go into people's private rooms. 

ill chwn 47 A rivulet. 
J*\ 119 lo sua" chwn; mountain streams, 
chwn liu put sek ; an uninterrupted flow. 

nUl chwn 80 To pant. 

HjflJ 120 9 hm-hiTi-chwn; asthmatic 
breathing, kia" kaa cf-ko lai tp chwn; coming 
here has put me out of breath, chvvn cck kua 
boi hiah ; panted a half day without stopping. 

pF| chwn 169 A cross-pin ; to join by a 

I J 786 T" cross- pin. 
am ciiwn ; joined by a hidden pin. chwn t6 
hu pue-Su ; joined by a cross-pin on the back, 
pue-au CO sa" ki chwn; make three cross bar-* 
on the back. ai° eng kiii kp lai chwn a si ai" 
eng kau kp kai ? Do you wish to make it by 
joining several pieces with a bar mortised in, or 
to make it of a single piece? kang-hu h(5 kai, 
chwn kliu cia" nai ; make it with joints well 
fitted, and mortise in a bar through the pieces, 
then it will last. 

t-M chwn 2 To lace together; to joia 
nP 121 6 by stringing on; to league, 
chwn phau ; a string of fire-cracker.s. chwn 
bueh-tdi ; to lace up the sole of a stocking, 
chwn khi lai, chwn loh khu; pass the string 
upward and downward through eyelet holes, 
as in lacing a boot. chwn thong; to pass 
through an eyelet hole. chvVn kiie hie" p61°; 
pass it through to the other side. cie" e m 

chwn ; the foregoing and the following are not 
intimately connected. chwn hali ; banded 

together. i no nang chwn-tang kui ; the two 
are leagued together. ara-ce" chwn-tang ; 

secretly leagued, chwn mong ; a concerted 

plan, sim kue phah-chwn kai ; far surpassing 
what could have been done by agreement. 

chwn 118 To seize upon, 
"^C^ 120 To chwn ui ; seize the throne. 
chvVii chi ; murder the ruler, chwn i kai kok ; 
seized his kingdom. i si khut i chwn khu; 
it was seized and taken away by him. 

ch« n 


A mess of 

food ; to mess 
i°-keng kak 

kak hun chvVn li'o ; each of them has his own 
separate table, leng ku, leng chwn ; they are 
separately domiciled. 

chwn 104 Convalescent. 

1012 6 chwn-jii; recovered from 
illness, ui kkn chvvn-ju ; entirely cured. i 
pe° chwn-ju a bue ? Has he recovered yet ? i"- 
keng chwn-jii lio ; he is already convalescent, 
bue chwn-jii ; not yet well. 



chwn 167 To select according to 
1012 6 merit and capacity ; to 
value aright. cliwn-swn ; to estimate the 

quality, and select accordingly ; to choose 
properly. kui p6 chwn-swn; returned to the 
Board for re-appointment, as certain officers are 
at the close of a term of office. 

Z^ chwn 11 Completely ; altogether ; 
db. ^ 1013 4 entire. ^ 
■Wn-chwn ; complete. chwn t^, chwn Ifing ; 

almighty and omnipotent. chwn ke hok 16k; 
the whole family prospered. pu kui sang 

chvvn ; both rich and noble. chwn hii ceng 

sin ; undivided energies. lu co-ni chwn-chwn 
m thia" ua ? Why do you wholly disregard my 
wishes ? i5a lai k«-a hiie chwn m pat th6i°- 

ki" id ; I came many times and never saw yon 
at all. c^a si chwn boi ciah ; I cannot eat at 
all at this time. i chi^n ai"; he altogether 

desires it. wn-cliwn cf klii" sQ; finish up this 
business. chwn khieh khu; take it away 

altogether. liok b6 sang chwn ; bliss is never 
twice complete. bun bii chwri cai ; he under- 
stands both military and civil affairs. clu"-si 
chwn b6 ho, juah cfti ; there has been no rnin 
lately and it is very hot. ci png cu ua th6i" m 
chwn ; I have not yet read this book through, 
chwn hu hok-sek; a complete suit of clothes, 
chwn sin phi kua ; completely accoutered. 
chwn thhu ; a complete equipment. chwn tu 
chwn ie"; whole hogs and sheep. i chwn i7i 

hio su; he does not understand the matter at 
all. chwn clang lu iJlu nang ke ; it depends 

wholly upon your venerable self. kha chwn 
theng ; rouse the whole school of fish by strik- 
ing the water. ci cnang kua°-si phah chwn 
theng; this lawsuit has beaten the whole posse 
of them. lu chwn i7i pat hd khiap ; you are 
wholly ignorant of what is best or what is 
worst. lu kai ue ta" Ifti chwn boi cho ; what 
you said was faultless. pai chwn cip-su; 
bring out all the emblems off office. bvvn 
chwn ; not the least. lu chwn bo aim khu \i ; 
you have no mind to do it. 

/|i^ chwn ^ To order; to transmit or- 
1^^ 119 11 ders. chwn i lai k\°; order 
him to appear. chvvn ho lau-ciang kio bun 

p6i° kai ho-pang cek ie°; ushers are the same, 
whether in military or in civil service. 

e 30 Dumb. 
lOfiG 8 e nang hau" tk" ue ; the dumb 
are loquacious. ui lang, ui e, ui che°-me°; to 
so cure the patient that he is deaf, dumb, and 

blind. &a si tieh e ; you will be dumb in the 
next world, (said in scolding a great talker). 
i ^ sin e kui ; he is a dumb fellovr. 

S 85 To wade. 
__ 750 7 e kiie khoi ; wade across a 
stream, tin-tang k6 chira, khfong-iii e i7i kuo; 
it is deep in the middle, and I fear we cannot 
wade e pin 8im-kua"-th&u ; wade in 
up to the chest. kha raai" e ciii ; do not step 
in that puddle. put-phii klio-kha cia° lip e ; 
lift the bottoms of your trowsera, then you 
can wade. 

Te 1 The next ; below ; under. 
183 2 § chu; the next time, e ni ; the 
coming year. e jit ; some other day soon, 

tang kau (^ k&i gueh ; wait until next month. 
e cua cla" kiiieh Ifti ; he will bring it the nexfc 
time. e hftng tieh cia'-se" ( p ; next time you 
must do thus. § chut cp-ni cp? What is to be 
done next ? e pai i m ka'; another time he will 
not do BO. e liue, iTi li<5 ; do not do .so again, 
e si ; another time, hereafter. cle" e si cu. m 
sie tang; they were not the same the last time 
as they were the first lime. § si tieh cai thoi"; 
another time you must look out. chfu e k&i 
nilng; subordinates. ti e nftng; those under 
your control. kha chfu chek e kai nang ; 

dependents, mak u kai keng-khuang h(5 me ? 
Is the immediate prospect good? tbong thi" e 
kai n&ng; all people under heaven. 16h laa e ; 
gone down stairs. P^ng to chng e ; put it 

under the table. teh to ci cu-cheh e ; put it 

under this book, khng to tu e; hidden under 
the cupboard. e chi'u kang ; the work of an 
apprentice. cie" chi'u ciap e chfu ; there is no 
interim between the predecessor and successor, 
cie" chfu si i t<5 tin, e chi'u si lia t(5 tiu ; first 
he lived there, and then I did. e po ; the 

lower or latter portion, e-hai; the chin. Sm e; 
the neck, below the chin. kha e ; under foot, 
khn-mak e ; the side of the foot below the ankle 
bone, kpli-thang-e ; the armpit. kha-thau-u 
e; the kneepan. to-cai e ; the abdomen, hiap 
e; the side, below the armpit, cie" png thak wn 
cia" thak e png; read the preceding volumes, 
then the succeeding. cie''-kua cp kau e-kua ; 
worked from forenoon till afternoon. cie' 

tng lau e tng ; save the preceding meal for the 
succeeding one. cie ui, e ui ; higher and lower 
positions. kph e ; Your Excellency. cie" 

chiu p6i°, e chin p6i°; up and down in a land- 
scape, to hu e si; down there on the lower 
level. huang cie poi", huang e poi"; to wind- 
ward and to leeward. cle° lau poi", e Iftu 



p6i''; the side from which the tide comes in, 
and the opposite side. to chia e la-liang ; 

under a tree, enjoying the coolness. cun lui 
kie e keng-kue ; the hoat passed under the 
bridge. coi n8,ng chut i kai mhg e ; many 

have been under his instruction. cie° hie", e 
hie"; the upper and lower villages. cle in, e 
in ; the upper and lower tiers. e cek cang ; 

the lowest shelf. e cang cu ; the next session, 
chali to i sit e ; carried under his wing. cie" 
khu, e khu; the high and low departing tones, 
cie phe", e phe"; the upper and lower even 
tones. puah to tho e ; fell down upon the 

ground. pak e; the belly. cun pak e; 

under the boat. sua" kha e ; at the base of 

the hill. 

Tg 1 A stroke ; a time. 
183 2 cek e; all together, cek e cSk e; 
stroke by stroke. ua thia" i phah cek e cek e 
hin-hin ; I heard the blows distinctly. ceng 
hi'ang kiii e ? How many times did the clock 
strike ? cek e tia"; but once. u jieh coi e ? 

How many strokes were there ? bq kiii e cia 
ho; done at a few strokes, lia thia" tieh coi-coi 
e; I heard it many times, lu tang lia cek e ce ; 
wait for me an instant. thai co cek e ; wait 

for all to assemble. co cek e khieh lai ; bring 
them all at once, cu co cek e ; collected in one 
mass, kap cp cek e ; compiled in one. cp cek 
e lai khu; go all together, chwn bo thoi" kii i 
c§k e ; paid no regard whatever to him. 

e 181 Incessant ; continually ; re- 
697 7 peatedly. 
i e-e lai ; he came again and again. i c-e pat 
khu hu-ko ; he has been there time and again, 
e-e m it-tit; am constantly forgetting it. i e-e 
puah-16h khu ; he keeps falling down. 

§" 75 The roof beams of a house. 
1107 T ili-hp co e" ia ho cp thio ; 
though not suitable for a main beam, it may 
be useful as a prop. ti-tiang-si khia e" ? 

When are the roof beams to be put up ? seng 
e°; lay the main beam. toa e" toa sai ; heavy 
timbers. chia" ti-tiang lai pho e"-thau ? Who 
is to lay the main beam, (the corner stone) ? 
pai e" teng kak lio ; the wood work of the roof 
is completed, tin-tang e°; the main beam, ji 
e"; the beam next the ridgepole. e° cai ; a 

girder. i si ke iSi kai tang e"; he is the main 
dependence of tlie family. ci kai nang si kok 
ke kai tang e"; this man is the chief pillar of 
the state. 

— eh — 

Irj eh 27 A dangerous obatraction. 
/ L^ 629 2 kai eh; hazardous, thio kiie 
cf kai eh ; get over this obstruction. cui eh, 
hiie eh ; in jeopardy by fire and water. 

eh 61 Whatever. 
/Ui\ 702 12 eh-cp-ni ; whatever may hap- 
pen ; no matter what may come ; iu spite of 
everything. eh-cp-ni lu tieh lai ; you must 

come without fail. eh-cp-ni to u cun ; the 

boats run under all circumstances. eh-cp-ni, 
tia to ai"; no matter what the case may be, I 
shall do so. 

eh"-hem To make the sound re- 
429 presented by the word, 
ci gua ce eh"-hem hu iki cu chut lai ; as soon 
as some one outside j^hems, some of those 
inside come out. ce eh"-heni i cu cai ; 

when he hems they know it to be the signal 
agreed on. 

— ek — 

\>S ^^ — "^^ bathe ; to wash the body. 
llir 1139 7 s6i-ek ; to bathe, cang-ek; 
take a shower bath. phah-ek ; a plunge bath, 
ju-ek ; a sponge bath. s6i-ek koi"; a bath 

room. ek tn^ ; a bathing establishment. sdi 
chin ciii ek ; bathe in cold water. loh khoi 
khu s6i-ek ; go to the river to bathe. 

ek 85 The juices of the body. 
1095 8 cin-ek; saliva. se"cin-§k; 
produces saliva. chiii teng bp mih cin-ek; 

my mouth is rather dry. 

Y^^ ek 85 To overflow ; to run over. 
\Ti^ 1092 10 ek chut lai; to overflow, 
khah miia" cii ai" ek tio ; if it is too full, it 
will run over, khieh khu p6k-p6k ek ; spilled 
it as he went. mai" ek cek koi" ciii ; do not 
spill the water around. ek c6k sin ciii ; 

spilled the water all over him. t§ mai" .sai 

khah ti" cia" boi ek tio ; do not pour the tea- 
cups too full, then they will not run over. 

ek 124 Flanks or wings; assistants. 
1093 11 li-ek; adherents, supporter.s, 
helps, accomplices, aids. si i kai li-ek; is his 
adherent. hun cp cp iu ek ; set apart as right 
and left hand supporters. cp ek tie"; chief of 
the stalf. cp-ek-c6ng-pia"; a Manchu lieuten- 
ant commander. 



^ BH gk 149 To interpret ; to translate. 
P^ 1094 18 ek ue ; to interpret Rpecch. 
ek ji ; to translate written passnges. 6k (U; 
translate books. hwn ek kua"; official inter- 
preters, cang sai-kok u« ek c6 tong-kok ue ; 
translate European languages into Chinese. 
ci kai ti-hng bo niing 5i ek iie ; there is no one 
here who can act as interpreter. ci kii Qe 6k 
chut Ifii si cie°-8e" ta°; this Bentence is thus 

ek 130 The arm-pits ; the fur under 
1095 8 the fore legs of animals, 
hu-ek khiu ; a robe made from the fur under 
the legs of foxes, dp ek seng khiu; ho collects 
bits of fur from under the legs of foxes to n«iko 
his robe; he asks aid from everybody. ci Ie° 
leh oi ti ek-li\u"; this medicine will cure fetor 
of the arm-pits. 

6k 72 To change ; to exchange. 

281 4 koi-ek ; pien-ek ; to change, 
kau-ck ; to barter. boi i-ek ; unchangeable. 

i-6k hong-sok ; modify the prevailing custom, 
seng-li mong-ek ; trade is mutable. keng.6k 
ui-chu ; exchange locations. 

6k 108 To swash about. 

869 12 eui 6k lai ek khu ; the water 
swashes to and fro. ta" hd-ho, i cu boi hie" 

6k ; carry it gently and then it will not swash 
over. pdk-pok ek ; to swash up and down, 

as water in a pail that is shaken. 

eek 180 The heart or breast, the 
1093 13' thoughts, the feelings. 
ek-k\en ; prejudices; notions; opinions biased 
by feelings. i si peng i ka,i ek-kien cu td 

koi-sueh ; he explains it in accordance with his 
preconceived notions, cia si kie-cp ek sueh, i7i 
si tia"-tieh cie^-se" sueh ; this may be called a 
whimsical exposition, it is not necessarily 
thus explained, cek nang kai ek-twn bue cok 
ui Clin ; the judgment of one person is not 
sufficient to form a criterion. 

ek 9 c!ah-ek ; a disease, in which 
1093 6 there is a voracious appetite, 
■while the patient grows thin : it is probably 
caused by tape-worm. 

6k 9^ A hundred thousands. 
lHi£\ 1092 13 cap bvvn ui 6k; ten ten- 
thousands are a hundred thousands. 6k tio ; 

— eng — 

eng 61 Right and proper; should be. 
[li> 1106 13 eng-kai ; tng-eng-kai ; ought; 
should. Iiii eng-kai hai" i ; you ought to repay 
him. kham eng-kai cie''-se"; it ought to be so. 
png eng-kai kai; that which it is one's duty 
to do. 8l ua eng hun cO kai ; it is what it is 
my duty to do. i eiig-tit kai ci"; the money 
that he ought properly to get. i7i eng-kai 

cie'-se"; ought not to l)e thus. elm si liiaug 

eng; is eminently suitable. 

eng 196 The parrot kind. 

Il05 17 eng-bii; a parrot, eng-kp; 
the macaw. p6h eng-bii ; the cockatoo, eng- 
bu ia 61 til" Qe, nang ft si thu-thu 6i la" ue, m 
pat loi-ngl, kha in si kio eng-bii cek ie° ? 
Parrots can talk, and if a person can merely 
talk, without any understanding of propriety 
in talking, is he not like a parrot? 

_ to M. 

eng 104 A carbuncle, or abscess. 

1108 17 se" eng; have an abscess. 
c{ kai eng chut l&ng &a u kiii kai chng-khau ; 
this abscess, after breaking, had several open* 

eng 120 A certain sort of fringe. 
1106 17 &ng eng bo; a hat with red 
fringes, ti cam-eng bo; wear a conical fringed 
hat. eng bo chiu ; the fringe worn on liats. 

Ill to cam-eng; hat fringe that has served 
seveml generations. tiie cek phau ang eng ; 
had a tuft of red fringe attached to it. 

eng 88 
1105 14 

An infant. 

eng ji ; a young child. idle 
eng tag; a foundling hospital. 

-r ro eng 75 The cherry. 
t"^^ 1105 17 kim-eng ; cherries, eng-thft ; 
the red peach. eng-tho chili ; cherry lips, 

kim-eng ko; cherry paste. 

^i^^ eng 140 Brave and eminent. 
l/sC 1104 5 eng-meng; clear-headed, 
eng khi pwt-pwt; of fine presence, eng-hiong; 
heroes ; manly. eng cieh ; blue limestone. 

ttJ^ eng 109 To fly into the eyes. 
fr|V 590 6 eng tieh mak; got some dusi 
in his eyes. M kai mak mi''-mi° m ka° tie" 

khui si khut sim-mih kai eng tieh a m si ? You 
shut your eyes and dare not open them because 
you have got something in them, is not that 
it ? ci khi miieh m-ho eng tieh, eng tieh cQ 
che°-me"; do not get this in your eyes, if you 
do it will blind you. 



A term for all accipi trine 
birds, as the eagle, hawk, 

W^ eng 196 
/^ 1103 19 
kite and falcon, 
eng do ; an eagle, eng mak ; eagle-eyed, eng 
phi"; a hooked beak ; an aquiline nose. i k6 
ciah eng khu pang ; he made a kite in the form 
of an eagle, and flew it. lio-eng-po ; a hawk, 
eng ngun ; dollars having an eagle on them, 
ciah eng sut loh lai tio koi-kia"; an eagle 
swooped down and carried off a chicken, eng- 
iang ; soaring falcons ; warriors who at first 
were private soldiers. cp-pu. khu ciah eng- 

iang ang ; go together to the soldiers' banquet. 

eng-teng Dust; motes in the air. 
1082 pua° tio eng-teng; 
brush off the dust. pua° lio eng-teng pue 

c§k koi"; after the dusting, the dust flies all 
through the room. hie" kii b6 sau i cii chie 

eng-teng ; it has not been swept for so long a 
time that the dust has settled over everything. 
eng-tSng choi" cheng-khih lio ce sau cu se" 
eng-teng ; when you have brushed off all the 
dust, as soon as you sweep again it is dusty. 

P_^ eng-sok The poppy. 
'^1 a 823 eng-sok khak ; the 
capsules of the poppy plant. eng-.sok bi; poppy 
seeds. a-ph\en-hun si eng-sok co kai ; opium 
is made from the poppy. kim bo nang ceng 
eng-sok ; prohibit the cultivation of the poppy. 

VHa eng 85 Waves. 

•>// 1148 9 cui-e'ng ; billows, huang eng 
toa ; it is very windy and the waves are high. 
u huang eng ; the sea is rough, bo huang 6ng] 
smooth waters. u si sui-si u huang to bo mih 
6ng ; sometimes although there is wind the 
waves are not high. mai" khut eng-chiu pun 
cek sin ; do not let the spray dash over yon. 
eng kau ; the trough of the wave. eng peh- 
peh eng cu si toa; if the waves are white they 
are high. cun-thau chie° eng-kak ; head the 
boat to the crest of the wave. 

Ijg eng_ 61 To fulfill; to meet expecta- 
/>U^> 1106 13 tion ; a response, 
kau Su-lai cin eng-ngiam i kai ue ; afterward 
his^ prophecy was really fulfilled. cek eng ku 
chwn ; all completely furnished. i btie ceng 
^ng sgng ; he has not yet answered the request, 
eng-ngiam kai Jiang hng ; a verified prescrip- 
tion, khu ciap-eng i ; go and reinforce him. 
keng-eng kau kau ; to entertain very hospi- 
tably, tit sim eng chiu ; meets my expecta- 
tions, kam ^ng; to reverberate, sua" meng 
kok eng ; the hills and valleys echo. ii khiu 

pit eng ; if there be prayer, there will certainly 
be response, khiu khu Q ^ng; there is response 
to the appeal. 

'%J^^ 6ng 85 To pour on in small quantities. 
lyiu 368 12 khieh chph ciii khu hng hue ; 
get some water and water the shrubs. hng 

ke°-chai ; water the vegetables. 

eng 140 
1145 13 

The Convolvulus reptans, 
whose stem and leaves are 

mucilaginous, and are eaten as a vegetable. 

boi pe eng-chai IM ciah liang ; buy a bunch of 

this vegetable and eat it for its cooling effect. 

cui eng, hng eng ; the water-grown, and the 

land grown varieties. 

eng 39 
1104 2 
eng ; with child. 


u eng ; t6 teng ii eng ; hAai 

HJ eng 101 Use ; to use ; to employ. 
/ij 1149 bo eng; bo teng eng; u-seless. 
u eng ; useful, sai eng ; to make use of. hui- 
eng ; to wear out. jit eng; in constant use. 

hua eng ; to use wastef ully. khiam eng ; use 
sparingly. cak-eng; frugal. tSi eng; very 
useful, mai" eng i ; do not employ him. tieh 
eng i ; needs employ him. ai" co mih eng ? 

Of what use is it ? ai° eng sim mueh ? What 
use will you put it to ? eng tieh a m eng tieh ? 
Will it do for this use or not ? lu co eng cie"- 
se° ? What use is there in your doing so ? mi'ii 
eng ; it is needless. eng i su ; use your judg- 
ment, eng kha eng chi'u ; use hands and feet, 
eng hi" lai thia", eng mak lai th6i''; use your 
ears and eyes. eng pit si co-ni eng cia" tit 

huap ? In using the pen how is it to be used so 
as to be in accordance with the rules ? chwn 
eng; wholly available. chwn-chwn bo eng ; 
completely useless for the purpose ? bo thang 
eng ; have nothing to use for the purpose, 
cok ciah cok eng ; enough to live upon. eng 
wn ; all used up. eng rli vvn ; more than can 
be used, cieh lu eng ; lend to you to use. ke 
eng kai mueh ; a thing of many uses, eng ci° 
eng ngun ; lay out money. eng sim cp ; do it 
faithfully, eng lak; expend force, kong eng ; 
for public use. ceng nang kong eng ; used by 
all in common, sai-khia eng; for private use. 
Ill chi eng thoi" ce ; you give it a trial. raai" 
theng eng ; do not use it in all sorts of ways, 
ho eng lu ; may avail myself of your services, 
na" eng cie"-se° ? Why make such use of it? 
khua" si mueh, kin si eng ; what is made in 
leisure hours, comes into use in emergencies, 
i kai eng-to khiam ; his outlays are very care- 
fully made. 



gai 112 To impede; to stop progress. 

620 14 c(5-gai; impedes, huang-gai; 
to hinder. bo huang b6 gai ; without im- 

pediment of any sort. si phi" b6 huang-gjli; 
no hindrances from any quarter. 6i gai tieh a 
bSi ? Will that interfere in any way ? ua b6i 
gai ileh lu; I shall not interfere with you. gai 
kha, gai chiu, gai mak, gai tieh chiii ; to im- 
pede the of the feet, hands, eyes or mouth, 
gai tieh lo ; impede progress. 

— gfiu — 

Buy g^u 164 Wise ; learned ; sage. 
J^\ 197 8 gftu nftng ; sage people. 
g&u cS,i ; very wise. toa giiu nftng ; a very 

learned person. ci k&i gnu kue hu kai ; this 
is superior to that in moral excellence. hd 

kio gan nung tang si, mai" kio ngb iiflng t&ng 
se"; it is better die with the wise than to live 
with the foolish. mua"-ti-ko khu chini-chue 
gftu-nang; went everywhere seeking the wise. 

— gauh — 

g&uh 75 Music, one of the six 
654 11 liberal arts. 
chu gS,uh ; to make music. gftuh khi ; gauh 
ku ; musical instruments. loi gfiuh ; the 

refinements and elegancies of life. 

M^ ge 92 A prong ; tines. 
,^\ 1066 ci ki che kiii ge ? How many 
prongs has this fork ? ki° sa° ge a ai° si ge ? 
Do you want three tines or four ? co cek ge 
cek ge ; make it pronged. 

y^^ ge 144 The house or oflBce of a ruler; 
jrtl 1007 7 a court; a tribunal, 
ge-miig; a Chinese oflBcial establishment; a 
yamun ; a public court. gg hiah ; oflficial 

messengers. pai gg ; open the court, bun bu 
ge-miig ; civil and military tribunals. ge lai ; 
belonging to the official staff. kua° ge ; official 
bureau. ehwn ge ; an employe at the yamun. 
li ge-mng su ; exercise the functions of an 
official. iSu ge-mng ; an old habitue' of the 

court. g§ cu ; an official weevil, a mercenary 

JEQ gg 92 Tusks; large teeth; molars. 
^^4 1066 chie" ge; elephants' tusks, ge 
tu ; ivory chop-sticks. gg jio ; teeth and 

claws. eng i cp ge jio ; use him as a cat's 

paw. gd-chiam khi-thak ; a bunch of toilet 

picks, ka gg chiet chf ; gnash the teeth, hwt 

gC ; to teeth. chit c8, poih pg, kau hwt g^ ; 
sit alone at seven months, creep at eight, and 
teeth at nine. tu-kp ge ; a wild boar's tusk, 
ba ge ; tushes, si-kue iii ba ge ; watermelons 
fear prominent teeth. ge kun kS kin ; the 

teeth set. g6-kwn kin-pi ; lockjaw. 

ge-lang Striped, variegated ia 
SOI color, 
ge-laiig sph ; colored cotton cord, sold in many 
colors, ge-laug pi°; colored braids. 


gfi-kang A centipede. 
1063 che" kha gfi-kang, &ng 
kha gO-kang ; green foot«d and red footed cen- 
tipedes, gd-kang-kia"; a young centipede. 
g6-kang ki ; a long narrow flag. ge-kang la ; 
oil in which centipedes have been soaked, 
used as medicine. gd-kang k& koi-b(5 u, cl"- 
16ng ka khi toa chu ; if a centipede bites you 
poultice it with a chicken, but if a lizard 
bites you have your coffin made. 


g6 75 The cocoa tree. 
1079 9 ge-ci ; a cocoa-nut. gQ-cf 

khak ; cocoa-nut shells. ge-ci nfik ; the meat 
of a cocoa-nut. ge-ci-sui ; cocoa-nut husk, 

ge-ci ra6h'; the brown film on the surface of 
the meat of a cocoa-nut. g6-ci cUi ; g@-ci c^u ; 
the milk of a cocoa-nut. 

g6 140 A germ ; a sprout. 
1067 4 hwt ge; pauh g6; piuh gg; to 
sprout, tau ge, beh gS, kok g6 ; bean, wheat, 
and paddy sprouts. 


ge 142 To polish as by a calendering 
1067 4 stone. 
i kai kim ge hli ngia cai ; his gold is very 
finely burnished, cang hue-si ge kku kng-kng; 
smooth it with the trowel till it shines. chie" 
ge lai pe"; the wall is made very smooth, 
ma-lau ge ; a quartz stone used in smoothing 
plastered walls. 

— gek — 

3 A gek 96 A stone fit for a lapidary ; 
ik 1138 1) jade and fine quartz, 
peh gek; white jade. hui-chiii gek; mottled 
jade. ggk khi ; articles of jade or quartz, 

gek pne, gek chiu-hwn, gek pang-ci, gek chiu- 
cak ; jade cups, bracelets, thumb-rings, and 
finger-rings. gek phiie-thau ; jade ornamen- 
tation, ggk hi" kau-tlmi ; jade ear drops, 
gek nng ; your daughter. gek jin ; a lovely 
girl, kim gek ; very lovely. gek cieh ku un; 
indiscriminate destruction. kim gek cSi ; 
precious, admii-able. 



ggk 94 A prison ; a dungeon. 
IR/V 1139 10 tl-gek; the abode of the dam- 
ned. 16-gek ; purgatory. loh ti-gek ; go to 
hell, phah loh ti-gek; sent to hell, gek-cut; 
a jailor. khui ti-ggk rang ; release from 



V^^ gi 103 Doubt ; suspect. 
>v4lr 275 "9" eng cia mai" gi, gi cla mai" 
6ng; do not suspect those whom you employ^ 
nor employ those whom you suspect. ci kia 
RU ua thoi" tieh gi-su ; I consider this very sus- 
picious, i sim lai hu-gi ; he is doubtful in his 
own mind. i thoi" tieh hu-liu gi-gi, m cek 

kwt; he considered it very doubtful, and vvas 
unable to decide, sim gi se" am kiii ; the ima- 
gination produces ghosts, gi-hok ; sim ISi gi- 
hok ; in great doubt. pi hiam-gi ; avoid vvhat 
is suspicious, bo g£; without doubt, chai-gi ; 
to doubt. ci kiii pe" si gi pe"; this ailment is 
hypochondriacal. in-ui cie"-se" ti-kau i gi ; 
in this way he was lead to doubt, pi nang gi ; 
suspected. ci kai nang si ho gi ; this person 
may well be suspected. i to gi sin gi kiii ; he 
Buspects everybody and everything. chi-gi 

put kwt; irresolute and uncertain. chi-chi 

gi-gi ; apprehensive, i kai nang to gi ; he is a 

— gia — 

gia 149 To wonder; to express 
1067 4. surprise, 
thoi" tieh kia"-gia ; beheld it with amazement, 
ceng nang thia" tieh kai-kai kia''-gia hai-i ; 
when they heard it they were every one of 
them filled with wonder and surprise. 

— go — 

VC go 195 The porpoise or river pig. 

pu 276 6 peh-go ; peh-go hu ; por- 
poises. th6i°-ki" biie peh-go to pha-lin-tau ; 
saw a porpoise frisking about. 

§|y E^ ?^ To thwart ; to hinder by 
|4yV 1063 7 carelessness or by mistake, 
go tieh su ; to cause a thing to miscarry. go 
hai ho nang ; unwittingly injure the good, 
cek go kha-iong cai go ; one false step leads to 
others. tam-go ; to dawdle, and thus cause 

an enterprise to fail. sit go ; to fail in doing, 
go lio si-kheh ; to miss the time set. go tai 

su; cause important business to fall through, 
go sie"; mistake in reasoning, go jin ; confess 
the wrong thing. cho go ; err by mistake, 

lim-si twn-twn boi go ; shall certainly not fail 
of being there at the exact time. lim-si tam- 

go ; delay at the critical moment. g5 Sng 

chong-m6ng; misused his knowledge. ku-i 

tam-go ; purposely thwart by delay. g5 koi ; 
wrongly explain, go thwn; report erroneously. 

— goi — 

goi 140 A craft ; a calling ; an 
283 15 accomplishment, 
chiu-goi ; handicraft, kang-hu chiu goi; good 
workmanship, ki goi; skilled work, oh sim- 
mih goi? What trade is he learning? ho bu- 
goi ; a good trade. hak-sip bu-goi ; learn a 

trade. oh u cek kia" goi to sin-teng cQ m-ui ; 
one who knows a trade need not fear. lii 

sim-mih chiu goi ? What craft do you follow ? 
choi° chfing b\vn ti put ju poh goi sui sin ; 
much land is not so good as a trade even half 

— go- 
go 75 Fetters or gyves. 

*|ll 454 7 i kliut i liah khu g6 ; he was 
seized and fettered by them. kua cha go ; 

wear wooden gyves. ci sang 6i hie" tSng 

cheng lio chin-chie" kua cha-go hie°-se''; these 
shoes are so heavy that wearing them is like 
being fettered with wooden gyves. khut i gd 
to ko ku-ii kai gueh ; was fettered for several 

go 142 Nocturnal moths ; a disease 

627 7 of the throat, 
choi" go; the silk-worm moth, teng go; moths 
that flutter around a light. go bai ; delicate 

eyebrows. go bai gueh ; the thin crescent 

moon. toa" go ; a swollen tonsil. sang go ; 
swollen tonsils. 

^B go 196 The domestic goose. 
^»^ 627 7 cSk ciah go ; a goose. go- 

b<5, g6-heng, go-kia"; goose, gander, and gos- 
lings, chau-go ; the common thien-go; 
a crane, hai-go; a pelican, te" si pho hai-go; 
feign death in order to catch pelicans. go 

mo" si°; goose feather fans. go mo" kiig ; a 

goose-quill. go cie"; a goose's foot. go kia" 
ah po ; an humble bearing. liah go-kia" pien 
nang co ah-kia"; depreciate for the sake of 
selling at any price. 

go 184 To starve ; to go without 

627 7 food, 
go si ; starve to death. go kiii ; io go kiii ; 

starving ghosts, the manes of those who have 
no descendants to offer them food. to si hue 
ceng go tieh ; 1 am not yet hungry. cek jit 

t<? go ; ate nothing all day. tang mng-khi go 
kau me"-hng cia" ciah ; ate nothing from morn- 



ing till nigtt. go khah kiie <ng ciah Ho hi' 

sie"; if you go without food too long, when you 
eat the food will distress you. i to si m pat 

go tieh ; he does not know what it is to fast, 
go kau s.dng-sang ng-sng fig-sng ; starved till 
he was thin and cadaverous. 


— gu — 

/\\ gu 03 Bovine animals; kine ; cattle. 
*~| G38 cek ciah gu ; an ox. gu ko, 
g^ h6, gu kia"; a bull, a cow, and a calf. ciii- 
gu ; the water buifalo. sai-gu ; a rhinoceros, 
iig-gu ; ma-gQ ; a cow. sua" gu ; cattle that do 
not frequent the water. gu-nek ; beef. gu- 
ni ; railk. g{x-la ; suet. g6-nl-pfa"; cheese, 
gu-ni-iu; butter, gd-phok ; cow's hump, gu- 
phue ; leather, cowhide. gu-ng ; cow-bezoar. 
gu peh-cheh ; the manyplus of an ox. liu gii- 
ni ; to milk a cow. chl gu ; to keep cows, 

khang gu ; to tend cows. gA mo° chut t6 

g{l sin teng ; cow-hair comes from cows ; you 
get your income from what you invest your 
money in. chie gu-ko ; a steer. g\i-kia" m 
pat h6°; a calf is ignorant about tigers, tl-gu 
ua° koi"; the ox that supports the earth shifts 
it on his shoulders ; an earthquake. gA oi 

bo ; a mill turned by cattle. gA-raftk-a"; 

blinds for cattle. gA-ta"-wn ; an ox yoke, gfi 
koi"; a cow house. cfe" gu kui a-no'-kfa"; a 

cow boy. gu to ; a slaughter house, gu-kun ; 
ox sinews. chng tieh gu phi"; perforate the 
nose of an ox. nang ui ji, gii ui phi"; people 
dread written agreements as the ox dreads the 
nose ring. g{i-thau thak khoi ; read the deed 
of sale at the ox's head. ci ciah gu 6i hi'a" 

n^ng ; this ox is apt to hook people, khut gii 
tak tieh ; gored by an ox. nang sim-kua", 

gii sai-t6 ; people have hearts, and cattle have 
paunches. gxi kai ni-p6 ; a cow's udder, g^ 
kai ni-th&u ; a cow's teats. ti-gu ; a tadpole. 

— gUa — 

jh\y gQa 86 Outer ; outside ; external. 
y\ 1037 ^ lai gua; inner and outer, 
gua nang ; not one of our party. gua kok ; 

foreign countries. gua se"; another province, 
lia thia°-ki" gua-thau nang cie''-se°ta°; I heard 
an outsider say so. gua kang nang ; an alien, 
gua min ; the external surface. leng-gua ; 

besides. m cai i leng-gua fl a bo ; I do not 

know whether he has an,y besides these, l^ng- 
gua u ; there are some besides these. t A chii 
cu gua, bo nang ia° i ; besides this one, there 
is no one who surpasses him. tu i cu gua bo 
n&ng lai ; besides him no one came. cfa tii 

gua fl jieh coi ? How many are there besides 
this one ? keh gua un-tien ; grace above what 

is demanded, k^k gua ; neutrals. cfa sng-sl 
I gtia k&i su ; this is something that was not 
calculated upon. chut gfla n&ng ; those gone 
abroad. i khu chut gua cia" t£g lai ; he went 
abroad and returned. lu t5 hu gua lai thia" 
Q nftng co-ni ta" mg ? When you were coming 
from there did you hear anything said ? khia 
to ning gua ; standing outside the door. iSi 
gua u kak piet ; there is a distinction made 
between tiiose who belong to the party and 
those who do not. ci kai nang Q gua chfti ; 

this man has superabundant means. gua btt ; 
outside business. bu gua; give attention to 
outside matters. gua bfl ci"; perquisites, 

i cio"-8e" Hi se" gua su; in that way he stirs up 
additional trouble. i cia" chap tieh gua bu 

cu hd sim hd cia" co ; since he has entered into 
other occupations he has no interest in doing 
this. chut-hu cheng-li cu gua; beyond what 
is reasonable. gua ma; maternal grand- 

mother, gua ke ; gua ke-thfiu ; the wife's 

relations. gua sun ; the child of a daughter 
or sister. 16 raiii" gua-gua ne, chin-chie" gua 
n&ng hie°-8e"; do not act so unconcernedly, as 
if you were not of us. ue l&i gua i ; drawn 

better than one would expect. cf k&i p5" si 
gua kdm a si ISi sie" ? Does this disease arise 
from outward or inward causes ? pang t6 gua 
keh a t6 Ifti keh ? Did you put it in the outer 
or the inner compartment ? khu kau i gua 
tia"; went to the outer court. chut khu sia" 
gua ; went out to the suburbs, cek peh cu gua 
hwn u jieh c5i ? How many over a hundred are 
there ? boi chut gua ko ; sell for exporta- 

tion. tok chut gua keng ; banished beyond the 
frontier. gua mftu"; external appearance, i 
t6-cau t5 gua ; he fled to a remote place, gua 
hng; distant regions. hun gua 6i ]i su; can 
manage affairs that are be3'ond his domain. 

— gueh — 

p^ gueh 74 Moon ; month ; monthly. 
y~J 1129 gueh-nie; the moon, gtieh- 
bai ; the crescent moon, gueh chut ; the moon 
rises, g^eh 16h ; the moon sets, gueh khih ; 
the moon wanes. gueh i"; the moon waxes, 

gueh sih ; an eclipse of the moon. gueh h6k 
i"; the eclipse ceases. kiu gueh ; ceremonies 
to preserve the moon during an eclipse. ci 

kai gueh toa a soi ? Has this month thirty 
days or only twenty-nine ? cek ni cap-ji kfti 
gueh ; one year is twelve months. sa" ni kSi 
jun gueh ; there is an intercalary month once 
in three years. gueh-gueh u nang lai ; some 
one comes every month. ang gueh sng-sio ; 

settle accounts monthly. co ci" si lun gueh a 
si lun nl kai ? Is the rent paid by the month 



or by the year ? gueh kng cJli; the moonlight 
is very bright. u gueh ; there is a raoon. 

th(5i''-ki° gueh-hua ; see the halo around the 
moon. gueh phek ; the dark body of the 

moon. gueh thiiu, gueh piia", gueh bvie ; the 
first, the middle, and the end of the month. 
h<5 gueh sek ; bright moonlight. cie" kai 

gueh ; last month. rie" sa" kai gueh ; three 

months ago. ci kai gueh ; this month, e kai 
gueh ; next month. ke no kai gueh ; in two 

months more. kai gua gueh ; over a month, 
kai gua-gua gueh; a good deal more than a 
month. cci° kai gueh ; month before last, 

cek khiii sa" kai gueh ; one season is three 
months, kia" gueh-keng; to menstruate, kkn 
gueh Ho ; to come to the full time. kue gueh 
lio ; to pass the expected time for confinement, 
gueh sin, gueh ciii, gueh su; the menses. pi 
gueh ; suppression of the menses. co rniia" 

gueh ; to receive congratulations a month after 
childbirth. hwn-lio gueh cluiu ci"; still 

irregular in the monthly periods. ci kai a- 

iio°-kia" 10 ci° gueh, hii kai io sek gueh ; this 
infant is still younger than that one. kai 

lang gueh ; a little over a month. kai chun 

gueh ; kai chut gueh ; more than a month. 
gueh-sia° ce kau ai° sng-sio ; when the month 
is up we will settle the accounts. chiu-kau 

jl-cap me", gueh cie" gueh loh ji sa" ke"; on the 
ninth and the twentieth of the month, the moon 
rises and sets in the second and third watches, 
gueh pia", gueh kp ; cakes made to use in 
worship at the full of the eighth moon. poih 
gueh cfi.p-ng6 kie-cp tong-chiu coih ; the middle 
of the eighth month is called the festival of 
the middle of autumn. cia" gueh cap-ngo 

me" kie-cp ngwn-sio me"; the fifteenth night 
of first month is called the night of the first 
full moon. lai u si kai gueh ; came four 

months ago. boi lai u ngo kai gueh kii ; 

bought it five months ago. soi" lak kai gueh ; 
six months before. chit kai gueh coi"; seven 
months beforehand, mui" g^eli ; every month, 
jit gueh p ; a smooth bivalve, red on one side 
and yellow on the other. gueh me"; gueh 

kng me"; moonlight nights. kang-hu si lun 

glieh a si lun jit ? Is the work done by the 
day or by the month ? 

— gui — 

gui 186 a-gui ; asafetida, brought 
, 1055 18 from Persia and Cashmere, 

and used for plaisters. It is also burnt as a 
deodorizer, a-gui bp cin, khiak u cin ; though 
asafetida is not real, there is such a thing as 
real asafetida. 

^SL gu 149 Words, phrases, discourse. 
|1p| 1 126 ~7~ ngan-gu ; words ; conversa- 
tion, put hu nin kau thS.u ciap gu ; shall not 
allow you to put your heads together and 
whisper, sok gu ; a proverb. un gu ; a dark 
saying. seng gu ; pin-cia" gd ; trite expres- 

sions, ngan-gu cho-sok ; vulgar expressions, 
ko gti ; old sayings. 

gu 113 To withstand ; to resist. 
f^ 1127 11 gu i ill cu ; cannot withstand 
him. bp nang gu i tit cii ; no one can with- 

stand them. gu-tek ; resist ; oppose. tii gu ; 
take a stand against. hxiang-gu ; to guard 


fi^rt gu 187 To curb and drive a horse ; 
*nS^ 1127 2 a charioteer, 
gu chia, gu be; to drive a chariot or a horse, 
ke gu ai" u huang-huap ; there are rules for 
managing and curbing a horse : there is a 
right way to rule the people, uang-ho ia-si i"- 
keng kue khu kai, cheng-hu i kai chia-ke cp 
sien-gu ; an empress who has died, is spoken 
of personally as one taken away in a fairy 

i kai kha u j 
are spurred. 

gu pit chin c 
coi" si lie; in 
imperial seal 
himself goes 
si gu su kai ; 


wears a jade 
Is it opaque 
jade seal. 

157 A spur ; the dew-claw or 
6 hallux on birds, 
rti ; i kai kha kiia kai gu ; its feet 

60 Royal ; imperial. 

8 gu hd ; the Imperial Canal. 

u ; the imperial autograph. gu 

the imperial presence, gu in; the 

gu-ke chin ceng ; the sovereign 

forth to subjugate, ci kia" mueh 

this is a royal grant. 

96 Jade. 

i kua kha gu chiu-hwn ; she 
bracelet. si lio kai a si gu kai ? 
glass, or is it jade ? gu in ; a 

ha — 

to warm 

jtrtt ha 80 To breath upon, 

^^J 215 6 with the breath. 

ha i sie ; warm it by breathing upon it. ha i 

nng ; soften it by breathing on it. mai" khku, 

lia kio lli ha ce ; don't cry, I will breath on the 

hurt spot to assuage the pain for you. 

B3 ^^ L^§ To bend ; to stoop. 
FX 182 9 ha ie ; to bow. ki" tieh cQ 
ha ie ; on seeing him she bowed low. 



hk 89 Mourning apparel. 

193 4 cie" ha; put on raonrning. 
thut La ; put off mourning, toa ha ; in mourn- 
ing, i toa ti-tiang kS,i ha ? For whom is he in 
mourning ? cheng ha h6k ; wear mourning 

garments. i kai ha-hok miia" a hue ? Is his 

mourning suit completed yet ? ha-h6k khin ; 
light mourning. ha-h6k tSng ; deep mourn- 
ing, ha tng ; drape a hall in mourning, cek- 
coi cie" ha ; assemble and put on mourning 

ha 76 To gird ; to cord up; to bind. 

779 8 ha ie ; gird the loins, ai" gfi- 
li clah tieh khieh kp ui-ie kliu ha; when you 
prepare supper you must put on an apron. ci 
hie" coi ki ha cp cek e ; bind all these in one 
sheaf, tieh ha-bua cia° koi khieh ; tie them in 
a bunch, then you can carry them easily. , ha 
thau p6 ; a turban, ha Ie toa ; a girdle. 

^{^^ ha 149 The noise of a crowd ; a cla- 
[i/f^ 727 18 mor; a disturbance, 
ha-ha jiang; to vociferate with many voices at 
once. ha-ha-k\e che"-soi bua khu ; to shout 

and press forward, as to an attack in battle. 
k6 ce hiang, ha-ce-kie che°-soi khu ; when the 
drum sounds yell and rush forward to tlie 
attack. thia"-ki" ha-ha sia", iTi cai nang jleh 
coi ; heard the clamor of many voices, but did 
not know how many persons there were. 

— ha" — 

ha" 201 Yellow. 

252 ha"-hun; twilight; the gloara- 
ha°-hun-kla"; just at dusk. 

ci kai ngAn ha" kai, tieh th6 sa" hun ciii ; this 
dollar has a crack in it, and three candareens 
must therefore be deducted from its value. 



4 An interrogative adverb, ex- 
4 pressive of doubt, placed at 

IfiSn ^^° ^- ^^ intimidate ; to scare ; to 
fV&r 219 14 theaten ; to browbeat. i to 
ha" i kai ; he is intimidating him. khufc i ce 
ha" cu tho ; as soon as he shouted out at her, 
she drew back. mai" ha" i m pat ; do not 

scare him so that he cannot answer. 

jT 224 

the end of a sentence, kha m si cie°-se" ha" ? 
That is the way it is, is it ? cie"-se" kha ho 
ha" ? That is well done, is it ? si ua ha" ? It 
was I, was it ? ho ha" ? It is possible, is it ? 
lu ai" CO oi ha" ? You are going to be a com- 
petent hand at it, are you ? i si pat ha" ? He 
understands it, does be ? 

ha" 145 Cracked,(saidof money only). 
531 6 ha" kai, tau kiam ci"; that 
which is fissured brings less cash in exchange. 


— hah — 

hah 97 Petals. 

652 14 ci ki hue khui chut lai kiii 
hall y How many petals has this flower ? u6i 
hue hah ; the petals of a lily. 

tiht hah 80 To expel the breath forcibly. 
r "J 229 5 c6 hah, I'am tieh ctt mdng- 
mdng; when you breath upon it, it looks 
clouded. i cf kp i" cC hah cu Q ciii h6 bda 

Imk ; if one breaths on this inkstone, there is 
water enough on it to rub up the ink with. 

,^^ hah 80 Agreeing; accordant; suit- 
p4 217 8 ing; to join, 
hah 1 ; accords with ray idea.s. hah sim sek ; 
meets his wishes. thoi" tieh Imh mak ; suits 
the taste. ciah tieh hah chui ; relishes it. 

thia" tieh hah hi"; pleases the ear. cp tieh I'o 
hah chfu ; fits the hand bettor. hah ua kai i 
iTi cai hah lii kai i rag ; do not know whether 
what suits me will suit you. hah sle"; as I 

thought. hah hiie ; raatos. hah sek ; har- 
monizing in color. hah huap; according to 
the rules, in haii huap; illegal, lia thoi" tieh 
hah ; 1 consider it suitable. nd nang sim si 
siang hah ; the two are well suited to each 
other, hah su cSi ; just fits the place, phue- 
hah khu h(5 ; matohes well ; fits in perfectly, 
rii hah eng ; will not do for this use. hah sek; 
like the pattern, hah kang jieh coi ci" ? How 
much do you get for the whole job ? hah hun ; 
in unison with one's part hah tp-li ; reason- 
able, m hah to-li ; not in acccordance with 
correct principles of action. hah cp seng-li ; 
go into partnership. jit li siang hah, gueh li 
siang chong ; the day is propitious but the 
mouth is adverse. kio ua li siang hah, kio i 
li siang heng ; it is favorable for me but un- 
favorable for him. 

— hai — 
rt^fe^ hai 30 An exclamation denoting sur- 
" Ii:t 161 10 prise or grief, 
hai, kli(5-sieh cSi ; alack, it is a pity, hai, i a 
si thia" ua ta" cu min cie"-se"; ah, if he had 
heeded what I said, this would not have 

^^^ hai 85 The sea ; maritime ; vast. 
yt^ 160 T hai ciii ; sea water. hai hu ; 
salt water fish. hai tho ; mud from the sea 

shore. hai c^n ; sea-going vessels. hai lo ; 
routes at sea. hai tau ; a rock in the sea. 



hai pliia"; flats on the raargin of tlio sea, left 
dry at low tide. hai ki"; the sea-shore. hai 
toi mong cam ; searching in the sea for a needle, 
hai-liang; broad minded. liai ham; raag- 

nauimous. s\ hai cu lai ; within the four 

seas ; all the world, or China. chut hai ; 

go to sea. hai chak ; pirates. hai kho ; 

freebooters. sua" tien liai bi ; dainties from 

land and sea. kiie hdi ; cross tlie sea. keh 
hai ; across the sea. chut liai gua; gone 

beyond the seas. 13.i hai ; inland seas. hai 
min ; the surface of the sea. hai chi ; a 

mirage at sea. liai leng uang ; the Dragon 

Sea King, the Chinese Neptune. toa hai ua°; 
a very big bowl. hok ju tang hai ; may your 
happiness be like the eastern sea. hai-kau ; a 
sea-lion. luii-be; the sea-horso. cliim kiie 
hai ; deeper than the sea. 

"^ J^ hai 149 To accord with ; to joke, to 
BP 187 9 laugh at. 

hua hai ; of one mind. peh ni hai lau ; an 

aged couple, khue-hai kai ue ; a joke, ci kai 
nang hau" khue-hai ; this person is fond of 
joking. khue-khue hai-hai ; laughing and 

joking. tang bo khue-hai ta" chut kau ii 

khue-hai ; from earnestness to jesting. 

M^ hai 188 The bones of the body. 
p>S 306 6 kat-liai ; a skeleton. si-sia 
kua''-bak si mi'en-eug nang kai si-hai to pSu- 
lo ; coffins are given away that the dead may 
not be seen. thoi" i tie" siin-raih heng-hai 

chut lai ; see what appearance he presents. 

N^g hai 181 The bones of the chin. 
^^H 160 6 e-hai ; the chin. ehiu the" 
e-hai; supporting the cliin on the hand, e-hai 
chio-chio; a projecting chin, e-hai ciam-ciam ; 
e-hai ciam-ci ciaiu-ci; a very pointed chin, e- 
hai lo-tho lo-tho ; a very heavy chin. chin- 
chie ke c§k teng e-hai ; having a double chin, 
e-hai kia" ka-lauh khu ; dislocation of the jaw. 
e-hai nap-ka,i.uh ; a very receding chin. bo e- 
hai ; a very short chin. 

"^^ hai 8 The last of the twelve branches. 
^5^ 161 4 hai ni, hSi gueh, hai jit, hS.i si, 
the last year, month, day, or hour in the cycle 
of twelve. 


hai-cai A fabulous animal, half 
187 deer, half nnicorn. It 
dwells in the desert and gores wicked men when 
it sees them. hai-cai p6-sim ; an embroidered 
unicorn worn on the breast by officials of a 
certain rank. 

hSi J87 Startled ; suddenly alarmed. 
m^ 187 6 kai-i ; startled. hSi-pha"; 

scared. kia"-hai ; frightened. ua m hai-pha" 
M ; I do not wish to frighten you. 

hai 75 A feud; to fight. 

188 7 kh) hai ; arras. hai-to ; to 

fight with weapons. kak hie" hai-to ; every 
village is involved in a feud, h'ang ke hai-to? 
the two parties are fighting with weapons, 
kua" chut mn^ klm phoi" hai-to kai iia"; the 
magistrate has gone out to adjudicate those 
cases in which there has been fioflitinsr. 

XA* hai 39 An infant. 
4:^\ 160 6 hai-ji ; a young child. ang 
hai-ji; a malicious infant. hwn-lfo hai-thong 
khi ; is still a child in character. sa"-cap biie 
kue si hai-thong ; one is a child until he is 
thirty years old. 

i|*^t hai 61 Languid, hai-tai; inefficient, 
IJjy 187 13 remiss, hai-hai tai-tai ; very 
shiftless. ci hue co khang-khue lio nang hai- 
tai cai ; now that the work is done I am very 
tired. nang hai-tai ne ; am very much jaded. 

Tflg hai 32 To spoil, injure, or destroy. 
•^^jC 244 16 hui-hai; to spoil, phua-hai ; 
spoil by breaking. long hai khu ; spoiled by 
handling, oh i kai ie°, oh hai khu ; follow his 
example, and follow it to destruction. Id hai 
tieh lia kai su ; you spoil my plans. pi i cii- 

hai khu ; undermined by him. au-hai ; 

spoiled by rotting. pai-hai ke-sia"; disgrace 
the famil3^ khufc i eng kau hai khu ; has been 
used by him till it is worn out. ci kia" much 
6i ciah hai nang ; this will injure those who 
eat it. chin oi chin hai, juah 6i jilah hai 
nang; cold and heat both injure people, each 
in its own way. hai su lio ; there, it is all 

^^f hai 40 To injure, to hui*t, to be the 
I — I 161 7 cause of damage, 
khut lu hai tieh ; injured by you. hai i puah 
loh khii si lu ; it was you who made him fall 
dov^'n. hai si nang; kill anybody, pun i hai 
boi si ; just escaped being killed by him. siet 
koi ham-hai ; lay a plan to injure, hai bd hai 
kia"; a disgrace to his family. sie" hai ; to 

mar. hai thong sia"; a disgrace to the whole 
city. hai-pha"; frightened ; made afraid, 

hai pat nang cu si hai ka-ki ; if you injure 
others you injure yourself. chang-hai peh- 

se"; injure the people. ui hai put chien ; no 

slight injury has been done, heng li, tu hai ; 



to cause that which is useful to prosper, and to 
remove that which is hurtful. hai kau n&ng 
chi-chara ; occasions distress, lia co-ni hai tieh 
lii ? In what way have I harmed you ? li-hai ; 
harmful. boi ll-hai ; is not injurious. sIm 
si ll-hai ; is very malicious. kbut i hai kku 

chit tien poih tau ; was set all at sixes and 
sevens by him. tii tlo cf tl-hng ksli tSi hai ; 

eradicate what is most harmful in this region, 
pi nftng s(5 h&i ; injured by some one. se" hai 
nang, si hai n^ng; harmful whether alive or 

— hai" — 

^® hai° 162 To pay ; to gi ve back. 
^^^^ 244 18 khiam i kai ngun tieh hfti" 
i ; if you owe him you must pay him. hai" 

bue cheng-ch<5 ; not yet paid in full. lu ai" 

hai" lia a m; do you intend to pay me or not ? 
hai° cek tng, b6 hai° no tn;^; pay once, but not 
twice. hai" ce ; pay a debt. hai" pho-thftu 
Bio ; pay a bill. ai" hai" co h6 a hai" co lai ? 
Do you wish to pay it toward the principal or 
toward the interest ? pue hai"; tlen hfti"; 

to indemnify. hai" ngwn ; pay a debt of 

gratitude. khieh hai" i ; give it back to him. 
i bo hai" via; he won't give it back to me. sng 
hai"; reckon and repay. 

P\ i^ hai" 80 Groaning; moaning. 
!^© 271 18 hfti"-liai''-kie cp-ni ? What is 
he groaning about ? lu hai-hai"-kie si ui tieh 
sim-mih su? What are you groaning for? 
thoi" tieh ciu hai"-(.e-kie ; as soon iis he saw 
it he began to grunt. ju hang-ku tui heng 

hai"-hai"-kie ; like a tortoise beating its breast 
and moaning (when caught). 


— hak — 
hak 159 To guide and govern. 

*|lt 185 10 kwn-hak ; to control, kwn- 
hak i m tio ; cannot govern him. hak e u jieh 
coi nang ? How many are there under his 
authority ? i si i hak e kai nang ; he is under 
his authority. bo nang kwn bo nang hak ; 

nobody exercises any control over it. siu nang 
kwn-hak ; under authority. 

^/L hak 150 To penetrate the meaning. 
t=tH 258 10 sim-heng hak-tak; intel- 
ligent, having tact. hak-hak tak-tak ; far- 
seeing, lia thia"-k\° cie"-se" ta" sim ISi cu 
khui hak; when 1 heard that said, I understood 
what it ail meant. 

hak 149 To visit a superior. 
1080 9 kak ki"; visit a superior in 
office, pai hak ; go to visit an official superior. 

e-s6k hak-ki" cle"-si ; subordinates visit their 
superiors in office. cwn-sSng pai-hak, u su 

put eng; solely to pay I'espects to my superior 
and for no other business. (Written on the 
visitor's card). 

hak 72 Apoplexy. 

1080 9 t6ng-hak ; a fit of apoplexy, 
ci khi pe° si tong-hak, m si tong-sii ; this is 
apoplexy, not sunstroke. 

hdk 82 Stiff hard clay ; hardpan ; 

210 13 solid. 
th6 t5i°-hak t5i"-hak n6 ; the soil is very stifE 
and hard. co-nl pu, ciah tieh eong-kii hak- 

h&k ne; however much it is boiled, it is always 
very hard when you come to eat it. cf khf 

lok-lok bo eng, tieh hfa toi°-hak toi'-hak kai 
cia" hd ; tliese are watery and useless, those 
fii:ra-fle8hed and solid ones are the good ones, 
kut tieh t6i"-hak toi"-hak ne; it is very solid 
and hard when you dig into it. 

J§^ hak 89 To learn ; to practice ; a 
- "X "* 209 18 science ; a study, 
hak-sip ; to learn so as to retain. hak-seng; 
a pupil. phak hak ; versatile aquirements. 

hak ceng; hak thai ; hak l"; a provincial liter- 
ary chancellor. tfti hak; the Great Science; 
a large school, sio hSk ; a small school. tfti- 
hak-sQ ; cabinet ministers. iSi koh huk-B^ ; 
members of the inner council. 


— ham — 

ham 142 Bivalve shells with scallop- 

162 6 ed surfaces, 
thng kau i ham-khak peh tit khui ; scald 
them till the shells can be opened. cf choh 

ham pui cfii, mua" khak nek; these bivalves 
are very fat, and fill the shell. pu chph kiin 
ciii khu lam ham ; boil some water and pour it 
over the bivalves. chin cui 15 ham ; stirring 
the bivalves around in cold water; well meant 
but ineffective exertion. 

ham 164 Exhilirated ; jocund. 

162 5 ci'u ciah kau pua" ham ; 
drank until half tipsy. ciah kau min ham- 

ham ang ; drank until his face was flushed. 


ham 112 To knock and shiver j to 
939 6 beat gently ; to rap on. 
ham chili; hit and break in pieces. ham kku 
mi"-mi"; beat it gently and make it very soft 
thereby. khieh kp cieh ham khu tii-tii hdm 
tieh i kai thau ; flung a stone down and hit 
him exactly on the head. 



ham 64 To throw, to pitch, to cast. 
„ , 876 4 hatn loh ciii ; throw it into 
the water, ham-pang hiie ko khut i sie ; throw 
it into the fire and let it burn up. hara-16h 

tho-e cu phiia khu ; if you cast it down upon 
the ground it will break. 

ham 30 To vociferate; to cry out; to 

164 9 call out. 
Lkm wn ; cry out for redress. ham km ; 

implore help, ham kho; scream from distress, 
phah kau i ham kie ham km khu ; beat him 
till he yelled for help. thia''-ki° u nang ham 
kie k\u; heard some one calling for help, ham 
Buah lien thi"; the clamor reached heaven. 

B^ ham 30 To call ; to hail one. 
^.TV 248 9 ham i lai ; call him to come 
here. via ham lu co-ni ra lai ? Why do you 

not come when I call you ? lia ham lu tieh 

in ; you must answer when I call you. lia 

ham lu khu boi mueh lu cu tieh me"-me" lai ; 
when I send you to buy things you must come 
back quickly, lu ham co sira-mih raia ? What 
name are you called by ? ham che"; called on 
to awaken. 

/^^ ham 30 To embody; to tolerate ; full. 
if 162 4 ham chie; to restrain a smile, 
ham lui ; tears standing in the eyes, ham-hu ; 
indistinct, ham-ham hu-hu; indefinite, ham- 
hu in i ; answered him carelessly. ham-ham 
hu-hu CO ; done anyhow, pau-ham khuah cai ; 
of great magnanimity. ham siu ; blush for 

shame, u ham-thiok; reticent, hue h&m-liii 
ham-1'.'ii ; the flower is budded. hwn-Ho ham- 
ham, hue khui ; is about to blossom, but has 
not opened. 

'2^Y li^™ ^^'^ Title or rank ; official posi- 
'PJ 199 y tiou.  
kua" ham ; official title, keh ham ;"the address 
of one holding this position. hue ham ; the 

title of a firm. chiang kua" ham ; to call out 
the title as an usher does at a levee. i sim- 

mih ham ? What is his title ? bun-cu eng-co 
sim-mih ham ? What is the title used in the 
dispatch ? khim-kia-thdng-ti-ham ; a brevet 

ham 17 To infold, envelop ; liberal. 

163 6 cun ham ; your valued favor, 
pau-ham ; an envelope. hai ham ; magna- 

nimity, mq" lu hai-ham ; hope for your 

generous forbearance. 

Vffil ham 85 Capa 
llil 163 8 ham 

)acious ; submerged. 
Im kau ; a covered drain, 
ham cui ti°; the waste-weir is full of water, 
hai-ham ; indulgent ; forgiving. ham-fang ; 

forbearing; to keep one's temper. cng kai bo 
h3,m-fang ; has no patience. pheng-si u hara- 
I'ang kSii kang-hu ; has usually some work on 
hand requiring great patience. 

t^ ham 30 All, the total, totally. 
/BA(( 198 6 chng-i" hSm kai khieh pkng 
hu gua ; take all the furniture and put it out- 
side there. ham kai ai"; wants all of them. 
h5m nang hua°-hi kai su ; what pleases all. i 
hua" nang hSm kS.i m hau"; all of them are un- 
willing. hSm nang cai ; they all know it. 
ham nang thia°-ki°; they all lieard it. ci ciia" 
nang hS,m kai si sok i kwn ; these persons are 
all under his authority. ti-hng h5m kai kui 
i; the land all reverts to him. 

ham 61 Mortified with one's self; 

166 13 vexed, 
bo wn hSm ; forgiving. wn hSm i ; vexed 

with him. si ia bo hSm ; if I should die, I 

would have nothing to regret. i cong-sin 

sie° tieh khueh h5m ; he regretted it all 
his life. 

[f^ ham 170 To fall down into ; to ruin ; 

rR 202 8 to sink. 

ham-hai nang; to implicate others in difficulties, 
pun nang ham-hai ; involved in trouble by 
others. puah Iqh ham-khe°; fell into the 

trap, h'u kai ham-ce"; dug a pit. khe" ham ; 
to entrap, pang-ham ; to fall, as a cliff, sua" 
pang-ham ; the mountain has shelved off. ci 
kai ce" hu toi ham ; this well has caved in. 
sua" pang ti ham ; a landslide. 

— hang — 

hang 86 To place so as to absorb 
i/\ 235 6 radiated heat, 
hang ta ; dry before a fire or in the sun. khieh 
khu 16 feng hang; hang it by the stove to dry. 
hang i nng cia° hd a wn ; put it by the fire till 
it is flexible, and then it can be bent. hang 

kau nng-nng ; let it remain in the warmth till 
it softens, hang sie ; hang it to warm, hang 
i ie°; set it to melt. chiu hang sie ; hold the 
hands by a fire to warm them. ce hang i ciu 
wn ; placing it by a fire will warp it. mai° 

hang khah thi'am ; do not put it too close to the 
fire. chi'u pang to chiu-16 teng hang sie-sie ; 
put your hands over the brazier and warm 
them well. 



hang 122 Seldom ; scarce | rare. 

164 3 hang-hang u ci kai ; it is 
very rarely that we have this, i hang tit lai ; 
he seldom comes. hang tlidi°-ki° kai ; infre- 
quently seen. rii si hi-hang kai much ; is not 
a scarce article, liiiam miieh ce hang cu kien 
tion ; whatever is rare is considered valuable, 
hang hdng kai sQ ; something that seldom 
occurs. hang hong kai much ; an article 

seldom met with. 

-pXl hdng 64 To fend off; to guard against. 
^ I 165 8 hang gfi ; to fend ofiF ; to 
defend against, bo nftng bting-gfi i tit ciS ; no 
one can successfully withstand iiim. cQ si i 
to hdng-ue 6Sa°-ti ; it is he who sets a guard 
around and protects the city. 

> pH hang 61 Ruthless ; choleric. 
1"^ 165 7 khfang-hang; overbearing; 

hiong-hang; passionate and 

h?ing 85 Relating to China; lusty. 
164 11 hd-hkngnftng; a lusty fellow, 
i cu ka" cd hd-hang; he is not afraid to bully 
people, se' lai kau-ch!ang toi-hang; naturally 
very robust and burly. t5 lo teng ng6 tieh 

cek kai toa-hang; met a powerfully built man 
in the road, mvia hang; Manchus and Chinese, 
miia hang siah ; a feast of a hundred courses, 
hang bun ; Chinese literature. hang kun ; the 
naturalized Banner Force, Chinese incorporated 
under the eight Banners. 

h&ng 40 Cold ; plain ; poor. 
163 9 hang-ne; hang chin; wintry. 
thi°-st hang-chin ; the weather is freezing cold, 
si'o hang, tai hang; autumn cold and winter 
cold, hang su cam ; a thermometer, hang ke; 
my family, ki hang sd pek ; hungry, cold, and 
destitute, ta" hang; discouraged, sim hftng ; 
disheartened. pin-tng kau i sim h&ng ta° 

chin ; bothered him till he lost all heart, hang 
ciali coih ; a wintry feast. hkng ju ; a poor 
scholar. ko-hang ; friendless. su h^ng un ; 
to talk over experiences, sie" hang ; sick with 
a cold, hang ceng ; sickness that is the result 
of cold, i kai sin-hun hu-h&ng ; his vitality is 
weak, cf kia" mueh oi hang ui, m-h<5 to ciah ; 
this chills the stomach, and it is not well to eat 
ranch of it. i kai pi iii hang-ne; he dreads the 
cold. hang-liang kai ieh ; cooling medicines. 

^^ hang 144 Parallel lines ; a warehouse ; 

14 207 a merchantile establishment. 

hang-liet ; parallel rows, hang-ngo ; ranks, as 

of an army. ji sia khu kai h^ng-ngo hd cSi ; 

the characters are written in very straight 
parallel lines. six cek h^ng c^k hfing ; write 
thoni in columns. ci le" bun-cu si eng tO kiii 
hang kai ? What number of columns to the 
page, in the paper used for this sort of writ- 
ings ? ng6 hang kai tng 6i ; satin shoes with 
five parallel lines of stitching on them. i pai 
h^ng si toi° kiii ? Which is he among the 
brot hers ? i p&i hkng si toa a si ji ? Is ho the 
eldest or the second born ? hiu" ai" co bRk 

hftng ; I want the wadded jacket quilted in 
close parallel lines. hdng b&k c6 ; make the 

lines closer together, hang ko ; a firm or cor- 
poration, t&ng hang kai n&ng; one of the same 
guild. jip hftng ; enter a firm. chut hang; 
leave a firm. hang kui ; commission for sell- 
ing, h&ng siang; a trader in a guild. ie" 
hftng ; a warehouse where the wares of all 
nations are kept. se" hang ; a Cantonese 

warehouse, or guildhall. png tl hang ; a 

warehouse where native wares are kept, hang 
h6 ; juembers of a firm. h^ng khau ; a guild, 
hftng cu; the manager of a firm, hang teng; a 
janitor or servant in a guild. khui hSiig ph6 
kHi n&ng; one who has warehouses and shops. 
kak hftng kfii seng-li m t&ng; each guild has a 
different sort of business, ngd hftng k^i seng- 
If to hd ; all sorts of trade flourishes. iSi 

h&ng; accustomed to the business. gQa h4ng; 
not versed in the craft, ci k&i si cai hang a m 
cai hang ? Is this one versed in the business or 
not ? ci kia° su lia m cai hang ; this is a sort 
of business I am not versed in. ISu cai h^ng; 
an old hand at it. hang chSng; the customs of 
the craft. i hang cheng kng, lia hang cheng 
rli kng ; he knows the ways of the guild and 
I do not. ji-ke hang-ke li ; both receive an in- 
come from the firm. 

hftng 124 A plume or quill to write 

166 10 or draw with, 
hang-lim ; the forest of pencils, the highest 
of the four degrees conferred on scholars, 
tiara hftng-lim ; to obtain the degree of Acad- 
emician, hang-lim l"; the National Academy. 

1^^ hang 170 To submit; to return to 
IT^ 364 6 allegiance. hang-hok ; to 
yield submission. bo hang-hok i ; will not 

give in to him. i m kheng hang ; he is un- 

willing to surrender, hang ciang ; the general 
who surrenders. cie hftng ; call for a return 
to allegiance. kui hang ; to return to lawful 
rule. hftng pia°; troops that return to their 

duty, hang Teng hok ho"; reduces the dragon, 
and humbles the tiger. tftu hang ; return to 



JCT liSng 181 Funds; a classifier of 
^\ 191 3 moneys or monetary affairs, 
kong ; public funds. ngU'\ ; ci" 

LSng; funds. khiatn hSng; debts; liabilities, 
cek hiing ci" bue ceng sin; there is one bill not 
yet colleched. no liSng ngun long-cotig luii" 
clieng-chp ; the two suras are both paid in full, 
ki'o lijing; hand over the funds, kak liSng kS.i 
huo-mueh ; each sort of goods. u hSng-hiah 

h(5 hai" via a bo ? Have you the funds for pay- 
ing me or not ? pat hang kai kua to i chiu ; 
the other matters have been put into his hands. 
ci cek hSng su li wn lio; this business is 

F=| hang 72 To travel by land. 
"■ I * 164 3 chong ciii lo lai a chong 
hang lo lai ? Did you come by water or by 
land ? jleh coi pho hang lo, jieh coi pho cui 
lo ? How much of the journey is by water, 
and how much of it by land ? kia" no jit hang 
lo lio u-gua cii si cui lo ; after two days travel 
by land, the rest of the way is by water, kau 
ti-ko khi hang ? Where did the journey over- 
land begin ? 

A limit ; a boundary ; a 
restriction ; to set a time 

hang 170 

202 6 
or limit. 

VL hSng ; is limited. ii hang kai ; there is a 

limited number. iu hang ; a small sum. iu 
hang kai su; there are not many items. si- 

hau u so hang ; there is a limit to the time, 
hang CO kui jit ? How many days do you set ? 
hang si hang kheh cu ai"; want it at the fixed 
time. hang tia"-tteh kai ; a fixed amount, 

kai-hang hun-meng; the limit is plainly mark- 
ed, u kai ii hang; has a fixed boundary. 
kue hang ; to overstep the limit, or pass the set 
time. un hang ; conjunctions, said of one's 
horoscope. u kai hang-khi ; has a set time, 
hang u kS,i to-sio ; set a rule or fix a measure, 
khwn hang cek kai gueh ; extend the time a 
month. hang Iu sa° jit cu lai kio ; will give 
you three days, after which I will come and 
take it. tai hSng ciang kau ; the great 
limit is near at hand ; you are not likely to live 
long. hang ieh ; a poison prepared so as to 
act at a certain time. bo hang-liang ; without 
limit. m-hp hang-lIang ; do not restrict. b6 
hang bo Hang ; unlimited. ai° hang kau cie° 
me", CO m lai ; if you set so short a time, it 
cannot be done, cek jit hSng i cp jieh coi ; set 
him a stint for the day. twn ii kai meng 
hang ; fix a limit. cek tng hang no ua°; 
stinted to two bowlfuls a meal. ai° co kui 
hang ; will make several restrictions. 

hang 49 A lane ; a road. 

190 6 hang thau, hang biie ; tho 

head and the foot of a lane. hang khau ; the 
place where the lane opens into another road, 
toa hang ; a wide lane. hang-kia"; a narrow 
lane, phiah-siah hang ; a by-path, toa hang- 
tau ; a wide passage. hang-tau ho ; the roads 
are good. hue hang; a narrow alley between 
adjacent buildings, hue koi Ifu hang; brothels, 
called the flowery willow lanes. hang kueh 

ki'a"; a short narrow lane. 

— hap — 

u fek hap 180 To swell ; puffy ; tense. 
/4JK 24 8 i cie'-si cek sang kha hap 
kau toa-toa ki ; his legs have lately swollen up 
very much. cek e hap kau sim-kua'-thau cii 
ai" chwn ; his chest is so tensely puffed up that 
he breathes with difficulty. hap Iio kio th6- 
ti-kong hie"-se°; swollen so that he looks like 
the image of a local god. hap lo sio ; hap fo 
thp lio ; the swelling is going down, i si thong 
sin hap, a si toa"-toa" hap to min ? Is his whole 
body swollen or only his face ? 

/ <g-2y . hap 30 To close by joining the cor- 
I — I 217 3 I'esponding parts, 
hap mak ; to shut the eyes. mak hS,p bua ; 

close your eyes, mak hap m bua ; cannot close 
the eyes, chiii hap mi°; the mouth shut tight, 
hap CO cek kai ; doubled together so as to form 
one. cu-cheh hap khi ; shut your book. hS.p 
m loh ; cannot close it together. 

— hau — 

hau 85 Immense ; vast. 
tt 1 72 Y hau-hwn ; manifold. i k^i 
su hau-hwn cai ; his affairs are very perplexing, 
ke-eng sim si hau-hwn ; his family expenses 
are almost numberless. 


Rife hau 141 To scream ; to bawl ; to yell. 
V/jti 173 7 phau-hau ; to yell. hiia" 

nang to phau-hau ; many people yelling. kiii 
khau, sin hau ; demons wailing and spirits 
ci'ying out ; a dreadful clamor, as at a fight 
or a fire. 

-jtS hau 75 Empty ; unfilled. 
A^ 192 6 hau pak ; an empty belly, 
hau pak phoi" kong ; to perform public duties 
without any salary. i ci hue to hau to kp ; 

he belly is now empty. 

hau 30 To howl, to bellow, to breath 
192 7 hard, 
phau-hau ; clamor. hua" nang eg phau-hau, i 



cQ cau ; as soon as they all began to scream 
at him, he fled. i khj c5i, jvvn phaa-hdu, 

jwn thio; he was in a great rage, and screamed 
and jumped about frantically. chwn-haa ; to 
pant, to breathe with difficnlty. 


baa 80 The cries of animals. 

175 4 ho" t<5 hau ; the tigers are 
roaring. hd tang sai hau ; the lions are roar- 
ing on the east side of the river; the old wo- 
man is scolding like Xanthippe. 

J^ hau 88 Friendly. 

^Vj 171 8 hua-hau ; congenial. hda- 

hfta hau-hau ; having great aflBnity. 

hau 89 Filial piety ; dntif al. 

193 4 kia° Lku kai kfe"; a filial son. 
put hau ktli kfa"; an unfilial son. hau heng ; 
filial conduct. hSu hong 6i kdm-t5ng nftng 

kai sim ; dutiful behaviour moves people's 
hearts. ka-kl phah pe khng-koi pftt nftng 

kia"-hau ; beats his own father and exhorts 
others to filial piety. i tt tfam hkn sim ; he 

has a filial heart, ji-cftp-si hku ; the " Twenty, 
four Examples of Filial Piety." peh heng 

hku M soi"; of all virtues filial piety is chief. 
kia"-lih,u pe-b(5 ; obey your parents. kla" 

hhn kong-ku ; respect your husband's parents, 
tong chin hau cu ; loyal courtiers and dutiful 
sons. to ke 6i kia°-hi\u pe-bd, co kua" cQ 6i 
cin-tong chio-th§ng ; he who is dutiful toward 
his parents when at home is faithful to the 
government when he takes office. hkn hti ; a 
filial daughter-in-law ; a dutiful wife. 

hftu 152 Dominating ; eminent. 

171 7 hau-kiet ; capable. eng- 

hiong hau-klet ; energetic and capable. th6 

hau; a local tyi-ant. h^u kng ; a dazzling 

light, cok 1° cu hau ; the dominating member 
of his clan. 


hau 85 Easy, leisurely ; to linger. 

282 6 i 00 su hau-hau ne ; she does 
things very leisurely. ai° hau kau ti-tiang 

si ? How long are you going to linger over it? 
jit ua° lio, r7i ho hau a; it is late in the day, it 
will not do to loiter. 

^ ^ » hau 82 A ten-thousandth part of a 
-^Sr 171 7 tael; a pencil's point ; motes ; 


cftp hau CO cek li, cap li co cek hun, cap hun 
cp cek ci°, cap ci° cp cek ni'e ; the table of 
divisions in Chinese money. li hau si hut to 
sng ; reckons to the utmost farthing. si hkn 
boi cho ; there is not the slightest error, huu 

hau boi ta'; there is not the smallest mistake, 
cek hslu to b6 iong-chSng ; does not show the 
least temper. ci ki pit kai hau I'o ho ; this 

pencil has a better point. 

hSu 141 The name which one takes 
173 7 on becoming great. co 

kai hSu ; to make up a title or a name for 
one. ai° cd kai hSu tieh mai" kio i kai 

CO kai mia°-ho sie tang jl; in taking a manly 
name, no letters must be used that were in 
the names of one's ancestors. 


hSn 60 hfta-se"; youthful. 
175 6 h&" nang ; a young per- 
son. hSu-se° kia"; a lad. 


hSu 76 A high school or gymansinm. 

373 6 hak hau ; a seminary. tt 

kwn-gai hak-hSu kai su i cia° fi li ; anything 
that appertains to the seminary ho takes up 
and regulates. 

hau 195 The king-crab. 

17t> 18 hftu khak hd c6 pu-hia; the 
ill of the king-crab many be used as a 
dipper, hiu peh-cheh; the scales under a king, 
crab ; Venetian blinds. hSu nng ; the roe of 
the king-crab. hau hue hd co ieh ; the tail of 
the king-crab is used in medicine. iSu-sSt kuo 
hSu ; more harmless than a kiug.crab. 

hftn 66 To fulfill ; to verify ; effects ; 

193 6 efficacious ; inherent power, 
hau huap ; to fulfill the law ; to follow a pat- 
tern, hd khut nang hau huap ; worthy of 
emulation. u kong-hau ; possessing merit, 
kong-hau ju pin; divinely efficaciou.s, (as a pill), 
sit-cai u hau-ngiam ; certainly has efficacy, 
m pi h6k ieh b6 hau kai ; not as a medicine 
that produces no effect. hok ieh bo kong. 
hau ; quack medicines have no intrinsic merit, 
mai" hau-huap i kai ie"; do not emulate his 
style. sui-si cu ki° kong-hau ; will iramedi. 
ately perceive its efficacy. sit-cSi iS hau ; is 
really effective. u kong u liau ; is effective ; 
possesses those qualities which produce an 
effect. bo konir bo hau ; without inherent 
power. u hau u ngiam ; has efficacy. u hau 
bp hau tSng thoi" pa-tau: u ieh bo ieh tSng 
thoi" sin-cieh; u sin bo sin tSng thdi" lui-sin ; 
as to whether things possess inherent power, 
you have only to consider the croton oil fruit : 
as to their medical properties, it is only neces- 
sary to look at the effects of arsenic : as to 
whether there are gods or not, you need only 
consider what is done by the god of thunder. 



^ hau 9 To inquire after ; to wait for ; 
176 8 a time or period; a period of 
iive days. 

inug-lmu; to inquire after one's health; to send 
salutations, i lai mng-hau lu ; he has come to 
pay his respects to you. kio ua mng-hau i ; 
give my respects to him. theng-hau ; to wait, 
ua to ci haa-theng lu lai ; I will wait here till 
you come. to ei hau hi kii lio ; have been 

here waiting for you a long time. hau i chin 
ce cia" ho ciah ; wait till it cools, and then it 
may be eaten, su-hau; to serve; to wait upon, 
hau lu kai ke lai ; I wait, Sir, for you: (said 
on invitation cards). coih-hau ; holiilays, 

at the new and full moons. khi hau m sie 

tilng ; the seasons are dissimilar. hau p6 

kua"; an officer by brevet; an expectant of 
office. bo si-hau ho co ; there is no time for 

doing it. ai" tang kau tl kai si-hau ? Until 

when will you wait ? ci hue bo si bo hau ; 

there is not now time for it. ci hue m si si 

m si hau ; this it no time for it. hin-khek .si 
Bim-mih si hau ? What time is it now ? mai" 
tak-niig tio si-hau ; do not waste the time, si- 
hau i°-keng kau lio ; the time has arrived. 

hau 19 To toil ; to labor earnestly ; 

193 6 exertions, 
hau lak ; earnest effort, hau-lau ; to moil, to 
kun coi" kp hau lak ; led the van in effort, 
took the lead in exertion. tng-hau khien be 
cu lau ; worked like a horse. 

— hau" — 

hau° 38 Fond of ; addicted to ; to 
171 ^ take pleasure in. 
hau" hak ; studious. hau" puah, hau" ciah ; 

addicted to gambling and to opium smoking, 
hau" ciah ciu ; fond of wine. nang kai sim 

kak u s(5 hau"; each heart has its own objects 
of regard, i hau° ta° lie ; she is a great talker. 
i siang hau" cie''-se° co ; he is much addicted to 
doing so. cia i siang hau" tlda"; he takes 

great pleasure in hearing this, cia si i so hau 
kai ; this is what he delights in. peh ho" hau" 
ciah tiam, sa^-suah hau" ciah kiam ; the white 
tiger is partial to 8weet.s, while the baleful grif- 
fin prefers salt relishes ; each to his own taste. 

" i^ *^ hau" 130 Willing; acquiescent; volnn- 
r^ 324 "4~ tary ; to assent ; to permit ; 
to consent. i hau" a m hau" ? Does he agree 
to it or not ? kai hau", kai m hau"; one was 
•willing, and the other was not. i m hau" 

khut lia; he would not let me have it. i hau"; 
she gave her permission. i a pe m hau"; his 
father would not consent to it. 




— he — 

Shortness of breath. 

he pS"; he-ku-thiu ; asthma. 

PfiK» hh 80 To wail ; to roar ; to bawl. 
^X 371 18 mki" hfe-he sia"; do not bawl 
out. i k&i cp-ni he-he khau ; what is he cry- 
ing so uproariously about ? 

iP3 hg 96 A flaw ; a defect ; a blemish. 

tK 183 9 tng tiam hiin he; without 
spot, crease or flaw ; without defect of any sort. 

^=lQ^ h§ 173 Vapor ; colored clouds. 
^^ 182 "9~ thoi" tieh kai thi" tng hftn- 
he ; beheld the sky without a cloud. 

[W hg 142 Crustaceans allied to the 
>cJC 182 9 lobster and shrimp, 
leng-he ; lobsters. peh-hS ; prawns, sua-he ; 
shrimps, tho-he ; crayfish, meng-kg ; yellow 
prawns, meng-hg pi sua-hS kai sin I'o bib ; the 
yellow prawn, when compared with the shrimp 
has a flatter body, h^ p6 ; dried prawns, he 
p6, phah tio khak, kie-cp he bi; shrimps dried 
and shelled are called dessicated shrimps. he 
koi ; the pickle for shrimps, h^ chun; the roe 
of lobsters. hg ko ; prickly prawns. klara 
ke; salt prawns. he chiu ; the antennae of 

lobsters. hg bxie ; an ornament shaped like 

a prawn's tail. 

he 9 A vacation or recess, 
362 9 pang he ; have a vacation. c6- 
ni cie" iia" biie pang he ? Being so late, why ia 
it that school is not yet out ? pkng he lio, to 
lo teng rri-hp sng ; when school is out, do not 
play on the way home. 

^4l he 149 To promise solemnly. 
P J 228 ~4 he sin ; to bring offerings and 
make a vow before the gods. he h^t ; to 

promise Buddha, he-ngwn; make a vow. toa 
lie, sie koi ; a large promise and meager ful- 
fillment, to sin kp he sa" se", he hi; vowed 
before the gods that he would offer them three 
sorts of meats and the view of a theatrical 
performance. i he kue lia kai ; what he 
solemnly promised me. ua he i jieh coi nguu 
i hwn-lio m kheng ; though I promised him no 
inconsiderable amount of money, he still would 
not consent. 

v5^ he 162 To send a present ; to give. 
" ly^^ 832 ~6~ cia miieh si ti-tiang lai h5 
kai ? Who brought and presented these things? 
a i kai kia" c6 chin lai he miieh-ciahj my 



aunt's son is befcrofched and has sent some of 
the betrothal cakes as a present. cf kai ndi"- 
kuai" eng he chii-pi" a mi'n ? Ought we to give 
some of these laichis to the neighbours or not P 

The 1 To lower; to let down ; to lay. 
183 2 he-loh ; to get knowledge or 
information about, i chue klii fl he-ldh a b6 ? 
Did he by searching get any knowledge of the 
facts ? co-ni kau ta° hwn-li'o bd he bo 16h ? 

How is it that up to the present time no infor- 
mation has been gained ? ci ciah cfiti he u jieh 
coi hue ? How many goods were shipped off in 
this vessel ? i kai i-su si ai° he chi'u loh khu 
sie-hQ ; his intention was to lay his hand on 
and help. 

he 85 Summer. 

183 7 he thi"-8i ; in summer. h6 
khiii ; the summer season. tiang-sl h6-c\? 

When is the summer solstice? hS p6 sa°- 

kh6 ; summer clothing. jip h6 ; lip he ; the 

beginning of summer, 
hottest part of summer, 
that dry up in summer. 

he hiie thi"; the 
hS ko chau ; plants 

in process 


hS 27 A great house 

184 10 of building. 

nfn k&i tSi hg tiang-si khi kang ? When do 
you begin work on your mansion ? ni'n kfti 

tai hg khf khu ti-tiang-sl cia° hd ? When will 
the building of your great house be finished ? 

— he" — 

he" 128 An interrogative particle, 
1078 3 implying a doubt. 
Bi he"? That is so, is it ? m si he"? Is it not 
so then ? hu-kp I'o kun he" ? That is nearer, 
isn't it ? i pat, he" ? He knows, does he ? 

ai" khu he"? Going, are you ? i kfii co-nS he" ? 
What does it all mean ? 

he" 75 Fishing stakes. 

170 6 i kai he" gai tieh cAn l6 ; 
these fisliing stakes interfere with the passage 
of the boats, poih tlo i kai he"; pulled up his 
fishing stakes, ci pai he" u cap-ji ki; there are 
twelve fishing stakes in this row. 

he" 184 To eat too much ; to gorge. 
1089 14 ciah kku he"; eat to repletion ; 
to stuff one's self with food ; gorged. 

j^^ he" 86 Yes ; it is even so. 
^\\y 285 8 si me ? he". Is it so ? Yes. 
si cie°-se" a m si ? he" ne ; it is so is it not ? 
Yes. ua mng tieh, i ta" he"; I asked him and 
be assented. 

— heh — 

heh 30 To intimidate ; to scare. 
I* 219 14 heh SI naiig ; frighten any- 
body to death, heh-toah i ; to hoot at threat- 
eningly, i cang kai si to heh n^ng; he makes 
use of influence to intimidate people. kliut i 
eg heh, i cu kiu kliu ; as soon as she was 
threatened by him, she shrunk back. ce heh 
cu tho; as soon as he was threatened he with- 
drew. lu tieh cai hang-heh i, i cia" m kii" cp 
pe"; you must scold at him, then he will not 
dare behave badly. 

_., heh 155 Glorious; brilliant; majestic. 
{fP/T 219 7 i ci hue td lau-l^u hcli-heh 
k&i si-han, kiii peh nguu sitn-raih siang-kang; 
this is a time of great prosperity with him, and 
what are a few hundred dollars to him. 

"lirt heh 66 To shorten sail ; to let down 
'iJ\ 135 4 a sail. ph&ng heh ke eg ; 
lower the sail a little. heh tlo thfiu phang ; 

take in the fore-sail. i kai phang ce heh ih 

16h, c&n cQ to lap cui ; if they cannot lower the 
sail, their boat will take in water. 

hSh 65 Each apart from others ; 

724 8 scattered ; separate, 
chph much sang heh-heh, b6 siu-sip bua ; the 
things are all at end.s, and not put up 
compactly. hua" nang sang-.sang heh-heh, 

bo tang sim hiap lak ; they are all acting inde- 
pendently of each other, and not joining their 
strength in a commou cause. 

— heh" — 

J^^ b§h" 61 Captious; much displeased. 
Up 208 8 i h6h°-heh" ne cu lai ; he 
came very unwillingly. i lai kau th6i-"tieh 
heh"-heh" ne ; when he came he appeared very 
cross, sie khi cai, se-su-kia" cu to heh" ; he is 
very petty, and gets vexed at the least little 

— hek — 

T^ hek 75 To investigate ; to examine. 
J.^% 234 6 hek meng-peh ; investigate 
thoroughly. chak-hek ; inquire fully into, 

hek sit ; get at the facts, hek sio ; examine an 
account. hek sio-bak ; examine the books, 

hek twn ; investigate and decide. hek-thoi" 
tieh a m tieh; ascertain whether it is right 
or not. hek pho ; audit the accounts. hek 
khoi; examine the deeds. 



hek 19 To impeach; to search out the 
220 6 merit or demerit of officials, 
hek-cjiu ; to accuse in a memorial, si tl-tiang 
hek-cjiu i ? Who impeached him? kiiut i hek- 
cau li'o kua° leh-li khu ; after being impeached 
his office was taken away from liiiu. 

Pp hek 203 Dark ; obscure ; dull ; black. 
'j}\\ 218 hek poll huu raeiig ; a clear 
distinction between black and white, hek-am; 
deep darkness. hek me"; in the darkness of 
night. lang hun hek peh ; difficult to dis- 

tinguish between light and darkness, min sek 
toa hek ; his face is dusky, hek sek sok si ta° 
CO o sek; black is commonly called brown. 

d b' lj* hek 155 Luminous ; majestic. 

Jiyy 219 ~7~ sin-meng hien-hien hek-hek; 

the god manifests himself gloriously. 

"CH^ hek 4 Weary; tired out, needing 
/^ 122 ^ 4 rest. 

]u kia" khu oi hek a boi ? Are you wearied 
with walking ? cau kau kek li'o ; have run till 
I am exhausted. ci kia" .su li kau cheng-chp 
hek cai ; when I had finished up this business 
I was very tired, lu m ceng co raih su cO-ni oi 
hio° hek ? Since you have not been doing any- 
thing, why are you so tired ? nang pe° au 
khiin-hek khun-hek ; after being ill, one is very 
easily wearied. kia" kau hu-kp nang li khun, 
be li hek ; when we had travelled to that point, 
the people were weary and the horses exhaust- 
ed, chia" hiah hek ce ; let us rest awhile. 
to chiu-kha-e hiah hek; resting under a tree. 

— heng — 

^ffin heng 134 To give rise to; to start; 
>r^ 205 9 to prosper, 
heng cai ; getting on finely. heng long ; to 

flourish. si-kai heng-long cai ; great worldly 
prosperity. heng-uang ; prosperous, i ke lai 
Bim si heng-iiang; his family is very prosper- 
ous, ti-tiang-si heng kang ? When will you 
begin the work ? heng-seng ; abundant. un- 
khi heng ; luck is favorable. kau ci'-ko lai ai" 
tong-heng lio ; it is going to flourish from 
this time on. heng ke lip ngiap ; prosperous 
families found estates. 

heng 130 The thorax ; the breast. 
214 6 heng-c6i"; heng-kua°-c6i°; 
the chest, php to heng-kua"-c6i°; clasp to the 
breast. sim-heng ho ; has a good disposition. 
Bim-heng khuah-toa; of generous disposition, 
heng-keh ; the diaphragm. heng-keh tie"- 

tie°; a stricture or weight in the diaphragm. 

tui heng, tah ka-ciah ; beat the breast and slap 
the sides, as in token of earnestness. koi 

heng, ah ka-ciah ; has a projecting breast bone 
and is round shouldered. heng-kam kut ; 

the breast-bone. sa" heng-coi" si ju tieh slna 
much ? With what have you daubed the front 
of your tunic ? ciah lio kai thug, raai" till tieh 
sa" heng-coi"; do not in eating drop your soup 
on the front of your tunic. 

_^^ heng 8 To influence throughout; 
rjr 169 5 successful, 
chut jip heng thong ; having all things to your 
liking. ngwn heng II ceng ; the universal 


K^ heng 134 To take delight in ; elated ; 
i^ 205 9 joyful. 

hi-heng ; pleasurable. hi'-heng cu cp, m hi- 

heng cu m; if he takes pleasure in it he will do 
it, if he does not take pleasure in it, he will 
not do it. kau-heng; highly pleased with, 

bo heng ; takes no delight in. u heng ; takes 
delight in. li heng-thau ; having a joyful time, 
sau heng ; spoil the fun. ci hue heng-heng 

ai° lai cp mih su, khut i c<5 tio khu, kle-cp sau- 
heng; if just when you are starting off in 
high spirits to do something he puts a stop to 
it, that is called spoiling the pleasure. ngp 

tieh i u heng-.'iin kai si-hau cp lai cii ho ; do it 
when it happens that he is in good spirits, and 
it will be all right. 

heng 18 Punishment ; legal torture ; 
206 4 inimical to. 
siu heng ; to receive punishment. hSng-hwt ; 
punishment. heng huap; the penal code, 

ngiara heng; severe punishments. eng tSng 

heng; inflict a heavy punishment, kia" heng; 
carry the sentence into effect. kim-jit kia" 

hdng ; this is the day for the execution. ra 

eng heng i to m kheng cio ; without torture he 
will not own it. ce eng heng i cu cio ; aa 

soon he was tortured he confessed. poih jl 

heng-khak ; the horoscope is inimical. i no 

nang siang heng ; the two are at swords points. 

L^ heng 69 Form; aspect; shape; visage; 
206 4 contour, 
bp hSng bo siang ; without form or likeness, 
bp hgng-siang ho thoi"; without visible shape, 
heng-mfiu"; heng-iong ; the general appearance, 
hdng-iong chut lai sio cai ; his appearance is 
very similar. kak-kak u kai heng-si; each 

has his peculiar aspect. heng-thoi ; the 

visible substance. heng-sie°; the visible 

likeness, u hSng b6 heng; real and spiritual ; 
visible and invisible; natural and supernatural; 




evident and unfounded. hSng-ciah khd-gl ; 

the evidences are doubtful. pi" cliut cin 

heng ; showed his true character. ue i k^i 

li§ng-t6 ; drew a map of it. sua" heng se" l&i 
chin-chie" pit k6 ; the contour of the mountain 
is like that of a pen rack. sien ak cu po ju 

ia° sui hgng ; the rewards of righteousness and 
the desertM of wickedness follow them as the 
shadow follows the substance, i k&i min Q clAe 
heng; he has a smiling face. hue seng heng ; 
not yet shapen. ti k&i nang hOng; has a human 
shape, i kai mIn se" l&i ak heng ; his face has 
a wicked look. fa h€ng fa 8ie°; a wild aspect. 

^^ h6ng 144 The elements. ngChSngsI 
U 207 hue bak kim th(5; the five 
elements are water, fire, wood, metal, and 
earth. thdi" ng6 hfing ; tell fortunes. ng6 
hSng siang se" siang khak k&i tQ-H si chim- h.u; 
the doctrine of mutual reproduction and ex- 
tinction among the elements is very 

yt—f^ h6ng 144 Conduct; behavior; ac- 
14 207 tions. 

tek hSng ; virtaous conduct. fi tek tt hSng 

kfti iiftng ; a man of character. ci k&i nd,ng 

k&i pin-heng cia" phki ; this man's character is 
irreproachable. tSu heng chim ; skilled in 

Buddhist tricks. ci kfti nangnio-chu heng; 
this person is of a thievish disposition, cf kfti 
nftiig kS,i heng si hd a m hd? Does this person 
conduct himself properly or not? ele" t<5 
heng ; to contemplate suicide. 

hong 61 Fortunate ; lucky ; happily. 

208 6 heng tit ; happily succeeded 
in. heng tit i Ifti ; luckily he came. ke mng 
put heng ; domestic affliction. i put hSng t(5 
mla"; he is unhappily not to be long lived. thi° 
put hSng tang hwn si iS heng ; cheer in the 
midst of misfortune, heng b6i ti mla"; luckily 
does not involve life, sng si bwn hSng ; deem- 
ed it very fortunate. 


heng 75 Prunes, almonds, and plums. 

209 8 heng-jin ; almonds. heng- 
jin tg ; an emulgent tea made from almonds, 
ngun heng ; the nuts of the gingko. tiam- 

heng, kh6-heng ; sweet almonds and bitter 

hgng 184 Surfeited ; glutted ; filled. 

1128 4 ciah kau heng ; have eaten 
it till I loathe it. tng-tng ciah ci kai, ciah lio 
heng cSi ; have eaten this every meal, until I 
am sick of it. ciah kau bue ciah th6i° tieh cQ 
Boi° heng ; have taken it so often that as soon 
as I bee it my stomach turns against it. 


heng 61 Dislike, hate, aversion. 
951 12 ua heng i ; I dislike him. 
cliua nAng heng; leads to dislike, heng kau i 
khung kot ; dislike him thoroughly. lin bd 

heng i; we do not dislike him. heng boi tit 
hiah ; an unconquerable aversion. uuiig sieh 
i to m pa le, cO fl heng i ? When we have been 
so kind that we could not do enough for him, 
how can it be that wo dislike him. ce thoi" 
ciu heng; hated him as soou as I saw him. 

— hi — 

hi ns Joy arising from divine bles- 
H-f 178 12 sings, 
khiong-lio sin hi ; I respectfully congratulate 
you on this new joy. sin hi toa" pLien ; a 

card bearing congratulations. 

hi 60 Rare ; infrequent ; to wait in 

176 4 expectation, 
hi-mo"; hope. t<5 hi-nio"; is waiting in ex- 

pectation, hi-khl ; raie; curious. hi-cie;few. 
hi-hang; seldom, hi-haugcfti; very infrequent. 

hi-seng Victims offered in sac- 
177 rifice. 
ci-su t-6 tMig kai hi-seng si lla'-tleh k&i ;' there 
is a fixed rule concerning the animals that are 
offered in sacrifice. 

-^iG hi 115 Sparse ; sleazy ; not close and 
TiW 177 7 thick. 

hi-lang; sleazy, hi-hi lang-lang; full of inter- 
stices, thdi" tieh hi-lang, m c&k; I consider it 
very sleazy, and thin. hi-so ; hi-hi 
n6 ; scattered far apart. pin b&k ce, mai° pin 
khah hi ; plait them thicker, do not weave it 
too loose and open. ci kai sak-pin khah hi ; 
this fine comb has the teeth too far apart. i 
kai thau-mo° hi-hi; his hair is very thin, che" 
hi-hi ; the stars are scattered here and there, 
mue" mai" pu khah kjit, pu hi c5 ; do not make 
the congee too thick, make it rather thin, pii 
chph hi-hi k&i mue"; make some very thin gruel. 

hi 30 The sound of merriment. 
I=» 178 12 hi-hi clue ; to laugh merrily, 
chie hi-hi; laugh aloud. ki° tieh nang to si hi- 
hi chie; laughs whenever he sees any one. thia' 
tieh chie hi-hi ; laughs out when he hears it. 


hi 181 The name of the 27th dia- 
276 7 gram, denoting to feed, 
cek peh hiie kie-cp khi-hi ; one a hundred years 
old is called a centenarian. pok kai khue si 
hi khhe ; cast and threw the 27th diagram in 



Y^' hf 30 Joy ; delight ; glad ; pleased 
"S* 180 "9 with. 

hua°- hi; hf-hua°; pleased. hf su; a joyful 
occasion, hi iong ; a happy face. hi'-khi ; 

cheerful. u hi sek ; has a happy look. kong 
hi] kiong hi ; wish you happy new-year. kio 
i hua"- hi; congratulate him. hi'-lak ; delight, 
hi'-hi lak-lak ; blissful, pp hi ; bring good tid- 
ings, ho hi ; signal good news, sim hii sim si 
hua"-hr; hua°-hi to sim ISi; is pleased at heart. 
hua"-hi ciah ci ie" much ; enjoys eating this. 
hi chut mo" gua ; joy beyond all expectation. 

re-^ hi 62 A theatrical performance. 
/Sa( 180 13 CO hi°; to perform a play. h\ 
pe° ; the platform for a play, hi sie"; the boxes 
holding the costumes of the players, hi pang; 
a theatrical company. cek pang hi-ki'a"; a 

company of actors. kio cek pang hi; call a 

company of players. toa pang hi ; a first-rate 
company of performers. hi-kieh ; an actor, 

hi toa"; an actor who performs female parts, 
hi phaa ; co hi kai hok-sek ; costumes. hi 

pfig ; dry food. thoi" hi; see a play. sie 

tau hi ; rival performances. thio-hi i ; takes 
liberties with him. hi-long i ; makes game 

of him. CO pa-hi ; perform sleight of hand 

tricks. ia" hi ; shadow pictures. cha- 

thS,u hi ; a play with wooden puppets. a-no"- 
ki'a" hi; a play performed by children. peh ji 
hi ; a play in the local dialect. cia" ji hi ; a 

play in the court dialect. lang-thang hi ; a 

play in which the actors speak in a language 
rot easily understood. gua kang ki ; a play 
in which the actors speak a foreign language, 
hi-thai ; the stage. hi kwn ; a theatre. cek 
chut hi; one play, thoi" hi ngo tieh nang toa" 
i°, thia" ko, ngp tieh nang phai ci"; arriving at 
a play just at the final act, or at a story-teller's 
just as the collection is being taken. 

SC^ hi 120 A succession, as in a family. 

y^|S 181 1 ch§ i kai si hi ; examine 

his genealogy. si hi sie tang ; of the same 

JFgb hi 64 To conduct ; to take along. 
IJ^ 179 10 si i to thi-hi; it is he who 
makes the recommendation. hi-toa mueh- 

kia"; to trail something after one. 

A^i hi 9 To connect with what is 
\7\\ 181 7 before. 

kwn-hi ; consequences ; what follows in con- 
nection, ci kia" su u toa kwn-hi ; this affair 
has important connections. kwn-hi m si soi ; 
the results are not small, kwn-hi si tang ; the 

consequences are serious. hd a xn6 si kwn-hl 
to ci cak su; whether the results be good or ill 
depends on this portion of the bu.siness. oi a 
boi si kwn-hi to ci kai nang ; whether it can bo 
done or not depends on this person. jieh coi 
na,ng kai se"-mia" si kwn-hi to ci ku ue ; many 
persons lives depend upon these words, kwn- 
hi hah po kai su; involves the business of the 
whole mart. 

— hi" — 


To sprinkle with a liquid, 
hi" cui ; to sprinkle with 

hi" 64 To fling with a sudden jerk ; 

721 12 to shake off. 
hi" khui ; cast aside. chiu hi" cheng-khih ; 

shake your hands clean of it. hi" tio eng- 

tdng ; shake off the dust. chau-chieh hi" 

cheng-khih ; shake the mat clean. hi" kaa i 

cek sin ciii ; shook himself and spattered the 
water all over her. hi" mSng ; to shake out a 
net. i khu ki" i, khut i hi" puah loh khu ; he 
went to see him, and was shoved aside by him 
so rudely that he fell down. i hi" chiu, m 

kheng li ; he flirted his hands as a sign that he 
would do nothing about it. sa"-ng hi" tit, co i 
khu ; straightened his sleeves with a flirt, and 
went off. sa" tieh hi" tit, khut i phak, cia" 
boi jio ; the clothes must be shaken and snap- 
ped till they are straight, then when dried 
they will not be wrinkled. hi" kau hng-hng 
loh khu ; shook it off so violently that it was 
flung to a great distance, hi" gS ; to snap and 
shake the jaws, as after tasting something that 
is offensive. nio-ho" kS, si-kang-kia" hi" ge; 
a tiger snapping his jaws after biting into a 
castaway infant. cek tng cu hi" ge; if he puts 
his nose in it once he will not want to do it a 
second time. 

hi" 57 The string of a bow. 

197 6 keng hi"; keng cie" hi"; the 
string of a bow. phah cek tio ho-hd kai keng 
hi" lai kah ci kai keng ; make a good bow-string 
for this bow. kia" keng-hi" pi kia" keng-pii 
kHn hph coi ; it is much nearer if you follow 
the diameter rather than the circumference of 
the circle. 

■^X> ^^° i^ '^ stringed instrument of 
AI?1^ 197 5 music. 

sa"-hi"; a three stringed guitar. toa" sa"-hi°; 
thrum on a guitar. ku hi"; play the violin. 

ji-hi°; a rebeck with two strings. mia"-ke ku 
ji-hi"; skillful in playing the rebeck. gueh-hi°; 



a round guitar. hi" sua" tng khu ; the string 
of the fiddle has broken. cSk ki hi"; a one 

stringed fiddle. hi" soi" hua hd ; first atune 

the instrument, i ka-ki oi ku hi" l^i hua i ka- 
ki kai khek ; he can accompany his own songs 
on the viol. 

nnr hi" 128 The ear; the organ of 
^-*-l* 720 hearing ; a handle, 
hi" thia"; ear-ache. hi" kliang ; the aperture 
of the ear. hi" sai ; ear wax. kau hi"; to 
scrape the ear passages. kau tio hi°-sai ; to 

dig the wax out of the car. hi" tiii ; the lobe 
of the ear. hi" to ; tlie ear. hi" ki'a" mng ; 
the outer ear. ua chin hi" thia°-k\"; I heard 
it with my own ears. hi" lang ; deaf. l&u 
hi" lang-k6i ; to have matter exude from the 
.ear. hi" kau ; car-rings of a hooked shape, 

hi" hwn ; ear-rings. kua hi" kau ; wears ear- 
rings, chng III"; to pierce the ears. hi 
kau-tlmi ; the drops attached to an ear-ring, 
thong hwn hi" kau ; an ear-ring with a pendant 
ring. sun huang hi"; an ear that detects a 
favorable wind. choi" li ngan, bwn li hi"; 
eyes that see a thousand miles, and ears that 
hear ten thousand miles ; the two attendants 
of the Queen of Heaven. hi" Ifti cJii ; has 
sharp ears. sak hi" khang ; to plug up the 
ears. a" hi" khang; to cover the ears with 
the hands. hi" khang sak chau ciia, raai' 
khu thia" i ; stuff your ears with brown paper, 
and do not heed him. ci'a ue ce thia" cu tieh 
soi" hi"; after hearing this talk one should 
wash his ears, hi" niak chiii phi" se" lai long- 
cong ngfa; all his features are handsome. hi 
choi"; an ear-broom. uai hi"; to clean out the 
ears. kuah tio hi"; to cut off the ears. cai 
hi" ci"; wear an arrow through the ear as a 
punishment. hi" pe ; an ear- rake. pit-po 
hi"; bat-eared. hi" p6 kham-khara ; lop eared, 
hi" khia-khia tiam-tiara thia"; ears alert listen- 
ing intently. ue hi"; the ears of a pot. ho" 
hi" chau ; the strawberry geranium. iS cek 
khi ci" bo, u no kai hi" ho kham hi"; there is a 
sort of felt cap with tabs to cover the ears, 
hi" cim ; a pillow having a hollow for the ear. 
tia"- kia" hi" ; the ears of an iron pan. sang 
poi" CO no kai hi" hd khieh ; make eara on the 
two sides to hold it by. ai" liah ngio to si 
kua" i kai hi" io coi ; in catching a kitten one 
generally holds it up by the ears. 

— hia — 

^IfT hia 97 A flat dipper with a short 

>gpV 683 11 handle; to dip with a flat 


ge-cf hia ; a dipper made from a cocoa-nut 

shell. pu-hia; a dipper made from a gourd- 
shell, cha pu-hia; a broad, flat, wooden dip- 
per, hia no hia sie ciii ; dip up two dipperf ula 
of hot water. 

hia 2 hia-thSu; hia-hwn ; a young 
1066 2 slave girl. 


^\U 229 4 


cien hia; soldiers' boots, 
pang th&u hia ; square toed boots. tng hia ; 
satin boots. p6 hia ; cloth boots. ciii hia ; 
boots for wet weather, cek sang hia; a pair of 
boots. c§k ciah hia ; one boot. hia thang ; 
hia ang ; boot-leg. hia th&u ; the toe of a boot, 
keh hia p6 cie ; like scratching your leg 
through your boot, unsatisfactory. thng tio 
hia; take off your boots. cheng hia ; put on 
or wear boots. hia ciam di ; shoes, like boots 
without legs. 

Those ; that ; what. 

hfa ka.i s! sim-mueh ? What 
are those things ? hfa nang long-cdng chut 
khu ; those people have all gone out. hia bI 

c6-ni le"? In what condition is that one P 

Til'* ^510 4 

h!a 173 Red haze or colored clouds. 

182 9 hiin hia ; red clouds. chai 
hia; lurid haze, jit-than cie" 16h kai si-hau e- 
e th6i"-tieh hia-kuang bwn tSu; at sunrise and 
sunset one frequently sees the bright rays 
shining in all directions. 

hia 162 Distant, remote, far off. 

182 9 hd jit si mong huang- ti seng- 
hia kai jit-cf ; that is the day on which a certain 
emperor departed this life. hia-huang kai ti- 
ling ; unknown desert regions. 

hia 96 A flaw ; a defect. 

183 9 bo hia ; flawless. bo ti'am 
hia ; without defect. peh gek bo hia ; white 
jade has no flaw ; spotless purity. bo hia put 
seng gek ; there is no gem without a flaw, ci 
kai mak-k\a" khah se" hia, ci tiam hia tii-tii 
se" to tin-tang, bo eng ; these spectacles have 
too many flaws in them, here is one exactly in 
the middle, rendering them useless. ci kai 
kia" ho c3.i, tng tiam hia ; this lens is very fine, 
and without flaw. 

hia 72 Leisure ; unoccupied ; relaxa- 
}rX 184 9 tion. 
6i°-hia; at leisure. bp mih 6i°-hia ; has not 
much leisure, m hia chiim khiu ; no leisure to 
inquire deeply. 



npf* hta 98 Tilea. 

^^ 183 si hia ; thin tiles. pi" hia ; 

thick tiles. kSa hia ; tiles for the edge of the 
roof. chu hia; tiles for roofing houses. hia 
thang; convex tiles, pho hia; to lay tiles, hia 
pho lai bak-bak ; the tiles are laid very close, 
hia pho khah hi ; the tiles are laid too far 

^ |/" hia 1 Lower; to lower ; near. 

1^ 183 2 hia pin kai nang ; the lower 
classes. hia lia ; the baser sort. in sio-li hia 
mng; do not hesitate to ask yonr inferiors, 
hia chi'a; to begin to act; to lay hand upon, 
rli ka° hia chin; dared not put his hand to it. 
i lai hia cien-cu ; he sends a challenge. si hia 
bo nang ; there was no one about. li hia i 

nang pit u so khiu ; when one is treated with 
great deference, some favor is soon to be asked 
from him. ci kia" ieh oi hia khi ; this sort 

of medicine is sedative. Ma-teng kai nang 

m-ho pi siang-teng kai nang ; the lower classes 
of people are not to be put in comparison with 
the higher. 

hia 142 The ant. 

279 13 peh hia ; white ants. kau 
hia ; the tall ant. ng-si hia ; small red ants, 

pue hia ; the winged ant. hia kong ; hia ang ; 
the queen or leader among the ants. hia tau; 
ants' nests, hia tin ; the lines of ants, peh hia 
cue ; the roads made by white ants, hia to pe ; 
the ant is crawling, khut hia nih tieh ; bitten 
by an ant. ng-si-hia cie° pak-kia"; an ant go- 
ing up to Peking ; it is unlikely that the goal 
will soon be reached, hia to cng ; the ants are 
eating it. kiu hia ; to preserve the life of an 
ant. pgh-thng se" hia ; the sugar has ants in 
it. hu cek koi" chu 6i cie° hia a boi ? Is that 
house infested by ants ? mai" se" ciii hia cu 
ho ; if it is neither damp nor infested by ants it 
will do. cek sie" mueh co ce klmt peh hia cii 
tio; the whole box of things has been devoured 
by the white ants. hia tieh cai toh tio ; you 
must be careful to pick out the ants. jio tio 
hia; drive out the ants. kha tio hia ; drive 
away the ants by tapping the dish. 

— hia" — 

Lfl hia" 10 An elder brother ; a senior ; 
>^u 213 3 used after names as a term 
of respect, like Mr. 

hi" ti ; brothers. hia" ti kia"; little brothers, 
chin hia" ti ; own brothers. thang hia" 

ti ; cousins, sons of brothers. 1 pie hia" ti ; 

cousins, sons of sisters. pie hia" ti ; male 

cousins of different surnames. ciiang hia" ti ; 
second cousins. cok iSi hia" ti ; men of the 
same clan, tang pau hia" ti ; sons of the same 
father and mother. i b(5 hia" ti ; brothers 

having the same father, but not the same 
mother. tek su hia" ti ; sons of the chief and 
of the inferior wife. tang ni hia" ti ; friends 
born in the same year, or men who would have 
been married to each other had they not been 
of the same sex. meng hia" ti; brethren of the 
same creed. sia hia" ti ; hue hia" ti ; brethren 
of the same sect. ngi hia" ti ; brothers by 

adoption. ua" thiap hia" ti ; brothers by 

exchange of cards bearing dates of birth days, 
ua" hia" ti; fellow-graduates, ni hia" tl ; those 
who in the same year attain a literary degree 
higher than the first. sai hia" ti ; fellow- 

apprentices, su hia" ti; those of the same craft, 
khoi CO hia" ti ; made brothers by a contract, 
hia" ti kua"; officials of the same rank. ngo 

hia"; I, your unworthy elder brother. leng 

hia"; your elder brother. ke hia"; my elder 

brothel*, pe hia"; father's elder brother, hia" 
s(5 ; elder brother's wife. soi" hia"; your 

departed brother, a-hia'* hue; seniors, a-hia" 
hue, kia" khui ce ; get out of the way there, 
brethren. u kai a-hia" nang to kia"; an 

elderly man was going along. hia" thai ; 

laa hia" thai ; honorable Sir. hia" cfang ; 

respected friends, used as an address in writ- 
ing, khong huang hia"; the brother with 
the square hole, a cash. hia" miie ; brother 
and sister, a lin hia"; Mr. Un. mong a-hia"; 
that man. lu kie-co mih a-hia"? What are 
you called Sir ? nin a hia" hue to co mih su ? 
What are your men-folks doing? toa hia", 
ji hia"; the eldest and next to the eldest 

hia" 148 To push sidewise with the 
99 13 horns, 
khut gu hia" tieh ; hooked by an ox. ci ciah 
gu oi hi'a" nang ; this ox is apt to hit people 
with its horns. 

tit^ hia" 64 To widen ; to open out. 
Iu( 3 6 hia" khui khut i phak; open 
it up to the sun. khui hia"-hia" to la ; opened 
out fully for airing. nin kai mng co-ni khui 
kau hia"-hia" ? Why are all your doors thrown 
wide open ? lie ta" lio, hia"- hia" khui ; having 
spoken about it, he continued to expatiate 
upon it. kun-su hia" co no poi", tin-tang 

kai toa phau cii bii khu ; the troops defiled to 
either side, and the great canon in the middle 
volleyed forth. 



/%y^ 744 12 fire. 

hue tieh hia" thong-long thong-long ; lay the 
fire in such a way that there will be plenty of 
fuel with spaces for draught between, khiam 
cha, hia" phiia can; lacking wood, (one cannot) 
make the fire so hot as to crack the furnace, 
jwn hia", hia" rli sek ; however much fuel I put 
on, I can't make the fire hot enough to cook 
it. hia" ciii lai 66i-6k ; heat water for bathing, 
miieh-hia"; fuel. toh choh raiieh-hia" \ki h!a"; 
take some fuel and put it on the fire. 



hia" 18 Criminal jurisprudence. 

206 4 hia" p5 ; the Board of Pun. 
ishraents. hia" p5 8le"-cu; the President of the 
Board of Punishments. hia" p&ng a-piin ; a 

clerk in the criminal courts. hia" mia" su-ia ; 
a counsellor in criminal cases in the local 

lA hia" 140 Mugwort ; moxa. 
>/^ 620 2 chah hia"; to wear sprigs of 
mugwort in the hair. hia" jong ; moxa punk, 
io biie ceng mang tieh hia" t5 ko ; has not yet 
come any where near carrying out the project, 
hd cang hia" khu soi cu h(5 ; it will get woU if 
you bathe it with mugwort. 

— hiah — 

hiah 76 To stop, cease, rest, or pause. 

195 9 hiah sek ; to repose. hiah 
kang ; knock off work. hiah cii ; to cease, 

hiah kha ; cease moving the feet. hiah chi'u ; 
cease doing what is being done with the hands, 
hiah kheh ; a guest at an inn. hiah tiam ; 

stop at an inn. hiah hek ce ; rest a moment, 
hiah khim-kla"; stop a little while. hiah n6 

sa" jit ; stop for two or three days. hiah tlo 
khang-khiie ; stop work. seng-li hiah ngiap; 
has given up the business. ta" m hiah ; talk 
without ceasing. iii kheng hiah ; would not 

stop. hiah ta"; put down the load. to i kp 
hiah cek me"; stopped with him one night, 
hiah kau ta° jieh kii ? How long since they 
stopped ? hiah ce cii tieh cai cp ; after stop- 
ping a moment, must go on working at it. ci'o 
hiah to chiu teng ; birds perch in the trees, 
hiah-tiam; to halt, hiah juah ; rest on account 
of heat. chia" hiah cek e ; please stop a mo- 
ment, hvvn-lio bOe hiah ; have not yet stop- 
ped, hi hiah pe" a bQe ? Is the performance 
over yet ? hiah ko lio ; the performance is 

finished, hiah tau ; take a nooning, hiah h5; 
when the rain ceases. ca cp, ca hiah, mang 

cp li mang hiah ; if you begin early you will 
stop early, but if you begin late you will stop 

late. b6 kp h<5 hiah kha ; no resting place for 
the foot. hue sie m hiah ; the fire kept burn- 
ing unceasingly. hiie tph bue hiah; the fire 
has not yet ceased to blaze. 

^JTy hiah 60 Official underlings and 
lJ%- 1095 4 attendants ; government 
service; to minister to. 

che hiah ; a constable or p>oliceman. ge hiah ; 
a runner about the public courts. pfi hiah ; a 
sergeant. thaa hiah, siia" hiah ; the bead 

sergeant and his second. cua"-hiah ; menials, 
cla" mia", cia hiah ; to attain distinction. fl 

mia" a hiah kai nftng; a person of reputation, 
cong jit hiah-hiah, to nl ku II tla"-tia"; inces- 
santly at work, with no regard for ought but 
gain, ciu jit hiah-hiah, b6 si 6i"; drudges all 
day without repose. sa" pang nftng-hiah, cek 
pang si chui ci"-nie k&i, cek pang si liah ch&k 
kai, cek pang si If ua" kla" cAp su kai ; there 
are three classes of official underlings, one 
class is made up of those who collect the taxes, 
one of those who catch thieves, and one of 
those who attend to all sorts of law cases. 

^1^ hiah 181 The forehead; a fixed 
J^ 628 9 number or quantity, 
th&u hiah ; the forehead. hiah kuk ; the 

protuberances on the forehead. pin hiah ; a 
tablet. khftp thau khap hiah ; to kneel and 

knock the head on the ground. cQang thfta 
cQang hiah ; to beat the head against some- 
thing, tia" thau khup hiah ; to come across 
one. hiah gua ; over and above the fixed 
amount. hiah s\o; the fixed number. 6i 
khueh hiah a b6i ? Is there any vacancy in the 
number ? khok hiah ; a large full forehead. 

— hiam — 

'v/i hiam 160 Peppery ; pungent ; acrid. 

- I * 806 hi hiam ; it has a pungent 
flavor, hiam-cie ; red pepper, mai" loh khah 
hiam ; do not put in too much pepper. ci le" 
khah hiam, thhu tiam ce; this sort has too sharp 
a taste ; make it a little sweeter. bl so hiam- 
luah ; the flavor is very pungent. sng hiam 
tiam ; a spicy acidulated sweetness. 

j^^^ hiam 170 Dangerous ; in jeopardy ; 
")(a 200 13" on the verge of. 
huang-hiam ; dangerous; insecure, hiam-hfam 
puah loh khu; was in imminent danger of 
falling, i ci tng pe" kau hiam-hiam si ; in this 
relapse, he was at the point of death. ci tlo 
iQ liiam ; this road is dangerous. ngui-hiam ; 
perilous. ISng-hi'am ; reckless of danger, 

hau" iSng-hiam ; likes to rash into danger, i 



un-iin kai su to m c6, mng liau" lang-hfara ; he 
never will do what is safe, but always seeks 
what is hazardous. i cek se" bo kia" hi'aru 16, 
to si kia° un-tang kai su ; all his life he has 
never goue into danger, but has done what was 
perfectly safe, hi'am ceng; dangerous diseases. 
ci kai nang sim si im-hiam ; this person is very 
scheming. mSu" hi'ara ; looks wicked, hiam- 
haam tieh ; came very near hitting it. ci kia" 
BU khah hiara, m-hp co ; this is too dangerous, 
do not do it. 

hiam 38 To find fault with ; to dis- 
197 10 like ; to depreciate, 
hiap-hiam ; to be prejudiced. i ce hiap-hiam 
cu ta° kau i jieh m hp ; he is prejudiced and 
so tells how bad he is. sim chut i si hlap- 

hiara kai ; judged that he was prejudiced. si 
ch6ng-c6i" li hiam-khiah ; there was a previous 
grudge. i sim lai huai u coi" jit kai kiam- 

khiah to kp ; he cherishes an old grudge. pi 
hiam-gi; avoid an appearance of evil. Iti mai" 
khi-hiam; do not be offended, lu a m siu cu si 
khi-hiam ; if you do not accept it, it is because 
you are offended. hiam i m ngi'a ; find fault 
with its lack of beauty, lu mai" hiam ; do not 
be fastidious. lu tieh hp hiam i ; you should 
reprove him. ci'a hwn-lfo Ip hiam ; is still 

expressing dissatisfaction with this. i si m 

hio kui-ku, lu tieh cai hiam i ; he is unman- 
nerly, and you should reprove him. i to hiam 
cie° hiam hie° ; he finds fault with everything, 
i khut i hiam tieh m su-hok; he does not submit 
to being found fault with by her. cp kau mih 
nang bp hiam ; do so well that none can find 
fault with you. bo nang ka" hiam ; no one 

dared find any fault with it. cia kang-hu, 

sit-cSi b6 kp hp hiam ; this work is certainly 
beyond criticism. i no nang bp hiam bp 

khiah ; the two never get offended with each 

— hiang — 

hiang 163 Pertaining to the country. 
189 10 hiang chin ; one belong- 
ing to one's own village. kak chu k^i hiang 
th&m m tang ; the dialect of different places 
is different. hiang pa-lau ; a countrified 

old man. 

hiang 186 Odor, perfume, aroma; 
188 reputable, 
hiang-khi ; odor. u hiang-thslu ; has an odor. 
b6 sim-mih hiang-thau ; has very little aroma, 
cu hiang ke ; a literary family. in u4ng 

u cu hiang; those people have a literary 

^^It hiang J80 To reverberate ; to sound ; 
p^" 189 13 an echo ; noise, 
cek sia" hiang ; one clap. 8ia"-im hfang-llang ; 
it resounds. hiang-hi'ang liang-liang; rever- 
berating, i kai lie ta" Ifti bp mih hiang-llang ; 
his voice has very little volume. phong-phie 
hiang ; the sound of fire-crackers. cheng 

hiang ; the sound of guns. toa phau hiang ; 

the sound of cannon ; cannonading, ko hiang ; 
the sound of drums, ceng hue hiang ; the bell 
has not yet rung. ci kai si-ceng boi hiang; 

this clock does not strike. pliah m hiang ; 

does not resound when struck, piin rn hiang; 
does not sound when blown. cui hiang ; the 
sound of waters. peng bp ia" hiang ; neither 
sound nor shadow ; nothing to be seen nor 
heard. hiang be ckak ; mounted banditti, 

sng si ia" hiang kai lie ; this is mere idle talk, 
sia" hiang cai ; it sounds out loudly. khap 

hiang thau ; importunately ; you can hear my 
head as it knocks. hiang eng si ci-kp c5 

hiang, hu-kp cu in ; an echo, is the response 
from there to a sound made here. 

f=» hiang 8 To enjoy ; to receive grate- 
-^ 189 6 fully. 

hiang hok; to enjoy happiness; to receive bless- 
ings, hiang siu jieh coi hue ? How long did 
he live ? Q hok m hp cin hiang; it is not well 
to run through all your pleasures. hiang hok 
cSi ; very highly favored of the gods, bue pat 
hiang tieh hok ; he has never had any happiness. 

^M^ hiang 184 To entertain guests. 
^^^ 189 Ts" len-hiang pin-kheh; invite 
guests to a formal banquet. hiiam cok-bun 

kau hu biie to si ta" " siang-hiang" ; " still 
come to the sacrifice " is written at the end of 
all prayers. 

I P|t hiang 30 Facing ; towards ; hitherto ; 

I'TJ 190 3 inclining to ; flaring, 
hiang tang a hiang sai ? Does it face the east 
or the west ? hiang lam hp kiie hiang pak ; 

it is better to face the south rather than the 
north, niin hiang hie" p6i°; his face is turned 
the other way. no koi° chu sie hiang ; the 

two houses face each other. hiang lai m pat 
thoi^-ki"; hitherto I have not seen it. cek 

hiang m pat thia''-ki" sie-sit ; for a while past 
nothing has been heard from him. ai" eng 

sim-mih hng-hiang ? ai° eng sim-mih hng-hie"? 
What sort of location is desirable ? i si hiang 
lu ta" a si hiang i ta"? Is he inclined to heed 
what you say or what she says ? si hiang ua 
ta" kai ; he is inclined to my view of the case. 
leng-ua° iit ji hiang ; change the direction so as 
to face another point of the compass. ji-cap- 



81 hiang ; the twentj-four points of compass, 
ji-cap-si hiang sui n^ng hiang ; one may face 
any point of the compass. to cai ai° hiang tl- 
kp ho ; do not know which way it would be 
well to face. lu thoi" i kai sira il hiang ua 

a bo ? Do you think his regard is directed 
toward me ? hiang coi" khu jio i ; go ahead 
and overtake him. chia" nang hiang c6i'' l&i 
ta" ue ; call upon a person to come forward and 
speak. m ho kdi su mai" hiang c6i°; do not 

go forward in a bad business. min rain sie 

hiang ; facing each other. hiang tiii c.i-'k.b 

khu; go in this direction. i k&i chiii khah 

hiang ; its mouth is too flaring. chui hiang- 
hiang; a very flaring mouth. chQe kai chui 
mai" khah hiang kfii ; seek for one tliat has not 
too flaring a mouth. khui-hue hiang jit ; the 
sunflower turns toward the sun. mng-ia.u sie 
hiang; their doors are opposite each other, 
hiang tui hu Su ko khu; turned toward the 
after part. i kai min hiang tQ hu toi, th<5i°- 
m-ki°; his face is turned toward the inner side, 
and he does not see. i c6 phu klii lui thi° e 

kfti nang 16ng-16ng hiang-eng ; as soon as he 
becames prominent, all in the empire turned to 
him. hiang pue ; to incline toward or from. 
8U sdng a m si td n&ng sim k&i hiang pQe 
ko cu h(5 thoi" chut ; whether the thing will be 
accomplished or not, may be discovered by ob- 
servation of the inclinations of people's minds. 

irt hiang 184 Taxes; duties; excise; fixed 

|H| 190 6 allowances. 
pia° hiang ; the pay and allowances of soldiers, 
kun hiang ; rations for troops. nlo hiang ; 

revenue ; moneys received for the land tax ; 
coramissai'iat funds. ciah hiang ; rations ; al- 
lowances for food. 61 ciah cheng hiang a si ciah 
keng-ci° hiang ? Does he live upon the pay of a 
gunner or of an archer ? lia si ciah be hiang ; 
1 receive pay as a calvalry soldier, hiang kwn; 
a custom house, lap hiang; to pay duties, siie 
hiang ; collect taxes. hiang ngun ; the money 
paid or received as duty. cie° hiang; enter for 
examination at the custom house. po hiang ; 
inform as to the amount due as excise duty, 
hiang toa°; a certificate that duty has been 
paid. cau hiang ; to smuggle. che hiang ; 
examine the articles subject to duty. phah 

hiang ; levy duties. hiang bii ; the business 
of one in the custom's service. thiu hiang ; 

assess the amount of duty. kue hiang ; pass 
the custom house examination. khieh hiang ; 
to collect duties, hiang tng; a licensed pawn- 
shop, hiang-kwn kai Sue-bu-si ; the Commis- 
sioner of Customs. hiang-kwn toa sia; the 
chief clerk in the custom house. 

— hiap — 
p-I-* hlap 80 To rhyme ; to harmonize. 
"^ I 195 2 hiap un ; to form a rhyme, 
cf kai jl loh khu r7i hiap un ; this letter does 
not form a rhyme with the others. ci kai jl 
tieh thftk hlap irn ; this letter must be so read 
OS to make its sound rhyme with that of the 

hiap 24 To bring into accord; joint; 

195 6 united in. 
tang sim, hiap lak ; of one mind and acting in 
concert, t&i-ke hiap-lak khu cp ; all join your 
forces and go and do it. hiap phoi" tfi.i-hak- 
hQ ; an assistant cabinet minister. hiap-thfti ; 
hiap- tin; a colonel, usually in charge of a 

hiap 180 The flanks ; the sides ; to 

195 6 intimidate, 
hiap-e ; the space on the sides of the human 
trunk under the arms, pek-hiap ; to overawe, 
hiap khwn-si ; overpower. cang ui-si hiap i ; 
used his influence to intimidate him. 

hiap 37 To press between two. 

356 4 hiap kong ; to attack on 
both sides, hiap toa sai hue ; goods smuggled 
iu the girdle, hiap toa; to conceal in the girdle. 


hiap 64 To cherish or harbour. 

356 7 hiap hiam; cherish prejudice, 
hiap hun ; cherish dislike, hiap chia ; harbour 
enmity. hiap ci i ; prevent him from appeal- 
ing by threats of consequences. 


hlap 9 Ready to maintain another's 

356 7 cause, 
kiam hiap ; a . sword which aids a friend in 
need. hiap kheh ; a supernatural advocate, 

hau-hiap ; a hero. 


>//i^ Vnit hiap-ciap Blended in views or 
iri !>% 976 feelings, 

hiap-ciap ; hiap-hiap ciap-ciap ; making an un- 
broken story or circuit ; pervading. kk-hiio 
hiah-ciap ; imbued with these teachings. 

— hie" — 

hie" 163 A village. 

189 10 hie°-li; a village, 
chng; a hamlet; an unwalled village, 
in the villages. 

hie" to; 
hie" e ; hie" kang ; in the 
country. hie"-lin ; a neighborhood. tSng 
hie"-li ; belonging to the same village. ku 
hie"; the village where one formerly lived : 
one's native village, keh hie"; the next village. 
lin-kuQ hie"; neighboring villages. loh hie"| 



go into the country. m6''-ki'' ke-liie"; look 

from afar upon his native phice. hie" njin; 

vilhigers ; country people. hie" lau ; a village 
elder, hie" sin; country gentlemen. p£g hie"; 
one's own village. keh cek kai hie"; the ad- 
joining village. hie°-e nang; hie" kang nang ; 
ku hie" nang; country people. i hie"; strange 
places, gua hie"; remote places. thong hie"- 
li ; throughout the village. hSm hie" iTi hau"; 
whole village was opposed to it. hie" cok ; 

village clans. hie" tang kai sin-su ; village 

gentry. kak ko kak ko kai hie" tham ; each 
place has its peculiar mode of speech. li hie" 
piet ce°; to leave home, li-khui ka-ki kai hie°- 
li; depart from one's own village. gu hie" be 
]i; a village of brates ; brought up like cattle; 
(said in reviling people). hue hie"; a cluster 
of villages. phah hie"; to attack and punish 
a village. phoi" hie"; to adjudicate affairs in 
Tillages, chau hie"; to subdue rebellion by ex- 
tii'pating a village, chau-pe" i kai hie"; razed 
their villages. li hie" put li khie"; when you 
leave your village you do not leave your brogue, 
sie pe" i kai hie"; burned their village to the 
ground. tang hie" m tang cok ; of the same 

village but not of the same clan. hin-khek 

kai hie"-li iIi ka" hai-tp ; the villages now-a- 
days dare not, engage in feuds. bo khub i jip 
hie"; would not allow nini to settle in the vill- 
age, jlo chut hie"-li; ejected him from the 
village. hie"-li thau kau hie"-li hue jieh hng ? 
How far is it from one end of the village to 
the other ? hie"-e so ; countrified ; rustic, 
cong-jit to si to chui hie"; he frequents grog- 
shops, hie" li hie" kui ; the fixed customs of 
a place. tin ci hie"-li kai kui-li si cie"-se" ; 
such are the customs of our place. hie" ieh ; 
boundaries of territory, and contracts between 
villages. kak hie" kak hie" kai sok ; the 
habits of people differ in different places, hie" 
bak ; village literati. hie" chin ; one of one's 
own village. hie" kua" in kak ; the indorse- 
ment of the ofl&cials of his own village. 

^^/|^ hie" 186 Incense ; odor ; perfume. 
^^ 188 hie" lio ; the aromatic stuffs 
of which incense is made. hie" cha ; fragrant 
woods, hie" buah ; incense powder. hie" 16 ; 
a censer. hie" ki ; incense sticks, cek ki hie"; 
an incense stick. sie hie"; burns incense, 

kia" hie"; to offer cie" hie"; to set 

incense sticks in place before the gods. chah 
hie"; to insert incense sticks in the censer, 
hie" ua"; incense tables in temples. hie" pau ; 
scent bags, hie" cu; fragrant beads made from 
odoriferous wood, un hie" cha; burn aromatic 
woods. phang hie"; sweet-smelling stuffs. 

hie" tSng ; a miniature temple erected over the 
incense urns, hie" lang ; a box for perfumery, 
hie" in; the smoke from burning incense, hie" 
hue; an amulet made with ashes taken from 
the censer of some god. hie" teng c\ ngiap ; 
property of which the income must be used in 
the worship of ancestors. hie" teng pho ; a 

shop whose possessor must offer the customary 
worship to the original owner. hie" teng 

chang ; a field whose owner must offer sacrifices 
to the manes of the former proprietor. hie" 
iu ; aromatic oil. leng-hie" iu ; bergamot. 

an-sek hie"; gum benjamin. kia" si kue sok 

hie"; when engaged in worship, placing the 
incense before the god ahead of time ; getting 
ahead of those who were first in the market, 
sfe-hue-hie"; caraway seeds. 

W*t hie" 30 Direction; bearing; points 

I'^J 190 3 of compass, 
ji-cap-si hng-hie"; the twenty-four points of 
compass. kin-ni ci kai hng-hie" lai a m lai ? 
Are the bearings of this position such as to 
promise good luck for this year ? 

iie~ 149 An excess ; very. 

228 4 hie" coi; very many, i khu 
kau hie" kii, hvvn-lio hue lai ; he has been gone 
an excessively long time, and has not come 
even yet. 

— hieh — 

]^-rt hieh 181 The leaves of a book. 
ji^ 194 cek hieh cu; one leaf of a 
book. than hieh ; the first leaf. biie hieh ; 
the last leaf. hien kiie hieh ; io° kiie hieh ; 

turn over a leaf. lo" ke no hieh ; turn over 

two more leaves. ci png cheh jieh coi hieh ? 
How many leaves in this book ? cheh hieh ; 
the printed page. ci png cheh ii jieh coi hieh 
sio ? What is the number of pages marked in 
this volume ? kap ta" hieh ; mispaged in 

binding. kim hieh ; gold-leaf. cheh hieh 
mai" kauh ; dO not double down the corner of 
the leaves, hieh mai" chip-jio ; do not rumple 
the leaves. cek hieh cek hieh ai" khieh bak ; 
double each sheet exactly in the middle to form 
the edge of the leaf. sia kui hieh ji ; wrote 

several pages, hieh cie" p6i"; the first page on 
a leaf. hieh hie" p6i°; the last page on a leaf, 
cie" poi" hieh ; this side the leaf. hie" poi" 

hieh ; the other side the leaf. do" hieh ; the 
previous leaf. e hieh ; the next leaf. 

hieh 140 The leaves of plants. 

1081 9 chiu hieh ; leaves of a tree, 
tek hieh ; bamboo leaves. ki hieh ; branches 
and leaves, noi" hieh ; lotus leaves, ci" hieh ; 



fresh new leaves, sek hleh ; full grown leaves. 
6 hieli kh&ng cui cu ; the taio leaves hold wa- 
tery pearls. loh hu-h ; falling leaves. hwt 
hieh ; to put forth leaves. lut hJeh ; to shed 
leaves, ng hieh ; dry leaves, khau chiu hieh; 
rake up the leaves, kirn ki ggk hieh ; branches 
of gold and leaves of jade. ngo-thong hleh 

Idh thi°-e cai chiu ; when the catalpa leaves fall, 
it is autumn throughout the world. 

hien 64 
196 "8 
over this leaf 

To raise slightly, 
ci hieh hien kue \k\ ; tarn 
hien phfle ; pull the coverlet 
over one. hien liam ; turn aside the curtain, 
as in entering a door. V^^S ^'^n khi \ki ; 

raise the board a little. hien ili khui ; cannot 
lift it. hien khui khut i lii ta; raise it a little 
that it may dry in the air. 

Mhfen 181 Conspicaous ; manifest ; to 
199 14 make plain, 
bien-khdu ; notable. hien-mia"; illustrious. 
ci ui sin 6i hion ; this god manifests himself. 
hien-raSng ; clear. hfen-hin ; plain. hfen sin 
khut ntiug th6i"; take bodily shape so as to 
become visible to human eyes. c{ ui sin-raeng 
hien-tSu c&i ; this god is very efficient. hfen- 
jien ; it is obviously so. hien chut i kfti chi'u- 
twn; manifested his dexterity, hieu i kai piin- 
nfa; showed his ability, siu-meng pat lu'en sxa" 
khut n^ng thoi"; the gods showed their power 
unto men. hien IC'ng khut i thdi^-ki"; manifest- 
ed themselves to him. kong-mia' hien-tuk; his 
worth is widely known. hien-cSi; now at pre- 
sent, kiii hien kai ufing; distinguished people. 
Bim si hfen-hek j is very glorious. hien-hien 
hek-hek ; effulgent. boi hfen ; not apparent. 

>^» hien 170 Dangerous; insecure; in 
200 13 jeopardy, 
hien c5i ; perilous. cia sit-c&i hien, 5 ! This 

is indeed hazardous ! 


hien 94 To offer respectfully, as in 

201 16 worship, 
hong hien ; cin hien ; to offer reverently, hien 
cle"; to present to a superior. hien t6, hien 

clu ; to offer tea and wine. hien loi-mueh ; to 
present the customary offerings. hien koi- 

cheh ; to proffer advice. hien sia' kui hang ; 
surrendered the city and returned to their alle- 
giance, kai hien miieh-kia"; kneel and proffer 

^^S hien 61 Governmental ; a ruler. 

* iU\ 201 12 hong hien si5n-ch§ ; received 

orders to examine. sl-hien-cu ; the Imperial 

Calendar, hien-th&i ; Your Honors ; (used ia 
addressing officers of state). tfti hien ; the 

high authorities. kui" hien ; the district 

magistrate. hii hien ; the prefect. tSu liien ; 
the Intendant of Circuit. tin hien ; the chief 
of the military department. 

hien 164 An offense ; a grievance ; a 
205 18 of quarrel, 
si i soi" kill hien ; it was he who began th« 
quarrel. 8i tl-tiang soi" khi hien ? Who gave 
the first cause of offense ? bo n&ng ka" khi- 
hien ; no one dare furnish the pretext for a 
quarrel, cdi" tiang-si Q hien-khiah ; there waa 
a previous grievance. chim hien ; seek occa- 
sion for a quarrel. ti-kau Q hien-khiah ; led 
to a difference. pien hien ; a grievance relat- 
ing to boundaries. 

hien 149 To decide on judicial cases; 

1091 20 to give sentence; to pro- 
nounce judgment. hien-kek ; the court ; the 
assizes. hien-kek ko hI ti kai lii-wn td sim 

iia"? Which deputy-judge is trying the cases 
in this court p 

'^T^ hien 95 Dun ; obscure. 
- ^- 231 hIen-mSng-hun; glaubcr salts. 
sIm si h!en-bIo; it is very abstruse, hieu thien 
slang ti; the god of the somber heavens, thi" 
tl hieu hiiang ; the dun heaven, and yellow 
earth. hieu siam ; a weak sort of ginseng. 


hien 169 An inclosure ; a bar ; to 
198 4 guard ; to be trained. 
hien-.slp keng b6; train a cavalry horse, huang- 
hien kau ciu-bftk ; closely surrounded on all 
sides. i hien-sip ci kia" su ; he is practised in 
such matters. 

E£v hien 154 A sage ; learned ; wise ; 
^^^ 197 8 superior, 
hien-jin ; sages. tSi hien-jin ; a g^eat sage, 

ko hien ; soi hien ; ancient sages. si hien ; 

modern sages. hien chin ; learned statesmen, 
hien kun ; a wise monarch. hieh bp ; your 

good mother. hien ti ; my good brother, 

hien chai ; hien leng; of superior abilities, 
hien tek ; exalted virtue. sia" hien ; exalted 
holiness. i ka-ki cu sia°, cu hien ; he is wise 
and holy in his own estimation. hie" hien ; a 
village worthy. hien su put ju iah iu ; a 

learned teacher is not so good as a helpful 
friend. put hien chi, put hau jl, bo huap kho 
Idng-ti ; there is no rule by which you may 
govern an unworthy wife or an unfilial child, 
sai-jip hie°-hien ; elevate to a position among 
the village worthies. 



hien 147 Now, at present. 
201 ~4 Lien-cS,i; hien-kim ; at once j 
just now. 

— hiet — 

hiet 142 A scorpion. 

195 U liiet ki'a"; scorpions, chwn 
hiet ;' whole scorpions, u.sed in medicine. hiet 
kai biie u chi, oi tang nang ; the tail of the 
scorpion has a sting in it, that will sting 
people. hiet tang nang lio 6i pang tak loh 

khu; after a scorpion has inserted his sting 
he instills venom from it. 

— hih — 

BjZ^ hih 30 To laugh out. 
3l 181 6 hih-hih-chie; to giggle^ or 
snicker. i ciu-jit to si hih-hih-chie, bq hwn- 
1(5 ; she goes laughing about all day, and is 
not down hearted at all. 

— him — 

him 76 To quicken. 

205 ^ him-ien; to long for. i-th(5i* 
tieh sim si him-Ien ; he longs for it as soon as 
he sees it. him-ien i kai raueh-kia°; coveted 
his things. i bo him-ien ci k&i ; he has no 

great desire for this. 

him 113 To shut off the air; to 
>J> 400 8 smother, 
hira huang ; to keep off the wind. him au ; a 
covered cup. hu pang lai khah him khui ; the 
room is too close. ci kai leng-sng-kua ku li'o, 
kham li'o him m mi"; the cover of this steamer 
is worn out, and it does not shut the contents 
in closely when it is put on. 

him 86 A bear. 
ltt> 214 10 no ciah hira ; two bears. ci 
kai sua" sim-mih him ho" pa piu to u ; in this 
mountain there are bears, tigers leopards and 
panthers. him cie"; a bear's paw. him ta°; 
bear's gall. si n^ng-hira a si kau-him ? Is it 
the brown bear, or the small white-necked bear? 



him 109 To stare at threateningly ; 
2 8 to look at angrily. i k&i 

him i mih su ? Why does he look so angrily at 
her ? no n&ng td sie hira ; the two glare at 
each other. lu m him i, cp cai i him M ? If 

you were not staring at him, how did you 
know he was staring at you ? 

— hin — 

109 Dizzy ; confused vision. 
5 6i hin a boi ? Are yon dizzy? 
very dizzy. thau-khak hin- hin ; 

ne hin-hin ; 

am dizzy. th4a hin, m&k km ; vertigo with 
loss of sight. ho-h(5 ei-si cu hwt o-am-hin ; 

when he was in his usual health, was suddenly 
taken with vertigo. 

hin 170 iu-hin ; tt hSn ; a limited 
202 6 number, or amount; not very 
good or strong ; restricted to a small quantity 
or value. ta° chun iu-liin Ho ; have now but 
few remaining. i thoi" li hd cSi, ua thoi" li 
lu-hin ; he thought it exceedingly good but I 
thought it of no great excellence. 

hin 96 Clear ; plain ; to appear ; at 

201 7 present. 
th6i°-ki" hin-bin ; see it plainly. ne hIn-hIn ; 
perfectly apparent. thdi" m hin ; do not see 

it clearly. thoi" tieh hin cSi ; see it very 

plainly. cu-cheh in lai m hin ; this book is 

not printed clearly. i kai koi-mong chut 

hin ; his stratagem is divulged. hin chut i 

kai ngwn-heng; showed his real feelings, hin- 
cS,i ; at present. hin-cSi sim-mih si-hau ? 

What time is it now ? hin-kim m tang; now- 
a-days it is diffei'ent. hin-khek chue bo ; 

it cannot now be found. I'o kui ; at 

present it is dearer. hin ngun kio i bdi ; 

bought it from hira paying cash down. ai° 

boi hin ci", m chia ; will sell it for ready 
money, but not on credit. hin cia" k&i 

mueh ; ready made articles. hin-hin cia°- 

cia" kai sio-bak, tbo m khi ; the current account 
already on hand cannot be collected. ngan 

c6i° hin pp ; his retribution appears. hien- 

hln chut lai ; became visible. m hin ; in- 

distinct ; illegible. 

— hio — 

^=4. hio 75 Unscrupulous ; wicked. 
^yf ' ^ 192 7 hio-hiong; nnscrupulous. 
ci kai nang hio-hiong cSi ; this is a very lawless 
fellow. ci cSk khi chak eng-kai-tieh hio si'a 
si ceng ; these bandits should have their heads 
exposed in cages as a warning to others. 

hio 187 Brave ; hei'oic, valorous. 
JtC 191 12 ci kiii kai bu kua° si hio- 
long cSi ; these military officers are very cour- 
ageous, hio-iong kai ciang ; a brave leader. 

>K^ 455* ^^°"^^°& Lucky ; beyond one's 
I"! I WV 368 deserts or expectations ; 
prosperous. cia sng si hio-heng cSi ; this is 

indeed a stroke of luck. su tieh c6 tin-tang, 
rod sie" hio-heng ; one must do things in a safe 
way, and not depend on having a stroke of 
luck. i cie°-se° sng si td thu. hio-heng ; he is 
then depending on a stroke of luck. 



hio 85 Perfidious. 
[^ni 368 12 i kai nang liio cSi ; he ia 
thoroughly bad. hio-li, khek-poh ; infamous, 
hii-kp k&i hong-sok to si hio-li khek-poh ; the 
customs of that place are infamous. 

hio 72 To comprehend ; to under- 

1S3 12 stand; dawn. 
]•& hfo a m hio ? Do you comprehend ? i c6 su 
bo hun b6 hio; he acts without discretion. iIi 
cai hun hio; does not know how to discrimi- 
nate, i mill fiu to u hun u hio ; in all sorts of 
business, he exercises judgment. bue hio i 

kai j-su ; do not yet comprehend his meaning. 
i hio tit cie''-se''; he understands that sort of 
thing. hio thien-bun k&i nuug ; astrologers, 
hfo kliu thang ; hio khu tliiiu ; understands 
thoroughly, chut ko-si hio-ju peh-se°; issue a 
proclamation to inform the people. i slang 

hfo ; he is best informed on the subject. lu 

mih 8U to hio ; you understand all about it. i 
kia''-kia° hfo, b6 kia° ceng; he understands every 
trade, and is expert at none. koi po hio ; the 
cock announces the dawn, hio kia", me" hiah ; 
start at dawn and stop at dark. 

— hioh" — 

hioh" 64 To flirt; to cast off by a 
785 11 short jerk ; to fling off by a 
shake. h'Ci ko si i t<5 hioh" sa°-ng; he it is 

that flirts his sleeves there ; he is the biggest 
man there. hln-khek si td hioh" sa°-ng kfti 

n&ng ; he is now putting on airs of authority, 
to be teng khut i hioh" loh lai, cSu-hiie b6i 
pufth tieh ; was thrown off by the horse's 
shaking himself, but happily did not fall flat, 
khut be hioh" puah loh khu ; got a fall from 
the horse through his shying. V^'^9. hioh" 

cie" koi"-thau ; flung the bag over his shoulder, 
hiu" hioh" to koi"-th&u teng; had his wadded 
tunic flung over his shoulder. 

— biong — 

1^^ biong 10 Malevolent ; desperate ; 
yU 213 T cruel. 

khiaug-hiong pS,u-ak kai nang ; a fierce and 
cruel person, co su sim si hiong-hue"; acts in 
a most brutal way. cia si kia" hiong ; em- 

ployed his power to act savagely. liah hiong 
chiu ; seize the murderer. boi hiong chiu ; 

purchase a substitute to receive the punish- 
ment due a murderer. pang-hiong; an 
accomplice in murder. cia" hiong ; the chief 
actor in a murder, min-heng sim si hiong-ak; 
he has a most malignant expression. hiong- 
hun ; desperate. 

iNtl hiong 17 
1^ 213^ 2- 

Unlucky ; unfortunate ; 


kit hiong; lucky or unlucky. bQe cai kit 

hiong co-iii ; do not yet know whether it is 
lucky or unlucky. hiong che" siu ; a baleful 
star, hiong sie-sit ; bad news, m cai si hiong 
a si kit; do not know whether it portends evil 
or good. vi kai khue png-png si tSi hiong : 

tiiiig kI hii khue toi oi hdng hiong hiie kit; the 
outcome of this divination should properly b© 
unfortunate : however, there is that in the 
deeper meanings of the divination which may 
change the ill-fortune into good. chng chek 
si ho hfiang hiong ni ; the garnered grain is a 
provision against years of dearth. 

hiong 172 Masculine ; martial; heroic. 
214 4 hiong-ckng ; burly, cf k&i 
nang thdi" tteh Q hiong s\ ; this person appears 
very muscular. se" l&i hiong-hiong cang- 

ckng ; naturally very robust. lai kio i kwt 

k&i cl)^ hiong ; come and test your strength 
against his. hiong-ng; hartall. hiong ceng; 
the purest part of hartall. ta° ue u chii Q 

biong; speak with modulations. i kai co su 
bd chii b6 hiong; he does not modulate hia 
strength. i kai kok ii peh bwn hiong pia"; 

their kingdom has a million brave soldiers, 
sin cio b5i hiong ; a newly caught bird will not 
fight. 6ng liah jieh kii cia" 6i hiong ? How 

long must it be trained before it will fight ? cf 
ciah cio hiong c&i ; this bird is a great fighter, 
khut i tien hiong ; give him time to get up his 

— hit — 

PH hit 78 To swing or dangle. 
IJ^ 282 2 hit kha; to swing the feet, 
ki biie pwt-pwt hit ; his tail keeps wagging, 
chiu hit-a-hit; the hands swinging carelessly, 
mai" bit ka-lauh khu; do not drop it from 
your hands as you swing them. kia" 16 chiu 
mai" hit khah khui ; in walking do not swing 
your hands too much. 


— hiu" — 

bin" 62 Obscure; retired; hidden 
( — w 1109 6 from view. 
hiu°-meng si am-thau ; hades is the region of 
darkness. cek koi" siu-sip khu sim si hiu" 

ngi'a; the place is most tastefully adorned, 
hiu" 6i"; retired leisure. hiu" meng put giia 
cek li; the land of the dead, and the land 
of the living are no great distance apart, 
ci kai ti-hng sim si hiu".ce"; this is a very 
retired spot. 



Jt-]^ hiu" 9 Quit ; cease ; repudiate. 
I'^ 210 4 m khfcng kang-hia°; would 
not quit. m kang-hiu"; unceasing. bwn su 
to biu" li'o ; all affairs have come to a stand 
still, hiu" chi ; a divorced wife. hiu° cu; bill 
of separation. i ce ta" cu ta" m hiu"; if ho 

once begins to talk he will never cease talking, 
lu hiu" thi-khi ci kia" sii ; don't jou mention 
tiiis matter. hiu" sie"; repudiate the thought. 
tu si huang hiu°; nothing but death shall cause 
me to desist. 

Atkt biu" 61 Reiterated. 

iV*^ 1110 7 cia sng si hiu"-hiu° huam- 

huam kai ue ; this is mere twaddle. 

"jjfTf hiu° 75 Rotten ; decayed; putrescent. 
^V 211 2" hiu" bak iTi-hp tio ; decayed 
wood is not good for carvings. bwn ni put 

hxu"; it will last forever. ce ku cu hu-hiu" 

khu ; after a long time it will decompose, 
kliieh chut lai, ne hu-hu hiu"-hiu"; when it was 
taken out, it was all rotten. ci ko nek mien 
kiii jit cu hu-hiu" khu ; this piece of meat will 
become putrid before many days. 

hiu" 60 Again ; to recur. 

151 T ko chiu hiu" se" siin ; the 
withered tree again sprouts, hiu" lai ; return- 
ed ; repeated. 

hiu" 145 A wadded jacket ; winter 

416 7 tunics. 
phiie hiu"; a fur coat. koih hiu"; a double 

gown. tng hiu"; a long wadded tunic. hiu" 
thau ; a short winter jacket. hang hiu"; a 

quilted tunic. mi" hiu"; a tunic stuffed with 

— hiuh — 

hiuh 64 To brush ; to flap ; to wave 

1-54 5 to and fro. 
hiuh-tio tin-ai; brush down the cobwebs, mai" 
theng hiuh tieh nang ; do not hit people by 
careless brushing. hiuh lio, phong-phong 

eng ; after dusting the dust flies everywhere, 
khieh ki toa ki kai lai hiuh cia" ii bl ; take a 
large one to dust with and then it will be of 
some use. 

4^ hiuh 64 To flog ; to thrash. 
^5/V 73 6 cang tek-pi-kia" hiuh-hiuh- 
kae, li-kwn hiuh; took a bamboo whip, and laid 
it on him so that you could hear the blows in- 
cessantly, hiuh kau i cek sin ceng-ceng 
kheng; thrashed him till his body was covered 
■with wales. 

— hm — 
tjij^ hm 80 To pant. 

•^J^ 221 5 khiii hm-hiri chwn ; breathes 
short and quick. hek kau h(7i-hi7i-kie ; so 

tired as to pant. thia"-ki° kau hin-hin-chwa ; 
heard the dog panting. 

— hng — 

' lT hng 70 Wliat pertains to a location ; 
yj 132 a region ; a prescription, 
sx hng ; the four points of compass. ngS hng ; 
the four quarters and the centre. ugo hng 

kai ki kak sek m tang ; the flags of all the 
nations are of different colors. ai" eng sim- 

mih hng iii ? What do you desire its bearings 
to be ? cia chii si sira-mih hng-hie"? What 

are the bearings of this house ? khu kie tl- 

hng lai ; go and call the local officers. gQa 

hng nang ; foreigners. b6 ti'hng ho hiah 

kha; there was no place to rest one's foot. fi 
sim-mih ti-hng ho pang a bo. Is there any 

place to put it or not ? Ii kai ti-hng hd ? 

Which spot is the best ? liu-ko m cai kie-cp 
sim-mih ti-hng ; do not know what that place 
is called, khui ieh hng ; write a prescription, 
ii sim-mih liang hng ? What is the best 
remedy ? lia u cek tie" siang h(5 kai hng hd 
ui ka-sau pe"; I have one of the best remedies 
for curing a cough. ho hng nang si ? Where 
is the man from ? 

rtt=» hng 30 Frightened ; an interjection 
" 4 169 7 of pain or displeasure, 
gua khau ko eai hng-hak no ciang ; the two 
guardians of temple doors were set up outside, 
hng-hng-kie; groaning and moaning. i hng- 
hng-chang, hng mih su? What is it that he is 
groaning and grunting about ? ham a-n6° 

mai" to hng; tell the baby not to fret. 

-m **^ hng 140 Dearth ; empty ; neglected. 
j\V^ 250 6 chang-hiig phau-hng ; fields 
overgrown with brushwood, ki-hng ; famine, 
ki-hng si-coih; a sea-^on of dearth, toa ki-hng ; 
a time of great scarcity. i hu chu lai kai 

much hng la bo heh ; the things were all lying 
about the house, loose and neglected. mixeh 
mai" hng-hng la-ia ; do not leave the things 
lying around loose. 

-pfc hng 32 An alley; a grocery; a neigh- 
ryj 133 4 bourhood. 
cu hng; a book-stall. ciu hng; a wine-shop, 
mong hng mong Ii ; a certain street in a cer- 
tain village. hii sia" 13,1 pun cp chit hng: 
nin tiu to ti cek hng ? The Departmental City 
is divided into seven quarters : in which of 
them do you reside ? 



hng 31 A garden; un watered ground. 
!ij 1133 10 i hak u jieh coi cbang-hng? 
How much arable land does he own ? u ch4ng 
u hng ; has both watered and unwatered fields, 
khf cek kai hue hng ; made a flower garden, 
hi hng ; a play ground, hng kang ; gardening, 
coh chang-hng k&i nftng ; a farmer, chai hng; 
a vegetable garden. kiie-ci hng ; an orchard. 
ka° hng; au orange gfove. ci'e'' hng kai nslng; 
a gardener. chut hue hng ; pass out of child- 
hood, hng li ; the hedge around a garden, 
cau jip cia-hng IS! khii tiain ; ran and hid in 
the cane field. hun-kuah hng kau ; the fur- 
rows in a potato patch. ciii ce khi <^ng kio 
hun-kuah hng cek ie", cek noi cek n6i ; the 
waves rise like the hills in a potato field. 

P^ hng 170 A dry fosse under a city 
3E ^ 251 9 wall ; a moat. 
Bia"-hng; the city moat, fi sia" cu fi sla" hng ; 
if there is a city, it has a moat. 6la"-hng bie ; 
the temple where the god of the city resides. 

hng 162 Far; distant; remote. 

1137 ^ 10 16 liHg ; it is a long way 
off. kia" hng lo ; walk a long way. khah 
hng, b6i tit kau ; it is too far for us to go. 
kau hu-ko jieh hng? How far is it to that 
place ? ^ jit-ci hng ; the time is far distant, 
ci'-kp 10 hng ; this is farther away. bSi hng ; 
it is not far. cuah hiig ; it lacks a great deal, 
siang li m hng ; they are not far apart. li lu 
hng, ai" kau lio| it is not far off, we are almost 
there. ^ mo" kau hng-hng kp ; gaze far away, 
keh hng; far separated. hiig cliJo, m ju kfln 
phuh ; a powerful helper far off is not so good 
as a weak one near by. khia jieh hng ? How 
far did you go ? than kia" than phueh ue, m 
cai hng; talking as you go, makes the road 
seem sliort. li hph ling; are rather far apart, 
tieh li hng; must keep far away from it. i kai 
chu hng a lu kai chii hug? Which is farthest 
off, liis house or yours ? Img kiiu m tang ; 

the distance makes all the difference. 

/jrfX hng 86 An interjection denoting 
J^v> 285 S' doubtful assent, 
hng, lia lai khu ; well, I will go. hug, m cai 
ti me ; well, I do not know whether there are 
any to be had. 

— hngk — 

tV^ hngk 30 To send the breath through 
•J 221 fi the nose. 

hngk phi"; to blow the nose, phi" khang huang 
hngk chut hngk jip ; to exhale and inhale the 
air. plii" khang hngk khu cek kai m thong; 
I cannot breath through one of my nostrils. 

- — hb — 

ho 63 To bale out water by working 
225 4 a bucket in strings, 
cf chph cui ham nung lai ho ta°; call some one 
to bale out all this water. ho-tau ; a bucket 

for baling. i ho kku i cSk sin ciii ; he baled 
till he was wot all over. 

ho 9 The second of the five orders 
174 7 of nobility; a marquis. 

hong hd ; to raise to the rank of marquis. ca 

ho; a feudal prince. 

_ hd 190 Full-bearded. 

1^ 223 9 hd chiu ; a full beard. cAp 
ho kau put jiu ; of ten bearded men, nine are 
uncharitable. chiu li ho-hd ; his beard is 

very bushy. 

h6-ld A flagon shaped orna- 
222 ment, commonly seen on 
the apex of pagodas. 

ho-lo pu ; the bottle gourd. i-Ie" Qe hd-l6 ; 

imitate the gourd in its shape and marks. ra 
cai i h6-l6 toi boi pitu-mih ioh ; do not know 
what medicine he sells out of his gourd ; do not 
know wliat he is around here for. cha ho-lo ; 
wooden floats, tied on boat children to keep 
them afloat in the water. 


h6-liu Fresh water eels. 
1001 ho-liu ai° pu a hi' 
Do you want the eels boiled or fried ? 


ho-lai A fox. 
223 ho-lai cia"; the fox brownie, 
or vampire fairy. ho-lai phue ; a fox's pelt, 

ho-hli phue hiu"; a tunic of fox fur. i chin- 

chie" ho-lai cia", mia°-ke mi" n&ng ; he is as 
e.xpert as the fox elfin in bewitching people, 
ho-lai ngio; a weasel. 

ho-sln A house-fly. 

_ 1107 kim ho-sin ; a horse-fly; 

a glossy fly. ho-sin hng-hng-kie ; flies buzz, 
mai" khut h6-sin td cng ; do not let the flies got 
at it. h6-sln-h6"; a small spider that weaves 
no web and pounces upon flies. 

ho-khi A leech ; a bloodsucker. 
j_;f^ ^""^ 572 cek tio ho-khi tab to i 
kha teng cuh hueh ; a leech fastened upon 
his leg and was sucking the blood. h6-khi 

tab ; an iron staple. cim ciii h6-khl ; a leech 
in the water ; a noxious person in quiescense. 
h6-khi ho eng cp phua hueh ieh ; leeches are 
used in medicine to make stagnant blood cir- 
culate, ho-khi bueh ; elastic stockings. 



hS 173 Rain ; a shower. 
1124 "0~ loh ho ; ho loh ; it rains, 
toa lio ; a heavy rain, ho toa; it rains lieavily. 
ho soi ; the rain lessens. ho mui^-kia" ; a 

drizzling mist. ho eng ; it sprinkles, ho toa 
tfam lai lio ; it rains in large drops. mai" 

khut ho phuah tieh ; do not get splashed by 
the rain. khut ho ak kau lok-lok ; drenched 
by the rain. ho cang kau cek sin ; the rain 

poured all over me. ho chiu phim tieh ; 

spattered by the rebounding drops. khiu ho ; 
pray for rain, phu hun ho ; a sudden shower, 
toa huang ho ; a rain-storm. cV' cieh ju ho ; a 
shower of stones and arrows. cheng ci ju ho 
liap ; shot fell like rain, ho-siia"; ho-cia ; 

"umbrellas, ho i ; rain-cloaks. sa" ni bo ho ; 
there was no rain for three years. kii ho ; a 
long rain, ho Itii ; it is going to rain, ho ce° 
lio ; the rain has ceased ; it is clearing, ho loh 
ni hiah ; it rains incessantly. loh ho hiah lia 
cii ai" khu; if it stops raining I shall go. tlii"- 
b1 ua° cai : ku-a kai gueh bo ho ; the weather 
is very droughty : for many months there has 
been no rain. h5 loh ho tih ; it is raining, 

loh ho raui" sph ; cold fine rain. lu chut jit iu 
loh ho ; jit kio ho sie phah ; it rains and the 
Bun shines. 

1^ ho 63 A door ; a household. 
J 225 ^ oi ke mng-ho che ; stop at all 

the dooi's in succession and examine, (as in 
taking a census). sim-mih ho-thsla kai ? Of 
what family and locality is he ? pho-ho ; shop- 
men, cun-ho ; dwellers in boats. ii jieh coi 
ho-khau ? What is the population ? miig-ho 
tieh thoi^-siu ho ; keep careful watch at the 
door. ho p6 ; the Board of Population, 

ho pS'Ug ; the revenue de})artment in a pre- 
fect's yamun. siang ho ; the wealthiest 

t— * ho 30 A princess. 
/p4 174 3 uang-ho ; a queen, huang-ho ; 
the empress. huang thai ho ; the empress 

dowager. thai huang thai ho ; the emperor's 
grandmother. huang thi" ho th6 ; imperial 

heaven and earth. thien ho Bia" bp ; the god- 
dess, " Queen of Heaven." 

— h6" — 

>f> ho" 80 Not ; not so. 

Pl 141 4 si ho" ho sia ji khut Ua cai ; 
whether affirmative or negative, write and let 
me know. si h6° cp-ni ? What is the affirma- 
tive and what the negative side of the qnes- 

g h6°-phek Amber, said by the 
j}\j, 224 Chinese to be trans- 

formed t'lom resin. 

ai" jIn h6"-phek vl sim-mih huang-hnap ? What 
is the way of telling whether a substance is 
amber ? h6°-phek oi sip kai ; amber will collect 
electricity. cia" h6"-phek chiu jiet oi kit 

teng-sim chau ; real amber when heated by 
friction will attract lamp-wicks or straws, 
hueh pliek ; red amber. 

V^Cl ho" 141 A tiger ; fierce ; awful. 
JJu. 224 'i' lau-ho"; nio"-h6"; a tiger, 
ho" ko ; a male tiger, ho" bd ; a tigeress. kui 
ciah ho"; several tigers. me" ho"; a fierce 

tiger. ho" ciang ; a dauntless leader. ho" 
h§ng ; a ferocious aspect. ho" ui ; warlike ; 

dreadful. peh ho"; the white tiger. p6h ho" 
ka lu ! May the white tiger devour you ! ciia 
nio"-h6"; a paper tiger, a braggart. leng h6" 
to ; a furious fight between two. khia hd" 

lang Ilia ; he who rides a tiger finds it hard to 
dismount. nio"-h6" thiam .sit ; add wings to a 
tiger ; give additional power to the malevolent, 
pue ho" tui ; a company of flying tigers; ti'oopa 
liaving the flying tiger on their flag. phah 

ho" chin hia"-ti; if you are going to attack a 
tiger you must have own brothers to help, 
khu nio"-h6° chiii kp khut nek ; go to a tiger to 
beg a piece of meat. nang si lau mia", ho" si 
lau phue ; when a man dies he leaves his name 
behind him, when a tiger dies he leaves his 
pelt. cu si cek ciah ho"! He is a tiger ! liu 
ho" ham; dig a pitfall for catching tigers, ho" 
tau ; a tiger's lair. t7) jip ho" tau kp, c?ii tit 

liah tieh h6"-kia"? If you do not enter the 
tiger's den, how can you seize the cubs ? tii- 
tii phah tieh ho" phi"; hit the tiger exactly on 
his nose ; struck the vulnerable part. leng 

kia" ho" po ; a majestic bearing, ho" bue thai 
cu ; a pearl hangs at the end of the tiger's tail. 
tie" ho*" nRu"; tie" nfiu" c\" lai sia ho"; set a trap 
for shooting tigers. ngau h6"-kut ka ; make 
glue from tigers' bones. ho" phiie jok ; rugs 
made from tigei's' skins, ho" ge ; tigers' teeth, 
ho" jio ; tigers' claws. ho" hi" chau ; the 

strawberry geranium. h6"-thau pai ; a tablet 
with a tiger's head drawn upon it. ho-sin h6"; 
a small spider that pounces on flies. nio"-h6" 
nge-se°; of an awfully stern temper. nio"-h6" 
pi tu; a tiger carrying a pig on its back, chut 
jip me" ho" siang sui ; tigers submissively 
follow him about. hang leng, hok ho"; bring 
dragons and tigers back to their allegiance, 
ho" kim-kara; a weapon for killing tigers, ho" 
cie" che ; the tiger is at bay. nio" ho" m cie" 
che bp l^ng-ui phah i ; if the tiger does not 



rear at the pifcch-fork you cannot shoot him. 
thia"-k"i° ho" hin-hrri-kie; heard the tipfer growl, 
ing. h6" phau-hau ; tigers roar. hf5" aa°.au"- 
kie ; tigers snarl. keh jit th6i"-k\° ho" kha- 

ciah jieh toa kai ; the other day I saw the 
tracks of a very large tiger. si ho" c6 Aah 

ho" phah ; treat a dead tiger as if he were 
alive. ho" loh pe"-ie" pi kau klii ; w^hen a 

tiger comes down into the arable land, he may 
be harried by a dog. 

— hoi — 

B/^ hoi 109 The eyelids drawn together. 
—j^ 15G 7 roak hoi-hoi ; squint-eyed, 
mak hoi-hoi, kap-p6 th6i"-co Ijiu ciii-koi ; so 
squint eyed that he would mistake a toad for 
an edible frog. 

hSi 142 A crab. 

187 18 h5i ke"; crab soup. hSi 

kha ; crab's claws. hoi khak ; a crab's shell. 

h6i-i"; a crab's belly. hoi ko ; the yellow 

juices of a crab, peh hSi nek ; the white meat 
of a crab. 15 kiatu hoi ; to pickle crabs. h6i 
mS.k ciii ; the bubbles on boiling water. h6i 
nih tieli i ; the ci*ab pinched him. hoi hfte' 

kla"; crabs walk poi" kiie h6"-h5i ; 
more spotted than the spotted crab. thim 

chiah hoi ; to keep large brown crabs in wat^r. 
kong-phua hong hoi kai ; he is one whose 
parents offered crab^ to the god of the bed- 
stead ; his hands and feet are always in mis- 
chief, khi-hu i bo kha hoi ; impose upon him 
as one can upon a clawless crab. 

— h6i" — 

hoi" 142 A small smooth bivalve ; a 

200 7 mussel, 
hoi" nek ; the flesh of a mussel. hoi" khak ; 

mussel shells. kiam hoi"; salt mussels. l&m 
kiam h6i"; dash water on salt mussels to freshen 

hoi" 64 To close by swinging. 

1088 8 rang hS,m a-hoi"; sot the door 
ajar. hoi" mng; swing the door to. ning 
mai" hoi" tah ; do not close the door with a bang, 
hoi" cek phi" cu ho ; to close one fold of the 
double door is enough. h6i" chun cSk cue 

phang ; shut it so as to leave a crack. 

hoi" 140 Edible sorts of coarse greens ; 

202 7 spinach. 
hoi"-chai ; spinach, ang hoi"-chai ; pig-weed, 
be-khi hoi"; purslane. chi hoi"; prickly spin- 
ach, thng choh hoi"-chai lai ciah ; boil some 
spinach to eat. 

— hoih — • 

hoih 94 Narrow ; contracted ; petty. 

186 7 i kai to hoih-hoih ; he is 
very narrow minded. tang td tieh co toa c6 
mai" CO khah hoih ; make the middle of it 
rather capacious, do not make it too contracted. 

h6ih 9 To espy ; to reconnoiter. 
837 5 khut i h6ih tieh ; espied by 
him. i no n&ng td t^-hoih ; the two are 

acting a.s spies. i kiii n&ng lai t(5 hoih, Id 

tieh cai-hdang i; tliey have come to recon- 
noitre and you must beware of them. mai' 
khut i h6ih-ki"; do not let her get a peep at it 
when she is speering around. 

— hok — 

"ll^pt hok 118 Happiness ; good fortune ; 
/pPq 150 9 felicity which attends divine 
protection. hok im ; glad tidings. hok ira 
tn^ ; a church or chapel. ii hok-khi ; to be 

blessed. hok toa c&i ; very great felicity, ci 
kai Q hok, hd k&i bd hok ; this one is huppy 
and that one is not. kuu-lai mng nap hok ? 
Have you been quite well lately ? hok tl ; a 
favored spot, hok ciang ; a lucky commander, 
hiang hok ; to enjoy happiness. hok bun 

toa ; highly favored, hwt ch&i hwt hok ; grow 
rich and prosperous, cek 16 hok che"; may a 
happy star light your way. ngo hok ; the five 
blessings, long life, riches, soundness of body 
and mind, love of virtue, and a peaceful end. 
u Uang cu u hok; to have right principles is 
to have good fortune. p6h hok kai nSng ; 

one who has little prosperity. hok cek cSi; 
greatly blessed. i to hok no ; he is highly 

prospered, hok 16k slu chwn; fortune, honors, 
and longevity, all bestowed. 

hok 146 To subvert ; ruined. 

151 12 hwn hok ; hwn-hwn hok- 
hok ; ruined. thien hwn ti hok ; the orer- 

throw of heaven and earth. 

hok 142 A bat. 

150 9 ue ngd hok; to paint or 
draw five bats in various positions. 

145 Double. 

9 tetig-hok ; repeated ; dupli- 
' ue t§ng-hok ; to reiterate. 

60 Again ; to do a second time ; 

9 to repeat. 

hwn-hwn hok-hok ; repeatedly, 
hok sin ; the reply to a letter. hok meng ; to 
report upon, as a commission. lu ai" co-ni 

hue-hok i ? What reply are yon going to make 
to him ? hok tong-heng ; to revive and 



prospei'. h6k chia ; to pay ofE a grudge, 

hok-tng iigwn ie°; revert to the original species. 
h6k uaii ; to return to life, khiok-hok sla".ti ; 
to recover the city. kau cu si cu hok I"; at 
midnight it will again be full-orbed. h6k i 
kai loi ; reciprocate his courtesy. cang sim- 
mueh lai hok i kai nang-cheng ? In what way 
shall we reciprocate his kindness ? che hok ; 
examine and report on. pfn hok ; reply that 
an order is performed. 

hok 145 A square cloth. 

162 ~6~ pau-hok ; pau-ko ; a bundle 
wrapped in a square cloth. pau-hok phue ; 

pau-k(5 phue ; a strong square cloth for wrap- 
ping bedding or clothes. 

"TJC hok 140 A fungus-like substance found 

%7\ 152 6 on the roots of fir trees, 
hok-leng ; the medicine known as China root, 
hok-leng kp ; a kind of cake made of China 
root. tho h6k-leng ; tho-hok ; the root of the 
Smilax chinensis. peh hok ; chiah hok ; white 
and flesh colored fungus. 

hok 32 A frontier, a border, a region; 

1141 8 a far-off territory; lands; 

ua pat thoi"-ki" sai-hok bun-klen-lok ; I have 
seen a book of travels in the outlying western 
regions. coh hok ; boi'der states. i hok ; 

strajige lands. nan kai kiii kok kiang-hok 

u jieh khuah ? How extensive are the bound- 
aries of your noble country ? 

^-j^ hok 9 To conceal ; to lie perdue ; to 

|/V 152 4 prostrate one's self, 
hok pia"; troops in ambush. hok pia" khf lai 
coih-tng i kai lo ; the ambushed soldiers rose 
up and cut off his retreat, mai" hok pia" be to 
chia-lim lai; do not conceal the mounted troops 
in the thicket. hok ti chia" cue ; bow down 

and ask for punishment, hu-ko hok u nang-be 
to ko; there are people lying there in ambush, 
sa" hok jit ; three decades in summer, when 
people hold themselves in retirement; dog-days. 

hok 62 Perchance ; perhaps ; if. 

259 4 ua hok-cia ai° lai ; I may 
perhaps come. hok si lu ai° lai li ca ce ; if 

you come, come early. lu ak-hok m lai li 

soi kio lia ta"; if you are not coming, tell me 
beforehand. hok u nfing mng lu, lu tieh cie"- 
Be in ; if anyone should ask you, you must 
thus answer, ci Ie° hok a-si bo li boi co hu ie°; 
if there should be none of this sort, then buy 
that sort instead. h6k si u hok si bo li kio 

ua ta° tia"-t$eh ; should there be any, or should 
there not be any, in any case tell me definitely. 

'^yh hok 61 To delude, to lead astray ; to 
JU^\ 259 8" inveigle. 

sim lai gi-hok ; suspicious, mai" sdi n&ng gl- 
hok ; do not make people distrust. i si koi 

mr-hok kai nang ; he is easily gulled, sla ka 
to si bu si hok niin kai tie ; evil teaching.s are 
what unsettle and delude the people. cang 
cia kai lai mi^-hok nang sira ; made use of this 
to lead people's minds astray. cp tJla h6k 

ceng ; false doctrines mislead all. ia-hok ; to 
beguile. mai" khut i ia-hok khu ; do not be 
deluded by him. 

h6k 74 Garments ; apparel ; to take 
152 4 medicine; a dose; to wait 
on; to serve; habituated, 
i-hok ; clothing, hok-sek ; apparel. ha h6k ; 
mourning garments. bp hok; destitute of 

clothing. cie" chio cu cheng chio-hok ; when 
one goes to court he wears a court dress. 6i° 
si khu ke li cheng pien hok ; when one goes 
home in intervals of labor, he may wear his 
working dress. kong hok ; one's best clothes. 
sa° ni hok ; garments worn during the three 
years of mourning for a parent. hok ieh b6 

hau; there is no merit made in taking medicine, 
eng ciah kui hok ieh cia" ho ; after a few 
doses of medicine you will be well. cek 

hok ieh cu chwu-ju ; got well after one dose 
of medicine. su-hok; to wait on ; to yield 

submission. ; to serve. sie sim hok- 
su ; carefully attend upon, m hok cui tho; not 
acclimated ; not accustomed to the place. m 
hok ka-hun ; intractable. lii kheng hang-hok 
i ; would not submit to him. cie" kai nang 
bo mih su-hok ; the people of the present time 
are not docile. siu-cie" m su-hok ; his disease 
does not yield to treatment. ci chph ieh ciah 
loll khu su-hok c5i ; after taking this medicine 
the desired effect followed, i m hok i iSu ; he 
is not willing to be regarded as old ; docs not 
succumb to his years. 

h6k 140 cieh-hok ; an orchid, used as 
233 11 a tonic medicine. It grows 
on the rocks in southern China. kim-thoi 

cieh-hok ; a species of orchid which turns yel- 
low when dried. 



- hong — 

A district on the Yang- 
tsze River where the fire- 


M\^ 157 

wells are. 

hong-to ; hong-to ti-gek ; Tophet. si au phah 
Iph hong-to; sent after death to Tophet. hong- 
to tS.i-ti ; the great ruler of Hades. 



I|l-|* honq 41 To appoint to office ; confer 
^^i 157 6 rank. 

u kai hong ho, fi kai hong pek ; some were 
raised to the rank of marquis, and some to the 
rank of earl. kau hong it phiii hu-jin ; in- 

vested with tlie liighept rank bestowed upon 
women, hong sin ; to deify, as is done by the 
Emperor, hong kua°; appoint to office, hong 
ciak ; grant a title of nobility. hong kiang 
tS,i-chin ; the high provincial officers. chfa" 
hong; chfa" kdu hong; ask a title for one's 
parents or relatives. t" hong; ask to have a 
patent of nobility bestowed on another because 
of one's own merits. thek hong ; promotion 

on account of merit. thek hong ])&i ; an 

honorary tablet conferred by the Emperor, 
gek hong ; conferred by the gods. 

hong 46 A summit, an apex, a peak. 
15») 7 sua" hong; a mountain peak, 
peh-khf kui^-kui" kai sua''-hong t6ng; climbed 
to the top of a very high mountain. mua"- 

ti-ko kai hong Ivvn ngi'a cSi ; the peaks and 
ridges all around are very beautiful, ko hong 
tok song ; a solitary lofty height. 

JST liong 182 Manner; style; reputation; 
/-»^V 155 fame. 

hong sia"; a rumor or report, hong bSn; hear- 
say, hong sok; liabits; modes. hong kh\ ; 
general feelings, as of a community, ui hong; 
ni-ui hong-hong ; awful ; majestic. hong-to; 
style; manners, i kui hong-to ho cSi ; his man- 
ners are excellent. tai chin kai hong-to ; the 
air of a nobleman. bun hong ; literary fame, 
kwn hong ; observe the general state of affairs. 

}^^ iiong 151 Plenteous ; abundant. 
^»FT>^ 157 11 hong ni ; a plenteous year, 
hong kftu ; abundant ; exhuberant. ni tang 

hong-long ; a fertile year. ngS kak hong 

teng; the grain is copiously piled. hong 

muii"; ample ; full. siah co lai hong cSi ; the 
feast was sumptuous. hong-hong long-long ; 
affluent ; copious ; plenteous. 

hong 167 The van ; bristling like a 
167 7 line of bayonets, 
kau-hong tui liii ; to join in battle, cdi" hong; 
sieu hong; khui lo sien hong; the vanguard, 
hong lai bo pi ; incomparably sharp, ce" hong ; 
bitter rivalry. 

hong 9 Emoluments; salary; income. 

159 8 hong 16k ; salary, ciah sang 
hong; has an income from two offices. hwt 

h<5ng; forfeit his salary, kaa hong; kia hong; 
increase his salary. 

P3& h(5ng 30 To read or recite in a tune. 
'^ 158 8 hong keng; to intone chants 
as do Buddhist piiests. 



II ; when 

142 A clam ; a mussel. 
4 lut liong siang thi hii-ong 
the snipe and mussel nip each 
other the fisherman is the gainer. 15a hong 

se cu ; the old clam produces a pearl ; the old 
man has a child. 

h6ng 40 Ample ; wide. 
237 4 khai ciang hdng hwt ; may 
we have great profits in our business, (a shop- 
man's sign). khwn h6ng, tSi Hang; great 
magnanimity, (a polite phrase). 

hdng 162 To meet with ; to come 

168 7 across ; to occur. 

6ili lo siang h6ng; met in a narrow path. 
h6ng lieh i lili ; he happened to come. hdng 
n&ng cfl ta"; when you meet a man speak to 
him. cfa 8l lang h6ng kai su; this is some- 

thing that seldom happens. era eng si khl 

hdng ; this is a rare occurrence. raui" hdng 

sa" poih jit, p^ng kd ; whenever a third and an 
eighth day occurs, complaints ni.iy be entered, 
khu i kp c6 cO-lfti i7i pat hdng tieh i t<5 kd; np 
to now it has happened that when I went to 
his house to sit with him, he has never been at 
home. hdng hiong hue kit; meet with bad 

luck or with good luck, i si bQe pat hdng tIeh 
nge-tdk ; he has not yet met one who could 
ma.ster him. ki hdng tek-chfu, ciung ng5 

liang-chili ; the chess-player meets his match, 
the general his equal. 

hdng 120 To sew. 
158 11 chai-hdng; a tailor, 
hdng ph6 ; a tailor's shop. 


hdng 196 The swan ; a large goose ; 
*fty 236 6 immeasurable, 
hdng hi ; vast felicity. hdng plen ; to send a 
letter by a friend ; by favor of. hdng ngSn ; 
the wild goose, hdng hok ; immeasurable bliss. 

^Jt hdng 85 Vast ; great. 
l[>> 236 ^ hdng hok; great blessed- 
ness, khwn hdng tai Hang ; liberal minded 
and very kind. hdng huang k&i sl-hau ; when 
the world was still a vast waste. meh hdng 
tOa ; an irregular pulse. 

hong 196 A fabulous and felicitous 
159 ^ bird ; the phenix. 
hong huang ; the male and the female phenix. 
hong cio ; a phenix. hong kwn ; a bride's 



coronet. bong ngan ; the Emperor's eye ; a 

sign of good luck. leng kua°, hong chiie ; 

like dragon's liver and phenix's marrow, a rare 

hong 37 To receive from a supei'ior ; 
159 6 to serve respectfully ; to re- 

hong meng lai cp kua"; receive orders to take 
office. hong ci ; receive the will of the Em- 

peror, hong ka; received instructions, hong- 
su pe-bo ; reverently obey parents. i raia"-ke 
hong-seng nang ; he is a skillful flatterer, 
hong-bien ; to oifer, as in worship. hong cie"; 
to present a gift to the Emperor. hong loi- 

mueh ; make gifts to the gods. hong kia" ku 
su; follow the customs of one's predecessors. 

— h(5 — 

'ff^ ho 38 Good ; well ; excellent ; for- 
,psY 171 ^ tunate; finished; fit; proper 
for the purpose ; friendly. 

m cai ho a mo ; do not know whether it is good 
or bad. ci-kai si ho; this is good. ci-kai 
siang ho ; this is best. hu-kai lo ho ; that is 
better. ci-kai ho kiie hu-kai ; this is better 

than that, hu-kai bo mih lip ; that is not very 
good. bo sim-mih hp kai ; not a very good 

one. m cai ci-kai hp a hu-kai hp ; do not 

know which is the better. ci-kai pi hu- 

kai hp hph coi ; this as compared with that is 
better by far. hp cSi ; very good. cin hp ; of 
the utmost excellence. hp si ; inexpressibly 

good. i si hp nang; he is good. se" IM hp ; 
well-favored. thia° tieh cin hp ; really good 

to hear. thoi" tieh sit-cai hp; considered it 

truly excellent. ciah tieh cin-sit hp cS,i ; 

found by eating it that it was indeed excellent, 
toi" it hp ; of the best sort. phong tieh hp 

chai-thau ; met with a lucky chance, hp chai ; 
good luck, hp sim-tng ; good-hearted, hp si, 
hp jit ; lucky times and seasons. cp hp su; to 
do good. ta" hp ue ; speak good words. lip- 
hp nang ; in perfect health. i kai nang hp a 
hue ? Is he well yet ? chwn hp lio ; he is 

fully recovered. hp hue ; sound goods. hp 
ti-hng ; a goodly land. hp ngp ; a favorable 

circumstance. cp kau ai" hp ; very nearly 

done. tiang-si 6i tit hd ? When will it be 

done ? ai" hp lio ; it is nearly finished. cie°- 
se° CO hp me? Is that the way in which it 
should be done ? hp cie°-se" ta"; it is best to 
say thus. cp kau hp-hp ; make it nicely. 

kia° hp-hp ; walk with care. siu-sip hp ce ; 

arrange it better. hp khu a hue ? Should we 
go yet ? btie hp ; it is not well to go yet. 

hln-cSi hd khu ; it will be well to go now. lu 

hd kio i ta"; you should tell him. i no n&ng 
siang siang-hd ; the two are very friendly, 
siang-hd pheng-iu ; congenial friends. i kio 
lia siang-teng siang-hd ; he is exceedingly 
friendly with me. ta" khu khap hd ; spokea 
opportunely, khap-hd ngp tieh i Itii ; met him 
just in the nick of time. Id, hd me ? You be 
the one to do it, will you ? i ang cia sim sf 

hua-hd ; they, the husband and wife, are very 
congenial, kio i ta" hd ue ; speak comfortably 
to him. lu ceng in kue hd ; you have already 
assented to it. lu thdi" tieh hd me ? Do you 
think it will be well to do so ? lu cki sle° 

thoi" hd a md ; you think it over again, whe- 
ther it would be well to do it or not. M 
ka-ki hd khu ; you should yourself go. ua 
mng i, i in ta" hd ; I asked him and he 

|-| I* hd 30 Suitable; fit; may; ought; can; 

"J 425 2 sign of the potential mood, 
hd me ? Can it be done ? hd a m hd ? Is it 

suitable or not ? si hd si rn-hd li ta°; whether 
it is fit or unfit, say so. hd kia° k§,i su cia" 

kia"; what may be done, that do. hd ta" k^i 
ue cia" ta" ; what ought to be said, that say. 
lu hd sie"; you should think it over. ci kia" 

mueh cp-ni i hd ciah ua rTi-hd ciah ? How is ifc 
that he can eat this and I cannoi ? cie" toa le, 
hd lai thak cu ; being so large, he should go to 
school. ci kia" su bue hd cp ; this should not 
yet be done. lu hd ham i khieh lai ; you may 
tell him to bring it. hd khu kie i lai ; you go 
and tell hira to come, ning hd kue"; shut that 
door. chai lip ciah a bue ? Is the meal ready 
yet ? i .si hp sieh kai nang ; she is a lovable 
person, lia oh cek kia" hd chie kai su lu thia"; 
I will tell you something laughable. ci tie" 

chng bue ta, biie hp eng ; thia table is not yet 
dry enough to be used. hd liam teng a biie ? 
shall I light the lamp yet? lii tieh hp hlam 
i ; you should reprove him. hd tit lieh ; 

deserves ; ought to get. Id ka-ki hd khu cp; 
you go and do it yourself. hd ciah ; fit for 

food ; eatable. 

hp 127 To lay out ; to squander ; to 

173 4 consume, 
cek ni ii jieh coi chu hp ? How much is the 
annual loss from rats ? hp chai ; squanderd 
wealth. si hu-ho kai ; it is a useless outlay, 

hp-sua" ngwn-klij ; Iio tio sin-khi ; waste one's 
energies, tai hp, si'o hp ; great and small out- 
lays, chwn bp im-hp; have no tidings what- 
ever, cie" ku bp im bp hp ; for ever so long 
there has been no tidings from it. lu raai" td 
CO hp ; do not be playing tricks there. 



hb 149 False ; erroneous. 
PlfU 626 4 ho thwn ; erroneous preach- 
ing. i° ho thwn ho ; to propagate idle rumors, 
hp-ca n4ng kiii ci"-ngfin ; extort money by false 
pretenses. ho-ck nang kai chai-infieh ; get 

goods by illegal means. hb ngftn j deceitful 


hd 9 Wherefore ; how ; what ; why. 

215 6 juho? In what way? horn 
khu ne ? Why should you not go ? h6 pit ? 
wily should it be ? lu hd pit ju chu ? Why 
should you do so ? hb kh<5 nSi hb ; there is no 
help for it. bo nfti ho ; there is no other way. 
ui ho cie"-se° ? Why is it thus ? si h6 wn-kii? 
Wliat is the reason for it ? b6 n&i da h6 ; it is 
nothing to mo. ho c6ng cie"-8e°? How can it 
be thus ? kiu k^ng lu ho sd tit ? In the end 
what will you obtain thereby ? lu ho i7i ci c6 
lai ? Why did you not come earlier ? ho-i° cie°- 
80° ? Why is it thus ? lu ho 5n^ cJo''.se' ? Why 
should you do that ? lu sd cp hb sQ ? What 
have you been doing ? 

h6 162 A porcupine. 

171 7 h6-tu ; a hedge-hog. h6-tu 
ci"; porcupine quills. phah tieh ciah hp-tuj 

killed a porcupine. 

h6 82 A fosse ; a ditch ; a moat. 

171 14 sia" hp; a city moat. fi sla' 
ciu u sia" h6 ; if there is a city there is a city 
moat. sia" li kui", sia° hp li chim ; the city 

wall is high, and the moat deep. 

hp 85 A river into which other rivers 

215 5 run. 
ng-ho ; the Yellow River. cle" hp ; the upper 
part of the river. e ho ; the lower part of the 
river, to ho; to cross the river by ferry, tah 
kiie hp ; take passage across the river. khoi- 
ho ; rivers ; large streams, ho khoi ; the Milky 
Way. thi°-hp thkng thi°-hp'; the Milky Way 
runs into the Milky Way. hp-khoi tiii hiah, 
o-kia° hp ciah ; when the Milky Way is over- 
head, the taro is edible. hp-khoi tiii tang 6- 
kia° oi sang ; when the Milky Way is on the 
meridian the taro is mealy. 


hp 30 To sing a second; to make 

264 5 rhymes to. 
Bui sia° hu hp ; he always agrees to what one 
says, cek nang chiang, peh nang hp ; one man 
chants and all the others follow him. hp 

mdng nang kai si ; cap the rhymes of a certain 

tt»^ hp 141 A mark ; a label ; a signal ; 
^Ju 17'3 7 a description or class ; to 
mark or de.signate. ho lerig ; word of com- 

mand, ji hp ; the character used as a mark, 
nan sim-mih p<5 hp ? What is the sign of your 
shop ? pho lip ; trade mark. toi" it ho ; 

first- best, toi" kui ho kai hue ? What class of 
goods? c6 kai ho; ue kai hue ho; make a 
mark as a sign. tah kai ho ; paste on a label, 
cang kp tek chah cp h6 ; stick in a piece of 
bamboo as a mark. Sng sIm-mih khau-gu cp 
hp ; use some word as a signal. cia si t5i" jl 
hp k&i ; this is the second best sort, si toa hp 
kai a soi hp k&i ? Is it of the larger or the 
smaller sort ? teng kai hp ; make a mark by 
driving a stamp. pun hp-th&u ; give a signal 
by blowing a blast, i min teng u cSk kp ki hp 
hp jiii ; he has a mark on his face by which he 
may be recognized. Q jieh coi hp sia"? How 
many brands are there ? kiio hp ; pass the office 
where the brands are affixed. cliiak-hp ; an 

epithet or nickname, i kai chiak-hp khut n^ng 
kie-cp ho"; he is nicknamed the tiger. ki ho ; 
signal by flag. llu hp ki khi-khi ; raise a 

signal flag. th6i" i liu sim-mih ki hp; see what 
signal he raises, pang ho phau; tire a salute or 
signal, cp k&i am ho ; give a secret sign, hp 
pang ; the room where marks are affixed, kua 
ho ; affix the mark, hp i ; hp kua ; a soldier's 
uniform, kok hp ; the name of a dynasty, nf 
hp; the style of a reign, piet hp ; mia" hp ; the 
name taken on coming to manhood or on enter- 
ing office; the style or designation of per.sons of 
position. i"-keng khut lia hp khu Ho ; I have 
already set a mark on that. lu k&i huap-hp 
si sim-mueh? What is your priestly name ? 

>^rt ho 154 To felicitate; to send con- 
^5^ 216 5 gratulations. 
hp hi ! Joy be with you ! l&i kio i sie hO ; 

congratulate him. hp slu ; hp nang se°-jit; 

send congratulations upon a birthday, ho ni : 
send New Year greetings. ho loi ; articles 

sent as presents, upon some happy occasion, 
peh kua" chio ho ; a general levee. ho nang 
chua bo, hp nang se° tau-kfa"; send congratula- 
tions on a wedding day, or on the birth of a 
son. khp hi khp ho ; what one may be con- 

gratulated upon. kheng hp ; to congratulate, 
kiong hp ; " with compliments." 

i *^ ho 140 The small leaved variety of 
^F*J 216 ~7~ the water-lily, 
ho-pau ; a purse shaped like the leaf of a water 
lily. ho-lang kok ; Holland. hp-lang cii ; 
Irish potatoes. hp-lang be-kiia ; a riding 

jacket of azure camlet. 



.iSilk , — _-* ho-nia To admoiiisli the people, 
^y^ ■^■^^ 763 as by au execution ; to 
use as a warning to others ; to deter by a 

ke to cie-piah cdi" ho-nia ; wearing the canguo, 
before the wall that screens the door of the 
yamun, in order to adtrionish othei's not to do 
likewise. cai hi°-ci'' li'o, khang khu kak ia" 

ho-nIa ; having had an arrow thrust through 
his ear, was lead around to each of the garri- 
sons as a warning. naai" io lio-nia ; do not be 
one whose career is a warning to others. 

ho 113 To protect, to shield, to de- 
ll 15 5 fend as gods or spirits may. 
po-ho ; to give divine protection. 

^jr^* ho 102 To meet ; to bear. 
|±| 867 ~S^ ho huang; to be exposed to 
the wind. ciang-si khu to ho me" huang, co 
lia li mai*; if I were you I would not go out 
just now in the night air. ci hue cie° juah 

tieh lai hai-ki" cin-liang ko, ho hai huang cia" 
ho ; just now, when it is so warra, one should 
go to a shady spot on the shore and get the 

— hgh — 

hph 38 Very ; a high degree of ; ex- 

.71 3 ceedingly. 
hph kii ; a very long time. kia" hoh hng ; 

walked ever so far. hoh chin-chie° lu ; much 
resembles you. se" lai hoh ngi'a ; is very well 
favoured, kang-hu hoh ho ; the workmanship 
is very good. chun u hoh coi ; have a large 
quantity remaining. li hoh coi jit lio ; many 
days ago. hph me"; very speedily. sit hph 
coi ; has lost a great deal. i kai naiig hph 

song-khuai ; he is very comfortable, hph cSu- 
hue ; very fortunate. 

hph 196 The crane ; the stork. 

2i9 10 pgh-hoh ; the white egret, 
sien hoh ; the Manchurian crane. hoh hwt, 
th6ng ngwn ; he has hoary hair and a youthful 
face. hoh chek huang ; a swollen knee joint, 
chin-chie" hoh jip koi khun ; like a crane 
standing among chickens, sie ciia-be ciia-hoh; 
burning offerings of paper horses and storks. 

— hu — 

hu 86 Ashes; embers; dust; powder. 
 , ^ 260 2 hue-hu ; ashes. thoa" hu ; 
charcoal dust, ngun-ciia ha ; the powder used 
in making spirit-money. tu-kut hu ; bone 

dust. hiie-hu sek ; gray. ngoi co hu ; 

triturate to powder, bua hu ; grind to powder. 


hn 66 To apply ; to divide and 
_ _ 143 11 arrange, 
hu ieh ; to apply medicines. m hu 6ng ; not 

sufficient for the purpose. mui° gueh kai 

ngua eng khu m hu ; each month the money is 
insufficient. naiig sio m hu eng; the number 
of people is too small for the eng to 
m hu ; hui-eng iTi hu ; not enough to meet 
expenses. hu a m hu ? Is it enough for the 
purpose or not ? 

hu 130 The epidermis ; the cuticle. 

143 11 phue-hu ; the skin. hwt- 
hu ; the cuticle and fine hairs. sin-thoi hwt- 
hu si pe-bp se" kai, m ka° sie" tieh i ; the body 
is given us by our parents, and we must not 
wound it. phue-hu kai pe"; a skin disease ; a 
slight ailment. 

^^h JBf^ hu-tu A horn, a speaking 
\f^l ~WKi 'J34 trumpet, 
pun tek hu-tu ; blow a bamboo trumpet. hu- 
tu hiang cie pe" h'o ; the horn sounds, indicat- 
ing that the performance is about to begin. 

Mhu 130 Rotten ; carius ; spoiled. 
145 ^8~ hu-nua"; putrid. khah kii 

cii liu-hiu" khu ; if kept too long it will spoil. 
p6 jue tieh hu-hu ; the cloth feels as if it were 
spoiled from long keeping. nek hu ; the meat 
is spoiled, u nang ciah kiam hu cwn hau" ciah 
hu kai ; some people in eating salt fish prefer 
that which has become carius. kiam hu nng ; 
pickled rotten eggs. au kau hu ; decayed to 

ZJL!^ liu 37 A man ; a husband ; an exalted 
^XV 142 J lady ; work, 
hu hu ; hu chi ; husband and wife, hu cii ; hu 
kun ; my husband. ce hu, mue" hu ; the hus- 
band of an elder or a younger sister, hu che"; 
a fortune-teller's term for a husband. ji-hu ; 
husband, ngo hu; I, your husband, ngo hu, 
ngo hu ; we, the stupid married couple. hu- 
jin ; the wife of an official of high rank. ju 

ba-jin; the concubine of a man of high rank, 
la'u thai hu-jiu ; the chief wife of an official, 
ji hu-jin ; a concubine who is the mother of an 
official. soi" hu ; the husband of a widow, 

coi" hu; a former husband, ku hu ; the living 
husband of one married to another man. i-hu; 
wife's sister's husband. chin hu ; own hus- 

band. tS,i hu ; an official. chiang hu ; a 

leader. tai chiang hu ; an eminent leader, 

nng tang chiang hu ; a leader among women, 
sui hu kill, sui hu cua"; follows the husband to 
eminence or abasement, peh hu ciang ; a cen- 



turion. liu c^; a sage. iSa liu cu ; a rabbi, 
be hu ; a groom, chia hu ; a carter. cha hu ; 
a wood-cutter. 16ng hu ; farmers. ta''hu; 
burden bearers. phit hu ; a common fellow, 

chng hu ; a villager. kio hu ; chair- bearers, 

lau hu ; an old worker, phit hu cu fong ; com- 
mon bravery. c6k iong cu hu ; one with onl^ 
ordinary self-possession. ^oug hu, sok cu, 

mediocre people have commonplace children, 
kang hu ; an adulterer. kang-hu ; in a work- 
man like manner. cp lai kang-hu kang-hu ; 
it is skillfully done. bo sira-mih kang-hu ; 
not nicely put together. bwn hu put tng cu 
long ; ten thousand could not cope with him. 

tt^^ hu 80 To address ; to speak to. 
•J 221 6 cheng-hu ; to call by an honor- 
able name, cheng-hu i co cii ; called him lord, 
ai" co-ni cheng-hu i ? By what name do you 
address him ? hi" co-ni cheng-hu i cia° tieh ? 
What is the proper title by which to address 
him ? clu io chin k&i lai cheng-hu ; call him by 
the name of the nearer relationship. 

^^ hu 4 To reach a point ; at; towards; 
' J 224 4 ki-hu ; nearly; about to. ki- 
hu ai" puah ; on the point of tumbling, ki-hu 
ki" si ; at the point of death. ki-hu ai' lih ; 

about to burst. ki-ki-hu thoi"- iTi-ki" ; very 

nearly sightless. soh ki-ki-hu tn<f khu ; the 
rope is at the point of breaking. su-hu ; like. 
Kii-hu si ; it appears to be. ua thoi" tloh sQ-hu 
si, lu stt-hu m si ; I first thought that it was 
and then that it was not. dah loh khji to iJli 
sfi-hu rli-hd ; after eating it I felt worse. ki»°- 
jit kai pe" su-hu lo ho hio°-se ; he seems a little 
better to-day. m to hu chii; it does not consist 
in that. 

hu 63 A gentleman's house ; a pre- 
145 6 fecture ; an office in govern- 
ment; an officer over a department or bureau, 
kua^-hii ; officers ; officials. nin kai kui hii t6 
fi-ko ? Where is your residence ? cle" jit kau 
cun hii pki-hau, li ngo lu rn to ; the other day 
when I went to your house to pay my respects 
to you, you were not in. hii-sia"; the depart- 
mental city. ti-hu ; the prefect. ji hii, sam 
hii; sub-prefects. uanghu; the prince's 

palace. hu-cun chut u ko-si ; the prefect has 
issued a proclamation. cie" si-hii ; e si-hii ; 

the highland and lowland prefectures, hii tftu 
tin long-cong to ; the Prefect, the Intendant 
of Circuit, and the General-in-Chief are all 
present. kia"-jit tai-jin lichuthuabo? Has 
His Excellency been out to-day ? 

hii 65 To spread on ; to apply, as a 

143 11 plaister. 
cang cia ieli khu hu ; take this medicine and 
apply it. mai" hii cek sin ; do not get it all 

over you. mai" hu khah khui-khuah ; do not 
spread it over too wide a space. miu hii hie' 
k5u ; you need not spread it so thick. ko-ieh 
hu khui lio cu tah 16h khu ; spread the oint- 
ment and then put it on. 


hii 9 To stoop ; to condescend. 

140 8 hii hok t6 tl ; to prostrate 
one's self, hii s\ cek-chiet ; to look down from 
a height upon all. ngiang-kwn thi°-bAu, 

hti-chak ti-li ; to consider the astrologic and 
geomantic influences. 

hii 180 The membraneous viscera. 

145 8 \kk hii; the stomach, gall- 
bladder, large and small intestines, bladder, 
and three functional passages. ng6-c&ng l&k- 
hii ; all the internal organs, hui hii; the lungs; 
the opinions. 


hii 18 A vice ; a second ; a classifier 
I'iS 9 of suits or sets of things. 
cSk ciii", cek hu ; a principal and a vice. hii 
ia; low military officers. hii png; Im kbng; 
one who has just missed getting the degree of 
ku-jin. hu-ciang; brigadier general. si cia' 
kai a si hu kai? Is it the principal or his 
second ? khieh cek hu pit bak 1° lai ; bring a 
set of writing implements. cek hu pua'-iia'; 
a set of dishes. cek hu te-ku ; a set of tea 

things, chwn hu cip su; a complete outfit, i 
leng-ua° c§k hu sim-tng ; he is of a different 

hu ^ A tutor. 

147 10 thki-hu; the highest tutor. 
6xo-hu ; the next to the highest tutor. thai- 

cu kai thai-hii ; the crown-prince's tutor. tu- 
hu ; Professor. 

/f— I* hu 9 To hand over to; to put in 
|\| 147 3 one's hands, 
si ua chin rain kau-hu khut lu kai ; I delivered 
it over to you myself. ai" hu tl-tiang khu? 

Whom will you engage to go ? hii-thoh lu 

c6 ; commission you to do it. hu cheng-chd ; 
all delivered over into another person's hands, 
much hu i khieh lai; put the things into his 
hands to be handed over here, nguu hu i khu 
CO seng-li ; committed the money into his hands 
to go and traffic with. lia kio i ta" jieh coi 

hue, i hii cu put bun; how many times have I 
told him, and he pays no attention to the 



n/4* hii 80 To order ; to enjoin on. 
"I J 147 "5" hun-hu; to order; to give 
instruction to. hun-hu i cO-ni co ; tell him 

what to do. ua cai-sa" cok-hix lu ; I gave you 
strict orders repeatedly. ua hun-hu, i m 

chai ua, lu h(5 cai hun-hii i ; I tell him, and he 
pays no attention to me, you order him again 
concerning it. 

hu 156 To repair to, to attend ; to 
, „„^ 149 2 go to. 

i ai" kbu hu jim ; he is going to enter upon the 
duties of his office. kui nang long-cong lai 

hu siah ; they are all present at the feast. hii 
hue ; attend a meeting. hii su ; to repair to a 
place where business is to be attended to. 

hu 154 A madrigal ; to receive from 
149 8 Heaven and bestow on men. 
si hu; poems, co si co hu; make ballads, i kai 
hu se" 61 cie"-se"; such is his natural disposition. 



hii 118 Charms ; incantations ; to 
144 5 tally; to correspond; to verify 
by comparison. 

fle hu ; to write charms. sie hu ; to burn 

paper on which charms have been written, 
hu ciu ; spells, chvii li liam ciu, chiu li ue hu ; 
repeating incantations with his mouth while 
Tvriting charms with his hand. thau tie hd 

thau liam ciu ; reciting spells while he wrote 
charms. ISng hu ; an effectual charm. i kai 
hu-ciu cin cai ; his spells are very effective, 
pe" hu; the demon of sickness. kua° hu; the 
demon of ill-luck. thien kua" hu ; a fata- 

lity, cu-si u hu sin kai hu ; boasts of having 
an amulet which protects him. i kua ii ISu- 
la hu to sin ; he has an amulet upon his pei'son. 
6ng hu-ciii lS,i bu cu hd ; take some water on 
which ^ spell has been cast, and expel it from 
the mouth in mist, and all will be well. 
Biang ko tiang-si to eng hu ui pe", hln-kim 
lau; in the most ancient times spells were 
much u.sed for the cure of diseases, and so 
they are at present also. ci tie" hu khu 

ciah, ci tie" hu khu tab pang toa mng, cf tie" 
hu khu tab pang pang mng, ci tie" hu khu 
tab pang min-chng, ci tie" hu khut i kua"; let 
him swallow this written charm, stick this 
one over the front door, this one over the 
bedroom door, this one on the bed-stead, and 
let him hang this one upon his neck, pia" hu; 
tk seal conferring unlimited military powers, 
hu teng khap in ; fit the seal into its impres- 
fiion. hu in ; the seal and its impression. 

m siang hu ; m siang hu-h&h ; the parts do not 
match, no na,ng k^i ue ta" lai m hii-hah ; 

there is a discrepancy between the statements 
of the two. cdi" ftu k&i su m hA ; the former 
and the latter circumstances do not agree, 
ji ciah 111 hu ; the writing does not tally. m 
hti; the parts do not match. 

hii 142 hii-tlap ; a butterfly. 

223 9 hii-tiap ap ; a box shaped like 
a butterfly. 6i cp hii-tlap than ; make the 

shoes with butterfly shaped ornamentation, 
hu-tiap kau ; broad hinges or butta. 

ha 96 Pink coral, of the precious 
222 9" kind used for official buttons, 
sang-hu ; sien hii ; pink coral. eang-hu en ; 

sang-hii teng ; a pink coral button. sang-hiH 
chiu ; a spray of pink coral. ci kjii sang-hu si 
ke kai a cin kai ? Is this coral real or is it an 
imitation ? i ki sang-hii cia" cgk liah tiig, lia 
ki sang-hu ku-a chieh tiig ;',hi8 branch of coral 
is about a span long, while mine is several 
feet long. 


A term for the Monguls, Tar- 
tars, and tribes of Central 

hii 130 

221 5 
Asia ; foreign. 

hu-jin, hii ti; Mongolians and Mongolia. hii. 
jin bq peh n! tu un ; Tartars have not a hun- 
dred years run of luck. c6i"-hu; a tonic medi- 
cine, a shrub whose root tastes like ginseng. 
ch4-hu; a bitterish sudorific resembling gentian. 

hii 119 Incoherent ; careless ; foolish ; 
,^^ 222 ~9~ paste, 
hu-thii ; foolish. ci kai n^rg hii-hu thii-thii ; 
this is an addle-pated fellow. i si hii-li hii- 

thii kai ; he is muddle-headed. hii-hiin ; not 
perspicuous. thdi" tieh hii-hu hun-hun ; it 

looks very indistinct. hii sueh; nonsensical 
talk. ciu ce cui i cu hii ng&,n Iwn gd ; when 
fuddled with wine he is incoherent and reck- 
less in his talk, ji-ciah mo".h(i, m cheng-ch(5; 
the letters are blurred. pie hu chte"; a paper 
hanger. soi su hu-thu, toa su boi hu-thii ; ha 
is careless is small things but not in great ones. 

hu 85 A lake ; a large pool. 

222 '9 hu si ; Nanking raw silk. 
ngo hii, si hai ; all the empire. lu-hii ; a park, 
phwn-iang hii ; the Poyang Lake. tSi cien 
phwn-iang hu ; a great battle. 

^^ hix 83 A tankard with straight sides. 
nR. 223 9 ciu hii ; a wine jug. te hd ; a 
tea pot. chong cek hu te lai ; infuse and 

bring a pot of tea. me" hii ; a urinal. ciah ii 
pua" hii cin ; has drunken half a pot of ale. 
tang-hu tih-lau ; a clepsydra. 



hu 94 The fox; foxes' far; distrastf al. 

174) 5 hu-sien ; a brownie. p8h hii 
h6 a si hiie hu hd ? Which ia the best, the far 
of the white or of the red fox ? hu ke ho" ui ; 
a fox putting on the air of a tiger. tho sf hii 
pui ; when the hare dies the fox mourna. 
i thia° tieh hu-gi ; on hearing it he mistrusted, 
i thia" Ifo, siru lii hu-hu gi-gi ; having heard 
it, he became suspicious. 


hu 64 To uplift, uphold, support, 
144 4 sustain, or help along, 
tang soi hu-th! kau tua; brought him up from 
childhood. hu i khi lai ; help him up. i bd 
hie" 6i kia°, lu tieh hu i ; he cannot walk very 
well, you must hold him up. la m si i hu 

tieh, cu puah loh khu ; if he had not held me 
up I should have fallen. hu-hu ohah-chah ; 

continually helped along. tah hu-chi'u-pang 
cU loh kle ; when he drums on the support for 
the hands in the sedan chair, they set the chair 
down. hu ISu thi lu"; support the aged and 
the young. hu kua°-cha; bear a coffin, 

khiong-ui hu m tio ; afraid that I cannot 
sustaiu it. boi hd th cQ ; will not fail to hold 
it up steadfastly. lia thoi" li hu lu khf ; I do 
not think you can support it. khut i k6i-koi 
cu hu khi l&i; he can lift it with ease if he will 
take hold of it. hu kha, hu chfa ; to uphold ; 
to support the feet and the hands. 

"f-| hii 7 Interlocking. 
_"... 226 2 kau-hu; dovetailed, 
cio eng; mutual collusion. 

hu siang 

hu 159 To help ; to assist ; to second. 

146 7 sie-hu ; assists, hfi-co ; aids. 
pang hu ; to lend aid sie pang sie hu ; to 
cooperate. cai hu ; a cabinet minister. hQ 

thai-cu CO ui ; lend support to the crown prince 
in ascending the throne. hu i li ke su ; help 
her in managing the house. sie hu giap-lak ; 
second the effort. bo nang hd hii chin ; no- 

body to lend a hand. hua" nang hu kha hii 

chiu, CO khun-kia° cu hp ; if all take hold and 
help it will be done in a little while. 

■^3^ hii 149 To protect ; succor ; guard ; 
fi^C 226 14 convoy ; aid. 
k\u-hii ; to rescue. huang-hii ; to guard from 
danger. hii-cp ; succor. pp-hii ; to give 

protection, hii-iie ; to escort, as with a guard, 
eng ci ki kun to hii k^ ; make use of this troop 
to escort the chariot. eng hii huang in ; 

stamp it with a seal. phai kui nang hii-sang 
i khu chii ; detail several persons to escort him 

homo. clam gng m6ng n&ng hii If ; make 

temporary use of a certain person to aid in tho 
settlement of the case. hu-su ; an envelope 

for papers ; a portfolio. 


The announcement by a son 
of the death of a parent or 

hii 149 
PI 149 ~2" 

hii-iia thiap; a card announcing the death of a 
parent or grandparent. pang hu-im thiap ; 

issue cards aunouucing a parent's death. 

hii 88 A wife. 

149 8 hu hii; husband and wife. 
hQ-jin; a woman. hCi-nng; the women folk, 
hii-jin n&ng ; women, hlen-hii ; a virtuous 
woman. phwt-hti ; a termagant. meng-hii ; 
a titled lady. hii-jin tieh fi sam chong, si 

tek ; women must practice the three duties and 
four virtues. 

hii 113 To inter in the family tomb. 

147 5 h<iang-thai-h6 seng-lm thai- 
bie ; the empress is interred in the great tem- 
ple, i kfti phun, hd cSk p6i", hJi-cng i kui jl 
nt\ng ; his inferior wife ia interred in that side 
of his tomb. 

.^> hii 88 A father. 

S^^ 147 Boi' hii; my deceased father. 

ke hii ; my father. 

hii 187 A subsidiary horse. 
*WU 14:8 5 hii be ; hiah hu ; a son-in-law 
of the emperor. 

It A". ^" 

To append ; to join on ; an- 
nex ; supplement. hii-kuii 
kai tl-hng; adjacent land, hii to hu biie ; ap- 
pended thereto, hu hue hii ke cek kp ; annex 
another piece, mih su to hii-hp i ; follows him 
blindly in everything. liQ c§k huang sm ; 

inclosed a letter, hii toa° cek tie"; the inclosed 
order. i kai ngun-toa" si hii to sin toi ; his 
draft is enclosed in the letter. hiX ngun cek 
peh nie ; add on another hundred taels. 

on the back ; to 
to turn the back 

hu 154 To bear 

149 2 assume ; 
upon ; to slight ; to fail. 

hii ce ; in debt. hii khut jieh kii ; how long 

have I borne oppression. hii sim chak ; an 

ungrateful scamp. buang uu hii ngi ; forget 
benefits, i si koi''-thio pue-hii kai nang ; he is 
a burden-bearer. ph^a-hii put hiiam ; more 
able than common men. ci k^i n^ug sim si 



phSa-bu ; this is a very able and learned 
person. i hii ieh ; he breaks the contract, 

seng hu ; succeed or fail. m cai seng hu jA 

ho ; do not know whether he has succeeded or 
failed. ua bo khui-hu lu ; [ have not treated 
you unfairly. lia m hii lii ciu si ; I will not 

disappoint you. khi-hu ; to impose upon, 

ra khi-hu nang, la b6 thang pan uang khi-hu ; 
does not impose upon anybody, and does not 
allow any body to impose upon him. huang 
thi" put hu kho sim nang ; high Heaven never 
turns away from the sorrowful in heart. 

P^F hu 130 Flour made frona beans or 
71^ 145 8 peas. 

tau-lm; bean-curd, oi tau-hu ; grind peas for 
making curd. tau-hu kua"; dried bean-curd, 
hu JLi; soured bean-curd. hiang hu; hard 

bean-curd, tau-hu cie"; bean porridge, or pea 
soup. hu ki ; strips of bean-curd. hu moh; 
hu phue ; the scum of pea soup. tau-hu hue ; 
blauc-mange made from bean flour. 

hu 30 To breathe out. 

221 5 u hu ai cai ; alas, how very 

sad it is. 

J^Y^ ^^ - ^° expletive at the end of sen- 

J 224 4 tences. 
cu hu ia cfa ; it is all bosh (these four particles 
having in themselves no meaning). 

— hua — 

hua 149 Clamor ; a din. 

240 12 suang-hua; hubbub, kim- 
ci suang-hua ; all loud talking is strictly for- 

hua 140 To squander ; to spend. 

239 4 hua-hui tio jieh coi ci°-ngun 
cia" CO seng ; much money was spent before it 
was accomplished, hua-cu ; a spendthrift. 


hua 18 A pinnace ; a scow. 

240 4 hua-theng ; a lorcha, a cargo 
boat, ci ciah hua-theng ai" khu tl-ko ? Where 
is this lorcha going ? 

■^JP^ hua 115 Crops ; grain ; corn. 
^|V 254 ; crops, miia-si- 
chu kai chang-hua ho cai ; everywhere the 
crops are fine. 

hua 140 Splendor ; glory. 

239 8 iong-hua; effulgence, gueh 
hua ; bright moonlight. chia-hua c5i ; very 

showy. tong-hua; China. tang h fang iong- 
tua ; partake with him of his grandeur. 

H^pl hua 30 Harmony ; concord ; agreo* 
TH 254 5" ment. 

hua-pheng; at peace. hua-hua-ph§ng-ph§ng ; 
in complete agreement. sim hua, khi phSng ; 
thoroughly reconciled, cek thwn hua-klu ; in 
perfect harmony. hua-klu ti siang ; a concil- 
iatory disposition tends to intitnaoy. raai" sie" 
hua-khi; do not disturb the harmony. hia°-tl- 
kia" hua-hua ktu-khi ; the brothers are very 
amicable. ang cfa sim si hua-sfln ; husband 
and wife are in accord. in ang cfa m hiia ; 
they, the husband and the wife, are of incom- 
patible temper, ke-mn^ hiia-sun ; the families 
are in cordial relationship. kio chii-pi'' m 

hua-mok ; not on good terms with his neigh- 
bours. thi"-kh\ thio-hua ; the weather is pro- 
pitious, lip hua-ieh ; form a treaty of amity, 
kang hua; to treat of peace. ke cek ie" Iqh 
khu hua bi ; put in one more kind, to render 
the flavor perfect. hua-hau; in accord. m 
sie hua ; uncongenial. Ip ko phali lai m hua ; 
the drums and gongs are not beaten in time, 
cang hi" lai hua i kai khek ; accompany his 
song with the violin. hi" kio khek ih hua; 
the fiddle and the song are not in unison, hi" 
sua" leng-ua" phah kau hua-hua ; manipulate 
the string of the viol until it is in tune. soi" 
toa" thoi" hua me; first thrum it and see iE it 
is in tune. hua kau cau-cau ; attune them 

until they all conform. sai hua nang mia ; 

hush up a homicide. i Ifang c5u sai-khia-e 
hua khu ; he secretly made a settlement with 
the other party, chia" kong-chin chut lai hua ; 
invite a mediator to make peace, hua kau ta", 
hwn-h'o biie loh ; they have been making over- 
tures of peace until now, and have not yet 
reached reconciliation, hua ieh buah ; to com- 
pound medicinal powders. hua Ifo leng-Qa" 
hvvn; were conciliated and then disagreed again, 
kiii hua kie" pang-i ko ; a costly arbitration is 
better than a cheap lawsuit, nfn no nang hua- 
hua ai" khu tl ko ? Where are you two going 
so amicably ? 

hiia 113 Misery, woe, suffering ; to 
Rj 256 9 send woe upon. 
pi hiia ; escape impending wrath. lu raai" 

jia hiia; do not bring misery upon yourself, 
chuang hiia ; bring on calamity, hua put toa" 
kia"; misfortunes never come singly. in hiia 
tit hok; attain happiness through misery, hok 
Bien, hiia im ; blesses goodness and sends woe 
upon wickedness. hua i-pang pat nang kp ; 
lay the consequences of evil upon somebody 
else, hiia ai" lai Ifo ; misery is at hand, i kai 
hua ra hug Ifo ; his trouble is not far off. u 

hok li tang hiang, u hiia li tang tng ; if there 



be joy we will share it, if there be sorrow we 
will bear it together. pae thi" hua ; sudden 
calamity. cek jit co tuo-tue, hua to thi" cle° 
pne ; when sitting at ease, sudden adversity 
came upon us. m cai si hua a si hok ; do not 
know whether it is a calamity or a blessing. 

— hua" — 

hua" 76 Pleased with ; gratified ; 
, ^ _ 244 18 joyous, 
lu hua"-hi i rag ? Are you pleased with liim ? 
hua" sim ; a merry heart. hua" thi" hi tl ; 

extravagant joy. hua°-hua" hf-hi; delighted, 
i thia" tieh slra si hi-hua"; when he hoard it he 
was greatly pleased. i hua"-hf ci kfti n^iig ; 
he is pleased with this person. hua" thfiu hi 
chio ; gleeful), hai i hua"-hf si ; kill him with 
joy. hua"-hf kjiu thio ; jumped for joy. i t5a 
hua"-hf; he is greatly pleased. 

hiia" 149 All, altogether; the whole. 
86 9 hua" nang cb-pii Itli ; they 
all came together, hiia nflng khu tl-ko? Where 
have they all gone ? hiia" kai cp-ni ta" ? 

What did they all say about it ? hua" ktli su 
li wn a hue ? Is the business all finished up 
yet ? hua" kai much co hd ; all the things are 
finished. hiia" ksli to tui tl-ko khii ? Whore 
have all the knives gone to ? hua" kai ue 

l<5ng-c6Dg tSeh ; all that was said was right. 




easy going. 

gill hua" 
5fT 162 

85 Easy going ; lazy and slow. 

5 raai hua"- hua" n6 ; do not 

i to si hua"- hua" n6 ; he is very 

209 To snore. 

8 ut ki\u {(5 hua"; asleep and 
snonng. M hua" kau ua bQi ut ; you snore so 
that 1 cannot sleep. 

(^& hua" 16 To steady the footsteps by 
_JXj 700 6 leaning upon a prop; to lean 
upon or against ; to rest lightly upon, 
ham kai a-no°-kia" kliut-i hua" chi'a ; call one 
of the children for her to lean on. u ki sam 
h(5 hua" io koi kia"; with a cross-bar to stay 
one's hand against, it would be easier to walk 
over. i hua" to lang-kang ko ; she leans on 
the balustrade, hua" to i koi"-thau ; stay your 
steps bj? leaning upon his shoulder. lia k^i 

chfu khut lu hua"; lean upon my arm. 

hua" 96 To take charge of ; to attend 
519 7 to ; to manage ; to lay out, 
as funds. i mia°-ke hua"-ke ; she is expert in 
the management of a household. cgk ke, kui 
cap n&ng, khut i hiia" kau iap-iap thiap-thiapj 

the whole family, consisting of several tens of 
persons, is kept in the most complete order by 
her. cfa su si tl-tiang \6 hQa" ? Who has the 
management of this affair ? hua" seng-li ; ma- 
nages the business. hOa" tSa ; attend the 
helm ; steer the thing through, hua" sio ; take 
charge of the accounts. cia ngun pkng ko 
hua" ke ; leave this money to be laid out for 
the support of the family, i kfti giieh Sn^,' jieh 
coi ngun liQa" ke ? How much is required per 
month to keep the family ? 

4-|M[ ^>*1*" ?2 A bank ; a dike ; a dam ; an 
J'^sL 1090 9 embankment which prevents 
overflow. cob cek tio hQa"; make a dike, 

kla" tiie ci tlo hua" ko khu ; walk along this 
bank, mna-ll-kp kfti toi-hCia" cpli kau kh\ang- 
khiang, ciii toa cia" bpi pang ; the dikes every- 
where are strongly made, and when the waters 
rise will not give way. cle" pang ciii ci tio 

hua" khut i itu khu, ta" tieh Ifti cph kui" ce ; 
when the waters were last let off, this dike was 
overflown, and we must now make it higher, 
cph tio hQa" ping hiii-ki"; make a bund. 

Bt^ hQa" 102 Revised paths between fields. 
L^ 17 6 chftng hua"; narrow raised 
paths between rice fields, cph ke cek tio chftng 
nQa"; make another dividing path between the 
rice plots. chftng hQa" siak ku soi tio ; the 
path is narrowed by long hoeing off. tui ci io 
toa tio kai hua" kiie khu; go by thia wider path. 


107 Solder ; to solder. 
8 hua" i sie ciah ; solder them 
together. hua" khu m sie ciah ; it is not 

soldered firmly. cie"-se' hua" khu rli toi"; in 
that way the solder does not hold. tieh cang 
cfa lai hfla", cia" kien-kii ; you must use this in 
soldering it and then it will be firm. 6ng hQa"- 
thftu lai hQa"; take solder and solder it. b6i 
pheng-se" lai kap hQa"-th4u ; buy borax and 
make solder. 

— huah — 
huah-hi To gape or yawn. 
215 M huah-hi si mak siap 
a ill fei ? You yawn because you are sleepy do 
you not ? i CO lio huah-hi huah-hSi : si n4ng 
khun-kwn m&k-siap, a si hun-rgien ? Having 
sat down he keeps yawning : is it froin the 
sleepiness produced by fatigue, or is it because 
the time for him to take his opium has come ? 
than huah-hi, th&u chun-lun ; yawning and 
stretching at the same time. i td hnah-hl 

chun-lun, hfa ie" si phi kai ie"; he is yawning 
and stretching, as if he were tired and sleepy, 
mng-klu'-ca huah-hi li'o, e-hai ka-lauh khu ; 
this morning he yawned and dislocated his javr. 




.if^ h\iah 77 To stride ; to step ; to 
Cy^ 713 T straddle. 
6i hiiali kue a boi ? Can you stop across ? cSk 
huali cek huah ; step by step. kta° bd kiii 

huah kha cu sng ; I had walked but a few 
steps when my legs were tired. i kia" lo toa- 
toa huah ; he takes great strides. huah m 

kue ; cannot straddle across it. 

— hiiai 



To cherish ; to hold within, 

huai 61 

243 16 sim huai ak liam ; 
evil thoughts, huai tho ; huai eng ; pregnant, 
huai sai sim ; seek selfish ends. huai httn m 
hiah ; persistently cherish dislike. sim ISi 

huai m-ho kai i-su ; harbour bad intentions, 
khua-huai ; anxious. 

T£a hiiai 82 To despoil; to ruin; to break 
r:^. 244 16 down. 

long huai khu ; broken down and ruined. ISng 
kau hui-huai ; torn down and destroyed, pai- 
huai mia°-sek ; ruined his reputation. 

— huam — 


huam 85 To inundate ; to overflow. 

^ 128 2 huam-lSm ; in motion, like 

a flood. toa cui huam-lam ; the waters surge, 
mua-si-chii hiiam-huara lS,m-Iam, ceng si cui ; 
everywhere a rising flood of water. i kai ue 
huam-huara ia,ra-lS,m theng ta"; his words pour 
forth in a sti'eam of reckless speech. lu kai 

tie mai" ta° khah huam-lSm ; do not deluge us 
■with your words, co khu toa huam-lSm, theng 
CO; acts without restraint and recks nothing. 

Y>^ hviam 85 Floating; unguided ; ob- 
l/C 128 5 jectless ; to drift, 
phu-huam ; floating about. i co .su ph^-phA 

huam-huam, in tieh sit ; he does things very 
Buperficially, and is never thorough. ci k^i 
nang khah hiiam ; this person is too unsteady. 
hu kai a-no"-kia° huam cSi ; that child is very 
careless. huam be huam n&ng khia ; vicious 
horses find reckless riders. i kai ngdn sin, 

thdi" tieh khah huam, m ce"; the expression of 
his eye is too wild and unsettled. gua khau 
hiiam-huam, kio nang kau-iu ; wanders at will, 
with pleasure-seekers. 

tJ hiiam 16 Human; mortal; every- 
• l^ 126 1 body; usual, common, 
huam-jin ; mankind. huam hu, sok cu ; the 
common people ; the vulgar. i kS,i ptin-nfa 

elt-cSi hui huam ; his ability is really above 
the average. cu huam kai su to l&u-tSng lii ; 
give you much trouble about all this. cu bI 

sien-nng hia huam ; it is a fairy come into the 
world, cia si m cai stm-raih che° sin 13,i kkng 
huam kai; this is some unknown divine being 
that has come into the world. thut-li huam 
tin kii li'o; shuffled o£E this mortal coil long ago. 
twn bd su huam kai su ; has no earthly cares, 
huam kang; secular life ; the world. huam 

tho se" kai ; of human origin. tSi htkam nang 
CO h(5 cu ti ho po-eug ; whoever does well is 


huam 94 To offend; to violate; to 
128 ~^ transgress ; a culprit. 
huara-j£n ; a criminal. huam cue ; to trans- 

gress, huam cue kai nang ; a transgressor, 

ci kia° 6U si huam huap, m-hd co ; this is 
against the rules, and must not be done, kbi 
hflam ; to deliver up a criminal. mai° chok- 
huam tieh i ; do not offend him. i cf kla" cue 
sng si go huam kai ; this offence is to be 
reckoned an unintentional one. kii huam; de- 
liberately transgressed, ku-i khu huam huap ; 
break the law with a deliberate purpose, kam- 
huam ; a prisoner. ci kai su huam kim ; this 
is a trespass, huam tSng cue li siu tSng heng; 
he who commits a great crime, receives a haavy 
punishment. huam khin cue li siu khin 

hgng ; he whose offense is slight receives a 
slight punishment. chiu-huam ; one in cus- 

tody, i si huam tieh sim-mueh ? What has 

he gone counter to ? 

CI huam 16 All ; general. 
J W 126 1 huam nang ta°-ue tieh mai" 
hu-bu ; whoever speaks must not falsify, hiiam 
su to tieh kiin-sin ; whatever business you have 
on hand, you must conduct it with care, 
huam cek-chiet ke lS,i kai much to si i kwn ; 
whatsoever there is in the house she takes con- 
trol of it. hiaam sim-raih nang ; whosoever it 
be. tSi huam kai much to si ii si phi" ii si 

kiii; things in general are sometimes cheap and 
sometimes dear. 

^B hiiam 61 Grief; tribulation; afflic- 
iM£% 248 7 tion ; to be vexed, 
tu Ifo Su huam ; ward off distressing con- 
sequences, hua-huam ; affliction. to huam- 
lang tang ; in tribulation. po bd Su-huam ; 

protect from subsequent misfortune. huam 

pe°; a distressing malady. c6h Ho Sa-hiiam; 
cut off subsequent occasions for vexation. 

hiiam 118 A law ; a rule ; a standard. 
128 9 i kai huang-hflam sim si 
ngiam ; his prohibition is strict indeed. cau 
put kue i huam-ui ; cannot run counter to hia 
restrictive rule. 



— huang — 

tj^ ^^^ huang-thang Boasting talk, gas- 
/r^ Fvit 861 conade, exaggeration. 

i kfii ue huang-th3,ng cSi ; his language is very 
extravagant. s6 ta" kai ue huang-huang 

thang-thang, bd ku sit ; what was said was the 
wildest exaggeration, without a word of truth 
in it. 

Jvifc^ huang 61 Nervous; alarmed; agitated. 
IJlu 253 10 rahi" khah huang- marig ; do 
not be too hurried, sim huang, i \wn ; agitated 
in mind. huang-huang ciang-ciang ; in trepi- 
dation, i ka.i sim huang-lvva ; she is flurried. 


huang 182 Wind ; air in motion ; 
155 breath. 
Bun huang, tit 11 ; may you have a fair wind 
and prosperous journey. ngek huang; go 

against the wind. huang sun, eng oe" ; fair 
wind and smooth waters, lu ti jit ^i" stin 

huang ? On what day do you sail ? thi-ke hue, 
ai" chia" lu ciah sun huang cia. ; I invite you 
all to take a parting cup with me before you 
Bail, huang cle° p6i°; to windward, huang S 
poi"; to leeward. khuang huang, me" h5 ; 

■violent wind and rain. hie°-e huang, sla" l&i, 
ho ; the country is windy, the city rainy. Id 
m-hd chue tieh huang ; you must not let the 
wind blow upon you. mhi" ki" huang ; do not 
expose yourself to the wind. toa huang, toa 
ho ; high wind and heavy rain. than huang ; 
the wind blows gently. chue huang ; the 

wind is blowing. pun huang; to blow up 

with the breath. m-ho lau huang ; make it 

air tight, khau huang ; bends under the force 
of the wind. la huang; dry in the wind, 

cek tau tang huang, sa° tau ho ; to a peck of 
east wind there are three pecks of rain. tieh 
than toa pak huang c\a° oi ce°; if there were 
to be a strong north wind it would clear, 
lam huang hue ; schools of fish that appear 
with the rising of the south wind. si phi" 

huang ; a shifting wind. sun huang ki ; a 

wind vane ; one who falls iu with whatever 
is said. huang ho cam ; a barometer, ci kai 
tl-hng khah hip huang ; this place is too much 
shut off from the wind. phuah huang-16 ; 

fan the fire in the furnace. huang c^k cun 

c6k cun ; the wind comes in gusts. huang- 

thai ; a typhoon. ai" co huang-thai ; there is 
going to be a gale. kia°-cun ngo tieh phah 

thau huang ; meet adverse winds. huang 

gueh chie tham ; small talk. chin huang; 

kua" huang ; cold, bleak winds, liang huang ; 
a bi'eeze. cheng huang ; a refreshing breeae. 

huang cheng, gueh peh ; cool breezes, and 
moonlight nights. hau" huang liu ; fond of 

gaiety. huang-liu chai cu ; a fast young 

man. huang-cui ; the influence exerted on 
the welfare of the living and the dead by the 
bearings of sites. huang bQn ; rumors. lia 
huang bun-ki° fi ci kla" su; I heard a rumor 
of this. tong huang pfi"; apoplexy. sia" 

huang ; a cold ; rheumatic pains. iii huang ; 
afraid of drafts, pun c6k tin huang chue khu; 
blown away by a gust of wind. khut huang 
But cih khu ; whisked off and broken by the 
wind, huang kQi°; a fanning mill, tie" huang; 
puffed up with wind. ciah lio se° huang ; 

productive of flatulence, huang juah kek kau 
thftu-khak hin cfii ; had the perspiration 
checked so completely as to produce headache. 
huang-kh\; neuralgia, huang sip; malarious, 
lang-lang huang-huang; giving ingress to 
many currents of air. hoi lang-huang ; does 
not admit the air. lii mih huang ? lu slm-mih 
huang chue lai ? What brought you here ? 
pkng cek ko khut i thau huang; leave an aper- 
ture for ventilation. huang thau lai na-nft ; 
the wind is hot. bd huang ; no breeze, tang 
a huang ck" hd sai ; wait till the wind rises, 
then put up the sails, cia" huang h<5 sai, a hue" 
huang h<5 sai ? Which is best for sailing, a 
wind that comes directly astern, or one that 
comes at right angles to the course ? huang 
thio h6 siin ; just enough of wind and rain, 
khut huang phah ka-lauh loh lai ; blown down 
by the wind, huang bo ; a hood. pu huang 
chok ia"; chase the wind and catch shadows ; 
it is mere idle rumor. chiu-sin khia tit cia", 
m pha" chiu-biie huang io-tong ; the erect tree 
does flot fear having its top shaken by the 

- f^ huang 70 Proper, correct; a rule, 
y/y 132 a way, a means ; there- 


twn huang si-cia"; exactly square. toa-tCa 

huang-huang; on an extensive scale. u slm- 
mih huang-huap ? What way is there of doing 
it ? kia" huang-pien ; to act as circumstances 
may render expedient. cie°-se° io huang-pien ; 
this way is the more convenient. co mih su 

to tieh u huang u huap ; in doing things there 
must be method. ua huang-chai lai ; I have 
just come. tang i lai huang ho co su; wait 

till he arrives and then act. huang-kim kai 
si-sok to si cie°-se°; such are the practices 
of the present time. ni huang cap-poih ; 

about eighteen years of age. ka kia" u ngi 

huang ; there ia a correct method of training 



.'>Y huatig 140 Neglected; void; obsolete. 
JXC' 250 6 cie^-sikaikang-hubuang- 

hui cSi ; work, now-a-days, is very intermittent, 
tl-bng bo kliu siu-sip huang-huang hui-bui ; 
the place baa not been put in order and is very- 
dilapidated, tring kitu ni cng kai buang-so ; 
tbis year it bas been wboUy unattended to. 
buang-i'a kai ti-hng ; a wilderness. i ta° ue 

siiu si buang-thang; what be says is utterly 
untrustworthy. huang ni ; a year of dearth, 
huang im bo to ; total neglect of duty. h6ng- 
huang kai si-bau ; in very dull times. 

huang 104 Leprous ; insane. 
156 9 toa huang ; leprous, 

raua^-buang ; the leprosy, huang-tien ; insane, 
huang mo°, sau sin ; a maniac. 

© I? huang 163 huang-to ; a district on 
^g^r 158 18 the Yangtsze in the east 
of rfzecbuen, where the fire wells are. huang- 
to tl-gek ; Topbet. huang-to tai-t\ ; the ruler 
of Hades. 

^ huang 130 The space between the 
^^ 250 ^ heart and the diaphragm. 
pe° jip kq-buang bo ieh ho ui ; when the disease 
enters the vitals no medicine can cure it. 

^-|* huang 41 To seal up; to inclose in 
iJ^J 156 6 an envelope ; a seal, 
huang in, khui in ) to close and open public 
offices at the end and the beginning of the 
year. huang mng ; seal up a door. huang 
phue ; huang tio ; strips pasted across a door, 
and sealed with a goverment seal, huang cun; 
to impress a boat. huang sO ; to lock up and 
seal. cek huang sin ; a sealed epistle. cek 
huang ngun ; a sealed packet of money, huang 
mi^-mi"; huang kiu-kin ; sealed tightly. khui 
huang ; open the seal. huang-tang ; an envel- 
ope, sai ngvvn huang ngun ; pay out the 
original parcels of money. ngwn huang put 
toug ; the original seal bas not been tampered 
with. ci tie" sin huang h'o ho khap in ; seal 
and then stamp this letter. 

huang 120 Pongee. 
IJ/-J 135 "4~ hiiangtia; thick pongee, 
toa huang ; repped pongee. sie biiang ; fine 


"^n^ "^"fe hiiang-hut Resembling ; seem- 
1/Kl// 135 inKjJjke. 

buang-hut; somewhat like, thoi" tieb hiiang- 
hut ; it appears like it. buang-hut chin-chie" 
si ; it bears a I'esemblance to it. ua hu hue 

thoi" khu huang-hiiang hut-hufc, m tla"; 1 then 
saw it indistinctly. 

A\^ jKljk, huang-hufc Disturbed ; fluttered ; 
liUA^ |yu 253 unable to collect one's 


hiiang-hut, thoi" b6 hie" tia"; being flurried, 
did not see it distinctly. huang-hiiang hut- 
hut ai" kliu ti-ko ? Where are you going in 
such trepidation ? tbia" kbu buang-hut, m 

tia"; listened in a confused way, and was not 
certain about it. ceng sin hiiang-hut ; all 

in a fluster. 

hiiang 9 To imitate ; to copy after. 
134 8 huang i ksli ie"; follow his 
example. hiiang i kai huap ; follow bis rule, 
huang lai sio c{ti ; it is very exactly copied, 
biiang ko kai pit i ; delineate it in the ancient 
style, ci kai biiang lai bo sa" sia"; this has bat 
a slight resemblance to the pattern. cang ci 
kai CO ie" pun lu biiang ; I will take this for a 
model for you to copy. jwn biiang, biiang iIi 
sio ; howsoever I copy, the copy bears no like- 
ness to the original, ci pak lie koi biiang; this 
scroll is easily copied. biiang mong nang kai 
Ie" lai CO; make it like that of a certain person. 


hiiang 149 To search out ; to inquire 
pt/^ 134 4 into ; to inform one's self 

biiang-bun i i"-keng lai ; obtained information 
that he had already arrived. am hiiang ; 

secretly inquire into. tti-pang co pheng-sie" 
nang kbu am hiiang ; dressed like a common 
person, and went and secretly examined into 
the matter. am-ce" khu chip biiang ; secretly 
pursued and. searched into. che hiiang; to 

search out. khu mua''-ti-ko hiiang bien-jin ; 
go everywbei'e seeking out the ta" i"- 
keng biiang kau meng-meng peh-peh ; have 
now by inquiry found out the whole truth, 
hiiang mng ; inquire about it in order to 
ascertain the facta. 

"fc^ huang 66 To relax ; to indulge. 
/fj^ 135 4 lii mai" huang sim ; don't 
be heedless, i hnang-su cSi ; he is very impu- 
dent, i si huang-hiiang tang-tSng, bo kii cia"- 
keng su ; he is very willful and disregards all 

l^f^ huang 170 To ward oS ; to guard 
[trj 134 4 against; to provide against; 
a dike ; a defense. 

ii huang pi ; prepared for. ii huang pi, kio bo 
huang bo pi, cu m tang ; there is a diiference 
between being prepared for a thing, and being 
taken unawares by it. i soi"-soi° cu. cai u- 

huang i ; he took precautions against it long 



before. cek kok hiiang ki ; lay up grain 

against a time of dearth. toi-huang ; an em- 
bankment raised a.s an obstruction. siu-sip 
toi-huang t6 huang-gfl toa ciii ; repair the dikes 
to keep out the flood. huang huang ; a 
remedy against colds and flatulence. hai- 
huang kai su-bu chiet-io ; the business of the 
coast guard is importart. m cai huang i ; did 
not take precautions against it. huang ch&k 
lai thau ; protection from thieves. i ki° hai 
Id, lu tieh cai huang i; he means to injure you, 
you must be on your guard against him. hdang 
Bin kiii ke-hue ; weapons for self-defense. B^i 
khu huang-tu hu kdi io-khaa ; sent to defend 
that important pass. 

Mhfiang 10 The female of the phenix, 
251 9 a fabulous bird whose ap- 
poaiance indicates great prosperity to the land, 
hong huang; a pair of phenixes. peh cfo chio 
huang ; all the birds attend the court of the 
phenix. hong-huang tJiu chu ; the phenixes 

have arrived here ; the harbingers of good for- 
tune have come. 

M "m" ? 

To oppose ; an obstacle ; 

huang-gai tieh i ; lay obstacles in his way. sU 
phi" bo huang bo gili ; no obstacles in any 
direction. Id thoi" Q huang a b6 hAang ? 

Do you see any ditBculties in the way? huang 
chu huang pf ; hindered by this and that, cfa 
to put huang kai bu; there is no difficulty 
about this. huang hien go kok; (o oppose 

the worthy is to harass the nation, bo huang 
a ; BO matter about that. 

huang 106 Exalted; august; impe- 

250 1 rial. 

huang-ti ; the Emperor. huang-ho ; the 

Empress. huang-slang ; His Majesty. thki 
Biang huang ; the Emperor's (living) father, 
huang un ; imperial favor. huang thai-cu ; 

the crown prince. huang thi°; high Heaven, 
gek huang siang-ti ; the highest of the gods. 

huang 142 The locust. 

251 9 huang-thSng ka tlo tlu ; 
the locusts devour the ript3 grain. 

^ huang 195 
^3& 251 9 


The sturgeon. 

hiiang-hd nau ; sturgeon's 

huang 61 Dread, tremor, apprehen- 
251 9 sion. 
huang -khi'oug ; fearful, i sim l5i slm si huang- 
khiong ; his mind was very much perturbed, 
kia'-huang ; scared. 

hAang 201 A gymnasium. 
236 18 c\n hxiang-keng; enter col- 
lege, huang mng siu-sQ ; a literary graduate 
who haci really earned his degree, not bought it. 

huang 86 A great blaze. 
251 9 teng cek hui-huang; resplen- 
dent with lights. 

— hnap — 

huap 85 A law ; a statute ; precepts ; 
123 5 the rules for or science of; 
an art ; a code. 

kok huap; national code. lut-hnap; huap< 
Idt; laws, huap-to ; regulations, huap-cak; 
set of rules. h6ng huap ; penal laws. 16i 
huap ; rules of etiquette. i si oi hii huap ; 

he is one who can lay a spell, ci'a cu b6 huap 
li'o; there is no way of doing this, lai sio" c6k 
kai huang-huap; think out some means of 
compassing it. bo huap bd cak cfti c6 tit seng ? 
Without any method or plan for attaining it, 
how can it be accomplished ? nan \M siet 

huap ; let us lay a plan, ti sim-mih huap n5 ? 
In what way can it be done ? cie"-se" cu slang 
slen huap; this is the very best plan. i k&i 
huap-lak kau-kh!ang; bis arts are powerful, 
huap 8ut ; black arts. M thoi" Sng sIm-mih 
huap lai chii-tx i ? By what means do you 
think it might be regulated ? hQam huap ; 
break the rule. ci kai kua' sim si cip huap; 
this magistrate adheres very closely to the laws. 
i mih su siu loi siu huap ; in everything he 
follows the usages and keeps the statutes. 
chfing \i huap sa" lo tieh long-long hi'o ; the 
circumstances, the principles, and the rules, must 
all be understood, hut huap hd pien; Buddhist 
rules are without limit. chi'a" kai huap-su lai 
jlo i ; get a professor of the black art to come 
and exorcise it. cie°-se'' cia" hah huap ; that 
is according to the rule. cf-ko kai nang iii 
huap ; the people here revere the laws. i 

kai ka-huap hd ; his instructions are good, 
ka Ui tit huap; instruct in accordance with 
the established usage. i khu oh huap ; he has 
gone to learn how to do the thing. lien i kai 
pit huap ; learn his style of writing. i kai to 
huap ho cSi ; his fencing is very fine. th6i'- 
ki" i ah chut h nap-tie" khii cia' huap ; saw him 
escorted to the execution ground, to have the 
law executed upon him. ang kun-huap 

phol"; judged according to military law. cie" • 
Be" tieh huap ; that is rightly done, i si m pat 
huap ; he does not know how it should be done, 
m hio huap, m hi'o lut, theng co ; ignorant of 
usages and rules, doing almost any way. mio- 
si uang huap ; contempt of court. i si mio- 



hnap cSi, tloh tSng phoi"; he holds the laws in 
contempt, and nanst be severely dealt with, 
i cie''-se° bo huap bo liit, tieh cai keng-kai i ; 
being thus lawless, he must be put under I'os- 
traint. khut nang ho hau huap ; be a good 

example for others. 

"/ Ik hue 86 Lime ; mortar. 
/J\. 260 "2' cieh hue ; stone lime. sap 

hue ; lime made fi'om shells. no ie" hue ti ie" 
ho ? Which of these two kinds of lime is the 
better ? ceng hue chie"; pound a chunam 

wall. liam hue ; plaster with mortar. hue 
kun ; cement. thang-Su-hne ; putty. thai iu° 
hue ; sifted lime. kai min kai hue ; the 

plaster on the surface. cang hue lai p6 ; take 
mortar and mend it. hue tho-kak ; bricks 

made from lime and clay. hue lo ; a chunan 
road. hue tia"; an area made with chunam. 

phah hue khu ; make a chunam mortar for 
pounding rice. hue-tiig a co cieh-po ; make it 
appear by argument that pieces of old chunam 
walls are stones. pii^-lo hue ; betel nut lime, 
eaten with siri leaf. ko buk, si hue ; utterly 
dead to ; like a decayed tree or long slaked 
lime. simhue; no desire for; disheartened, 
sim m hue ; my desire is unfulfilled. 

hue 140 A flower ; flowered ; or- 

239 ~4~ namented. 
cek liii hue; a flower, cek cang hue; a flower- 
ing plant. cek ki hue ; a branch bearing 
flowers. mia° hue; a celebrated flower. hue 
hah ; petals. hue sim ; the pistil. hue chiu ; 
Btameus. hue lili ; sepals. hue hS,m liii ; a 
bud. eng hue ; ak hue ; water the flowers, 
tiah cek pe hue ; phick a nosegay. hue mia" 
cheh ; a roll of the employes or clerks. hue 
mia"; an alias. khui hue ; to blossom. b6- 
hue-kue chiu ; a fig tree. po hue ; sterile 
flowers. chah hue ; wear flowers in the hair, 
hue cam ; ornamental hair pins. hue ngan, 
kha gii ; figures of speech. hue hue kong-cu ; 
a young rake. hue hue si-kai ; a thoughtless 
age. hue hiii jieh coi ci"-nguiQ ? How much 
money has he squandered ? hue koi, Hu 
hang ; illuminated streets. si i kai hue kia"; 
it is a child whose birth he foretold. thoi" 
hue teng ; transparencies. hue long gueh 
mSu"; pretty faces, thien hue ; the small pox. 
mak hue ; mak-ciu hue ; the sight blurred. 
hue chau ; flowered. hue jl ; figured. p6 lu 
bI ai" u hue-chau kai a si ai" so kai ? Do you 
want flowered or plain cloth ? ci khi chau- 
chieh kai hue-ji I'o ngia ; the figures in this sort 
of matting are prettier. cam hue ; stick 
flowers in the cap of one who has married his 

betrothed, or succeeded in hia degree. hue 

chie"; a florist. phah hue mIn ; paint the face 
for acting. hue-theng ; a brothel. i kai pit 
hue t<5 khui ; he is a very accomplished scholar, 
ue hue ; paint flowers. chiah hue ; darn in 

flowers. siu hue ; to embroider. eng ch&ng- 
pha" khu CO hue-hah ; make the petals of pith- 
paper, boi cek tiii hue-thaa skng i ; buy a pair 
of clusters of flowers for the head and present 
them to her. hue-puah ; flower pots. hue- 
kng ; flower jars, hue-kang; vases, hue-hng; 
flower gardens, hue-g^ ; wood carvings, kia" 
hue, cui gueh ; reflections of scenery in water ; 
evanescent beauty. hue ti ; a florist's garden. 
mi"-hue ; raw cotton. ci chu bo hue, pat chu 
chai ; if there are no flowers here, go elsewhere 
to gather them ; if this place does not suit you, 
.seek another, hue na ; flowered baskets, n'g- 
phang chai hue ; the bees flit from flower to 
flower. cu si cek ki hue ; pretty as a flower, 
a i cek ki hue ki ; snatch a branch of his 
flowers; take advantage of his profits. thui 

hue mong l&i hp cSi ; he plays his part as an 
acrobat well. to hue phah lai hp cSi ; the 

figures he draws with his sword in fencing are 
very fine. sin hue-chau ; a new style of 

ornamentation. phang hue boi ang, ang hue 
boi phang ; fragrant flowers are not brilliant, 
and brilliant flowers are scentless. hue tieh 

ka-ki khui kai cia° ii eng, peh i khui kai bd 
eng ; flowers that have themselves blossomed 
are useful, those that have been picked open 
are not. i si lai to hue-chau kai ; he comes 

just to pass away the time. ham i mai° t(5 

chiie hue-chau; tell him not to spend his time 
in merely amusing himself. khut nS,ng chia" 
khu ciah hue ciu ; has been invited to a libid- 
inous entertainment. 

ill*, hue 86 Fire; flame; exciting humors; 
X V 265 fever; urgent, 
hiie-me"; a spark. hue-me''-ko; a firefly, 

hue-iam ; a blaze. hue-cih ; flames. hiie- 
thoa"; charcoal. hue-cha; cu-lai-hiie ; lucifer 
matches. hiie-hu ; ashes. hue-cieh ; flint, 
hiie to ; a steel for igniting tinder. hue-hla"; 
tinder. hiie-ceng ; live coals. htie-sai ; cin- 
ders, hue toh ; the fire burns. hue kue ; the 
fire has gone out. hue me"; the fire is a hot 

one. hue mang ; a slow fire. hue-thau ; a 
cook, a scullion, hue-khi ; caloric, tien-htie ; 
lightning. in-hiie; fire-works. sie in-hue ; 
to let off fire-works, hiie-suh ; rockets, hiie- 
s§ng ; a large fire-cracker, hiie-thang; a piece 
of fire-works resembling a fountain, htie-pau ; 
a torpedo, hue-kwn; a bomb-shell, hiie-ci"; a 
fiery dart, hiie-ieh; ammunition, hue-iu; coal- 



oil. hi5e-cng; a fire- wheel. se" hue ; inflam- 
mable, koi-koi ciah hiio ; ignites easily, toh 
hue; to set on fire, hue seng; the fire flares up. 
hu-hiJe; febrile, sit hue; has a fever, sira-hiie; 
internal heat. kua" hiie ; inflaraation of the 

liver, htie-pe; a torch, hue-thiia; soot, hde- 
in ; smoke, khi hiie; to build a fire, hue se"; 
irrascible. mai" khah se° hde-se"; do not bo 
too hot-tempered. tl-k5 sit hiie? Where did it 
catch fire? lai khu kiu hiie; let us go and 

help put out the fire, phah hue 16 ; tear down 
buildings to prevent the spread of fire. kla' 
hiielo; to walk the fiery road, as a spirit- 
medium does, hue chiam ; an urgent dispatch, 
ue ta" Wi khah se° hue-khi ; spoke with too 
much heat. i kfli hue-khi toa cJli ; his temper 
is very hot. i ni-hue l^u h'o, tho hiie, tho kaa 
ta" cng kai b6 hiiu-klii ; as he advanced in years 
his temper became more even, and now he is 
not at all testy, hiie-kng ; bellows. eie hiie ; 
Set on fire with a burning glass. hiie-che"; 

the planet Mars. hiie phuah me" c6 ; fan the 
fire and make it burn hotter. hiie-sok ; at 

great speed. hiie-cng ; to cremate, hwt hiie- 
pu; a beacon light, hde ho ; a signal made by 
a light. teng-n&ng hue ho ; a signal lantern, 
khieh khu hiie t6ng hue ; put it in the fire and 
burn it up. ut hue ; smothered heat. piin 
hue ; to blow the tire, piiii kiie hue ; blow out 
the light. hue-cih ioh-ioh-sih ; the flame 

flickers. hiie-cih phu khi Ifti ; the flames are 
rising. mai" khut hue-stii phiin tieh ; do not 
get hit by the cinders. thi° loh hue ; thi" t<5 
t6h hue ; a burning sky. khieh khu hue-thoa" 
t6i pA kku ang-&ng ; put it among the coals 
and heat it red hot. hue-lak toa cfti ; the heat 
is intense, khang l6-kui° kai hue siang u lak ; 
blow up the fire in the furnace, with the fixed 
bellows, until the fire is at its hottest. bo 

hue" bo che", co-ni kSa° lo ; how can we travel 
when we have neither starlight nor lantern- 
light, chut chui cu cek pe hue; his words were 
like a torch. cieh hue ; to warm one's self by 
a tire, pue hue ; to dry by a fire, hue-thang; 
a brazier. hiah hue; let the fire go out. thd 
tio hiie-klu ; diminish the heat, lu mai" cang 
th^u-mo° khu chih hiie ; do not go so near the 
fire as to singe your hair, hiie jii phah jii toh ; 
the more you stir the fire harder it burns. ci 
le" mueh io sia hue ; this is a cooling stuff, ci 
Xe" cheng sim-hue ; this kind dissipates internal 
heat, i no n^ng ju ciii kx° hue; the two are like 
fire and water meeting. hue cih ci tieh ; the 

flames licked it up. cang hue nS; singe it in the 
flame. khut hiie sie tio khu; was burned up. 
ci kai huaug-16 khah hip hiie, m thong hiie ; 
this earthen stove is stufEed up, and does not 

draw well. ta clijl m h(J kttii hue ; dry wood 
should not be kept near the tiro. kiii-hiie ; a 
jivck-o-lantern. sin-hue; a mysterious light; 
a wilUo-the-wisp. hiie swn ; a sparkling gem. 
hiio-cfo ; a flying cinder. hiie-pa,i ; a tablet 

giving notice of an official visit. hiie-sit; the 
mess-room; the cook-house. hia"-hue; put fuel 
on the fire, kai gAeh eng jieh coi ci" cha hiie ? 
What is the expense per month for fuel and 
lights ? hue hau kku ; it has been long enough 
at the fire. hue-Id ; a grate ; a stove. khieh 
thih-ki", khu koih hiie; take the tongs and nip 
up some tire. hue ku ; the things used about 
tho fire. hiio khang; a brick platform, 

warmed by a flue, and used as a bed. im hiie, 
iang hiie; a concealed fire or an open fire, 
bun bii hiie ; a fire partly concealed, and partly 
exposed. cang hiie lai un ; take fire and. 

scorch it over, hang hde ; hang it by the fire. 
ihk hiie ; to poke the tire. cang thih-sioh l&i 
tha i kai hiie-thoa" sang-lftng ; take the poker 
and loosen the coals so as to admit the air. 
kak pang hiie k6 sie tio; throw it in the tire 
and burn it up. thai n&ng, p^ng hiie ; murder 
and arson. pang hue kfti n&ng; the incendi- 
ary, hiie m sie sua", tl tu pui ; ground that 
has not been burned over is not fertile. m6ng 
k6 cau hiie-cai, sie si jieh c5i nang ; there has 
been a great fire in a certain place, and many 
people were burned to death. cui hue bd 

n&ng-chdng ; water and fire have no humanity, 
kek hue ; a smothered fire. khut hiie sie p6" 
khu ; burned to the ground, cin kim put pha* 
hiio, lien ku la sio-sih ; pure gold does not fear 
the fire, yet if it is long in the crucible it loses 
a little. me°-me hiie" cha-khi-lai cia" hp ciah ; 
fry it over a very hot fire and then it will be 
toothsome. hiie jiet-jiet; very hot flames. 

hie°-hue to ; a little bag holding incense ashes, 
worn as a charm, ciang-cu hong-sQ hie°-hue ; 
the eldest son kindles the incense sticks, hiie 
chia ; a steam car. hue cun ; hiie hun cun ; 

hiie lun cun ; a steamboat. thien hue ; thi" 

hiie ; a thunderbolt. ci ie" ch& io uah hue ; 

this sort of wood burns well, ci Ie" ch& m uah 
hiie ; this sort of wood burns badly, eng hiie- 
gu-tin phua i ; made use of a file of oxen, hav- 
ing knives fastened to their horns and torches 
to their tails, to break their ranks, thia" tieh, 
cek to hiie ; when I heard it I was filled with 
rage. tieh cai lau hiie-ceng ; you must 

remember to save some fire for kindling again, 
hiie kuang ; the effulgence of a blaze. mki' 

khah kue hiie; do not keep it too long at the 
fire. m-hp khah cx° hiie, ia m-hp khah sek 

hiie ; do not cook it either too little or too 
much, lui hiie; electricity passing from the 



earth to the clouds; a stroke of lightning, hde 
uang-uang-kie ; the fire sputters ; the sound of 
muttering flames. hiie hu-hu-kie ; the fire 

roars; a low heavy sound of devouring flames, 
ceng-iu hiie ; cleansing fires. 

Aj^ hue 9 Furniture ; goods ; gear ; a 
j/V 255 4 comrade. 

ke-hiie ; implements, ke-hiie co-pu khieh Ifti ; 
bring your tools with you. ke-hiie raueh-kia"; 
gear, toa ke-hiie kai nang ; one having much 
household property, i oi co ke-kiie ; she accu- 
mulates property. lien ke-hiie ; a tried weap- 
on, hue-tie"; a mate, on a foreign ship. toa- 
hue, ji-hiie ; chief mate and second mate, nan 
lai hah hiie; let us mess together, tiang-si ai° 
jlp hue ? When are you going to move in to 
that house? chut hue; to move out the 

household stuff. 

hue 36 A comrade ; a colleague ; a 

255 11 crony, 
hxie-ki ; a partner. nan l&i cp hue-ki ; let us 
go into partnership, hiie-ki coi, oh co su; the 
interested parties being many, it is difficult to 
transact business. hah-hue ; a crony. ci kai 
ei i t&ng hue kA,i chak ; these are his fellow 
thieves. sa° iii ai" chii kai co-ngwn cu u, sa" 
ni ai° chap kai ho hiie-ki cu bo ; if you want a 
senior wrangler, there is one to be had once in 
three years, but if you want a good partner, it 
is not in every three years that one is to be 

hue 61 To repent ; to be dissatisfied 
263 7 with one's own conduct, 
hiie-koi ; amend. mai° e-jit sle"-siu-hiie ; do 
not regret it hereafter. kau S.u-lai sie"-8iu- 

hue le khah chi ; though you should change 
your mind afterward, it would be too late. 
Su cu hvvn hiie; afterward returned to his for- 
mer state of mind. au hue mok kip ; repen- 
tance will then be beyond your reacli. 

hue 159 A class ; a sort ; a sign of 

670 8 the plural. 
ISu hue tieh co kau pun h5u-se" hue ho 6h le"; 
the old must so act as to be an example to the 
young. kun-cu hue kai cp su kio sio-jin hue 
m tang; the conduct of the cultured is unlike 
that of the unlearned, tong-h&u hiie kai sim- 
tng kio khek-poh hiie kai, siang li lifig ; the 
mind of the faithful is very remote from that 
of the insincere. ta-po hiie cp ta-po hue, cu- 
nie hue cp cu-nie hiie ; let men be men and wo- 
men be women. nia a-no"-kia° hue mai° pln- 
pong-kie ; children, do not make a noise. toa 
hue tieh cai ka i ; their elders must teach them. 

m-pat hiie tieh khu rang pat hiie; those who do 
not know must go ajid inquire of those who do 
know, oi hiie tieh ka boi hue ; the competent 
must teach the incompetent. cp seng-li hiie 

si cp seng-li hijo kai ie°, cph-chang hiie si cph- 
chfing hiie kai io"; traders have a certain style 
of their own, and agriculturalists a style peculiar 
to themselves. lu thoi" sai-kok hiie kai nftng 
ho a tang-ie' hiie kai nang ho ? Which do you 
consider the better the people of western or of 
eastern lands ? 

hiie 149 To teach ; to admonish ; 
P"^ 264 7 counsel, 
ka-hiie ; instruct, ka-hiie i kai kia"-tl ; teaches 
her children. i kai ti-cu to si cun i kai ka- 

hiie ; his pupils respect his instruction. la 

iong hiie ira, bwu chang hue tSu ; ogling looks 
invite to wantonness and carelessness induces 

At^ hue 21 To alter ; transmute ; change ; 
I U 240 2 transform, 
cau-hue ; incidentally. theng-cSu-hue ; as it 
may chance. cSa-hiie cSi ; fortunately, lu ho 
c5u-hue; you are very lucky, m jip liang hiie; 
uncivilized. hu kai ti-hng m jip uang hiie ; 

that country does not become civilized, kam- 
hue nang kai sim; convert people's minds, ka- 
hiie ; change by instruction, sio-hiie khu; dis- 
solved, boi hiie; unchangable. cia si hiie 
se" kai mueh-kia"; this is a thing which is 
produced by its own metamorphoses. i 6i 

pien-hiie ; it is transformable. hiie co p^t 

niiieh ; change into something else. ki"-tieh 
hiie cu ie^-hiie khu ; if exposed to the fire it 
melts. hue ciia ci"; to burn mock money, 

tng thi° sie hiie ; burned in the open air. hiie 
sin; burn a priest's corpse. mp° hiie; beg for 
Buddhist temples or priests. ciah lio oh sio 
hiie ; it is difficult of digestion. koi-hue ; to 

hiie 77 The revolution of the sea- 

827 9 sons ; age. 
lu jieh coi hue ? How old are you ? i kiii 

hiie ? How many years old is he ? i cia" sa" 
hiie; he is just three. ciah kau no peh hue; 
lived to be two hundred years old. i kai ni- 
hiie 10 coi ; he is very old. cek hue cek hiie 
to m cai ISu ; as the time passes we are not 
conscious of becoming old. i kai ni-hiie io 

khin, bfle pat; he has not lived many years, 
and does not yet know. no n&ng pe"-pe" coi 
hiie ; the two are of the same age. kau cek-e 
u ni-hiie cii cp m lai ; when you are old you 
cannot do it. i io oi khng hiie ; he does not 
show his age. sa° hiie php no ; had two child- 



ren in three years, pet hue tdng; an honorary 
tablet to a centenarian. thoi" tSeh chin-chle" 
m kheng cie" coi hue-sia"; he looks much older 
than that, i kai nl-hue io cf"; he looks young. 

hue 154 Goods ; wares ; merchandize. 

256 4 hue-rnueh coi cSi ; a great 
quantity of merchandize. ci kai hiie fo h(5 ; 

these wares are better. ci k&i hue io chu, tftk 
m tit ke ci°; these wares are of inferior quality, 
and are not worth more than that, i hia hd 
kai hue lii boi ce lai ; buy some of his best 
wares. b6i hue, b5i hiio to s! eng i; both in 
buying and in selling, they always employ 
him. ci !e° hue fo kiii ; this sort of goods is 

dearer. ki" boi phi° k&i hue tieh tang e-jlt ; 
if you wish to buy cheaper goods you must 
wait till another time, i t<5 khui c&p-hue-ph6; 
he keeps a variety store. lai khu thoi" slru- 
mih hue-sek ; let's go and see what wares there 
are. i kui hiie tun kau c5i-coi ; his wares 

are piled in great quantities. kak k6 kak kp 
kai hue ; each place has its own wares. cang 
hue khu ing; went and hypothecated his 
goods. than ciii hue; the best quality of the 
goods. hiiam hiie to ii hue min khah hue 

toi ; of every sort of goods the best are put 
on the outside. chut hiie jip hiie to si kua i 
che ; the goods that go out and come in all 
pass under his inspection. khi hiie, 16h hue 
li si 5ng hu k&i ; for landing the goods and 
for shipping tiiem, they always make use of 
that. hue kfe ci'ang tiet s! tue hang ch§ng; 

the price of goods rises and falls according to 
the market. hiie-kha ; hue-tai ; hue-toi ; the 
garblings. cua" hiic; poor, cheap goods; a bad 
lot. au hue ; spoiled goods ; a bad person, 

kiani hiie ; salt stores ; a good lot of merchand- 
ize, khi hiie ; a rare article. ci cek cng hiie 
much ; the goods brought at tliis trip. ci cek 
pua° hiie boi hii phi"; the goods brought this 
voyage were cheaply bought. t6a hiie khu 

gua chu boi ; take wares to sell in an- 
other place. eng i ah ci c^k cai hiie khji ; 
employ them to convoy this cargo. ci ciah 
cun si cai hiie kai, rh si to cun ; this is a cargo, 
not a passenger boat. pang-i bo hd hue ; low 
priced goods are never of fine quality. sua" 
hue pho ; a shop whei*e wooden wares are sold, 
siu chara-chiii hiie ; buy goods at retail; collect 
by buying in small quantities. 

hue 72 Obscui'e ; misty. 

263 7 c6k rain cng kai hiie-khi; one 
side is all dark. b6 sek-cek, sim si am-hvie ; 
there is no luminosity, and it is very obscure. 
8a"-c&p kie-cp hiie-jlt; on the thirtieth there is 
no moon. 



hOo 162 To bend around and retam. 

262 6 hue-pi; get out of the way. 
bd ko hd hue-pl ; no place wherein to get out of 
the way. sok-ce" hiie-pl ; make no noise, and 
keep out of the way. 

hue 80 hfie-sle"; a Buddhist priest. 

254 6 hiie-sle° pia" i7i ka' clah ; one 
does not dare partake of a priest's luncheon, 
hue-sle" sie phah, sie ming pi"; it is a story of 
Buddhist priests beating each other and pull- 
ing each other's queues ; it is a made up story. 
huo°-8le" b6 seng-lf, thiah am I6ng-ua° khi ; 
wh(m priests have no profitable occupation, 
they tear down and rebuild their temples. 

1 *^ 1 hfte 140 Fennel or caraway. 

|HJ 262 6' hue-hie"; dill. toa hQe ; 

fennel, sie hiie ; caraway. 

0hfle 8J To revert ; return ; a revolu- 
261 8 tion ; a time, 
ai" hue ke ; is going home, hiie-tng khii chii ; 
returned homo. hue kp s\n khut i ; send back 
an answer to his letter, cih tIeh i kai hue cu ; 
received his written reply. Q hue ji a bo ? Is 
there an answer to the note ? cle" cek hue ; 

the previous time. ci hiie si sira-mih ni-hau ? 
What time is it now? kim hu-kp ku-a hue; 
went there many times, hu hue, lu hwn-lio io 
poi ; at that time, you were still rather small, 
i Ifii kiie sa" hAe ngo hue ; he has been here 
again and again. m hd ke hue; do not do it 
again, i i"-keng liQe sim tng i; he has already 
changed his mind. hue-tng lai lio ; has re- 

turned, i cp-ni hue tap ? What is his reply ? 
lii khu lio, si cp-ni, lai Ime-hok ua cai ; after 
having gone, whatever the result, return and 
bring me word. kk\i cie" kii hwn-lio bQe tl 

hiie im ; after this long delay, there is still no 
response. khu i kp hue pai ; go and return 

his visit. lai hue jieh coi ph6 Io ? How far is 
it there and back ? tang lia hue lai, cia" lai 

sng; wait till I come back, then we will reckon, 
jlo i hue-l&i ; run after him and bring him back, 
hiie sie" h^ tiang-sl kai su cQ si to mak c6i°; 
when I recall that it seems as if it were present, 
khng-koi kku i k^i sim hiie ; expostulate with 
him until his mind reverts to better ways, hiie 
than si ngSi ; turn your head, and there is the 
shore ; there is yet room for repentance, hiie-tng 
thau khu thdi"; turn the head and look behind, 
khang chin hiie lai ; came back empty handed, 
ci hiie ; this occasion. hue Idi ; reciprocate a 
politeness ; return a present. hiie-hfie kk ; 

Mohammedanism. huang a hue lam ; the 

wind is verging to the south. i lai u hph coi 



liiie Ho ; he has been here a great many times. 
i kbub nang me" Ho bo hde chui ; after being 
scolded, he says nothing. hue chia khu phah 
i } struck back. tieh u kai nang to hue ue ; 
there must be some one to interpret. siu hGe 
png ci"; received back the original sum. 

hue 73 To assemble ; to convene ; to 
264 T meet with ; a club ; to know 
after being informed. 

htie-tng ; a hall where meetings are held. cu- 
hue ; to congregate. hue-c6i-c6i lio ; all are 
assembled. hue-coi co-pu khu ; meet and go 
in a body, cf kai nang chin-chie" pat hue mln 
kue; it seems as if I had seen this person 
before. m pat sie hue ; never met him before, 
hue kheh ; return a visit, , pai-hue ; to visit 
and make up a quarrel ; to enter a society or 
organization. jtp i kai hue ; enter this asso- 
ciation, hue-hui ; conspiritors. se hue kS,i tl- 
hng ; the provincial metropolis. hd ki-hue ; a 
good opportunity. seng ci kai ki- hue ; take 
advantage of this opportunity. biie li ki-hue; 
have not yet an opportunity. cng kai b6 ki- 
hue ; have no favorable chance. i chap u cek 
pang hue^ he has associated himself with a 
society, la" sin sai hue; go in procession, carry- 
ing the gods. hue siu ; hue th&u ; the mana- 
ger of a club, tang lai li-hue cheng-ehd ; wait 
till all get together and complete an arrange- 
ment. th6i°-ki'' cie"-se'' cu hue i ; on seeing 
this I understood. 

htte 22 To di'aw upon, as for funds. 

263 11 huetoa";hi3e phie ; a draft 
or check. hiie ngun ; to draw money, hue- 
tie°-toa° lai ci-ko siu ; present your letter of 
credit here. nin kai nguu ai° hue khu tl-ko ? 
Where do you wish to draw your money ? un 
ki° hue lai tie-ciu ; we wish to draw it in 
Swatow. hfie cp tie°-toa'' hfii" ua ; pay me by 
an order on the bank. hue lue kek ; a bank, 
of kai toa° ai" hue khut li-liang? In whose 
favor is this order to be written ? 

— hue" — 

hfie" 76 Crosswise ; athwart j trans- 
236 12 verse ; horizontal, 
pang hue"; place it crosswise. khia ka-ne* 

hue ; carry it horizontally, hue" ueh, tit fteh ; 
the horizontal strokes and the perpendicular 
strokes. hue°-hue° tit- tit hph coi tio ; of both 
the upright ones and the transverse ones, there 
are a great number of bars. i kai jl sia Ifti, 

hue" si hue", tit si tit ; his writing is in right 
Hnes, the horizontal lines are horizontal, and 
the perpendicular are perpendicular. h\ie"- 

chua; askew, hue" koi ; a cross street, hflo' 
hang; the lane that runs at right angles. tt 
kiii teng hue" to ? How many ferries are there 
to cross ? pai hue"; arrange transversely. 

hue"-sia ; cris-cross. cua tieh li tit m h<5 

IV hue"; must tear the paper lengthwise, not 
crosswise. hio-hue"; cross-grained. cd 

su khah hue"-pa ; does things too. perversely. 
hue"-hue" pk-pa ; truculent. hue°-se" t^-sua"; 
a cross presentation at birth. hue" kia"; go 

counter to. h^e" kia" ti e ; go athwart every- 
thing, ctu hue" hua; meet unexpected 
calamity. i k^i mln so" hue" nek ; he looks 
mulish. hue" si toa kue tit si; he is broader 
tlian he is long. 

V^ hue" 76 A cross-piece, rung, or brace, 
I P4 859 13 holdingvertical bars in place, 
siah cek ki \ki cp htie"; hew out one strip for a 
cross-piece. min-chiig hfle"; cross-pieces 

bracing the legs of a bedstead. pak no ki 

hue" kai 13.i cp hue"; fasten two horizontal slats 
as crossbars. lang-kang hue"; the cross bars 
of a balustrade. i phak to lang-kang hue" kd 
iam ; she leaned on the baluster, peering over. 
i° hue"; rungs of a chair. 

— hueh — 

w^ hueh 143 Blood ; bloody. 
JllL 230 tang hueh-mSh; of one 
blood, ci hueh ; to staunch blood. sit hueh ; 
to lose blood. hueh-khi thio-hua; a healthy 
circulation. ci ie" raueh phua hueh ; this 

depletes the blood. p6 hueh ; to enrich the 

blood, khu tio u hueh ; let off the extravasated 
blood. hueh lau in cii eng ieh ak i cii ; if 

the flow of blood does not cease, make use of 
medicine to stop it. lau tio i k&i hueh; shed his 
blood. se" hueh-kp ; clots form in the blood, 
hueh kdn kp; the blood coagulates. hueh 

ctii ; the serum of the blood. hueh kit phi; 

the blood forms a scab. hueh 16 ; the course 
of the blood, hueh kiia" kai ci"; money earned 
by hard toil. hueh png; capital in trade, 

hueh cu; a blood letter, an application for relief 
at the last extremity. hueh-kiet ; a dry red 
resin used as a pigment. phui hueh ; to spit 
blood. tho hueh ; to vomit blood, au hueh ; 
to raise blood. l^u phi"-khang hueh ; bleed 
at the nose. pang hueh ; have dysentery, 

hueh m thio ; the blood does not circulate, 
ii hueh ciah ; has stains of blood upon it. 
hueh-bd thia"; pains after childbirth. cek 

hueh ; accumnlated blood. cnh tio tak hneh; 
suck out the poisoned blood. ci kia" raiieh 

put tftng 6i khu u-hueh, ju-chia" 6i se" sin 
hneh ; this stufE not only dissipates extravasated 



blood but it also produces new blood. o cbo' 
kek hueh ; a blood blister, chng kau bueh-cu 
19.U ; probed so as to draw a drop of blood, 
bueh ko ; be has litttle blood. hueh Idng ; hia 
blood is rich. hueh cheng ; his blood is poor, 
chi" hueh; fresh blood. hueh sua" pang; 

flooding. hueh do"; a red palm ; a bright 

color in the,palm. tham phui chut ISi toa 

hueh si ; there are flocks of blood in the mucous 
which he raises. hueh tiara ; specks of blood, 
hiii-iong k&i pe" ii si a l&ng hueh tui chiii chut 
iSi ; when abscesses have formed in the lungs, 
bloody pus is sometimes expelled through the 
mouth. hueh cua; a disease supposed to be 
caused by a red worm in the blood. hu-k6 cek 
tieh, hueh cu rli kia"; where there is congestion 
the blood does not flow. ei h;ieh ; motionless 
blood, hueh-liu; a bloody tumor, i kai min 
se" hueh-kun c6k tio c6k tio ang-ftng; the 
veins stand out on his face, cgk chiii hueh cu 
thun loh khu; swallowed his wrath, klu k^a 
th6 hueh ; boiling with rage, ce klu hfa hueh 
cu bu ; as soon as ho is angered he vents his 
wrath. nidk khau kau chut hueh ; cried 

till his tears turned to blood. Iftn khf hueh ; 
bleeding gums. chit k6ng chut hueh ; bleeds 
at the seven orifices of the head. i k&i 

chin hueh-meh khi thdi", si nftng chit k6ng cU 
6i chut hueh ; when his blood relations went 
to look upon him, the corpse bled at the ears, 
eyes, nose and mouth. kuah kau hueh lua 

hueh tih ; cut it so that it bled. j\o kau i hueh 
l&u-lau ; scratched him so that the blood ran. 

— hui — 

hui 70 To revolve ; to move in an 

821 7 orbit, 
hui pua"; a wind wheel. i oi li-li hui, li-li 

hui; it keeps turning round and round, phah 
hui ; cause to revolve by tapping. in ce kek i 
cU 5i hui; when the steam impels it, it revolves. 

hui 159 Refulgent ; glistening. 
260 8 teng cek kuang-hui ; 
lights are brilliant. 


mMt hui 


J^^ 261 


his banner. 


•ftp hui 


UU 137 


A standard ; to signal. 

tfi,u to i hui e; enrolled undet 

cl-hui pia°-be ; signal to the 


of a 

The secondary 


ho hui ; royal women next the queen. kui 

hui ; your royal highnesses, uang hui; thai-cii 
hui ; the wife of the heir-apparent, keng hui ; 
imperial concubines. hui pin ; ladies-in. 


hui 64 To move the hand briskly. 

260 9 hui 86i ; wash by dabbing, 
ci'-hui ; to move the hand about as in pointing, 
hui kim ju th6 ; hands out money as if it were 
dirt. cek hui ju cia ; at one stroke of the pen 
it is done, cf-hui kun-sO; a director ; a certain 
oflicer at Peking. hu hua" nftiig to si thia" i 
cf-hui ; they all follow his directions. 

113 A ticket ; a certificate. 
6 tfig-hui; a pawn-ticket, tng 
phah tie" hui 

^Hr bui 
:?T^ 684 

hui ; to renew a pawn-ticket. 
khut i ; wrote out a certificate and gave it to 
him. hui mln co-ni sia? What is written 

on the certificate ? nie hui ; a receipt 

for taxes. 

Jet hoi 175 An adverb of negation ; not 
!7"P 136 Bo. 

hdk st hdk hui, lu kio lia ta'; whether it be so 
or not, tell me. si plen si, hui plen hui, bo 

hwn-hwn hok-hok ; let your yea be yea, and 
your nay be nay, without vacillation or varia- 
tion, mki" khu jia rI hui; do not go and excite 
discussion about it. hui-jien ; certainly not. 
kio nftiig cp cek tie" si hui ; involve people in a 
dispute. k6i-k^ si hui ; set at variance. l&i 
Bueli sl-hui cia, plen-sl sl-hui n4ng ; he who 
gossips is a gossip. pit hui b6 in ; is surely 

not without a cause. m6k hui si lii ; it is 

certainly you. ai" co kAu cie"-8e" hui koi ; to 
make it like that is not easy. hui bun kfti 

su mai" chap ; what does not appertain to your 
functions that do not enter upon. cie -se' 

hui si bo tp-U ; that is not without reason on 
its side. cia. pu, hui si kia" m khu ; it is quite 
possible to carry forward this business. hui 
loi ; improper. png hui fi i ; unintentional, 
bo hui si i ; it cannot be other than he. tA hui 
tieh mong nftng klm tk", i cia" hau"; if this 
person and none other goes and tells him about 
it, be will consent. 

0hui 81 To turn in a horizontal plane. 
261 3 hui-tng sin ; to turn the 
body. hui-tng than ; to turn the head, hui 
kiie lai ; turn it around this way. hui kue 

khu ; turn it around the other way. ciii hui- 
to-tng ; the current sents backward. 

hui 86 Gray. 

260 2 hui sek ; gray, cng-hoi tin ; 
pongee, hui-sek jio-se ; gray figured silk. 

hui 124 The kingfisher. 
14!0 8 hui-chui-gek ; chrysoprase. 
hui-chui do ; the blue and green kingfisher. 



-||g^ hiii 24 Herbs ; plants. 
y I 263 "3" i mia°.ke ue liue-liui ; he is 
ekillful in tlie delineation of plants. lu ^i" 

n&ng-kiV krii h(5, a si hue-hui kai h6 ? Do you 
like those with human figures pictured on 
them, or those with shrubs ? 

hui 53 To abandon ; to set aside ; to 
J^ 138 12 cast away, 
hiii tic i kui ke-ngiap ; abandoned his property, 
huikhu; thrown aside. co hiii mueh kio 

i boi ; buy it as a cast off article. hui-hai 

kai hue-mueh; worthless damaged goods, hiii 
si sit Tgiap; to waste time is to lose property, 
m-ho pua" thu ju hui; do not give up when 
half done. hui ciang, lip iu"; set aside the 

elder in favor of the younger, hui tek lip su ; 
set aside the chief wife and place a concubine 
in power. mih su hui si ; all is going to 

wreck. cie^-si huang-hiii cSi, bp eng kang ; 
is now dilapidated and out of repair. chang- 
hng huang-hiii ; fields run to waste. hui tui ; 
hui-hui tui-tui ; neglected ; unthrifty, hui-cit; 
superannuated. hui jin ; cripples; infirm peo- 
ple, u li hak, bo li hui, mai° khu thia" i; if we 
can get it we will, and if we can't get it we will 
let it go, but don't distress yourself about it. 

hui 154 To lavish ; to expend ; to 

139 5 waste ; outlay, 
hua-hui ci°-ngun ; spend money lavishly, hui- 
eng; use wastefully. c§k jit eng jieh coi ci° 
BU-hui ? What is the expense per day ? so- 

hiii ; expenses. nin cek ni eng sp-hui jieh coi 
ngun ? How much do you expend per year ? 
phua-hui tio jieh coi ci"; squandered a large 
sum. hui su cai ; a vexatious affair. sim 
si hui chi'u ; very difficult to bring about, kau 
hu-ko eng jieh coi pua°-hui ? How much is the 
fare in going there ? hui sira, hui sim ; I've 
put you to much trouble. hiii sin kai su ; a 

wea,risome job. hu hui ; useless outlay, chwn 
mien hui lak ; you need not waste your strength 
on it. 

hiii 130 The lungs. 

139 4 hui-hii ; the lungs. i ai" ua 
kai sim-kua", lia ai" i kai hiii-hu ; we are mor- 
tal enemies. ci kai pe° si hiii keng kai pe"; 
this is a lung disease. hui-iong ; an abcess in 
the lungs ; tubercular consumption, hiii hue ; 
infl^amation of the lungs. hiii-ke ; the lights, 
hiii kwn ; hiii kiig ; the bronchial tubes. hui- 
hieh tie" toa ; the lobes of the lungs are swol- 
len, hui si cii ngwn khi; the lungs control 
the amount of air that is in them. nang ce 
thau-khui hui cu hoih, ce khip khiii hui cu pa ; 

when we oxpel the breath the lungs collapse, 
and when we inspire the breath the lungs 
expand, lu khip khiii, khip kau tng-tng, thoi' 
lu kfii hui ti-kp 6i thia" a boi ; draw a very 
long breath, and see whether there is a pain in 
any part of your lungs. 

^"rt ^^"'^ — - ■^^ keep a respectful silence 
3-^ 266 7 upon. 

i ta" tie chwn bo ki hui ; in speaking he wholly 
avoids the use of tabooed names. ci kai si 

huam hiii ; this is a heedless use of sacred 
names. pi hiii ; to avoid the use of sacred 

names, gu-hui ; the Emperor's personal name, 
ble hui ; names of the Emperor's ancestors, 
sia hui ; sacred names which are to be avoided. 

nr^. hui 121 Earthenware ; crockery. 

|-L| 141 hui-khi ; earthen vessels, 
boi hui hue; who sell earthenware. sie 
hui kai nang ; one who bakes pottery, hui-ie ; 
a potter's kiln. sau hui nSi khii; a cracked 
dish won't easily break. boi hui nang ciah 

khih ; he who sells crockery eats from cracked 
dishes, hui th6 ; potter's clay. 

hiii 61 Grace ; that bestowed in 
^\id\ 264 8 charity, 
un-hiii ; mercy ; grace, nia hiii, nfa hiii ; I am 
obliged for your kindness. i ceng siu kue i 

kai hiii ; he has experienced his clemency, sai 
kau nang tit tieh sit hiii ; enables people to get 
real aid. 

r^-H hiii 61 Sagacity; wisdom; cleverness. 
^fS^ 265 11 ti-hiii; wisdom. chong- 

meng ti-hiii; clear headed and sagacious, swn 
kai ti-hiii kai nang ; select a wise person. i 
bo ti-hiii; he is not discerning. iIi cai i ii ti-hiii 
a bo; do not know whether he is shrewd or not. 

>?^^ hiii 120 The woof. 
?J*-^ 1056 9 si ke" p6 hiii; silk warp and 
cotton woof. tit kai si ke", hiie" kai si hiii ; 

the lengthwise threads are the warp, and the 
transverse threads are the woof. 

— hiii" — 

hiii" 85 To roll about or over ; to 

494 il gyrate. 
i to tho-e to hui" khau ; he lies on the ground, 
rolling and crying. khut i hiii" cp kai chim 
tham khu ; a deep hollow has been worn out 
by its gyrations. hiii" thap khu ; make n 

hole in the ground by rolling around, cfa toa 
cheng-ci tiii loh khu oi hui" tio nang kai chii ; 
this bomb when thrown will overturn peoples' 



I^jti hui" 79 To break down ; to ruin ; to 
':X'% 262 7 spoil. 

hui" tlo i kai mueh-kia"; spoiled his goods. 
hui° llo i kai chang-hng; wasted his fields, 
hui" tlo i kai chii ; tore down hia house. sie- 
hui"; burned up. sie-hui" i kai sa"-kh6 ; 

burned up her clothing. thiah liui" i k&i 

chu-teng ; tore up his roof. ua kfti hue-hnjj 
khut i liui" tio Ifo-lio ; mj flower garden was 
completely ruined by them. 

hiii" 149 To defame ; to vilify. 

138 ^ hui'-pUng; to slander, ci'a 
si hui"-pRng i k&i Qe ; this is wicked aspersion. 
hui°-paug nang; to backbite people. 

hui° 22 Disorderly people. 

137 8 hui° iQi, hiii" thu; vagabonds. 
th6-hui°; local robbers ; hue-hui°; an asso- 
ciation of seditious persona. ch&k-hui°; 

hui" 140 Wilted, drooping. 

.^ 1047 8 hue khut jit ph&k Ho hSi'- 

hui"; flowers wilt after being exposed to the 
sun. ci cftng mueh cii-jit thoi" tich h'ii°- 

hiii", cd-me° clah tieh iG-cui, kfa"-jtt hleh cQ 
khia-khia ; this plant was drooping very much 
yesterday, but last night it got the dew 
upon it, and to-day its leaves are all erect, 
cl choh hue-bak kfti hieh, co-ni hui"-hui" 
n5 ? Why are the leaves of these shrubs 
wilted ? 

iflS^ hui" 61 To tie to and suspend ; to 
'5^^> 232 16 hang ; to dangle ; to be in 
suspense ; to hang in view, 
tio soil hui" loh lai ; a rope was dangling, 
pang i hui" loh Ifii ; let it dangle. kha hui" 

pang cun-pp-ki° ko soi ; hang your feet over 
the side of the boat and wash them. tin-t6 

hui"; hung upside down. hui°-rao"; waiting in 
suspense. hui" si'e" keh ; put up notice of a 

reward. hui"-kua to thia" tng ; hung up in 

the temple. ci khi iia" hui" jieh kii cong-ku 
bo kak ! How long this case hangs on without 
ever coming to a settlement ! ci kla" su hfii" 
t6 sim teng; this affair is undecided in his mind. 
16ng hAi" biie ; a half formed waterspout, de- 
pending from a cloud. thau hui"-hui"; with 
drooping head. cek phau chiu hui" loh lai ; a 
tassel dangled therefrom. thftu liiii", hue 

hui", hek cSi ; his head and tail both droop, he 
is jaded out. mai" hui" tieh th6 ; do not 

draggle it on the ground. 

— han — 

hun 140 Things forbidden to those 

2t58 '9 who fast. 
n6 han no sii si le"; four sorts, two of which 
ai-e of kinds forbidden to those who fast, and 
two of the kinds that may be used by those 
who fast. 


hun 120 Confused ; mixed up ; ill- 

129 4 assorted, 
nang-b^ bun-hun ; a motley crowd. su-bti 

hun-hun coi c&i ; mnltifurious business. ti- 

ling hun-lwu ; the place is all in confusion. 

ttZL hun 80 To direct ; to order. 
rJ^ 129 4 hun-hii ; to order. ua c6-n! 
faun-lm lii, lu tieh thia"; whatever I tell you to 
do, you must do. lu lai, lia ai° hun-hu lu 

k&i Oe ; come hero, I have something I wish to 
direct you about, i bo hun bo hu cp i khu ; he 
went off without having received any directions. 

hun 61 The perceptions confused ; 

268 8 dull, 
hun-mi', m cai n&ng ; stupid even to insen< 
sibility. i kai sim hun-kdng ; his mind is 


Xj^ hun 18 To separate; to distinguish 
VV 129 2 between ; the second place in 
decimals ; tenths. 

hun-khui ; to separate, hun c6 n<S chiu ; sepa- 
rate them into two bunches, hun-l! ; set apart, 
hun-sua"; to scatter. fl hun-piet ; there is a 

distinction between them. pun pia" tii-gu ; 

detach troops to repulse them, i u hun-pui; he 
has a bonus out of it. hun-meng ; distinguish 
clearly. hun-hun mgng-mSng ; distinctly 

marked. ua thoi" m hun-meng ; I do not 

see it distinctly. tang i Ifti hun-hwt ; wait 

until he comes and divides up and sends off. 
hun-pien si hui ; argue the point. i co-ni co 
su bo hun bd hio ? Why does he act without 
discrimination ? i mih su hun-hun hio-hio ; in 
everything he exercises discrimination. kio 

t6a n&ng hun in ; condoles with his superior, 
hun phai ; to sort out for distribution. i k&i 
ue tti" lai G hun u chiin ; what he says is 
lucidly stated. i co su bo hun chiin ; he acts 
without method. hun h§,u to bo kiam i kai ; 
I owe him nothing whatever. c&p-hun h(J ; 

wholly satisfactory. hun co no e ; separate it 
into two portions. ua teng-tieh sa°-hun-pua" 
tSng ; I weighed it, and it is three and a half 
tenths of an tael in weight. lu cek tng ciah 
kiii hun bi? How much rice do you eat at a 
meal ? lu ^i" eng hun pang a ai" eng chun 



pang ? Do you wish to use boards that are 
under or over an inch in thickness ? i u kiii 
hun hau"; he is partly willing. hek peh ITing 
hun ; it is difficult to distinguish between the 
black and the white. su coi cjii, boi tit hun 

ein khu ni'n ko ; I have so much to do that I 
cannot get away to go to your house. kak 

nang hun th^u khu li; let each go about his 
particular business. ue hun li'ang thau ; tell 
each separately what he is to do. 

hun 86 Opium; tobacco. 

1082 "6" hun-t^ng; a tobacco or opium 
pipe, ciah hun c5 ; take a smoke. sek-hun ; 
dry fine cut tobacco. che"-hun; fresh smoking 
tobacco. ng-hun ; yellow tobacco. o-hun ; 
dark colored tobacco. ciii-hun ; tobacco that 
is smoked through a' water pipe. Iu-s6ng 

hun ; Manilla cigars and cigaretts. cui-hun 

clia-bue ; a taper used for lighting a water 
pipe. a-phien hun ; opium. a-phien hun- 
ting ; an opium pipe, i cek hii hun-ku ju c5i; 
his set of utensils for smoking opium are very 
handsome. hun-(o ; tobacco pouch. hun-fip ; 
opium box. phi"-hun ; snuff, hngk phi''-hun; 
take snuff. i ii clah toa hun ; he smokes 

opium, hun-teng ; a raised platform for opium 
smokers to lie upon. hun-pho; a couch for 

opium smoking, hun-thie ; opium spoon, hun 
pua"; an opium smoker's tray. hun kwn ; an 
opium dealer's establishment. hun ckng ; 

opium dens, hun tho ; opium balls. hun ki ; 
tobacco stalks. hun-sai mai" khk cek koi°; 

do not scatter the ashes of the tobacco about, 
lu kai hun-fn khin, i k&i hun-in tSng; your 
opium habit is not so completely fixed upon 
you as his is upon him. ham i \k\ cuang hun; 
call him to hold the opium at the smoker's 
pipe. cu hun ; to clarify opium and prepare 
it for smoking. hun ko ; cakes of opium, 

hunca; a-phien sai ; the residuum from the 
pipes of opium smokers, ph^-hun hu; a snuff 
bottle, po sek-hun ; chews tobacco, ie" hun ; 
foreign tobacco. 

•J|ff^ hun 88 To marry a wife. 
^y^ 2G8 8 hun-in ; marriage. hun-in 
kai su si chiet-io su; marriage is a thing of 
great importance. i liam lai kio i hah hun ; 
her birthday is said to be accordant with his. 
toll jit s§ng hun ; choose a lucky day for tho 
consummation of a marriage. tang ni bue 

cia° lai khut i wn hun ; wait till the end of the 
year and then let them marry. chia" nling 

l&i cle" hun-cu ; invite some one to prepare the 
marriage contract. lam hun, nng ke ; men 

take wives, and women wed. Luang-slang 

tai hun ; tho Emperor's marriage. i si cf pak 
ui hun kai ; he had betrothed a wife before he 
was born. i cia" sin hun ; he is of marriage- 
able age. hun phiie ; contract a marriage, 
teng hun ; a second marriage, tho thau hun ; a 
marriage contracted after the girl first betrothed 
to himhad died. 

hun 86 To fumigate; smoky; smoke. 
j\V% 212 10 hun i ta; dry by fumigation, 
mai" khut in hun tieh ; do not let it get smoked, 
hun kau mak-cap lfi.u ; so smoky that the tears 
ran. hun nfo-chu khang ; fumigate a rat- 

hole, sie kau pi-pi-hun ; scorched so that it 
smokes. hun koi, hun ah ; smoked fowls 

and ducks, hun tu-thiii; smoked hams, hun 
kau chiah-pauh chiah-pauh ; smoked till it is 
brown and blistered. in-hun kau cek koi" o- 
o ; smoked till the whole room is blackened, 
liam niang-hun, hun mang ; light a mosquito 
torch, and smoke out the mosquitoes. phi" 

tieh chau hue hun ; smells of smoke. hun sf ; 
suffocated by smoke. 

J^^ hun 72 Dusk; evening; dull; con- 

^^ • 267 T fused. 

iig-hun ; twilight, hun-km ; dusk. jitf"-keng 
ha"-iiun ; it is already dark. ha°-hun kai si- 
hau, cu thdi" m ki°; it was in the gloaming so 
I could not see. hun kun cu s\n cham-chin ; 
a benighted prince trusts disloyal courtiers, 
hun-lwn; obscure; befogged, ut kau hun-thau 
hun-nau ; slept till dazed. hun-ml"; dazed ; 
bewildered, ciah kau hun-hun mi''-mi"; drank 
till he was fuddled, lii mai" kun-k6ng; don't 
be stupid, thau-khak bin khn hun-hun kong- 
kong ; my head was so dizzy that I was com- 
pletely stupified. thia" kau hun, cang ciii bQ 
i che"; he has swooned from pain, blow water 
upon him to reanimate him. 

hiin 61 Strong feeling ; impatient 

131 12 zeal, 
i ce kheng hwt hiin cu cp tit seng ; if he would 
get roused in regard to it, it would soon be 
accomplished. nang tieh oi hwt hxin lip cl 

cia" ii eng ; people must become interested in 
the thing, and get their minds made up to do 
it, then something can be effected. 

Y^^ hiin 85 Entire ; the whole; the mass. 
\^r' 268 9 bun-k3.u kai nang ; the whole 
body, cf ku cu si hun-hiin cie°-se° ta", bo koi- 
thiah meng-peh ; this sentence in its entirety 
says thus, its parts are not analytically ex- 
pounded, i put kiie hun-hun cie°-se" ta" tia"- 
tia"; this is the substance of his remarks and 
nothing more. 



/^^ liiin 196 A dove ; a pigeon. 
P>^ 428 ~6" hiin-cfo ; doves. hun-do 

tu ; a dove-cote. c6k tui hiin-cfo ; a pair of 

doves. eng hvin-cfo lai toa sia ; make use of 
pigeons for carrying letters. 

ik^ hun 119 Meal; flour; powder; pow- 
^yj 131 4 dered, commiauted ; to put 
on powder or pigments. 

ml-luin ; wheaten flour. bf-hiin-kna"; vermi- 
celli. Imn-tio ; maccaroni. tRuhiin; flour 
made from peas or beans, cf-chang hiin; flour 
made from water chestnuts, liang-hun; potato 
flour, liang-hun c^ng; dumplings made from 
potato flour. ng6-hun ; arrow-root. c5-hiin ; 
white powder used as a cosmetic. in-cS 

hun buah kau ang-^ng; made rod with rouge, 
sang-hun; toilet-powder. ngoi kau huii-hun ; 
triturate it to a fine powder. khong kau i 

hun kut chui si ; beat him to a jelly. hun 

chio°; whitewash a wall. hun i p6h ; white- 

wash it. hiin &ng hiin ftng ; very fair, as if 

painted red and white. hun sek ; a specious 
appearance, hiin-sek kfii ue; specious promises, 
hun-sok kau thoi" m chut; furbished up so 
that one could not discover the fraud, hiin 
pal ; a painted board used by boys in learning 
to write. boi sang hiin t6i kai chft 6i ; buy 

a pair of wooden shoes having painted soles. 

hiiu 61 Anger; resentment. 
\^\ 131 T cek si cu hun ; momentary 
hiin-no"; wrathful. 

X^* liun 75 A last for making shoes or 
^Sk 232 9 boots ; to form on a last. 6i 
hiin ; a boot last. i kai hun-thau hiin lai hd 

cheng ; his last forms it into a shape ple.isaut 
to wear. 

hftn 120 Lines ; marks ; creases. 

1041 4 cui hun ; ripples. chia 

hun ; lines in the hand, hue" hun ; horiaontal 
marks, tit hun ; perpendicular lines, bo hua 
b6 ciah ; left no trace. ne jio-jio, ceng-ceng 

hAn ; all wrinkled and creased. nio cek cue 
hun ; make a crease, cih khu se" hun ; creased 
by folding. ut kau fclt-tit, b6 hun ; ironed 

out straight and smooth. i kili si hun phu 

lio ; he has the signs of death upon him. i se"- 
6§ng kfii go hiin phu ; he looks as if 1k> were 
starving. i mlu teng Q im-tek hun ; ho looks 
like a good man. 


hun 87 Impetuous ; urgent ; prompt. 

132 18 hiin-cx thak cu ; study with 
ci kai nsuig chut tin sim si hun-iong ; 
this man goes forth to battle with undaunted 
courage. him-luk khu co ; promptly go and 

do it. 

^Ill hun 149 To instruct ; to lead in the 
^l| 212 8 right way ; to caution, 
kk-hun ; to teach, ka-hiin kia°-ti ; to instruct 
one's children. ke-hiin ; home teachings, 

hun-lien pia°-be ; drill the troops. hiin t&u ; 
to indoctrinate. hun-sl ; to direct. lu tieh 
thia° i ka-hiin; you must heed his precepts, 
cia si bo nang ka-him kai kia°-tl ; this is an 
undisciplined lad. cia pheug-jit si bo ka bo 
hun cia° cie°-se"; it is through lack of ti-ainiug 
that he is thus. 

To bore ;' to pierce, 
tieh khieh cncj-kia" 

hiin 167 
S^ 945 19 tieh khieh cng-kia° cia" bun 
tit loh ; you must take a gimlet to it, then you 
can pierce it. eng keng-hiin lai hun ; take an 
angur and bore it. hun sie-lin-thang ; bore it 

hiin 194 The shade ; the manes ; the 
269 4 mind ; the wits ; the facul- 
ties. lOng-hftn; the spirit; the soul. huu- 
phek ; the immortal part ; the spirits of man. 
sam hiiu chit phek ; the three ghosts, and the 
seven spirits of man. kia° kau sit hiin ; 

terrified out of his wits. hiin m to sin ; he is 
out of his mind. wn hiin lu sua"; the unro- 

venged ghost will not be quiet. i kai im-hun 
cong-kii m sio ; his spirit will never take its 
departure. hiie hiin tiig lai ; the returning 

spirit comes to the tablet, (before the 49th 
day after death), hai i kia" kau hiin b5; 
frightened him out of his senses. ce thoi" 

hiin cu bo ; as soon as he saw it he lost his 
wits, cek hiie cu hiin siia"; after the return, 
the spirit was at rest, hun mang-ki" peh kau 
sua" teng; dreamed that I climbed to the 
mountain top. i kai hiin hien-sin khut i 

thoi"; his ghost appeared to them. in hiin ; 

cie hiin ; to lead the spirit home from abroad, 
siu i kai hiin; take possession of his mind, 
hwu hiin, uah khi lai ; to come to life again. 

hun 104 A scar, scratch, crack, or 
,^ ^ 1G7 6 flaw, 
mai" miieh se" hiin ; do not scratch it. sie" 

hiin ; a scar from a wound. mak-cap hun ; 

traces of tears. boi 16 hun-ciah ; has left no 
visible trace. poi" hiin ; small pox marks, 

min-teng cek cue hun si kuah tieh kai a si 
puah tieh kai ? Was the scar on your face 
made by a cut or by a fall ? pit ciie hiin ; has 
cracked. ku-a ko pit hun ; several of them 

have flaws in them. 



Jif=^ liun 173 Clonds; cloady. 
r ^^ 1142 4 pbu Imn ho ; rain clonds are 
gathering, liuu bii ; cloudy. niiia" thi" hiin ; 
the sky is all overcast. cek tah o hun ; a 

black cloud. peh hun pi° co ang bun ; the 

clonds are turning red. bun cia kau pua" 

sua"; the clouds reach half way down the 
mountains. hun-thau ; a thundor-cloud. bu 
Ifiug bun ; a mackerel sky. thong thi" long- 
coiig si o bun ; the whole sky is black with 
clouds.  liun khui ki" jit ; the clouds are 

breaking. bun khui kai khang-khiah, thoi"- 
ki° thi" nek ; there is a rift in the cloud, and 
the blue sky appears. bun sio, ho siia"; the 

clouds are disappearing, and the rain dim- 
inishing. th6i"-ki" to hun-twn teng ; saw ifc 
among the clouds. bun tie kha; the cloud is 
lifting from the earth. ci tah bun pue kbu 
kfc-ke ; this cloud drifts along very low down, 
phah hun poi"; to strike the cloudy board ; to 
announce visitors at a yamuu or monastery by 
tapping an iron plate. 

■^H hiin 85 In disorder; promiscuously; 
ij^ 269 8 turbid; chaotic. 
ni6ng-To6ng bun-bun ; dark ; confused. hiia 
nau ; confused clamor, mng bun kue jit ; it is 
a troublesome world. lam nng bun cup ; a 

heterogeneous crowd of men and women, hun- 
tiin ; chaotic. thi° ti la u si oi bun-tiin ; the 
heavens and the earth are sometimes indistin- 
guishable through being mixed up together. 
bun-bun tun-tun ; irretrievably mixed up. su 
kiie mai" lui bun kha bun cbiii; it would have 
been better if he had had nothing to do with it. 

^^^ bun 18 A share; a portion; a dividend; 
yj 131 2 the part one acts ; the duties 
of a post. 

pun CO sa° bun pe° toa; divide it into three 
equal parts. kai nang cek hiin ; give a 

portion to each. sa" bun thiu cek ; take out 
one third. bun gua ; what is outside one's 

own share. kiii bun ti"; partly full. si-hun 
lob cek bun; make use of one quarter of it. 
leh lak bun ciah cek bun; take one sixth of 
the medicine. ai" cham kiii bun lob khu ? 

"What proportion of the whole shall I put 
in ? ke bun, cie bun ; a greater or lesser 

portion, siu bun ; content with his lot. siu i 
kai png bun ; attends to bis own business. 
ua° bun siu ki ; mind your own business, kbia 
bun ; make up a deficiency by each supplying 
an equal sum. phoi" cek bun loi-mueh kbu 

sang i ; render to him a portion of the presents, 
cia i bo hun ; be has no part in this, ko bun ; 
to take shares in. cia si i kai wn bun ; this 

is what be has a liking foi*. nan kiii nA,ng 

lai bak cek bun, e jit thang lio toa sbi hun cie 
pun ; let us take a share together, and after- 
wai'd when there is income from it declare a 
dividend. nila" hfln ; the same lot for life, 

mia" bun m ho Ivvn; those whose fates are joined 
for life .should not be at variance, ci kai nang 
m ua° Imn ; this person is meddlesome. kue 
hiin ; officious ; beyond what properly belongs 
to one's functions. ta" kiie hun ue ; say more 
than belongs to one's part. png bun ; one's 

own duty or office, i png bun tieh cie"-se" co ; 
that is what properly pertains to his office; that 
is bis duty, kak nang kak nang ka,i ceb-bun ; 
each has his special duty, i citi°-se" sng si wt- 
hun ; in so doing he may be considered to have 
overstepped his proper sphere. ai° co kui bun 
khui ? How many parts is it to be divided into ? 
i kai hun-sia" coi ; he has a large proportion, 
i soi hun, i toa bun ; this one gets a small, and 
that one a large portion. i kai seng-li lu u 

chap bun a bo '? Have you anything invested 
in his business ? ua u chap-bun ; I have an 
interest in it. siin-mib su lu to u bun ; yon 

meddle in everything. cie i bun e ktii bai"; 
give him that which belongs to him. cia si i 
bun lai kai sii ; this appertains to bis office, 
tieh thoi" i siiu-mih sin bun; must see what 
his belongings are. siang sim-mih sin bun ; 
ascertain what rank he has. kai thien-bun 

bo ; be has fine natural abilities. 

— but — 

it 57 An adverb of prohibition ; ifc 
153 "2" should not be. 
hut ua" CO put ; changed "should not" into "is 
not." hut jiak i ; does not resemble him. 

yp 153 

but 61 Abruptly ; to slight; the fifth 
^\i2\ 267 4 place in decimals, 
but-jien ; suddenly, hut-jien-kaug ; in an in- 
stant, hut-jien cu ii nang lS,i ; suddenly some 
one came, ra bo khin-but nang ; one must not 
treat people in a contemptuous manner. to 

ceng nang min coi" khin-but i ; treated him 
cavalierly before them all. i sim khiam-soi, 

lien a-no"-kia" hue, to bo khin-but i ; be is 
very modest, and does not slight even a child. 
CO su m b(5 but-liak ; do not do things in a 
heedless fashion. cek si cSk but to ai" sng; 

will reckon in even the smallest fraction, sng 
kau li hau si but ; reckon to the utmost farth- 
ing, but kng but am; light for an instant and 
then dark for an instant, i kai ue bo tia", but 
si hut bui ; what he says is unreliable, first he 
says one thing then another. 



liut 118 A tablet, in ancient times 
267 4 held before the breast by 

courtiers in audiences. 

chio hnt; a court tablet. g6 hut; ivory tablets. 

sdi poi" khieh khi si gd hut ; the plebeian has 

become a patrician. 

hut 04 To contradict ; oppose ; go 
154 5 contrary to ; a brush, 
liut tich i kili i, i cu so" khi ; if you oppose his 
notions ho is angry. hut tieh i kai i cQ khut 
i phah kau ai" si ; if you go contrary to his 
ideas, you will be beaten almost to death by 
him. chiu khla ki sien-hut; ho held in his 

hand a brush which is the sign that the bearer 
is attaining saintship. 

^^ hut 76 To blow a short sudden whiff 
*)^ 233 "8 of breath, 
hut hiio ; blow out the light. hue hut rn t6h ; 
cannot make the fire blaze up by blowing it. 
ce hut cQ toll ; as soon as you blow it will 
flame up. 

jb^ hut 75 The kernel, pit, or stone of 
1^ 234 6 fruits. 

tho bftt ; a peach-.stone. khu ilo hut ; take out 
the pita, nia tlo hiit; core them, cf c6k llap 
cii hiit kai ; this one has hardly any pit. hii 
toi kak u hut; it has a core forming therein. 


hut 9 Buddha ; Buddhist. 
Lo3 6 hilt kk; Buddhism. hAt huap; 
the laws or doctrines of Buddha; Buddhist 
charms and spells ; the power of Buddha, hut 
c6 ; ray lord Buddha. ciah ce, pai hut ; fast 
and worship Buddha. i to co hAt su ; ho is 

practising Buddhist chai'ms. p-ni-tho-hut ; 

Amida Buddha. 

— hu — 

flp^ hu 80 To breathe softly ; to speak 
»yjIlL 227 11 well of. 

chue-lm; say a good word for; to breathe on. 
khut i ce chue-liu iiang cu sua" kliu ; as soon he 
opened his mouth to speak they di.spei"sed. 
pai thph Id kio lia chue-hu tlo ci kia" su ; I 
trust that you will speak a good word for me 
in this matter. 

hu 141 Vacant ; untrue ; unsub- 

227 6 stantial. 
kbaiig-hu ; empty ; unoccupied. hu-phu ; 

vague ; nonsensical. hu-bii ; visionai'y. . hu 
ke ; untrue ; unfounded. hu-ngui ; false, hu 
lie ; idle prating. khiam-hu ; unambitious, 

hu-sim ; unprejudiced, sim hu ; apprehensive. 

c6 ch&k kai nang sim hu ; the thief in ever in 
fear of danger, cheng-heng si hu kai, cu kia°- 
ui ii cue ; if the eridences presented are false, 
there is danger of incurring guilt. cek nang 
thwn hu, poll nang thwn sit ; the falsehood 
told by one, i.s repeated as truth by a hundred. 
hu-mia° hu li ; vain is fame, empty are riches, 
hu-jiak ; decrepid. hu-khun ; weak. kh\ 
hueh ku hu; a feeble constitution, chin s! phu 
hu hiie; hot fliishes, as of fever, in cold weather, 
i kili ue kii-kii hu, h<^ sit; his words are wholly 
unfounded, there is no truth in them. 

hu 82 A fair. 

443 12 hu-tio" ; an area where fairs 
are held. hu-po ; marts, ai" Ifti khu tku hu ; 
is goir)g to the fair to bo sold. sa" jit hu ; a 

fair held once in three days. kua''-mo° khu 

hii hu; hurry on to be in time for the fair, tl 
tiang-si tui hu ? At what time is tho fair held? 
kfa°-jft tiii liu m6 ? Is this a day when a fair 
is held ? cle** hu l&i bOi ; take it to the fair 

and sell it. lai khu hu teng boi ; lct'.s go to 

the fair and buy some. 


hU 163 That ; there ; then ; those. 
610 4 hu tiang-si; hu si; at that 
time, hu jit; that day. hu k6; that place, hu 
kai ; that one. hu ki\i n&ng ; those men. hii 
cek n&ng; that individual. hu png clieh ; 

that book. hu ciah cun; that boat. hu khi 
!eh ; that kind of medicine. hu le' much ; 

that sort of thing. hu koi" chii ; that house, 
hu e$k s!, sle" m chut ; at that moment I could 
not think of it. ci kai hd a hu k^i hd ? Which 
ia the better this or that ? mai" pang hu-k6; 
do not set it down there. hu no" kp siii lu 

swn ; take whichever you choose of those two 
pieces, hu ciah chi'u boi khieh pit ; he cannot 
hold the pen with that hand. i khu hu khau 
kp ; he has gone outside there. i to hi'i lai ; 

he is in there. pang hu t6i ; put it inside 

there. to hu hn^-hng kp ; away off there. 

to hd chng teng ; on the table there. 

hu 149 Gjrant ; assent to ; accede. 
P I 228 ~4~ eng-hu; to grant. m hu i ; 
did not permit him to. lia m ceng hu lii ; I 

have not acceded to what you request. Id hii 
kiie lia kai ; what you promised me. ci kai 

cu-nie-kia" i°-keng hu ke h'o ; this damsel is 
already promised in marriage. ci k&i cu-nle- 
kia° hu-phiie khut i ; this girl is betrothed to 
him. lu mai" hu i ; do not acquiesce in w hat 
he wishes. G hu i a bd ? Did you accord i t to 
him or not ? 



hu 85 To fish. 
ji^ 1119 11 hu-ong; a fisherman, 
cuu ; a fishing boat. 

pha h(L 

>g5 hH 
i%V^ 1119 

195 Fish. 
kim hu ; kim-li; gold-fish, 
liali bu; catch fisli. pha hu; tisli with a casting 
net. uu hu ; fish with a lifting net. cah hu ; 
catch fish by a weir, tie" hu; catch fish with a 
hook, chug hu ; spear fish. niong hu ; catch 
fish with the hands, li hu ; carp, hai hu ; sea 
fish. khoi hu, ti hu, un hu ; fish from rivers, 
pools, or ponds. miia"- hu ; eels. hang-hu ; 
the skate. kha hu ; mud-turtles. 6i- toi hu; 
the sole. sien hu ; bass. cek tin hu ; cek 
khuu hu ; a school of fish. peh-go-hu ; the 

book moth. 

■^I^ hu 149 To commission; to commit 
pi\d 915 3 to ; to entrust, 
kia-bu i cek kii ue; entrust him with a message 
to carry, kia-hu lu ham i lai; commission you to 
tell him to come. cek kia" su tieh to kia-kia 
hu-hu, kang-kho cai ; the thing must be com- 
mitted to various persons one after another, 
making it troublesome in the extreme. 

P^^ hu 30 hu-hu-tie; the noise made by 
pj 805 11 one shivering with cold, 
cheng-ngwn to hu-hu-tie, to m khu cheng ke 
kai hiu°; will stand and shiver with cold, and 
not go and put on another wadded tunic. 

— hun — 

hun 164 Smelling of liquor. 
jj>^ 212 14 cia ciah kau hun-liun; drank 
till he is odorous of whiskey. cui hun-hun ; 

boozy ; tipsy. 

hun 19 

212 14 
common weal, 


Meritorious effort, 
kong-hun ; services for the 
hun chin ; a patriotic states- 


hun 159 A side room; a boudoir; a 

196 3 saloon. 
i kai cu-ce kie cp sim-mih hun ? What appella- 
tion does he give to his school ? khi siang, 
hun ngan; a lofty bearing and stately ap- 


hun 69 Pleased at doing or getting 
204 4 something ; merry, elated, 
hun hong toa lau-ia kau jim ; as it happily 
happened the magistrate had arrived at his 
post, hun hong tai-jin tu pfiu, ua° liang ; it is 
well when the magistrates extirpate the wicked 
and tranquilize the good. 

hun 79 Abundant ; flouri.shing. 
1099 6 hun sit; well off. hun sit kfti 
nang h6; a man of property, hun h6; the rich. 

yfa liii'i 60 Indisposed to listen to reason, 
"^jA^ 167 6 hiong-liun ; quarrelsome. i 
lai kau hiong-hiong hun-hun ; he came all 
ready for a quarrel. i kai ie" sim si hiong- 

hun ; he looks very sulky. 

61 Spite ; hatred ; to dislike. 

6 sim ISi wn-hun i ; had a 
grudge against him. m cai i nau-hun da 

mill su ; do not know why lie is angry with me. 
hun ua bo cieh i ; vexed with me because I did 
not lend it to him. hun m kheng hiah ; per- 
sistently resentful, chai chut sim-thau cu hun; 
wreak one's spite, khp hun; detestable, huai 
hun to sim; cherish malice, huu m li'o ; no end 
to his dislike, hiap hun ; harbour hate. hun 
Qi sio ; unappeased. hunkie-si i pat phah i ; 
hates him on account of his having beaten her. 

U il? 



To revise ; to change ; to 
turn over; to review ; to do 


over again. 

hwn sin ; to turn the body aronnd. hwn kiie 
lai ; to turn around. teng hwn to llu thoi"; 

turning (the leaves of a book) to and fro, 
reading and re-reading. hwn kue hie" poi" 

hieh thoi"; turn the leaf and look on its other 
side. hwn sim ; to rehear a case. ci kia" 

ua" ai" t§ng hwn sim ; this case is to be revised, 
kau hu teng cu leng-ua" hwn iia"; if you go up 
there the case will be rejudged. hwn se°; to 
live again. cu hwn kiii kvie ; reviewed the 

book several times. ta ctl ai" hwn thak ; we 
are now going to review the book, i hwn cek 
kiie cu sek ; if he reads it the second time he 
then knows it. su ci" bd hwn, se"-mla° cu 

ai" kau-kwn ; when one loses in gambling with- 
out getting a chance to win back his money, he 
is ready to barter lives with his opponent. 

v^ hwn 120 To translate ; to interpret. 
?PH 124 12 hwn-ek kua"; an official in- 
terpreter, hwn-ek cp i hu kok kai jl chut lai ; 
translate it into the written language of that 
country. bd nang oi hwn-ek i kai ue, cu 

thia° m pat to khu ; if there were no one to in- 
terpret his speech, it could not be understood. 

IJI^^ hwn 60 Streamers ; pennants. 
'rpi 124 12 thia" teng tio no kai th6ng- 
hwn ; hung two streamers in the main hall, 
siet kua thong-hwn pp-kai ; made a canopy of 
flags. th6ng-hwn hi"-kau ; an ear-ring with 
pendant strings, ki hwn j flags and streamers. 



hwn 76 Pleased with ; gratified. 

244 18 m lif-hwn ; displeased. co 
cai i hf-hwn a m hi-Iiwn ? How can it be known 
whether he is |)leased or displeased ? cfa si i 
hf-hwn kai ; this is what pleases him. i cil-lai 
hf-hwn cie"-se"; he is himself gratified in hav- 
ing it so. tit pe-b(5 hai hwn sim ; attain the 
approbation of parents. 

hwn 102 Foreign. 

123 7 liwn ue ; a foreign language, 
hwn iiang; a foreigner. che° hwn ; half civil- 
ized immigrants. sek hwn ; civilized immi- 
grants, hwn (U ; foreign potatoes. hwn ciin 
eki nang-kheh khu kue hwn ; foreign vessels 
carry emigrants to foreign parts. hwu-nang 
chki ; foreign food. 

j-r* hwn 29 To revert ; to return ; to re- 
/^'V 126 2 cur ; the reverse of ; to turn 
over ; to rebel ; on the contrary. 
thi-"8i hwn-pien ; the weather has changed. c6 
kii i kai sim cu sle" hwn ; after awhile his mind 
reverts to its former fiu-l&i i sle° hwn 
hue; afterward he returned to his original state 
of mind, hwn liah klif lai ; came to life again. 
Bi li hwn hun tng lS,i ; after dying he returned 
to life, hwn sim su-sle"; returns to his former 
design. hwn sle°; think it over. i kai pe" 
to- hwn tSng; he had a relapse. ieh ce lang 
ciali, pe" iu hwn ; if he omits the medicine the 
disease will return. hvvn lii put miii"; on the 
contrary it was disagreeable. i ang cfa hwn 
iuS.k jieh kii ; the husband and wife have long 
been on bad terms with each other, hwn-hwn 
hok-hok ; over and over again. hwn lai khah 
khu, boi ut ; tossed to and fro, and could not 
sleep. i cek me"* hwn kiie lai khah kiie khu, 
ut bo cek khiin-kia"; he was turning to and 
fro all night and slept scarcely any. i slang 
teiig hwu ut ; she is a very restless sleeper. 
i hwn ut kau leng puah kia°; she tosses about 
BO that she pushes her children out of bed. 
bwn-pwn ; to rebel. pvvu-hwn tSi ngek ; to 

rebel against and the authority of. lii 
pat thia"-k\° ti-ko hwn me ? Have you heard 
of a rebellion anywhere ? hu-ko hwn, toa pia° 
khu pheng i ; there is rebellion there, take 
soldiers and bring them to terms. hu kai ti- 
hng hwn kau ju-ju ; that country is in a state 
of anarchy. i am- ce° mong hwn ; he secretly 
plotted rebellion. cSu hwn ; incite rebellion, 
lia ce kia°-khui io cti si to hwn ; as soon as I 
am gone, there is a revolt. thoi" chut i il 

hwn kut ; discerns in him a tendency to rebel- 
lion. h\vn khau-keng ; retract one's words, 
hwn ui keh clah j the stomach rejects food. 

phJen kue chiu cu hwu rain ; after he has trick- 
ed you, he turns the cold shoulder upon you. 
hwu to-tng; turn it over endwise. hwn lin- 
tilg; roll it over. cf tio chjin-chieh, cie" p6i' 
ju U6, hwn-lin-tng hie° pdi" cai ju ; after yoa 
have rubbed this side of the matting wiih a 
wet cloth, turn it over and rub the other side 
in the same way. hwn-lin-tng lai ka cia" tiii ; 
turn it over to cut it and it will just suit, 
hwn ngan; retract one's word. ta° tia"-tieh 
bo n6 jit cu hwn ; after all had been settled by 
conference, in less than two days he would 
retriict what he said. kai ue ta" li'o, hwn- 

hwn.tng; after he has said a thing he does not 
hold to it. 

"y~t hwn 62 To transform ; t<i change &8 
^J 248 1 by magic, 
pien-hwn put chek ; changes so that it cannot 
be computed, hwn sut ; magical arts. 


hwn 154 To carry about for sale ; to 

127 ^ 4 peddle, 
ciu-jit to Q hwn kfa ta" Ifti boi; every daythere 
are children brought here for sale, koi-hwn ; 
one who pwddles fowls. hwn se" nfmg khau ; 
to peddle children. khut i hwn kau hu^-hng 
khu; carried by him to a great distance to 
be sold. hwn b6i tit chut chiu ; cannot sell it 
off by carrying it about for sale, hwn kiie ie"; 
sold into a foreign land. 

R/^ hwn 30 To bid ; to order. 
.,7V 248 9 sai-hwn ; to send at a call, 
u-hwn ; to order, leng u huang, hwn ho ; can 
command the wind and the rain. 

Mhvvn 162 Still; furthermore; never- 
244 13 theless ; also, 
hwn-h'o to ko ; is still here, hwn-lio boi si ; is 
not dead even now. hwn-h'o 6i toa; is still 

growing. i hwn u ; he still has some, hwn u 
ke cek kia° su ; there is yet another matter to 
be attended to. i hwn khu ; he has gone 

again. ci'a hwn h6 ; this also is good. hwn 
ui-hp sng cp hd kfii ; still they are not to be 
reckoned as good ones, hwn ai° sa" kai ; three 
more are waivted. i hwn bue l&i ; he has not 
come yet. i hwu si ciah ci kai ; he is as before 
eating this. 

hwn 86 Trouble ; vexed ; grieved. 

125 ^ hwn-lau ; to harass. hwn- 
iau hi kio ua cp ; put you to the trouble of 
doing this for me. cfa khah hwn-liii lu ; this 
is too much trouble for you to take. hwn-lp ; 
sorrowful. hwn-hwn Ip-lp ; much troubled. 



lA cp-ni livvn-liwn 16-1(5 m ln\ii° liiah? Why are 
you so persistently melancholy ? sim m-h(5 
khah to hwn ; you should not indulge in too 
much grief. ciu jit sim ce khah kiie hvvn cii 
ai" se" pe"; if you indulge in too much grief 
day after day, you will become ill. b6 hwn b6 
Ip ; wholly free from vexation. mien-eng 

hwn-ld ; min hwii mux 1(5 ; have no occasion 
for solicitude. 

hwn 96 A ring ; a bracelet ; winding 

245 13 around, 
chill hwn ; a bracelet. kha hwn ; ankle rings, 
hi" hwn ; ear-rings. ™^o hwn; a door 

knocker. chfig-kiii" hwn ; rii:gs affixed to 

furniture. sie"-hvvn ; trunk rings, lang hwn ; 
rings on bags, thih hvvn; iron rings, teng cek 
kai hvvn ho tio mueh ; nailed up a ring to hang 
things from, sua" si se" lai wn-hwn ; the spur 
of the mountain winds about, ciii ia tiie i wn- 
hvvn ; the water courses follow its windings, 
ki'u lien-hvvn ; the chain and bar puzzle. lien- 
hwn kau-tah kaa tlip-thp tang-tang ; intei*- 
linked securely. i hwn ; a ring worn on the 
tunic to suspend charms from. eng hwn lai 

tah kin cia" lin-tng ; take a ring and link it in 
tightly then it will be secure. 

^^ hwn 1^ Manifold; multitudinous; 
j^ 125 11 troublesome from excess. 
i kai sii-bu hwn cai ; his cares are manifold, 
hui-eng hau-hwn ; expend lavishly, ciu jit kS,i 
su sim si hwn-jong ; the daily occupations are 
very troublesome, lu mai" khah hvvu-hiii ; do 
not spend too extravagantly, ci kia" su sim si 
hwn-lang; this affair is indeed very needlessly 
troublesome. cu bu hwn-hua cai ; the whole 
affair is very wearisome. i kai su khah hwn ; 
his affairs are too numerous and trouble- 

^^^ hwn 190 To dress the hair in a knot 
^^^ 246 13 on the top of the head, as 
the ancient Chinese did; a tuft, a knob, a knot, 
hia-hwn ; a slave girl ; a maid servant who has 
been bought. ci kai si i sin pi" kai hia-hwn ; 
this is her personal attendant, hu lai kai hia- 
hwn si-pi hph coi nang ; the female attendants 
in there are very numerous. 

^^ hwn 112 Metallic salts, 
^^ 126 15 peh-hwn ; alum. che'- 

hvvn ; copperas, cp-hwn ; blue vitriol. xA. cp- 
hwn ; colored with blue vitriol. hwn ciia ; 

paper sized with alum. cang hwn lai tin cia" 
6i tue: size it with alum and then it will adhere. 

hwn 40 A servant of the crown. 

, 248 6 hvvii-ke ; charaberlaing. hwn 

kua°; statesmen, si hvvn-ke; hereditary officers 
in the Emperor's household, iam hvvn; eunuchs 
in the palace. mia" hvvn ; a royal servant who 
receives posthumous honors. 

— hwt — 

hwt 190 The hair on the human head. 

121 5 chau than kit hwt ; a long 
married couple. kit hwt hu chi ; an old 

married pair. phi mo" sua" hwt ; disheveled 
hair. hph hwt thong ngwn ; white hair and 
I'osy complexion. 

hwt 105 To sprout ; to shoot forth ; 

121 7 to ibsue. 
hwt chai ; to grow rich. hwt si ; to take an 

oath. hwt hieh ; to put forth leaves. hwfc 
siin ; to sprout. hwt ke ; to increase as a 

family, hwt pia" khu tii-gu ; dispatch soldiers 
to repulse them. hwt ge ; to bud. hwt ge ; 
hwt khi; to teeth. hwt mo"; to grow hairy, 
hwt-khi lai ; to spring up and grow, hwt ie" 
cun ; to dispatch a gun-boat. tau hwt g§ Ifo ; 
the peas have sprouted, hwt toa"; issue a per- 
mit, hwt hiie ; to send off goods. hwt hue ; 
to send off on a return journey, hwt chut lai ; 
to send forth, hwt-np; hwt-nau; get irritated. 
sit hwt bue coi ; its wings are not yet fully 
grown. hwt meng ci kai tp-H ; set forth this 
doctrine clearly, hwt se"; to put forth, ai" cp- 
ni khai-hwt ? In what way is it to be set forth ? 
i cia" khui-hwt pat-tp-khu; he understands 
the exposition of it. i i"-keng ta-hwt nang 

khu lio; he has already dispatched a messenger, 
hwt-lph kui" khu sim ; he has gone to the 
district city to try cases. hwt ko ; become 

mouldy, hwt tak mueh ; hwt mueh ; develop 
a poisonous swelling. hwt kua"; to perspire, 
hwt jiet ; hwt juah ; have fever, hwt sim-raih 
pe" ? What disease has he ? hwt sie ui chin ; 
have fever and ague. hwt ciu-moh ; have a 
rash from drinking wine, hwt khau-nie; issue 
rations. hwt kang-ci"; pay wages. tang i 
lai hwt-lph ; wait till be comes and gives the 
orders. kau jieh coi hiio cia" hwt tak ? How 
old was he when he got promotion ? 

tet hwt 122 A penalty; to fine; to 
W\ 122 9 punish. 

heng-hvvt; punishment. sie" hwt hun mSng ; 
the rewards and punishments are distinctly set 
forth. hwt ciu sa" pue; forfeit three glasses 
of wine (by being ma(ie to drink them), hwt 



hong ; forfeit a part of one's salary, ^ua ki° 
h<vt M ; I am going to mulct you. hwt i nQ 
kai ngun ; fined him two dollars. toa-tda 

tieh khut i hvvt; let him mulct you to any 
amount. hwt khwn ; a fine. ceh-hwt ; to 
punish. hwt tieh i r7i su- hok; he would not 
submit to the fine, khin hwt, tSng hwt rli sie 
tang, to tieh hwt; some pay a light penalty and 
some a heavy one, but all must be punished. 


hwt 116 A cave ; a hole in the earth 
230 or hillside ; a burial place ; 
a den. chan-hwt ; a lurking place, siang k6 
tiang-si cu si hwt-ku; in the most ancient 
times were the cave dwellers, ci cek h^t sua" 
si ti-tiang kai ? Whose burial place is this ? 
si a,u cng co cek hwt ; after they died^ they 
were buried in the same grave, tiara hwt, ^i" 
tfam tit tieh ; in pointing out a burial place 
the point is to point out one. cam tui hwt- 

tau, c\a" a hau-nglam ; lance in a vital part, 
then there is efiicacy iu it. 

hwt 9 Reduce to order. 

122 4 khi pia° khu hwt ; raise troops 
and go and reduce them to order. chfa" lu 

Ifii cak-hwt ; invite you to act as arbitrator. 

"^^ hwt 4 Exhausted ; defective. 
^^, 122 4 nftng slm si kliini-hwt ; I am 
very weary. mih miioh to b5i khueh-hwt ; 

there is nothing unsupplied. 

/-ft- i 9 He, she, it, and their plurals. 
1/ 271 4 cl kiii r pang kau i si-cia° si- 
c^a°; set these chairs straight. ua ai", i i7i ; I 
wanted to but he would not. b6 i, cu hai su ; 
without him, we could not get along. si i a 
si lu ? Is it he or you ? ham i lai ; tell her to 
come here, ci'a si i kai a si lu-kai ? Is this his 
or yours ? lu thoi" i ho me ? Do you think it 
is good ? lu kio i io siang hd, lia thph lu kio 
i ta"; you are quite intimate with him, and so 
I will leave it to you to tell him. i-kai sa° 

phua h'o ; her tunic is torn. i jleh coi hue ? 
How old is she ? khut i co-pu khu; let him 
go with you. ua bo ai° pun i ; I am not going 
to give him any. ci clioh cu-cheh thfth i h<5 ; 
pile up these books nicely. thau-mo luah i 

kng ; comb your hair smoothly. chu pang hu 
gQa la i ta ; spread it outside and let it dry. 
lu thoi" i oi se" ko a boi ; you see whether it 
has become mouldy or not. M kai su U kau i 
iap-thiap iap-thiap ; do up your work very 
neatly. i ta" i m ; he says he won't, phah i ; 
beat him. hai" i ; pay it to him. ai" sal i } 1 

wish to send them on errands. i kai chfa 

thia"; her hand is sore. phah i kai kha ; 

struck him on the foot. si i kai a m si ? It ia 
his is it not ? ai° khu i ko to ; am going to 

sit with him. i kai cih se" tai ; his tongue ia 
furred, ua iS, i bo ; I have some, he has none. 

i 76 A clothes-horse. 
274 9 i-ke ; a clothes-rack. lam nng 
m tftng i-k^; the sexes must not use the same 


70 From ; at ; by ; with, in. 
\ 1118 ~4 i m khiu i nfing; he asks not 

i kira sa° ni Ho ; it is now 
l(i i sim hd ji'm ; exercise 

help from man. 

three years since 

patience heartily. sui si cie°-se co to bd iah 

1 su ; although that be done, it will be of no 

advantage in this case. 


9 To trust to ; to rely on ; to con- 
271 6 form to. 
i-kQ ; depend upon. i si i-k6 tl-tlang co au- 

piah-sua" ? On whom does he rely to back him 
up ? b6 i, b6 k6 ; nothing to depend upon. 

bo s<5 i-chi; has nothing to depend on. in i lu 
c\e'-8e'; do not agree with you in that, cun i ; 
compliant. tng-<ng sia cun-i kit-cng ; openly 
signed a written agreement. i huap khu c6 ; 
go and do it according to the rule. i-jien si 
cie"-8e°; it was the same as that before. i le" 
khii ue ; go and draw it according to the pat- 
tern. i-"gi; according to what was decided 
upon in conference. i-ku si cie'-so°; that ia 
the way it was formerly, i-i put sla; I cannot 
part with you. i-i Iwn-lwn sfa m khui ; I can- 
not let you go. i-lvvu bo-kfa"; cannot bear 
separation from his family. i-lwn ku-hie"; 
strongly attached to his native village. 

' Aj t i 145 Clothes ; garments ; dress. 
^^ 270 i sie"; a trunk. i pau ; a 

cloth used to wrap clothing. phah co i-pau ; 
do them up in a bundle. i-hok ; garments, 

thng tio i-h6k ; to undress. i kai nang chai, 
la si cheng i-hok khi lai cu h<5 thoi"; she is one 
who is comely if she be well dressed. i-h6k 
phai-chiang ; elegantly apparelled, chgng ho- 
i ; wear a uniform. sai kau peh-se° i ciah 

chong-cok ; cause the people to have sufficient 
food and clothing. kia" i ; travelling dress, 

seng-i tiam ; a tailor's shop. i-kwn coi-cfa"; a 
complete outfit. h5-i ; rain cloaks. 

5/^ \ J49 The conferring of a laudatory 
PJIIL 764 ~9~ name after death, by the 
Eiuperor; a posthumous title; to confer pos- 
thumous titles. 



cm si i kai i ho ; this 13 the title conferred on 
him since his death. i huap sf ou ciu chio 

cia° u kai ; the custcra of conferring posthu- 
mous titles existed from the time of the Chau 
dynasty, i si Jiu i-co mih mla"? What was the 
name which was conferred upon him by the 
emperor after his death ? 

- ' *y i 61 Idea ; intention ; thought ; mo- 
/^\ 282 9" tive. 

ua m cai i kTii i-su ; I do not know what it 
means. sim-raih i-su ? What does it mean ? 

kak nang kak nung cip cek kai 1 ; each held to 
his own purpose. lu mai" cip ka-kl kdi i ; do 
not be tenacious of your own notions. thoi" 
tieh bo i-su; it appears nonsensical. m-ho i- 
6U ; disreputable ; a bad idea. i op su bo cii 

bo ] ; he acts without any fixed purpose, i 10 
6i, tieh chi'a" i lai cu-i; he is clever, and 
we must ask him to come and determine what 
shall be done. lu kio ua cu-i ; you decide for 
me. lia m ka° cii-i kai i; I dare not decide 

upon any design. i cp su toa cii toa i; he acts 
with great decision, i toa cii toa i khu cp ; he 
went and did it with great determination, 
m teng i kai i ; not according to his notiojis. 
ke-i ill hau"; pretended to be averse to it. te" 
i ; pretended to be of that mind, lia ho cheiig 
ho i kio lu ta"; I told you with a good motive. 
ta° ue bo i-su; talks nonsense. ju-i ; as you 

desire ; a woman's head ornaments. bwn su 

ju-i ; may everything be to your liking, chah 
ju-i; wear ornaments in the hair. ju-i pS,ng ; 
an aigrette worn in the hair. ce m ju i-kai \ 
cu klii ; if everything is not just as he wishes 
he gets angry. chut nang i gua ; beyond all 
human expectation. i gua, lio m kau kai su ; 
something unexpected, and beyond all that 
had been calculated upon. lii kue i ; not more 
than was expected, thoi" tieh ci hue kue i cSi ; 
it appears that this time there is more than we 
had thought of. i m si ku i cie^-se"; he did 
not do so intentionally. kii-i ; of deliberate 
purpose. i fl sim ii i lai sang lu, lii tieh siu ; 
he has thoughtfully and purposely brought 
them for you, and you must accept them, 
tit i cSi ; happily chanced. cieh i cieh i ne ; 

ironical ; a double meaning. m hd khah tieh 
i ; it is not well to have your mind too strongly 
Bet upon it. lu thoi" i si sim-mih i-kien ? 

What do you think his opinion to be ? ho i ? 
What does it mean ? put i j unintentional, 

tia th6i''-ki° lu bo i ai° boi ; I perceive that you 
have no intention of buying it. b6 j ai° boi ; 
does not intend to sell. tang sim tang \ ; of 

the same mind, sia i ; make a rough draught. 
da. m ei kong pit, el i pit ; this is not the clean 

copy, it is the first draught. i pit ^0 oh ue ; 

the rough sketch is the more difficult to draw, 
hah hi kai i me ? Is it in accordance with 
your wishes ? thoi" tieh hah i c3,i ; it appears 
<o be just what I want. hah lia kiii i iu tieh 
hah lu kai i; it suits me and must also suit 
you. nin no nang ji ke hue i ; you two under- 
stand each other. i sng .si ii su i ; he haa 
private ends. m ho cang i chek-tak ; do not 
make it up out of your own head. chwn bd 
6e" i ; has no business capacity, nin mai° se" i 
khi, tieh hiia-hua ; you must not get cross with 
each other, you must be good friends, ci kia' 
su si tl-tiang khi i ? Who was it that started 
this idea ? i mai" kai i to kp ; it has a hidden 
meaning. i cwn sim cwn i cp ; he does it 
heartily. lu kai i si ai° co-ni ? What is 
your idea about it ? lu i ai" ho ui ? What 
would you have? thoi" chut i fx hvvn i; 
perceive that he has changed his mind, hien- 
hien chut i kai cia" i ; shows his real motives, 
i chvvn bp sa" sim no i ; he has no two minds 
about it. ce ta" i cii hio i; as soon as you 
speak he will catch the idea. kim khue tit i 
nang, la si c6i° khue sit i nang; those who 
at this examination attain their wish, are those 
who at former examinations failed to attain 
their wish. si kam cheng, i ngvvn ; it is done 
cordially. i be sim wn ; his will is like a 
horse's and his heart like an ape's ; he is 
strong and inconstant, ciig kai bo pit i ; there 
is no meaning in the strokes of the pen. lip 
1 ; to make up the mind ; to determine. 

/^A i 184 Comfits ; tidbits. 
ppt 275 6 i-thng; barley sugar; sweet- 

pg* i 37 Barbarians ; to kill. 

y7^ 276 ^ i-jin; barbarians. i kaa-cok ; 

slay the whole race. i-pang ; foreigners. i- 

tek ; northern savages. m^ng-i ; southern 


^^ i 115 To transpose; to shift; to move; 
^S^ 274 6 to change the place or direction 
of. i khui khu ; to move off. i-siia io kun ce ; 
move it up a little nearer. i bun khu i kp ; 

sent off a dispatch to him. I khua ciu kin ; 

to accommodate with a timely loan, i-np u no 
sa" peh ngun cieh i eng ; borrow two or three 
hundred dollars in order to lend it to him. 
cia si thoi i i-np kai ; this borrowed from an- 
other and lent to him. i lai, cieh khui; borrow 
and lend. chim po lang i ; it is very difficult 
for me to get away a single step. put 16ng i- 
gk ; it cannot be altered. i hue ciap b&k ; to 
graft flowers on a tree, i hua tha nang ; i hua 



pkng p^fc nfi,ng ; shift the trouble off upon an- 
other, i si thu-lQa ; lay a corpse at a person's 
door in order to criminate him. cek cwn i cu 
kang cu hd-hd ; just tmnspose them and they 
will be all right. ce ta" tia''-tieh cu bo kdi-i; 
after having settled the point there is to be no 
change, hd i b6 ek ; without change or altera- 
tion, i kui khueh-hun lai i kliut Id, lu kui 
khueh-hun lai i khut i ; transfer his liabilities 
to you, and yours to him. thih pit, bo i ; 
written with an iron pen and unalterable. 

! 154 To reward the worthy ; to 
274 8 obtain promotion for another; 
to get reward due to one's self transferred to 
another, i-caiig peh-cek pe-bo ; gain rank for 
uncles and parents after their death. i-hong 
sa" to ; he got his ancestors for three genera- 
tions ennobled. chia" i-hong; ask for pre- 
ferment for another, on account of one's own 

*«^1 ^ ^® "^^^ sister of one's mother or 
Hy^ 277 "6 wife. 

a 1; an aunt or sister-in-law. si chi-i a si bp-i ? 
Is it your wife's sister, or your mother's sister? 
i-pfe ; cousins, whose mothers are sisters. si 
i-pfe a si ko-pfe ? Is his mother your mother's 
sister or your father's sister ? toa i ; mother's 
elder sister. soi i ; mother's younger sister, 

ji i ; a sister-in-law, the one next to the eldest, 
ko ! ku klm long-cong lai ; aunts and uncles 
all came. 

J\ i 72 Easy, not difficult. 
/ 281 4 iong-i cSi ; facile. b6 hie" iong- 
i noh ! It is not so easily done ! ta" khf lai lu 
si iong-iong i-i ; it is very easy to talk about. 
ce ta" phua, thoi" tieh cii iong-i ; after being 
explained it appears very easy. 

^^ i 61 Virtuous ; admirable. 
^L> 284 16 i tek; eminently virtuous, 
huaiig-ho kai meng k\e-co i ci; the command 
of the empress is called her virtuous will. i 
huam ; an example worthy of esteem. 

i 129 To practise and become 
284 7 skilled in. 
i ngiap ; to acquire a trade, or profession. 

i 102 Diverse ; strange ; odd, 
J^^ 281 6 different. 
i ie"; a rare sort. i jin ; a singular person. i 
bun ; strange reports. I kien ; rarely seen, i 
jit ; another day. si-hau bo i, nang bo i, pe"- 
ceng la bo i, ii si eng ieh h^u-lio m tang ; 
sometimes when the weather is as usual, the 

person as usual, and disease the same, the 
medicine used has not the .same effect. i su; 
a queer thing. cia cu i lio ; this is odd. I 
kok ; strange countries. tai tang sfo i ; a 

great resemblance with few points of difference, 
khi-i ; strange, i-twn ; cong sin bo I; 
unvarying. kuai-i ; marvellous. keng kht 
lip i ; venerate on account of strangeness. 

I 145 Posterity ; descendants. 
284 7 Ru-i chiang-seng ciii ; his 
posterity is very numerous, cia si i kai mio-i ; 
these are his remote descendants. l-sun ; 

immediate descendants. 


— f — 

^ f" 9 Because of ; by means of ; in 
278 8 order to; from, to, in, at, wliere- 
in; the manner or instrument of. s(5 f"; there- 
by, sd-f lia m ka" kia" khui ; therefore I did 
not dare walk away. sd-i" tieh kun-sin ; for 
this reason it is necessary to be careful, khd- 
i" ; khd-i" c6 tit ; it will do passably, ang cie". 
se" kho-i"; that will answer the purpose. i"-ui; 
to deem, lia T-ui khd-i" s^ng su ; I think the 
thing may be done. i m i"-ui sio-li ; he did 
not consider the disgrace. sfo-li kai su i {"- 

iii thf-min ; what was disgraceful, he deemed 
honorable. ua f"-ui si lu ; I supposed it was 
you. pin ci-ko i" cie"; from this point upward, 
chong chu i" Su ; from this point onward. i° 
ngi ui 11 ; in integrity there is profit. i" gua 
bo pat-nftng ; there was no one besides, ho f" ; 
whereby, lu h6 i° cai ? What means of know- 
ing have you ? i" c6i° kai su mai" liin ; do not 
discuss what is past. pin cf-ko i" e to si bo 

eng k&i ; from this point on, they are all 
worthless. i°-ti ci kia" su ih seng ; it is be- 

cause of this, that the business failed of 
accomplishment. to si i° si-li kau-chap ; it is 
solely on account of worldly interests that he 
associates with them. cu ko i" lai hue pat 

thia"-k\°; from former times this has not been 
heard of. kii-chu ka i° cie"-se°; therefore 

counseled in this manner. si i" tieh cai; con- 
sequently must know. 

J^h i" ^ An ancient instrument carved 
|i|/\ 1126 7 to resemble a recumbent tiger, 
having twenty-seven notches along its back : 
when a rod was rapidly drawn over it, the 
musical instruments stopped. g^uh ce cau 

ai° hiah cQ khia ki tek lai kueh ci kai f kai 
ka-ciah ; when the musical instruments were 
about to cease sounding, they took a bamboo 
and drew it to and fro across the back of the 
wooden tiger. 



r 9 To trust to ; to rely on. 
IRJ 279 8 i"-ko ; to rely upon. f"nai;to 
depend upon, i" si ; rely on personal influence. 

Ei" 49 A sign of the perfect tense ; al- 
278 ready ; to have done with. 
i"-keng si'a li'o ; have written it already. jit i" 
kue ngo ; it is already past noon, me" i" chim 
lio ; tlie night is already far advanced. lu i"- 
keng in-tap lia ; you have already given me 
your answer. lia i°-keng kio lu ta" ku-a hue ; 
I have already told you several times. jit 1"- 
keng ua° lio ; it is already late in the day. put 
tit i" kai su ; something that cannot be done 
otherwise. put tit i" tieh thia" i ; there is no 
other way but to do as he says. i"-jien kai 

eu ; what is irrevocable. put kiie ang cie°-so'' 
ju i"-i" ; only this and notliing more. 

Jv i" 75 A chair ; a seat ; a couch. 
/R| 279 8 cek ciah kau-i"; an arm-chair, 
rain-i'"; a couch. be cah i"; a folding chair, 

i" tio ; a trestle. i° toh ; a large square stool. 
i°-tha.u ; a stool. pang lS,i chng-i" mueh-kia"; 
the bedroom furniture. bo i" ho co; there is 
no chair to sit on. chau i"; arrange the chairs, 
r chau khui ce ; set the chairs a little farther 
apart. chau i" khut i co ; place chairs for 

them to sit on. kui° kha be i"; a high bench, 
tiig tio i"; a long bench. ke i"; a low chair, 

i" tien ; a sofa cushion, i" phi ; a tidy, kau-i" 
phin ; the back of a chair. kau i" chia ; the 

arm of a chair, kau i" toi ; the seat of a chair, 
i" tliek ; i" hue"; rungs of a chair. tin-i"; 

rattan chairs, cieh chng, cieh i"; marble tables 
and couches. 

i° 27 The thorax of shell-fish. 
1088 17 hoi i°; the sternum of a crab, 
pe-khi kai i"; the lower shell of a land-crab, 
chie kau i" tlua"; laughed till my sides ached. 

jgu r 86 The house swallow or martin. 
"J"y\ 1090 12 i" cfo ; the swallow. i" tau ; 
swallows' nests. peh i"; a white martin. o 
nek i"; the ray. 

i°-bi Pearl barley. 
fiijt 278 i"-bi-jin; maise. V-bi mue"; 
barley water. boi choh khiam-sit i°-bi lai 
pu tu-kha ; buy some watei'-lily root, and some 
barley to cook with the pigs' feet. 



Round ; spherical ; circular. 

ai° si-pang a ai" i" ? Do you 
want it square or round ? ue kai i''-kho ; 

draw a cix'cle. cek khuang i"-i"; a circular 

enclosure. cek khwu i"-!"; a vertical circle. 

so lai m i°; in rolling it between the thumb and 
fingers you have not made it round. i° miia"; 
rounded off ; completed. i"-!" mua"-mua°; 

quite finished up. cek toa i"; a largo round 

object, pua" i"; a semi-circle. tong 1"; a half 
a dollar. ka co i" kai ; cut it round. i co su 
khah pang, i co .su lo i"; this one does things 
more precisely, the other does them the more 
accommodatingly. jii" i" ai" pi" sui to i; let 
it be round or flat, as he chooses. siah i i°; 

whittle it off round. i" long-long ; spherical, 

Hrf i" 3 A pill; a pellet; a small ball. 
y*{j 246 2 kap CO ieh-i"; make it up into 
pills, ciah cek hok ieh-i"; take a dose of pill.<». 
lah-i"; pills enclosed in wax. lah-i" khak ; the 
wax which encloses a pill, hua ieh-i"; concoct 
pills. 60 ieh-i"; roll up into pills. cu-hun i°; 
pellets made from potato starch. cut-bi i"; 

pellets made from glutinous rice. mng kha u 
nting boi sie i"; there is one at the door 
selling hot pellets. bo i° ia u cap ; though 

there are no dumplings there is some of the 
soup. bo i" cap a lai ; though you cannot 

have the dumplings it is something to have the 
soup in which they were boiled. 

i" 109 To sleep ; to lie down. 
782 8 i khu i" 16 ; he has just gone 
to bed. ciah lio tiam-tiam i"; having eaten, he 
sleeps undisturbed. 

vXi 10 

112 An ink-stone. 
1090 7 pit bak i"; writing implements. 

hia" i" ti ; schoolmates. 

lau khe" i"; bua. 
chwn thih i"; a very fine inkstone. ci kai si 
bak i", hu kai si ngun-cu i"; this stone is for 
black ink and that is for red ink. i" kau ; i" 
ti ; the furrow at the end of an ink-stone, i" 
tng ; the flat surface of an ink-stone. i° ap; 
the box which holds an ink-stone. 

A public establishment ; a 
hall ; an asylum ; a walled 

US I" 170 
tyC 1137 7 

png po-i"; I, the governor- general. sun-bu 

po-l"; lieutenant governor. cu-i"; a college, 
khla cu-l"; at college. kam i"; take charge of 
a school or college. toa kiie kong-i"; bigger 
than an examination hall. hak-i°; literary 

chancellor. thi-tok hak-i"; a chancellor who 
conducts military examinations. iang ci i"; 

ku lau i"; an asylum for the aged. khut cf 

kai am-kwn ji-i° tin tio toa-bo-mueh ti-hng ; 
much ground is rendered useless by this monas- 
tery and its attachments. 



I'a 166 A wilderness ; a moor; savage. 
1079 4 kliuang-i'a; a waste. sua" I'a 
kui n&ng ; mountaineers. ia se" bfle tfi ; his 

wild disposition is not yet tamed, la bl; gamey 
flavor, fa kfa"; a savage. ci kai nang la cfti ; 
this person is very rude and fierce. cliang fa; 
wild land. I6ng-hu ia-jin ; savage yeomen. 

la 88 Sire; noblemen; divinities; 
1079 9 officeis. 
thiii-ia ; your worship, the district magistrate. 
I2iu-ia; an officer, a nobleman, or a male divinity, 
toa ia, jl ia, sam ia ; an officer, his servant, and 
tjervant's attendant. iJlu thai la ; your lienor, 
the prefect. ia mng ; the servants or attaches 
in a yamun. kong ia ; your grace, the duko. 
EU ia ; a private secretary. a la ; sire ; esquire, 
pki iSu-ia ; worship the gods. sui l&u-ia ; set 
up gods. he iSu-ia ; make known to the god. 
h5ng lS,a-ia ; make offerings to a god. 

^*y^ ia 130 To carry on tlie back. 
|~J 669 5 la a-n^"; to carry a child 
pic'kback. i b5i k!a°, tieh ia i ; he cannot 

walk and must bo carried pickback. 

\n* la 8 Also ; moreover ; likowsise. 
yy 1093 4 el kai la h(5 ; this also is good. 
cie"-se" ia hd, h\e"-se" la h(5 ; either will do. Ia 
el bo nai kai ; neither is it durable. Ia miii" 
mug i ; do not ask him either, ci k&i la si kun- 
cu nang; he is likewise a cultured person. Ia m 
si hi lai ta", via clu iTi kheng ; had you not come 
and told me, I should not have been willing. 

ia 64 To scatter ; to sow broadcast. 
721 12 la ceng-ci ; to sow seed. Ia bf 
kliut koi ciah ; scatter some rice for the fowls 
to eat. mui" la" cek koi°; do not scatter it all 
about, ia chek ; to sow paddy. 

— ia" — 

ia" 109 To glance at. 

686 12 khut xia ia"-ki'; I got a 
glimpse of it. ua i'a" mfik, chin-chie" thoi". 

ki"; I glanced at it, as in taking a hasty look, 
la" mfi.k, chin-chie" si i ; at a momentary view, 
it appears to be he. i kai cu, ce ia" mak cu 
pat; he knows his lesson after just a slight 
glance at it. Iti ia°-th6i" tieh cHi-se"; you take 
a look at it and see what sort of things it is. 

A shadow ; 

a picture or 

jit ia"; a shadow cast by the sun. gueh ia"; a 
shadow made by the moon, nang la", chiu ia", 
hue ia"; shadows of people, trees, and shrubs. 

sua" ia"; reflections of natural scenery in water, 
nang la" c\e tQ ti toi ; a person's image reflected 
in a pool. teng ia"; shadows made by lamp 

light. kia" toi kai ia"; the image in a mirror. 
b6 ia"; there is no evidence of it. bo ia" bd 

ciah ; there is no trace of it. bd la" no ; there 
is no truth in it. fi la" ciah ; there is evidence 
of its reality. bQe si u la"; there are as yet no 
signs of its being real, i ta" kau fi la" fl ciah ; 
he gives corroborative proof. lu thoi" Q ia" a 
b6? Do you consider that it is founded on fact? 
fl ia" hiang a b6 ? Are there visible or audible 
signs of it ? chQe cio" kii hwn-llo bo ia" bo 

hiang ; have sought it so long and yet there are 
no signs of it to be found, chwn b6 ia" hiang; 
bd ia" b6 hiang ; no proof of its existence given 
to the ear or the eye. la°.sie"; a likeness, 

huh-ce-kje, th6i".k"i" i k&i la"; suddenly saw 
his similitude. hd hdiig lo u la"? Without 

substance bow can there be a shadow ? bo ia" 
thah ; a pagoda that casts no shadow, si Iftng- 
thdng cua-ia", a si peh jl ciia-la"? Do these 
puppets casting shadow pictures, speak the 
mandarin dialect or the colloquial ? ia" hi; a 
play performed by pup|>ets casting shadows on 
a screen. k&i ia" cu so" k^i kia"; the shadow 
repeats itself. 

la' 162 To go on a circuit. 
1112 9 ia" lau-la; take idols out 
for an airing in a procession. si la" jit bp la" 
me"; they carry him around in the day-time, 
not in the night. cai hi"-ci" lio, liah khu ia" 
si mng-thau ; having pierced his ear with an 
arrow, they carry liim around by force to 
people's doors as a show. ia" sin; to get up 

processions in honor of the gods. Ia" teng ; 

the feast of lanterns. ia" keng ; to exhibit 

tableaux in a procession. 

la" 61 Perturbed; afraid; terrified. 

251 9 thong po kai nang cng kai 
kia°.ia°; all the people in the mart were greatly 
alarmed. hai kau i tang-me" kia"-kia" ia - 

ia"; kept them in fear and trembling the whole 
night through. iIi cai sim I5i kia"-ia" mih 

su; do not know why he is so much perturbed, 
i cug kai hd kia" bd ia"; he feels no appre- 

m^ ia" 19 
Wf 771 lo 

To conquer ; to win ; to over- 
come ; to get the victory ; to 
excel ; superior ; best. 

i cek nang cien ia" i ceng nang ; he alone con- 
quered the whole of them in the fight. mih 
su to ai° CO kau ia"; in whatever one does, he 
wishes to excel in it. lu ia" kiie i; you surpasa 



hitn. ia" i toa-b<5-muoh ; greatly superior to 
bim. caa ia°; to outrun, k ia"; get the better 
of in an argument. i p6i°-pien kbu ia"; be 

bad the best of it in tbe debate. phah ia"; 
won the battle. i si thS,i ia° a si thai su ? 

Did he win or lose tbe battle ? puab la"; to 
win in gambling. 

^^ la" 86 A camp ; military ; a corps 
S 1107 13 of an array, 
bii ia"; a military camp. ia" ngo ; kun la"; 

the army. jip la"; to enlist as a soldier. ia" 
pua"; a camp. chin kun-la°; the household 

guards, toa la"; the bead-quarters of an army. 
gu ia"; tbe Emperor's bead-quarters. ia" cu ; 
the commandant of a intrenchment. ci kai 
tin kwn u jieb coi la" ? How many corps bas 
tbis general under bis command ? kla" la"; i 
ia"; move the camp. kla" kun cap ia"; to 

encamp in another place. chang la", cbang to 
ti-ko ? Where have they intrenched themselves? 
buang nang lai than ia"; dispatch some one to 
surprise the camp. seng me" kbu kiap la"; 

went and plundered tbe camp by night. khi 
pia" khu phah i kai la"; raise troops to attack 
their camp. lau i to siu ia"; leave them to 
guard the camp, ia" ce ; the enclosure around 
a camp, la" mng ; the entrance to a camp. 

— iab — 

tt-Lk iab 30 To vomit ; to spew out. 
IlL. 920 3 a-no" co-nl c]e"-sl ai° iab nl ? 
Why does tbe baby throw up its milk lately ? 
clab h'o iab chut lai ; threw it up after swallow- 
ing it. i ci no jit iab hueb ; be has vomited 
blood these last two days. 

^^^ iab 108 To benefit; to advance tbe 
jnIL 1092 6 interests, 
bo iab ; of no benefit. ti siin, b6 iah ; it is 

all loss, and no profit. bo li-iah ; not advan- 
tageous, u sim-mili iah chu ng ? Of what 
advantage is it ? tSi Q iah ; very beneficial. 
p6-iah sin-bun ; good for the health. khiam 
si ii iah ; humility advances one's interests, 
iab-bp-chau ; boneset. chap ci k^i pheng-iu 
cu ii iab ; to associate with this friend will 
promote your interests. 

iab 187 A government post ; a sta- 
>'^^ 1094 13 tion. 

iab cam ; a post-station. kau iah-c5m cu ua"; 
change at the post-station, lah-seng s6i-s6i si 
lau-tia"; the governor of a post-station, be it 
ever so small, is still a goveriiDr. iab be ; post 

lab 72 The sixty-four diagrams. 

281 4 mia"-ke phok lab ; expert in 
divining by diagrams. c/ hue kliu phok kfti 
lab-khue ; now went and had his fortune told 
by diagrams. iah H si chim kai ; the doctrine 
of the diagrams is a deep one. cang lab-kbiie 
ce chui-sng bQe lai kai eu cQ oi soi" cai ; by 
reckoning from the diagrams one may know 
the future, iah-kia"; The Book of Changes. 

jtjj iab 64 To beckon. 
^ P^ 31 5 iah i lai ; beckon to bim to 
approach. cang chi'u iah i ; beckon to bira. 

thoi" i cang si" i6 iah ua; saw him motioning 
to me with his fan. lab i bua lai ta" ue ; 

beckon to bim to come and speak with me. 

lab 142 A general name for moths, 
890 9 millers, and sphinges, 
boi-iah ; brilliant moths or butterflies, boi-iah 
to chai hue ; the butterflies flit from flower to 
flower. ci kai boi-iah p^ng lai kui" cSi ; this 
kite, made in imitation of a butterfly, has been 
sent up very high. cang cua ko kai boi-iah ; 
make a butterfly kite of paper. thai-kp Iah ; 
a large gray moth. iah-thau kai 6i ; shoes 

having butterfly shaped ornaments on the toes, 
teng kliut teng-lab phah kue ; the lamp bas 
been extinguished by a small gray moth's fly- 
ing into it. choi" pi" tau-jin Su cu pi" cp lab ; 
the silk-worm changes into a grub and after- 
ward into a moth. toa ciii iah ; moths that 
are numerous in floods and heavy rains. 

— iak — 

^At iak 120 To bind, to restrict ; to re- 
Tt*J 1117 3 trench ; about ; nearly, 
iak-liak ; iak liang ; about that; thereabouts; 
iak-liak u jieb coi ? About how much is there ? 
cia si put kue iak kai tSi-liak ; this is nothing 
more that an approximate estimate. tS.i-iak ; 
for tbe most part ; on the whole ; in a general 
way. tS.i-iak kau cek choi" ngun kai to ; 

aproximately calculated, it would amount to 
about a thousand dollars. iak-sok ; to res- 

train ; to repress ; to keep in subjection, i iak- 
sok bu lai kai nang, iak-sok kau ngiam c5i ; 
be keeps those who are within, in very com- 
plete subjection. m pi hia bp iak bo sok hue; 
not like those who are under no restrain, 
khiam-iak ; frugal. iak kai pang-bd ; fix a 


iak 157 To skip, to caper, to leap. 
1118 14 i cp su long- iak cS,i ; he does 
things with effusion. ceng nang long-cong 

iong-iak; all were eager, i iak-iak ne ; be is 



very frif^ky. lu tlioi" i iak-iak n6, cp kh^ng 
6ti-h6k n&ng ; you see tLat he is very full of 
life, and will not willingly be tamed down. 

iam 64 To merge in a seasoning or 
^ , 654 6 dressing, 
ci'a tieh iam si-iu tbng clio ; this must have a 
dressing of soy, sugar, and vinegar. iam peh 
cho ; put simple vinegar on it. 

iara 1C9 To castrate ; to geld. 

1083 8 iara-koi ; a capon, iam-jin ; 
a eunuch. iam-hwn ; doorkeepers in the 

harem. thai-kam to bI iara kui ; the door- 

keepers of the harem are eunuchs, thien iam ; 
eunuchs from birth, iam khu tu sleu ; imper- 
fectly gelded. 

f am 147 To peep ; to peek ; to spy. 

46 2 iam thoi" i to me ; peep and 
see if he is there. i khu thau iam i ; he went 
and peeped furtively at her. jtm iam, fam m 
ki°; tried to peek in but could not. iam mug 
phang; peep through a crack in tho door, 
iam choi^-li-kia"; look through a spy-glass. 

iam 9 To sink under water. 

1086 9 ci ki cie" 6i iam ciii ; this oar 
einks in the water. iam bii siu bfin si thi"-e 
th^i-pheng ; when military men sink and civil- 
ians swim, the whole world is at peace. piia" 
iam ciii ; half in and half out of water. 

To screen from observation ; 
to hide from view ; to shade 

\am 157 To step across ; to pass over. 

468 6 iam tui i sin teng kiie ; step 
across over his body. kha mai° iam tieh i ; 

do not step over it. kiii kiii a-no''-kia", td 

Jam chu gu, h6°, th6 ; several children playing 

Iara 197 Salt. 

1086 18 phak iam ; to evaporate salt 
in the sun. iam chiang; a salt shed, iam 

teng; salt-makers. lam sie°; salt-merchants. 
!am-Qn-Bi ; a salt-commissioner. Rhi iam ; 

make salt, kua" iam ; salt that has paid duty, 
cia si lung-su ciah iam ; this is a little salt for 
daily use. iam, cau, cho, cie"; salt, malt, 

vinegar and sauces. iam chft bi si io-kin kai; 
salt, wood, and rice, are necessaries. o iara, 
p3h iam ; uncleansed salt, and cleansed salt, 
iara hn ; fine salt. iam lu ; the brine in damp 
salt, seh ce iam ; sprinkle in a little salt, seh 
ce poh iam ; sprinkle in a thin layer of salt. 
che''-iam; soda, huai-iam ; salt-petre. 

iam 64 

1088 8 
and conceal. 

i si td cia-iam kai iie ; his talk is intended to 
keep the facts from being discovered, ua thoi" 
i si t6 iam-sek kai ; I consider that he is acting 
hypocritically. cia-iam kau bo n&ng cai ; 

kept closel}' concealed so that no one knows, 
piia" iam nmg ; a half-closed door ; half con- 
cealed, cang th6 iam biia ; cover it over with 

iam 184 Satiated; to cloy; distasteful. 

1089 14 iam cQa"; sated. tham tit 
bo iam ; the avaricious are never satisfied, ciah 
boi iam ; cannot eat enough of it. thoi" boi 
iam ; never satisfied with seeing. m cai iam 
cok ; insatiable. ciah tieh iam ; have eaten it 
till 1 am sick of it. peh thak put iam ; an 
insatiable reader. kii cu leng nang iam ; one 
may outstay a welcome. 



iam 86 Hot ; ardent ; fiery. 

1085 4 thi''-khi lam-jiet; thi"-sl 1am- 
juah ; the weather is very hot. si-chSng sIm 
si iam liang ; the world is very fickle. lam. 

juah k&i 8i-hau tieh cai thau Hang ; when it it 
hot one must take cooling food. 

^^ iam 86 The fury of a fire. 
Fvv 1091 12 hue-iam; flaraes. hue-!am 

li-li seng khi lai ; the flames continue to flare 
up. hiie-iam uak-uak-kie ; the flames mutter. 

Iam 139 Glossy ; sleek. 
^Q 1091 13 lam-li ; slick. 
lam-Iam; its feathers are very glossy. 
Iam ; exceedingly sleek. 

i kai m6' 
ne lam- 

— lang — 

jfL. iang 87 The middle ; the centre. 
^7^ 1070 2 pang to tong-iang; put it in 
the middle. tong-iang teng pang cek tie" 

chng ; set a table in the centre. sai-pang 

tong-iang kp ; put it in the middle. hue-hfig 
kai tong-iang teng ceng u cek cang chlu ; in 
the middle of the garden a tree had been 

T^ilf iang 78 A visitation ; a misfortune 
X7V 1070 5 from above, 
bu kai tl-hng cau iang; that region has met 
with calamity. cai-iang; afflictions. hQa 
iang ; a punative calamity. cp put sien kang 
cu peh iang ; he who does wickedly will meet 
with every misfortune. 



I'ang 184 
1072 6 

To rear ; to nourish ; to 

bring up. 

iang cu thai lau; bring up a son preparatory to 
old age. iang sin ; to refresh the spirits. pe- 
b<5 iang-iok ksli un ; the kindness of our pa- 
rents in nourishing us in childhood. t&ng soi 
to i ko iang toa ; brought up from childhood 
by him. ci kui kia° si chin se" kai a si iang 

kai ? Is this an own or an adopted child ? si 
iang kTii ; it is an adopted one. ta" tieh cai 

phue-iang ce ; must now take care to nurse 
the health. tieh khua°-khua" p6-iang ; must 
gradually invigorate the strength. p6-iang 

ein-thoi ; recuperate the physical strength, 
cang ieh lai pd-iang ; take medicine to increase 
the vigor. ham-iang ; placid. chio-theng 
iang lau cun hien ; the government pensions 
the as:ed and honors the wise. 


iang 72 Glare ; reflected light. 

1108 6 iang soil thak cu; study by 
the light reflected from the snow. iang ciii ; 
the glare from water, iang-sie"; a photograph. 

iang 104 An ulcer ; a sore. 

1071 9 chng-iang ; bad sores, that 
destroy the skin. chng-iang, ci cek lui pe" to 
bI sok gua khue ; sores are reckoned among ail- 
ments which are subject to external treatment. 


to know. 

9 To simulate ; to feign. 

6 lang-ui put cai ; feigned not 

iang 182 To fly; whirled off; sailing. 

1071 9 khut i iang khu ; it was 
■whisked off by him. chi ak nang chin-chie" 
chi eng, i to khixn cu lai, to pa i cu iang khu ; 
to feed the wicked is like feeding hawks, when 
their bellies are empty they come, and when 
filled they fly off. kia" kau hun-phek pue- 

iang ; so frightened that all my wits departed. 

iang 170 The superior or male 
1071 9 principle in nature ; the 
etberial parts of matter ; virility ; brightness, 
evident; open. 

im iang ; the dual powers. thai-iang; the 

sun. thai-iang-kong rae° cai ; the sun is very 
hot. iang kang; the land of the living, thi"- 
Bi tieh u im ii iang cia" ho; there must be both 
cloudy and bright weather then all is well, 
iang si; this world. iang-hu; virility, csmg- 
lang ieh-ciu si sai nang iang-khi cang-kien ; a 
certain tonic strengthens the animal powers, 
chong-iang coih ; the ninth of the ninth month, 
iang siu kai cong ; long lives must come to an 

'Sm iang 64 To publish ; to display ; to 
1070 9 spread abroad ; to splash, 
ci p5, iang sia"; halt and cry out, piia iang 

to-li; publish abroad the correct doctrines. si 
hai iang mia"; make known his name every- 
whei-e. iang rnia" au si; make known his name 
to after ages. hai put iang po ; the sea did 

not dash its waves. iang pi"; flourish a whip, 
iang to ; brandish a knife. iang chiu ; wave 

the arms. lu mai" ciang-ciang iang-iang ; do 
not you bruit it about, gua khau ciang-iang ; 
noise abroad. iang-iang tit i ; everything to 
his liking. un ak iang sien ; conceal the evil 
and publish the good. 

iang 186 To support or nourish a 

1072 6 senior, 
hong-iang pe-bd ; support one's parents. liu- 
iang ; diminish his punishment on account of 
his having to support aged parents. ko cong 
iang; retire from office to spend one's days in 

"-HH^ I'lig 61 Carking care ; low spirited. 
^\li\ 1074 6 bo iang; free from ap- 
prehension, i cng kai bo iang ; he is not at 
all anxious, i bo iang bo iang ne ; he is quite 
free from solicitude. i co i b6 iang bo iang ; 
he keeps himself altogether placid. 

>|^ iang 104 To itch ; 
/.^ 1073 15 cia si bo kwn thong-iang 
kai su ; this affair is of no importance what- 
ever, i kio i si thong-iang siang kwn ; they 
have the same sort of discomfort and can 
sympathize with each other ; they are of the 
same ilk, and stand or fall together. 

-Ij3fe iang 75 Style ; mode ; model. 
T/^ 1073 il hi thoi" i kai iang-cu hd a 
m-hd ? Do you consider his method good or 
bad ? sit cS,i ho lang-cu ; really an excellent 
way. lu thdi° i tie" sim-mih mo^-iang ; see 
what example he sets. to si it iang ; it is all 
the same. 

— lap — 

iap 32 To repress ; to conquer. 
1069 14 m-hd khi-iap nang ; one 
must not oppress others, chia" tie" hu lai tin- 
iap ; ask for a charm to overcome it. phai i 
khu thang-iap; depute him to go and quell it. 
pun i iap to khu ; was overthrown by him. 
iap cam ; au awl. 



B^ lap 72 The brilliancy of a flash. 
=p 1082 12 iap-iap-sih ; to glitter, iap- 
ce-sih ; flashed. thi" Vang it hue Iap-iap-sih ; 
there was a flash of zigzag lightning. hu kai 
iap-ce-sih cie kau tho-e kng-kng; that flash 
lighted up the earth. 

Ji'jjjj^ lap 142 A butterfly ; a hinge. 
SJ/V 379 7 lap- tiap ; a butterfly. lap- 
tiap chwn hue; the butterfly flutters among 
the flowers. iap-tiap chai hue; the butterfly 
sips the flowers. thih lup-tiap, tdug iap-tiap; 
iron or brass hinges. 

— ie — 

5*3^ ie 145 A waistband ; a classifier of 
^"^Q 1074 9 garments having waistbands, 
cek ie kho ; a pair of trowsers. i pftk c6k ie 
ftiig k6n ; she wears a red petticoat. 

ie 130 The loins ; the waist ; the 
1074 9 back. 
h& ie; gird the loins, ie-toa; a girdle, ku ie; 
round shouldered. thoi" ie ; hunchbacked. 

thSi" heng, tlioi" ie ; humpbacked and hump- 
breasted, ie ci ; the kidneys. ie-ciah kut ; 
ie kut ; the backbone. nJlu tieh ie; strained 

his back. cuah tieh le-ciah-kut ; spmined 

his back. tng tieh ie-ciah-kut ; dislocated his 
spine. tng cih ie-ciah-kut ; broke his back, 
pftah cih ie-ciah-kut ; fell and broke his back, 
lu si bo ie-ciah-kut a iTi si ! Have not yon got 
any back-bone ! lia ie ; lean the back against, 
pjlk ie ; tie around the waist. puk Ie t6a ; 

tighten the girdle. phang-ie ; small waisted, 
like a bee. lin-liang ie ; a waist like a wasp's, 
ie cam ; cut in two in the middle, as a punish- 
ment, pin pua" ie coih loh kliu ; cut it in two 
in the middle. pSk ui-ie ; wear a loin cloth, 
lia ie ; a slender supple waist. ha ie ; bow by 
bending at the waist only. ie th\a°; backache, 
tui ie ; beat the back to ease pain. lam i k&i 
e ie ; lift him off his feet, clasping him around 
the waist. 

)3 ie 64 To bale out. 

1097 7 I'e chph ciii ; dip out some 
water. khieh ki kong klm ie; take the dipper 
and bale it out. bo mueh bd ie ; have nothing 
to dip with. 

te 116 A kiln ; to bake in a kiln. 
1075 10 hia ie ; sie hia ie ; a kiln 
where tiles and bricks are baked, kih kai hia 
ie ; build a kiln. hui ie ; a kiln for baking 

pottery. Ie mng ; the mouth of the kiln, tlu 
phua ie ; lives in an old kiln ; a vagrant. 

ie 64 To vibrate; to sway; to wag. 
a 1075 10 ie 16; work a scull. Ie bue ; 
wags his tail. ie leng ; ring a hand bell. ie 
th&u ; to shake the head, i ce thia" tieh, th&u 
ie biie hi"; as soon as he heard it his head 
wagged and his tail flopped. Id kia° 15 mki" 
le-a-Ie ; do not swagger when you walk, i kia" 
lo to bI ie koi" sin kia°; he always sways to and 
fro a8 he walks. huang cS chue cQ td ie ; 

whenever the wind blows it swings to and fro. 
tl°-tx", ie cak ; full measure, shaken down. 

Ie 64 To rattle; to shake ; to joggle. 
1075 10 hkra bOi Ie ko kui, lai boi sua"; 
call the rattle man here, and buy some sewing 
silk, boi kai ie-n& lai Ie a-n6°; buy a cradle to 
rock the baby in. liii khu Ie hQe ; let's form a 
loan association. Ie chiam pok khue ; shake 
the tallies and divine. tfth tieh Ie-16 ; if you 
step on it, it rattles. Ie i che"; shako him and 
waken him. tieh soih kau boi Ie-16 ; you must 
prop it 80 that it won't joggle. ciah iSn, khf 
cii Ie-16 ; when old the teeth are loose, khut i 
li6 Ie thit-th6 ; let him amuse himself by rattU 
ing it. Ie i lok-lok-kie ; shook it and made 

it i-attle. m h<5 ie ; do not joggle it. Ie lie cu 
ii" hwn cui ; if you joggle it will turn to water. 
Ie tieh hi4 t6i hwn-lfo fl ; can tell by shaking it 
that there is still some inside. 

Ie 196 The kite ; its scream portends 
Tkkl/ 1133 8 wind, kd ciia-Ie ; make a pa- 
per kite. ci kfii cua-Ie pang lai kui° cSi ; the 
kite has been sent very high. khiio kue Ie ; 

swifter than a kite. 


le" — 

ie° 9 To transmit orders to an in- 
1073 4 ferior. ie" che khu che ; send a 
constable to examine. ie° kiii° pin-hok ; order 
the district magistrate to respond. 

ie" 184 To rear; to bring up ; to take 
1072 6 care of. ie° cek khun ie"- 

kia"; rear a flock of kids. cia tng-kiie ie" tu- 
cai ; this is like rearing little pigs. cie"-ie°; to 
nurse one's health ; to nourish and care for. 
tng khu chu cie''-ie° si kai gueh cia" h6k-ngwn; 
went liome and nursed his health for four 
months, after which he regained his usual 
strength. tang s6i-s6i si i cie°-ie'' kau toa ; it 
was she who brought him up from his infancy, 
i lai bo nang cie°-ie" i ; he has no one in hia 
home to take care of him. 

ie" 86 To fuse ; to assay ; to melt. 
1071 T Ie" kirn, Ie" ngun, ie" siak, ie" 
tang ; fuse gold, silver, pewter or brass. m 



b1 eng im liiie ie" m kbu ; it cannot be melted 
in other than a covered fire. ci ie° tieh eng 

ieb c\a" ho io"; in order to melt this a chemi- 
cal preparation mnst be used. ie" ka ; melt 
glue, cia tieh ie° ko hwn lai lin cxa" ho ; this 
must have some melted alum to dip it in. to 
huaiig-16 lira kau ie° khu; it has been heated 
in the furnace till it is melted. 

ie" 75 The arbutus. 
1071 9 ie"-bue; the Chinese straw- 
berry. ie"-bue p6 ; the dried fruit of the 
arbutus tree. ie°-bue thien phau ; ie"-bue 
kak-tak ; malignant I'ed ulcers. 

tT^ ie° 123 A sheep or goat. 
*--p 1072 sna"-Ie"; goats. mi"-ie"; 

sheep. ie" kia"; fe" kp ; kids or lambs. ie" 
kak ; a ram's horn. ie" ko, ie° bp ; a ram and 
an ewe. ie" nek ; mutton. ie" S,u thui ; a 
hind-quarter of mutton. ie" coi" thui ; a fore- 
quarter of mutton. ie" phia"; a spare-rib of 
mutton. chl ie"; to keep sheep. cie" ie"; to 
watch sheep. jlo ie"; to drive sheep. ie" 
khun; a flock of sheep, cek ciah ie"; one sheep, 
cie" ie" kai nfing ; a shepherd. peh kau-phue, 
o kau-phue si ie"-kia" phue ; black lamb-skin, 
and white lamb-skin are the pelts of lambs. 
chau-cie"-sng si bue chut si kai ie"-kia" phue ; 
Astrakhan fur is the skin of unborn lambs. 

ie" 142 Blending ; combining ; 
1147 10 harmonizing. 
ie"-hue tp-li ; to collate doctrines, i thoi" khu 
m ie"-hue ; he has not combined the results of 
his study, cu thak Ho m ie"-hue ; he does not 
digest what he reads. tie ta" lai ie"-ciap ; his 
speech was well connected in its parts. 

Vqp ie" 85 Foreign ; the ocean ; vast, 
-{^ 1072 6 ie" jiu ; foreigners, 
ie" hue ; foreign goods. ie" cun ; foreign 

shipping. ie" ieh ; ie° hun ; foreign opium, 

ie" ci"; foreign money. kue ie"; go to foreign 
pai'ts. ch&ng-ie"; the open sea. ie" min ; the 
surface of the ocean. ie" p6 ; an offing. toa 
Bai ie"; Europe. si sai ie" nang, a si tang ie" 
nang ? Is he a European or an Asiatic ? 

1&^ ie" 140 Sprouts, shoots. 
^i>fC 1081 17 hwt ki hwt ie"; sends forth 
branches and sprouts. i khi-th^u-e piuh ie"; 
it has begun to send out suckers. 

•j^aE Ie" 75 Manner ; style ; pattern : sort; 
T^ 1073 11 shape. 

cie ie" cp; make it like the pattern, sin Ie"; a 
new style. cang ex kai cp ie"; take this for a 

sample. lu ai° sira-mih fe"? "What sort do 
you want ? ci c§k ie" hcJ ra^ ? Is this kind 

good ? cf kai n&ng koh Ie" kph sie"; this is a 
queer looking person. mki" khu oh i k3,i ie"; 
do not follow his example, i td oh le" oh sie"; 
he is imitating them. tang ie" ; of the same 
kind, m tang ie"; differing in kind, chwn b6 
kai ie"; is very unstylish. cie-cie tieh poi" ii 
si Ie" khu skng i ; at the very least there must 
be four sorts made ready to present to him. 
cie"-se° thoi" tieh cia" u kai ie"; it looks rather 
stylish. cuang m6" cp Ie"; dress the hair 

fashionably, i td tie" ie"; he is putting on airs, 
mai" to cuang ie"; do not put on airs, gua min 
thoi" tieh Ie"-sie" li hpli ho; the external appear- 
ance is very fine. se° lai u kai ie"; has a style 
of its own. Ie°-Ie" kai su i to pat ; he under- 
stands all sorts of business. ci Ie" su kue hu 
ie"; this sort is inferior to that, cp-ni ie" ? In 
what manner ? i ie"; a rare species, ci koi" 
pho kai 6i Ie" hd ; this shop has shoes of a good 
shape. to si cek ie"; they are all of one style. 
p§"-pe° ie"; the same sort. p9.t ie"; another 

kind, m p6" ie"; not the same, khu a-i ko pang 
kai bo ie"; go to aunt's and take the pattern of 
her hat. pang sang 6i ie"; take off the pattern 
of a pair of shoes, ti cek ie"? Which sort is it ? 
ca,i se" ie" ? What sort of thing is it ? 

— ieh — 

>^/| ieh 120 To bind by a contract ; to 
rvJ 1117 3 form a treaty or compact ; 
an agreement. 

lip hua ieh ; establish a treaty of peace. lip 
h^p ieh ; make a contract. sit ieh ; violate a 
contract, ieh ua kio i cp-pu klm ; agreed that 
I should go with him. ieh tia°-tieh ; made a 
definite agreement, i kau si cii pue ieh ; when 
the time arriv'ed he broke the compact. c6 su 
m ju ieh ; not done according to contract, ieh 
khi ; fix a time. put ieh ju tang ; to agree 

undesignedly. i ieh mong si Lai" lia ; he 

agreed to pay me at a certain time, bp twn bo 
ieh ; no compact was made. i no n&ng u twn 
ieh ; the two have made a compact. i am-ce" 
twn-ieh i ; he secretly promised him. 

ieh 94 To guess. 
J9 942 8 ieh iTi tieh; did not guess 
rightly, ua ieh m pat to khu ; I do not know 
what to guess. theng ieh ; guess at random, 
cp kai mia" lai ieh ; guess at fates. cfa oh 

ieh ; this is hard to guess, a no"-kia" ieh sang 
a khia; children guess at odds or evens. ce 
ieh cu tieh ; guessed it at once, khut lu ieh ; 
let you guess at it. 



ieh 142 ieh-po-sun ; the cicada, the 
Jl/Rj 888 ~8^ scissors-grinder. ieh-po- 

sun t(5 kie ; the cicadas are piping. 

Ieh 140 Medicine ; chemical pre- 
1116 15 parations. 
Ieh i"; pills. ieh siia"; medicinal powders, 

ieh buah ; medicine in the form of powder, 
ieh-ko ; salve. kp-ieh ; ointment, ieh phien ; 
medicine in flakes. ieh chui ; medicine in 

chips, or fragments. ieh than ieh hue ; the 

residuum of drugs. ieh tu ; a medicine case, 
ieh pho ; ieh chsvi pho ; a drug-shop. ieh llo ; 
drugs, ieh c6ih; an instrument for sharing up 
drugs. ieh to ; a knife for cutting up drags, 
ieh cui ; fluid medicines. ieh thng ; viscid 

medicines. ieh ca ; ieh phph ; dregs of 

medicines. cek thiap ieh ; the medicine 

prescribed. ieh-hng ; a prescription. c8k 
h6k ieh ; the medicine taken in one dose. of 
thiap ieh ciah Iqh khu I'o hd ; after taking this 
course of medicine he was better. ci'a ieh si 
ciah kai a si buah kai ? Is this medicine to be 
taken internally or to be applied externally ? 
cfa ieh h(5 pu ciii khu s6i ; boil this medicine 
in water, and use it as a wash, ieh-ci", si ci"- 
th&u khu cu t&k-ieh kai ; poisoned arrows, are 
those whose points have been steeped in poison, 
pu ieh; to steep drugs quickly in boiling water, 
cien ieh ; to steep drugs a long time, boiling 
slowly. tiSn ieh ; to heat medicines in a dish 
surrounded by boiling water. ngau kp-ieh ; 
make salve, ci ieh; to prepare medicines, hua 
ieh ; to concoct remedies. knp ieh ; to com- 
pound medicines. ngoi ieh buah ; triturate 
medicinal powdei's. ceng ieh-i"; pound up the 
component parts of pills, hok tak ieh; an anti- 
dote for poison, che" ieh, sek ieh; crude drugs 
and prepared drugs. cheng ieh ; gunpowder, 
hue ieh ; explosive powders. jip ieh ; put in a 
chemical preparation, sia ieh ; cathartics. 

— ien — 
/fejJJ ien 184 Tainted. 
^C 618 7 nek ien ; the meat is spoiled, 
cia hu mng ien 16; this fish is just on the verge 
of becoming tainted. 

ien 86 Why ; how is it that. 
k»V 1082 y lu ien cai lia iL-ai" ? How do 
you know that I do not want it ? i ien leng 
hai ua ? How can he harm me ? i ien tit cie"- 
se° ? How can he do thus ? 

ien 162 Remote ; distant. 

1137 10 long-i'en ; everlastingly, io- 
ien ; in the far distance. lo-tio io-ien ; the 

way is interminable. ien kQu thwn mia"; 

famed far and near. 

ien 85 ien-khi ; irritated ; vexed. 

395 18 ce len-khi cu mai" i ; as soon 
as he gets out of temper he won't take it. 
khut i c5 ien-khi cQ sek tio ; if he gets out of 
patience with it, he will throw it away. i c6 
ien-khi cu liah i khu cio-cp ; whenever she gets 
vexed she takes him and panishes him. 

jHu ien 86 The nest of the cliff swallow. 
^kk\ 1090 12 ien-p ; edible bird's-nest. 
kua" ien; kua" ien-p; the finest sort of edible 
bird's-nest. ien-p&i ; an inferior quality of 

edible bird's-nest. cek miig-khi tun n6 cua" 
ien-p khu ciah ; every morning cook two edible 
bird's-nests by boiling them in a dish sur- 
rounded with water, and eat them. tliila ua" 
cu si ien-p ; the first dish is edible bird's-nest. 

ien 118 A banquet. 

1085 ~T~ cia ien ; a feast, with wine. 

ien siah ; a banquet. 

Ien 64 To relieve; to bring forward. 

1135 9 rap" i lai kia-Ien ; hope he 
will come and rescue. lon-in pak ko kai cu 

lai cb ceng-kfi ; bring forward a quotation from 
another book as proof. 

ien 162 To keep at a distance; to 
1137 10 stand aloof from, 
tieh chin kun-cii, Ien sio-jin, m hd chin sio-jin 
Ien kun-cu; one should affiliate with the refined, 
and keep away from vulgar people, not frater- 
nize with the vulgar, and hold aloof from the 
cultured. kiii sin, lu tieh keng i, iu tieh Ien 
i ; as to spirits, good and bad, one must do 
homage to them, and keep aloof from them. 

Ien 64 To procrastinate ; to invite. 

1084 T khiie-khiie khu, mai" ien- 
chi ; go quickly and without delay. m-hp 

len-kph ; do not delay. ien-milng kiii jit ; put 
it off for a few days, chi-chi len-Ien ; dilatory. 
Id cp-ni khua°-khua° Ien, ien kau ta" ? Why 
have you kept putting it off until now ? cek 
gueh ien kue cek gueh, cek ni ien kue cek ni ; 
delayed it month after month, and year after 
year. ien khah kii cu bp eng ; if you delay it 
too long it will be of no use. ciu jit i to 6i°- 
6i° ien-ien to bp khu cp ; he dilly-dallies all day 
and never does it. khut i tam-ien kau jieh 

kii cia" hai"; he put off the payment of it for 
no inconsiderable time, i si to chien-ien si-jit 
kai ; he is staving it off as long as possible, 
ien-chia" nang-kheh ; invite a guest. ien su 
ka-tok ; invite a learned man to superintend it. 



ien 123 To desire strongly; to long 
^^ 802 ~6~ for morbidly, 
him-ien ; to covet. him-ien c5i ; longs for 

greatly. ai" H boi tit tieh, thu-thu to him- 

ien ; want it but cannot have it, and can only 
crave it. 

^f^ ien 144 To amplify ; prolix ; super- 
1-lJ 1087 3 fluous. 

hu-ien ; prolix, hu-hn ien-ien ; a superfluity of 
amplification. i cng kai ta" m tieh Qe nek, to 
si hu-ien kai ue ; he does not get at the gist of 
the subject at all, but expatiates without mak- 
ing the matter any clearer. 

— ih — 

tU ih 17 To hatch out. 

|T| 98 3 ah-ung pu kii oi ih chiii ; 
when a duck's egg has been long covered it will 
hatch, i cia" ih chui ; it hatched out. 

ih 85 To moisten; to dampen; to wet. 
1029 10 cang cui khu ih i jun ce ; take 
some water and moisten it. hie°-ko khieh khu 
cui teng ih pho; wet the mushrooms with water 
and let them swell. m soi" ih tarn ce eng cu 
cih ; if you do not first dampen it, it will break 
when used. 

ITfj^ [TBT ih-uli To mutter because of dis- 

"m ^W( 632 content. 

Ih-ih uh-uh, ai" ta" m ka° ta"; muttered, but 

dared not speak out. ih-uh kie, ta" m chut ; 

struggled to speak, but failed through fear of 



im 85 To overflow ; to inundate. 
1083 8 hue-bak pun cui im lio cim 
si ; the shrubs were covered by the water and 
killed by soaking. chii kliut cui im kau kua 
cliu-teng thoi" m ki"; the house was overflowed 
by the water so that even the roof was invisi- 
ble, cui im kau pua" sua"; the water has 
risen to half the height of the hills, khut ciii 
im cie" ku mih much to sf khu ; being so long 
innundated, everything died. ci ko cui lo 
chien, im bue kaa kha-th^n-u ; the water here 
is shallower and scarcely comes up to the knees. 

^^ im 180 Sound. 
t=| 1100 6 khau im ; pronunciation, 
tho im ; the local pronunciation. cia° im ; the 
correct pronunciation. peh im ; the pronun- 
ciation as it is in plain text. kua" im ; the 
pronunciation as it is in the court dialect, im 
un ; rhyme. im un cheng-cho ; clear and 

harmonious rythm. lu kA,i im {o hd ; your 

enunciation is tho better. sia" im ; sound ; 

voice. poih im ; melody. poih im ceng ; a 
harmonium. lia t(5 mo° l<i kai hue im ; I 

await your response. ji im ; initial sounds, 

kia im ; sweet sounds, hd im sin ; good news, 
mio b6 im sin ; no news for a long time, khau 
im au m tng ; cannot pronounce it. cih im, 
tun im, ge im ; linguals, labials, and dentals. 
Hu im ; sounds produced in the larynx. 

^^^ im 170 Obscure ; hades ; the inferior 

1099 8 of the dual powers in Chinese 
philosophy ; the female or the receptive in 

thai im ; the moon. kuang im ; duration, 

time. im si ; im hii ; the abodes of the dead, 
im iang ; the dual powers. im kang ; hades, 
im liang ; cool and shady. chiu im ; shady, 

hue im ; flowery shades. thi"-si o im ; the 

weather is dull, chiin im ; moments, im tek; 
goodness. imkong; inconspicuous merit, 

im hun ; im l^ng ; the disembodied spirit, im 
iang chiu ; one hand palm upward and the 
other hand palm downward. im co iang ui ; 
to do behind one's back what would be re- 
pudiated before one's face. ko-im put se"; 
vacancy produces nothing. im-hu hwt jiet ; 
exhaustion produces fever. khah kiie im; too 
much obscured, im kang; dried in the shade, 
im iang phue hah ; the correlation of the dual 
powers. iang lai im siu; reciprocity of action 
in the dual powers. 




im 184 To drink ; to quaff. 
1102 4 im ciu ; to quaff wine, 
im ciu ; bibulous. 

AA^ itn 140 To shelter; to protect; 
1*^ 1103 11 shade, 
si i to phi-im ; it is he who is screening him. 
phi-im kau ceng nang ho-ho ; protect so com- 
pletely that all will be sheltered. hok im ; 
secretly countenance and aid. hok im cek kai 
ti-hng khut i ; gave him hidden help in getting 
a place. im tau-gS ; cover up beans till they 
sprout. CO im-si ; to make soy, by keeping the 
mixture long sheltered in a warm place. 

im 116 A cellar ; dark. 
P^ 1103 ~9 im hvvt; the cavity in which 
a coffin is to be laid in a grave, ci kp tl si im- 
hwt a si chien-ciah ? Is this grave one in which 
a coffin is to be buried, or is it one from 
which the body has been removed ? kai si ko 
im kai ; it is one dug long ago, and still un- 
used, tang i a-kong im kai, kau ta° cia" peh 
ni bo eng; it was dug in the days of his grand- 



father, a hundred years ago, and has not been 
used until now. im-tn ; tlie mound with its 

enclosed cavity, made ready to receive a coffin, 
tok kfii jm-tu t5 ko ; has the grave made ready. 

\l^^ im 85 Excess ; licentiousness ; lewd ; 
i^ 1101 8 to drench, 
kang-im ; adultery. kia° kang-ira ; commit 

adultery. i kui se° im ; he is of a licentious 

disposition. ira Iwn ; debauchery, pa Iwn su 
im-iok ; fullness of bread and ease beget lust- 
ful desires. im nftng chi-nng, chi-nng n&ng 
im ; those who debauch the wives and daugh- 
ters of others, will have their own wives and 
daughters debauched. kim im hi ; forbid 

lewd plays. im hfl ; a lewd woman. sie tio 
im cu ; burn up obscene books. im h6 ; a 

drenching rain. hkn° sek put im ; be not 

inordinately enamoured of what is beautiful. 

— in — 

in 8G Smoke ; steam ; mist ; exha- 
1082 6 lations ; soot, 
ciii-in ; steam. liiie-in ; smoke. o-in ; lamp- 
black, in-tfing; a chimney. sie in-hue; 
pkng in-hiie ; lot off fireworks. nftng in b&k- 
bfi,k ; thickly settled, khu k^u bo n&ng in k&i 
tl-hng ; go to an uninhabited spot. hie"-iu ; 
perfume from y^aetilles. khiu kai hio*-in khut 
i ciah ; beg some of the odor of his inceuse 
sticks for her to imbibe. mua" sua" in-bu; it 
is very misty. ceng-ceng mdng-iu ; it is very 

in 81 A cause ; a reason. 
1098 8 in-ui ; because of. wa-in ; 
on account of. ua in chu cia° lai ; for this 

cause I came, ua lai b6 pat in ; I had no other 
reason for coming, chi'a lu lai, m si u p&t in ; 
had no reason besides for inviting you. cie"- 
ee" si fi in ; there is a reason for this. iIi si b6 
in kai ; it is not without cause, in chu cai pi ; 
conclude this because of that, in si ci ngi ; do 
the right thing at the right time. in ho su 

kii ? Wherein lies the reasons for it ? in-ui i 
a pe kue khu i cu khu hwn poi"; on account of 
the death of his father he went to foreign parts, 
lu th6i° i si sim-mih lai-in ? What do you 
think led to it ? i si u s(5 in ki\i ; there are 
reasons for it. in-ui tieh kai b<5 i cia" lai ; he 
came on his wife's account. m cai si in-ui 

tieh mih su ; do not know what occasioned it. 

in 130 A cosmetic like rouge. 
1082 6 in-ci"; in-ni ; rouge. buah 
hiin, tfam in-ci"; to powder and paint the face, 
buah tiam-kia" in-ni khut i se-su ang ; rub on 
a little rouge to redden it slightly. 


n T 1^ "^ ' They, in the masculine 
II J 1/ 271 4 and feminine genders, 
cia si in-kai a si nin-kai ? Is this theirs or 
yours ? in hd-kp nin pat khu me ? Have you 
ever been to their place ? i hiia" n&ng kliu ti- 
ko ? Where have they all gone ? lu kio in ta"; 
you tell them. kie in lai ; tell them to come 
here, in fi jieh c6i n&ng lai ? How many of 
them have come ? in kai hong-s6k si cie"-se"; 
such are their usages, khieh khu hfii" in; take 
it and go and give it back to them, in kiii ciah 
til c6 lai cQ ngia ; their cupboards are prettily 
made. m cai si lin k&i a si in k&i ; do not 

know whether it is ours or theirs. ndn k&i 

t6&, in k&i s^i ; ours is large and theirs is small. 

in 88 A bride ; affinity on the 
1098 6 female side, 
iu-wii ; the fat« which links lovers together, 
in-chin ; a wife's relatives. in tl, in hia"; a 

wife's brothers. kak in-wn, mai" him-Ien 

n&ng ; matches are made in heaven, so do not 
covet one who belongs to another. 

in 104 A habit, especially the opium 
1103 17 habit ; a craving, 
a-phien hun in ; the opium habit. i k&i hun 
cle" iu lio; his opium has become a fixed habit, 
i k&i in ce l&i pin sin kang-kh6 ; when hi8 
craving comes on, his whole body is in distress, 
tieh G cek kua kii cia" kue in ; after a half day 
the craving is past, i k&i in io toa, i kai in io 
soi ; his craving is greater, his is less. lu cek 
kai in ciah jieh coi hun ? How much opium 
does it take each time to satisfy you ? c§k 

jit kui kai in ; there are several periods of 
craving in one day. i kai in io tfing, lu k&i 
io khin ; his opium habit is more confirmed 
than is yours. in-th&u toa cai ; the longing is 
very great. te in ; the habit of tea-drinking. 

HI *° ^ To lead on ; to bring forward ; 

V I 1102 1 to quote ; preface, 
iu-chua i lai ; conduct him here. in-toa ; to 
guide or conduct. in cui kai n&ng ; a drawer 
of water. chia" i cp cek kp sio-in ; invite him 
to make a preface to it. in hiie kai raueh-kia"; 
things used in striking a light. in i lai ki" 

via ; bring him to see me. cie" kia" in-ki"; to 
introduce to the Imperial presence. khiu 

nang ci-in ; beg some one to point it out. in 
cu lai cp ceng ; quote in proof of. in ci kii ue 
lai ceng-ku hu ku iie ; quote this passage in 
support of that passage. tieh u nang lai cp 

in-sua°; some one must furnish a clue, khang- 
in ; induce. ieh in ; the active principle in 
a preparation. in-tong kau t6a-b(5-miieh 



narg ; disturbed a great many people. in- 

long i kai sim ; brought on a disturbance of 
mind. in-fu i khu cp m-li(5kaisu; deluded 
him into evil doing. mai" in-iu i kliu thit- 
tho ; do not induce him to go off for amuse- 
ment, in lo ; conduct on the way. lo-in ; a 

life in 61 To answer ; to respond. 
/}^ 1106 l3 ua mng In, lu co-ni m in-tap ? 
"Why do you not answer when I speak to you ? 
ua mng i, i in-tap m lai ; I asked him but he 
could not answer. me" lio, i m ka" in ; he 

dare not answer back when he is berated, cek 
kie cek in ; a call and response. ti-kp i to in 
u lai ; he can answer wherever you question 
him. i cle" jit i"-keng in-seng ua"; he promis- 
ed it to me, some days ago. u nang kie-in ; 
some one stands as security. ci pit sio si via 
kio i kie-in kai ; in this bill I will stand as 
security for him. 

I^rt in 26 A seal ; to seal ; to print ; to 

nJ 1103 T ^ imprint. 

gSk in, ngun in, ciii-cia" in, cha in, kak in, 
tang-cieh in; seals made of jade, silver, crystal, 
wood, horn, and pebble. in cu ; to print 

books. kuah in pho ; a shop where seals are 
cut. khek in ; engrave a seal. tio in ; carve 
a seal, khap in ; to impress with a seal, eng 
in ; used stamps, kua" in; official seal, huang 
in, khui in ; to shut and open the seals, as at 
the end and beginning of the year. rang in ; 
the door and the seal keepers in a yamun. in 
sek ; sealing wax, or ink. in-tng ; the frontal 
sinus, khua sue-in ; act as generalissimo, in 
sin ; stamp a letter. 

in 120 To wind around ; to go about; 

292 12 to environ ; to make a circuit 
of ; to compass. in cek khuang lo ; made a 

circuit. in cek ui mi°-mi°; encompass closely, 
ci tio sua" hd in-bua ; wind up this thread. 
BOh in cek kho cek kho, in khi ; coil up the 
rope in coils. li-kwn in, li-kwn in ; winding 
round and round. in loh hph coi ; wound on 
a great quantity. in cp kai kiu ; wind it up 

into a ball. in kai kiu khut a-no°- kia" hiie 

thit-tho ; wind a ball for the children to play 
with. in cua-ie sph ; wind up the tail of the 
kite, cek nang than cek nang in; one person 
•winds, and the other unwinds, lia in lio khut 
i than tio ; after I had wound it, he went and 
•unwound it. 

V^^ in 85 To practice a calling. 
1|.^ 1087 11 in sip ; learn by practice, in 
bu ; practice military exercises, in hi jieh coi 

th&i ? How many plays has he learned to 
perform ? in-sip bd goi ; drill as a soldier, 

in ngi ; exercise justice. 

in 40 The third of the twelve 
1100 8 branches, symbolized by a 
tiger, and connected with wood, 
in-si ; from 3 to 5 o'clock A.M. thi°-kng in, 
jit-chut bau ; from dawn to sunrise. tang-in 
kai nang ; a colleague, tang-in ci mue ; female 
friends, tang-in kai kua"; a fellow officer, in 
pin kwn ; a reception room, in ni, in gueh, in 
jit ; the third year, month, or day in the cycle 
of twelve. 

yfe>\ in 167 Lead. 

i^B 113G 6 in kuai"; lead ore. in (lo ; 

pigs of lead, in kwn; lead canisters, in hiin ; 
white lead. in ci; leaden bullets. in sia ; a 
lead comb. swn in teng ; put in a plug of 

lead. in thui ; leaden weiglats. in pit ; lead 
pencils. in poi"; lead type. cii in ; to cast 
lead. in cu loh bo ; pour the lead into the 

mold, mai" cham in ; do not mix in lead with 
it. ci kai ngun kvrn in kai ; this silver is 

adulterated with lead. 

^^p. in 36 To be leagued with ; a money 
JlL 1101 11 girdle. 

in-wn ; to give bribes ; to have secret relation- 
ships with officials ; to intrigue for office. in- 
wn khu nang min khuah cSi ; has secret rela- 
tionships with a very extensive constituency. 
i to si to ci gua in-wn ; he is always out here 
intriguing. mia"-ke in-wn cSi ; skilled in po- 
litical intrigue. ti-kp i to in-'vvn tit kau ; ho 
can bribe to any extent. 

•w/li in 85 To follow a course ; to perpo- 
iP 1085 5 tuate. 

in thii ciu-kui"; go through the districts in 
order. in 16 hu-sang ; to go along as escort, 

ci kp hong-sok siang-in si cie"-se"; the customs 
handed down here are thus. ci kia" su siang- 
in kiii peh ni to si cie°-se° cp ; this sort of 
business has been done in this way for several 
hundred years in succession. in hai cek toa 

kai ti-hng ; all along the coast. siang-iu ch6- 
go ; error crept in, in the perpetuation. 

In 22 To bind the edges of such 
822 5 things as seives and baskets, 
ci ki" chue tio pp lai in cia" boi hai ; get a strip 
of cloth and bind the brim, then it will not 
spoil, kue si" in tio o p6 loh khu ; bind the 
edge of the palm-leaf fan with black cloth. la 
ii cek khuang; have put a binding around 
the ed|^e. 




in 44 A Btorey ; a tier ; a strata. 
952 12 ci kai thah kau in ; this pagoda 
has seven storeys, cha thiap co cek in cek in ; 
lay the bundles of wood up in tiers. be-th&u 
kai cieh kih c6k in cek in ; the stones of the 
pier are laid in tiers. kheng th&h cek in c§k 
in ; the baskets are piled up in tiers. thiap 

16h u kui in ? How many tiers have you put 
in place ? lu sio th6i° cek in u jieh coi kfti ; 
count and see how many there are in one tier. 

>Pg in 367 Silver. 

)j^!\ 1101 6 in ci"; money, bullion, specie, 

silver. ci kai lia b6i ngQ-cup kili in-ci"; I 

bought this for fifty silver pieces. ci kfii 6iig 

kui kai in-ci" cia° b6i tit tieh ? What amount 

of money will be required in order to purchase 


, In 72 A halo around the sun 

J^"-* 1145 9 or moon, or vapors con- 
densing around them, gueh in; a halo around 
the moon. thoi" tieh kai In ; see the halo, 

c^k kai In ; a ring of vapor around the sun or 
moon. thau hui-hui-cng, chin-chie t<5 In; 

my head swims as if I were dazed. jit lu ; a 
haze around the sun. 

In 124 To soar ; to hover over. 
792 6 ci no ciah t(5 in kai, kai sl tl- 
tiang kai hiin-cio ; whose are the two doves 
that are circling in the air ? tQ pua°-thi° td In ; 
soaring in mid-heaven. pue to liAn-twn kp 

In ; fly upward and soar among the clouds. In 
kau khuah-khuah ; soar far and wide. 


10 — 

io 88 A fairy, fay, or hobgoblin. 
1074 4 io-kuai ; an elf. io-cia"; a 

fairy. io-cia" kui-kuai ; fays and imps. io- 
khi ; an apparition, thoi" tieh io-khi seng c&i; 
saw throngs of bogies, io-ngan ; ghost-stories, 
io-rgiak ; prodigies. i kai io huap toa ; his 

spells are forceful. chia" i lai siu io ; ask him 
to come and control the elves. tu io-kuai; 

remove the elfins. khu-tok io-sia; drive out 
the imps, cie io kia"; a mirror in which fairies 
may be seen. io-jio ; to ogle ; to try to be 



io 162 To ask ; to engage to do. 
1075 13 io ua khu thit-tho ; he asked 
me to go out for recreation with him. io lii 
co-pu lai khii ; ask you to go along with them. 
ai° io i tang khu am? Ai-e you going to ask 
liim to go too ? 

>r^ io 62 The ace in dice ; minute ; 
J^ 1075 atomic. 

io ji sa" 81 ngS lak ; the spots upon dice, puah 
tieh lak kai io ; threw six aces. io-md"; 

microscopic ; very minute. 


io 80 To cry out ; to shout. 
1075 8 io-toah ; bawl out. io tii^ ; 
call the court to order. c6 loh khu ce io fnc/, 
i cQ kia" kau td tong ; when they sat down and 
called the court to order, he was so frightened 
that he trembled. io-io toah-toah ; yelling 

and shouting. 


io 184 Hungry ; famished. 
334 2 i kai t6 io ; he is half- famished, 
io-go kiii ; a hungry imp. t<5 io, cQ kui ciah ; 
when the stomach is empty, eating is easy. 

io 146 To make an agreement ; to be 
1077 8 bound; to restrict; to seek 
for; to expostulate with ; to examine into, 
ku io put buang; do not disregard the old 
agreement. i sl Q io-khia kai sim ; he has an 
inquiring mind. io-kun ; to force a course by 
threats of consequences ; to take a stand from 
which there can be no further demur. 


io 163 An interrogative particle, im- 
610 4 plying dissent, 
cek ie" cu ke" io u n6 ie" bl ; one mess of pot- 
tage cannot have two different flavours. io ii 
koh ie° ? How can there be any different sort ? 
io u ci kai tp-li ? How can that be right ? io 
hd cio'-se"; m hd ; why should you do that ; it 
will not do. io hd kwn-thJli i cie°-se° ! Why 
should you treat him like that ! 


io 115 Rather ; slightly ; for the most 
746 7 part ; somewhat more, 
ta" io toa lio ; is now somewhat larger. io 

kui"; rather taller. chue kai io soi kai keng 
hd ; to seek out a smaller one would be better, 
ca m pat, hin-kim io pat ; formerly he did not 
understand, but now he partially understands, 
hu tiang-si e-e ai" phah i, ta" io sieh i ; she 
then frequently beat him, but now she is kin- 
der to him. 

io-thio Quiet; retiring; tran- 
1077 quil. 
se~ lai io-thio cS,i ; she is naturally very refined, 
thoi" tieh i io-io thio-thio cu hua"-hi; when 
he saw that she had a refined appearance, he 



¥i 107' 

78 To die young. 
1077 4 thoi" m cliut i hie° fo slu ; one 
would not have thought that he was to be so 
short lived. i a-pe tiang-si fo slu, cia" ciah 

sa°-caphiie; his father was short lived and 
lived but about thirty years. 

. rM > 10 151 An interrogative particle, ira- 
^VA. 346 ~3^ plying a strong negative; how 
can it be ? lia I'o ui i ? lia I'o iii kau i ? Why 
should I be afraid of him ? io ti- kan i can 

khu m cia"? How can he abscond ? lu fo kie° 
kue i, ha"? Yon are superior to him, are you ? 

'^ ^* y io 117 At last, finally, only, nothing 
^^C< 406 6 but, then. 

i 10 ill cai ; he knows nothing at all about it. 
i io pi hi jii hio; he understands it better than 
you do after all. kia"-ui i mp, khii kau io 

sim si ho ; feared he was bad, but on arriving 
found he was after all vei-y excellent. 

10 146 Important; necessary; urgent. 
1077 3 u chiet-io a bo chiet-io ? Is 
it important or unimportant. siang chiet-io ; 
of the utmost importance. io chiet-io ; more 
important. bo sim-mih chiet-io ; of no great 
importance, toa chiet-io ; of great importance. 
m io-kin ; not pressing. siang-teng io-kin cu 
Bi ci kia" su ; what is most necessary of all is 
this. u io su ; has urgent business. io sin ; 
an important letter. io Io, \o ti ; important 

roads and places, hiam-io kai ti-hng kie-co io 
khau ; very important defiles are called passes, 
io huam ; a criminal whose arrest is important. 
\o mia° kai chak; a well known and doughty 

io 149 A made up tale ; rumour ; 
1076 10 report. 
61 cin-sit kai a si io-ngan kai ? Is it true or is 
it only a rumour ? lu mai° tMa" koi-chi kai 
io-ngan ; do not listen to floating rumours. 
SI hong-io kai ue ; it is only a rumor, ai" liah 
c6 io-ngan kai nang ; will seize the one who 
made up this report. thong lo ; a childish 

tale, pii-sua" io-ngan ; spread idle tales. 

"P^^ io 64 To agitate; to disturb; to stir. 
j'pj 1075 10 io-tong ; agitate. nang sim 
io-tong ; people's hearts are stirred, hu kai ti- 
hng io-tong ; that country is disturbed. m ho 
io-tong kun sim ; do not agitate the minds of 
the soldiery. io-io pai-pai ; swaggering, 

thau kia" thau io-pai ; swaggei'ing as he walk- 
ed, cio io cuang pliien ; pass one's self off by 
swaggering and bragging. 

•nzK. io 38 Graceful ; supple ; pliant. 
?S|^ 994 8 io-io; lithe. kui" kau io-io ; 
tall and graceful. s;ing-tio sang-tio, io-io ; 

slender and very graceful. 

io 72 Luster ; bright ; to shine. 
1078 14 cie io ; dazzling, hok io ; the 
happy star's brightness. chit io ; the sun, 

moon, and five planets, cap-it io; the heavenly 
bodies, ak io ; suah io ; a baleful luster. 


io 124 Refulgence; glory. 
1078 14 iong-io ; glory. kuang c6, Xo 
illustrious ancestry and glorious clau. 

— 10 • — 

10° 64 To raise a little; to lift slightly. 

196 8 io" liara ; to turn aside the 
curtain, as in entering a door. io" phue ; to 
draw the coverlet over one. io" khui kai-au 
kiia; raise the cover of the covered cup. khut 
huang io" tio kliu ; it was whisked off by tho 
wind. io" khui leng-.siig cu si kiie ; raise the 
steamer and you find the cake. io" m khi; 

cannot raise it. io" khui theng ; tip up the 

window-sash. jvvn io", io" ra tieh ; however 

much I try to raise it, it does not come up. 

— ioh — 

ioh 85 To ripple ; to shimmer. 

707 5 ciii miu ioh-ioh-sih ; there is 
a ripple on the surface. hai miu kiia ioh-ioh- 
sih to boi, ne pe"-pe"; there is not a ripple on 
the sea, it is perfectly smooth. 

, ioh 86 To flicker, like an ignis-fatuus. 
v4* 541 13 chin-chie" kiii-hiie hie"-se°, 
ioh-ioh-sih ; flickers like a will-o-the-wisp. 
ioh-ioh-sih ceng-ceng kiii-hue ; it flickers and 
flashes all over with the light of will-o-the- 

— iok — 

iok 76 Appetite ; concupiscence. 
>|ji> 1139 7 su iok ; selfish ends. cheng 
iok ; passions. iok-hue seng ; lust is roused. 

iok sim ; a lacivious mind. kiia" iok ; weak 

desires, i ci kai pe", si sek iok thai kue ti kai; 
this disease arises from unrestrained passions, 
pii-kiii to im-iok ; the rich are very lustful, 
cph iok ; to control passion. mueh iok ; 

objects of desire. 


iok 130 To rear 
^ 1140 4 bring up 
iok-eng-tng; a foundling hospital, 
to nurture, se" Iok ; bear and rear 

to nurture ; 

lang-iok ; 



— long — 

J^^ iong 104 An ulcer ; a carbuncle. 
/a)p^ 1145 18 iong cu ; carbuncles and 
cancers, se" piie iong ; has a carbuncle on his 
back. se° thue pd se" long ; have a boil to 

save having a carbuncle. 

^J^ fong 85 Everlasting; perpetual. 
Xj^ 1149 T iong-ien ; forever, fong-kii 
boi p'l"; it will never change. fong-s\ m kio i 
tk" ue ; I will never speak to him again. 

3XM 1148 

leap for joy. 
joyous eagerness. 



To exult; to leap for joy. 
foug-iak; fong-fong iak-iak; 
long-iak khu co ; do it with 


19 Brave. 

7 fong-me"; intrepid. fongsQ; 
a brave, fong-ckng; lusty, su long ho; confer 
a military title, fong-ka"; daring, hun-fong; 
valiant. h^u^-ifong ; fond of showing off 

prowess. hueh-khi cu iong ; the fearlessness 
of youth. phah kl fong ; exhibit feats of 

strength, i si iong c&i ; he is very brave, t&i 
iong jiak khiap; resolute determination appears 
like fear. ti long sang chwii ; possesses both 
•wisdom and courage. cf kai put kue si phit 
hu cu iong ; this is only the courage of a com- 
mon man. iong-lak kuenang; surpasses 
others in prowess. rao° iong cu si cie iong- 
ckng: u kie-co kb iong; to recruit soldiers, 
is to call together the valiant and strong: some 
people call it hiring braves. 

long 82 To stop up ; to obstruct ; to 

1148 13 dam up. 
ciii 16 iong-sak khu ; the water-course is ob- 
structed. mai° iong-sak tieh l6 ; do not 
obstruct the road. nang-miieh \ong-sak kau 
m hd kia", jiet cJii ; people obstruct the way so 
that one cannot go on and there is much bustle, 
kau-lo iong-sak, tIeh cai pe thong ; the sewer 
is stopped up, and it must be raked out. 

iong 64 To shoulder one's way; to 
1149 13 crowd and push, 
nang-mueh iong-ci"; the crowd presses. bua" 
nang cek iong cie" coi"; all press forward simul- 
taneously, coi"^ u, Su iong; those going before 
halloo, and those behind crowd up. 


154 Overplus ; superfluity. 

13 cia si iong-u kai miieh ; this 
is overplus. u iong-u ci° via cii ki° bdi ; if I 

have money left I will buy it. 

iong 53 Common ; usual ; ordinary. 

1147 8 tong-iong k&i cu si lun tong- 
cia" pheng-sie° kai tp-li; ordinary books discuss 
ordinary doctrines. long-iong 16k-16k kHi 

naiig ; commonplace people. ^ong ui suah 

n&ng ; kill people by quackery. iong-long, bd 
khi; it is no rarity. 

^^ iong 86 To scheme ; to cast about ; 
S 1107 18 to get a living, 
keng-iong ; to calculate the ways and means. 
i roia"-ke keng-iong seng-li; he is a shrewd 
business man. kak nftng kak n&ng khu keng- 
iong ; each one went to reckon the means for 
himself, keng-iong ke koi ; to regulate family 
affairs. keng-iong ci'-ngiin ; to calculate how 
to get money for the purpose. cang ci le" 

seng-li iong se"; gets a living by this sort of 
business. b6 su h<5 iong se"; no way of getting 
a living, ii" c6-nl iong-ui ? What can we do r 

long 75 Glory ; splendor. 

114§ 10 iong-Io ; refulgence. long- 
kuang; glory. iong-hua pu-kui ; illustrious, 
rich and honored. b6 kwu iong jok ; regard- 
less of glory or shame. 

^iyV long 40 Countenance ; manner ; 
"l-^ 1146 7 air ; to allow, to tolerate, 
iong-m&u"; appearance. i cie"-6i pe" kau sit 

iong ; he is much changed by his late illness, 
thdi" tieh fl no iong ; he appears surly. i cie"- 
si co-ni u iu iong ? Why does he lately appear 
sorrowful ? iong via ta" ku ue ; allow me to 

speak a word. cfle-ak lang long ; his wicked- 
ness is inexcusable, m iong i cie"-se"; will not 
tolerate that iu him. i th6i° tieh fi chie iong ; 
he smiled at it. ch6ng-iong kiii jit cB ; put up 
with it for a few days. ch6ng-ch6ng iong-iong 
khua"-khua" co ; act in a forbeanng and gentle 
manner. hue iong, giieh mSu"; graceful and 
affable. b6 hie" iong-koi k&i su ; not so easy a 
matter. iong-iong koi-koi, b6i oh ; facile, not 
difficult. bo ko hd iong sin ; no place big 

enough to hold me. chien ciii iong m tit toa 
hu ; shallow waters cannot accommodate big fish. 

iong 108 Filled up ; replenished. 
1106 4 i kai cue-ak kwu long; the 
sum of his iniquities is full, iong-mua"; full. 

iong ^ To serve for hire ; 

1148 11 iong-kang ; hirelings, 
ioug-kang kai nang ; he is an hireling, 
kang t5 jit ; live by the day's work. 




IT| iong 101 What is used in contingent 
/ IJ 1149 expenses, 
long ci"; commission, or contingent expenses, 
thang iong ei" tla"-(ia"; earned only the com- 
mission, peng iong) jieh coi ci" ? How much 
is the amount, including commission ? kiia 

poili long } a commission of two dollars on the 
hundred, i si to siu iong; he is enjoying his 
possessions. i bo thang ho siu iong ; he has 

no chance to enjoy what he has. si kau-poih 
iong a si kau-ngo iong ? Is it two or five per 
cent that is taken out of the sum total, as an 
allowance to the agent ? boi ci'a hue si u lai 
giia iong ; in selling these goods there is a 
commission paid both to those they are bought 
from and to those who retail them. boi la 

tieh iong, boi ia tieh iong ; in buying there is 
a percentage paid on the value, and in selling 
there is a percentage made on the value. 

— ip — 

ip 163 A city ; a walled town. 
1096 IT sia"-ip ; cities. kun ip ; 

walled towns, kau ip ; the nine district cities, 
siu ip ; the chief district city in a prefecture. 

ip-cip Dank. 

1097 ip-ip cip-cip; close and 
damp. khah ip-cip, khia-khi lio cu se° pe"; it 
is too close and damp and one would become 
ill in living there. 

Q. ip 64 To bow with the hands joined. 

i^ 1097 9 ip-ca; cak-ip ; to bow in the 
Chinese style. ki° tieh, chim-chim chiu cu 

kio i ip-cS ; when you see him, lower your 
clasped hands and bow to him. 

— it — 

1»^^ it 61 it-tit ; to recollect ; to reflect 
>^> 1093 13 upon, hi it-tit me ? Do you 
remember it ? m it-tit khu ; have forgotten it. 
lia it-tit hu tiang-si ; I remember that time. 
lu it-lit pang sim lai ; lay it up in your mind 
and remember it. i no nang sie it tieh ; the 

two remember each other. 

it 6 The second of the ten stems. 
1096 thai it ; the primordial cause. 

. it 1 One ; the same ; an item. 

1095 toi" it ; the first. cap-it ; 

eleven. jih-it ; twenty-one. sap-it ; thirty- 
one, it ho ; the best quality. it teng ; first 
class articles, it ho kai; the best soi*t. it teng 
ho kai ; the very best kind. it ji cap ; from 

ten to twenty of them. it cap ; a single ten. 

lu it it tk" lia cai ; you tell me about them, 
item by item. co mih su k^i sim ai" own it ; 
in all transactions, singleness of mind is desira- 
ble, it ngo, it cap; honest, complete, accurate, 
i to hu ko si sio it sio ji kai n^ng ; he is one of 
the head men there. 

/^> It 9 A band of eight mummers 
1/^ 1097 6 who perform set figures at 
sacrifices, during the worship of ancestors, bii 
poih It ; to perform as mummers. bii-It seng ; 
a mummer. 


It 162 Ease ; luxury. 
__ 1097 8 Ira It; vicious indulgence, 
ci kai nS,Dg khah It ; this person is too self- 
indulgent, ngan sin m ce°, khah it ; the 
expression of his eyes is unquiet, and too 

it 200 To wave; to signal with 
261 4 the hand, 
toa ki ce it, nang cii tue i kia°; when the largo 
flag waves, the people follow on after it. chiu 
ce It, i cu lai; if you wave your hand he will 
come. it i kliu ; motion to him to go. cang 
chiu ce it ; waved his arm. 


— lU — 

Ju^L iu 9 To excel ; extra 
1^ 1110 16 about; fully, 
ku iu heng ; recommend on account of ex- 
cellence of character. iu-Iu cu-cai ; easy and 
unconcerned. iu kbng-seng ; head graduate, 
chiang iu cau cut kai a,u-i bo hong ; the de- 
scendants of prostitutes, of mountebanks and of 
menials in the yamun, cannot rise to eminence, 
i lai kau eng iu loi siang thai ; when he arrives 
treat him with moi'e than common courtesy, 
hun-piet iu luat ; distinguish between fitness 
and unfitness. hak heng kiam iu ; in both 

learning and deportment he stands well. 

iu 61 Grieved; sorrowful; to mourn. 
1109 11 iu-bun ; sad. iu-cho ; sorrow- 
ful, kau cim bo iu ; you can go to sleep 
without anxiety. i si teng pe-iu tng-khu ; he 
has gone back on account of being in mourn- 
ing for his father. teng iu to cia ; mourning 
in retirement, i pai miig-khi me°-am teng iu; 
they mourn every morning and evening. 

"-fc^ iw. 29 A male friend ; an associate. 
A^ 1113 2 pheng-iu ; male friends. h(5 
pheng-iu ; ho iu ; good friends. ku iu ; old 

friend, kau iu ; companions. iah lu ; helpful 
friends sim si iu-ai ; is very fraternal. cia 
nek pheng-iu ; boon companions. cu si tang 



theng ph^ng-in ; fellow Btndents, studying by 
the same window. i k^i pheng-fa chSng h6 ; 
his disposition is very friendly. ciu jit to si 
sa" phSng fi\ I'u mua"-<i-ko khu ; all day they 
go about together in close conipanionship. 
kau phfcng chii ia ; chums. 


iu. 164 The tenth of the twelve bran- 
1114 che.s, represented by the cock, 
iu-si ; from 5 to 7 o'clock p.m. c1c° teng ia ; 

early candle-light. tui ia. n! cu pwt kong ; in 
the tenth year of the cycle of twelve, he be- 
came a graduate. 

^ in 149 To allure; to entice. 

P^ 1114 7 fu-hok i klm c6 ak; entice 
him into wickedness. mai" fu-hok nftng ; do 
not tempt people to do wrong. khut i fn-fu 

khu ; led astray by him. lu co-nl iu-phien i ? 
Why did you delude him ? 

yf-t fii 74 To have ; to be ; it is so. 
T-3 1113 2 fu-han ; I'u bin ; a limited 
amount. chun lu-liin ; have but little left. 

6a thoi" li iu-hSn ; I consider that the amount 
is very small. lu khu ki° kna", i ft-sl ham 16 
kai mla° lu cQ in ta° " iu"; when you go before 
a magistrate, if your name ia called you reply 
" Here". 

l+l iu 102 Through ; by ; a way, means, 
i  i 1111 ~1~ or cause ; to permit. 
Wn-Iu; the means by which it came about, 
miig i kai wn-iu ; inquire into the occasion for 
its being so. lii cai i kai hii iu me ? Do you 
know how it came about ? iu lai si cie°-se°; 
that was the way it came to pass. mih su ka- 
kl tit cu iu ; he can manage everything for 
himself, iu ci-kp jip kliii ; enter through here, 
iu i khu CO, mai" kliii kvvn i ; let him go and 
do it, and do not exercise any control over 
him. iu lu ; as you please. bvvn su iu thi°, 
put iu n&ng ; all things are as heaven pleases, 
not as man pleases. lu iu ti-kp hu ? Where 

did you come from ? to si iu lia ken^ chi'u ; 
all goes through ray hands. i iu ti-ko khu ? 
Which way did he go ? i iu cf tio lo kbu, a iu 
hu tio lo khu ? Did he go by this road or by 
that one ? iu lia ka-kl ; of myself, iu ti-tiang 
tit tieh ? Through whom did he obtaiu it ? 

XS^ iu 94 Doubtful ; rather ; somewhat. 
^ti 1112 "9 cie''-se" iu ho, i si hie"-se°; this 
is tolerably good, but his is not thus made. 
Su-u put kwt; undecided in all he does. 

V^tfl ^^ ?5 ^'^ 5 ^^ *^'' » ^° paint ; oily. 
iPJ 1111 5 tau-iu ; peanut oil. tfi-iu;teft 
oil. th&ng-Iu ; paint oil. ta-ma iu ; tar. 

phang kiie 16ng-hie" iu ; more fragrant than oil 
of bergamot. bun-kui iu ; attar of roses, gu- 
ni iu ; butter. mua"-iu ; oil made from hemp 
seed. phang !n ; fragrant oils. p<?-hp iu ; 
peppermint oil. si iu ; soy, a sauce like Wor- 
cestershire, sia iu ; castor oil. khah siap, 
buab iu, buah i kut c6 ; if there is friction, rub 
on some oil, and make it smoother. koih tio 
iu ; press out the oil. ju tieh iu ; daubed it 

with grease. mak tieh iu ; got a grease-spot 
on it. m h<5 tih tieh iu ; do not let the oil 

drop on it. iu sim ; a lamp wick, iu cua"; an 
oil cup. chii Iu h(5 a hue ; have you put in the 
oil yet ? hue in; kerosine oil. ngun-cu Iu; red 
paint, th&ng-iu-hue ; putty. ai° iu pch a ai" 
iu lilm? Do you want it painted white or blue ? 
khu hkm iu-chak kai sai-pe lai ; go and call a 
painter, chfu lu-iu n6, tieh 6ng t6-cf-kho cia° 
86i tit khu ; my hands are very greasy, I must 
use tea seed cake and then I can wash them 
clean, mla se' lu ; his face is oily, lu mai" t<5 
iu ciii; you need not be palavering around me. 

lu 85 To idle about; to enjoy one's 
1112 9 self idly, 
iu iu khuai-lak ; blissful ease. m-h6 ta-chfa 
hau" 6i"; do not idle around. 

In 104 A wen ; a swelling. 
_ 1110 4 ci khi lu si liu, si kie-c6 la; 
this is not a tumor, it is called a wen. 

iu 162 To roam ; to ramble ; to 

, 1112 ~9~ saunter. 

iu-leh kak se°; wandered through every pro- 
vince, lu-ngwn; to ramble, iu ceng; itinerant 
priests. iSu-ia chut iu ; the gods go out for 
an airing. chut gua iu oh ; travel for infor- 
mation, kio pheng-iu kau-Iu ; saunter about 
with friends. kau-iu mua°-thi"-e, sie cai bo 
cek nang; friendly with all, and acquainted 
with none. i seng co iu-khek, nang ceng-c6 
iu-hii ; when he becomes a traveller on the 
circuit, he is called a lieutenant-colonel. 

iu 31 A park or paddock for rear- 
, , 1115 ^ ing animals ; a walled gar- 
den; to inclose; to pen up; to restrain ; limited, 
iu i hong-sok ; hampered by custom. sni si 
kun-c6 kai nang ia tp-to iu i hong-sok ; al- 
though he is a man of culture, yet he is bound 
down by vulgar usages, sip-sok in nang, hSen 
cia put mien ; custom restrains people, and the 
learned are not free from its bonds. wn-iu ; 
parks. hng-Iu ; gardens. 




-f^ ia 80 The right hand. 
^l| 1116 2 co-loh ill poi"; sit on the 
right hand side, to iu chiu poi"; on the right, 
iu-si-iing; the junior vice-president. Ia p6i°; 
on tiie right, hun-hu c(5 lu kfii n^ng ; ordered 
his supporters. rn li co lu ; never leaves his 
side, iu ia"; in poi" kai ia"; his right hand 
supporter. c6 iu lin ; neighbours on the right 
and left. 


iu 154 Bribes; advantages afforded. 

263 "e" cieh nmg i u siu iu a bo ; 
politely enquire of him whether he has received 
a douceur or not. i ce siu i kai iu cu ta" i kai 
tie ; if he receives his present, he speaks in his 
favour, eng ci"-ngun kbu iu-lu i ; took money 
and w^ent and bribed him. cok thoh iu-lu ; get a 
thing thi'ough by means of bribes, i si cheng- 
liam kai kua", bo siu nang kai iu; he is a clean 
handed magistrate and does not accept bribes. 

*/^ iu 40 Be lenient towards ; excuse ; 
/^ 1115 6 forbear with, 
khwn-iu i ; excuse him. khwn-iu i kai cue ; 

be indulgent toward his offense. khiu i sia- 
iu ; beg him to remit punishment. 

A-rT in 9 To aid ; to help; to protect. 
fh* 1115 5 po-iu ; pi-iu ; to protect, sin- 
m^ng pi-iu ; the gods protect us. 


iu 75 The puraelo ; the shaddock. 
1116 6 iu nek ; the pulp of the 
pumelo. ang iu, peh Iu ; red pumeloes and 

white pumeloes. ciah no phien Iu ; ate two 

sections of a pumelo. Iu phue lang ; a basket 
made from the rind of a pumelo. 

^>1 Iu 29 Moreover; furthermore; and 
y<^ 1114 then ; while. 
no°-kia° phah phong-phie, iu hau", iu iii ; when 
children fire off fire-crackers, they like to do 
it and still are afraid to do it, me" lio iu 

phah, phah lio iu-me"; he alternately beats and 
scolds her. Iu kue lio cek jit lio ; another day 
has gone by. tit lio iu sit ; gained and then 
lost it. mng kue iu mfig ; inquired again and 
again. cia lu lai lio ! There it is again ! iu 
ai" chut nang; wants to go out again, iu chin, 
Iu loh ho, lu thau huang ; it is at once cold, 
rainy, and windy. iu ai" ciah iu ai" cheng ; 

■wants both food and clothing. Iu ti su, iu u 
nang-kheh lai, iu u nang lai chia" khu ta" 
chiet-io ue ; had business on hand, when com- 
pany came, and then some one came to get me 
to go and talk over an important matter, cie" 
i iu m-ho, hie" i iu m-hd, m cai co-ni h(5 ; this 

does not suit him, and that does not suit him, 
and I don't know what does suit him. ia 

ai" be bo phau, iu ai° be m ciah chau ; he wants 
a horse that can run very fast, and at the same 
time eats no hay. 

iu" 120 Fine; delicate. 
/|>|1| 790 5 iu" tiu p6 ; fine grass-cloth. 
hi" cho kai a cii" iu" kai ? Do you want the 
coarse or the fine ? i kai mo" iu"-ia"; its fur 
is very fine. ci khi khah iu"; this sort is too 
fine. CO kau iu°-s6i cSi ; made very carefully, 
i kai nek iu"-ji iu°-jl ; its flesh is very delicate, 
min phue ce poh, thoi" tieh cu io iu"-ji ; when 
the skin is thin the complexion appears more 


iu" 52 Young ; immature ; of tender 
1116 2 age. 
iu" hak ; young pupils. ham ke iSu iu" long- 
long lai ; the whole family, old and young, all 
came, ciang iu"; the eldest and the youngest, 
iu" thong ; a young lad. iu" nng ; a young 

girl. iu" ni ; in childhood. iu" soi ; small' 
and young. iu" cii ; a young monarch, hwn- 
li'o io iu"-ni ; he is still rather immature. ia°- 
ci"; not fully grown. 

— jeng — 

Jtltt i^^S ? ^m\ ; as ever ; as before. 

\/J 291 2 jeng ku khia-khi to hu ko ; 
lives where he used to. jeng-kii si cie"-se"; 

the same as it was before. si ai" leng-ua" a si 
ai" jeng-ku ? Do you want another sort or the 
same as that you had before ? 

_5^ jgng 30 Another ; besides ; apart ; by 
Z7J 546 2 itself. 

jeng jit cia" lai ; came another day. jeng u ke 
cek nang; there is another person besides, 
put leng bo jeng ta"; cannot repeat it. j^ng 

poi" cek hu loi-mueh khu sang hu-kai ; prepare 
a separate set of presents and go and present 
them to him. 


— ji — 

ji 10 A child ; an infant. 
720 6 i bo kia" bo ji ; she is childless, 
lam-ji ; a son. nng-ji ; a daughter. sio-ji ; a 
young child. ji sun mua" tng ; a houseful of 
children. hSi-ji ; an infant, lam-ji kai ci-khi; 
a boy's resolves. cia si ang hSi-ji ; this is a 

young repi'obate. lu mai" thoi" co ji hi ; you 
need not look upon this as child's play. kia"» 
ji coi ; has many children. ji-sai ; ji-hu ; a 




J^ j! 41 Public cliambers, or halls. 

*4 ^«^7 8 ara-ji; monasteries, ain-kwn 
ji-i"; raonasteries and their attachments. tai-U 
jl-khcng ; Court of Appeals. thai-p6k-ji cia°- 
kheng ; the chief judge in the Court of Ap- 
peals, jl l"; fanes and temples. 

"~~* ji 7 Second ; two ; twain ; duplicate. 
 ' * 721 pai-ji ; Tuesday. jl gueh cSp- 
ji a jih-jl ? Is it the twelfth or the twenty- 
second day of the second month ? kfa°-jit 
81 chiu-ji ; to-day is the second of the month, 
i si tCi" ji kai ; he is the second. i ki" jl- 
cap "gun, lia li hai" i cap-ji ; he wanted 
twenty dollars and I gave him twelve. b6 
ji ku ; no two words about it. it Ifti si thoi"- 
ki" i ksli rain-hun, jl lai si th6i°-ki° lii k&i 
rain-hun ; I first consider his interests, and 
next yours. thftu chu si i Itli, jl chu el lu 
lai, ci chu jl-ke co-pii lai ; the first time it 
was he who came, the next time it was you 
who came, and this time you have both come 
together. ji ke pe'-pe" hua°-ii/; both parties 
are equally pleased. jl hue lia lu it-tit ; the 
second time I forgot it. ji ke° a bQe ? Is it 
the second watch yet ? ji ch6ng hfang Ho ; 
the gun which announces the second watch 
has already sounded. cfa sng si ji-tang hue ; 
this may be reckoned as second-hand goods. 
i si td tng jl-ia° a si tng sam-ia"? Is he the ser- 
vant of an officer, or the servant of an officer's 
servant ? ni'n ji lii chi'a" co ; you, who occupy 
the second rank, please be seated. ji nang ; 
the wife next in rank to the chief wife. chQa 
kaiji-pSng; chii kai ji-pfing ; take a second 
wife. ni'n si toa pang a si ji pang? Are j'ou 
the chief or the second wife ? ua si seng i kai 
ji pua°; I buy from his wholesale stock. i si 
CO Via kai ji chi'u ; he is my first assistant. lu 
ki" thau ho a ji liO kai ? Do you want the best 
or the second best ? 

^^ ji 89 A letter. 

~J 1032 8 cek kjli ji; one letter. cSk ciie 
jl ; a column of characters. cek tie" ji ; a 

written sheet. ji-b<5 ; the radicals, sim-mih ji 
p6i°, sim-mih ji thau, sim-mih ji e? What is 
the radical at the side, at the top, and at the 
bottom ? sit ji, did ji, twn ji ; three methods 
of writing, the square character, the running 
hand, and the seal character. ji-ti'en ; a dic- 
tionary, si uah ji a si si ji ? Is it a noun or a 
verb ? Is it movable or fixed type ? hu ji, sit ji; 
characters which represent other words than 
nouns, and those which represent objects. jl 
ngfin ; a set phrase. ji ueh ; the strokes in a 
letter. ji im ; the sound of a letter. ji ngi ; 

meaning of a letter. tah jl ; a letter pasted 

on. khek ji ; an engraved letter. nin jl ; to 
write, kia ji ; to send a note. chau ji ; copy 
letters. bie ji ; trace letters through thin 

paper. jl ho ; the label. u hue ji a bo ? Is 
there an answer to be returned per bearer ? 
bo hue ji ; no answer. ii hue ji ; an answer is 
to be returned. 

jl 184 To bait; an allurement. 
720 6 hi' t\e° cia hu tieh cang slra« 
mueh lai c6 jl ? What should be used for bait 
in catching this fish ? i cu lai clah jl ; he takes 
the bait. khieh ngfln khu ji i ; allure him 

with silver ; catch him with a silver hook. jl 
th<5i" i ai' m6 ; see if you can tempt him with 

tt-j* jl-cak 180 The elbow. 
/J J 49 8 i sai ji-cak khii khSi' i; 
he gave him a punch with his elbow, phah jl- 
cak ; to elbow. i phah-^n mia".ke 6ng jl-cak ; 
in playing shuttle-cock, he uses his elbow with 
great skill. 

jl 180 Delicate ; soft ; fine ; exact. 
631 12 iu"-jl ; fine and delicate, 
mong tieh iu°-jl cfti ; it feels very soft and fine, 
lia th6i" i kai n6k fo ^u°-jl, i kai nSk io cho ; it 
appears to me that her complexion is the more 
delicate, and hers the more coarse. cf le" hti 
k&i nfik slang iu°-ji ; the flesh of this fish is 
very delicate. s6i-ji ; finical. i mih su s6i-jl 
cSi ; he is very fastidious about everything, i 
kai la" Qe sbi-sbi ji-jl, ch<&^n bo theng ta"; his 
mode of speech is very precise, and he says 
nothing carelessly. 


•■ jT^ j^a 61 To incite ; to bring on ; to 
"AlT* 293 9 elicit; to irritate, 
lu raai" to jia htla ; do not bring evil upon your- 
self, jia htie lai sie sin ; start a fire to burn 
one's self, in-jia kau ua su-sle" m hiah ; makes 
me think of it incessantly. i m ji'a si hui ; he 
does not provoke discussion. ii hue cti I'n-jia 
boi-iah ; flowers attract the butterflies. mai° 
fn-jia i khau ; do not make him cry. jia kau 
lia se" khi ; made me angry. lu si to jta su ; 
you are creating a disturbance. 

— jiBk — 

"Hj3 jiak 67 Frail ; pliant ; feeble ; tender. 
^^ 295 7 nng-jiak; weak, khun-jiak ; 
infirm. nng-nng jiak-jlak ; very feeble, sin- 
thoi s6-jiak ; he is very thin, ci kai jiu- 
jiak ; this person is very pliable. nd-jiak ; 



pliant. b6 iQu khiang jiak ; without regard 

to strength or weakness. i kai kli\-th6i jiak ; 
he is of a feeble constitution. hneh-khi hu- 
jiak, tieh cai p6-iang ; his blood is thin, and he 
must be well fed. sue-jiak ; decrepid. jiak 
pang ; the weaker party. 

Zy^ jiak 140 If ; should it be ; supposing ; 
^I) 296 "5~ Biniilar to. 
ju-jiak ai" lai tieh soi" ta"; if you are coming 
you must say so beforehand. ci kai put jiak 
hu kai ngi'a ; this is not like that in regard to 
its beauty, thang-jiak m si, co-nl ? If it is not 
BO, what then ? jiak si cie"-se° ua cu mai"; if 
that is the case, I shall not want it. klui jiak 
cle"-se° ho? How can that be suitable? jiak 
lun mong nang i cU co tit lai ; if you talk about 
a person he is apt to come. jiak ta" m-h6 cu 
m-ai°; should he say anything against it, then 
do not take it. 

— jiam — 

"Vi^ ji'am 75 To dye ; to tint ; to tinge. 
^^t^ 286 6 ai" jiam tl cek sek ? What 
color do you want it to be dyed ? bo khu tiam 
j^am i ; do not get this tinged by that. jiam 
hng ; a dyer's establishment. jiam cng-kah ; 
tint the finger nails. put kiie tiam jiam ce ; 

only the finishing touches. 

A large serpent found in 
southern China, described as 
fifty feet long ; it can seize deer for food ; it 
has long teeth and a bright variegated skin, 
which is used for covering guitars. jiam cua 
ta°; the gall of the large serpent, reputed to be 
useful iu curing consumption. 

— Jiang — 

%^^ ji'ai^g 115 To fast and pray, as Taouists 
iJ^ 290 TT do, in order to avert calamity. 
Jiang tu hiSa-iang ; avert calamity by prayer 
and fasting. i cu pat jiang che" kai huap ; he 
understands the manner of intercession with 
one's natal star. 

jiang 30 To cry aloud ; to bawl j to 

291 17 vociferate. 
i 111 ka° jiang ; he dare not cry out. j^f^^ig m 
hiah ; scolds incessantly. kia" kau boi jiang ; 
BO frightened that I could not scream. j^aug 
kau au bo sia"; screeched till hoarse, ai" jiang 
li jiang m chut ; wanted to scream but could 
make no sound. lu thia" ua ta", mai" co lu 

li-kwn jiang ; listen to what I am saying and 
do not give yourself up to screaming, i jiang 
mih su ? What is he bawling about ? i jiang 

XtX 285 6 

id thia"; he is crying out because he has a pain 
in his stomach. j'ang hi" thia"; crying with 
ear-ache, kim-cf suang-jiang ; forbid all voci- 
feration. bQe ceng tia" tieh i cu jiang ; before 
he was touched he began to shriek. thak to 
m thak hp-ho, co-ni tho-jiang ? When you are 
reading, why do you not read nicely and not 
yell ? i sa° ke" pua° me" li(5-li(5 si-si th6-jiang ; 
in the middle of the night, when he is just as 
well as usual, he shrieks out. kia" kau he- 

he-kie, jvvn jiang ; so scared that he screamed 

jiang 149 To reprove; to recriminate. 
291 17 lu hd jiang i ; you will 
do well to reprove him. i khut lia jiang lio 

bo lie ho in ; when I reproved him, he had 
nothing to say in reply. ua khut i jiang si ; 
she blamed me severely, i cai cue lio, ta° jiang 
ce cii ho ; he is aware of his fault, now it is 
enough to merely reprove him. cek kia" su cii 
jiang m hau" hiah ; whenever anything hap- 
pens, he finds fault most persistently, cie" miig 
khu jiang i ; go to the door and reproach him. 

jiang 149 To cede ; to give way to ; 
291 17 to show respect to others, 
lu ho jiang i ; you should give place to him. 
hia"-ti tieh hd sie jiang, iTi hd sie ce"; brethren 
should waive their rights in favour of each 
other, and should not be at variance. jiang 

kai ui khut i co ; give up your seat to him. 
jiang tio lo kliut i kiie ; give place for him to 
pass you on the road. mhi" t<5 sie jiang ; do 

not stand and wait each for the other to take 


jie 44 Urine. 

632 4 pting jie ; to urinate, jie-pau ; 
the bladder, jie lo-lo, m cheng; turbid urine, 
boi pang jie ; retention of urine, chua jie ; jid 
chua cek min-chng ; to wet the bed. 

— jleh — 

jieh 62 An interrogation ; how ; very 

333 9 many, 
kau hu kp jieh hng ? How far is it there ? Id 
ai" jieh toa kai ? How large an one do yoii 
want ? thiim thoi" u jieh chim ; probe it and 
see how deep it is. nie thoi" jieh khuah ; 

measure it and see how wide it is. i jieh coi 
hiae ? How old is he ? ra cai i jieh coi hiie ; do 
not know how old he is. i u jieh coi kSi kia"? 
How many children has she ? boi kau ta" il 
jieh kii lio ? How long ago did you buy it ? i 
to siu u jieh coi ci" to kd, cp-ni m hau" hSi' 



lia? He is all the time taking in ever so much 
money, so why will he not pay me ? f -keng 
lai jieh kii lio hwn-lio ta" m pat to khu ; came 
ever so long ago and is still unable to talk, 
lia b6 jieh coi ; 1 have no great number, teng 
th6i° jieh tSng; weigh it and see how heavy it is. 

— jien — 
AH^ jien 80 An adverbial particle, im- 
^\\ 285 8 plying it is so. 
cu.jien ; of course ; naturally ; certainly. cfi-cH 
jien-jien ; just so ; to be sure. kua"-jien ; 

really ; truly. cQ jien jii jion ; self-existent ; 

underived ; it comes of itself, cp lai cu-jieu 
cSi ; it is made so as to look very natural, 
hut-jion cu b6 khu ; suddenly disappeared. c6. 

J "ten cu lai ; came abruptly or unexpectedly, of 
:ai su lia thoi" tieh bue jion ; I look upon this 
as still uncertain. i kai iie to m jien li ; 

what he says is very improbable, put khi-jion 
jii-j^en ; it came quite unexpectedly. ci kla" 
6U i cio^-se" til" lu thoi" jien a m jien ? Do you 
consider what he says about this probable or 
improbable ? i ka i jion-Su cia" 6i ; after she 
has taught him he will be able, sp-f-jien k&i 
tp-li ; a necessary doctrine. i thang-jion cii 

khu; he went understandingly. peh kaug b6 
jion ; without any apparent reason for it. 

^r-^ jieu 180 Resembling; like. 
' 1^ 795 ~8~ i se° lai jien i a bd, i7i jien i 
a pe ; he looks like his mother, not like his 
father. hu k^i ta-po kui cu jien i a pe ; the 

boy is like his father. no kai se° lui jien c&i ; 
the two look much alike. lu thdi" ue lai jien 
me ? Do you think the portrait good ? lia 

thoi" li jien ; I think the likeness good. cia 

ue lai cng kai m jien ; this drawing bears no 
resemblance to the original, i kai khwn jien- 
jien i a-kong ; his looks and ways are just like 
his grandfather's. ne jien-jien ; an exact 


— jiet — 

ZNJL jiet 86 Heat ; fever ; warm ; ardent. 
j%\\ 293 11 jiet c5i ; feverish; restless. 
thi°-si iam-jiet ; the weather is very hot. sxi- 
jiet ksii si-hau ; in the hot season. hu kp lau- 
jiet ; there is much bustle there. lau-lau jiet- 
jiet kai si-hau ; in times of great excitement 
and activity. hu kai tl-hng sim si jiet-lau ; 

that place is one where there is a great deal 
going on. lau-lau jiet-jiet, boi ko-cio ; many 
people coming and going, and no quietude. 
mai° kiia" nang to lau-jiet; do not mix yourself 
up in their affairs, i no nang sim si chin-jiet ; 
the two are ardently attached to each other, i 
6i hwt jiet a boi ? Does he have fever ? ' oak 


sie-jiet; has a fever, hwn-lfo ii jiet-klu; there is 
still warmth in it. huang-ld Ip jiet; the earthen 
stove is heated. tieh mc°-ine° ciah i jiet tho ; 
must quickly take something to reduce the 
fever. lia mong tieh i kai chi'u-toi 6i jiet ; I 
find his hands very hot in the palm. chaa- 
jiot kai much, in-hd ciah ; do not eat what is 
heating, i kui tng thia", to jiet ; he has pain 
and iuflammation in his bowels. 

jih 64 To urge one to accept. 
1068 8 jih kau nu-png-kua ka-Uuh; 
press a gift upon one, till the cover of the 
basket falls off. jih i siu, i to ui kheng siu ; 
urged him to accept it, but he would not. Id 
mfn-cng cai-sa" jih, ua T-kong siu Ho; yoti 
need not urge rae again and again to accept 
some, I have already accepted some. 

jih 64 To press upon with the hand. 

622 6 jih kin ; press it tightly. jih 
ill Iph ; I cannot press it in. jih i jip khu ; 

press it in. lu kSi ch{u cai jili, mai" pun 

huang chue cdu ; press your hand upon it, and 
do not let the wind blow it away, chi'u jih t5 
i thilu-khak ; pressed his hand upon his head, 
i kai sim-kua'-thau jih tieh pok-pok kio ; when 
you lay your hand on his chest you can feel it 
throb. jih Iph ce ; press it down a little, m- 
hd jih khuh tliiara ; do not press it too hard, 
jih cii ; stop it by pressing tho hand upon it. 

Il» jih 24 Twenty ; a score. 

I I 300 1 jih gua nang ; more than a 
score of people. lu tang jih sun cia° lai ; wait 
till the last ten days of the month, then come. ngo kai pang-bd; about the twenty-fourth 
or twenty-tifth of the month, jih gua hiie lio ; 
over twenty years old. 

— jfra — 
JjJ ji'ra 61 Fortitude ; patience ; to bear 
i|JU> 287 3 with; to repress; to give way to. 
jim-nJii ; endure, khak-kho jira-nai ; to persis- 
tently bear up under. jim-se°; patient, jim 
kill thun sia°; I'estrain auger, by not speaking, 
e jim bo ngan; silently endure. jim m cii; 
unendurable. jim sim hai li; harshly violate 
propriety. i kai sim chang-jim cSi ; his spirit 
is undisciplined. jim jok pp chiu ; bear the 
disgrace in order to avenge it. lu tieh oi kien 
jim ; you have unflinching fortitude. i mia°- 
ke jim cai ; he exercised admirable patience, 
ci'a si i cia° 6i jim ; this what she has to put 
up with. pat nang jim m khu ; other people 
would not bear it. jim-khi se" chai ; patience 
begets riches. 



J^k ]ini 83 Tlie ninth of the ten stems ; 

I ^ 287 1 it belongs to water, 
luk jiin kai cu ; a book of raagic. i mia°-ke 

thoi" l&k-jitn ; he is expert in the study of 

Jrf^ jim 9 To sustain ; to trust; a duty; 
JZE 289 4 to undertake, 
cia si i kai ceh-jlm ; this is a duty belong- 
ing to his post. i bo ceh bp iirn ; he has no 
responsibilities. kua tieh tang jira ; bears a 
heavy responsibility. ci kai ceh-jirn toa ; this 
is a weighty responsibility. i to jim lia kai 
BU ; he bears the responsibility in this affair of 
mine. ua sin-jIm i ; I confide in hira. jina i ; 
entrust the matter to hira. lu m ho jim i 
theng op ; you should not trust to his careless 
management. jim-pheng lu co-ni ta", lia to m 
thia"; whatever you say, I shall not heed it. i 
CO su khah jim se" ; he gives way to his temper 
too much. chai-cheng m seng jim ; his abili- 
ties do not fit him for the post, jim phah to 
m hi ; he is not frightened at being beaten. 

/tYI jim 9 To hold office ; an incumbent. 
I -1a 289 4 hu jim ; to repair to one's post, 
tiang-si cie" jim ? When does he enter upon 
the duties of his office ? lai cih i kai jim ; 

comes and takes the seals of his office. sin 

jim kua° ; the new incumbent. hin jim to cp 
sim-raueh? What is the present incumbent 
doing ? coi" jim si ti-tiang ? Who was the 

former incumbent ? cie" jim si se° mih kai ? 
What was the surname of the previous incum- 
bent ? ci jim kua" ho me ? Is the present 
magistrate a good one ? i khu cih sin jim ; 
he has gone to take the seals of a new office, ce 
kau jim, cu li-kwn li su ; as soon as he arrived 
at his post he devoted himself to the transac- 
tion of business. sia jim au kau ta" jieh kii ? 
How long is it since he resigned his office? 
u jim-.sp ; has a position. ii jim a bo ? Has 
he any office ? keh ceh, lau jim ; to degrade, 
and yet retain in office, phang tai-ke khu lau 
jim ; get a remonstrance from the people 
against his going out of office. 

— jin — 

Ajin 9 The human race ; man ; man- 
286 kind ; personal ; human, 
hu-jin nang ; women. long jin ; farmers, 

lam-jin, nng-jin ; men and women, kang jin ; 
workmen. huara jin ; criminals, sok jin ; 

common people, ie" jin ; foreigners, jin-min ; 
the people, jin chin ; the nobility, huam cue 
kai nang kie-cp cue jin ; those who sin, are 
called sinners. h^ kai n^ng kie-cp sien jin ; 

the good are called the righteous, cun hu-j!n ; 
your wife. t5i-jin; the great man ; exalted sir. 
slo jin ; the rude, the unlearued. seng jin Ho ; 
he is of age. hu-jiu kai pin-khip si hu-jin, sok 
jin, kiong-jin, ngi-jin, ang-jin, ju-jin, lak khi ; 
the titles given to women are six, depending on 
the rank of the husband, whether he be of the 
first, second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth rank, 
chia-jin ; tek-jin ; an enemy. un jin ; toa un 
jin ; a benefactor. ui jin-kun kai nang ; the 
Emperor. ui jin-cii tieh kia^-hau pe-bp ; the 
crown-prince even must obey his parents, kia" 
iii in seng jin ; fear he is not going to be much 
of a man. se" lai cii si kai miii" jin ; is a well- 
made man. .siang jin ; the head of the house, 
jin-mueh ; folk, koh ie" kai nang kie-cp i jin ; 
people who are unlike other people are called 
queer, seng jin put cu-eSi, cu-cai put seng jin; 
successful people are not those who live at ease, 
and those who live at ease are not successful. 

A—^ jin 9 Charity ; humanity ; benevol- 
I — * 287 2 ence ; humane; a kernel, a pit, 
a small seed. 

jin-ngi ; just. i si kia° jin-tek kai n4ng ; he 

is one who acts with regard to the welfare of 
others. i kfii sira jin-chu ; he is tender- 

hearted, i sim si jin-ai peh-se"; he is very 

regardful of the weal of the people. ci kai 

nang put jin ; this person has no regard for 
others. i bp jin bp ngi ; he has no sense of 

justice. heng- jin ; almonds. ti-tau jin ; the 
meat of peanuts. kue-ci jin ; the pit of 

fruits. raak-ciu jin ; the eyeball. thong jiu ; 
the pupil of the eye. i"-bi-jin ; maize. 

"^^ jin 149 To confess ; to recognize. 
|:t>Ui> 289 7 in jin, phah kau i jin ; if he 

will not own up to it, beat him till he does, i 
m kheng jin ciie ; he will not confess his sin. 
i jin cue lio ; he has already confessed his fault, 
jin m chut; does not recognize it. jin m pat td 
khu ; m pat to jin ; have no mark by which to 
know it. lia jin tieh i ; I recognized it. khut 
lia jin tieh ; it was recognized by me. chia° 

nang lai tam jin ; ask some one to spy out 
whether it is the same one. i keh-piet kii, jin 
m pat to khu ; they have been long separated, 
and do not recognize each other. i ra jin lia; 
he does not recognize me. i si Itli mSu" jiu 

kai ; he has come to lay claim to it, on the 
ground of recognizng it as his own. i m seng 
jin ; he did not feel wholly sure that it was the 
same one. jin m cheng-chp ; not certain that 
it was the same one. i ang cia sie jin ; the 

husband and wife recognized each other, jin- 
cin ; scrupulous. i cp su jin cin ; he acts with 
scrupulous regard to truth. 



jKSL ji'o 64 To give or bring trouble to j 
4^^, 292 16 to embarrass, 
mai" kio-jxo tieh iiang ; do not discommode 
people, i cong-kii lai to kfo- j/o ; he is always 
bothering us. cia sX td j/o-liAi tl-hiig ; this is 
rendering the country unsafe. thi-"e jio-lwn ; 
a state of disturbance everywhere. i c6-ni ai" 
lai ii°-jio lu ? Why should he come and harass 
yon ? da, Itli jio-htln Iti ; I am putting you to 
trouble. u ji'o u ji'o ; a deal of bother, su c5, 
cfa khah kiie ji'o ; 1 beg pardon, I am putting, 
you to too much trouble, sim ce jio tieh ke-bQ 
cQ m cc"; as soon as one's mind is disturbed by 
domestic matters, he is not trauquil. 

riT jio 87 Claws ; talons. 
/ l\ 34 1)6° jfo; tigers' claws, sin ng6 
jio Ifmg; embroider a five clawed dragon, 
ci ie" hue si eng-jio k&i ; this flower is the 
" hawk's claw." i kfti ji'o 1(5 jio th6 ; he is 

sciatcliiiig up the ground with his claws, 
khut i kai jfo jio lieh ; was scratched by its 
claws. Ciig i CO j\o-ge; use him as a cat's paw. 

>^K ji'o 162 To environ ; to compass. 
7^ 2J)2 12 fii-jio ; to environ. ti"-jfo, 
to compass about ; to cord up. 

jio 120 Crape. 

962 10 jio-se ; crape, u jio ; camlet, 
i pak cek nfa jio-se kun ; she had on a red 
crape skirt, cheng cek kia" Iftm jio koih hiu"; 
wore a blue crape sleeveless jacket, unwadded. 
so jio ; plain crape, kng jio ; Cantonese crape, 
ciang jio ; Amoy crape. sua" jio ; rep-crape, 
kek jio ; rough crape. lii kai lam jio ki" eng 
sira-mih hue-chau kai? What sort of flowers 
do you want in your blue crape ? 

ijrfr 3^° ^ "^^ claw; to scratch with 
*P|V 32 4 the nails, 
jio kau i kui min ku-a leh ; scratched him so 
that his face has several deep scratches on it. 
jio kau hueh lau hueh tih ; scratched him so 
that the blood ran. ce jio phua phfle hueh 

cu l&u ; if you scratch through the skin, the 
blood will start out. si ngio jio tieh a si kau 
jio tieh ? Were you scratched by the cat or 
by the dog ? khut i kai ji'o jio tieh ; was 

scratched by his claws, jio kau ku-a kai ciig- 
kah hun ; scratched so as to leave several 
marks of the finger nails. 

^it jio 107 Crumpled; creased; wrinkled. 
yUt^ 962 10 khut i te" kau jio-jio ; he has 
squeezed it till it is all crumpled up. raai" 

chip jio ; do not press it into creases. co lio 

jio-jio ; rumpled it by sitting on it. n6a° k^a 
jio-jio hai°-hai°; rumpled it all up by lying 
down in it. mSn phue jio-jio ; her skin is 

shrivelled. i stii si ngo-lak-cap hue min-phfte 
ciig kai boi jio ; although she is fifty or sixty 
years old her face is not at all wrinkled. ci 

cang hue khut jit ph^k jio klm, lieh cai ak 
cui ; this plant has wilted in the sunshine, and 
must be watered. cu-cheh mai chip jio ; do 
not crease your book. 

"h^ j^® §§ Fascinating. 

XTC 292 12 io-jio; to charm ; to ogle, io- 

io jio-jio ; to play tricks with ; to try to appear 


jio 184 Plenty to eat ; affluent. 
♦TO 292 12 pii-jio ; richly supplied. hii 
kai tl-hng pii-jio ; that land is one in which 
food abounds. cl kiii nl hii-kp jio ciii ; these 
few past years there has been enough and to 
spare there. slm si jio-sck kfti tl-hng ; it is a 
land of gi-oat plenty. hong- jio ; affluence, 

jio-ju ; supembuudance. 

jio 166 So pursue ; to chase after ; to 
313 8 drive out ; to expel, 
lu m6'-me" khii jio i tng-lAi ; go quickly after 
him and bring him back. tieh kia° me" cS 

cia" jio tit tieh ; walk faster then you will over- 
take him. jio kau jit-tau, ll-sl jio m tieh, lu cQ 
h<5 tng l&i, mai" cai jfo khu ; pursue him till 
noon, and if you do not overtake him, then re- 
turn, and follow him no farther. ii huang cQ 
jio tit tieh ; if there is wind we shall overtake 
him. jio i chut khu; drive them out. jio 
ie"; to tend sheep. jio gu; to drive cattle. 

ki° jio cek khun ah khu tl-k6 ? Whither are 
you driving that flock of ducks ? tu si td kio 
tlo mueh a m si, lu khu jio i khui ; the pig is 
rooting up something is he not, you go and 
drive him off. lu tieh cai jio ngio, mki" khut i 
thau clah mueh ; you must remember to drive 
out the cat, and not let her eat up the things. 
ca me°-am lln-l5ng-kie si ngio td jio nio°-chu a 
m si ? The clatter last night was caused by the 
cat chasing rats was it not ? chak khieh Ho co 
i khu, bo nSng ka° khu jio i ; the thief took it 
and went off, no one daring to give chase to him. 

— jip — 

Ajlp 11 To enter ; to enter upon ; to 
299 put in. ^ 
ci'a hue si ai" jip khau kai a si ki" chut khaa 
kai ? Are these goods for importation or for 
exportation ? mueh ho, siu jip ci lai ; when 
you have done them all up, put them in here. 



sui D^ng to si chut jlp ci kfti King ; everybody 
goes in and out at this door. seng-h' Ip b6 

ci° 1)(5 jip ; there is nothing coming in from the 
business. C)e"-si bo mih ci" jip chiu ; there is 
but little money coming in lately. ce u ci" 

jip chi'u cu sang-hai" lu ; as soon as I have any 
money in hand I will pay you. i thia" iie to 
thia" ni jip hi"; what he hears does not enter 
into his mind. m bie jip ; incongruous, lu 
lieh cai jip sio ; you must remember to enter 
it in account. tiang-si ai" jip hue ? When are 
you to begin to live in that houee ? i to chut 
kua" jip hu; he has official visitors coming 
and going, i thoi" kliu jip sin; he has studied 
it till he is versed in it. to jip put hu ^6 

chut ; his income is not equal to his outlay?, 
tieh liang jip ui chut; estimate your income 
to see what you can expend. i tiang-si jip 

6h ? When does he enter school ? jip f-iu-chai 
kau ta" jieh ku ? How long is it since he took 
his degree of A.M. ? thoi" m jip mak ; it 

does not please my eye. thoi" tit jip miik ; 

pleasing to the eye. i chph tie ta" khu jip 

cheng jip li ; what he said was reasonable, bp 
i jip lai ; will not allow him to enter. ai° jip 
mi"; will stuff it with cotton. jip coi" n ng 

a jip au mng ? Did he go in by the front door 
or by the back door ? jip lai ci lai co; come in 
here and sit down. ci'-kp ho jip khu me ? 

Can we go in here ? cp-pu jip Ifi,i thoi"; go in 
together and see. cp-ni boi tit jip? Why will 
it not go in ? koi-koi cu jip ; it will go in 
easily. jip kong-hiic ; enter a club, ngi jip, 
put ngi chut ; takes in but does not give out. 
ta" jip bo ta" chut ; makes mistakes in his own 
favour but not otherwise. 


T~t jit 72 The sun ; a day ; daily ; day 
P 293 time. 

jit-thau ; the sun. jit sih ; an eclipse of 

the sun. jit me"; the sun is hot. chia" t^i jit ; 
ask for the eight characters which denote the 
time of one's birth. ii cek kai jit-ci s-iang ho ; 
it would be best to have a fixed time, peh jit 
chiV-kiap; robbed him in broad daylight, 
than tng peh jit ; openly, in broad day. ke no 
ea" jit ; in two or three days. lien jit Iph ho ; 
rains continuously for days at a time. cek 
lien Iph ku-a jit; fell for several days at a 
stretch, keh ke si jit; four days later, sim- 
mih jit-khi ? At what period of time ? p^k 

jit ; some other day. tang e-jit ; wait till 

another day. lu cie" jit ceng ta"; you said so 
the other day. miia-jit ; to-moriow. Su-jit ; 
day after to-morrow ; heieafter. ua tSng coi" 
jit lai h'o ; I have been here since day before 

yesterday, cd jit m cSng chut I&i ; he did not 
come out yesterday, cph jit ; c6i" jit ; the day 
before yesterday, toa &n jit; the day after day 
after to-morrow. toa c6i" jit ; the day before 
day before yesterday, kim jit; kfa"jit; to-day. 
kia°-jit sio" sim much ? What day in the cycles 
is to-day ? ii chut jit tieh khieh khu philk ; 
if the sun comes out you must take it and put 
it in the sun. lu mai" chut khu phak jit ; do 
not go out in the sun. i chin, t<5 cieh jit; he is 
cold, and is warming himself in the sun. bo 
jit bp sph ; there is no sun at all. ai" tang ti 
cek jit ? To what day is it deferred ? tAng 
ti cek jit lai ? On what day did it come ? kio 
i CO se" jit ; make a birth-day party for him. 
Be"-jit sie lung; having the same birthday, 
jit chut lio ; the sun is up ; the sun has come 
out. jit khi-thau chut; the sun is just rising, 
jit ai" loh ; the sun is about to set. jit-thaa 
Iph sua"; the sun is setting. jit tiii tang ; the 
sun is directly overhead. jit sia a hue ? Is 

the sun past the meridian yet? kau gueh 

kau nah jit bp eng cu-nie li m tit ; in the 
ninth month, in the shortest day of the year, 
a good-for-nothing woman can't get through 
with the day's work. lu kue ke cek jit Ho ; 

another day is gone. cek jit cek jit koi kiie 

cai ; a day at a time passes quickly. m cai si 
jit-kua a si me"-kiia ; did not know whether it 
was day or night. jit cie kau ci iSi ; the sun 
shines in. i kai mak m ka" chie" jit ; he dare 
not look at the sun. i khu tph jit khi kang ; 
he has gone to choose a lucky day for begin- 
ning the work. cia jit si ti-tiang thoi" kai ? 
Who sought out the lucky day ? jit cam ; the 
sun's rays. jit cek jit kia" cek khuang ; the 

sun traverses a great circle each day. th<5i°- 
ki" jit to tang poi" phu khi Ifii, to sai poi" 16h 
khu; behold the sun rising in the east, and 
setting in the west. jit-jit si cie"-se"; every 
day it is thus, jit gueh n si cau lang; even the 
sun and moon sometimes encounter dangers. 
jit si chiu-it sih, a si chiu-ji sih ? Is the eclipse 
of the sun on the first or on the second day 
of the month ? jit td; the days are short, 
jit tng ; the days are lengthening. jit-tau ; 

noonday. jit cd ; it is still early in the day. 
jit ua" lio ; it is already late in the day. jit- 
ci kiie lio ; the set day is past. kue kiii jit ; 

you are too late by several days, khah ke jit ; 
too many days. tieh tui jit ; you must come 
on the day appointed, ho si h<5 jit ; a lucky 
period. kit jit, hiong jit ; a lucky or an 

unlucky day. thau cek jit ; the first day. 

toi" ji jit ; the next day. u tia" jit a bp tia° 

jit ? Is there a fixed day for it or not ? 15 

kau jit ; pickle it for a sufficient number of 



days. jit ki" jit tSa ; grows bigger day by 

day. i kfa''-jit chut jit; to-day is the seventh 
after the decease. lu thoi" u lai jit, a bo l^i 
jit ? Do you consider that there is a future for 
the enterprise, or not ? to se° kiie jit ; barely 
enough to live upon from day to day. to jit 
ju ni ; a day is like a year in passing. lu coh 
kang SI lun jit, a lun gueh ? Are you working 
by the day or by the month ? jit me", tang 
kau jit nng cia" hd khu; the sun is very hot, 
wait till the sun's rays are less powerful, and 
then go. jit ce cliut cu j&ah ; as soon as the 
sun comes out it will be hot. jit am ; at dark, 
jit ai" am ; it is nearly dark. u thi" b6 jit- 

th&u ; there is a sunless sky ; there is no strong 
light upon it. pai jit; every day. cia jit, cfth 
jit; screen from the sun. 

— jiu — 

jiu 75 Complaisant ; pliant ; flexible. 

294 6 un-jiu ; meek, jin-nng; plia- 
ble, kai s6"-ch6ng jiu-jiak ; his disposition is 
mild, sia" jiu- jiu ; a soft voice. i jiu-jia nS, 
b6i khi ; he is very gentle, and not easily an- 
noyed, i kai chi'a ung-jiu nng-jia n6 ; her 
arms are very weak. i li khah kang, i li 
khah jia ; this is too stiff, and this too limp, 
ci ie° chiu-ki io nng-jiu, h(5 khut co uah mi^eh 
kai heng; the branches of these trees are flexi- 
ble, and may be formed into the outlines of 
living creatures. 

--j6k — 

^^rf j6k 145 A mattress. 
1a^ 300 10 min-chng phCie jok ; bed- 
stead, coverlet, and mattress. j6k kia°; a 
cushion, ci ie" ho co jok ; this sort is good for 


J^^ jok 161 To insult; to put to shame. 
-if^ 299 3 khut i jok tieh ; was insulted 
by him. jim jok ; endure reproach. i to jok 
pe-bd ; he rails at his parents. ci'a si to jok i 
kai CO ; this is dishonoring his ancestors, tng 
mln cu jok i ; shamed him to his face. pi i 

leng-jok ; insulted by him. siu jok ; receive 

insult. j6k-me°; rail at. bo kwn long jok ; 
regardless of glory or shame. 

— j6ng — 

*|-|^ Jong 14 A calling and its duties ; 
yiJ 304 2 hurried, 
su jong cai ; pressed with business. su-bii 

hwu-jong ; multifarious business. chi'a" i 

buah jong, coi" lui ; ask him to lay aside his 
work and come forward. sang tio jong hiii ; 
cat off the extra expenses. 

jong 82 Fine hair or feathers ; 

303 12 feathery. 

jong-md"; soft fluffy hair. tek chin thi''-si se° 
j6ng-mo°; deers in cold weather have a coat of 
fine hair grow out. koi-kia" chut nng-khak, 
i kai mo" cu j6ng-j6ng ; when the chicken 
emerges from the shell, its feathers are downy. 

jdng 120 Floss ; velvet ; velveteen. 

303 6 kiin jong; trim with velvet. 
ie°j6ng; foreign velvet. so jong; Soochow 
velvet. cang j6ng l&i chiah ; embroider it 

with floss, boi c6k chieh Iftm jdng co Sra-nfa ; 
buy a foot of blue velvet to make a collar, no 
li'u jong ; two skeins of floss. 

jdng 140 Deer's horns ; antlers. 

304 6 tek jong ; young deer's 
horns, jong phien ; shavings of deer's antlera. 
jdng ka ; glue made from deer's antlers. mi" 
jdng ; elk horns. jdng kfin ; the base of the 
antler, (considered valuable as a medicine). 

Afh j^i^Sr ^ Still ; ever ; jast as before. 
l/J 291 2 jdng-kQ si cie"-se°; it is ever 
thus. i siji si pun i tda n&ng liah khu keng- 
kai, hwn-lio jdng-kQ boi pi"; though taken to 
task by her husband, she is still unchanged 
from what she was before. joug-jien ; still 

the same. 

-fHr jdng 62 Warlike; military. 
!ZKi 303 2 c<5ng-jdng ; His Excellency, 
the major-general. i si tHi-ngwn-jdng ; he is 
commander-in-chief. jdng cuang ta-pang ; in 
martial array. 

— ju- 
ju 6 The breast ; the teat ; milk. 
298 7 jii bc5 ; a foster mother. jii- 

hie"; frankincense. ceng-jii-cieh ; stalactites. 

jii kim ; liquid gold used in painting. 

jii 88 Young; plump and tender. 

642 11 i ciah kau jii- jii; she has grown 
young. ai" sie kai tu tieh jii ju; for roasting, 
the pig must be a young plump one. ci ciah 
koi jii-jii ; this fowl is young and tender. 



./^»r ju 61 In a further degree ; more ; 
iCi^ 1126 9 better ; convalescent. 
jii me" jii ho ; the quicker the better. cf k^i 
jii ngia ; this is still handsomer. cia lia jii- 

keug ai°; for this I have a still greater desire, 
jii miig jii m pat ; the more he was questioned 
the less he knew. jii thoi" jii hiin ; the more 
I study it, the more confused I am. jii ke ; 

still more, jii cfe j still less. cie"-se° jii-keng 



kliua"-uah ; that is more comfortable. cfa jii 
iu"; this is still finer. cira ju ku, jii li6 ; the 

longer you soak it the better. i chwn-jii a 

bue ? Is he convalescent yet ? i chwn-ju lio ; 
he is already convalescent. 

ju 149 To praise one to his face ; to 
1121 8 adulate, 
i si thfam-ml min-ju kai xifing ; he is a syco- 
phant and flatterer. chara tla'am min-ju ; to 
curry favor by depreciating others and beprais- 
ing the one addressed. kia" su pe-bo, to tieh 
u ju-sek wn-iong; children when waiting upou 
their parents, must have a deferential manner, 
and a cheerful countenance. 

// ju 11 To respond ; to answer ; to as- 
»S 1 1 23 7 sent; to agree to ; yes ; cei'tainly . 
cau khu i"-keng ju-jiin kai; what has been laid 
before the emperor and assented to by him. 
cia si huang-siaug ju-jun kfii ; this is accorded 
by the emperor. ki° mong ju-juu li cu mai° 
cai ta"; whatever has once been granted may 
not be withdrawn. 

A ^t 3 A 9_ Literati ; philosophers ; the 
Itfif 297 14 learned; refined, 
ju ka ; Confucianism, jucia; scholars, hang 
ju; an indigent scholar. puju; a wealthy 

literai'y man. si hii ko kui mia" ju ; it is one 
of their celebrated scholars. si cek to kai 

tai ju ; is the greatest scholar of the age. lau 
eu Ruah ju ; a learned man, who is not an ofii- 
eial. ju oh ; a district director of graduates, 
ci'a ue si hu-ju kai ue ; this language is pedan- 
tic, i sng si ju. ui ; he is considered a learned 
physician. niai" cp sio-jin ju, tieh co kun-cu 
j u ; do not be a pretended scholar, but a real 
one. sim si ju-ngia ; is really very refined. 

cf kai n&ng ju cai ; this person is very stylish, 
much ju cai ; the thing is elegant. ju-ju ; 

very elegant. 

"ntt 3^ 38 As ; like ; according to ; if ; 
^H 297 3 then; as to. 
ju chu ; like this ; thus. lu ju-jiak ai" lai 

li kio lia ta"; if you are coming, then tell me. 
put ju mai"; not to do so would be better. ua 
thoi" tieh i put ju lu ; I think you are better 
than he. bo ho tang phua put ju tok kia"; it 
is better to be alone than to be in bad company, 
put ju ; nothing like ; it will be better than, 
ju i so ta" kai ue li ai° cp-ni ? If it be as he 
said, then what ? bvvn su ju i ; everything 

according to one's wish. cJe"-si mng ju i ; 

everything goes on well lately. i ju a-si 

ai° cie''-se" ua cu mai"; if that is the way he 
wants it, than I will have nothing to do with 

it. ju-h6k ra cai, tieh ta" in cai ; if you do not 
know, you must say so. ko-jii i a-sl b6 li 

chue pa,t nang cieh ; should he not have any, 
then go and find some one else from whom yon 
can boiTow it. i ia ju si ang cio"° cu thi\k 
m pat ; if he is like that, he will not learn by 
reading. lu thoi" .si ju h6 ? What do you 

think about it? khong-khong ju la; really 

nothing at all. ju-kiia" si chira kai ; is 

certainly a deep one. i ciang ju ua h6 ? Well, 
what is he going to do with me about it ? kia" 
khu me" cS,i, ju tang pue cek ie"; went very 
fast, as if ho were flying. thia" tieh ju-t^ng 
loll ho ; sounded like rain. ju ko nUng sd ta 
kai ue ; as was said by people of ancient times, 
ju i so hun-hu kai su kia"; do as he said. jA 
cia ie" cp ; make it like this pattern. ji sa" jil 
lak ; twice three are the same as six. to jib 
ju ni ; a day is like a year in passing, bo ju i 
hd; have nothing to do with him. ju hia" ju 
ti ; as brethren. 

ju 118 The scurf skin of the bamboo. 
297 6 tek ju ; bamboo oakum. ju- 
lu ; a plant used in medicine : its roots dye a 
red color. 


ju 130 Fat; rich; fertile. 
1121 8 ko-ju; fertile. ci'-kp k&i 

chang-ti to si ko-ju kai ti ; the fields here- 
abouts have a rich soil. so ciah to si kp-jii 
kai hp-bi ; he feeds upon rich dainties. 

» ±|^» ju 140 hiang-ju ; a fungus, used in 
ItVt 298 14 medicine. 

j;^ j^ 11 The elm. 

'|HS>1123 9 ju-peh-phue; slippery elru 

bark, ti-ju ; St. John's wort. 

^tt^ 3*^ 1^ -^^ edict ; an order ; to in- 
\im 1129 9 struct. 

huang-ti kai ju ci ; the emperor's expressed 
will. u siang ju kau ; an edict has arrived, 

thak sia" ju ; read the sacred edict. ka-ju ; a 
district superintendent of instruction. chut 
kp-si hio-jii peh-se° ; issue a proclamation to 
inform the people. li ju si k\m ; to explain 

reasonably but to forbid with decision. ju i 
kai hie"-li kai cia"-nang lau-toa lai ta" tie ; or- 
der the head men of the village to come and 
talk it over, kua" min ju i cie-"se" cp; ordered 
him to do this before the magistrate's face, 
kak hie" pun ju-thiap ; distributed an order in 
the villages. chia" kua" ju kong-cia" kai 

hie"-sin chut lai thio-chu ; invite the magis- 
trate to instruct the honorable among the 
village gentry to come forth and arbitrate. 



V^t jfi 80 To illustrate ; to compare. 

pVS 1129 9 i mia"-ke pf-ju ; he is expert 
in illustration, cang ci kla" su pi-ju ; use this 
as an illustration. siet kai phi-jQ ; make a 

parable. cieh Ifti phi-ju ; use in illustration, 
pi-ju cek ciah ciin ; it may be compared to 
& boat. 

rfc/^ ja 145 Affluent; plenteous; to enrich. 
J fl 1128 7 pii-ju ; superabundance. i 
ke lai sim st pii-ju ; they have enough and to 
fipare in that family. ci ke pu-pu ju-ju, c6 

tit lai ; this family is well off, and can afford 
it. ju kok, pien min ; enrich the state and 

accommodate the people. kuang c6i°, ju &u ; 
render those who have gone before illustrious, 
and enrich those who come after. 

:)ia2 1124 

the limit. 

162 To pass over; to pass beyond. 
9 i^-keng ju hfing; have passed 

— jiiah — 

jfiah 86 Hot. 
'j\>\ 293 11 jAah cSi ; it is very hot. 
juah thi"-sl sa°-kh6 tith chiang Qa°; in hot 
weather the clothing must bo changed fre- 
quently. iS kua° u juah ; sometimes it is hot, 
and sometimes it is cold. boi kiia° boi jiiah ; 
is neither cold nor hot. i hwt kiia", hwt 

juah ; he has chills and fever. kua° lio iu 

jiiah, juah lio iu kua"; he is cold and hot 
alternately. thi''.si juah ; the weather is hot. 
ci hue jit-tng-tau jiiah cS,i ; it is now very hot 
at midday. thdi" tieh t6 Ifli cu hwt jiiah ; 

when he saw it he became filled with ex- 
citement, juah thi^si miieh-kia" koi sit bi; in 
hot weather things spoil easily, i kai sin-hun 
jiiah ; ho is feverish. ciah tieh ni cai jiiah ; 

eating it does not make me warm, jiiah pauh; 
a cold-sore ; sores on the lips. 


To work over in the hands; to 
rub between the two hands : 


rtY^ ji'if^^i ^ Pleased with ; gratified by. 

1131 7 i no nang sie juah tieh ; the 
two are much pleased with each other, m cai 
i juah tieh i tl-kp ; do not know what it was in 
liim which suited his taste. hia, jiiah tieh ! 

Well, that is fine ! (said ironically). ia si ci 
khi le ua jiiah tieh ; if it of this sort, it will 
not be to my liking. i ka-ki t(5 tok juah ; 

he is pleased with himself and so mistakenly 
thinks that others are pleased with him. cie"- 
se" to 111 juah nang li ; that will not please 

i^ jue 
q>K 294 

to fumble. 

jiie chiu; fumble the beard. jiie tng, Boh t<5; 
griping pain in the bowels. mln-p6 jiie Ho 

khut i la ta; squeeze out the towel and then let 
it dry. chiu-kun khieh khu jue cheng-khih ; 
take the handkerchief and rub it clean. tieh 
khin-khin jiie, iTi-hd jiie phiia ; must rub it 
lightly, and not rub holes in it. jue kai cua- 
in ; roll up a lamp-lighter, mai" jiio khah t6a 
l&k ; do not rub it too hard, jiie i nng ; mako 
it pliant by rubbing it. jiie i chiii ; rubbed it 
into fragments. 

^a jfle 1C7 Piercing; shrewd; resolute. 
^TCt 302 7 i k&i ci jue cfii ; ho is very 
resolute, thie-swn ceng-jQe kai pia°-be ; detail 
well drilled troops. nang kai jQe-khi m h(S 

tQi ; our ardour must not abate. 



jui 80 To echo, as in replying; an 
1052 8 answer, 
jiii, jiii ; aye, aye ; to be sure. ceng nAng 

16ng-c<5ng jui-jui, hd n&ng ka" keh i ; every one 
agreed with whatever he proposed, and none 
dared remonsti-ate with him. hiia" nSng iii i 
kai si, mih su to si jui-jui, nap-nap ; they all 
fear his j)ower, and assent to and aquiesce in 
everything he says. 

mit jiii 61 Only that ; and so ; to consist 
1^ 1049 8 in; but. 

jui si cie^-se" ua cu m ; that being the way it 
is, I will have nothing to do with it. jiii-tok 
Iu cek nang si h(5 ; you are the only one fit for 
it. jiii si Iu lia cai tia"; you and I are the 

only ones who know. 

jui 120 To ponder. 
1049 8 cai sa° f-u-jui ; pondered it 
over and over. khau song, sim jiii ; the mind 
meditates upon it, while the mouth chants it. 
Iu h(5 ka-ki pu-jiii ; you think it over within 
your own mind. 

^^^ jui 162 To will ; to entail ; to leave, 
U^ 277 12 as at death, 
lim si kai jui cok ; last will and testament. si 
k6 nang kai jui ka; it is the instruction be- 
queathed to us from the ancients. si soi" c6 
kai jiii ngftn ; those were the dying words of 
his ancestor, i a-pe jui-meng cang ci koi" ph6 
pun ci kai kia"; his father left orders that this 
shop be given to this son. cia si tang soi° jiii 



loh lai kal ; this was handed down from former 
times. jui sit mueh-kia"; articles left behind 
and lost. jui chun jieh coi cu-cheh pun 

kia"-sun-hue thak ; left many books for his 
descendants to study. tSi-huam kia"-sun to hd 
ta"-co si c6-pe kai jui thoi ; all the descendants 
may say that they are the relicts of their 
ancestor. soi" nang kai jui huap ; the rules 

bequeathed by those gone before. khau jui 

chai ; examine the scholars who entered once 
but did not pass, jui pak kia"; a posthumous 
Bon. CO jui kai mueh-ngiap; property inherited 
from ancestors. toa''-toa° jfii-chun ci kfi,i kia"; 
left only this son. 

— jun — 

% ^N jlin 10 To assent ; to permit. 
y/W 1143 "2 M f-keng jun-nap kue ua ; 
you have already granted it to me. i u in-jun 
a bo ? Has he given his consent or not ? 


jiin 85 To fatten ; to moisten ; to 

302 12 bedew. 
cU-jun ; to enrich ; to bedew. cheng sira, 

jun hui ; cleanse the humors and enrich the 
blood. eng ciii khu jun i ; take v?ater and 

moisten it. min ctah lai hong-jun cSi ; his 

face has become very florid. i kai sek sira si 
jun-cek ; its color is very fresh. u lo ciii lai 
CU-jun i, i koi toa ; if the dew moistens it, it 
will grow quickly. 


jun 130 Tough. 

288 3 ang gu-phue hie° jun ; as 
tough as cowhide. nek jun cJli, pu lai bue 

mi"; the meat is very tough, and cooking has 
not made it soft, kun h\vn-lio jun ; the sinews 
are still tough. 

Bn jun 169 The intercalary month. 
1^^ 302 4 jun gueli ; the intercalary 
month. me" ni si jun sa" gueh a si jun si 

gueh ? Is it the third month or the fourth, 
that occurs twice next year ? sa° ni cek jun ; 
there is an intercalary month once in three 
years. ngo ni cai jun ; these five years have 
two intercalary months. 

— j^ — 

ju 162 Near; at hand; proximate. 

721 14 len ji^ thwn mia"; celebrated 

far and near. hia ju kui sim ; in remote and 
in neighboring places, all hearts turn to him. 
kue ni to ju ; the end of the year is at hand. 

^}^ J " — ^'^ daub ; to befoul ; to defile. 
"lyQ 686 T chfu-ng ju kku nah-sap; have 
daubed your sleeve so that it is dirty. c§k 

koi" ju kau nah-ti, nah-sap ; the whole place is 
daubed with dirt. mai" ju tieh i ; do not get 
daubed by it. ju tieh iu ; daubed with paint, 
chiu mai" ju tieh bak ; do not get ink on your 
hands, kha ju tieh th6-kau-mue ; his feet ai*e 
daubed with soft mud. 

"RT jti 128 The organ of hearing. 

** r 720 si chio-theng kai jii mS,k 
kua"; is an official who acts as eyes and ears to 
the ruler. eng i t(5 cp ju mak ; use him for 
ears and eyes. hin-khek kai kua"-hu ju m^k 
kun cai; the present magistrate is very sharp 
eyed and quick eared, ju mak khuah ; a wide 
range for seeing and hearing. 

■fc^ft j^ 64 To spread out thin, as oint- 
J^ft 864 19 ment on a plaister. 
ju cau-c&u ; spread it of uniform thickness, 
ko mai" ju khah khuah ; do not spread the 
paste over too large a space. ko-ieh ju poh- 
poh ; spi'ead the ointment very thin. 


ju 126 Yet ; then ; a particle con- 
719 firming or ending off. 
ju i"; that is all. put kue cie°-se" ju T; only 
this and nothing more. siang 6i si cie^-se" j4 
i^-i"; the utmost that I can do is this. ju- 

chia"; furthermore. i ju-chia" m pat ji ; more- 
over, he does not understand letters. chong 
hu-ko ju khu ; had been along there, ci ku ue 
chong ho ju lai ? Whence came this phrase ? 
Id chong ho ju cai ? How then have you become 
aware of this ? chong ho ju 6i ? Whence 

then came the power ? chong ho ju pat ? 

How could he have known ? 

-^1 jA ^ In disorder ; out of place ; in 
pyL 570 12 confusion. 

thau-mo" ju-ju ; hair unkempt, ti-hng ju ; the 
place is in disorder. pi" ju, khu siu tit; your 
cue is all in a tangle, go and comb it. i td iA 
ta"; he is talking wildly. ham i mai" ju cp ; 
tell him not to act disorderly. mai" much jA ; 
do not disarrange it. si khut i 16ng-ju ; it has 
been disarranged by his meddling with it. sim 
jn ; the mind disturbed. cp-ni pang i td jii ? 
Why have you let it get into a tangle ? sua' 
ju-ju ; the thread is all in a tangle. i kai ke 
lai ju-ju chah-chah ; her house is all in confu- 
sion. pua"-ua" pai kau ju-ju ; the dishes are 
laid in a disorderly manner. bp ihku. bd sii, 
ju-ju ; no clue to it in the midst of the tangle. 



W.V 631 12 pui-ju ; nutritioas. bQe h(5 
ciah pui-ju ; should not yet eat rich food, eng 
khie" pui-ju a mien ? Is it necessary to abstain 
from rich food ? bd pui b6 jQ ciah cp-ni Ci nl 
h(5 chi a.-n6" ? With nothing nutritious to eat 
how can I have milk wherewith to nourish 
the baby ? 

'—^\ jQ 89 A style, title, or name, taken 
~J 1032 3 by educated people at about 
fifteen years of age, or at marriage. It was 
anciently taken at twenty. i kai jQ si sitn 

raueh ? What is his designation ? cun jfl bQe 
c§ng chia" ka; I have not yet inquired your 
honorable title, i ceng cp u jQ a bue ? Has he 
yet taken his style ? ci kai ju si i tOa n&ng cp 
kS.i ; this name is given him by the elders of 
his family. 

""^ ju 154 A substitute ; a second. 

* 721 5 put jfl ke ; no two prices. i 
chwn bo ju sim ; he has no two minds about it. 
put ju sim ; not double minded. 

— jwn — 

1^^ jwn 120 To compile ; to edit. 
'^^ 1026 13 cfa si sin jwn kai cu ; this is 
a new edition. ci pang cu sng si gu jwn k&i ; 
this set of books is probably an imperial edi- 
tion, jwn lio cip cp cek png ; collate, and then 
compile in one volume, chiu jwn kui cheh ; a 
book made by hand ; a home-made book. ka- 
kl jwn kai ; compiled it myself. jwn siu ; to 

fi jwn ^ Without method; at random; 
l<_570^ 12 heedlessly. 
i ka" jvvn cp ; he dare act without regard to 
other people's rights or feelings. jvvn cp ; sit 
in a slouching attitude. jvvn si'a ; write it 

almost any way. hue ceng tia" tieh, i jvvn 

ji'ang ; before he was touched he bawled out. 
piig m hd jvvn ciah ; rice should not be eaten 
•without regard to rule. ue m hp jvvn ta°; 

words should not be spoken at random. liah 
lio jvvn phah ; seized and beat him letting the 
the blows fall wherever they might. 

X^ll jw-n 9 However ; whatever; in what- 
I-** 289 4 ever way. 

jwn thoi", thoi" m ki"; whatever effort I make in 
looking, I cannot see it. jwn sie", sie° m chut; 
however much I cogitate, I cannnot think it 
out. jwn eng, eng in lio; however freely you 
use it, you cannot use it all up. jwn ieh m 
tieh; can't guess it any way. jwn ta°, m thia"; 
whatever I say he pays no heed to it. 

iTL 1131 7 

jvvn 9 Whichever way you please ; 

t)88 7 suit yourself ; either will do; 
when you like. sui-jwn cp to lip ; almost any 
way will do. n6 sa° tio lo cek ie°, lu sui-jwa 
kla°; the roads are all alike, take whichever 
you please. i sieh i, siii-jwn ta° i to tliia"; ho 
is fond of her, and heeds whatever she says. 

— jwt — 

Gratified ; contented; delight- 
ed ; to please, 
i kai sim hi-jwt ; he is delighted. to lai put- 
jwt; displeased in his heart. i thia" tieh 

rTi-jwt ; when he heard it he was displeased, 
khd-i" jwt mak ; rather pleasing to the eye. 
th<5i° tieh jwt niing kui mak ; the sight of it 
gladdens the eye. 

— ka — 

ka 18 To cut with shears. 

978 9 ka p6 ; cut cloth. ka sa°- 

kho; to cut out clothing, cek ki ka-tp ; a pair 
of shears. ka-tp kia"; scissors. ka sin ang- 
kia"; cut out a paper doll, ka hue ; to cut out 
flowers. ka cio ; cut out figures of birds, 

ka cdi- coi ; cut them evenly, i bp mih 6i sai 
ka-tp ; she is not very handy with the shears. 

ka 180 Glue; glatinoas jelly; viscid; 

3G8 11 cohering, 
gu phue ka ; glue made from cowhide. hfi 

ka ; glue made from fish. kim-leng ka; glue 
made from the sea-bass, a-ka; a medical glue, 
made by boiling ass-skin seven days in the 
water of the glue well of Shantung. ku ka, 
tek ka ; medical glues, made from tortoise 
shells and from deer's horns. iig-meng ka ; 

clarified glue. ka-mi ; a cement used in 

joiner's work. un ka ; fasten with glue. ka 
un m tue ; the glue does not stick. cia tieh 

6ng .sim-mih ka cia° hp lin ? What sort of glue 
must be used in order to make this adhere ? 
ie" ka; to melt glue. khph ka ; prepare glue, 
ka-liam ; sticky. eng kai bp ka-liam ; wholly 
destitute of tenacity. jii ka, su chak ; like 

glue and varnish ; very adhesive. pu kau ne 
ka-ka ; cook it to a jelly. ka chak siang tau ; 
sticking like glue and varnish. ci kai ka 

hwn chun cu lut khu ; this glue will not hold 
through a change of seasons. 

^^ ka 130 ka-ciah ; the back. 
^5 609 5 tiie i kai ka-ciah 5u; followed 
on behind him. ka-ciah kut ; the back bone, 
tng min kaug i ta", mai" phiah ka-ciah 2,u ta"; 
tell it to him to his face, and not tell it of him 
behind his back. 



ka 30 ka-saa ; to cough. 

429 ^ ka-sau pe"; a cough. oi ka- 
Bau; coughs. tl ka-sau kai leh ; congh medi- 
cine, ka-sau khu thi'am cS,i ; coughs violently. 
ca me" ka-sau cek me°; coughed all last night, 
ka-saa khu u tham a bo ? Do you raise phlegm 
when you cough ? 

ka-chng The rump. 

681 phah ka-chng ; to spank. 

ka-sut A clamp ; a staple. 
372 ka-sut khak soi, m-hp 
so ; the 'staple is too small and it cannot be 


ka-ki Self. 

1031 ua ka-ki tl ; I myself have 
Bome. lu ka-ki khu khieh ; go yourself and get 
it. i ka-ki kio lia ta"; he told me so himself, 
ka-ki p-lp ka-ki ; praises himself, ka-ki sph cp 
ho ; he himself mistakenly supposed it v?as 
well. eng lu ka-kl ktii hp ; use your own. 

i ka-ki m cai sio-li ; he is not ashamed of him- 
self, i si ka-ki hai ka-ki ; he injures himself. 



ka-cau A flea. 
_ _ 953 ka-cau thio cau khu; the 

flea jumped away. hu toi u kai ka-cau to 

ka kai ie"; it seems as if there were a flea bit- 
ing me. ka-cau bp niSa" liah m tieh ; without 
spittle fleas cannot be caught. 

ka-thi A sneeze. 
880 phah ka-thi ; to sneeze, 
cek lien phah ku-a kai ka-thi ; sneezed several 
times in succession. 

ka-nng The whole, entire, round, 
267 said of fruits and roun- 
dish objects. ka-nng kai ; a whole one. ka- 
nng thun loh khu, min po ; swallow it whole, 
and do not chew it. khut i lin cho cu ka-nng 
thun loh khu ; he dipped it in vinegar and then 
Bwallowed it whole. ka-nng kp khut i pu, 

mai" coih ; boil it whole, do not slice it up. 
ka-nng kai lai ka c\a° u. bi ; bite into a whole 
one and then it will show its flavour. ka-nng 
liap loh khu, mai° peh chui ; put it in whole, 
do not break it in pieces. 

t>r> ka 120 To twist with a windlass ; to 
369 6 turn, as by a windlass ; to 
twist ; to wrench. ka i kin ; twist it tight. 

ce ka khah toa lak cu tng ; if you wrench it 
too forcibly, it will break. i kai sph ka lai lo 
hd ; his ropes are well made, sa" tio ka cp cek 
tio ; twist the three strands into one. ka cia ; 

ka thiig; to press the juice out of sugar cane. 
chfu tui i kai pi° ka kfn-kfn ; took hold of his 
queue and wrenched it tight. ka huam ; a 

criminal who is to be strangled. ka cue ; an 
offense which merits strangling as a punish- 

ka 64 To look for ; to seek. 
^ ^ 34 T mua°-ti-kp ka-chiie i ; sought 
him everywhere, ka kau e-kiaa cia" chue tieh ; 
looked for it until afternoon, and then found it. 
ka thang-jit, ka m tieh i kai nang; searched for 
him throughout the day, but could not find him. 

■fc^i ka 64 To stir around with an im- 
X^L 371 20 plement. 

hp ka kau c^u-cau ; stir it till the ingredients 
are evenly mixed, tieh cang sim-mueh lai ka? 
What shall I take to stir it with ? thng tieh 
ka i ie"; stir the sugar till it melts. ka long- 
long cu chueh loh khu ; stir it up so that the 
ingredients are evenly mixed, and then sup it 
down. cang ki tu ka thiara-thiam ; take a 

chopstick and stir it very hard. 

•Jj^ii ka 75 To revise ; to try the accu- 
TX 373 T racyof.^ 

khau-ka; to adjust. koi-ka ; to revise. ka 
cVd° kue kai ; what has already been corrected, 
khut nang tit-cp tieh rli kio i koi-ka; when 
wronged he did not seek redress. ka-ae ; an 
officer of the city gates. 

ka 159 To measure strength ; to 
372 6 compare; to try the worth of. 
ka Clin ; test the accm-acy. pi'-ka ; to argue 

the point, ci no nang lai pi'-ka, si ci kai nang 
jii keng 6i ; comparing the two persons, this 
one is the more able. ka thoi" ciin a rri cun ; 
compare and see whether it agrees with the 

A creek, canal, or small 
channel, servicable at high 

^^ ka 85 
i@ 372 10 


cia cun oi jip ka a boi ? Can this boat go into 
the creek ? ka teng kai ciii chien, tieh pph 
soi cun cia° oi tit jip ; the water in the creek is 
shallow, and we must transfer our cargo to a 
small boat so that we can go in. 

^^ ka 66 To teach ; to show how ; 
■"jyv 372 7 tenets ; a sect ; a part, 
ka-hue ; to instruct, ka-hun ; to indoctrinate, 
ka si ; to enlighten ; to show how. ka ue ; to 
instruct in a language, ka cu; to teach school, 
ka sia ji ; to teach penmanship, ka ue much ; 
teach drawing, ka bii ; teach military tactics. 



ka keng-ci"; teach archery. kk khun ; teach 
boxing, ka ke-hue ; teach fencing, kk 16 ko ; 
teacli drumming, ka khek ; teach the singing 
of ballads. kii lii° ku; teach how to play on 
stringed instruments. ka hi ; teach how to 
perform in a theatre. i kai ka lai m slen 

huap; this is not taught in the best way. ka 
tQ-li ; instruct in doctrine. cang pfig chl toa, 
cang chue ka giiu ; make him grow by feeding 
him with rice, and make him wise by using 
the ferule on him. lu kai toa mia" ua bQe cSng 
chiV ka ; I have not yet asked your name. 
6i° si lAi ci kk ce ; when you have leisure come 
here and discourse. i kh nftiig tfti-khai 

bI kk n^ng cp-ni ? In a general way, what 
is it that he teaches people to believe in ? hut 
ka; sek ka; Buddhism. tfiu kajTaouisra. 
hiie-hueka; Mohammedanism. juka; Con- thien-cu ka; Roman Catholicism, 
la-so ka; Protestant Christianity, thwn kakdi 
Bin-se"; a teacher who promulgates doctrines, 
cfa si ka-fu hue ; this is one of their disciples. 
cicek ui si ka-su; this is a learned teacher in 
that religion, hd c6k ui si gua kok k&i ka-sii ; 
that is a foreign missionary, ka cu k&i cu-ce ; 
a schoolroom. tOk chut kh gua ; to expel from 
a sect or party. ci kai si sin lai jlp ka kfti ; 

this is one who has lately entered the sect, 
kii-hiie xi jieh coi k3,i ? How many sepamt* 
organizations are there of that sect P ka-tng ; 
a chapel. ka iSi vi jleh coi n&ng ? How many 
members are there in the sect ? cfa si cia" ka 
m si sia ka; this is moral, not immoral teaching, 
to si ai° ka nftng h<5, b6 ka niing m-h<5 ; its aim 
is to teach people to do well, not to teach them 
to do evil. i ka cek kiie cu pat, chong-meng 
c5i ; if he is once shown how he knows, he is 
very intelligent, ci kai jwn ka, ka m pat, sira 
bI lu-tfin ; this one, however much you teach 
him, does not learn, he is exceedingly stupid. 
\Sa si ka lu, ih si me° 1^, lu mai" khi ; I am 
teaching you, not scolding you, so do not be 
displeased. tt jieh coi ka-miig ? How many 

adherents have they ? ti-tiang t<5 cu ci kai 

ka ? Who is the head man of this sect ? chia" 
i lai ka cu-i"; invite him to come and teach in 
the college. cf kai sai-kia" ka chut lai ciang- 
lai u mia"-sek ; this apprentice will make a 
reputation for himself when he shall have been 
throuofh his course of instruction. 

^\ ki 80 To bite ; to gnaw. 

1077 6 ka cek chiii ; bite off a mouth- 
ful, ci ciah kau 6i ka nang a hoi ? Is this 
dog apt to bite ? mai" khut i kS tieh ; don't 
let him bite you. khak toi", ka m loh ; it is 
so hard I can't bite into it. khah juu, ka m 

tag; it is so tough that I cannot bite it in two. 
ka CO u5 k6 ; bite it apart. i k&i khf ka ki'a- 
kin, tieh kxo khui ; his teeth are clenched, and 
we must pry them apart. ka-gS chiet-chi ; 

gnash the teeth. tng kua" min c6i° khu ka i ; 
right there before the face of the magistrate, 
wrongly involved him in the crime. 


— ka" — 

ka" 76 Oranges. 

311 6 c€k liap ka"j an orange. Boh 
ka"; the coolie orange. cie ka"; an orange 

with a thin loose peel. phong-thang k